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election eve and i'm very celebrated the candidates all over the map today as they make a final push for every vote in critical swing states still described as too close to call donald trump are traveling from florida to north carolina pennsylvania new hampshire and michigan hillary clinton also in michigan today along with appearances tonight in pennsylvania and north carolina trump speaking at this very moment they have been busy for the last couple of days we have all the angles covered to make political reporter election headquarters will start tonight and live in new york city with the latest from the campaign trail in the final hours as we go now to criswell to new york. >> while the day is finally upon us we are on the eve of the election of 2016 hillary clinton holds a very slight lead in national polls heading into tomorrow but of course we all know this race will not be decided based on national polls it would be decided state-by-state by the
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could hold the balance of the selection of their hands and the swing states or will refine the two candidates today on the final day of campaigning hillary clinton and donald trump hitting the trail at breakneck speeds and focus on key battleground pennsylvania is all about election day claim campaigning today in the crucial tossup of north carolina also heading to michigan and pennsylvania to states were clinton's lead has narrowed in rece w president obama one of clinton's biggest assets ofh3 the trail appeared in michigan and north carolina before joining hillary clinton in and the first lady for philadelphia rally the last day of our campaign will also be in pennsylvania and michigan plus florida north carolina and new hampshire and a sunday night bombshell at the art director james komi
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congress that they've completed their review of the newly discovered hillary clinton e-mail and found nothing to change their conclusion from july that clinton should not face criminal charges that news has both campaigns reacting on the trail should not be allowed to run for the presidency with that shoe dropping just a day in the house before polls opened tuesday it's unclear exactly voters minds. >> millet stalk early voting just briefly more than 40 million people cast early votes in the cycle in the approximately two weeks in florida alone there already breaking records in terms of early vote more people voted early of course none of it matters after tonight tomorrow the big day election day campaign focusing on the state to have their early voting that's why we say hillary clinton holding a major rally
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two thirds of colorado voters already cast their ballots the majority from republicans here's the breakdown over 652,000 for republicans of 645,000 per democrats nearly 528,000 from unaffiliated voters fox 31 political reporter live at denver election headquarters over 1.8 million votes cast but there's over 3 million registered voters in colorado which it means a giant chunk of will come in between now and the 7:00 p.m. tomorrow a lot of people taking advantage of polling centers like this and denver open until 6:00 o'clock this evening some people coming in or registering to vote they moved to denver wanted to participate in this election is last-minute vote is last-minute push a major reason why campaigns are still
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have video former vice president al gore campaigning in boulder a short time ago rally in for hillary clinton the fax is rendering for hillary clinton a story in and of itself but to the two not necessarily best of friends he will also be speaking in jefferson county tonight for another separate get out the vote rally even though we haven't seen clinton herself for weeks in colorado bernie sanders of bill clinton chelsea quinn have all campaign here in the last several days show show their somewhat worried about the state on the other side of things at the truck campaign busy all weekend long i was covering the visit from him on saturday night didn't take the stage until well after 10:30 p.m. trump trying to work on the crucial crucial independence as well as republicans who said a few months ago they would never vote for trump today we asked our political team what is needed for each aside to when two main things
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is not accurate herself she sent a series circuit seltzer which may be as powerful as her herself so turnout obviously is baked particularly for those of the minority communities and i think those that have been or felt like they have been disenfranchised in the past come out to vote and vote for him to he has to win or do very well with independence in county denver jeff company arapahoe and public counties the worst thing that you could do other than not vote in the selection is turn in your ballots that you received by mailing it back it will make in time election laws in colorado pretty strict of the clerks have to receive your ballot by 7:00 p.m. tomorrow or it won't count as you can see the boots are ready for
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department of justice and deploying hundreds of election monitors to 28 states for election day does include colorado that will be the to help enforce voting but they can't enter polling places without authorization from local election officials the result of a 2013 supreme court ruling known as the shelby decision struck down key parts of the voting rights act including federal government mandate to put observers inside a polling station officials talk about security press being taken for election day and night for time since the parties both parties candidates will have election day gatherings in new york city about a mile away from each each other mayor deblasio singh new yorkers can rest assured the nypd has a comprehensive plan in place police commissioner james o'neill saying that the plan is about the same and put princess made a visit to the city during the general assembly while president obama was in town we have you covered on election night at our sister station channel to
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covering national and local rations and wishes all night long if you are mostly interested in colorado's local issues our sister station colorado's own channel to will focus on those from seven until 9:00 p.m. and you can even count on us if you're away from your tv get resulting reaction on both and our facebook page all throughout election night what a mess it was a traffic finally moving again on i 25 north to run arapahoe road after a semi- tipped over spilled fuel all over the highway backup following the highway was shut down for three and a half hours at the lord jesus in the truck rolled over after colliding with another vehicle about 50 gallons of fuel spilled in a word and in the injuries larimer county tyler simmons is jailed on a long list of charges after authorities say he assaulted a chef's deputy he was intoxicated and threatening to harm himself early yesterday morning when they put him in protective custody they say he kicked a deputy in the and
