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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  November 13, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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nine.trump transition and political protests --the latest on the president elect's move donald trump transition and political protests. the latest on the president- elect moved to the white house was some had to say about it. diabetes awareness month. how you can help a group of corridor women send kids with diabetes to a special camp. one month later. >> when they think of new beau they think at the market. >> how the iconic nobel business is very once the dust settleaf the super bowl is out and i have a super week in store for you. i will let you know when temperatures get close to 70 in the weather first forecast. make sure you get out and check out the super moon. it is gorgeous tonight.
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been so close since 1948. definitely quite a sight. there were a couple of clouds up there earlier but now the skies have cleared and you should be able to see it if you get outside and snap a picture send it to us at kg a.m. weather on twitter. these clouds are really thing out. they will continue to do so heading to the morning hours. temperatures way falling down into the upper 30s through morning and not as cold as the last two rn we have been below freezing. a little warmer but still pretty chilly. heading through the day tomorrow temperatures are going to be pretty similar to today, getting close to the 60s with plenty of sunshine throughout the afternoon on because of a very week cold front moving through it will keep temperatures on the ground -- on the cooler side. we are really going to see a warm up heading to the rest of the week. i will let you know how warm it gets and how long coming up in
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donald trump is now announced he has filled two top posts in his administration. hurt -- his first television interview is with 60 minutes. as roxanna reports protest continue from coast-to-coast. >> reporter: donald trump is turning to a washington insider for his white house chief of staff. reince priebus, the chairman of the republican national committee. the president-elect named brightly does right wing media mogul steve bannon. [anchor reading quoted material displayed on screen.]. >> the president-elect of the united states of america, donald trump. >> reporter: five days after trump's triumph at the polls his team took to the sunday morning shows to address growing concerns about a divided country. >>'s victory speech was very conciliatory. very much in the right these protesters, 'this man is
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this man is our president. >> reporter: protesters hit the street for a fifth day in los angeles and new york. chanting slogans against donald trump. >> what you most afraid of? >> that racism and sexism and homophobia will go up. >> i don't think we should be subjected to any of this abuse. >> reporter: as a protesters march in new york their numbers are growing many of them saved these demonstrations will continue until trump addresses the concerns. >> reporter: in his first stahl: are you really going to build a wall?donald trump: yes. lesley stahl: you're-- you know, they are talking about a fence in the republican congress, would you accept a fence?donald trump: for certain areas i would, but certain areas, a wall is more appropriate. i'm very good at this, it's called construction. trump also told 60 minutes as president, he'll be "very restrained" on social media. protests also broke out in las . minutes as president he will be very restrained on social media.
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in front of trump's hotel and they carried signs and chanted anti-trump phrases about rejecting the president-elect. while protesters expressed their negative comments about the new president some said he just needs to be given a chance. >> try to do something good. hopefully he will make america good. it is already bad. so why not giving him a try instead of holding heat and more problems? >> reporter: rig n tougher penalties for attacks on law enforcement after a deadly shooting of a suburban to police officer in a des moines police sergeant. earlier this month. state representative can riser says iowa should expand its enhanced penalties for assaulting officers to also include attempted murder and murder charges. urbandale's police chief goes even further, saying the state should consider reinstating the death penalty for murdering police. the governor now calling
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format counties have already approved their own higher wages including glenn and johnson. the governor says a uniform wage would be better for businesses. some people are now worried the way to the state chooses might not be high enough. every year about 40,000 people are diagnosed with type i diabetes and some are very young. joe tells us how one group is now using a holiday tradition to help diabetic kids in the corridor. >> novembers diabetes awareness month. it is also a time when many are getting ready for the holidays. for decades a group of local women have used this combination to help diabetic children enjoy a fun summer. for the last 30 years women of alpha gamma delta cedar rapids alumni group have turned to the holiday poinsettia to decorate for a cause. >> whether it's your home, a business, giftgiving, that is kind of the angle that we take
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for a small group. >> reporter: their people always like to be able to kind of see first hand where your money is going. 5 the money they raise goes to camp tanagers diabetes camp campthey invite children who have diabetes to experience the camping experience as well as have a medical staff on hand so that the parents can rest easy. 11while parents re e to have fun while learning how to better manage their conditio. condition. i do have friends that have had children with diabetes that have experienced the camp and have had wonderful experiences. 7 the group has raised more than 30 thousand dollars for the camp over the years helping a lot of kids live a little better. better. for more information on how you can get your poinsettia and help out you can go to our website at cbs2 iowa dot com.
