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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  February 28, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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supremacists."what he's saying about an endorsement from a former grand wizard - just ahead of the super tuesday - showdown. showdown.then, make your week - in cedar rapids - is just around the corner.the opportunities -- for you to eat your way - around town. town.and - grgrny lane - or hammer down. down. " the vast majority of the folks on the interstate are speeding .. ... if you're gonna drive slow in the left lane .. just don't .. don't .. get over. " your thoughts on whether police should crack down on all those drivers just hanging out in the passing lane ? ? good evening.we begin tonight - with more shots fired in cedar rapids. police say - a man - pulled a gun - - and started shooting - at a cedar rapids bar*.fox 28 - news - obtained this video - as police arrested - 21- year-old - derek - bailey. investigators say - it happened - behind the hazzard* county saloon - on
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- 12-45 - this morning. morning.bailey nono - faces charges of public intoxication - and wreck*less use of a fire-arm.fortunately - no one was hurt. cooler weather is back in the corridor - - after we broke - some records yesterday.still mild - - for the end of february - - but the winds were howling - this can see our sky-cam - - - shakiki in the breeze - - ere at broad-cast park.. park..unfortunately - - more* changes are on the way. meteorologist - rebecca - kopel-man - is here - with
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a police officer - in virginia - was killed in the line of duty - on her very first* day on the job. an army staff sergeant - is now charged - with killing her - and his wife. wife.officer ashley - guin- don - - responded to a domestic violence call - in wood - isn't clear - exactly what happ@ned next - - but police say 32-year-old - -ronald
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her. two other officers - were wounded.officer guin- don -- was just sworn - in - last week - - - now police are in mourning. "our condolences go out to ashley's mother and her extended family as well as all of her loved ones throughout this department and beyond" beyond"the man accused in the shooting - worked at the pentagon.we'll have much late - in this newscast. more controversy - tonight - for donald trumum- that's after an endorsement** - - from the former leader - of the - k -k - k.. k..david duke - is the former grand wizard.several groups have called on trump - to reject the support of david duke -- and other white supremacist* groups.trump says - - he can't* condemn - some- body - he doesn't even know . "i don't know anything about david duke, okay? i don't know anything about what you're even talking about with the white supremacy or white supremacists. so, i don't know. i mean did he endorse me - or what's going on. becausese
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duke."later today - - trump tweeted - - that he does** reject the support - of the former - klan leader. this week - could have a a huge impact - on the race for president.voters in more than a dozen states - and territories - hold primaries* on super tuesday. steve - nann - nus - reports - it may be the end ofhe line - for some candidadas. cacaidates. with a major victory in south carolina, hillary clinton is hoping to keep that momentum across multiple southern states ahead of super tuesday. sunday - clinton traveled to tennessee where she spoke to a congregation in memphis while attending a church service. service. "i will need your help on tuesday. the primary here in tennessee i ivery important." butt sot "i hope you will come out and vote and of course i would be honored to earn your vote on tuesday." as part of his super tuesday strategy.. senator sanders skipped the palmetto state on primary day -- and moved on to texas than minnesota. "i am gonna be asking for your votes on tuesday, but i
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i need your help ththday aftft the general election because i can't do it alone." (applause) donald trump - who won three of the first four gop races - is confident he'll sweep the super tuesday states.and john kasich agrees-- but the ohio governor believes a strong showing in his home state next month will provide the boost he needs. needs."i think trump's probably going to win probably all of them. but you keep holding your own." butt sot "our campaign plan was ultimately to hold our own in some of these places, and we will." butt sot "what changes this race is my ability to win in ohio.senator ted cruz, however, believes trump can be beat. beat. "our campaign is the only one in a position to beat donald trump on super tuesday, and if you want to stop this trump train, the only way to do so is to beat him on super tuesday. "i'm steve nannes reporting. ted cruz - is counting on support - in his home state
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if he can't win with his own voters - he may have a tough time ntinuing the race. florida is just the latest state - to actively - stop drivers - - and write them tickets - - ranging from about one hundred dollars - - to nearly one thousand** dollars - - in's not for speeding - - but for driving too slow** -- in the wrong* lane.iowa does have a law -- but is it time - to crack down ? it't'the topic in tonight's - - say what. v=lzhdvl_p1zc)) - " look at that ... look at that car chase ... ooooh y'all "this you-tube video is getting a lot of attention on social media - -as a state trooper - lights up a driver just cruising in the passing lane -- and walks him all the way over to the's's an example of a growing number of states - that say drivers who think they own that left lane are dangerous - and they're writing tickets. " if you're gonna drive slow in the left lane .. just don't
