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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  November 5, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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nine.a community coming together to back the people in des moines are showing support ?tonight. ? ... the race for the white house heats up."we are just three days away" "you've got time to get everybody else to get out there and vote"where candidates are stumping with just days before the election. election.and ... jump on board. ("i think people are gonna be surprised to learn about what a particular historic build once was at one time. they might be surprised!!!)fox 28 tour of cedar rapids. rapids.brandon headline headline more live reports.more investigations.more people working for you.your only 9pm're watching the most complete newscast of the day. fox 28 news at nine begins now.
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this building - they've trudged through hell and back this year and they didn't miss a beat." beat."hundreds stopped at the des moines police station this evening for a candlelight vigil honoring the two fallen officers fatally shot this week.des moines police chief dana wingert says if it wasn't for community support like tonight - this tragedy would be a lot tougher to get through.the crowd lifted candles this eni beminio and officer justin martin as well as their departments.the funerals for the two officers are scheduled for next monday and tuesday. two des moines police officers were killed in an ambush-style attack early wednesday morning. morning.sergeant anthony biminio of the des moines police department and officer justin martin of the urbandale police department were both shot in their police cars. funeral arrangements are now set for the two officers. services for justin martin
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rockwell city.a visitation will be held monday evening from four until eight at south central calhoun middle school. the funeral is scheduled for tuesday morning at 11-40 at the school.11-40 was officer martin's badge number.the urbandale police department is now retiring it. a visitation for des moines sergeant ant the police department is lutheran church of hope in west des moines.sergeant beminio's funeral will the church on monday at eleven. he will be buried at glendale cemetery in des moines.police officers from across the country are expected to attend the funerals. many people want to know how they can help.the des moines police officers union has set up a website to take donations for the families of the officers can make contributions to one family or both in any amount that you wish.just go to our website for a link to the memorial page.
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flags to fly at half staff starting monday.the display is in honor of sergent beminio and officer martin.flags are to be flown at half staff from sunrise on monday to sunset on tuesday. bond is now set for the man charged with killing the two des moines officers.scott michael greene is being held in the polk county jail on a 10-million dollar bond. to stay on top of this story and any breaking news -- download the cbs 2 news app. it's free for apple and android kgan cbs 2 in your favorite app store. it was a chamber of commerce day today! just beautiful! apple and android devices. this was without a doubt a chamber of commerce day, just beautiful. >> a high of 71 degrees, des moines tied a record of 79. sacred - - the second day in a
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quiet and cool conditions last through tonight, temperatures come back to the middle to lower forties, middle to upper sixties, temperatures above average as we start the week, quiet over cedar rapids and iowa city, high and dry across eastern iowa and don't forget, tonight daylight savings time does and as we fall back, so, fall back one hour before bed tonight. and your morning forecast, clear skies, chilly, calm, readings around 44 degrees, grab a a light jacket if you are heading out tomorrow morning, mild temperatures continue through tomorrow, i will let you know what to expect in your forecast. the police chase ended with a crash at north maple and east third. police try tried to pull over
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took off trying to get away from police, and both agencies were helping in the chase, police found guns in the car trail tonight. a stop in reno nevada tonight - republican presidential candidate donald trump was rushed off the stage by secret service - for a disruption in the crowd.a man is being questioned right now - and trump later the stage. stage.trump is making four campaign stops today.he started in florida, where democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton also began her saturday of his second stop of the day -- trump spoke to a group of supporters in north carolina. "im asking you to dream big, cuz with your vore we are just three days away from the change you've been waiting for, for you're entire life.
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in denver. on the democratic side -- hillary clinton started her day in florida.she spoke to a group of supporters in pembroke, florida.clinton commented on her appearance at a concert last night featuring beyonce, jay-z and other entertainers.she also made another push to get people to the polls early. "so i gotta ask are you ready? how many of you people have already voted, ok so means you've got time to get everybody else to get out there and vote." vote."democratic vice preseidential candidate tim kaine also spent time in florida today - at get out the >> reporter: tim kane also spent time at the get out the vote events.