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huisinga fox 28 news another way to give back this holiday season is through the salvation army. may have already seen the red kettle stands across linn this year is the kettle season's a collectible pin you can purchase to show your support. depending on how much you'd like to donate for the pin, you can buy one for 20, 50 or you can purchase to show your support and depending on how much you like to donate for the pen you can buy one pin for 20, 50 or $100. you can buy these at the salvation army avenue. nw. 1000 c avenue. nw. this year the salvation army hopes to raise more than $800,000 . box 28 and cbs 2 is a sponsor. , say hello to us. many of us be ringing the bell at the newbold market red kettles this friday. holidays will be here before we know it. if you are gearing up for black friday shopping lindale mall is giving shoppers a head start on thanksgiving night. the mall plans to open from 6:00
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linndale will reopen on black retail federation says november and december gift buying should reasch 655- season. the national retail federation says november and december gift buying should reach 655 gift buying should reach $655 million this year. a longtime restaurant in eastern iowa is now destroyed. the kitchen fire. the waterloo cedar falls courier says luigi's restaurant and lounge was destroyed yesterday just after 3 pm. everyone made it out safely. authorities had to use construction equipment to not the fire down. officials say the restaurant is a total loss. developing right now, people in new zealand are on alert after multiple earthquakes today. the first hit early this morning with a magnitude of the 7.8. that triggered a tsunami warning along the country's east coast sending residents to
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-- excuse me, two hours ago a 6.8 magnitude aftershock struck. right now we know at least two people have died. officials. >> the death toll to rise. [ singing ] british singer sting marks the reopening of the that acclaimed concert hall today. the performance helps mark the one-year anniversary since terrace targeted six locations across paris. before the concert.the attacks killed 130 and injured hundereds france is commorating the victims with plaques at each of the attack sites. next on the fox 28 news at nine -- --one month later--how one cedar rapids business is fairing since opening its doors after flood 2016.
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it's been one month since newbo city market reopened its doors following the it has been one month since dubose city market reopened its doors following the flood of 2016. connor morgan paid a visit to the district and explains how the market is making a major difference to newbold businesses. >> reporter: from a virtual ghost town. >> not a soul to be seen it was eerie. >> reporter: to a flood of people. >> we are all seeing an uptick in general sales. >> reporter: business owners say the district is back. >> immediately after we reopened we were slammed. it was obvious that the community was coming to support small business, specifically ones that were flood impacted.
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market. >> when they think of newbold they think of market. there's a great green space. if i could town square. >> reporter: one of the last town businesses to open of arguably the most important piece of the district puzzle. >> we hope ring people down to the area. >> reporter: taylor is a director of operations and says the market is a difference maker. . we help draw people to the area for the our business and the area. we're not competing with the businesses around us, we want everyone to succeed and everyone to do well. >> reporter: many businesses are facing an uphill battle. >> it has been difficult. we incurred more than $20,000 in expenses. >> reporter: have closed their doors waiting for water levels to receive. >> that's very hard on small independent businesses. very hard. that is their family and livelihood and income. >> reporter: nouveau city lost a months worth of revenue.
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organization at the market is obviously true range. we forgave rent for the month. >> reporter: still, businesses and around the market aren't up to full strength. >> the flood didn't want to the streets but it still impacted is heavily. >> it will take us at least six months to fully recover. >> aldus businesses still need support and are thankful for your help. they would love to see you again. >> reporter: cedar rapids with fox 28 news at nine. >> the businesses gavel challenge helped following the flood. some of them saw an increase in sales by nearly 50%. not all newbold businesses are thriving and some aren't even surviving. steve shriver, the president of the nouveau group says nouveau alehouse and nouveau sushi are closing their doors after selling. away for another 18 years.when you can get a good glance at the supermoon.
