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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  November 17, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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right now on fox 28 news at 9. >> turning a casino plant into a proposal. the new steps before cedar rapids can learn if gaming is coming to the city. >> providing free recycling in linn county has become a tough game. tonight the effort to find out how critical it is to you. >> after record highs getting set to take the plunge. i will have an update on the coldest weather of the season. >> cedar county celebrates a solar.more live reports.more piece app center that is running on solar. >> more live reports. more investigations. more people working for you. you're only 9 pm news. you are watching the most complete newscast of the day. fox28 news at nine begins now. >> right now state leaders are preparing for another casino requests. scott sanborn joins us with the
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>> cedar rapids has been down this road. this time supporters of a new casino proposal hope they can sway state regulators that turned out to gaming license three years ago. tonight i learned that the iowa racing and gaming commission started the process today for a new study to determine the impact of the cedar rapids casino. a similar project found a massive gaining center would pull too much money away -- from away existing facilities. that was majority of state regulators that had to hear when they shut down the request. wild rose entertainment which already operates casinos and i what hopes is smaller compact gaming facility would cut down on that cannibalization. they are hoping to pitch the new plan to state regulators and gambling finally come to the second-biggest city in the state. here is how everything could play out in the weeks and
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request a casino license for linn county sometime in january. in february the iowa racing and gaming to patient plans to study how the proposal would impact other area gaming sites. the commission will make the final determination on whether cedar rapids can get a casino. the earliest that is expected that to happen is sometime next summer when a self-imposed moratorium on new license request comes a >> if you're one of the thousands of people who drop off cans [ null ] clothing and electronics at the linn county recycling center you may now be asked to fill out a survey. county leaders want to know if you would he willing to pay for ?????????????????? once these items - - are in the trash can - or on the curb - a lot of people just want them to disappear.others are very concerned - - they be recycled - - but this isn't earth day 1970 - - and that industry is changing - - a lot.((take pkg)) " beeep varooooom "there are
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can be re-used.batteries - bulbs - cardboard - - even old paint can be repurposed. but what we celebrate at the gas pumps - is a growing dilemma here here" the problem with oil prices being so low .. it's cheaper to make new material out of fresh plastic than it is to used recycled material and so unless you're willing plastic that use the recycled material. if you are paid the premium nobody wants it. >> right now $15 for bringin dollars for appliances are the only charges but the cost for recycling everything else is piling up. increasing and 88% this year. that has joe giving users the survey with a recycling reality check. >> would you be willing to pay for if you needed to pick >> providing a free brought -- stopoff encourages people to keep recyclables out of the
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plastics paid the challenging picture. >> is when the market goes down you realize there is a big fee associated with it and someone has to pay for it. right now we are able to do that but it will depend on when the market goes from here. >> along county home road, joe says it's important the tax dollars do not support the recycling center and they hope to keep it free appliances and television screens as long as they can. covering the corridor in cedar rapids, matt hammill fox28 news. >> checking in on the weather first forecast. my thought too cold out there today but if he was doing it to mine it would be a different story. >> not only will it be called it will be windy. you will need to hold onto your hat and there may be some
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the weather system is showing up on the satellite. look at the snow that is falling from colorado through nebraska to do the dakotas. we will see much of that around here but the cold air it's bringing the snow will come into eastern iowa. tomorrow morning enjoyed the last few hours of the warmth. we could have a few showers and temperatures above normal in the midshipman to upper 50s . then the front hits around 9:00 in the morning and temperatures will go from t the 30s by tomorrow evening. wouldn't -- winds will increase to 40 miles an hour. tomorrow night i do expect to see snowflakes. it won't be too much but it is the sign that winter is getting ready to check in. >> developing tonight i was city police are offering $1000 reward for information about a threatening letter left on a family's front door. we first told you about the
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prairie du chien road less we can. investigators have not checked out any suspects or witnesses. they are now asking for your help. if you have any information that might lead police to those responsible you can call iowa city crime stoppers on the number on your screen. 319358 tips. >> for the first time we are hearing from the man who will spend the rest of his life behind bars for killing two people in cedar rapids just days apart. >> path that i walk can have a happy, good life anywhere, including prison." p someone who follows the path that i walk can have a good life . >> in separate tiles jurors convicted stanley of second- degree murder for killing the