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election special posted by kevin barry. and voters turned out into a - - droves today at the auditor's office, they were all taking advantage of the second to last day of early voting, they had 700 reported voters around 4:00 this afternoon and expected of 2900 by 9:00. voters who would like to avoid the lines to vote early on monday. if you have not mailed it in yet, you also have other options. >> you can save yourself a lot of time, walk in and turn it in, there will be stats - - several thousand out, you can
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will be lines. >> if you would like to vote before the general election day on tuesday, you have one more chance, both under offices will be open - - open for absentee voting on monday. and for some people, election thousands of workers will get a day off to cast their votes. general motors, square and patagonia are among those companies offering today, and they sent an e-mail saying every vote counts. and workers can cast their ballots. there is no federal law that
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state laws do very. zipcar is offering members free access to more than 7000 cars on election night, if you wish to sign up, do so on the website or on the app. and millions of americans voted in the denver election. jeff is taking a look at the security of your ballot at the polls. >> the outcome is fixed and the system is rigged. people lose hope. >> donald trump is out there stoking fear. >> reporter: rhetoric of a rigged election continues. >> there is a probability on
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number of votes could be cheated but on a longer - - larger scale it does not exist. >> reporter: when it comes to voter technology, 18 states have ever ballots only, three of them have mail in only, five have electronic only, with no verified paper trail, the other states have a mixture of methods, pennsylvania mixture, many having electronic voting only. and trump keeps bringing up his election stance, that the election is rigged. >> these computers are not well designed and transparent, i think trump is highlighting the need for machinery that is auditable. >> reporter: the best time to do that is with a good old-
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>> here are the ballots. and we can perform recounts. >> we could have an election in which people's reactions could be violent or cast out on the religious - - legitimacy of the election. >> reporter: it could have an effect on the democratic process as a whole. a unique view of cedar rapids, this tour more than just the landmarks. after a high of 71 today, we expect another beautiful day tomorrow with sunshine, temperatures in the middle to
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thanksgiving is now only a couple weeks away - and why not spice things up this year!?
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to die for - and we'll teach you how to make it! that's the '08 flood may have drowned portions of cedar rapids - but it certainly didn't sink the city's rich the flood may have drowned portions of cedar rapids but it did not sink the city's rich history. our reporter gives us an inside look at hidde >> reporter: the paramount leader may be one of the first places that comes to mind when you think of cedar rapids history if you are like me. but they are not the only historic areas in the city of five seasons. >> reporter: there is a historic reputation. by itself you cannot tell the end - - the entire story.
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big story. >> reporter: he hopes to days like today help of her - - preserve history. >> this is a series of events that get issues to the greater public at large. >> carving through kenwood park, he is suing residents that they don't have to go to new york to get to central park. once a gas tattoo - - tattoo shop. >> people will be surprised to learn what building - - what kind of billing it was. you may find out it was a church at some time. >> it looks like in a - - outdated house formally
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many with potential. etl business and there is ant just a cool factor. >> reporter: the history center will be relocating to second avenue. and they will be repurposed in one of the city's most historic buildings. >> the bus tours were free today thanks to leftover funding. hunter says the history center will continue toor city of city - - cedar rapids sites and might motivate the city to place both the grant wood house and mamie eisenhower house on the national register of historic places. casinos are betting on a big expansion in states across the country - including iowa. however, that rapid growth is starting to hurt once-marquee gaming facilities as casinos fight to lure many of the same
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found, that's not deterring some developers from rolling the dice. dice. (pkg)(nats)this may look (nats) and sound like las vegasa&. but it's actually the suburbs of baltimore.rob norton is the president of the eight-hundred to three- thousand employees in six months. q (mark albert): so the demand is there? a (rob norton): the demand is there." streak.his winning can
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and is confident he and is philadelphiaa&. and is confident he can continue his winning streak.