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if you havent noticed already -- the if you haven't been outside to see the super moon you'll notice it looks bigger and brighter. this is a shot from the corridor of the super moon tonight. the moon will be closer to earth than it has been in nearly 70 years. nasa says it is closest to the
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hopefully there are too many clouds in the sky tonight. >> there were earlier. you can see in the video. we started to see some clearing now so it is getting easier to view it typically you want to see it when the sun is setting because that is when it will look the biggest. hopefully tomorrow night we will have, we should have fewer clouds. it should be a pretty good view. we do have our own super moon on the weather computer here. it's pretty awesome. check that out. are fake m and 14% bigger than typically it is in the sky. closest since 1948 in the next closest will be in 2034. hopefully you can take a look. if you have any pictures send them to us on twitter or facebook we had a few clouds. they are starting to clear out now. you can still see the moon and it is pretty bright. it is very cool to go out and look at. because of some of the clouds out there it is going to be a
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last couple of nights. we had a two nights in a row with typical -- with temperatures below freezing. tonight we won't be quite as cold but still a little chilly with temperatures in the mid 30s in the north and down to the south closer to the 40 degree mark. for the corridor commute you may still need that light jacket. temperatures near cedar rapids in fairfax 38 degrees. 39 iowa city and north liberty. a few clouds that will start to clear as the day goes on. we do have some of that wa the cold front that is approaching the area. this front is going to keep it warmer tonight but a little cool tomorrow. cool as a relative term. the wind will be blowing out of the northwest. it will be similar to today with temperatures about 10 degrees above normal for this time of year. we will start to see a change to even warmer weather on tuesday the wind starts to shift out of the west and out of the south. we will really be warming up.
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temperatures in the north in the mid 50s. further to the south closer to the 60 degree mark with the wind out of the northwest pretty mild for november. a pretty nice day overall. as we move forward indian summer is going to be rearing its head. it will be with us through friday that i'm tracking a significant storm system that will impact much of the midwest by the end of this week. that will bring a brief last of some cold air later on this week . this is going to be a pretty big deal in parts of the midwest and does include the s word for parts of the midwest but not necessarily here in iowa. ahead of the storm system temperatures will warm into the 60s. we could have a couple of showers friday at 1:00. 62 degrees. check this out. the front will come through and temperatures are going to really fall down.
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minneapolis. 38 sioux falls. getting cold. that could include snow for other parts of the midwest. a little too soon for all of the details but some really cold air is coming in. you will see it in the extended forecast. check out how warm we get. 58 monday. 61 tuesday. 64 wednesday. 69 on thursday. well above average. close to 70 degrees. and that we have a chance of rain and then watch this, saturday and sunday the 30s and close to 44 high temperatures. lows will be well below freezing friday and saturday nights. up next, how these high- tech benches can help you power up your phone and where in the corridor you can find them in
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a shock to some, and relief to . others.president-elect donald a shock to some and relief to others. president-elect donald trump defied democrats. his own party, the media and predictions. the campaign money hillary clinton and this is report being called a big mistake if the media miss red america there can be a reason for this disconnect. cheryl atkinson has more. >> reporter: the big miss started from day one. >> i think this is donald trump's biggest day and he will be ignored from henceforth actually, a hopi will. >> reporter: never before have so many in the media worked so hard to convince the public
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and should when. >> and we better be ready for the fact that he may be leading the republican ticket. [ laughing ] >> i don't -- i know you don't believe that. >> reporter: how do you explain that maybe we didn't see what was going on around us in front of our nose? >> i say we didn't see what was going on around us in front of our nose. >> reporter: >> i say that the story that took place, this is also the lesson of journalism, the story of the year, in my story out there in america that neither the media nor the political ruling class saw, heard, got or suspected. >> reporter: howard kurtz is a media critic and host of media buzz on fox news. >> this was the worst election for the media in my professional lifetime. i don't think it's the kind of thing where a month or two from now we will all just move on. there is a level of a fundamental level of distrust for for the press.