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the judge orders family to service time consecutively will not be eligible for parole after serving seven years. >> work continues at trump tower in new york to build the administration will enter the white house in two months. there are new developments on who president-elect temps cabinet may include. kevin barry is live on the -- at the breaking news desk. >> for -- we found that that lieutenant. michael flynn has been offered a position in the military. this is a big job someone like president-elect trump does not have a lot of military experience to draw from and you would presume he will lean heavily on some of those advisors. general flynn is drying or at least the ire of some people. like his president he is vocal on twitter and a few months ago this is from february 2016 he put out this tweet from his
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forward this link to others. the truth fears no questions. this is about a five minute video that links a lot of terrorist attacks and draws a connection to the fact they were all carried out by people who are muslim and who follow the muslim faith. this is something to watch for. he has been outspoken as a general which generally has not been something that those retired military personnel have been especially in the political sphere. later on we look on who may be on the shortlist for atty. general. here on fox 28 news at 9. >> dozens of students in cedar rapids spent part of their school day marching against hate . >> these students were demonstrating against recent police and teachers were on hand to make sure students understood the rules of peacefully assembling.other students held their own hand to make sure students understood the rules of
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against a controversial pipeline that will cut right through 28 news anchor karen fuller fulleris monitoring tonight's new developments. protesters against the dakota access pipeline are once again calling on leaders to stop constrction in iowa. iowa.members of the "iowa citizens for community improvement" rallied in front of the iowa utilities board office.they say they wish the board would stand up to dakota access - and keep iowans safe from any possibility of spill. "it's hard to say how this is going to come out in the end, so we just keep pushing - we keep pushing for our water, for our farms and our land, for our farmers and landowners who have tried to fight this." a corridor correctional center -- >> a corridor correctional center is going greene to save the environment and save
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county sheriff office installed new solar panels. the goal is to cut costs by generating a portion of the energy needed to keep the facility operating. the sheriff says they are the only dispatch center running on solar. bottom line the sheriff says it was the right thing to do for future generations. >> after resident elect on trump's victory experts in iowa are saying how his policies if approved could impact your experts say that people shouldn't only focus on the day to day volatility of the financial market - but to also focus financial market but to also focus on their long-term goals because although interest rates are going up there is still a lot lower than historic averages. >> after trump is -- was elected we sought negative market reaction. >> senior global economist says there is no need for immediate worry about the us economy despite some uncertainty around
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policies. >> there could be negative things about the protection policies that he has. >> he seems to be moderating his tone from his campaign rhetoric. i believe the economy will get a boost from greater infrastructure spending, lower taxes and less regulations. >> one area that could impact i will agriculture and manufacturing is what trump decides on his tariffs will it help because we may get higher tariffs. >> anderson says right now investors can remain hopeful. >> no matter what the election outcome was the u.s. economy was doing pretty well. >> steffi lee fox28 news.
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are live at line bridge at czech village where they are bouncing back from the flood 2016. will take you to the runway show you what they are doing when we get back. >> construction season starting to wind down. i will let you know where you might want to avoid during your
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fox 28 morning live, not sure what to do with your don't worry - our gardening expert joins us to give you all the tips and tricks. that's tomorrow >> if you traveled along blairs ferry wrote in cedar rapids you
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been. don't worry it was by design. demolitions crews were turned down the silos on the property with her north town market is going up right now. the effort to help cedar rapids businesses recover from a lengthy shutdown during flood 2016 is taking on a community feel. dora miller is live in czech village to show us what they are doing. >> >> reporter: photojournalist is hitting the runway right now. the fashion show showed these it was here in czech village at line bridge. this is a community event. it was to prepare customers for saturday. there was a bigger meaning behind us. to businesses came together so they could show the community that we are stronger than the flood. both of them decided they were going to use vintage clothing to open up those doors of communication for people who shop with them before.
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alligator had it building they moved out of that rosin's daughter are moving into. they decided this was a good time to move in a great way to show the community we can bounce back after a flood threat. >> we have lots of changes here what's awesome is we are not stopping. we're still doing this. as a new business owner the community was amazing. in 2008 we people saw how the city was affected negatively and this time people are coming down by the dozens to help. >> they came by the dozens to see that fashion show. i'm going to stand up in the spirit of everything and do a twirl for you guys. back to you guys. >> right now in iowa is not is
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peggy is on a capsule launched earlier this afternoon. the rocket scheduled to dock with the international space set -- station on saturday. just ahead on the fox 28 news at nine -- --this is a historic say and it's not about me. linn county's newest supervisor chose to share the celebration of his new post.