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for a new casino in cedar rapids.wild rose announced plans in september to build a 40-million dollar, 25-thousand square foot boutique casino downtown.a previous plan to build a larger casino in the area failed to earn approval from the iowa racing and gaming commissionwild rose currently operates three casinos in iowa.the new project would build a casino across the street from the doubletree hilton and convention center.coming up later this month - fox 28 news is taking what this casino could mean for the city and county.who are the winners and the losers - in a fox 28 news special report. just ahead on the fox 28 news at nine -- --enrollment is now open for the affordable care 28 news has some tips for you about getting the most out of
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as we bring it back, we want to show you a picture of downtown cedar rapids tonight. such a gorgeous evening. our meteorologist is with us now and we have a wonderful day today, with the daylight savings, it is actually not a problem because we have an
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a high temperature of 71 today, perfect got plenty of sunshine, keeping the - - we do fall back, so, set your clocks back in our, don't forget, get an extra hour of sleep later on tonight. the radar does not have going on, high and dry, no rain expected over the next several days, certainly good news here, and you've got to go to far so the - - southeast iowa defined the clouds, that will continue to be the case tonight and tomorrow, quiet, cool, low forties, sunny and mild with middle to upper 60s for your sunday, temperatures remain above average as we get into the early part of the next week, and the morning forecast
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morning, you might want a a light jacket, chili, calm, a light southeast wind, 44 degrees down toward northeast liberty, high-pressure in control bringing us mild conditions into your sunday afternoon, high-pressure remains in control with a southeasterly wind. plenty of sunshine and temperatures on the mild side. the temperatures are in the middle to other - - upper 60s and by monday morning this cold front will begin to approach monday at around 4:00 and we are certain to see some clouds working into eastern iowa, but the showers will fall apart for they get into our areas, we are not anticipating any kind of rain with this front and here as we go in closer tomorrow morning around 7:00, clear skies, he we are at 3:00 with plenty of sunshine, mild temperatures, we start monday
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to see some clouds start to work into the area and here is the jetstream way off to the north. and by the time we get into tuesday, a northwest flow, 50s, 60s for tuesday, jetstream pushing north, more mild conditions, by friday, a big trough, mild conditions in the northwest, very chilly, it depends on how far west this cold air will move into iowa. that will determine how chilly our temperatures get by next weekend, by then, the average will be in the lower 50s, chili, chilly, calm tonight, temperatures around 43 degrees in the north, to the south, clear skies, chilly, calm with
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the north tomorrow, mostly sunny, still mild, sunshine, overall a fine day, two 67, 268, still mild, election day 60 degrees, and we do have the front coming through on tuesday night knocking us into the 50s on wednesday, more mild on thursday, back into the 60s, next weekend into the weekend, right around average temperatures in the lower to middle 50s.
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open enrollment has now started for the affordable care act. act.we'll show you the ins and outs of signing up open enrollment has started for the affordable care act, we will show you the ins and outs of setting up, updating information, and more. >> we've been fighting for the idea that healthcare is right, not a pr won the world series, i'm not talking about the 2016 cubs, i'm talking about the 1908 cubs, that is a really long time. >> reporter: you can go and shop for insurance plans and here are some tips for enrolling in the affordable care act, jill has more details. >> reporter: ultimate - - open enrollment has started and if
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americans who are enrolled or plan to purchase coverage for 2017, here is what you to know. enrollment is open through january 21st and if you want coverage to begin as of the first of the year, your deadline is december 15th. if you signed up last year, use this time to make sure your current plan is the best choice. also update your income data or you won't have accurate information about eligibility for tax credits. and the average premium for a mid-level by 22% next year, so, be sure to determine if you qualify for help. and the increase should not affect the employees who qualify for tax credits to make the coverage more affordable. if you do not have healthcare through obama care or you don't
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having insurance. these increase this year and it is the higher of two and a half% of your income or $695 per adult for a maximum of $285 per family, you pay the penalty and you file for the year that you don't have coverage, if you don't pay, the irs can hold back the fee. for more information, website. a dog looking for a new home after being found in the streets of virginia, her name is olympia and she is an 8-year- old pitbull mix. the problem is that she is 80 pounds overweight and cannot should be - - she cannot be adopted until she is healthy. and associate veterinarian took on the challenge, she uses
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resistance pools for low-impact workouts. veterinarians say that her knees hurt but laser therapy and massage is help with soreness and so far she has lost 20 pounds. >> it shows you what a little bit of tlc can do. >> those huge balloons that glide through manhattan are not easy to control, hundreds of handlers trained throughout the year to make sure the parade is a success. windy is bringing us the rehearsal in new york. >> the giant balloons are the centerpieces of the macy's day parade. and they are supervising those behind the back of the diary of a wimpy kid balloon. this year he is giving orders to those closest to him.