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which didn't like the way we collectively colored -- covered hillary clinton. >> reporter: the big miss they reflect growing global skepticism of information provided by once trusted institutions. >> they leave -- the lead campaign has one. >> reporter: like we saw with brexit. >> the punditry, the prediction polls all came up willfully short in this campaign. we don't do better next time the remaining credibility any of us has is going to shrink even further. >> reporter: in a footnote, whipple measure try to see likely be elected. i'm sharyl attkisson for full measure. while traditional media might have taken a hit in this election - social media proved to be a game-changer. changer.twitter was one of now president-elect donald trump's most powerful - and sometimes problematic tools on the campaign trail.trump has about 15-million twitter followers - and he says that helped him
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clinton's campaign spent more money.going forward - trump says he plans to keep tweeting once he takes office. online giant ali-baba has now set an e-commerce record - racking up a billion dollars worth of sales in the first five minutes of "singles day." day."singles day is the chinese version of black friday - but a lot's a celebration of being single - and serves as an excuse to go shopping.overall, ali-baba hit 18-billion dollars in singles day from los angeles to new york, to the corridor, cities across this year. from los angeles to new york to the corridor, cities all across the world are now installing benches with added features. these benches are free phone charging stations, wi-fi hotspots and they don't need any power. mark albert explains.
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benches are causing double takes in washington dc. that's exactly what parks and recreation director keith anderson wants. >> the goal here is to give folks outside, to enjoy the parks, stay longer. >> reporter: the bench is named after the boston company that makes them uses square solar is free and doesn't come with a password.(sot/keith)(keith anderson/dc parks & recreation) "q (mark albert): oh, it says right there: 'soofa dc wifi'. a (keith anderson): so there it is. we're connected." (sot-sandra richter/ceo, soofa) "cities are really excited about it"(track 3)sandra richter is soofa's ceo. (sot/sandra)(sandra richter/ceo, soofa)"we've been bringing soofa benches into low-income neighborhoods, // low-income schools. // we're slowly but surely beginning to in fact, the seven-foot benches, which are bolted to the ground, are already in five countries and 65 cities. washington, dc, spent $7,000 on each bench and is the first city to add wifi.they just rolled them out and residents are starting to take notice. (sot albert gray)q: what do you think it is. a: "it looks like a heater." albert gray was happy to learn the bench could charge his phone(sot albert gray)"i think it's great."(sot-tonja perry)"i just used it friday to charge my phone"(track 5)(end with
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them in more of the capital's nearly 400 parks. iowa has two of these benches right now - one in coralville and one in urbandale.besides being in 20 states in the u-s, the benches are also now in canada, costa rica, germany, and saudi arabia. next on the fox 28 news at nine -- --an unlikey upset -- how the hawkeyes took home the win at k.'re watching the
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a big shock this weekend at kinnick stadium pat moroney is here with some highlights. crazy things happen in college a big shock this weekend night - kinnick got crazy - and it all seemed so unlikely - three straight home losses - a blowout last week in happy
