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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  November 15, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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right now on fox 28 news at 9. council."they need to proactively take a stance." stance."why investigators won't let you see the video of the night in question. question."and there is near record highs in our future, i'll have those big numbers for you in your weatherfirst fo" forecast,"new tonight, environmentalists sound the in your weather first forecast. >> new by mellow sound the alarm about america's next present. >> the bells are going off. this could be an >> more live reports. more investigations. more people working for you. you're only 9 pm news. you're watching the most complete newscast of the day. fox 28 news at 9 begins. >> right now many in cedar rapids are demanding answers after an officer involved shooting earlier this month. police opened fire on a suspect jerime mitchell who remains hospitalized since the
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dora miller has been following the case since the beginning and joins us now live with the ongoing outcry. >> reporter: every day for two weeks jerime mitchell support system has stood here demanding answers and change. every night you'll hear them on this corner...friends and family of jerime mitchell making sure he isn't forgotten. forgotten. "we basically want to make sure that this does not swept under the rug." family says the one thing they want from the officials... answers about what happened that night -- but release of a crucial video is still on hold. hold."it just adds insult to injury, we just really want them to release it so that way we can get justice." justice." "the longer it takes to get the information out about what happened, the more difficult it is to get people to believe that there's a transparency and an effort to work together."while they wait and protest for support... support...mitchell's family says they will continue to
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demonstrations, we want to make sure our voices are heard, we're bringing awareness but we want to make sure we're doing it the right way."while community members continue to bring awareness to issues that are hitting closer to home. home. "we don't like the concept of people getting stopped for taillights and license plate lights because far too often for african americans, that doesn't end positively." "we want to make sure this doens't happen to any other family because this is horrific." mitchell is hanging in there... they say he's a fighter and they will continue fighting on his behalf.there's no word yet on when the video will be releasedcovering the corridor in cedar rapids, dora miller fox 28 news many have asked why the public has not seen video recorded by >> many have asked why the public is not seeing the video record by cedar rapids police during the shooting of jerime mitchell.
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with what he has found. >> there are a number of times when video in a case can not in a matter of hours or days but not here in cedar rapids. two weeks after the shooting we have not seen the dashboard video recorded during the shooting. that is not out of the ordinary. an issue is the terminology of records, including video can ?not? be kept under wraps quote "except in those unusual circumstances where would plainly and seriously jeopardize an investigation..." police have refused fox 28 news' request to see the video from november 2nd, at the direction of linn county attorney jerry vander sanden. a statement today, vander sanden cited the very in a statement manderson and cited the rule we showed you to not release the video until the matter goes to trial or otherwise resolved. the bottom line i what law permits police to release the
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of the county attorney's interpretation that will not happen in this or any other case in linn county. >> the recent ambition of two to more police officers and --one lawmaker's proposal at steffi lee tells us about a lawmaker's proposal at the capital. >> at the urbandale police department flag still fly at half staff with chalk lighting the sidewalks in front of a large memorial. it's been tragic shootings of the point police sergeant. tony but many oh -- and justin martin. >> seeing the support this has been a wonderful way of showing their appreciation for what we do every day. >> another form of support of law enforcement to soon come in the shape of new legislation. republican state are presented in plans to draft a bill pushing for proper penalties
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enforcement officers and firefighters. >> i'm looking in terms of murder, he -- vehicular homicide or crimes that would be associated with charging or kill law enforcement or firefighters. >> he says he is meeting with other lawmakers to narrow it down the finer details within the pale. one possibility that could be brought into discussion is incr minimum of the prison sentence depending on the crime. >> there is a lot of pain and grief going on at my agency and in the metro. i would like to see stiffer underwood says regardless of what lawmakers decide - it's their job to serve.sot: sgt. chad underwood 06:05:52:18 "professionally as a police agency, we have an obligation to fulfill all laws made by our legislatures."in des moines, steffi lee, fox 28 news. the aclu of iowa tells fox 28 news it's against any
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organization says there are already laws in place to punish anyone who assaults or kills any law enforcement offic. officer."these cases are prosecuted aggressively - premeditated killing or a deliberate killing of a police officer is already first degree murder which carries harshest penalities under iowa laws." in light of recent events, cedar rapids police will hold a community prayer service with a number of area pastors. called "to pray and serve," the event begins afternoon at three at several locations.if you'd like to take part, you can go to the cedar rapids, marion or hiawatha police departments, or to the linn county sheriff's office. a cedar rapids business is now showing its support -- --for police after a viral video showed an interaction between an officer and a customer allegedly asked to leave.brewhemia says in the aftermath of the controversial video, they wanted to show respect to police the best way they know they're
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free coffee of pastries to any offer who stops in. 13;49;35;20 recieved over 6 hundred dollars in the last 5 hours so thats a lot of cups of coffee. 7 7brewhemia says not every officer takes the free drink but they will continue to offer the option until the fund dries up. weatherfirst chief meteorologist terry swails joins us now -- --with a few days left of this gorgeous weather. is coming to expect to more days and then a big front roles in on friday. that is going to make a major change in our weather. until then temperatures are looking great in eastern iowa. we are expecting highs to be in the 60s and by thursday there's a chance for a record high or close to it as readings popped into the 70s. here's our satellite showing a few clouds roaming northeast but it's
