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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  February 29, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm MST

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disturbs the piece by s. >> only on fox 31 grandmothers are kept in cages and games that included screaming and cursing in front of travelers visit as having university of colorado tries to save drug addicted women? allowing babies to suffer emotional and physical neglect in order to punish their young mom it's a strange and unproven drug treatment therapy that can see you in hot water with state regulators investigative reporter chris positive reveals serious violations inside a residential drug treatment facility called mother's house some of the disciplinary techniques used
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jail phase they created a makeshift solid in the living room and had a similar for long periods of time whether babies and toddlers were just out of reach the program said it was to teach moms of what it was like to be in real jail but the state says that the kind of manipulation doesn't >> pregnant addicted to drugs and an trouble with the court system this young woman thought she'd been given the break of a lifetime when a judge offered her help instead of prison i would have been able to stop the disruptive path i was on she moved into haven mother's house a residential drug treatment facility run by the university of colorado department of psychiatry at first the program seemed tough but normal. >> it was punishment for doing stuff wrong but wants her child was born she says a series of mandatory bizarre and is seemingly harmful
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near daily routine she describes a multiple day no sleep marathon sessions three days date on which it is late your child that doesn't sound helpful i didn't think it was healthy either especially because mine was a little and staring at a wall and forest meditation eight - -dash 10 hours at a time to never ask if it was right for you or if it was helpful for you we didn't have a choice if they were having games you're in the game in a special disciplinary called jail phase where mothers were separated from their toddlers or babies but in the same room crying media are demanding children left to suffer but they are using that child as a prop a screaming child as a prop if her story sounds improbable just complaints from a drug addict and wanting an easier stay cap this is the state's record of recent violations
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house and its daycare counterpart bbc that enable in 2015 cu's license for mother's house was found out of compliance with 19 violations and the house was put on probationary status inspectors and warned that the emotional safety and the clients and the children has not taken precedence over disciplinary actions as it was determined and mothers were limited from responding to their children see you also built to provide the state any supporting research as to why a mother's parenting time would be justifiably reduced based on noncompliance with the program that might be because there is no support in the search it's one of the worst things that can happen in the state of development sure old gonzalez
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child child and family therapy that situation what was being described are really infants and toddlers actually been traumatized actually developing potentially unhealthy attachment styles and patterns to their primary caregivers and you won't talk to us the road as a letter saying all the state violations at this house had been fixed we went to find out if the young mom's currently living inside mother's house things have changed we caught up with them on a public sidewalk while they returned with their babies from a nearby day care. >> you didn't know about the probationary status to stay put a probationary license on the mother's houses because they founded the therapy program was using children kind of his weapons and disciplinary procedures and found it was wrong but she know about disciplinary measures that out of the norm behavioral punishments hasn't been the only issue here
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last year a pair of twins into the program along with their mother in perfect health but some months later they left it medically fragile to two low weight poor muscle tone lethargy in failure to feed with one of the twins requiring hospitalization for nutritional needs. >> where there times when you think your child that needed you and had to doing something else. >> definitely this mama wants everyone to know she's appreciative of some other programs inside mother's house that taught her the skills to stay clean she simply hopes that cu will learn from its mistakes and never put the welfare and safety of the children staying in mother's house in jeopardy again i think the mom and baby need more mom and baby time not being put in a jail cell with handcuffs and not being able to feed your baby at night the daycare associated with mother's house is called baby
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of concern this past year as well in november a parent found a 24 month old and a 20 month old wandering of the street alone two months prior to that for other children had escaped that same outdoor play area as well in the state found to be behave and staff delayed reporting an allegation of inappropriate sexual touching of a child by a staff member neighbors say they're sick of the trash without parties of fighting and now a shooting all centered around a denver restaurant this weekend that somebody fired shots in the air at the parking lot at that time the real estate's the corner of alameda and canosa police launched a search for the suspects waking up neighbors they tell us they tried mediation of the restaurant has hired more off-duty officers in the weekends but the trash and noise are still a problem the city says it could evaluate the restaurants hours if
