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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  November 17, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm MST

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am a big swing temperatures down 40 to 50 degrees and finally our first official snow of the season i want to show you radar as he put into motion it's been snowing since first thing this morning a
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snow tonight is turned to break up a little bit as resume and you'll see the front range through the evening commute the timing could not have been worse the best snow was blank think i 25 they are 25 the 470 loop i 76 in 270 you name it the snow was everywhere brought things to a crawl out there tonight drier air coming of the north and west is eating away at the final flights we should see things coming to an end in the next couple of hours and it is strong with when speeds in excess of 20 miles brought you complain , northwesterly direction is can a help to bring the snow turn and unfortunately that same northwesterly direction continues to pump in the very cold temperatures and i'm just about everyone is up-and-down the front range below freezing 21 down in castle rock if you factor in the when we can test to this it feels like it's in the teens like 15 and denver quickly to our trafford
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spots a little bit of a problem most places the speed test hard to pick up out there on the one problem we had all evening long as you head south out of the denver tech center go up by 25 heading south towards castle rock and castle pines the road is still snow packed and i see. mark mun stroller has been in the pinpoint weather the out and about checking snow totals keeping an eye on those roads. least. no doubt about it what a shock to the system today from sunny and warm yesterday we been mentioning to frigid cold this evening the cold i believe will be their biggest adversaries here tonight as the snow is letting up a little bit coming into today it was unseasonably warm the paved areas able to
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with the snow falling most of the day where we're able to melt off those paved areas we're rated in the back in the atmosphere i have my thermo got a lot of reading throughout the evening earlier today the low 30s are right now as the cold air drove in on those gusty northwesterly winds. overnight tonight with lows down into those teens road crews have to make sure the icy conditions are going morning drive we've seen a few plows and crews out here this evening i i think has been the biggest trouble area there are some pacts no locations packs no locations especially to get further south toward the palmer divide but it's where the cars that will drive over melt office know a little bit that cold air comes in and flash freezes it almost like an ice skating rink once he got down in the upper elevations overnight tonight into tomorrow morning something
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hopefully road crews will keep up with all the cold air. mark one stroller with the weather fox 31. with the snow moving through airlines had delayed and canceled fox 31 joining as live from the airport where what you need to know. i've seen some issues with folks flying with united will show you the abort main terminal specifically attention on the yellow writing we're not seen cancellations as much is moses we are seeing delays because of the deicing and tender issues specifically with united past the landing spot for a lot of folks to camp out weight out properly until tomorrow morning , actually had to take a separate flight because mr. earlier flight coming up our down for the high country has issues on i 70 the folks in the far back that are actually had to miss their
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ladies that was sent folks living on the metro area going back home and metro denver. heading out on pain yet again they we're tonight tomorrow happening today as the snow game down a huge mess on i 70 this was the scene a few hours ago 15 cars piling up shutting down both directions at the elk rancher exit and color says a vehicles we're towed three driver cited to others taken to the hospital you have to be careful out there. just west of that is now snow resort and ski resort. fox 31 keystone we're there just
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and check it out i am the first3 in line. the river run gondola will start turning at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning for finally officially the first day of the season opening day. will show you video from earlier today up here at keystone as of 2:00 o'clock this afternoon only had 3 inches of new snow that will goes out for tomorrow all evening long at the gondola and one c skiers and snowboarders have access to two runs while snow makers work overtime maybe they got a lot of help from mother nature today. we are looking for an awesome season our teams done a great job out there. mother nature on our side more storms in the forecast for next week we can't wait to see what it brings. as far as road conditions the keystone is pretty slow going all it up to the eisenhower tunnel once we pass through the
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snow packed in a little icy for heading up your tomorrow morning make should give yourself a little extra time live from keystone fox 31. , we do want to make sure you're prepared for the winter weather download the pinpoint weather up for your smart phone be able to access to live radar weather alerts while you're on the go you haven't downloaded it make sure you do in the apple or google play store also if you're up early tomorrow make sure you tune into good day colorado starts at 4:30 a.m. for all your weather and traffic needs other developing say the family woman who died in a house fire and aurora tells fox 31 31 the sunny try to save her is in the hospital fighting for his life their son gabriel remains in intensive care and the severe brain damage is likely family had no homers on his insurance neighbors have great ago fun me page. couple of the kids didn't have shoes on.
