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tv   Iowa In Focus  KFXA  February 28, 2016 9:30am-10:00am CST

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an in depth look at the people and events that shape our community.this is iowa in focus.this week -- eastern iowans head to the state house to fight against medicaid privatization.the surprpre endorsement in the g-o-p and what a win in means for democrats in south carolina. welcome to iowa in focus -- where we're giving context to what happens in the headlines and on the ampaign trail. trail.that starts with the barnstorm. even in a 2016 campaign where donald trump completely redefined what is ok for candidates to sayayn a campaign trail -- some of the more traditional campaigns hit a few snags. snags.ted cruz accepted the resignation of his communications director -- rick tyler -- after the campaign send out a tweet with edited video seeming to show marco rubio doubting the importance of the bible.the video was misleading -- but cruz said even if it was a true story -- his wasn't going to be the type of campaign to
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"" i made it clear we will conduct this campaign with the highest standards. that has been how we've conducted it fromomay one. it has been why when other camapigns have attack us personally, i don't respond in kin none of you have heard me throw the kind of insults at marco rubio that he throws at me every single day. rubio sees it differently.he says this is beyondust one or two instances -- going all the way back to when the cruz campaign said ben carson was dropping out after iowa. "it's incredibly disturbing i mean you guys have to be seeing this now i mean ery ngle day there is something that comes out of the cruz campaign that is deceptive and untrue and in this case goes after my fait and i guess one of their spokesmen has appologized and i guess i accept his apaplogy but this is a pattern now and i guess we're at a point where we start asking about accountability.
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cause of what *he said -- but some people questioned if he should have appologized at all.let's listen to most of the entire statement. "i went to washington, following my mother's advice. i've been in the legislature before thahaat the age e 26. and how did i get elected? nobody wasa&i didn't have anyone for me, we just got an army of people whoa&and many women who left their kitchens to go out and go door to door and put yard signs out all the back when, you know, things were different.." different.."women leaving their kitchens was what got kasich in trouble.supporters point out that he was referencing the 1970's -- where many women *did spend a lot of time at home and many women didn't have careers.they also point out that a comment like kasich's pales in comparision to some of the things that donald trump has said. back in washington d-c -- there was some governing going on.closing guantanimo bay has been a priority for president obama since he was just a candidate himself...
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he presented a new plan to deal with the 91 prisoners still being held on the base in cuba.35 of them would be sent to another country -- and 56 would come to u-s soil -- landing in some of the most secure prisons in the country -- like supermax in colorado and fort leavenworth in kansas. "it's counterproductive to our fight against terrorists because they use it in their efforts to recruit. i don't want to pass this problem on to the next president, whoever it is." is."the catch is he would need congress to go along with his plan and if past results are any indication of the future -- that is going to be a tough sell. case in point -- republicans on the senate judiciary y committee made it crystal clear to the nation where they stand on president obama's pending supreme court nominee. after iowa senator chuck grassley's position migrated over a few days from not considering any nominee -- to waiting until that nominee was picked -- back to not considering one -- republicans on his committee put pen to paper -- writing a letter to
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mcconnell saying... saying...because our decision is based on constitutional principle and born of a necessity to protect the will of the american people -- this committee will not hold hearings on any supreme court nominee until after our next president is sworn in on january 20, 2017 with all that happing just before tuesday night -- repupuicans in nevava finally made it to their caucus locations. locations.donald trump came into the night with a huge lead in many of the state's polls but the big story of the night had more to do with reports that p pple were able to vote twice -- and that caucus locations were even more chaotic than in iowa.when the dust settled -- donald trump won -- but marco rubio and ted cruzuzcocod still declare victory. "i mean it's going to be an amazing two months. we might not even need the two months to be honest.the undeniable that the f fst four states have shown is that the only campaign that has beat donald
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that can beat donald trump is this ampaign. a few days later -- the candidates took the stage in houston -- and the biggest story was about how donald trump was the target more than he had ever been in debates before. before.the race for second place took a back seat for both marco rubio and ted cruz who aimed their sights at the billionare front-runner.they attacked him on everything from siding with democrats on policiesesike the wall street bailout and affordable care act to delaying releasing his tax returns because of an ongoing i-r-s audit. "i know you're embarrassed, i know you're embabassed, but keep swingigi're the only person on this stage who has ever been fined for hiring people for your project illegally.i'm the only person who's hired people, you haven't hired don't have the endorsement one republican senator and you work with these people. you should be ashamed of yourself. donald, if you want to be liked in washington, that's not a good attribute for a president. the next day -- new jersey governor chris christie -- who
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race -- dropped a lot of people's jaws when he backed donald trump.the two live fairly close to each other in new york and new jersey and christie had told voters in iowa that he and trump would get dinner with their wives from time to time before the presidential campaign started. bernie sanders and hillary clinton went head to head in their latest town hallllent d last one before they square off in south carolina. bernie sanders even got a few laughs while highlighting one of the fundamental differences between him and hillary clinton -- the fact that he says he never gave paid speeches to wall street companies. "this is about whether i have the best plan to go after wall street. whether i have a record that already demonstrates my wililngness to go after ll street and financial interets and there's no question about that.what secretary clinton has said is that i will do it if everyone else does. well i am very happyto release all of my paid speeches to wall street. here it is chris, there ain't none. i don't do that.
