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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  November 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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>> that incident happened a few weeks ago. the dogs owner and animal rights activist furious about what new video shows. and what was said by officers on scene. >> investigative reporter is the first to break this important story. >> i'm going to warn you right now. the video you're about to see is disturbing. the language may offend viewers. it's taken from police body camera. rolling the night of october 22. >> when aurora police rolled into the apartment complex calls have already come in. two aggressive dogs were loose. and had attacked another dog being walked. the body camera footage shows one of the suspect dogs barking to the right side of the screen. another police officer fires a shotgun. hitting the dog. as it stumbles and then scrambles away. >> . listen to what the shooting officer then told a colleague a short time later. >> one of them ran up on me.
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growling and barking. and i was like uh-huh. within like five feet i shot him. >> official reports say the dog earlier bit a woman. and her smaller dog. and acted very aggressively towards officers. when they arrived. >> after a search. aurora police found the injured bleeding american bulldog. apparently gasping for breath. on a doorstep. >> . video while asking if animal control was on the way. >> the owner says he was shot in the face and throat. and had to be put down by a veterinarian. >> we we have spoken with the owner. she's angry. we'll hear from her later. i can tell you this. she posted on facebook already. this comment. >> as you can all see.
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>> thank you. much more on that tonight. a developing story out of oklahoma city. all flights still halted. after at least one person was shot and killed this afternoon. authorities say the victim 52 year-old michael died. he was a southwest airlines employee and the father of kansas city chiefs player. that information being confirmed tonight. some local tv stations and report of the shooter has been found dead. our sister station says police told them that information is not correct. all airlines at waiving change fees for the travelers to rebook. >> broncos superstar von miller. filing legal documents in a la courtroom today. to stop the release of a sex tape. that was shot in cancun earlier this summer. >> mike bars here with owl how it played out. >> . temporary restraining order issued. today. after miller attorney filed these documents. in an la superior courtroom. saying miller met her during a trip to mexico. in june of this year. they had sex while they were
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video. promising to keep it private. he claims when he reached out after the trip to destroy it. she replied got ya. >> . legal documented filed today. miller the plaintiff says he worked hard to become one of the most talented people at his craft in the world. >> . her chosen career path she craves fame and fortune. and willing tobetray the plaintiffs trust. and shame and achieve. >> . reportedly the depicting them engage in consensual sex. unless miller gives her two million dollars. >> . she tried to sell the recording and contacted a sex tape broker. miller is asking the recording never been released. and asking for damages. miller saying she's trying to
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practice. he was unavailable for comment. of course broncos are not commenting. and say they will not in the future. >> a lot of questions. >> nobody wants to talk about this. >> staying far away. >> . denver district attorney charging this man, 33 year-old jacob mcgee for using his cell phone of taking up skirt photographs of a woman during a broncos game. october 30. at mile high stadium. during the game against the chargers. the district attorney says the victim noticed him taking photographs of her. confronted him and he ran later identified and arrested. currently registered as a sex offender. >> . update for you now. president elect donald trump and his transition team. democrats called on trump to cut ties with his chief strategist. senators called on trump to stand up for diversity and unity. and reject hate. tran sis team hasn't commented
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more developments from the team. we're learning about who is in and out. the team fills the hundreds of staffer positions. >> 8 months ago the city of denver cleared away dozens of homeless camps. in downtown denver. this morning they were at it again. after the homeless returned to stake their claims on sidewalks. >> . tammy vigil live downtown. >> with the story any tonight. >> a public works crew were out here at 8:30 a.m. and afternoon. but as you can see. many homeless camps remain. they'll return tomorrow to reassess the next steps. >> it's already a hard life. sleeping outside in the cold. the homeless knew it was about to get worse. >> i can't stand to see us have to be moved somewhere else. or moved to a river. to die like they want. >> 8:30 this morning. city crews moved in. under the protection of denver police.