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tell us you see the same thing on interstates 380 and 80 sarah says - it's commomoutesy. coutesy." we were taught in drivers' ed you pass on the left and then you get back in the right lane. " " we've all been stuck between 2 semis and their regulated. " roger says - tickets aren't the answer - but patience and education could work. work." left lane is the hammer lane the right lane's the granny lane and if you want to do a cruising speeeethat's what he right lane is designed for. " " although you should be watching, alot of times if someone's driving in the left lane unnecessarily it's pretty frustrating. " " i think when you have four lane roads you should use all the lanes efficiently and you can pass in the left lane and if you're just gonna cruise along then stick to the right lane. " other drivers argue the left lane is often smoother - - and as long as u're going the speed limim - what's the big deal. " the vast majority of the folks on the interstate are speeding. " vicki actually spent ten years working in highway safety - and says
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creates dangerous congestion - and drivers need to be educated - to keep right. right." i think it's a very bad practice and i know when i was taughthto drive so many years ago you know we were told that was just a lane for passing .. that you need to be in theright lane. " hammer lane or the granny lane - - you know we always want to hear your can leave them right now on our face-book page. each year - the chamber singers of iowa city - hold a community event - to educate others on cultural* also doubles as a fund-raiser .today's performance celebrated - rich - estonian** music - and show-cased the singers' talents. 28 news reporter steffi - lee - - has the story. story. when the notes on sheed music turn into beautiful sosods at can fill a room - - - "it's just one clear crisp sound."these determined men and women of the chamber singers of iowa city are the
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alive. "it's like we've really gone on that journey."on sunday inside the first presbyterian church - audience members journeyed through the gospel of john with arvo part's musus - passio. passio. "yearly or every other year we try to create some sort of cultural event that is also a fundraiser for our organization."this year - musical culture came from europe - part (pa-yert) is estonian. estonian. "that country has a rich choral tradition and he's one of the most frequently performed composers that's still alive."with every word - "one of the things i really enjoy is looking out into the audience, seeing who's here, seeing the reaction of what comes out of the music." singers want audience members to get those same emotional connections - and celebrate what's crafted with these notes "participation by way of comimi to our concerts is s best - because why we a a here is to share the music that we have."covering the corridor in iowa city, steffi lee, fox 28
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tonight's fund-raising goal was about one thousand dollars.we have more information about supporting the arts and the mission - on our web-site. news at nine - - pricing change.why the happiest place on earth - - is switching up - how much you pay - - depending on visit the mouse.
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hold onto your - mouse ears ... ...starting today - - disney-land in california - - and walt disney world - in florida - - are starting - demand* -based pricing.the
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different rates -- dedending on the titi of year - you visit .ticket prices - could reach as high as - 112** dollars - - on a busy day. disney hopes - - the "surge ** prpring" - - will help to spread out visitors - over the week. he says - he feels like he's lived there - for-ever*.but this week - astronaut scott kelly - - is finally coming home.after spending a year - on the international space station - he arrives back on earth on tuesday.he says high-lights - from his time in space - include watching giant storms - and the northern lights. kelly's research - will pave the way - for a mission to mars.scientists will - ananyze - e impact on his body -- by comparing - scott - to his twin brother - can find a link - to kelly's - return - - and nasa t-v - - on fox 28 iowa dot com. a windy day across the
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meteorologist - rebecca - kopel-man is herere- - with
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still ahead on your fox 28 news at nine - - violent eruption. eruption.what sparked this may-lay - - when the k--k-k - - decided it wanted its voice to be heard. heard.and cruise - turned into a rescue a dream trip - with n- f-l** stars - - ended up - - helping people stranded at sea. sea. dad: i know. spots. culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities. so keeping everything spotless is effortless. mom: hey. dad: the culligan man. culligan man: morning! what's all this nonsense about balls? pink balls, blue, yellow, red. it's hard to keep the whole thing straight. and all these so-called deals? well, they come with a lot of deal breakers. like when you leave the city the signal goes weak.
