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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  November 14, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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. right now on fox 28 news at 9:00. an iowa city family says it was targeted with racist note and police decline to investigate. what they are saying about it now. a safety is opening up dialogue. a special report on determine the fate of gaming in the town of cedar rapids. fox 28 news at nine begins now. an international movement utilizing a simple piece of metal is showing support for groups that might fear the next president of the united a moment, the message behind the viral
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the concern over his coming administration. but first, we turn to weatherfirst chief meteorologist terry swails - the administration. we turn to weather first meteorologist terry swails. enjoy these nice temperatures while they last. >> we have three more days before that moves in here so we were able to enjoy a good day tonight we're enjoying that big super moon that's been found around the nation seeing a lot of pictures of that 30% moon's orbit the closest to earth since 1948, the next time this happens is 2034. a few clouds moving into our northern and western counties so far those will avoid much of the area from cedar rapids to dubuque. those clouds will quickly move out of here the commute looks good temperatures will be in the upper 30s with mostly sunny skies and the rest of the day should be fine too more
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will peak at 62 degrees and believe it or not our normal highs are back down in the upper 40s and we see a big change coming in the forecast that will put temperatures well below that stick around the extended forecast is big change for us. developing tonight an iowa city couple says they are the latest around the country to be targeted with racist messages after donald trump won the white house. amar and his family, you can all go home now we don't want blank and terrorists here #trump. >> she is a citizen but bornsudan. >> police decided not to investigate the incident. from the police chief bill campbell said his officer's actions were absolutely
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those most vulnerable, people are turning toon act ofsolidarity. we are joined with a growing trend. >> you might start to see this around more often. kelly, people are using safety pens putting them on their clothes to protect those who feel like they've been discriminated against some say that's just a nice gesture on a world so uncertain. >> the meaning behind the anti- trump protests can so perhaps it is time for a quieter act of solidarity. >> people have to find different outlets for communication. there is not a single communication channel that accomplishes all of the goals we want. >> a safety pen for those who feel unsafe, muslim, women
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great."david butts -- assistant director of diversity at mount mercy university -- hopes this might help to heal some very fresh wo. wounds. "we have had students who have expressed discomfort, who have expressed fear for their own safety, we have quite a lot of international students."though it's not the first symbol -- it is another attempt to mend a divided count. country. "it'll be nice to wear but i feel like every person should be like that in general, you shouldn't have a safety pin to tell people they're okay to live here." here.""will this die down? yes, of course but i also think that it's important that the conversation is happening. the more that we have it happen even on a micro level, the more we can move forward." mount mercy university is holding an open forum on thursday for students to react
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that'll be here starting at 5- campus for students to be able to voice their opinion about the recent presidential election. covering the corridor in cedar rapids. president elect trump was asked about his stance on same- sex marriage during an i guess the issue for them is marriage equality. do you support marriage equality? donald trump: it-- it's irrelevant because it was already settled. it's law. it equality? >> it is irrelevant it was in the supreme court it is done. so even if you appoint a judge -- . it is done. you have these cases have gone to the supreme court they've been settled and i am fine with that. >> trump also said anyone carrying out acts of discrimination or violence against minorities in his name should quote stop it. >> an iowa city restaurant accused of discrimination against supporters of donald trump.