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>> we are taking a live look from rapid city south dakota. you notice that white stuff on the ground. that is snow after a major winter the midwest. we will see that eventually. i'm crossing my fingers if this weekend. >> the white gold. tomorrow night is a good chance of snowflakes in eastern iowa. at the worst a dusting in the north. what a big change we have coming especially after the beautiful weather we sought today. i want to show you the numbers because it's going to be several months before we are
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in cedar rapids we did reach 73 degrees. that tied the record high which was set in 1941. iowa city.275. also tying the record there. it was established in 1958. waterloo and dubuque not as lucky. this highs were around 70 to 72 degrees and all across eastern iowa today temperatures were running 25 to 30 degrees above what's typical at this time a year. tonight we have clouds but so far we are not seeing any ra tomorrow morning a few showers are a possibility as a strong cold front begins to approach from the west. i would not expect them to amount to a great deal but tomorrow it could be spotty showers around eastern iowa. look at the temperatures to start the day. we will still be in the upper 50s in many spots. typical low temperatures tomorrow morning would be around 27 degrees. at 7 am will be 30 degrees above normal in the front rolls
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temperatures will crash in the afternoon as the winds pick up. do expect falling temperatures by the time we get to the noontime our tomorrow. by saturday the coldest air that we've seen in eastern iowa since march will be over the top of us and that will make for a chilly weekend. you can now see the storm system spinning around in the west. it's impressive. it's trying to in just moisture and by time he gets into the system the front will have passed on by. this is not going to be a big precipitation producer but on the backside of the low pressure some snow showers could be a possibility tomorrow night. the snow is out there. you can see all that blue over nebraska and into south dakota. there are blizzard warnings for parts of south dakota and western minnesota where there could be up to 15 inches of snow by the time the storm system with that. here we are today. south winds and mild temperatures.
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still in the warm air. eventually that low starts to move to the northeast and by time we get to noon it will start to get cooler. you can see if you look closely some blue on are our model. both the scattered flurries that will be a possibility later on tomorrow night. we start the date mild but you can seas evening temperatures are heading toward the 30s and the winds will be up to 40 miles per hour. that will create the wind chills and by time we get into 15 hours temperatures are expected to drop 30 degrees. the party is over for the warm weather. today was a high of 73 and by sunday morning we will have a low of 20. we have a 53 degrees
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on saturday it will be 30 degrees and i'll be the first time in 22 days with below temperatures. here in the north the temperatures will say mild. in the southern counties midshipman and upper 50s expected . 59 in iowa city. tomorrow these are the early morning highs and after that the cold air sweeps and by afternoon with falling temperatures. winds will be gusting to 40 miles per hour. it could be a few showers in the early morning but not expecting too much. in the south these are morning high temperatures. by evening you will need the code as a winds pick up and the temperatures drop. here's the cold weekend we talked about. the next system comes into stan wednesday with a no chance of cold rain. dry conditions are expected for thanksgiving and a high temperature of 47. >> we continue with meteorologist rebecca kopelman taking a look at our corridor commute. >> we have been winding down of construction season so not too much going on.
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is going to have a road closure that has started today. down along s. dubuque st. southbound traffic between iowa avenue and washington street is going to be closed. that was reported and that will continue through the rest of the night tonight and through the day on friday as long as they can finish that work through tomorrow and then it will be reopened by with the time we hit the weekend and monday. >> next at nine justice stays put. how long the head of the state supreme court will stay at his post when the fox 28 news at 9 returns. listen throughout the day for your weather first forecast on
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>> welcome back. all week long we've been following the trump transition as we learn about wright's previous and steve bannon being a top advisor. where taking a look at what is being called landing parties and being sent out by the trump transition group. they gone to national secur economic and domestic issues so far. there helping to facilitate this process. we've been tracking is when the cabinet will be announced. everyone is anxious about. we look at fox news research. this is their twitter account. these are the cabinet positions and if history is an indication we have a wild weight they say only george w. bush -- announced
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the first two weeks. we are still in the first week after election day. everyone else waited a whole month if not longer. only president obama when he took office in 2008 announced any cabinet positions within three weeks of getting elected. while everyone is speculating on who will be atty. general. and how that will work we still have a while to go if history is indication . tune in to i went focus >> linn county made history in november when it elected its first african-american supervisor. scott sanborn explains why a supervisor stacy walker is now directing attention away from himself. >> walker overcame a lot before he became county supervisor. his mother was killed when he was a child. leaving him to be raised by his