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the evening. i tomorrow morning some patchy fog is expected to develop but that will burn off and tomorrow we will head for the high temperatures back into the 60s. >> right now controversy is building after a selection -- one selection by president- elect trump for the white house. kevin barry is in the breaking news desk. >> we have been tracking the latest developments in the trump transition team. one of the biggest names is steve bannon. he's going to be a senior advisor to president trump along with reince priebus. previous and the bandit will be equals or at least close to it in an unofficial way. steve bannon comes from breitbart media urges and all right website. it's a conservative heart of the gop -- not part of the gop but of the right-wing movement
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are anti-somatic and borderline racist. they said that steve bannon is that we too. reince priebus and the gop have defendant steve bannon. dave loebsack said he is troubled by president-elect a point of steve bannon. he joined in with a representative from rhode island in a letter calling to resend the position and take the pendant out of the role. a little higher out person -- senator. harry reid said i think you donald trump take responsibility , rice to the dignity of the office instead of hiding behind your twitter account. at the bottom he says fire steve bannon. tonight in i was city will talk about it next but we were at a protest that a lot of people said it was going to be an anti- hate protest. there was on the side that says tell paul ryan with the band's name crosstab. it's important to understand is not up to paul ryan. this is dr.'s transition team. he has sole authority of his
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about 10 minutes ago donald trump tweeted out saying organized process taking place as i decide on cabinet and many other positions. i'm the only one who knows who the final star. wreckage and idea on how much control president-elect trump is taking on some of these positions. paul ryan appealing to him to step in and say this is not right. so far it's entirely up to donald trump. later on we are talking about the one important piece of paper that every member of the transition team needs to sign for donald trump. it has not been done for the overwhelming majority of them. we will talk about that later in the show. >> in i was city a large group marched to the downtown district protesting against hate. organizers stressed the demonstration was not meant to counter president-elect donald trump. >> we are against hate and not against the candidate but that
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love and every -- and respect everyone. >> a protest last week in i was city is fueled one lawmaker to take action. fox28 karen fuller is with the backlash against the demonstration. >> money for education is under scrutiny and now republican lawmaker says he does not want any of it wasted on demons bobby coffman says he has seen school spent time on grief counseling after the election last week. after friday's protests in i was city that shut down rush- hour traffic coffman said he had seen enough. he said any actions like that which could receive funding from state institutions should be cut and penalties increase. one student we spoke with today says coffman's proposal is too much. >> i think it is justifiable to
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that's a personal choice and if you want to do so and the institution should not be punished for people seeking resources. >> coffman says he wants to introduce his bill during the legislative flat -- session in two months. now for the question of the day. do you think it makes any difference if high school and middle the election outcome? two customers go to . >> next on the fox 28 news at 9. >> is printed elect trump appointed cabinet those who have fought for the environment here in the corridor save there watching in horror . a closer look at what it could mean. >> i will let you know we could run into trouble spots on the road during your commute when
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tomorrow on fox 28 morning live, a special visit from a master organizer - how you can update your home from shabby to chic for less than a-hundred dollars. that's tomorrow morning right here >> a minimum wage increase that mayor of cedar rapids ron corbett wants to see lawmakers pass. corbett who many believe is considering a run for governor in 2018 says the increase is the only way to stop i will counties from trying to pass their own minimum wage increases. wage increases passed in linn and johnson county. year, the minimum wage in participating parts of johnson county will hit 10-10 an hour.linn county is also raising its minmum wage gradually over overthe next three years,
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but in both counties, some smaller communities have decided to opt out of the incre. increase.right now it's unclear if or when the republican controlled legislature will take up this issue. now that republicans have control of the united states house and senate, there are growing concerns about changes that will impact the enviroment.some iowans say as president elect donald trump adds members to his cabinet, it's just increasing their fear. 28 news anchor matt hammill joins us live with the story. ?????????????????????? candidate donald trump told voters exactly what he would do - if elected. now - one environmental defender - in the corridor - says - that's a promise - he's afraid he'll - keep.. keep.. " the alarm bells are going off .. this could be an environmental calamady. " iowa state senator rob hogg says knowing president elect trump believes climate change is a lie lie" it's all a hoax "and that two oil executives and alaska's sarah palin - are
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secretary of interior interior- " drill baby drill " is scaring those who care about the environment.he says trump's promise to abolish the e-p-a - promote oil he says trump's promise to abolish that epa promote oil and coal usage and abandon efforts on climate change could spell disaster. >> he could not delay us for years. he could set us back by doing " but some iow business owners - argue environmental regulations are so restrictive they're hurting people and need to be rolled back.hogg says despite what some think - republicans have a history of concern.teddy roosevelt - started the national parks - - george w bush pushed for solar - - and governor branstad has shown concern for water quality - and wind energ. energy." i still hope there's this republican tradition of energy.