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who walked to stella after saturday night's game he was supposed to find out they were charging a cover and doubling that charge for people who voted for trump. >> as we got closer to the door we noticed there was a sign on the door that said yes this is discrimination, but you voted for it. >> decided to take his business elsewhere. fox 28 news reached out several times to the owner of stella for comment but we have not heard back. today the president elect continued his work to build a conversation with a controversy leader half a world away. fox 28 news political reporter and host of iowa in focus kevin berry is live at the breaking news desk to explain. >> the trump campaign tells us today president elect donald trump and russian president vladimir putin had a conversation over the phone talking about some of the challenges that both of their countries faced right now that they face in the past and that they will face in the future but this comes while donald
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his administration and cabinet members as he heads into the white house while he saw today on twitter john kasich and the bush family all three jeb bush george w and george mw the two former presidents calling to wish him well on his way mitt romney apparently called him to congratulate him as well. but now the attention is shifting to the people that donald trump is going to bring to washington d.c. with him. already we know that and steve bannon will be counselor, he is an executive at bright bart news media which is a very right wing news website he has been called racist and part of the conservative fashion influencing seeing the gop. what we are learning just in the last few hours or so is that rudy giuliani the former mayor at the time of 9/11 is a
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state that could open up the door for new jersey governor chris christy to be attorney general. he has been on the short list for that position really since he dropped out of the presidential race and backed donald trump back then. we'll keep watching out for this and also see where governor terry branstad may fit in to the trump administration, governor branstad to say he wants no part of moving to washington d.c. orpotential becoming the ambassador to china we'll track that as those get filled in the weeks. president obama held his first news conference last week's election. he is preparing to make his last over seas trip as commander and chief, some expressed concerns that president elect trump will harm long-standing relations with nato but president obama says he'll try to calm those concerns. >> i think that's one of the most important functions i can serve at this stage during this trip is to let them know that
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america's commitment to maintaining a strong and robust nato relationship. also today the president spoke about his parties across the board defeat in last week's election. obama believes democrats have good idea but want to make sureeveryone hears them. >> we have to compete everywhere. we have to show up everywhere. we have to work at a grass roots level. part from the presidential politics this year securing several victories in the u.s. house and senate fox 28 news statehouse reporter stephie lee explores how women are taking steps to push the glass ceiling legislatures nationwide, including here in iowa. and despite a tough election season, there's still a lot of interest from women wanting to get involved in politics.nat pop hillary clinton "to all the little girls who are watching this: never doubt that you are valuable, and powerful, and deserving of
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achieve your own dreams."words of encouragement from hillary clinton - conceding to president-elect donald trump after election day.possibily enough encouragement to spark immediate inspiration.sot: dianne bystrom, catt center for women and politics 05:49:12:04 "from wednesday through yesterday --- i was tracking it -- we have over 25 people that just signed up for more information on ready to run"ready to run is a non- partisan campaign training program at the carrie chapman catt center for women and nonpartisan campaign training program at the center for women the classes guide women towards a life of leadership at all political levels. >> the biggest problem for women and politics is not that they can't get elected, if they run in an open race they have a 52% chance of winning so it is really getting them to run and getting them to run strategically and race they can win which are open seat races. in iowa's women in politics say they strive to also set a positive example. >> my colleagues have been willing to give me a fair shot
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any young woman who was out there thinking about running for office in iowa to please step up and run people will welcome you. >> as i travel the state i am constantly encouraging young girls and women to think about not only running for office but next on the fox 28 news at nine -- -- could a beautiful gambling casino like this one be built in the heart of cedar rapids. tonight we'll investigate the o.
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tomorrow on fox 28 morning live, the internet has become an online shopping mall.find out the new type of products more users are buying at home
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person.that's tomorrow morning right now - a new proposal is being developed for a gambling casino in cedar rapids.. local . parks floated the plan a few weeks ago.since then it's become clear it comes with both opportunity and challenge. 28 news anchor matt hammill, has been looking into all of this and joins us now with what he's found, matt? ??????????? - years of slots and black - jack in iowa - and cedar rapids is the only large city without a casino.tonight - you'll hear from the major players - in a high stakes ge gamewho are trying to improve the odds . " ding ding ding ding ding ding ding . "it's just across the street from thousands who come to concerts and sporting events at the u-s cellular center.. " ching ching ching ching ching "just up the block from some of the most popular restaurants and bars in town
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town just a short walk for convention goers at the double tree. two weeks ago a pink gorilla first avenue and the rail road tracks - could bring bringcedar rapids a monster could bring cedar rapids a monster jackpot with this brand new $40 million boutique casino. >> if this happened would look at the casino in cedar rapids. >> he is proud of the casino industry since the beginning and the newest success this beautiful casino here in jefferson. the third operation for wild rose and the last gambling in iowa. when steven emerson went looking for an experienced
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business to downtown restaurants and the convention center wild rose saw an opportunity to win the next license too. when we listen to the commission what what the previous application it is not as big and not as impactful. >> cedar rapids has been down this road before this is where things get complicated three years ago with great enthusiasm investors led by propose the grand $160 million cedar crossing casino it held the promise of thousands of jobs crowds of tourists and millions of dollars for flood protection and local charities. >> the river side casino fought it tooth and nail saying it would steal his customers. >> the whole point
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could take 30% of the profits he and investors could watch as the gamings commission crushes the city's dream for a gambling license. >> corbit says the proposal caught everyone by surprise and while it could work right now the city's loyalty is still with those who spent more than $6 million. >> so another group couldn't cut in line and take advantage of all the work they did. >> saying the racing and commission gaming members say a smaller casino is not a sure bet. >> clearly the 800-pound gorilla. >> the all 19 casinos are profitable in putting millions of dollars back in their communities while other states have seen gambling operations
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protecting the industry but not an exact science. >> there is no magic number, that says if you have more than a 20% impact on a facility it is no, if you have less, it is yes. >> the cedar crossing casino site is still an empty lot, other developers have proposed buildings but locked up until 2018 between cedar crossing and the city. recently emerson's group offered a $100 million reimbursement fund to help pay back the investors he says their offer represents pennys on the dollar to investors we continue to work on another path forward that would be more beneficial to cedar rapids. wise rose says the boutique idea is simply part of emerson's vision for downtown, despite the agreement with gray, they hope the city will support a great plan.
