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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  November 5, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MDT

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some tense moments on the campaign trail for donald trump tonight. good evening, i'm tammy vigil. and i'm keagan harsha. >> this is what we saw at that rally for the republican presidential nominee donald trump and reno just a few hours ago. he was rushed off the stage by secret service agents and then fights broke out in the crowd. we are still piecing together exactly what happened. security officials -- reporting a man with a gun.
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sign that read -- no weapon was found. that man was detained for release. it all appeared to be a misunderstanding. trump returned to the stage minutes later. >> right after that rally, donald trump boarded his jet for yet another campaign in colorado. the camp and preparing their final push in the mile high with a late rally at the national western complex. >> he has not taken the stage. this is in direct response with what happened in nevada. obviously delaying the gop nominee. he was rushed off the stage by the secret service. [ inaudible ] this has been a very tense campaign. just your endeavor --
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vandalized, spray-painted, a rock was thrown through last night. security is going to take extra precaution. this is typical pre- campaign -- the traveling press has traveled with the gop nominee. we are probably at least a half hour away. >> people started arriving around 5:00 p.m. so far, coach shanahan took the stage. talking about how donald trump was a generous man. they used to play golf together. [ inaudible ] the whole crowd turned around and started booing at the media. [ inaudible ] it was the media hates that was the direct cause for what
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there is any correlation proven yet. we will be here whenever the gop nominee gets here. for live coverage online. [ inaudible ] they really want colorado. they feel they need to win the state. you mentioned -- have you heard any speakers refer to what happened in the crowd? >> not yet. the speakers here -- they are talking about hillary clinton in benghazi in the scandal. this has been a direct result of
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notice, hillary clinton has only campaigned here twice since she received the democratic nomination. if she was truly nervous about colorado, i suspect, she would be making a surprise visit here between now and election day. so far none of that has happened. it is getting loud -- they want to see the gop nominated in. i was just told he landed endeavor. i was just told that he landed endeavor. some of the speakers -- have tried to capitalize on what they believed happened in reno. we're trying to learn more exactly what happened.
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taking any short steps. this is part of a campaign that has been very tense. they want to be sure that everybody is safe and okay. regardless of whether you go for trump or not, you don't want anyone to get her. continue watching the live feed on our facebook page. >> that set the only rally happening in colorado tonight. we had team coverage with fox 31 macradee aegeter out at thunder ridge high school. with senator bernie sanders took the stage envelope. >> several hundreds of people showed up tonight. some wanted to show their support for the party, others want to hear bernie sanders on what he had to say. it seems like a divided party right now but it is a very energetic crowd. most people are just waiting for tuesday's result.
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gets -- i am struggling with my presidential decision. >> some have yet to cast their vote. >> there is a lot of anxiety this year. >> i wanted to get it done. >> once inside, they heard from the events * speaker -- bernie sanders and pressing upon them the importance of showing up at the polls. that colorado is a battleground state. hillary clinton --
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>> sanders, bringing energy to a crowd -- some are concerned about how the chips may fall. [ inaudible ] a clear message tonight. everybody needs to show up on tuesday and cast their vote in the selection. >> we have you covered on election night here on fox 31. our coverage on fox begins on tuesday at mostly interested in colorado's local issues, our sister station corridors on channel two will focus on those. happening now -- a safety project has some light rail lines shut down.
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throughout the weekend. regular service will start back up on monday. these are the lines affected right now. the work will impact new line service between the stations. bus shuttle service is available for passengers. anyone traveling to union station is encouraged to take the seed line. if you want to set tonight, here are some good news. your sleep. once again it is time to fall back. sunday morning at 2:00 a.m., daylight saving time and. before you head to bed tonight be sure you set your clocks back one hour. >> a lot of good movies to catch this weekend. coming up after the break -- we will tell you who is raking in the big bucks at the box office. displace amounts now --
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16th straight afternoon were well above average. a cold front to our northwest. we will let you know how much that will cool us off. we will let you know of any rain i'm michael bennet, and i approve this message. narrator: what do you really know about darryl glenn, the fringe republican candidate for senate?
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in climate change. he's for eliminating the department of education. and glenn wants to outlaw abortion even in cases of rape and incest. reporter: glenn says if he's fortunate enough to go to capitol hill, he has no interest in working across the aisle. darryl glenn: i'm running against democrats. i'm running against evil. narrator: darryl glenn is wrong for colorado. scott tipton -- our congressman? or is he a real-estate agent for big-money campaign contributors?
