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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  November 16, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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nine.a teacher accused of sexually ex right now at fox28 news at 9. a teacher accused of sexually exploited a high school student gets her trial moved why she can't get a fair trial in linn county. it can ruin your day in the blink of an i. close encounters with deer and whatnot to do. temperatures heading for 70 70 degrees. we'll have that and more coming mofr live reports and investigations people working for you. your only 9:00 p.m. news. fox28 news at 9 begins now. . we start tonight with breaking news desk we're tracking a natural explosion in canton, illinois. 2 hours and 45 minutes southwest of cedar rapids.
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affiliate in canton, illinois, this is the scene we're looking at. it's a natural gas explosion you can see bricks all along the roadway. fire crews and first responders already on the scene. there is a reporter and it is confirmed 1 person as has died. they also say that many people have been brought to the hospital already and this is you tonight as well from inside a local shop that's nearby. only by 6 seconds long but you see there as the blast happens, it blows out the front window here and opens up the doors to -- we're tracking the explosion all night long to get you updated and see whaktly what happened. so far what we know 1 person dead and many injured and this just happened in the last 2 hours or so.
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you've no doubt seen them on the side of the road as you've been driving around. the dangerers of dodging deer can cost you more than just a few dents. we are live in cedar rapids to explain. >> iowa ranks fourth in terms of car deer collision and the sometimes the drivers in the vehicles die in the collision. can happen anywhere, any time of day or night. the question is whether drivers are prepared when it does a warning some of the video you're about to see is a little graphic. it happens just that fast. >> i didn't see him until i saw his face on the side window. >> reporter: this man says yesterday afternoon this young buck jumped out the ditch and nearly totaled his mustang on highway 6. >> i slow down so i can watch more carefully but -- that's
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>> biologist mating season and that one is totalled. " dale wolf- cool - at ream auto body says the carnage is towed in almost every morning . ." usually where your impact points are .. like here where morning. >> usually where the impact points where it crushes you got to start looking for frame damage. >> he says a 200-pound deer meeting a car going 70 can cause $13,000 damage and put fear in your heart. of them come in. you immediately tell your kids please don't go out of town because they're out there. >> you see one you need to look forest more. >> reporter: cedar rapids police say probably one hundred have already been struck in town and often the only option is hit the deer. >> in tingly you're going to want to veer but on i two lane 2-lane road if you go into
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be a cat tros if i can something of another motor vehicle. >> reporter: back live along the marion bypass really anywhere you find woods or water you're likely to find deer and the buy gist say the rut or mating season will last into january. covering the corridor tonight in linn county. matt hammill fox28 nudz. depending on the equipment used there are several deer hunters that they can your screen or the d-n-r website. checking in with weatherfirst chief meteorologist terry swails -- on some changes coming our way. new this hour --
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mercy medical center is now the fourth hospital in the perform open heart surgery. mercy tells fox 28 news that state regulators gave mercy final approval to offer the new services and purchase new equipment.unitypoint - saint lukes in cedar rapids, mercy iowa city, and university of iowa hospital and clinics already perform open heart procedures.the gazette reports both saint lukes and uihc opposed this week's decision, claiming that eastern iowa's need for the procedure was already met.
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sexually exploiting one of her students -- --will not be tried here in linn county. 28 news anchor karen fuller joins us now to explain why a judge agreed to the request from the defense. attorney's representing mary beth haglin said media exposure made it impossible >> attorneys representing marry bet hag land the media exposure made it impossible for her to get a fair trial but that's not the reason she will now be tried in tama county. washington high school in cedar rapids where she worked as a substitute. since the accusations were made, prosecutors elevated the charge against her after they say she violated a no contact order and appeared on the doctor phil show talking about the case. but it is the sudden retirement of long time warn wash principal doctor raffle mrag man that judge kevin mk cove said forced him to move the trial. his retirement came amid a
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against hag land. she is due in court next week for a pretrial heefrg. developing right now after weeks of investigation, amen minimum police officer is now charged for the shooting death of a black man during a traffic stop. fox28 news is tracking the developments from the breaking news desk. >> the minnesota police officer is charged with second-degree manslaughter for the july 6th incident that was streamed live on facebook live at after the victim was shot nearly 7 times. it started a big dialogue across the united states about the role of social media in the way that police form community relations with the people who they are forced to protect. now, an interesting kind of nugget to this story as well, is that the victim and the officer who shot him, actually had a run-in together before or
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together before. the victim had been booked on a previous charge earlier and the officer was an officer who booked him into the jail system so they had interacted before whether or not they recognized each other during this strained encounter nobody knows yet but we know the charge is second- degree manslaughter and this had happened over in the middle of the summer. those charges coming out now. we're going to continue to track this story as well as that develops in the coming weeks and mont back to you. new goments a dispute over a cover charge in iowa city based on how you voted. scott sanborn jones with what one of the managers had to say about this. fox28 news talked to 1 man who was shocked to see the posted coverage dharj it was double for people that voted for donald trump.
