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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  November 7, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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right now on fox 28 news at nin. nine. "unending love, amazing grace." grace."the first of two emotional farewells today, for a member of iowa's finest who answered the call -- and never came home. sargeant tony beminio had served with the des moines police department . sergeant tony beminio served with the des moines police department for many years, the iowa city west high grad along with urbendale police officer justin martin was shot and killed wedn hundreds of iowa law enforcement gather to pay their last respects fox 28 news statehouse reporter stephie lee was there someone who can navigate through police and community relationships through
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having a few technical difficulties we'll make sure to get to that story in a moment. team coverage of today's proceedings now fox 28 news anchor karen fuller shows us how local departments paid their respects, karen? more than 1,000 officers from iowa and beyond travel to central iowa for today's funeral some were kind enough to share images with you, first let's take a look at this one from cedar rapids police the incredible escort sergeant tony beminio received for his final journey. also sharing another picture of their representatives at today's funeral the marion police department took a photo who shows the parking lot filled with police cruisers from every corner of the state saying goodbye to one of their own. here in the corridor police departments in johnson county are searching for new
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and accepting applications the hope is to have a new chief by late january. iowa city has its search narrowed to three, iowans can meet them at the senior center the manager is hoping to have a recommendation from the council by december 6th. other local officers spent the night at university looking for more peace officers. dora miller is live in cedar rapids tonight to tell us about the corridor recruitment effort, dora? >> that's right including last night's shooting there have been 52 officers that have been killed in the line of duty by gunfire there has been a number of investigators into police conduct recently law enforcements made a plea to say everything you see on social
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as agent agencies recapped what they were looking for as far as more who get involved. one says he applied to the lynn county sheriff's office for a job, a lot of work needs to be done but good people have to do it. >> i see issues in law enforcement i don't think a lot of issues are put under a microscope, there is more cr honorable profession, it's been around for hundreds of years. we're looking for people who want to help people and want to be good people." people."the cedar rapids police department is hiring.. in fact, they're taking applications starting next week. covering the corridor in cedar rapids, dora miller, fox 28 news.
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joins us now and terry, our above normal temps just keep on rolling into another week. an update now to breaking news we first brought you last week. 28 news has learned that a man who fell off a light pole in iowa city has passed happened in the
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thursday shortly after the chicago cubs won the world series.21-year-old kyle leeney suffered serious head injuries from the fall.he was rushed to university of iowa hospitals and clinics where he died this afternoon.leeney was an engineering student at the university of iowa from lockport, illinois. months after a tipton toddler was -- --treated for severe head trauma, the child's father is now charged with multiple counts of child endangerment. 26-year-old zachary hayes was taken into custody convicted, he faces up to 50 years in prison. right now, a mount vernon teacher -- --is the focus of an investigation that is now in the hands of police.a parent tells fox 28 news that mount vernon school officials read a letter to students regarding the investigation.we reached out to the school.they tell us police are looking into allegations of misconduct against ely sotillo, who is now on paid administrative leav. a statment, district leaders say they will remain
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school. we are in the final hours of the vote 2016 campaign. 28 news political reporter and host of 'iowa in focus' kevin barry is at the breaking news desk with what's happening right now, kevin? we've been watching the way the financial markets are performing today -- and for the most part -- they spiked when they opened this morning. experts say the news over ther weekend -- where the f-b-i cleared hillary clinton again of any wrong-doing concerning her emails were perceived to white house tomorrow night. financial markets see a clinton adminsitration as bringing more stability to the markets -- which will cause them to go we get more informaiton tomorrow -- and later this week -- about the outcome of the elction -- expect the markets to reflect that. reflect to
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be sure to join kevin for a final look at the campaign on election eve.don't miss iowa in focus - vote 20-16 election special - before you head to the polls can watch it tonight at 10-30, right here on fox 28. and after more than a year of non-stop political ads, we wanted to let you know when you will finally get a break from it all here on fox 28.we checked with our advertising
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political ad will air at 2:56 tomorrow afternoon.we'll have to wait and see when ?mid-term campaigns ramp up thats in about a year or so. fox 28 news anchor scott sanborn continues tonight's team coverage with a final look at the pre-election coverage with a final look at the preelection predictions, scott? >> kelly, nate silver has good odds not only for picking the winner for president, but picking the winner in each state what you see updated analysis of tomorrow's vote right now he gives democrat hillary clinton a 69% chance of winning the 270 electoral votes needed to win the republican donald trump has a 32% chance. right now silver has iowa likely falling into trump's column things get tighter in the race for control of the u.s. senate. after months of giving democrats strong odds to regain control, republicans right now have a slight edge.