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violent that and go forward and say them or us, this is an option and maybe one that comes at a good time the gaming commission some studies admitcannibalization may be true. >> it will be interesting to see what a different market study would show. >> as for the city support he hopes any decision comes down to the what the rapids want. >> should we rally around a new effort which may not be exactly what we wanted or hoped for but something is better than nothing or should we take the attitude you know let's go big or go home? >> i think this would be nothing but great for cedar rapids. >> there is one final wild card that could be played before this whole game is over the worse kept political secret in iowa is that mayor corbit is thinking about running for
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a gaming commission member who might vote on a future cedar i go out every night its clear and look at the sky so i definantly will be. be.a closer look at tonight's definitely will be. a closer look at tonight's super moon and will share some of your pictures of the phenomenon. has been the case for quite some time here in eastern iowa, a big flow coming in pacific that's spreading really mild air in the midwest we have unseasonably warm temperatures in the forecast for the next several days we'll tell you when we could see our next with our $3.50 sub of the day, there's never been a better time to try something deliciously different. every day of the week, get a featured six-inch subway sub for just $3.50.
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the $3.50 sub of the day
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cameras and telescopes were out in full force tonight to get a close look at the supermoon!earlier today . cameras, telescopes benoculars to reach its closest spot in 70 years, while that sounds impressive the difference is hardly noticeable to the naked >> essentially what happens as the moon goes around the earth sometimes it is closer and sometimes it is further away not by a lot but when it is closest it is 5.5% closer than the it is further it is 5.5% further away. >> the chief meteorologist terry swails did you get a chance to peek out there at that moon? >> you know i did! we were out there together. got moon beams coming on us tonight, we are blowing in here and it was a pretty site and we
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in to the tv station from our viewers out there which one of those that translates pretty nicely on tv you can see the blue skies at sunset and in that orange moon just coming up over the trees there, looks very impressive and even rebecca got out with her camera tonight here in the backyard taking some pictures, but i don't think she had much success did you rebecca? she is learning she has a brand new camera. anyway pretty scene around eastern iowa in the radar it is not showing any precipitation and there is none of that in the forecast for the next three days but friday, a pretty good chance that showers maybe even some thunderstorms will move back into the forecast here is our satellite tonight up in the north you have had to deal with a few clouds in our eastern and southern counties skies have been pretty clear so the best viewing for the super moon has been in this portion of our viewing area these clouds won't be along they'll move out late
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early in the day tomorrow for the commute here in the corridor the clouds will be departing temperatures will be cool but not unusually so looks like readings in the upper 30s to near 40 degrees and after that with the sunshine they'll rise quickly and once again tomorrow right back up there around 60 for a high temperature. so sunny skies and mild again for tomorrow that warmth will stick around through thursday that's the day when i think we have a chance of reaching 70 degrees and then that strong front hits that's expected to generate showers maybe thunderstorms and then sharply colder conditions will move into the midwest just in time for the upcoming weekend but what an amazing november it has been so far, our average high temperature coming in at 64 degrees that makes this the second warmest november on record so far, we've gone 18 consecutive days with above normal temperatures and 12 days without any rain so that is a mighty fine stretch of weather and you could see
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projecting thursday we're up to 71 degrees that's 26 degrees above normal. here is the problem, though, we have a front that arrives late on friday, look what happens to temperatures after that by saturday we're down to 36 degrees for high temperatures so that will be 9 degrees below normal and stay in the 30s on sunday and low 40s on monday so it won't be long before the beautiful conditions start to move out of the upper midwest you'll want to get out and enjoy it might be we see 70s again probably 6 or 7 months. here is our front moving to the southeast of us that's not impressive it was a weak one another one trying to come in from the northwest once that gets into eastern iowa that's going to fizzle out and fall apart so we don't expect any cooling from that and if anything even warmer air is expected to move in from the west you could see this flow coming right off the pacific here, that will see to it that temperatures stay well above normal for the next several days but eventually it is that