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a company that services air ducts is offering a full refund after a homeowner said they left a big mess behind shared with you these pictures again new line adam: assistant project court room in her home ventilation system and spread dirt all over the place tonight were happy to tell you after our story aired denver duct court gave her a full refund. >> the secret service under fire tonight for the way wii and aj handled the incident of a donald trump probably the video is something else coming at the photographer kinds the guy to choke and tackle him
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new york warehouse with a bernie sanders -- the courage to stand up to big oil because he won't take their money. that's why sanders said no to the keystone pipeline and never waffled. he's also the only candidate to oppose fracking because fracking can endanger
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sanders has the most far-reaching plan to fight climate change and build a clean energy future. bernie sanders -- sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. a 14 -year-old sitting behind bars tonight after opening fire in an ohio school this
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in the latest shooting nestor to look at news across america it all happened around noon james hancock was in the school cafeteria when investigators say he fired several shots to the injured students were shot the other two were lightly wounded by shrapnel district in. and crystal tried to figure out the motive a federal judge in siding with apple that he is the company continues to fight the fbi's court order in california to be a judge ruled investigators cannot force apple to unlocking iphone owned by a convicted drug dealer is is one of 13 iphones the government is pressuring apple to break into across the country including the phone that one of the san bernardino shooters tensions are high as we count down to super tuesday to they to interrupt it wanted on all comes rallies in virginia during the chaos he photographer right there reportedly stepped outside the media. that's when the photographer says the secret
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him time magazine releasing a statement saying it has reached out to the secret service which is now working with this local office on this matter the photographer says he regrets his part of escalating the argument apparently he did at her and exploited to that agent before it all happened not to say that justified but you still think he's sorry for taking tensions even higher like colorado rolling out a new driver's license just ahead we will tell you high fresh design will help you keep your identity protected and a fraser after several days in the 60s and 70s a cold
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tumbling >> new information about your drivers license is been 13 years as colorado had a new drivers license designs that changes tomorrow morning in
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license with a fresh design and improve the security features the pilot program eventually everyone who drives it will carry the license of their wallet it includes information embedded in the card it'll have raised print in an additional picture of the back most noticeably i think that customers will see that their photo will be an black and white that's a direct result of laser engraving serves to prevent duplication of the card and also enhance facial features. >> christie is encouraging customers to hang onto their corporate licenses and idaho cards until the expiry of his liver's ability to pay for new ones if you don't have to eventually every office in colorado will offer the new drivers licenses and idaho cards and instruction permits gas prices are keeping backed up prices and denver rose more than $0.13 a gallon in the past week to an average dollar
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picture putting in them into perspective still more than $0.50 lower than a year ago in denver they say the increase was inevitable and this is the beginning of the seasonal price new line it was good while it lasted it still pretty low it's not too bad liquid mother celebrating the birth of her brand-new baby and leave your day. new line pay her a visit to the hospital is out as a very special connection between her newborn in her 12 -year-old son a common year has 365 days a leap year has 366 that's february 29 a leap year happens every four years to synchronize the calendar year of the solar year with sending to you retailers and restaurants and apd news story if your baby was born on this day and that's wear jennifer chen and her brand-new baby
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born on leap day at 3:53 a.m. weighing in at 7 pounds recommend you check that here's the part of the story where we revealed the surprise antonio is jennifer chen's second leap year baby everyone thinks we planned and i'm like we did not plan this in here's the first one is a little giovanni was born february february 292004 savior three years old now officially come when students only don't think so it's a major coincidence. >> this is your opportunity to reveal the fact that you plan as we hear that so much but it was not planned okay i believe her so where does that fit in all this at the bottom of the totem pole okay i believe him to at the end of the day it