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because the party that controls the senate can control confirmation hearings on cabinet members, and supreme court justices. of course, we will be here all day and night tomorrow watching the results come in. polls here in iowa are open from 7 a-m to 9-p-m.when they close, you can watch our live coverage of the results right here on the fox 28 news at nine. nine.and look for updates throughout the day on our website, fox 28 iowa dot com. next on the fox 28 news at nine -- -- they'll done but they're a pain when they're working on them. them.a special report on the future of the busiest road in the corridor and how local leaders are looking to ease the congestion on i-380.
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live, election day is just hours away and we're monitoring all the nubmers all day. what you need to know as you head to the polls - that's tomorrow morning right here at 7 a-m. "unending love, amazing grace." grace." the first of farewells today, for a member of iowa's finest who answered . the first of two emotional fair wells of america's finest who answered the call and never came home. sergeant tony beminio served with the police department for many years the west high grad along with urbandale police officer justin martin was shot and killed wednesday morning family friends and hundreds of law enforcement gathered to pay their last respects.
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stephie lee was there. >> a somber tribute as the crowd gathered at hope lutheran church to pay their respects to tony beminio. a stream of law enforcement cars drove down jordan creek park way. >> i hope they know we support you, we feel your pain. we share your pain as the community and youngest of iowans stood in solidarity before the hero. moments be the police chief had no shortage of praise for sergeant tony beminio. >> if god could hand craft the perfect police officer inside and out he would look just like tony. >> people filled over passes as they watched the procession go from lutheran church of hope to glendale cemetery. sergeant beminio's final resting place. >> this one wants to be a policeman when he grows up. >> terry is a retired police officer and wanted his grandsons to feel the bond of
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>> there is nothing like the support of the policeman when a tragedy happens and so and to have all these people come out too, it really helps. kathy watched closely with her father on her mind he was a police officer for two decades in iowa. >> very emotional about the famlies even before an emotional times they come together. >> one of the reasons i love this city, this is this has brought everybody together. the funeral for martin will take place in rockwell city that time honors his badge number, stephie lee fox 23 news. the iowa department of transportation is about to
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improvements to i380 i talked with the iowa dot to understand these improvements and get some projected start dates. carol has been a driver for the eastern iowa airport shuttle service for more than 16 years even though she has never been late to drop off or pick up a passenger. >> i've always gotten everybody to the airport on time the traffic on i-380 is an obstacle she battles every day. >> very interesting for four to six 00:00 when people are to cedar rapids and north liberty getting back up. the iowa department of transportation knows carol isn't the only one affected by the traffic. >> here is the problem getting back in the other lane. >> kathy the transportation planner for iowa dot says there are three big improvements coming starting in 2018 an interchange will be created at forever green road this is a
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coralville. they can reroute to the new path the second will start in 2019 they'll replace all loop ramps on the 80380 interchange with what's called turbine ramps. that's kind of a stacked interchange everybody is on a bridge flying over each other. >> this area has frequent crashes because of the weaving that happens on 380. >> there are 23 brand new bridges why this is very expensive what this allows us to do is stack those ramps so 380 south to 30 east that's a directional ramp where you just keep going and merge into traffic you don't have to loop around and weave. the new ramps allow a per hour and experts say its especially hard for semis to regain that 65 mile an hour driving speed.the third step will be the widening of lanes from i-80 through the new forevergreen road interchange on i-380. this four lane road will