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this weekend. tonight in the north end thursday under partly cloudyskies in our southern counties readings to 36 to 39 degrees partly cloudy the rest of the night for the north tomorrow we're back into sunshine upper 50s to low 60s normal heils are in the 40s so no complaints in our southern counties a few spots as warma 64 or 65 the far south 62 in amana and 62 no monticello. when things look great through thursday it is beyond that when we see that big downturn, chance for showers has formed friday 30s for saturday and there is a chance there could be a few snow flurries around parts of eastern iowa. the coverage continues with meteorologist rebecca taking a look at our corridor commute. >> we have some areas with detours set up one road that's going to be closed but really no major hiccups out there on
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there is work being done on heartland drive that's going to start in the morning hours they'll close the road and it is mainly going to affect southbound traffic there that's going to be south of commerce drive the road will be closed during just the daytime hours so if you do happen to leave work later in the morning you could run into this issue and that's actually going to continue through this week up until friday. one other thing i wanted to update you on is the construction going on along highway 30 in down the bridge there is a detour that has been expanded just a bit it will take you around highway 30 just a bit as they continue to do construction and that's actually going to be in place for about another year as they continue to do the work at 80th street in cedar rapids. next on the fox 28 news at 9:00. you have to be excited about your life you can't just get rundown because life is tough. >> the hawkeye legend returns
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message what they had to tell about the next generation of leaders when the fox 28 news at
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july -- army corps . we're tracking the news that broke late this afternoon about the dakota access pipeline, the army core of engineers the company building the pipeline will have to wait to go underneath the missouri river in this part of north dakota, called cannonball north dakota that's where the standing rock sioux tribe has been protesting quite a bit
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bore underneath the missouri river so the pipeline can cross overcome down into south dakota across iowa and end in illinois back in july the ar maine a -- army corps of engineers, and december 1 - north dakota -- south dakota -- iowa -- shipping in illinois. 12-hundred milesissue in cannon ball north dakota. science programs at the state's largest community college are getting a major financial boost.the national science foundation has awarded 800-thousand dollars to kirkwood community college. college.the money will go towards a variety of programs. more than half will be used to fund scholarships for students preparing for careers in electrical, computer, and
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22-thousand students enroll at kirkwood each year he starred on the football field at kinnick and even ran back a kickoff in a super bowl. today, tim dwight returned to iowa city to share his keys to success with the next generatio. generation. "you have to be excited about your life you can't just get rundown because life is tough. so you got to find something you're passionate about and drive after it and do some things that people don't think you can do" do"dwight spoke to students at mark twain elementary today.he says its important to change the worldtoday, dwight is a solar energy advocate and splits his time between iowa and california--learning about new developments in solar advocate and spends time in iowa and california learning about new developments in solar energy and the school has a new twain tiger thanks to dwight who donated the money to buy the new mascot costume. >> in fairfax, a major boost,
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to see the war memorials in their honor today a number of groups and citizens in fairfax came together to make a significant contribution their effort raised $30,000 for the flight. today's presentation at the savings bank will pay for 55 vets to make their trip in the future. this is the last week to register for toys for tots and food assistance you must register by friday the 18th and can pick up th the salvation army on c avenue northwest you'll need to bring a lynn county picture id proof of children, and proof of income. if you'd like to make a toy donation for the program, we'll be accepting those december 8th drop off your unwrapped toy at 600 old marion road northeast. next on the fox 28 news at 9:00. >> right through and the
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wolverines michigan unbeaten no more. >> and iowa takes down a major football force what the team