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this republican tradition of acting on the environment. i hope president-elect trump will take the opportunity to do that. >> here along the cedar river tonight he says for those who are concerned on the environment watch for three appointments. he says what she see who hands up of the secretary of the interior, secretary of energy and head of the epa. he said those appointments will send a clear signal donald trump has in mind. covering the corridor in cedar rapids matt hammill fox28 news team expect just ahead on fox 28 news at 9 steps they want are you students to take to make sure they are safe in their dorms. >> a major storm is rubbing up to the west and it will send
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>> we are taking a live look downtown cedar rapids at mays island. the torch on the veterans memorial bui we better enjoy this while it lasts. >> sooner or later winter catches up with you. we have not had to deal with too much cold weather. that will change later on this week. short term two more days of beautiful weather. let's take a look at the radar. once again it is nice and quiet. we don't have a drop of rain over the midwest. this is the 13th consecutive date with no rain here in cedar
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that is a stretch of weather. on the satellite you can see a few clouds raising the northeastern corner of the state. most of what was in here has shifted off to the southeast. with clear skies and light winds and low level or should there is the possibility of patchy area of fog. for tomorrow morning looks good. it will be cool around the edges. temperatures will be in the 30s but otherwise patchy fog. the such and then comes out and later in the date most of us will be in the 60s for high temperatures. so tonight little fog but it is scattered and patchy. tomorrow afternoon where in the sunshine and looking for my temperatures and the big change comes in with a cold front on friday afternoon. let's talk about that storm. this is where will be on wednesday at 2:00. we have high pressure off to the east of us.
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our temperatures in the low 60s. the big storm will wrap up in southeastern colorado and eventually will make its way to the northeast. the time we get to thursday evening this low pressure has worked its way to western iowa. what happens on the other side of the front. snow is falling. for us on thursday we are in the warm sector of the storm. we have south winds blowing and that will send warm air into eastern iowa and the possibility of near warmth. this is what i am expecting for high temperatures. in cedar rapids i'm thinking 72. 72 in waterloo and 69 in dubuque. here are the records. we will end up a few degrees short of the actual records. we will be close to near record warmth around eastern iowa as that storm pubs that warm air in here. over the next seven days look at the temperatures. we will start out with
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thursday will be 27 degrees above normal with the highs 72. by saturday our high temperature is 37 degrees. we down from that 72. there's the possibility of a view snow showers. the cold blast is coming and the way this weekend looks is going to be the coldest one in cedar rapids since back on february 13 and 14th when we had highs of 16 and 20 degrees this will be the first back-to- back days in the 30s since march 2. it's been a long time coming. on the satellite you can see skies are clear around eastern iowa. that means another nice day coming up for tomorrow. in the north a little patchy fog. low temperatures around 32. 34 in manchester. further to the south temperatures a few degrees warmer. 35 in cedar rapids, 37 in
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afternoon we are back in the upper 50s and lower 60s in the northern counties. southeasterly winds 5 to 10. in the south temperatures at 63. skies mostly sunny during the afternoon hours. here's the extended forecast. here's where temperatures look good on thursday. then we have showers on friday and the front hits in the afternoon. you can see the te especially over the weekend with the highs only in the 30s. >> we continue now with meteorologist rebecca kopelman keeping an eye on your corridor commute. >> you know what they say when terry swails talks about cold weather? >> no. >> construction season winds down. i made that up. we will see some things winding down. will not have a tent to talk about for any delays on your morning commute. down in iowa city along a rocky
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close tween dale street and lee street. there is a detour in place. that will be in place until november 25. also it oakville drive between venting drive and across street. >> next up on fox 28 news at 9. >> the hunting down all the equipment after saturday night's big when you can.