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only determined about who they voted for but who they rooted for at the football game. >> my employees shouldn't feel threatened. people live in the building gs, you know, they shouldn't have to worry. it was meant for hum more and somebody didn't find in humerus and it got out of hand. >> the man didn't want husband to give us called threatening to burn down the rest lant rant. the group positive words action held an event in support of muslim americans and immigrants. organizers say they want to make all fellow sit sglens feel welcome and displays are just one to counteract the rhetoric. today house republicans here in iowa re-elected linda ut mooir as speaker of the house.
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republicans plans for the upcoming legislative year. >> with 11 new members and 59 seat majority house supreme year linda ut mooir says it's time to get back to work listening to voters with the changes they want to see. the seats are still empty inside house chambers right now but iowa's house republicans are getting ready for the 2017 looked at where there's >> we're focus on the things we've done well and also where changes. >> reporter: ut mooir didn't provide reporters with spefkdz on what changes iowans can expect. one issue that may come up is income tax policy. >> we'll study the topic. >> she says lawmakers are still studying the state budget and priority is efficiency. >> many times we looked at the opportunity to try and see where there's duplication. where is there a program that maybe that particular program
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success of another program. >> as union start negotiating contracts, the fate of collective bargaining in the state is is also up in the air. >> we'll have discussions about that simply because of the year. we'll see where that goes. >> with advocates also pushing for more heks manded medical marijuana laws lawmakers brought up wh drive to minnesota to get marijuana oil. >> the growers in minnesota lost last year. >> this is a conversation of how you would create an environment where something could be sustained without taxpayer glarz. >> we're only less than 2 months before we start to see what bills get proposed in both chambers. nine -- --"i noticed that the flames
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right out of the front panel." panel."how this common household appliance caught on fire and tips for where to check yours to make sure it
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tomorrow on fox 28 morning live, we head into the kitchen with nina!she's here to tell us about a sweet holiday favorite you'll want to make for the relatives this year. that's tomorrow morning right here at 7 a-m. your dishwasher...running quietly while you
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quietly while you sleep or as you walk out the door might have a hidden dangerers. dish washers are causing millions of dollars in damages and sometimes even death. you might not even know you have a danger until it happens to you. >> we don't commonly think dishwasher, he's more careful. careful. there are a number of appliances in your home that you use every single day...dr. mark shannan found out not all of them are as harmless as they look.?dr. mark shannan//dishwasher fire victim?05:23:42 i was sitting in the chair right behind you, and my oldest daughter at the time, audrey, came in and said, 'dad, there's a fire in the kitchen.'shannan was sure it was nothing.untila& 05:40:05 i just came around this way, came through the living room and the second that i got to about this point, i noticed that the flames and the smoke were coming right out of the front panel (11)?dropbox video? :12 there's smoke coming out of the dishwasher and i just saw
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entire thing.:37 i mean, it's smoking. are you seeing this? :56 let me just hit the switch nats click05:26:25 opened it up and it was black. there was smoke all on the insidehe says he had no idea this could happen.05:31:58 it was not even on my radarmike corrigan >> it was not even on my radar. abc home and commercial services ceases dozens of dish washer related calls and the risk comes from two main problems. >> this is your contro this is where you have 90% of your probs. this here gets hot and starts to over heat and this melts on catches on fire. >> that's what happened to this dish washer. >> all around the door panel and on the side. >> reporter: the control board issues fwernlly turn into manufacturer recall according to the sxurm product saift