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i was so worried how they going to get through their. the fire is under investigation we're told an electrical issue is a potential cause learning new information in a search for the body of a 13-month-old boy from wyoming a surge first silos as wishing the wells county mental to the font and cheyenne after investigators got a tip die volunteers scoured the murky water near laramie county community college that pond is 30 feet deep spots open rogers the boyfriends of their mother facing charges in connection with the boys death. rules plan planet shooting says they rather deer remained and competent to stand trial the judge says his mental health has not improved the point where you can assist in his defense. defenses originally deemed incompetent back in may the investors shooting and killing three people and injuring nine others last november that ?project client and colorado
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temper drug is releasing her windows back streets palm solvers ? is the tip of the iceberg the same thing happening what all kinds of suspected criminals and critics say it puts public safety at risk. and a person climb return homes and vehicles across the metro area the suspects arrested in denver last year 142 indictment outlines how they burglarized homes told vehicles in the tries and mon but damage or loss is more into 600,000 dollars. the criminals could and should have been stop sooner at the time a denver district attorney investigator on the case the annoying thing about this group is that all of the players we're out on multiple bonds from multiple arrest over multiple days and oil probation. these are big rings are doing a lot of damage in our communities
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happening across the board with all types of crime and all types of criminals. the problem is the current system we have which is a relatively new system errors on the side of letting people out of jail. some tell problem solvers they called the new system catch and release catch the criminals and the judges released them on very low bonds and personal recognizance rpr bonds a century of essentially a promise to come back to court. people have that no respect for that system will not come back in court me a be a heroin dealer home burglar they're going to be the kind of person if you let them out there not going to come back denver who did not want to talk on camera defense the system he points to new state law to judicial reform movement that resumes the suspects be released under the lease resected bond conditions that means more pr bonds and lower bonds the so-called reform according to morrissey is not working. there is an idea out there
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michigan somehow keep your community safe by putting an ankle bracelet around a criminal ankle. that's perlman numerous times to not be effective. julie hayden fox 31. it is a disease that affects more than 10,000,000 americans more than ms muscular dystrophy parkinson's and a combine a good chance you can't even spell the disease. that one pan and ten down foot and it may condition known as lymphedema odds are so me know is suffering they may not even know it one colorado made it will her mission to relieve the pain she is joining forces with the hollywood star you will recognize. ninety my friend and time as other people this is a way for me to be in the real world and hopefully affect change. i can assure you later in the sure we share their quest to get people moving again coming up at
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chief meteorologist dave fraser looking over the latest data and the pinpoint weather's other
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of your favorite metro restaurant it's our weekly restaurant report card moron who passed in his failed this week
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this restaurant is called probation was bikers found here could make you want to ban them. the denver restaurant sales are par card with 13 critical health code violations in an october and march surprise inspection and snapped these pictures showing for debris and grime on shows and shelves and something sticky on the stores area. suit measured at 50 degrees that cooks are tossed out. no sanitizer was available an employee touch food on the hands. restaurants of the following statement which says in part inspection the following week found us to be in full compliance he also made significant changes to her kitchen staff bringing in new employees respect to perform at a level that results in future inspection thing well above satisfactory. our second avenue is noodle and grow. a denver and specter started the restaurant for 15 critical
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inspection violations include the operator and employees did not know proper cold and hot holding temperatures which can cause food poisoning the enemy soda was for sale that's not from improve source employee was wrapping spring most their bare hands of paint bucket was used to store rice noodles the restaurant did not respond to e-mails we stop by. the food is more sanitized and customers to use we did of pretty much for cleaning in the back kitchen and a full cleaning a full cleaning up here the past it's follow-up inspection. finally are a of a of the week goes to subway sandwiches for two regular inspections with no violations.