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over 30 colorado business leaders called tipton's plans, "a serious threat to the outdoor recreation industry and...thousands of jobs." gail schwartz will defend our public lands and won't put colorado's future up for sale. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. a superhero movie -- the new comic book movie doctor strange has opened with a huge debut this weekend. >> friday alone the film grossed over $30 million. it is on track to take in over 80 million by the end of the weekend. the movie stars after benedict
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stephen strange. a world famous neurosurgeon whose life changes after eight car accident cripples his hands. >> the animated movie trolls is also getting some good traction this weekend. it collected 12.3 million on its opening day. the movie about little dolls with big hair features the voices of justin timberlake and anna kendrick. >> coming in third, is mel gibson's "hacksaw ridge". it has already aired 5.2 million and is expected to take in another 10 million by the end of thwe the movie stars andrew garfield and is based on a true story of a con chances at objector who saved lives and won medals in world war ii. >> with all this warm weather you probably are thinking about going to the movies necessarily, you're probably thinking, though, when is the snow finally coming? we will look at all of the resort opening dates soon.
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with the junkins wildfire -- crews telling us that the fire is now 100 percent contained. not before it burned over 18,00c counties. we have been keeping an eye on the senses started weeks ago. it has destroyed nine homes in more than one dozen outbuildings. >> as the fires burn out, we are starting to see some snow tonight. hard to believe after the warm weather in the metro today.
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plows were outworking those roots and i. >> that is not all -- check out this video are morning producer sarah caught -- this afternoon. she estimates about an inch of snow fell within three hours. >> all this warm weather is making for a late start for several skis resorts. right now, a-basin is the only resort opened. keystone cop on breckenridge and copper mountain all have opening winter park hopes to open on november 16 and build next friday on november 18. loveland ski area hopes to open soon. they shared this video with us tonight. >> they tell us they are hoping for an opening day sometime this coming week. >> it does not look like snow was headed our way. we are approaching the latest date now for snow that we have
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>> that is scary. we need that moisture. >> we haven't had a lot of rain in a very long time. >> we certainly need snow too. >> many mouths getting snow here in the last 36 hours. as temperatures fall tonight. those roads may get slick. road crews have been out over the last day or so. be careful driving in those higher elevation area. >> what we're seeing across the mountains isn't all that
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>> there could be a little more snow than what radars are leading us to believe is out there right now. if used by the areas snow flakes -- we have a winter weather advisory up in san juan. that is in effect until midnight. coming into this evening, they didn't get a good amount of snow. here tonight -- maybe a few spotty areas of snow. be careful in the high elevation areas. most of this moisture which is
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overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning -- some light rain. across the front range -- we are dry throughout the day tomorrow. temperatures will again be above average like we saw today. it's lovely out there tonight. it is 48 degrees in the city. there is a cold front that will come our way sometime on monday. take a look -- it won't do very much as far as dropping temperatures. despite the front -- temperatures will still stay in
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41 degrees tonight. don't forget to turn those clocks back tonight. it will be a beautiful afternoon tomorrow. we will match every single day. we're talking mid- 60s all week. as far as snow, wet weather -- not a whole lot to look forward to. it is scary to have this warmer weather at this time of year.
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>> i picked the broncos. >> i did too. >> what are the broncos -- need to do to make the division
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6-2 at the halfway. hard to gripe about the broncos star. however, when you lo -- that's encouraging. as long as it doesn't become frustrating. heading to oakland tomorrow night. >> you can make the argument that the national football league is better when the raiders are great. but don't bother bringing the argument to deborah.
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in the tank this week because of the matchup. even more though, first place hangs in the balance. for the raiders, it's all about offense. over 500 passing yards on 59th roads last week. raiders offense -- against broncos defense. that will command the headlines. nothing else will decide it. how about the broncos looking for consistency against raiders defense that gives it better than 25 points per game.
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more balance as a group. you also have to do what the defense is telling you. it's a commitment and it's what you have to hang on to. at the same time, you have to stay aggressive. >> we will see how it plays out tomorrow. barely averaging one goal over the last six games. minnesota wild in town this afternoon. no score from either midway through the third. sixty-four saves. meanwhile, 's third of the season ends up being the only one they need. they had to st. louis to take on the blues coming up tomorrow. >> to detroit.
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16-2. they trailed by as many as 19 but closed the half on a 19-8 run to get it back onto 11. of course i like to tell you they got all the way back. but we are judged by our accuracy. nice stuff here from wilson chandler. he had 21 -- but still a 103-86 loss. falling to 2-3. they have been playing really well but tonight awful defensively. they did shoot the ball pretty well at -- i have to get into goal, differential and aggregate scores. it might as well be sanskrit to me. [laughter]
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