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to give you a stronger signal where the other guys don't. and as for deals? how's $300 back for every lineneou switch? $300! no ball nonsense. get $300 per line and a stronger signal,
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culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities. so keeping everything spotless is effortless. dad: spots. culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditiong system gets ririof sediment or impurities. as we mentioned - at the top of our newscast - - a police officer - - is dead
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her first** day on army sergeant - is now facing murder charges - after police say he killed his wife - and officer ashley - guin - don. don.brian webb - has the latest - from virginin. viviinia. nats of scanner 00;00;46;16 "one officer down. i don't know where the suspect is." officer ashley guindon was shot and killed saturday on her first day on patrol witit the prince william county police department in virginia. (sot police chief)she clearly had a passion to serve others that went beyond herself. guindon and two other ofofcers were respononng to a domesticic dispute saturday night, about 30 miles outside of washington dc.police arrested 32 year old ronald hamilton, an active duty army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon. they say he shot and killed his wife then opened fire on the officers.sot sharon zimplemann/neighborit was very scary. i heard the shots, like 4 to 5 shots back to back. yellow tape roped off the
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paid their respects. betsyto ve this happenenver something stupid is so sad. guindon, a 6 year marine corp reservist was sworn in friday. this picture was posted to the department's twitter page welcoming her and another officer. it said "be safe". hamilton is scheduled to be in court on monday. that was brian webb - reporting.the two other officers - wounded in that shooting - are expected to recover. // screaming, guy rolling on ground, kicking, beep, ohh // //a k - k - k - rally turned violent - in southern california.fights broke out between klan* members - and counter-protesters in anaheim.authorities say two - k-k-k members - were stomped - on the ground.three* people were stabbed - and 13* all happened after klan mememrs showed up at a park - carrying signs - - saying - white** lives matter.
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over here where there's a majority of minorities here." here.""it's important tt rememeer that the klans message as reprehensible as many people feel it is is protected under the first amendment and we can get in the middle and stop them from doing that." that."police are still - looking at video - captured at the event - to track down others - responsible - for assaults. salt lake city police are investigating an offffer* - involved shooting - that caused riots.witnesses say - a teen-ager was shot - and when police showed up - more shots were fired.investigators say people began throwing rocks and glass.two officers fired their weapons.witnesses say - the person hit - was holding a broom-stick. "we were trying o solve it before the cops intervened. but they already ran up with their guns. . they ran up with their guns pulled out and said, 'drop it' one time and then shot him. four times." times.""our officers started arriving on n scene, encountered
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about what had taken place and we began clearing the area so that we could preserve the scene " "so far - no information - on the condition - of the victim russia - is declaring three* days of mourning.that's after a mine explosion - killed at least three dozen people.investigators say methane* gas - may be the cause..two more explosions - stopped rescue teams - trying to reach those trapped. coming up - on your fox 28 news at nine - - sardine - seating. seating.why a u-s senator - - says he's had it with the way passengers are treated ononir - lines.the plan to make you more
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the u-s coast guard - says an n - f - l cruise - turned into a rescue mission in the gulf of mexico. mexico.pittsburgh steelers - line- backer - james harrison - posted photos .the carnival cruise ship - - came a aoss 16 - cuban - migrants.the - "legends of pittsburgh" - trip - included athletes - and musicians.they picked up the migrants - and dropped them at the next port.a few weeks ago - a disney cruise - picked up 12* migrants - in the same area. fed - ex - - is known for - delivering -- when it absolutely - - positively has to be ththe over - night. but this time - - it - did even better.the faris* family - in memphis - - needed to get their little girl - to a chicago hospital - for a liver transplant.the problem - - is chicago - was in the middle of a blizzard - - last week - and little - brooklyn - couldn't - get there.fed- ex - - with - it's head - quarters in memphis - offered - a corporate* jet.t. "we just felt like we don't