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michigan - none of that mattered to the hawkeyes... after falling behind by ten in the first half - iowa responded - they dominate the line of scrimmage and dictated how the game was going to play - and in the end - it was the hawks with the chance to seal the upset - and keith duncan capped off one for the history books... you hope the mechanics are good - snap, hold, kick - it starts with those three things - i guess you call that a pressure moment right there - they t mindset was right - and he did a great job there there it was an incredible feeling - right when i knew it was down - perfect hold - i felt it off my foot and i knew it went in - so - kinnick's got the best fans in the world - best coaches - best teammates - just an incredible feeling another saturday night star for iowa - akrum wadley - fans have been clamoring to get the rock in his hands more - and wadley delivered against michigan - 23 carries for 115 yards - and he also caught five balls for 52 more yards -
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stuck in the mud - number-25 stood out with his speed and playmaking ability - and it brings a different dimension to this hawkeye offense... akrum's a slippery guy - he's got good feel - and the way they play defense there's not much wiggle room in there - so he got away once or twice from those guys - sometimes he made something out of nothing there too - really sparked us with some of his efforts - run and pass -he's just done a really sometimes he made something out of nothing so this really sparked his efforts. he is doing a really good job for us. a tough competitor. >> in d3 football cocaptain off eight off 810 mac does tend -0 win. on sunday they learned who they will take on in round one of the playoffs. the co-hawks will host monmouth college neck saturday and noon. the fighting scots are ending the season. these teams last played each other in 2013. that was a cohoctah when. on the court mccaffrey
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senior starters would change their style of play. he didn't know that these young cocks bust out of the gates looking like the showtime lakers. iowa at home to play savanna state on sunday. first half peter jock got his. spotting up for three. all that. iowa up by three in the early going. the star of this game was unlikely. brady ellington from deep. 23 points for brady. he led the hawkeyes in scoring. the freshman continued to shine to tie the cook. it look like he is ducking. hawks up i-27. more freshman contributions. pencil bucket and a foul. 18 points, nine boards. so far so good for the hawkeyes. they win 116-84. >> the plan was to shoot a few less threes in a few more drives to closeout, finish out the rim. we use really good judgment on shot at temperatures.
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showtime from a couple guys" during the preseason - lisa bluder joked that her team could go "fourteen deep" if needed -- early in the year - that depth is paying off... off...sunday afternoon hoops - iowa at home against hampton - and the offense was running smoothly - chase coley - let's call her the big fundamental - spin move - lefty layup - two points for iowa... later in the second - ally disterhoft and tania davis toss it back and forth - disterhoft and got some help from megan gustafson - what a move inside - gustafson finished with a double double...and the hawkeyes - finish with a win - 84 to 51... gussets and finished with a double double. the hawkeyes finish with a win 84-51. >> 11 players basically in double figure minutes. i love that our bench outscored their bench 32-10. i love the depth of this
9:36 pm
the film and see if we want to continue with the platoon method. >> my job out there is to make sure i keep the energy rolling from the first group into the second group. when one person gets a little energy it sparks it for the rest of the team. >> a question that has been asked and it does in nfl circles all season, what's wrong with the packers? on sunday in tennessee green bay provided no answers. instead, they hit rock-bottom. the packers trailed by 21 in the first quarter for the first time since 1986 they tried to make a game of this one. eryn rogers with to jordy nelson. 21-7. third-quarter now rogers out of the gun. nobody open. he is off and running. 20 yard touchdown scamper for rogers. he is hit in the end zone. adams takes exception and the packers and titans exchange pleasantries. in the end green day does green bay defense couldn't get any stops.