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carolina voters went to the polls s what was expected t t be a referendum on both campaign's ability to reach out to black voters.clinton won big -- taking an overwhelming majority of that state's 59 delegates.for years -- clinton has created a good relationship with minority voters -- and that was the driving force behind her big win in south carolina -- winning roughly 85-percent of the black vote while bernieie nders beat her among white voters. "together, we can break down all the barriers holding our families, and our country back. we can build ladders of opportunity and empowerment so every single american can have that chance to live up to his or her god-given potential. and then and only then can america live up to its full potential. we're nearly a month removed from the iowa caucus -- but
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how the 2016 election affected iowa's party affiliations. affiliations.just in the month of february -- dedecrats picked up more than 29- thousand members -- more than 21-thousand people became republicans and most of that is credited to shifting around for caucus night.secretary of state paul pate says the likely driving force behind the increase is the fact that iowans need to be registered to take part in the caucus for either party. every week -- we'll be going inside iowa politics -- talking about the people not trying to move into the white house. what was supposed to be the last week until iowa's medicaid system transferred over to private hands got a little more hectic when federal officials kicked the start date back one more month -- from march first to april first becuase -- they said -- that's when the three private companies and the state would be ready.a group of concerned iowans was already planning on showing their opposition to the move in the state capitol wednesday -- with former governor chet culver -- and
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made it that much more important. important. i have a total of four kids and all of them have some kind of special need. medicaid covers heathcare costs for most of teresa's household. just a few weeks before governor branstad's managed care plan was originally supposed to take effect at the start of the year - the nightmare senario became teresa's reality. i just got a letter in the mail. thank you for being a patient, i am no longer accepting your insurance as far as medicaid goes. it was very simple, to the point. it was from the eye doctor who takes care of her son troy -- one of the only eye doctors in the state who works with a lot of kids who have autism. that's when she started scrambling. because there's even more at stake for teresa. my daughter was born with a soft cleft palate so she's in speech. speech therapy since revee (re-vay) was ten months old keeps her on target with her kindergarten class. for the first time -- she finally got a break from therapy - but she may not be able to start back up again -- because of the changing state of medicaid in
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all these changes if that therapist continues with medicaid or not especially after the eye doctor no longer takes any medicaid at all. former governor chet culver says he's come out of private life to fight for the more than 550-thousand iowan's who depend on medicaid.he says oversight like the kind being worked on the state senate could help...but its up to the governor's office if to see if it's a success...or failure. the people that have pushed this through will have to answer that question. i want to see how much money we saved where we saved it. the pros and cons. i want a full and complete account for the impact that this is going to have. we spent a lot more time with former governor chet culver. that's right around the corner. other lawmakers in the state hohoe are moving ahead with some legislation that is raising some eyebrows this session.the republican- controlled house passed a
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rights in iowa -- allowing children younger than 14 to use handguns with supervision -- and another that would keep the public from accessing information about people who own guns.while apple battles the f-b-i -- iowa lawmakes are trying to protect the privacy of cellphone customers when the house unanimously passed a resolution adding new rules for how authorities can search and seize electronic communications and would mama any electronic record only accessible with a warrant and could be put to voters in 20-18.they're also working on a law to make iowa drivers move over for bicycles. the senate passed legislation that would keep drivers from getting too close to people riding their bikes on roadways and in bike lanes -- it's heading to the house now. in cedar rapids -- mayay ron corbett delivered his state of the city address -- where he spoke partially about the violence in cedar rapids -- and his efforts to learn more about what's causing it. it. "the killing of raymond ursinin
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make the call to get involved in this issue. maybe it's time for you to make the call to get more involved in your city." city."he says through collaboration identifying and then solving problems that cedar rapids faces -- everyone can help make the state of the city even stronger. after the break...we talk to one of the most recognizable faces in iowa speaking out against medicaid privatization. mom: seriously? culligan man: problem water. i'm on it. anncr: a culligan whole-house water softening system turns your problem water into culligan water, pure and simple.
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nd simple. dad: hey, culligan man. culligan man: hey! anncr: a culligan whole-house water softening system turns your problem water into culligan water, pure and simple. welcome back to iowa in focus. this week we're joined with former iowa governor, chet culver. governor culver thanks for joining us. a lot of what you're working on is working against medicaid privatization. how did you get invovled?