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will get there and someone's got to help us." us."the family made it to chicago - and the surgery for little brooklyn - - was right on time - - and appears to be a success. imagine - driving on the highway - - abd instead of swerving around - slow traffic - - yououave to make room - - for a happened - in - indiana. aaron wright - - says he lost power - - and didn't have many choices..the high - way - - was simply - - the safest* possible option. "they started having mechanical issues with the plane. they lost power. mr. right tried to turn around anan makeket backcko the seymour airport, but realized they weren't going to make it that far." far."wright - had his wife - and son on board - heading for a soccer - match.a passing driver - - picked them up - - and they still made the game - on time. on bigger planes - - new federal regulations - could require the - f-a-a - to set
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seats - on air-lines. senator - chuck schumer - of new york - - is pushing for changes.he says - passengers - are forced to sit on planes - - packed in - like sardines**.the f-a-a - says it's open - to a review. critics say the f-a-a - - just needs to make sure the seats are safe** not comfortable. coming up - on your fox 28 news at nine - - make your reservation. week - in cedar rapids - is just around the corner.the opportunities -- for you to eat your way - around
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what's all this nonsense about balls? pink balls, blue, yellow, red. it's hard to keep the whole thing straight. and all these so-called deals? well, they come with a lot of deal breakers. like when you leave the city the signal goes weak. u.s. cellular built a network to give you a stronger signal where the other guys don't. and as for deals? how's $300 back for every line you s stch? $300! no ball nonsense. get $300 per line and a stronger signal, in the middle of anywhere. police are investigating - more shots - fired in cedar rapids. they say - a man - pulled a gun - - and started shooting - at a cedar rapids b b*.fox 28 - news - obtained this video - as police arrested - 21-
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investigators say - it happened - behind the hazzard* county saloon - on second avenue - - a a about - 12-45 - this morning. morning.bailey now - faces charges of public intoxication - and wreck*less use of a one - was hit. this is restauranan* week - in cedar rapids.a chance for 29** of the top - locally- owned - establishments -- to throw open their doors - and offer you some great - deals.. 28 - n ns reporter - joe - who - zinga - is here with a preview - - of the friendly competition.joe. this is the week to find new flavors and bring out your ter foodie the cedar rapidid convention and visitors bureau's restaurant week is pitting some of the cities best resaraunts against each other and the winner could be decided by you. you. everyones a ttle nervous everybody wants to win but i think it's just fun to try the different things that the restaurants in cedar rapids are offering.9nothing brings out a chefs creative side like a little comomtition
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available i was defiantly scrolling through different pdf's to see who else is doing what.5 from march 1st to 6th cedar rarads eatteries will be serving up something special leading up to a final showdown with the winners picked by the public.but to be a well informed voter you'll need to try a few new places. we're hoping this will bring out some new people new customers and make people aware that we're here. 7the contesis giving soue newer restaurants a chce to branch out. out.since we just opened in october we just had the same menu and we hadn't done a lot to change it yet but this will give us an opportunity to see if this new burger is popular and if it is1then we'll put it on the menu 10the 4 reststaunts with the momo on line votes by the end of the week will face off in the hungry games dinner of champions but the real winners are the diners getting some fresh flavors. i think it reallllbrings the level of what the offerings are in cedar rapids to another level so it's great you know it's a friendly competition. 8 you can find a link to all
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voting infomation on our website.covering the corridor joe huisinga fox 28 news as long as your hungry - - how about some of the bebe chili* in the country - - in cedar rapids. - the isle of iowa - parrot* head club - - held its annual - blues - 'n' - buffett - chili - challenge.our own - justin - roberts - took the heat - as one of thehejudges. they - sampled dozens* of bowls of chili.this year the event raised money - for the h-d youth center - - and the clinic. "it costs about 150 dollars to make an inexpensive chili for this event, because we usually request them to have 4 gallons of chili. so it's no small commitment, but you know, it's all for a good charity." charity."we checked - with the organizers - and they raraed a little more than - ten thousand dollars.that's more than last time - - in this sixteenth * year - for the chili ** challenge.