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oklahoma city there is an active shooter. the actor shooter has that in the past few hours. will rogers world airport. 52-year-old michael winchester killed -- southwest airlines employee. investigation activeat approximately 6:30 p.m. all operations resumed at the
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students at the university of iowa are on edge -- --after two dorm intrusions in less than a week.the most recent happened sunday morning when a resident woke up to someone entering their room. housing officials tell fox 28 vigilant. "it's really important for students to make sure they're locking that when they're on their floor communities in the residence halls that they're locking the door at all times, because most times any burglaries or thefts that occur in the residence halls are crimes of convenience." convenience."this is the sixth crime alert on campus this semester. police are investigating whether the two intrusions are related. also on campus, a joyous campus this semester. police are investigating whether the two intrusions are related. also on campus a joyous moment
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key pieces of equipment. scott sanborn is here to explain what happened. >> you could not see the field on kinnick stadium after i was shot -- iowa should hawked -- shocked the football community. a few things that picked up from over enthusiastic fans. some fans took advantage of the staff not paying attention to their equipm around a dozen football helmets were missing. when was found after the game in the ped mall. >> it sounds like they all got in the nest yesterday morning. i think the last one that returned. the managers are
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was being taken. >> coach ferentz say fans were going after anything they could find. even his headphones. as of right now all major pieces of equipment are ready to go for this saturday's game in illinois. carry last weekend's momentum into a strong finish for the regular season -- --when the fox 28 news at nine
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>> the celebration from saturday night is now over and all i was eyes are on illinois. as pat moroney the hawks are not overlooking just because they are flying high. >> after knocking out third branch michigan in dramatic
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not because of what they did but because of what they know they can do going forward. >> the mood is good and everyone realize we can play. it's the same as last week. we want to come out and no we have to compete with every plate. >> i don't think confidence was an issue for us. we have not doubted ourselves. it shows we can play with anyone >> on paper illinois does not it's another big ten game - none of them come easy - we've just got to stay focused this whole week - and have energy we didn't do a good job two weeks ago - we did a much better job last week and we'll get tested again this week - and next week - and the challenge is to get ready for it like we did against penn state - put that one past us - put a tough loss behind us - we've got to put the win behind us as well - and move on to illinois - and we've done that
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accomplish this season - won't matter unless they beat illinois - and historically they have - their last loss to accomplish the rest of the season won't matter of sap illinois and historically they have. they have not lost to illinois since 2008 in champaign. in iowa city pat moroney fox28 sports.>> saturday will be huge for the panthers. do they get in with a when? no one knows. not even mark farley. >> i don't have the answer. i want to make sure we put ourselves in position. there are ways to justify stuff and ways not to.
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that's a winner from every weight class. friday they can dominate like that again at the iowa city duals. i will will face-off with iowa central. the competition is down but that does not matter to tom brands. >> this is important this weekend. it's not class a competition. it's not a great competitive weekend but i don't look at it that way. you have to be ready every time out. any coach will tell you that about any high-powered team or any non-high-powered team. you have to be ready to go. >> iowa state hosting uni. early in the first the panthers on the attack.
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45 seconds into the game but they never let again. later it's gina taking it hard to the rack for two. iowa state wins 76-68. i'm glad that mark farley said flipping instead of the other word. >> yes. >> it made a good they say what comes up must come down. we have a beautiful they plan
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>> we're looking live at first avenue in cedar rapids this evening. we are checking into our weather first forecast with chief meteorologist terry swails we had a few scattered clouds in our skies earlier but those have pushed off to the south east and expected the rest of tonight. with light winds and low level moisture that can create some areas of fog. i think it will be patching in nature but there is the possibility of some of that around for the corridor commute tomorrow morning. look for temperatures to be in the mid-30s across much of the area. 35 in mount vernon. winds will be south east at 5 to 10. if there is fog will burn off quickly.