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bottom panelcorrigan says the other common problem14:48:41 the only way to know is to take it apart and look at it 14:56:41 nats taking off box coveris something you may never see.14:56:58 lot of times what they do is they get these wire nuts the incorrect size. and when these are incorrect, the wires inside of here will get loose and start to spark and arc and when they do that, that's when they get hot and start to melt these wire nuts then these wires catch on fireit's something not even an inspector would catch before you buy a home because they rarely take appliances apart.nats corrigan's advice?always have a professional install your dishwasher or any appliance. check pl were already installed when you moved in.and as tempting as it may be to start the wash cycle as you head out the door 14:51:16 don't do it. shouldn't really run any appliances at all if you're not going to be home. something shannan and his family haven't done since. (dropbox video - wife's voice? 1:58 well it's a good thing we didn't start it before we left 05:30:34 from that point forward we have never used our dishwasher or our washer/dryer and then left the housesimple changes ... that could
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cedar rapids fire department says first and foremost -- call the fire department if you believe there could be something wrong with your the meantime, if you start to see smoke, turn off the power switch.if you can't do that, they say smoke turn off the power and have the smoke detector running and also keep the door closed to contain flames because they tend to distinguish if they don't have oxygen. fox28 just ahead. >> they think of new york city when they think of start ups but it's right here too. the effort to educate eastern iowans for jobs that want to take root here in the corridor. >> reporter: temperatures near kansas city are nearly 70 degrees. un seasonably mild air will be over us tomorrow afternoon. we have the possible of seeing near record high temperatures
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this is a live picture of the we're taking a live look right now at the white house in washington d.c. which president elect donald trump will call home in a couple of months. we'll have an update in 7 minutes. first meteorologist terry swails we better enjoy the weather tomorrow while it lasts when we get up into the 70s this time of year you're really doing something and i suspect this will be the last 70 -degree day we'll see in several months we'll see in eastern iowa. i'll tell you what's going on
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we have the radar to show you and absolutely no rain around eastern iowa or any portion of the upper midwest. this is the 14th consecutive day with no rain in eastern iowa and that combined with the mild temperatures we've been experiencing has made for an amazing stretch of november weather. now we are starting to see a few high clouds come into the midwest. this is associated with a major storm system that will come moving northeast out of colorado in the next 24 hours. that will it to the west while here in eastern iowa we'll experience the south winds and mild temperatures. tomorrow morning early in the day, we may have a few scattered clouds around but the temperatures will be very mild for this time of year. our normal low is back in the upper 20s and we're looking at readings in the upper 40s. the day gets off to a mild start and by the time we all come home later in the day temperatures will be pretty close to the upper sibts to lower 70s.
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and windy conditions tomorrow afternoon butter near records high a possibility and beyond that a front arrived and sharply colder conditions are anticipated for friday afternoon and right on through the upcoming weekend. tomorrow the warm side of the storm and these are the record high temperatures for our major cities. 73 in cedar rapids. 75 in iowa city. 74 in waterloo and these are the forecast temperatures we maybe just a little short of the records i th reaching them. so here's our storm we're watching out here in colorado. we got a warm front associated with that. as building north ward and as the storm increases in intensity and heads up towards minnesota. tomorrow well in the warm secretary your and that's where all the 70s will be found. you can see snow developing out to the west and as the cold front comes off the east and hits us on friday afternoon the
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the cold air will surgery on in here on winds that could go over 40 miles per hour. the front comes through pretty early in the day on friday and then the temperatures start to fall. after a reading of 6 had by 9 in the morning and by evening back in the 30s and within 15 hours our temperatures are expected to drop 32 degrees and the winds will be is it stiff out there making it extra chilly this will be the coldest weekend since way february 13th and 14. so we have that too look forward to. in the north tonight low temperatures around 44 to 46 degrees. 45 in dubuque and about 45 in new hampton. mild temperatures for lows, mid- and upper 40s. 48 in iowa city and 46 in tama and a high clouds around. in the north,temperatures look like she should be pretty close