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//beautiful sound - s filled the - first presbyterian church - in iowa city - today.the chamber singers of iowa city - hold a cultural* fund-raiser - every year.the singers say - - they chose - an especially - challenging** piece - for the - lenten season.the choir -relies on a great* turn -out for performances - - ananruns - on donations. "participation by way of coming to our concerts is best - because why we are here is to share the music that we have." have."you can find information - on supporting the group - - along with this story - on our website. a windy - day for sunday - brunch - but still - great temperatures - for february. february.tuesday -- may be a different story.rebecca is here - - with the latest
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coming up in sports sportsflying south -- in the standings -- why iowa's latest loss -- hurts the most -- and what it does to their chances of a big 10 title. -- a senior day special at cedar falls -- how the older panthers led u-n-i to another victory -- next on
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for the hawks it's pretty cut and dry if they want to win their first big 10 crown since 1979 -- win -- not one or two of their 3 remaining games -- but all 3 -- because 1 slip up now and a conference title becomes wishful thinking. iowa's won 2 straight at ohio state lately mike gesell hasn't been shooting the ball very well -- he made sure he didn't miss on that -- the 1 handed slam put the hawkwkup 2 -- they trailed by 5 at the break second half -- they'd come back -- jarrod uthoff -- 3 of his 16 -- that puts the
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dom uhl -- spotting up and splashing it home -- to give iowa a 5 point leadbut ohio state would get hot late -- kam wiwiiams scored 11 for the buckeyes -- but none bigger than those -- that triple put them up 4 with 59 seconds to play hawks cut it to 2 with 7 ticks leftft- so it's do or die -- gesell to the track -- but he's blocked from behind -- and iowa is upset again again68 to 64 is the final -- e hawks have now lost 3 straight -- and 4 of their last 5 -- it doesn't get any easier -- with the hoosiers coming to town on tuesday elsewhere in the bibi10 -- michigan state hosintg penn state and this one was all spartans -- first half denzel valentine with the alley -- matt costello bringin' the opp -- sparty up by 25 at the break and more of the same in the second --- valentine drops in the triple -- he finished with 19 points -- 8 boards -- and 6
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88 to 57. senior day in madison -- wisconsin looking for win number 10 in their last 11 -- badgers hosting michigan derrick walton jr goes up top and ricky doyle brings it down in a big way -- wolverines go up 1but then sconnie went on a run -- nigel hayes -- kisses it off e glass for two of his 16 pointsand then it's bronson koenig -- from down town -- game high 19 from him -- badgers win again -- 68 to 57. so as of right now -- the wks sit 4th in the standings -- behind indiana, wisconsin, and maryland -- meaning iowa would be the 4 seed in the big 10 tournament in the season ended today -- but a lot of things can change with h games left and that log jam atop the conference. speaking of standings -- the northern iowa women are at the top -- the panthers lead the vallll and entered senior day
9:45 pm
streaku-n-i hosting loyolaand the seniors paced the panthers early --- madison weekly drives and dishes to jen keitel who knocks down the jay -- keitel finished with 11 points and 13 rebounds -- and became a member of the 1 thousand point club then later weekly finds amerber r sorenson -- she spots up and rattles home the three -- sorenson finished with 12 points and then weekly caught fire -- the former benton bobcadropped in a game high 17 -- as the panthers make it 6 straight -- 63 to 52. to the mats -- still to come on fox 28 -- how wartburg flexed their muscles again and dominated their regionals --
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so, let me get this straight -- u.s. cellular has the phone you're looking for, a network that's built to give you cocorage way out here where the other guys don't, and 6 gigs for only $40 a month.
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so, why on earth would you ever go with one of those other guys? switch to u.s. cellular now and get 6 gigs of data for $40 a month plus get $300 back.