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camps. piled high on public sidewalks. >> . they're looking at us like we're nothing. something they can just take off the street. >> for the most part. this sweep was peaceful. but. not without protest. >> this is a horrible shame. >> not without tears. >> the only thing i have left is my shopping cart. >> the homeless say you can remove them for a time. but the over all problems >> we come back. why. stop trying to kick the problem up under the rug. >> it's a tragedy. that we h-z as a people said it's okay to sweep people into the shadow and not address the under lying issue. >> they say those issues include affordable housing. and repealing the states camping ban. but the city says people don't have to sleep outside. when there are shelters with open beds. >> we have not turned anyone
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open. every night. >> crews collect about 16 bins of belongings that they'll store in the nearby warehouse. and they'll be back tomorrow. the homeless say. they'll be waiting. >> we'll be right here fighting just like today. >> now the homeless will have 60 days to pick up the belongings. from the warehouse. also advocates say the state legislature will debate a bill this session. allow people to protect themselves from the elements. meanwhile the city of denver is still fighting a federal lawsuit. filed against it. during the first sweep. in march. >> >> lot -ts -- lots of questions thank you. >> . without finding the body of a 1 month old boy. 13 month old boy. his grandfather reported him missing last month. police believe the toddle deered
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late last week. deputies arrested his mother. they released her days later. authorities have arrested her boyfriend. >> . the state patrol marking the one year an anniversary of the death of one of their own. hit and killed by a drunk tkraoeufr. november 15, 2015. she stopped her car object shoulder of 25*eu. in castle rock. to investigate another crash. when she was hit. today the castle rock troop office honored her with a flag ceremony. organizations and agencies who respond that night she was killed were participate. her husband and daughter and parents were also there. >> retired army pleaded tkpw-plt guilty to vehicular homicide. and is serving 8 years many
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the southern u.s. division of fire prevention and control. sent one of its multi-mission aircraft to fight the fire. in the george washington national forest in virginia. ten firefighters from the division as well as larimer county. 4 mile fire. boulder can be county and city. also on the way. >> . even though temperatures are warm. wolf creek pass on the divide getting ready for winter. over look is now closed down for the season. while it was closed c-dot will be doing bringing in new steal fencing to replace the old chain link. >> . sign of the seasons changing. only mother nature would cooperate. >> . with temperatures so warm. it really doesn't look like christmas is on the way. >> while the sun is out. and conditions dry. maybe the tperbgt time to put up the holiday lights. >> incredible video showing that deadly fire. and denver alley. tonight. family and friends of the victims say it may have been set intentionally.
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our weather beast continuing its tour around colorado schools today. meteorologist mark monstrola took the beast earlier this afternoon. showing dozens of kids just how the friendly beast works. and also how our pinpoint weather team uses it in a
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>> way bert than math class. than home room. >> bringing it to life. with these warm temperatures you're probably not thinking about chris christmas decorations. but you should be. >> it's really a perfect time before the storm. >> reporter. >> i am very picky. >> on a scale from one to ten. she loves the holidays. and a brightly lit house. is simply a must christmas. >> it makes me feel warm. and makes me feel happy. and joyful. >> and with 7 plus degree weather. now is the time. >> it's going to snow on thursday and friday. it will be slippery and icy. and accidents are never fun. >> the last thing pwer tphard is going to do. is get on a ladder. >> last christmas. she broke a rib. falling off at stool. inside her home.
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>> even. >> this yore. sh*es paying to have it done. >> we don't have to get up on the roof. >> if they fall. i'm not paying any medical bills. >> just isn't worth the trip to the emergency room. >> he's doing it up this year. the entire roof line. all the windows. wrapped pillars. ice k-les on the front porch. and wrapping the trees of course. >> 21 money hundred dollars. >> . he may not be saving a lot of money. but. >> it's saving my marriage. >> from here on out. the only person allowed on her roof. is swing -l. and santa claus.
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tomorrow is your last window to do bad news good news. bad news el tkor keystone the crews working hard. and they're ready to go. friday and saturday. keystone first. becken ridge on saturday. >> . the work they have done. mother nature not helping. but they are ready to ski. and mother nature maybe finally cooperating. we're tracking our storm. now starting to inch closer to colorado.
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day coming tomorrow. i thought i'd walk you there. the rolling in of this snowstorm. first chance of snow we have seen. all season. that is a winter storm watch. clearly the mountains are going to benefit. what i want to show you here. is our future cast. this is not tomorrow. notice the time stamp. this is wednesday night. late. at eleven going through thursday. watch the snow roll in to the mountains. early in the morning. here in the east. not much is going on. we get into a little rain or snow around the lunch hour. we change it over to about a two to 3 hour period. and moves out. it's quick moving. what that means it's not really going to be able to give us a ton of snow. we'll take the moisture. at any way we can get it. as far as the accumulation. i still like what i'm seeing in the mountains. close to summit county. we have nice 3 to 6 and some places maybe more than six inches snow. great. just in time for becken ridge and keystone. to add fresh powder. here in the northeast. you'll see the paint.