9:17 pm'll be a 5 year continuous project. they'll be a lot of construction in the area. a lot of construction, but for drivers like carol, be a lot of construction. >> a will the of construction for drivers like carol, it will be worth it in the end. >> kind of like any of the road projects they'll be nice when they are done but a pain when they are working on it. >> to help your commute during this time the iowa dot is creating resources like quick commuter buses and a program called highway car >> another area the dot is looking to change into six lane is from iowa city to west branch no date is set on this improvement it is still in the planning phase fox 28 news will also help you stay ahead of your commute you can help us by signing up on ways just look for our broadcast group for ios
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unusual message fox 28 received a number of calls from viewers who got a wireless emergency alert, emergency management says there was no emergency and the alert did not come from them, iowa along with several states are looking how to determine this false alert was to them. some good news for flood victims in eastern iowa branstad for more than 2 dozen counties state areas including cedar rapids, cedar falls now these seeking help can reach out to the iowa department of human as much ass. the final push before election day candidates in the last how weres before polls open here in iowa and across the country. we got a few showers showing up on the radar we'll look at those and see if
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weatherfirst chief . we're taking a live evening and looks like everybody is kind of headed home to wrap up their day today and i'm in the weather central, a little bit of rain. >> i just don't think so, it is moving along what's there doesn't matter too much anyway i think we'll be in good shape, we'll take a look at the skies in cedar rapids, the
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clouds in the area, and starting to see showers and off to the southeast of us those have been inching northward they are not producing much in the way of rain and clearly you can see the showers pretty much along from waterloo we're getting to that area now you can see around chickasha county in new hampton, a shower there, moving fairly quickly, it won't produce a lot in the way of rain, they should exit region shortly after midnight tonight and i'm thinking by tomorrow morning we'll start to morning skies and get the sun back in the afternoon hours here is the weather disturbance we're watching very, very lean, we're not looking for much in the way of rain in the west, clearing starting the north western iowa, that high pressure will build quickly to the southeast and bring us the sun we're expecting in our
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developing in iowa, temperatures range from around 46, 7 a.m. to 48 in cedar rapids, iowa city you'll start to be at 49 degrees, and we'll see those showers and they should be gone by tomorrow morning and clear out the skies and bring you cooler conditions after that the rest of the week looks dry and pleasant as temperatures continue above normal in eastern iowa for election day tomorrow, 6 p.m. temperatures, 48 to 58 degrees with the sun shining around and you have had as a rule temperatures 120 years of records taking in 30 elections you can fall in the range of 60
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warmest election day is when wood ow wilson, clinton back in 1992. and inching off to the northeast, widely scattered showers, in the system, at 3:00 in the morning in our northern counties we're seeing by 6 a.m. tomorrow, the after that election day is looking sunny breezy with wind gusts around 25 miles per hour. precipitation, generally under 500s of an inch anywhere in northeastern iowa from here on out, in the north few scattered showers, 44 to 46 degrees in our southern counties temperatures here should be back in the mid and upper 40s for low temperatures maybe 50 in washington just a couple stray sprinkles of showers, in the north tomorrow becoming
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highs back in the low to mid- 50s down to the south upper 50s and tipton also with that in iowa city, through the rest of the week, temperatures and the 50s and 60s. our weather continu reductions starting at 9 a.m., will be reduced to one lane, that will be between river side drive and into madison street, eastbound traffic there reduced to one lane, that will continue tapely starting at 9 a.m. so typically take that right, another area to take to get to
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traffic will be reduced there starting on wednesday, in two days it is just going to lapse for one day from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on front of me as they do some construction, in iowa avenue traffic will be be reduced to one lane on an eastbound traffic starting tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. kelly. next on the fox 28 news 9:00 an update from the news desk and unique options to get to the polls in iowa city when the fox 28 news at 9 returns.
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. harry reid's office, but in 2016, his office issued a statement dismissing the account as the aging memories in the words of convicted mobster with sentence reduced
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