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the packer defense went to sleep in this one. green bay trailed all afternoon and they go down 47-25 they are now four and five on the season. to the nation's capital for the vikings and the redskins. tied at 14 into the half. sam bradford throws it sure to adam p linda pitt touchdown vikings. they go into the half with the lead. bradford had a pretty decent day, just not on this play. smith drops into coverage for tips and. the bradford pass and that was th they lose 26-20. that is four straight losses for the vikings. they host the cardinals next sunday. >> the chief and carolina to play the panthers. down 17-0 at one point. they came all the way back. eric berry reads cam newton all the way. is picked off and then bury makes five panthers miss and brings it all the way back break. six touchdown. one of the plays of the year. kesey would tie it later after
9:38 pm
santos kicks in the game-winner with zeros on the clock. what a win for the chiefs. 20-17. they are now 7-2 and tied for the raiders with first in the afc west. >> a little bit later the montgomery stops fight is talk more college football. we will focus on the hawkeyes expected you ask him if the cooler weather had anything to do with the wind? >> we talk football. we are on a strict time limit. maybe next week. >> definitely feeling like fall out there for football. we are actually going to see a change in the other direction. it's going to be getting a lot warmer. i will let you know just how warm and we will talk about
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we have a live look right now at the super moon from broadcast park. what a sight this evening. you can see the craters, such a beautiful thing. get out there and see it for yourself. we are turning it over to rebecca and looking beyond the seven day. >> luckily we have the clouds clearing up we have a pretty good look at what the moon looks like we're going to go beyond the seven- day in a moment. let's talk short-term. we have some nice weather coming. indian summer is back. temperatures or above average today. that will continue through friday. i'm tracking a significant storm for the midwest that will come through during the end of the week. that will bring a brief cold blast of air later on this weekend. you can see how cold it's going
9:42 pm
have a weak cold front moving through. that is leading to the clouds that will also lead to slightly warmer temperatures tomorrow morning. during the day on monday we will have wind out of the -- out of the north and west. that will contribute to a nice cool feeling in the air. similar to today with plenty of sunshine. by tuesday wind more out of the west. that will bring in a warmer air mass. we have some pretty warm weather in the forecast. tonight not as cold temperatures falling into the upper 30s across the corridor. 38 cedar rapids. 39 iowa city and north liberty. now taking a look beyond the seven-day, we have some colder weather in sight. this is our normal line. there's a line going across. right now typically the high temperatures are supposed to be close to 50. right around 48. tomorrow we will be 10 degrees above that. we will get almost 20 degrees or even higher above that of
9:43 pm
you can see the sharp drop here, that is going to lead, that significant storm is going to lead to cooler weather and knock the temperatures will be low normal for a couple of days . we will start to rebound sometime next week and temperatures are going to actually be closer to normal than they have been in quite some time as we get to the latter part of next week. temperatures in the 60s heading to the middle of the week. close to 70 on thursday. the storm system comes through and leads to the chance of a couple of showers and thunderstorms. go from 64 on friday 238 on saturday and 36 for high temperatures next weekend with some cold air coming. we don't have to think about that yet but we do have to think about the work week starting tomorrow. that means talking about the commute. we talk about the corridor commute here. there's a way you can get involved with the ways app.
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>> rain, snow, traffic cones, i tornadoes. we get it all in the city of five seasons. construction is one of those things that we have year-round. not just in cedar rapids but all across the corridor. and report accidents, road closures and hazards. download the waze app - then click on the magnifying glass in the bottom lefttap on your face and scroll down to teamshit "corridor commuters" the team!one last thing - go back to the main menu and hit settings in the upper left scroll to "voice commands" and hit enable to use the app hands freenow you can start reporting any activity you see on the can get the latest information with waze during the corridor commute segment on cbs 2 and fox28/i'm
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next on the fox 28 news at nine -- --fox 28 sports anchor pat maroney breaks down the hawkeys, panthers and cyclones with fox 28 college football analyst sweet lew montgomery.
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[ tower pinging ] [ whistling ] we've got a problem, friend. half off any smartphone for anyone who switches? what's the problem? the naughty list shouldn't get deals! yeah, but anyone who switches gets half off of any smartphone. even these? call the big guy! [ bell dings ] santa? no, jingles. [ knuckles crack ] [ spits ] ooo. ouch. [ neck cracks ] [ darien ] switch and get half off any smartphone.