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furtherer south the winds will be brisk tomorrow up to 30 miles per hour. they will be a factor. nothing wrong well temperatures right in there around 27 to 7 had. here is the extended forecast and the front arrives early on friday and falling temperatures in the afternoon. just a slight chance for a shower. and later friday night there could be a few snow showers around particularly until north. saturday a blustery cool day. 38 for the high temperature and beyond that we bit of a warming trend. temperatures much more typical of what you would expect to see this time of year. the party ends tomorrow. coverage continuance with rebecca kopelman taking a closer look at the first major storm of the season. the first winter storm of the season and it's already leading to snow in parts of the united states but it has a lot of warm
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led to snowfall out in portions of yellow stone national park and we do have video there of the snow over at old faithful there and all that is headed on through the upper midwest but once again, we're not expecting any really snow. terry mentioned snow flurries or possibly snow showers in the north but most of it will stay well to the north where there are blizzard watches in parts of the dakotas and minnesota. the first winter storm and it's going to be moving on through and will lead to cold weather but not quite the snow. our first iof snow typically comes around december 1st the earliest is october 18th. we are lucky there. winter is coming so it is time to prepare but we're just getting the cold for now. next on the fox28 news at 9. big plans for the pedestrian mall in iowa city.
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million dollar changes to the downtown district when the
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jared welcome back to the breaking news desk. we've been tracking the trump transition team for the better part of a week. what we're paying attention is the role of jared curb inner. he's donald trump's son-in-law. he is married to ivanka trump and he is a wealth thee real estate developer. he owns a believe just a few blocks away from some of the
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editorial piece defending donald trump a few months ago when he tweeted out some pictures. but a very interesting part of kush inner's back story has to do with chris christie who is the former chair of the trump transition team. he was slid aside and mike pence was put into that position a few days ago. what happened jaird's father is also a successful businessman who is put in jail for things like tax evasion and campaign finance contribution law by then new jersey state attorney chris christie. so what that means they have a very stoerd past. apparently curb inner is sore about that issue. what we've been hearing they've put it behind them for the betterment of the trump campaign and we're waiting to see where they will both land.
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in the trump administration. back to you. a technology surgery is happening right now in the corridor. bernie sanders jones us now with a changing work force. >> there are tech businesses taking root all across eastern iowa. anyone taking part of the mini silicon valley revolution and they will tell you the same thing. help wanted. new bo coe is trying to keep up with the growing tech demand by filling the gap and sometimes. they've iowa's first iowa coding boot camp where people can learn skill sets in just a matter of weeks. >> they think of new york city when they think of start-ups but it's right here too. we're hoping to fill the positions and keep the start- ups moving in the right directions zoos classes range from a 1 day workshop all the way up to 14 14-week program.
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for more information check out our website. iowa city is up step closer to updating an iconic part of the city. they hope to put up a permanent stage for live events, replace pavement and improve the landscaping also a lot of behind the scene improvements on the infrastructure. the final price tag will likely run into the millions. leaders tell us it's all about future growth and begin construction in the next couple of years. >> also recycling is coming to more rpts. the city council passed a family mandate requiring with landlords with more than units to offer tenants re-kirk ling pick ups. that should open recycling to more than 10 thousand additional residents. . next the fox28 news at 9. >> i get it it's illinois but i
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the voice of the hawkeyes warns fans not to rest he's after an i am probable win against michigan.
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with our $3.50 sub of the day, there's never been a better time to try something deliciously different. every day of the week, get a featured six-inch subway sub for just $3.50. all with no artificial flavors. the $3.50 sub of the day we took an already great lineup and made it better. the iowa hawkeyes are now the iowa hawkeyes now preparing for next game. fox28 news anchor mia o'brien looks ahead. >> it will not be probably as dramatic as the last saturday but still a game nonetheless. so we got past michigan. now i have to remind you hanging with number 7 wisconsin 3-week prior. 3-7 illinois should be a cake walk; right? wrong.