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that parade. >> you don't want to tell them that you won't do this. >> they also had charlie brown and the trolls, and he licks the cat, the first character balloon in 1927, and trixie, monitor - - modeled after the parade directors which. >> we never had accordion legs in the parade before. >> handlers that each hold a line to complete - - keep that balloon study. >> reporter: it is not easy to learn the wrote is. >> hands at your waist. >> it is amazing. not what i thought. it was awesome. >> reporter: they hope it will become more awesome come thanksgiving day. >> this will be the 90th annual thanksgiving day parade and to
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macy's or be sponsored by an employee. next at nine o'clock, iowa hits the road and get hit in the mouth by pennsylvania state.
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the penn state and michigan games will make or break this iowa football season - and to beat teams ranked near the top of the college football the games will make or break this and the hawks almost have to play perfectly. but it did not happen tonight, iowa comes in two take on iowa
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touchdown for the nittany lions, 7-0 early, iowa talked all week about containing this guy but there was knows - - > > - - there was no stopping berkeley. 57 yards 57 yards to the house, 21-0, before iowa got anything going, a little bit of screenplay here and he is slippery. hawks on the board, they - they will trail, cj tries to do a little too much, and just the final dagger in this game, good news for iowa fans, this one is mercifully almost over, it is 41-14 in the final minutes and earlier this week, alive in the f-c-s playoff hunt...
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state's senior day... the u-n-i "d" set the tone - first quarter - the pass is tipped - and picked - by ricky neal - just 201 yards of offense from the sycamores in the game...on offense - the ground game was clicking - michael malloy bulldozes into the end zone - to put the panthers up 7-zip... we've seen defense - and offense - how about some special teams - jalen rima fields the punt - and then shows you why he's a track star too - blazing fast - a prairie alum - that's a school record... a good day for u-n-i - they have their way with indiana state - 39 to 6 - and u-n-i did it with third string q-b colton howell - eli dunne didn't play because of a concussion... iowa state lost to oklahoma on thursday night - and the story of their two quarterbacks - took a bit of a turn - joel lanning still played - but just to run the ball - lanning had just one pass attempt against the sooners - while
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and two touchdowns - after the game - campbell said that's what the game plan called for - and both q-b's will continue to see time under center... i think it's a weekly deal right now - and believe me - not one person is giving up on joel lanning - or doesn't think anything like that - it was more of a situation where it was a game time decision - both those guys are gonna continue to play - we just chance against this team to maybe get a spark and spread the field out... to d-three football - senior us the best chance against this team. >> back to football, senior day, they hosted the first quarter, tied at seven, a handoff and he is off to the races, a big chunk of yards for
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him again and he goes of 15-7 and they get dominant - - dominated from that point on, joseph is not. pick - - fooled on the screen, he picks up bob kelly and they had a lot of those in this one and he wins 60-21. >> thank you for that. and it was a great day for football and this cool weather will continue. >> it will continue through tomorrow, five days into november we've not temperature below 65 degrees which is impressive considering our average in the lower 50s, but we are seeing signs in the long-range model with cooler
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welcome back to fox news, now for a live look at traffic on the curve, traffic is moving along just find an - - just fine and we want to know if the weather tomorrow will be like today, so, let's go to brandon for the look at that. >> reporter: not still mild for november, middle to upper 60s, as we back out, we are high and dry and we are not anticipating any rain over the next several days, the morning forecast, clear skies, chilly, calm, light wind at five up to 10, and beyond the
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forecast, something very important that we look at, the trends and the weather patterns that long-term weather models are showcasing, first i would like to point your attention to this line right over here, the normal line where average temperatures should be, you can see our average is right around 53, as we go through time and into the middle of november, the average high is around 45 degrees, you can see it temperatures above the average line from the 50s and sixties, something that we are watching, some of the trends on the long- term models or indicating are in the sixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth, a cooler canadian hermas will start to filter into eastern iowa, temperatures should get closer to the average line, low 50s, 40s into the 18th and 19th of november.