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iowa state's first game of the season -- a lapper against savannah state -- and . iowa state's first game of the season the cyclones welcome mount saint mary the hilton, let's face it the only thing worth knowing about mount saint maries when it comes to basketball, his brother is on the team a family affair in ames, this was all about big brothers team first half, morris drives and dishes to matt thomas the ice man knocks down the triple thomas finished with 13 points later this is
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the miss, nick takes it himself and throws down the two-handed slam, 10 points from the sophomore off the bench you can't forget about morris the giant for two of his team high 18 cyclones win easy 73-55 and improve to 2 and 0. let's face it nobody, you, me, everybody in iowa across the country thought the hawks could beat the wolverines maybe except themselves that's all they needed some how kirk and his staff got the hawks to buy in, and shock the world with an undefeated team and they did by playing their hearts out and that feeling is definitely something they need. >> feeling is speechless. we needed this win, we needed this win and we needed this win for us and we just believe. >> it takes a lot to the
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preaching to us to believe we can beat them and we believe that 100% going into the game we have no doubt that we're going to win. >> today the honors piled in for the hawks iowa swept the big 10 player of the week, johnson was named the defensive player of the week, manny took home the freshman of the week honor and it was a no-brainer keith duncan was the special player of the week. the hawks weren't the only clones got their second win iowa state wen into kansas as the favorite left with a w. matt campbell's first big 12 conference win since taking over the program for him and the rest of this year, it is all about sending the seniors out on a high note. >> this team hadn't stopped fighting they haven't stopped playing hard and you know they've had to overcome a lot in their own career, we talk about a loss of a bunch of guys before the year starts talk
9:40 pm
these deserve way more than that, they are laying a great foundation for the future of the football program. >> the future looks bright in the case of david montgomery. and the career high 169 yards on 24 carries against kansas, with 105 of those yards coming in the second half. all of that earned montgomery honors of the week. speaking of awards, gustafsson named the big week for their performance. posted back to back double- doubles to a 2 and 0 start and the coach isn't surprised one bit about the play on the court. >> she has just gotten better so we expected great things out of megan and certainly she started the season that way are there ups and downs in every season in yeah it is a long season i don't want to put pressure on her she has to keep
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>> we have everything basketball, football, wrestling started up. it is kind of all blending together. >> there should be nice weather for anybody who might be practicing outside, a little chilly. >> chilly, yes, chilly i promise you that much. might even be a few snow flurries on saturday how does that sound for fun. >> i am excited! >> we definitely have a big change coming but it is three days away and that's something we'll talk about in our 14 day
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university this is a statue honoring sister mary francis ward who founded the sisters of mercy, sure is a pleasant night for anyone who might be out enjoying the crisp autumn air, turning to our meteorologist terry swails. we have our super moon, starting to see clouds push into our northern counties these are not overly thick, these will move on to the tonight but by tomorrow morning they should kick on out of here and we'll get back into some sunshine for the morning commute tomorrow morning no issues around eastern iowa dry temperatures and clouds early in the day moving out quickly as we get to the good morning hours. let's go beyond the seven day and tonight we definitely have some things to talk about here. what we've got are the dates
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see the 15th of november to the 28th you have a 14 day period everything in red here is above normal temperatures everything below in the blue is below normal readings you can see we start out good we have four days in a row where the temperatures are in the 60s low 70s a strong front plows across here that will drop temperatures for the weekend down into the 30s for highs there will be a brisk wind by sunday morning some models are indicating wind chills that will be down in the mid upper teens around eastern iowa then we get a little bit of a bump on temperatures get back into the upper 40s to around 50 and then another front comes on through you can see the temperatures cool back into the upper 30s to lower 40s. what you're looking at right in here while much cooler than what we've been seeing that's actually just about seasonal as far as temperatures go this time of year i promise you this much when that front there arrives it is going to make a big difference in the weather
9:46 pm