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when it comes to d-3 wrestling -- it's wartburg and then everybody else -- all the knights do is win -- conference titles, national championshipip andndegionals - - they were going for a regional 4-peat in dubuque dubuquetop 3 in each weight class qualify for nationals at 149 pounds... fifth-ranked kenneth martin gets the takedown on luther's dakota gray -- martin takes the regional championship with a 12 to 6 decision .. then at 165 -- coe's fah-rye so-where-ah gets the takedown in overtime to win his match -- he's 1 of 3 kohawks who qualified to the national tournamentand then at 174 -- wartburg's eric de-vos takes down coe's ryan harrington just before the third period ends -- de-vos takes the title
9:49 pm
team -- wartburg won the regional- had 7 champs -- and quailifefe9 fororaitonals zach johnon missed the cut in the honda classic -- sergio garcia and adam scott -- did not -- the two were tied for the lead heading into the final round.and it would come down to those two near the end -- on 16 -- garcia for birdie -- misses it wide right -- that drops him to 8 under which left the door open for scott -- whohotata it in on 18 for the win -- scott finished 9 under and 1 million dollars richer. to the track -- sprint cup series at atlanta motor speedwayand pit row -- normally good for joey logano -- not this time -- first he hits the cone heading in -- and then logano nearly hits his crew ember driving into his stall l but check k t those hopsfast forward to 3 laps to go -- ryan newman hits the grass and spins out brining out a caution -- so the race would go to overtime -- yes they do that in nascar and on restart -- jimie
9:50 pm
wouldn't look back -- double j takes the checkard flag for his 76th career victory -- landon casasll inished 36th after being involved in a crash on the last lap. "gosh it's hard to -- i just entered the sport, hoping i could win a race and keep a job for a few years and to have 76 and to tie dale earnhardt senior is something i'm very very proud of and to tie him today for myself personally gives me a little e something.. a little sense of attachment the great dale earnhardt... something i'm very proud of." on t diamond the hawkeye bats exploaded in their final game in the snow bird classic -- former waterloo columbus stud led the way with 3 r-b-i's in iowa 15 to 3 win over icago state. a week ago at the state wrestling tournament -- dubuque hempstead's gannon gremmel -- fulfilled his dream -- the 2 hundred 85 pound senior capped off his high school career with a pin to win his first state title --
9:51 pm
the story book ending may have been a year overdue in life, we're called to the stories that make us cheer make us smile make us believe in destiny destiny"it was kinda fulfilling to win a state title for him"in 2016, reality followed the script: gannon gremmel won the 3-a heavyweight title -- -- winning a state title -- it just wouldn't have been rigig with the seseon we had and everything he's done for the last four years .. just one of those storybook finishes for us but what happens when the story doesn't have a fairy tale ending? that's a story gannon gremmel knows all too well the bar was set pretty high for gannon as his junior year began. and then november came. that month i don't like talking about it because it's
9:52 pm
life. his older brother and former teammate gavin was killed in a motor vehicle accident. he was 18. it was tough but wrestling's the onyl thing that kept us together togetherhe needed the outlet. we tried to shelter him from as much of things as we could... could...but a new narrative was being written... written...that whole junioer year, i think it was in the back of a lot of people's minds... winone for gavin, win one for gavin it was this tournaemnt it was that tournament.a nd i think verything was about winning one for gavin... a lot of it came down to that state finals finals"it was just hard 'cause i wanted to make him proud. that was the biggest was hard to get in the wrwrtling mindset. because it's all in your head. if you believe your the best, if you believe you're gonna go out and do it -- you're gonna do it but he didn't -- gannon ll in the fifils to southeast polk's ethan anderson for a second straight year
9:53 pm
285, and won this year's crown. and now it's timemeo wrestle for gavin -- at iowa state... state...i wanna achieve his goal to be a national champ... i'm gonna go get his dream ... hopefully i can get four of them... as he scripts his own happily ever after. in dubuque, mia o'brien, fox 28 sports. that's a check of sports, we'll be right back. mom: seriously? culligan man: problem water. i'm on it. anncr: a culligan wholhouse water softfting system turns your problem water intnt culligan water, pure and simple.
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dad: hey, culligan man. culligan man: hey!
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's's's nice of the big guy cook dinner for us.
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but just put it in your mouth and pretend you're enjoying it. story of my life. mike: all right, ladies. hot meat coming at you. oh, my god. it looks like the barn caught fire and nobody got out. mike: we got burgers, brats, and i t tew in a couple of rib eyes for you gals that like your meat straight-up. are you going to say it or am i? i've been biting my tongue since "hot meat coming at you." sweetie, are you planning on serving any kind of vegetables, or, uh, did everything come from the petting zoo? mike: no, hey, there's vegetablbl. pickles for ththburgers, kraut for the dogs and farm-fresh tomatoes served in an easy-to-squeeze bottle. this... this looks heart-stoppingly good. well, you ladies are always cooking for me, and i figured a little payback was in order. thank you. very sweet. if the paramedics have to use the paddles on me, leave my blouse on.


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