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planned or not fact is acting as a little antonio is one beautiful baby boy what are the chances of that having one on this day i wish we were the babies it would be great and still have gray hair can't do math like that. >> i actually have a friend who was born on leap day and i always ask and we were going to high school would you celebrate you pick the 28 with the first two systems with david weekends that's how we decide that the first was on a saturday at the 28 bits on a is on a saturday that's my birthday is pretty cool all right guys cold front coming through the quote by colorado standards for the last three days and 67 days conference at least one day start to work with pinpoint weather 63 degrees in denver today as you can see the colder air is off to the north and west so
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there is the 70s we had over the weekend unfortunately here we go all of this cooler air is sleeping in our direction with acer comes the cold front it's literally cutting through denver right now and will continue south of what it does this without the warm temperatures and bring in a
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right now at 40 and 34 with an east wind humidity not that bad the wind is still noticeable it will lay down later tonight temperatures to 44: think really attend color is a good towards keansburg their sitting at 33 as is fort morgan is freezing and bennett 36 castle 1137 and parker across the rest of the state is still cap 50s to the south and east where we had temperatures in the 60s and 70s clearly difficult for cutting through denver has not slept in that direction just cap there it is right there that's the quote from guides to the south and east not only bringing in the cooler temperatures this week so with a few rain and snow showers we have out there to have a sunny start out to welcome in the
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>> so much is out of our control is a bittersweet day. >> as players talking about the nhl trade deadline team was very active pull out not one but two dealers hopefully to bolster up their chance is not just making the playoffs possibly making a run at the stanley cup you never know perhaps the addition with a couple of these guys will put them over the top nick l knickerbocker will be the difference maker one of the speediest forwards in the lake hill joins fellow speakers and matt duchenne certainly should help the offense especially on the power play with the apps have been lacking lately as for defense they made a live there as well eric jelena from new jersey in exchange for children that they will give up a future third-round draft pick as for vodka they were forced to part ways with one of the better leaders alex tanguay is a member of the
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business can be, and has more the players got out about these meds right after they were done practicing on the ice and wallace are the part of the business becomes routine you're always excited about the usually excited about what's happening in staff but it's definitely a different feeling than something you don't get used to everyone was comfortable with 36 -year-old alex tanguay who scored a big goal on saturday against the red wings for most fans remember him as a guy who won the stanley cup in 2001 it's his impact that will be most great leader he had a very calm the meter about him and learned a lot from him great teammate great limeade i can't say by may i can't say enough good things about the ads will be reunited very soon the avalanche and coyotes meet next monday as with a huge game tomorrow night in minnesota with major playoff implications didn't
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struggles could continue now is 10 percent to play the next three or four weeks without leading scorer toledo gallon arias out with a sprained ankle stick sticky out to the pepsi center for command in the house tonight chris anderson drawing a start for the grids picking up second quarter mike malone once involved moment chance of them are johnson number nice still gets the dunk to laws or be assessed the latest is good in the second quarter this time ever in passing the rock chukar that's the new guy chukar simpson picked him up off of waivers from bentley athletic for sure that's chilled by one of the half was quarter closing minutes meant of memphis pulling the way things to zach randolph to his team-high 22 groups of the nods final score 103 - -dash 96:10 o'clock a little war of words going on between rockies manager walt weiss and former rocky shortstop troy to levitsky stick around for that
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dispute disorder world words but yes they are he is holding a grudge that say he misses the 90 plus there's not a lot to mr. i guess still plenty more news to come tonight a local mother outraged at the music that not all number one maybe he would've hurt him screaming or pulled over her son attacked on a school bus doing enough for republican split on the eve of the biggest primary dated the 2016 day of the 2016 election is a growing divide and historic problem that the problem solvers hoping to get much-needed restoration and cars could eventually help replace your credit cards.
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says her sons and school bus driver wasn't paying attention during an attack that left this 11 -year-old boy unconscious school bus cameras cap the incident on video another mom is speaking exclusively to us sing the driver didn't notice anything that happened in our public schools refusing to release the video to us ashley michaels is in aurora the boy's mother says her son was sent home from school with a headache that day she didn't know it was a concussion and tell a week later that's when she first saw the video and rushed her son to the er - -dash she says everyone needs to see it to make buses safer all i remember was that my head getting slammed to the cme falling 11 -year-old clay hartley says he was knocked unconscious twice on the bus to school about a month ago when a bully attacked him we wrestled a little bit then he


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