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eastern iowa. we will take you beyond the seven-day to our 14 day outlook. you can see the dates at the bottom of the screen. we are burning to 29 november. things start off very nice all the way up to 70 degrees on thursday afternoon. then our strong front comes through and you can see below normal temperatures are expected on the 19th through 21st. after that temperatures to go back up but not too far from normal. that midshipman to upper 40s. i do not see any of these 50s 60s and 70s anytime soon around eastern iowa. we will be much colder and more active in the first part of december. in our extended forecast with breaking it down in detail. are at 63 tomorrow and 72 on thursday. on friday afternoon our front
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showers or isolated thunderstorms then falling temperatures in the day. on saturday gusty winds around and maybe a snow shower early in the morning. after that it looks quiet and cool with a temperature of 39. we will be towards the 40s on monday and tuesday was next week. we are still missing too much precipitation but much colder temperatures. >> we continue with meteorologist rebecca kopelman and our corridor commute. >> luckily we do not have a lot of things to talk about in terms of your commute in the morning. not a lot of construction or road closures. down in iowa city we do have payment going on. rocky shore drive between lee street until street is going to be close. there will be a tour and also in open drive between then and oak. there will be alternating ring closures and i will be in place
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. >> welcome to the don of a new unified republican government. >> speaker of the house celebrates a major mandate from within his own party when fox 28 news at 9 returns. >> listen throughout the day for your past the mighty 1630 kcjj. >> it's a fresh start in washington come january. here's what's happening behind the headlines. president elect the company to congress have a lot of work cut out for them. one of the first orders of happen.a republican president and republican majorities in the house and senate don't necessarily translate into more responsible spending. non-defense, discretionary spending grew faster under george w. bush and the gop
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bill clinton. congressional republicans talked a good game but spent taxpayer money like drunken sailors on liberty. by the way, i'm retired navy by the way, i'm retired navy so i'm allowed to say that. it's gotten worse since then. washington spending practices were stupid in the past eight years. were the geniuses that thought up this sequester. to adopt responsible spending policies means everything the table. there are no sacred cows even defense. must be better stewards of the nation's finances then they've been in the last few decades. our future depends on comment, go to behind the headlines dot net.i'm mark
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y24zzy y12fy transition >> serious agreement that generally prevents two sides from revealing compromising information about the other.- christie signed one early on-
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despite an on-again off-again relationship with now president-elect donald trump, speaker of the house paul ryan was unanimously nominated to keep his leadership role today. today.there had been speculation that friction between the speaker and candidate trump would lead to his removal from the top job in the house.but, after meeting with the president- elect last week, it now appears that both are president elect last week it appears they both are committed to working together on a strong republican led agenda. >> we recognize the task ahead of us is huge. if we want to put our country for the democrat's minority leadership, they decided to delay any decision. party members now expect to nominate their leaders by the end of the month. for more than 30 years, iowa law has required children to
9:51 pm
restraint devices. 28 news anchor karen fuller joins us now and karen, it sounds like iowans are doing a good job of following the rules. they ?are and the numbers are pretty impressive.the university of iowa college of public health recently surveyed whether children were properly restrained.they were of public health surveyed whether children were being properly restrained and they were surprised to find a 99% compliance rate. out of 243 children checked only one was not properly restrained new boards and toddlers to write in rear facing seats until they are when you're old and weigh 20 pounds. those recommendations keep kids rear facing until the age of two. i will law states kids must write in a safety seat booster until age 5. after that general seat belt rules apply but experts recommend that kids say in the backseat until age of
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researchers found less than a quarter of middle-income family use spanking is a form of punishment. that's less than half the figure found by the same steady 23 years ago. the study says in most cases spanking is being replaced by the clinically proven method of timeout. >> next on the fox28 news at nine chief meteorologist terry swails gives you a final look at your weather first forecast and how to prepare for the weather tomorrow. check out the stor venues. >> for so long we have not focused on our creative class. on the pico -- people who work with their hands and express their creativity by making. >> the maker movement is playing a role to bring
9:53 pm
in 2014 st. louis saw the biggest spike start up with in the nation. >> they are creating jobs for themselves and others. >> startups have created 1.5 million jobs per year. create space has 18 incubate ease. cities like medicine and portland are joining forces with makers to push the creative economy forward. 26% of us cities spaces. already one third of the us workforce is people working for themselves. while it will not replace the manufacturing industry with these makers are producing our handcrafted items that sell at a premium and there is a growing market for these goods. >> people have opportunity to build their own jobs and think about how they can contribute to the economy in a different way than people have a passive
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>> we're getting a final check for our weather first forecast. >> we may have some fog but i don't think it will be as heavy as it was today. temperatures will take off and we should be at 63 for the afternoon high. it gets warmer on thursday. that's the date we could be in
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all of you enjoy it. have a great evening and thanks for watching.
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