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minor injuries in the developments after a bomb scare in netherlands sky fox was over the scene as police detonated a weapon of mass destruction found inside the police headquarters and 64 -year-old david hansberry california to hear the charges against him investigators say he left in a backpack but failed to go off and disposed of it safely and that rocky allen the man convicted of switching bios of a powerful narcotic learn his fate today federal judges said this afternoon that he would be sentenced to 6.5 years in prison he pled guilty to two charges of switching syringes had to be tested for hepatitis and hiv so far none of tested positive developing right now an investigation to the sudden death of a former colorado avalanche player at 34 years old lone tree police were called to merrick's home after midnight on saturday morning he lifted there lived there
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released the cause of death that he played seven seasons and the nhl most recently in 2010 and 2011 the search is on for this man who allegedly took photos up a woman's of the women up a woman's skirt of the broncos games last month police say it happened near gate 10 around two in the afternoon before the broncos played the chargers of the women to confront the man who ran away the suspect has a distinctive prosthetic leg anybody with information as to call metro denver crime stoppers to broncos coming off a tough loss with the oakland raiders to third place in the afc west bruce a hurdle at broncos headquarters with what the players and coaches have to say for themselves it's only one game well actually it's been that four of the last five games at the offense and particularly the running game has been challenged we just got to find a waste time the football field they ran 80 plays we were rented to you again that doesn't bode well
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will be no transfusions or wholesale changes coming just the challenge of getting better a lot better with what they already have you got the guy we just need to stay focused on what we are doing i believe in our people and believe in what we are doing it's good enough six times not good enough three times i stay focused on that there's a lot of football left to play which is needed keep battling and that's what i'm going to do their going to do calling can be altered the broncos have fallen in love with the passing game early concerning a look at you look at the beginning of the game we've got some issues going on some assignment issues like i said we dropped to two balls they could've got us going early in the game are field position was poor we didn't execute our final specialty and it's a concern offense isn't the only thing keeping kubiak up at night suddenly has run defenses being dashed injuries continue to mount and
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least last night but he felt the need afterwards to tell his team that he still believes in them thank you and other sports news here the colorado rockies have a new manager as a bud black takes over for the department was wife and glass spent 15 years as a picture and the big leagues he spent the better part of nine more years as a manager for san diego padres were he became. familiar with the rockies am excited about this group of player where it's headed i got a number of texts last night and this morning congratulatory but a lot of them were about the team and how people in our industry view where this team is. >> hopefully exciting future ahead fingers crossed or saying it's a good thing it is my experience guys name but a pretty good guys this is going to be good.
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learn they may have playoffs until someone told them they made a mistake the role in a playoff system played in the mixup and how it mix up and how it could affect future players to code a pipeline protester from denver in serious trouble with the law here why her family says it is her rights that are being violated and a fraser warm and dry sunny skies the theme so
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the football team has heavy hearts today at school after their dreams were crushed with the colorado high school activities association put the team at a posted season for a playoff bracket and then removed to them several hours later julie leonardi finds out how it happened. >> we worked really hard like we worked every day to get there they took it away from
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out sunday they didn't make the playoffs like the first of that when they did find out they were very very heartbroken because they thought they were going to go to the playoffs of parents to say the system is unfair we sat down with the two find that where the mistake happened i think we all feel horrible for the kids assistant commissioner brent boardman says they're using a brand-new formula called the ratio performance index or rpi a formula now colorado sports this is designed to rate the team based on strengthens scheduled there's a formula with 25 percent of the formula is based on your school's winning percentage 50 percent is based upon your opponent's winning percentage the final 25 percent is based on your opponent's opponents winning percentage boardman says at loveland high actually earned a lower rpi than initially thought one of their opponents
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smaller conference he says of the association will continue to improve the formula for the future it's a way to major and a way to strengthen the bracket with the teams that might be stronger overall in the state but parents as a system like this will discourage future players that they'll lose a lot of players who want to challenge themselves and who want to win unfortunately the playoff bracket is set in stone winter sports lovers have been waiting to hear announcing today on twitter it will open this thursday for the 2016 ?-dash 2017 season copper mountain set to the extolling its open day november 18 it's off to a rough start up there for sure they need them they were trying to get it going a couple of weeks ago they're doing all they can they finally made it we talked last week when keystone and brecon ridge the delay to the unleavened and i said i don't