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numbers can flexure - - fluctuate, and weather patterns are indicating this, you can see across the entire 14 days we are above average and that is something that we will continue to watch, 60s and 70s will be long gone over the next several weeks, 64 degrees tomorrow, six to seven on 57 on sunday, and 67 on monday, mild on tuesday and wednesday, upper 50s, lower six front thursday and into friday, knocking your temperatures into the middle 50s by friday, lower to middle 50s saturday with the low in the middle 70s. the cubs just won the first world series since 1908 and they had a chance to celebrate, the teammates part of the disney parade this afternoon,
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toward cinderella's castle. and the last time they got to celebrate was in 2004 with the red sox. and another parade in chicago, 20 people deep in the crowds, the parade route had to be lengthened at the last minute and dorothy tucker has more. >> reporter: they were literally singing and in the streets. [ singing ] [ cheering ] >> reporter: a sea of blue. finally as the buses rode down the magnificent mile, grateful fans screamed the names of those who made the dreams come true. chris bryant, dexter fowler, allison russell. all faces that we have come to love including the owner of the
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he is the best. and it was amazing. >> reporter: fans from across the city, the suburbs, the globe, martin little was visiting middle was visiting from louisiana - - new zealand. >> i really got into its. it was just amazing - - i i got into it and it was just amazing. >> reporter: most of them, longtime fans soaking in the for >> we said dad, you will be the angel in the outfield and the cubs will take it and i know that you are looking down from heaven and they did it. yes, they did it. >> in chicago, every scene patrick's day they die the roof of green but this week they have asked for the tradition to the champion team, the water is
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coe won the iowa conference volleyball tournament in 20-14 - and wartburg went home the winners in 20-12, 20-13, and 20-15 - so it was on the iowa conference tournament, and the winners in 2012, 2013, 20 thirteen, it was no surprise to see the conference championship saturday, they lost three sets to one in september and they fed lindsay cut - - lindsay
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they got within striking difference. warbirds day, they leave it in the set for erin jones and they sent it home and then another local kid, it done, lindsay finds the soft spot on the defense, warbirds win three sets to one, and they are on to the nationals and the fastest girls around convened in marshalltown on saturday, with a chance to win big, this year it schools, with one exception, drake skipped her junior season last year to get on the olympic trials, she competed in the breaststroke. and she was titled queen of the 100 butterfly. finishing first and not contest, all smiles afterwards. >> i took a different approach to it, and it means a lot to be the state champion again and i
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give back and you know it is all that i ever wanted, so, i am happy. northwestern trying to upset wisconsin, dialing around, jazz makes some sweet music, cut back to couple, 100 next on the fox 28 news at nine -- --meteorologist marshall give you a last look at your weatherfirst forecast and how to prepare for the
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i'm chuck grassley, and i approve this message. iowa is changing.
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or, for the first time in a long time, we've actually had significant growth in population? we've done it together, but we're not done yet. check out fans celebrating the world series win.its a sea of cubbie blue near grant estimated we would like to keep the excitement of the world series going, check out these pictures of the cubs fans celebrating the world series victory, this is where the parade came to an end.
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>> unprecedented. >> we were not there. we were the two who were not there. but perhaps next year we will be there. >> and we are falling back, daylight savings time comes to an end at 2:00 a.m., turn your clocks back to get that extra hour of sleep, your forecasts light jacket, clear, calm, temperatures around 42, 41 in iowa city, tomorrow we start in the lower 40s and by noon, m the 60s, we are looking at a high temperature of about 67 degrees tomorrow afternoon, 71 degrees today, still mild, and mild, and the temperatures continue monday and tuesday
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>> a huge day, get out, vote,
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