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he worked at the hawkeye hotel administration. a large group of mostly african- american students from washington and jefferson high schools watched walker gets sworn in by the first african- this is a historic say and it's not about me, it's about the folks in the audience watching who know if they want to be a judge, that is a live they can achieve. if they want to be an elected official here in linn county, that is a life they can achieve. achieve.walker also obama's campaigns in 2008 and 20-12 and briefly worked on a campaign in iowa's first congressional district. and in des moines today -- members of the iowa supreme court have again selected mark cady as their chief justice. cady has spent 18 years as a member of the state's highest court--the last five as chief j. justice.governor branstad elevated cady to that position after voters removed his predecessor in 20-10.his new term as chief justice,
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for eight years. every year millions of families around the world experience the added stress and cost of their baby being born too is world prematurity day. day.the march of dimes says every year, 15 million babies are born prematurely.a million of those children don't make 28 news spoke with a local couple whose baby came nine weeks early. "05:25:03 all the research that the march of dimes does is unbelievable and i truly think that that's, you know, technology and everything and awareness, that's helped us have swisher here with us now." now."you can watch swisher's full story and learn more -- --about how you can help with premature birth on our website, fox 28 iowa dot com. next on the fox 28 news at nine -- -- "i just couldnt beleive we did it. you know? know?champions are crowned under the dome in cedar falls. hear from today's big winners -- --when the fox 28 news at nine
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>> so many talented athletes in our area. zach hanley is here with the latest. >> we have lots of stuff going on today. you and eyes first game of the season a 74-37 not in the same level as the panthers. now it will get tougher for coach jake and company or not. northern iowa taking on arizona state. the panthers pounced early and often. jeremy morgan spots up and bottles at home. he finished with a 20 point. you're not let by eight at the break. the three ball was a theme for
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waverly's finest and shuts the door on the devil. the drive and panthers role. hocks in action. iowa posting seat in the hall. he could not have asked for a better game for the hawks. iowa jumped out to eight iowa jumped out to 87 digit -- 7-0. >> hocks peter jock and why not 13 points from him in the first 20 minutes. right now in the second the hawks trail 58-55. for three straight seasons guidebook rhinebeck has made it through this point of the season. in 2014 they finish session -- second. the rebels made it back to defend their crown.
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see our came alive later in the second. parker brown waltzes in for nine 9 yards out. they get the ball back and this time it's hunter calling his own number and spitting in for another score. gr led 14-13 at the break. the rebels are now down 19-14 but they answer again. that's the game-winning touchdown. >> to let them all out. there's not a better feeling. >> we work so hard all year and have coaches that are unbelievable. they put us in the right position. it was nice to take that final the and went another state championship. >> this changes nothing new for don bosco.
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to show for it and i was in 2013. unfinished business for the don the finished second last year. austin scoots through the line and he's off to the races. 65 yards on the score. don bosco goes up 12-0. brandon connects with caleb and he plays hide and seek with our camera. he found then the end zone. they put this one out of reach. the dons get it done 48-21 the final. >> the coaching staff and kids were hungry. coming into these type of games we have an advantage of being here and knowing what it's about to win a championship. >> i was a mess last year. i was crying. i was not looking forward to the next day.
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>> spindles run at the state volleyball tournament ended in a semi finals last week. it was claude powers third trip leaving the orioles there in at springville -- you can always hear the beat -- -- during volleyball practice " we want them to enjoy what they are doing and part of that is they love to have the music playing and be feel something... and that something -- is fun. fun. "it changes the dynamic of our practice a lot... i mean he's really goofy and he likes to dance so he likes music too." too."but what claude howard really cares about -- his orioles " i want everybody to feel like they are apart of every bit of success we have because we can't do it without them."
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success. >> he does that with the big sister program. >> the seniors are the big sisters and we get to talk to each other and learn our likes and dislikes. it creates a bond that i can't explain. i feel everyone is my sister through the end. >> because when volleyball is over howard's message is not. >> he cares about who we become. >> that i do about them walking out of this program and saying i learned something about life. >> thanks to claude howard they have. >> maybe we want to take some dance lessons for -- from them. >> he had his groove on for sure
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wait a second terry. just a short pause. >> we know. what a change coming tomorrow. are you guys ready for this? >> i'm ready. >> we will have much colder air surging towards eastern iowa.