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a lot of people are worried about a thanksgiving and actually i went and looked at a snow map and that's where i want to start this is eye opening take a look at this this is the colorado mountains blanketed in snow one year ago today almost 70 percent coverage you can see the southern noncentral monde denver would be right here we were in good shape a lot of resorts came online early last year transition to today look at the lack of snow up there we are in big trouble only 7.3 snow covered you can understand there may to open up has been man-made of mother nature's help here in their little she is lay down has been melted away i have put the same images on my facebook page you want to take a closer look at them and mark marshall is writing up a block which will be on talking about the lack of snow the reason for it is this is blocking dome of high-pressure deflects all the snow in the
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storms we do see an armistice off to the east this is nice rainmakers sopping up as i have not budged for months the result has been this is a beautiful looking that you can argue that nice to see all the sunshine we just need a really good shot of it rain or this point is no high temperature is today again and the warm 60s eastern plains 50s and 60s in the mountains even the man-made stuff 64 for should be it'll be pleasant and again will see the temperatures fall slowly to the low 40s a lot of people making their way home 57 and 53 officially at the airport east with 8 miles per hour metro temperature is in the 50s but you saw my evening forecast it won't be long before they start to slip into
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the northeast corner into the fort collins area of future cast on and then follow that storm to the east of moves away the few clouds we have in the mountains are calling for tomorrow for election day no excuses if you have been at the polls with got nothing but sunshine from corner to corner across colorado lows tonight chili's 30s and 40s 35 in denver you can see colder 30s even below freezing readings of into the colorado mountains teer been good to make the snow but it's not been great we do have a freeze watch in southeast colorado for the overnight lows them back into the 60s with all the sunshine and announce and we will take the same readings here lots of 60s over the eastern plains it could be one or 2 degrees warmer on election day 2016 201635 degrees a starry skies tonight nothing but sunshine again tomorrow as we stay on the very one side we should be
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this help out warm 73 down a little bit thursday down a little bit more on friday all about normal back to 70 on saturday into the mid- 60s on sunday a little more cloud covered by this time next week but dry continues to be the problem and that in that forecast that map was eye-opening from the high 70s but did they've think you business is getting on board with election day by offering new deals from discounted rights to free food we will show you rather had to scott tipton -- our congressman? or is he a real-estate agent for big-money campaign contributors? tipton sponsored a bill to give away our public lands to his out-of-state donors. over 30 colorado business leaders called tipton's plans, "a serious threat to the outdoor recreation industry and...thousands of jobs." gail schwartz will defend our public lands
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you need a ride to the polls on election day your services have recovered from rupert request transportation if it's your first goober right you can enter the code about today and get $20 off left will offer a 45 percent discount on
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post of vote markers for both markers for president of complete those three steps to get a free pizza belcher and entered in the running to be marcus vice president which means you'll get free pizza for four years for the great space bar can't imagine all the calories how does it hit twitter and wikileaks also who is behind the slowdown in sports cars sales car sales chanting in new york briefly went down early this morning shortly after wiki leaks reported a fight cyber attack on a team of publication servers twitter has not confirmed the outage but websites attract the responsiveness and outage did hit twitter and lasted for a few minutes ending around 1:30 a message to the facebook account claiming an on going service attack after it reported a brief outage my amazon is trying to get kids interested in reading with the
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told in text message form the app cost to 99 a month at wells fargo is talking to multiple regulators about investigations into its mortgage lending and other businesses and there hasn't raised reserves for possible litigation setting aside is $1.7 billion to help pay for all the issues related to the fake account scandal they're expected to follow as boomers get older in october they must think planting planned for a week of sales cars has faded to like the chevy corvettes and the porsche as age of 70 beckons for baby boomers are finding it harder and more painful to get into the front of a speedy roadster. >> a denver woman involved in the dakota pipeline protest stands accused of trying to kill a police officer here why her family says that she and
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real victims plus a historic settlement over every usage of a family of an unarmed black man who shot and killed police and an update on the body count from a property in south carolina and what police say could be the work of a serial killer woman: after all donald trump has said and done...
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you can do anything. i moved on her like a b***h! woman: trump's just so disgusting and degrading. he's bragged about assaulting women, and he's the republican nominee for president! and congressman mike coffman said he didn't know if donald trump's a sexual predator. come on. look, we just can't vote for coffman or trump. house majority pac is responsible
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people like what form red from standing at the front line trying to protect the earth trying to protect the future for everyone the family of a denver woman arrested for the attempted murder of a police officer in north dakota phased out to the media today the family of red fun palace bread fun palace standing up for their daughter because they say she standing up for all of us the denver woman went to north dakota to specifically protest the huge oil pipeline under construction which was a native american land sin in the hill with now on how she will go on trial for a family says was protecting her ancestry these are family and friends of bread from ballet gathering to support who they call it a little bitty woman with a fierce heart to 100-pound 5-foot tall woman was taking a stand against big oil and for her native


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