us back into reality. as far as our extended forecast goes, thursday 71 degrees on thursday, just an amazing day near record in spots but after that our front brings showers and storms for friday after that maybe a few snow flurries in parts of the area on saturday, and you could see the temperatures only in the 30s for highs saturday and sunday and morning lows sunday and monday well down into the 20s. weather first team coverage continues with meteorologist rebecca taking look at our commute. we have a couple of corridor, no major traffic hiccups out there for the morning commute but down in coralville there will be a detour set up in the daytime hours at heart land drive it is going to be closed off for the northbound traffic and it is going to be or southbound traffic rather that's going to be closed off northbound traffic will remain open that's south of commerce drive near the costco down in coralville that will be closed just during the daytime hours so if you
9:47 pm
that roadblock there is a detour set up in place that will be in effect through friday one more thing to update you on is along highway 30 in cedar rapids we do have a detour in place at the 80th street bridge where there is currently construction going on there the detour expanded a bit that's going to be in place for about a year as they continue --getting rid of fall before the snow arrives.hear what city leaders have to say about the tedious task of picking up all those lees leaveswhen the fox 28 news at
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police overtime for anti-trump protests has cost nearly $500,000, officials say; . we're tracking the impact from some of the anti-donald trump rallies across the country at the end of last week portland oregon had one that got especially violent the only one we've seen in the movement so far the portland oregon police telling us that cost a half million dollars in overtime for their police officers and they are still not done countg time even just tonight in seattle komo4 out there is showing pictures this is morgan one of the reporters, matt taking pictures of the earlier pictures as well some of the earlier demonstrators to the cool children off from work or school rather, or left school just to go out and protest it has started to break up in the last little bit but now this is the remanents you see bicycle
9:51 pm
at, tomorrow at 5:00 we're expecting to see the back end of some protests happening in the corridor mainly in iowa city. be sure to catch in for right at that point we'll talk to some of the people who are in those protests and talk about their march through downtown iowa city, kelly, back to you. many in cedar rapids are still waiting to get rid of all their fall leaves. several crews were out today in the northeast quadrant, we wanted to know why pick up was taking so long this ye even though it did get underway later in previous years city leaders tell fox 28 news the biggest reason is sitting right on the ground. >> we have a lot of leaves downright now which means it is taking a little longer for our leaf collection off officials say residents can use yard carts to store leaves or other organic materials they are collected every week throughout the year. next on the fox 28 news at 9:00, our chief meteorologist
9:52 pm
prepare for the weather tomorrow but first check out this story from our digital partners at circa news. for many democrats donald trump's election feels like the end of their political dreams but there were several key issues where we might see trump and others working together. >> there are a lot of areas i think we can work together if he was sincere in what he said. >> first infrastructure. >> we'll and rebuild bridges, highways,schools. house minority leader nancy will work with trump and also see movement to increase the minimum wage in july he said he would support raising the minimum wage to $10. they could see an opening to make a wage hike happen.
9:53 pm
president trump on those issues. could also team up on trade. called obama's trade deals a disaster both warren and sanders agree. >> he spoke against the need for reform of our trade deals so they aren't the raw deal for the american people. >> they may not be happy about the election outcome but progressers are ready to do deals with the donald. >> when his deal is to increase economic security of middle
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if you're making your holiday shopping list, here's an idea! a smartwatch completely powered by your body . if you are making your holiday shopping list here is an idea a smart watch powered by your body heat is watch. usesthermo electrics, it has features just hike a fitness tracker including a step counter, on sale today for about $100. very interesting. tekkie, very tekkie, interesting is right. >> nice gift. okay. and a great forecast for you here for three more days temperatures will be gradually trending upwards we'll get to 62 tomorrow afternoon with sunshine, maybe a 70 degree high on thursday and the crash comes just in time for the weekend.
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great night.
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(car door closes, footsteps) charlie: thank you for transporting me home. you're a terrific cab driver and i hope someday to visit your country. damn, where is that key? here, key-key-key-key- key-key-key-key. aha! hello, key. (key rattling in lock) oh, no... wrong house. i'm lost! hello? hi, alan. come on in. why don't you come in here? i can't. i lost my key.


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