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>> western south dakota will have plenty of cleaning up to do. here's a live picture from
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we got -- now go to chief meteorologist terry swails we're getting said to take the plunge. i don't think it's going to happen until tomorrow afternoon then especially tomorrow night. this is a storm system that will drive the colder air across eastern iowa on its western flag. says will be found in nebraska. the cold front comes on through the morning hours and in advance of that there cou showers. the morning commute there is a possibility that we could have a brief shower. temperatures way above normal. readings are expected to start in the upper 50s and later on in the day as a front comes through the winds pick up and the temperatures crash and we will see temperatures falling all afternoon and tomorrow night. we take you beyond the seven day. in our 14 day forecast here's the normal line starting at 46
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december 1. after tomorrow temperatures get closer to normal. we will see readings in the upper 30s to the mid-40s over the next few days. there may be one spike around the 27th or 28th and then i think we will see a much colder pattern for the beginning of december that's what i think they went three pattern will establish itself here in eastern iowa. that could be a snowy.. something to watch in the next few weeks. through early. we are looking for falling temperatures all afternoon and maybe some snow showers tomorrow night. saturday morning those moved out and the rest of the weekend is cold. the next system comes in tuesday and wednesday. rain is likely. that leaves out in time for the hearing date. should have sunshine back in there. >> we now continue with meteorologist rebecca kopelman
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>> we do have a new satellite that will be launched on saturday afternoon in cape canaveral in florida. it set to launch and it's a technology we have not seen before that will make a difference in terms of weather forecasting and not just in the long-term -- in the short term but the long-term as well. it will be the closest to real- time it will have five times faster coverage than we have right now which will include real-time lightning data. it will give as increased lead time to understand thunderstorms and tornadoes. it will also help with seasonal forecast and drought outlooks. this will give us a good look at what we can expect with our atmosphere and the planet earth. it will take a year or two for
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fully operational. we look forward to that in the next few years. >> next up fox 28 news at nine virtual-reality is the newest technology.when the fox 28
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canton, illinois - 1 person dead >> welcome to the breaking news desk where tracking the aftermath of the natural gas explosion that we heard about last night in canton, illinois. this is a surveillance video from a shop down the street where it blows out that front window and blows a locked door
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today what the delay came up, this is from our partner station , this entire building that was reduced to rubble. you can see 10 the emirate, illinois. that's the local energy company. we have one person that has died . 11 people who were hurt. they said there was a first the afternoon. that was before 6:00 and that's when the catholic turned into an explosion and this entire building went to rubble. this is what we saw as the sun came up. >> and import consumer alert for you. cheese lovers foresee foods may become caminito salmonella. possibility of contamination affects grated parmesan tomato cheese with foresee and
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have expiration dates ranging to keep in mind for your kids. 28 news anchor karen fuller joins us with the new technology raising concerns. kelly, there is a flurry of virtual reality technology coming to the market right now. but there is concern that this new technology could bring with it new health problems. problems.but because v- headsets are a new invention, experts say there's no way to tell if they could pose a danger just yet.theoretically, scientists are concerned that kids using the devices could harm their development if the brain is only getting input from their eyes and ears.for now - experts say moderation is key until the science comes in. and doctors are also warning parents to keep their kids away from energy drinks. doctors say evidence is mounting -- parents to keep their kids away from the energy drinks.
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that the beverage is loaded with caffeine and herbal supplements causing issues as mild as headaches and a severe as heart trouble. the makers of the beverages that they are safe for everyone. health experts say further research is needed to confirm the claim. breakfast fans in the corridor will be happy to hear a new dunkin' donuts will open in cedar rapids. coming up in 10 minutes on cbs news 10 it and will tell you which quadrant it will be. >> next another look at your weather first forecast and how to prepare for the weather tomorrow. check out this story from our digital partners at circle news. >> it's a lot like being at school for the first time. >> where am i going? >> it's been a busy week on capitol hill. as a lot of new people running around and getting lost in the
9:52 pm
including myself. >> i'm lost. we will check in with new members of congress and see how they are settling in during orientation. >> there are times where i'm saying where am i and i have to look at my map. >> one of the lesser-known things of capitol hill is the underground subway. have you gotten a chance to write on that? >> i have not. >> the tunnels here work a lot better than the metro. >> you need a handyman, hairdresser go to the bulletin board. this is like craigslist and capitol hill. >> where we go get dinner and drinks? you have to get that lockdown. >> i don't know yet. i spent some time with the members. i can't give out the secrets just in case you want to find us. >> it's been a busy day on the hill. we've been lost and talk to a
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even though the members of congress didn't tell me where they were going for drinks, i
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>> we are taking a look at
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south dakota. it's a beautiful site to meet of the snow. not too many people are excited about it. >> you are a florida girl also. >> i think that's why. if that perspective of not having it and now i appreciated. >> right because you will love the forecast. it will get windy around here tomorrow afternoon. you can see we start to date very nice. it will be 64 and maybe a few showers and then temperatures fall through the afternoon. the winds tomorrow evening will be gusting up to 40 miles an hour and by tomorrow morning -- tomorrow evening we will be in the mid-30s. we may have some snow showers tomorrow night and come sunday morning temperatures will be around 20 degrees. it will be 53 degrees colder.>> you all stay warm.
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