9:36 pm
nighting alumni. the former chicago beers. . >> i get it that it's illinois but i remind people it's on the road and lovey is a defensive guy. it's not surprising to me there's areas of strength on the defensive side of the football. secondary is where io damage. piece by piece baby steps i see the receiving crew improving, i really do. >> don't forget you can catch i on the hawks this and every thursday at 6:30 right here on fox28. uni well comes number 10 south dakota state saturday with any shot at the playoffs on the line. the panthers are sitting at 5 and 5 but given they played the most difficult schedule of anyone, the numbers they don't lie.
9:37 pm
well be in. >> i want to get into what could have happened in the past. we have to make sure we get in because of what this team could be one-two...and the other thing that stands out on that thing: we've only had four home games as of today... when i put all those things together you could make an easyyyy case of why you should be there" bluder's bunch taking on north dakota in their first road test on the year -- score x homecoming for north dakota native and hawkeye sophomore hannah stewart -- eight points for her tonight -- west high grad ally disterhoft paced iowa with 20 points -- fun fact: she's a little over 450 points away from the program record.... in august, bond shymansky was very clear -- this is his third year in iowa city, and the wins had to start coming soon. and at the friendly confines of carver hawkeye
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number eleven -- the most this century....up one-set to none the most this century. up one set. score 11-6, hawks. later in the set, dubuque waller grad too hot to handle. iowa would take the second set 2 25-13. all smiles at the arena. third set, things are kicked off with a bang. iowa holds on to win 3-1. they host nebraska on saturday and they are trying to set the program record for fans in attendance on saturday so check that out. it will be a good time to watch sports from inside because it's going to be really cold on saturday. >> that is for sure. >> did i say too hot to handle though? you did. >> it is supposed to be 70.
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tomorrow's temperatures too hot to handle this time of year. we'll be in the 70s and then it
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this is a live picture of the recently refurbished we're looking live tonight at the recently reif you are bishd capital dome in washington d.c. inside capitol hill they are getting ready for a new session of congress come january. well update you on leadership changes coming up. terry swails it's going to be a great day to get outside
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>> indeed temperatures will be at near record levels. here's why. we have a strong low pressure taking shape in the plain states. winds ahead of them coming from the south on the other side is where you got your north wind. we're in the warm secretary your and that's why the temperatures will be mild in eastern iowa. eventually the front will start working off to the east. and once it does so, the temperatures will take a pretty good dye on friday afternoon. the nice side of the storm but eventually it heads up to minnesota and should be a dry frontal passage but snow in minnesota and that's where the cold air and once it gets on by the strong northwest winds will drive it into eastern iowa friday night. tomorrow not much happening. the commute looks to be a dry one and quiet one. temperatures will be around 20 degrees above normal. now going beyond the 7-day
9:43 pm
outlook and this runs us right on through the rest of november and here's the normal line starts at 46 and eventually down to 38 degrees. so here we are in the red here in a big way. with temperatures up to 72 tomorrow afternoon. a good 30 degrees above normal in some spots then the front comes through and over the weekend temperatures hovering in the upper 30s to around 40 and you can see after that, while temperatures do average just a little bit above normal no more of the the forecast for probably several months. to break it down tomorrow up to 72. front hits on friday and a little shower around as the front comes on through. the main feature will be the winds and colder temperatures and maybe friday night a few scattered flurries. saturday a breezy chilly day. only 38 for the high temperature. 40 on sunday and should have sunshine. the temperatures climb a little bit and the next system will
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week. weather first team coverage continuance now with meteorologist rebecca kopelman taking a look at the first major winter storm of the season. >> this is a major storm also the first winter storm of the season and it is starting to take shape down and it is picking up energy but has already leading to snow in parts of the united states. in fact this is video earlier today in near old faithful in yellow stone national park and there is snow domg down and all the energy i north and west. however, well be avoiding the snowfall at least for this round. this is the first winters storm. it is going to be taking a path that won't lead to snow here. as taylor mentioned there could be flurries in the area mainly north of highway 20. all these warnings and watches are in place through minnesota and dakota and down into ut -- utah and idaho and that is where the focus will be for
9:45 pm
cold as we head into the weekend. we average the first inch of snow on december 1st. the earliest october 18th. winter is coming. next on the fox28 news at 9. >> it's kind of hard to get everybody stop. >> some of the unique efforts here in iowa to get over the stressful feelings of a bitter
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welcome back to the breaking news desk.