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with the staff is very good at knowing what they need to do to make sure everything is clean and ready for department of inspection our customers at the time all the violations listed in the report of a link to the inspection posted on click on the news tap and our report card. the restaurant you like for us to investigate sent us an e-mail to tips at erika gonzalez fox 31. our first snowstorm of the season and a reminder our elevation snowstorms can be very proficient in cranking out snow and having an impact on the roads as we saw this evening live radar scanningthe skies the heavier snow committing snow in the deep blue has shifted to the far eastern plains and is moving out along the front range there is a left over snow showers couple flurries and downtown denver the raiders are
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the valley in continuing down south. where we still have a little bit of that snow left over. this is our future cast that came in early this morning. we are there always expected 46 inches of snow. i wanted to run eastern plains early this morning on like what we had last night and show that on the south side of town we could get more and that's and we start a we start to see as we went into the evening instead of 2 inches recent reports coming in at three and 4 inches you get down to castle rock. some of these came in the early evening while it was still snowing enough final number could go up the big number to point out is denver international airport for you get a tenth of an inch we could be looking at breaking a record for the latest first measurable snowfall and denver. we did not break that record take a look at this calendar i look back over the next ten years for late snowfall to take
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doing come until the fifth and 2014 in income and tell the 11th in 2008 it didn't come until the 14th the 15th is the first time when snow in 2010 this year we went in late as the 17th but the record of november 201 from 19,304th will stay in the record books as the latest personnel in denver history. they stayed that way squeezing out light flares with and no wind the no went at 13 miles per hour temperatures in the very cold 20s have around 25 to 27 degrees pretty much the same on the northeast plains couple of spots warmer by a few degrees like sterling. cold and park. it's heading down south we had the problems the wind is starting to back off.
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windchill. the strongest is now shifting off to the east will see the drier air taking over as we get past midnight this guys will clear. back tomorrow the sun's energy is going into melting this now expect a cool day. sunny for your friday across the rest of the state the back edge of the storm system lifting away. but even that was out with a good-looking friday unfortunately they clearing skies tonight coldest night of this season single digits in the mountains teens and 20s i've got denver at 18 tonight and highs tomorrow '30s and 40s in the mountains in only 40s over the eastern plains we stay on the cool side. your highs for friday the first time going all the way back to october below normal readings 40 and 41 degrees to sell pda down
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and here on the south side of town and douglas county that's no ended up being deeper than we thought two to 4 inches is can take a little more son's energy to melt it that means you get warm up 32 to 36 degrees. eighteen as the snow comes to an end watch out for icy roads especially bridges and overpasses but the sun and 40 degrees, things away. could've 50 degrees as 50 degrees as we get to saturday. but they clouds increase with another fast-moving storm we will watch it closely to make sure doesn't do it this one did looking like rain showers and a flurry mixed in. wednesday and thanksgiving looking pretty good. today was a reminder for a lot of drivers out there winter driving skills back up. road crews tried to get out in the thick of traffic a perfectly
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an update on sales of the first ever please officer calendar in denver and dpd wise they sold nearly 400 calendars in the first two days of sales this is a limited edition calendar stores and the men and women of the police department proceeds are donated to the police foundation which supports funding and equipment. did she is now they're available and denver branches of alpine bring our not just firefighters anymore please officers and 12 inspiring stories. a lawsuit filed sunday will stop progress. homeowner said it closed thank you i 70 is not fair to them or the community. present i like trump still working on his cabinet what his transition needed team held today to get people on board. a metro man misdiagnosed for years by me getting the
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all new tonight a local coalition of community groups now calling for a halt the ice 70 expensive project denver as well as a federal lawsuit the prodigy right on the interstate through the variance want to neighborhoods. they said it considered every aspect of their plan they stand behind the decision. ts gun the oven a bond to study does quarter look at all the different aspects that it every different solutions solution what we come up with will fix that highway which desperately needs it and really help reconnect these communities. the fed say they consider the coalition's complaint and whether are not to take any action the coming weeks. the trunk transition of president-elect has chosen his national security adviser core into transition team official trump offered a job to retired army lieutenant general michael flint we don't yet know if when has accepted the server director of the defense intelligence
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critical about a business decision use official say is pushed out because his management style mishandling classified information he denies any wrongdoing vice president mike pence is familiar territory as he meets with leadership on capitol hill during the meet pence after them on the transition process and the new administration's priority. present obama second leg of his last form to her fema german chancellor on what is sixth and final visit to germany as commander-in-chief clock freshman tus well as europe as a whole is a major focus of this trip present also sign great deal of time answering questions about his soon to be successor including relations with russia. takes a similarly constructive approach funny areas where we can cooperate with russia but
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before making his way to south america for summit in peru. launches see this for disfigured a misdiagnosed a nightmare one general mandate for five years before finding help the problems i was explain why this man in 10,000,000 other americans continue to suffer from a disease most people can't even pronounce.


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