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for expanding teacher pay increase, expanding healthcare to kids, for making iowa number one in the nation in renewable energy. i'm really here for 560,000 iowans on medicad. we're calling ourselves aim. privatization itself a problem? it's happened elsewhere elsewhere it's important to understand the facts. republicans are saying that 40 otehr states are already privatized, well
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iowa privatized part of it's system. only five states in america have tried to privatize it's entire program. i'm doing the best i can to get the facts out there. our current program is the number one in america. we have been recognized as being the most effecient and effective in
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under the new contracts we're going to quadruple our adminsitrative cost. that is supposed to be a good deal? a good deal for who? who? what's the importance of these federal delays? does that validate this side? side? yes. this idea that a couple of us are here alone on a partisan mission is just not true. we ahve a state senate that has voted against this plan. healthcare providers from across the state are
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federal govnernment has delayed this three times because people are speaking out and speaking up with concerns. we want any system to work. work.can this one day be succssful? succssful? i think that the people that have pushed this through will have to answer that question. every year from here forward i want to see exactlyhow much moneywe saved. where we saved it. the pros and cons. a full and complete account. coming up next...we get ready for super tuesday by looking
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welcome back.this is the real story -- we're going to take the time to give context to some of the events that will go on during the 2016 race for the white house. we explore the history behind one of the most important days in the election season so far. this big superbowl day of primaries was basically created to help mitigate what's called the "iowa syndrome" -- when any of the early states fall in love with a candidate who's been paying them a lot of attention -- without the chance to go national.john kasich's performance in new hampshire this year would be an example of that.'s meant to be sink-or-swim time for campaigns -- forcing them to do well in early states -- but then go nationally quickly. over the last few cycles -- the parties have been trying to backload when delegates are
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of delegates were given out by super 2012 -- only a third of delegates.this year -- it's down to a's done by picking a day -- the first tuesday of march -- and before then -- no states are allowed to hold primaries. if they go early -- they lose a big chunk of their delegates -- and therefore -- influence -- so they don't do it. "that's as soon as they can happen and they all want to be big players in the process so they say, 'let's put our primary early on in the process, as early as we can get it." this year -- it's called the s-e-c primary -- after the college football conference -- because so many states are in the south.right after hillary clinton gave her victory speech in nevada -- she held another event that night in texas -- getting a jump on super tuesday campaigning.the system as it is allows some weaker campaigns a long runway to get off the ground -- like marco rubio -- who needed months to become known to many voters -- but it can have an adverse effect too. "but at the same time it also
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people voting in super tuesday are not going to have their opportunity to support jeb bush. when he says the people of the united states have spoken, what he's really saying is one percent of the population have spoken. the people of iowa, new hampshire and south carolina have said that i'm not good enough." just as important as the candidates are who they will try to reach.ted cruz's come-from-behind success in the iowa caucus was credited partially to the fact that there are a lot of evangelical voters in iowa. gallop says the hawkeye state is the 22nd most religous state.on super tuesday -- about half of the states holding primaries are even more religous than iowa. "this is a make or break for cruz because he if can't win in the south with evalgelical convervatives, similar to south carolina, if he can't in the south, then he appeal nationally is very limiteds." on top of cruz's need to show
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-- his home state of texas is up for grabs on march first. it's hard to justify why anyone else should vote for you if your own consituents don't.between that -- and the fact that trump is leading in most of those states -- it's also time for marco rubio to shift into gear.on march 15th -- most primaries become winner take all -- meaning that marco rubio's second and third place victories will get him no closer to the white house like they have so far in iowa and south carolina. still to come...the latest action from the campaigns on
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welcome back -- we'll close the show each week taking a look at what happened on social media... media...we posted the story you saw about the fight against medicaid privatization on facebook -- and it sparked a lot of conversation. conversation.debbie says: this is really wrong! if these companies are going to take on these patients, they have an obligation to ensure that these patients are able to see their usual doctors for
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care!shawndra says: sadly i think it's only going to get worse now -- we look at their voice -- what the candidates and their campaigns are posting on social media. media.former republican presidential nominee mitt romney is staying in the discussion this week by attacking donald trump himself over finances -- this even became an issue in the g-o-p debate.romney tweeted... legit reason @realdonaldtrump can't release returns while being audited, but if scared, release earlier returns no longer under audit. audit.and -- @realdonaldtrump taxes for last 4+ years are still being audited. there are more #bombshells or he would release them. you can follow along on twitter and facebook all week long.see our interviews as we do them -- chime in with what you think -- send us your favorite pictures from events you go to. every week we'll end with the week ahead...'s a chance for you to see what the campaigns are up to. to.tuesday is super tuesday -- and this year it's being called the s-e-c primary since most of the states holding presidential primaries are in the south.we'll know a lot more about who is still a viable candidate after super tuesday -- and before the
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five more states head to the polls. thanks for watchingbe sure to tune in next week to get the
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