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representatives and one of the biggest names for democrats replacing hare reed will be new york senator chuck schumer. he is the humbled to be the next leader and by support of some people and also a leadership position within the democratic position is independent senator bernie sapders. he is an out reach code share. what that means this is a chuck schumer and the rest of the democratic party in the senate to try and reach out to some of the people they missed and who bernie sanders were able to get into the process and hopefully shore up some of the weak spots in the u.s. senate. they will be trying to take that back in 2 years. one interesting nugget of information. schumer is from fork new york and donald trump lives in new york city. donald trump has donated nearly 9 thousand $9,000 to senator schumer over the time he's been
9:49 pm
will presumably go head to head on many of donald trump's key policy issues. back to you. since last week he wants election the constant negativity of posts leaves many feeling stressed out. cornell leaders invited a bud heist priest to the chapel to teach healing techniques. we are told it's important to explore the practices of all faits, races and backgrounds and although today' scheduled before they knew the outcome of the election they knew it would be needed. >> this program was created knowing that half the country would be struggling with the results of the election regardless of what those would be and the other half would be celebrating. some sixth graders trying to bring an end to all the fighting. they've started their own joy ol gist club. they look for ways to reach out to students who might feel
9:50 pm
although they're young they know they face adele traffic right now. >> we're trying to like get the drama to go away but no -- like it's kind of hard to get everybody to stop. besides at school the joy ol gist say they want all adults to grow up and help spread the joy like they're trying to do. while we're gathering with friends and family for thanksgiving, snacking on delicious treats is always part of the fun. karen fuller jones us now with something we're going to want food at our finger tips. >> gifts gatherings and all that comes with the holidays can take a toll on your mind and body. when it comes to thanks giving doctors say the biggest danger is the salt. a traditional meal can bring with it 2000 mill games of sodium. three times what each meal should contain. couple that with the stress of the holidays and you get a spike in blood pressure at a greater risk for a heart attack.
9:51 pm
a 25 to 30% spike in the number of cardiac cases on thanksgiving. the famous butter ball hotline is now gearing up for another busy holiday season and this year they have a high tech option for the chef. the butter ball hotline is available to answer any questions people cooking the holiday meal might have. new the company is offering a 24/7 texting service. operators can help those in need with a reply or even a link to some ho the butter ball text hotline is open from november 17th until thanksgiving thursday. you can use the new smart phone option by texting 8448773456. as for the traditional phony help that's already available now through christmas eve. next on the fox28 news at 9. chief meteorologist terry swails give us us a final look at the weather first forecast and how to prepare for the
9:52 pm
digital partners at circa news. the ocean is now we all stay connected and stay strong as people of the coast. weefr one of the few triebz that weren't forced to move out of our land. we believely tribal people are se climate change. we are seeing and feeling it. >> as weather patterns climate change becomes a reality on the coast. it's estimated 13 million americans living along the coast will be affected by 2100. >> we're facing a ricing satisfy. having to relocate our entire village to higher ground. >> i live on the mouth of the river right off the ocean.
9:53 pm
level, the ocean started rising since i was a kid. >> we don't want to move. i'm 76 and she's 75 and this is where we want to live, you know. >> the actual cost to relocate the village are close to one $100 million. it's very difficult to think we had very little to contribute to this massive problem but yet we're one of vulnerable population. if you look at that around the world we are more affected than the average population and we have the most sustainable life
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the butterburger is made of just three cuts of fresh midwest beef. nothing more, nothing less. so we got the sirloin,
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all prized cuts, all well-marbled for richness and flavor. this is where those three wonderful cuts of beef come together. you can just tell that blend is working in there. and we sear them, and that seals in the juices of the burger. it doesn't get any better than that. and that's the culver's butterburger. welcome to delicious! one more beautiful day before the cold finally hits us. >> that is right. we are expecting a high of 72 tomorrow. the record is 73 degrees. so i want you to get up and huf and puff tomorrow morning so we can get the extra degree in there (laughing) right now i'm going for 27. should be a really nice day. breezy but warm. thank you everyone enjoy the great weather. thank you for watching fox28
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