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welcome back. i'm joined by the montgomery, the college football analyst. the big story around town is iowa knocking off number three
9:48 pm
last night? >> i was very surprised to see i will play so well. one of the things that i waited very effectively was they changed their preparation plan. what they came out and did was executed on all phases of the football game. this is what we have and expecting for a long time now. this was the type of team that coming into the season we wanted to see this kind of play early in the year. we saw remnants of that in the first couple of games. as a team could go. they had a resurgence. the plate at home if a night game. the nostalgia there, you have the number two team in the nation they came out and got it done. >> obviously it was a big team win but you can point to two guys. watley and johnson. what did you say from the skies and how do they help turn this game around? >> watley was a phenomenal player. he is the kind of gutsy player. what we saw from watley was a
9:49 pm
saw him be able to catch the rock out of the backfield. this guy can pretty much do anything. i like the preparation for this game. what they wanted to do was get the ball to watley, the best player on offense and give him an opportunity to do what he does well in space. that is what they did. he was able to catch the ball, he ran the ball effectively and k-mac just came up with some key players. >> it seemed like i was season was trending downward. how big is this went for kirk ference and the program? >> a huge when weather program. it gives them a lot of momentum an opportunity to really write this ship with late in the season. that two more games that they have to win in order to really get to a quality bowl game. this is the kind of game that sets the tone for the next two mac games. obviously, as well as they played they're going to finish the season very solid.
9:50 pm
is it for them to use this came as a spark plug to finish of the season strong and get to the ballgame and make sure the momentum is continuing to go forward into the off-season? >> a huge spark one. they cannot afford to lose that sparked. whatever they did, i don't know if they had a couple of extra cups of coffee that day, drink as much coffee as you want. i have seen guys flying run the football, they were excited, you saw a lot of jubilation in that team. in particular, the iowa crowd difference maker. >> certainly good to see the hawkeyes play at that high- level. iowa state gets a win over the jayhawks. how big is it to get that first big 12 when? >> they struggled a bit because kansas, this is a kansas team, iowa state wanted to come out and thought they were going to dominate. kent state had a bag of tricks up their sleeves. they really made it tough for the cyclones. they got going later in the
9:51 pm
plays. david montgomery, he ran the ball very effectively. that young man is going to be a quality township -- talent for the cyclone football team. >> he was excellent. second straight win they come for senior day. what is going right for the panthers? >> they are playing great defense. this team has really struggled a little bit defensively. you have five or six guys on the defensive squad that are stepping up and making big plays . there ge that is been the difference for the team. >> our teams went 3-0 this week. hopefully next week when lou comes back to us we will be talking about three more victories. let's go back to kelly. up next, rebecca gives you a final look at your weather first forecast and how to prepare for the weather tomorrow. check out the story from are digital partners as a good news.
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am i going next?" [note: subtitled]0:16 my name is matthew st. john. i am a pilot for the goodyear blimp, right behind us.0:18 lower third: matthew st. john, goodyear blimp pilot >> my name is matthew st. john. i'm a pilot for the goodyear blimp. happens with the helium, when you build in altitude, you're going into an area where there's less atmosphere. there's less air holding the helium together and it wants to expand. so as you go up, the helium grows in volume. now we're going about, 30, 37 miles an hour. picking up some speed. [note: subtitled]1:04 if you're driving down, like,
9:53 pm
are a year from now you're not going to remember what that billboard said, but if you see the goodyear blimp flying overhead, you're going to remember that. i--t's going to stick out in your head for the
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hollywood had a very good weekend at the box office. disney and marvel's 'doctor strange', was number one for the hollywood had a good
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disney and marbles dr. strange was number one for the second week in a row. followed by almost christmas with 15-point-5-million. rounding out the top five was director mel gibson's world war ii drama, hacksaw ridge with 10-point-8-million. thanks for watching your fox
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to flip over to cbs 2 news ten at 10 coming up in three
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yeah, i'll have the blueberry pancakes, a couple of scrambled eggs and a side of sausage. good choice. and for the lady? no food, just a cup of hot tea with lemon. oh, are we slimming down for thit competitione swimsu? you realize i caa gun, rightrry ? i am from africa. the dogs have guns. (coughs) you're not getting a cold, are you? no, i'm fine. just no appetite. no, you're getting sick. and that's the reason riere.ght th what are you talking about?yot ing your dirty germ-covered fingers in your mouth. counting your teeth, playing with your tongue. hey, i wash my hands at least times a dayhree t. well, that's very upsetting because you pee at least five times a day. that's because i drink the proper amount luof fids for a man my size. pardon me for hydrating.


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