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telling us it's possible. that we could see an inch of snow or more. falling. the question is. with the warm grounds and the warm pavement. does it stick. and can you actually measure what will fall. right now we kobt to see the model go back and forth. around an inch is what it's giving us. if it does stick. i think it could be on the grass. i think the roads are going to be just fine. out there. especially with the warm temperatures we posted again today. 70s in the northeast. we touch 80 in lamar. -l 81 60s 70s in the mountains. >> . at we hit the forecast high. and did miss that record by one degree. i think we'll be close to that tomorrow. missing the record high. 69 downtown. 60 at the airport. south wind at 12 miles per hour. look at the warm readings. we have 71 staple ton. 70 brighton. pull back and show you the northeast. a little bit of cooling out here
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where you have 52 julesburg. 59 sterling. still warm 60 down in parker. and castle rock. here's the future cast. the lows tonight. again. chilly 30 in the mountains. 20 there. >> . we will be in the 30s and low 40s. 42 denver. >> . here's the future cast. for tomorrow. we are going to have cloud cover. floating in. through the day. here in the east and also over the mountains as the storm approaches. the snow doesn't get under way. until eleven tomorrow night. to the south and west. iho on thursday. >> . we missed today by a degree. i think the same thing could
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rain over to snow. falling temperatures that 45 is early. temperatures go into the 30s. by the time you head home from work. that's when we'll see the change over to snow. 40 and brisk. north wind. on friday. back to 50 on saturday. and then sunday monday tuesday. looking warmer. in the 60. and on tuesday. we bring it down a bit. maybe another shower. all eyes on thursday. >> . -l arrow is scaring us. >> . 45. >> 21 hundred dollars. for the christmas lig
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now they're glad to get this buy week. >> bruce hurdle takes talk the week eleven. and an update on the cu game. >> a man of my talents. probably not. the break comes about 3 weeks later that be than last year. remember. players rest up. he and his staff will use most of the week for evaluation. they get ready for the 6 week run. to what they hope will be the play offs. sports director nick griffith at broncos headquarters. >> . late season buy. this year. for the denver broncos. now they're always welcome the buy week -fpblt especially this year. and already what is week 11 of the season. makes it extra rewarding. >> . i want to get away from football a bit. it's been a long hall. >> we're going to take the break. get rested come back ready to go. >> one final practice today. before the team takes off to a
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get the sunlight. and palm trees. fresh water good food. >> with a variety of different people. >> enjoy my teammates. we're going to take a trip. >> as for coach's message to the team. about getting into trouble with the time off. he says he doesn't go there. he doesn't want to waste the time and energy. on anything negative. rather teaches his team to stay positive and do the right things. rather than the wrong >> good lesson for all of us. it's been a while since colorado last played in such a meaningful football game or games in the case. the last division title was in the big 12 north in 2005. only championship game in the big 12 came in 201 when they won it. ten years before that they won the national championship. now they host back to back weeks controlling their own destiny. for the south title. a trip to the pack 12
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what beyond that. it's heavy stuff for a program. that had two pack 12 wins. over their 3 previous years. >> playing a big game. especially at home in front of fans. who have been incredible. to finally. we're eight and two. to get over the hump. we're not louising time and playing for something. in november. november games matter. so it's really important. >> quarter back colorado slight favorite against washington state. both teams will be front and center. play off poll comes autotomorrow. colorado could well be in the top ten. >> big deal. >> great stuff. >> there are now more ways to legally enjoy marijuana. including outside the home. >> ahead at 5:30. how soon you'll be able to consume pot in private establishments. plus which businesses can apply for the license.
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shows a huge fire that burned a woman to death. tonight her loved ones saying it was murder. >> a thanksgiving tradition in colorado needs your help to go along. what the group needs that you can contribute. and doesn't have to be money.
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>> for somebody to do this to my daughter. is just unbelievable. it's devastating. i don't understand how you look at yourself every day. >> a woman's body found in a fire. denver police calling it a death investigation. the woman's family says this is murder. >> . the story only on fox live at first and federal. where it happened two sundayings ago. >> they are convinced she was intentionally killed. >> there's a fire here. by federal. >> witness video the night of november 6.


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