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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  November 18, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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blustery start to the weekend as a wintry chill settles into eastern iowa, i'll let you know how long you're gonna need that winter jacket in your weatherfirst forecast." forecast."a controversial communit . a wintery chill sets into eastern iowa. a community gathering why one group says local law enforcement should not take part in public prayer. more controversy over president elect trump's pick for attorney general. >> who is statements disqualified him to be a federal judge. >> is question surrounding senator jeff sessions and the iowa senator coming to his defense. >> more live reports more investigations more people working for you, your only 9 p.m. news. fox 28 news at 9:00 begins now. blizzard conditions in the upper midwest signal the
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now, eastern iowa is avoiding all of this snow but unfortunately we are definitely not dodging the cold and the we begin with meteorologist brandon marshall -- --with your weatherfirst
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developing developing right now in cedar rapids -- linn county attorney jerry vander sanden has called for a grand jury to examine the evidence after an officer shot a suspect during a traffic stop. is an unusual move in linn county - as some question the actions - of that cedar rapids police officer - on november first. that's when investigators say - officer lucas jones pulled over - jeremie mitchell . .authorities say there was an jones - then shot mitchell. the car - with mitchell behind the wheel - accelerated away from the then hit an un-marked squad car - and other vehicles.mitchell - remains in the hospital - and friends say he is paralyzed from the shooting. the days since, mitchell's family and other community leaders have demanded more information from police.but, so far, the linn developed more information from police but so far the lynn county attorney and cedar rapids police have been
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cam video of the incident while the investigation continues. now that a grand jump is involved this is how it works. 7 members of the public will be selected at random to serve on the grand jury. this is different from a trial because they don't have to reach a unanimous decision if 5 members agree they could issueindictments he is asking fo for state investigators. we have new details about the man accused of killing two police officers in an attack on iowa's finest. documents released by urbandale police show scott michael green had been flagged as a potential threat to officers for at least two years. the documents detail multiple encounters the urbendale man had with police. green accused of killing and shooting officer justin martin
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green faces two counts of murder being held on a $10 million bond. a prayer event this sunday to encourage and support law enforcement isn't sitting well with some. >> being called unconstitutional by an organization that represents thousands of people fox 28 news reporter dora miller with both separation of church and state. law enforcement says they aren't doing anything wrong... while some in the community say the event crosses a line. line. support for law enforcement comes in all different forms... linn county sheriff brian gardner says they're thankful for all of it. it. "certainly, these days when you look at public perception to law enforcement, we appreciate it when the public comes forward and say that they do appreciate what we're doing."but according to one group, the appreciation can go too far... far... "given the number of complaints we looked at that promptly and found there was a problem, there was a constitutional violation that would take place."a sunday prayer event in front of four
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according to the freedom from religion foundation... foundation... "under our first amendment, government agencies aren't supposed to be involved in religious activities, so while there may be a private event where people can host a prayer event, these agencies shouldn't be involved." involved." "the reality is that we did not put this together, we being the sheriff's office and the neighboring police departments, did not put this together, we're not hosting it, we're not even promoting it."still -- the group says law enforcement has a responsibility to the p non-christian or non-religious, their rights are still protected under our bill of rights so although many people might not see a their rights are still protected under the bill of ghts though many people may not see a problem with something like this. >> if folks want to provide us with cookies, brownnies or greeting cards, we appreciate your efforts this is the same thing only instead of bringing us goods they'll say a prayer
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think that's good. >> there are no plans to cancel this event it is supposed to go on at 3:00 on sunday as planned law enforcement still stands by the fact they are doing nothing wrong but the organization will continue to watch this and might have to press charges or file a lawsuit if anything goes as planned. covering the corridor in cedar rapids, dora miller fox 28 news. new tonight it appears president elect trump is trying to tie up some legal issues before taking office late today the new york attorney general case accusing fraud against trump university, the $25 million deal includes a $1 million fine and restitution for former students who claim they not ripped off. >> the president elect has his first face to face meeting since winning the election, spent an hour with the prime minister, said later he is
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causing controversy with white house reporters, the united states press refused to air their footage the head of the white house correspondent association called today's coverage unacceptable called on the president elect to make sure the public has access to his meetings and movements, also today donald trump made some key decisions for his cabinet. >> the president elect reportedly settled on a national security adviser cia director but it is his choice for attorney general that's getting the most attention he is alabama senator jeff sessions one of the first members of congress to publicly enforce trump during the campaign, critics point to senate hearings 30 years ago with sessions then a u.s. attorney failed to win confirmation for a federal judge post. the republicans in 1986 voted
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because of criticism and repeated racist remarks democrats are vowing to block the nomination again. >> there can be no compromise with racism, there can be no negotiation with bigotry. >> criticisms from democrats there is little if anything they can do to stop trump's appointments today senator sessions has firm support from the chairman construct grassley, quote, i at odds with so-called sanctuary cities, where president elect trump's stance puts him at odds with so-called barnd - investigates whether cities have the power to defy federal laws.'s a story - you will only see on fox 28 news. news.
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immigrants across the u-sa& now that ?candidate? donald trumpa& is ?president-elect? donald trump."we will enforce all of our immigration laws," :13this while mayors from dozens of sanctuary cities defy mr trumps promise to enforce federal laws on undocumented workers with mass deportations."we stand behind lady liberty with open arms. to welcome immigrants and refugeesa& :35but how are localities allowed to selectively enforce federal law?really they are not allowed to ignore our cities and states are jurisdictions ?defying? existing federal immigration lawsa& and refusing to report illegal immigrants to law enforcement.according to the center for immigration studies, there are 340 such havens nationwide. yet, watchdog group judicial watch saysa& a sampling of only ?10? havens from california to philadelphia received more than 340-million dollars of ?your? tax money from the federal government."cities that refuse to cooperate, with federal authorities, will not
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trumps words are ?clearly? the leverage the federal government already hasa& to make these jurisdictions comply."we have provided you with so much funding on a variety of different issues.. and we're going to 'may we not be so friendly" and coorporating with you when it comes to funding issues if you don't cooperate with the federal government." 2:58some immigration experts say denying sancuary jurisdictions federal money doesn't need to be handled ?here?a&the person residing ?here? has the power of the pen to enforce immigration laws that for ?years? have been in place."i think this'd be a very easy transition from a policy of non-compliance to one of compliancea& and i think it'll happen a lot quicker than people realize." 4:51in washingtona& im jeff barnd fox 28 news. securing the border is still a leading topic for president elect trump.. but some issues at the boundary are on the ?american side. side.60-thousand employees work for customs and border is the largest federal law enforcement
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criminal drug cartels - all that security - looks a lot like opportunity.the f-b-i now has 22-border corruption task forces dedicated solely to rooting out dirty officers on the take. we have a number of adversaries south of the border, whether it's mexican drug trafficking cartels, as well as alien smuggling organizations, who actively seek to corrupt u.s. government employees to facilitate their crim enterprises.what tactics do they use?they spot and assess individuals who would flirt with women who come through their lanes or potentially have financial distress in their lives, gambling debts, and then they target those those vulnerabilities. this week on full measure with sharyl attkisson - an investigation into agents who are seduced by the dark side
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next on the fox 28 news at nine - - -it was exciting terribly excited. it was a great kinda of victory for us. terribly excited. ya it was a great kind of a victory for us. hear from a corridor band about to get some national attention. later weighing the pro's andcons of letting your kids take a gap year before college
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28 morning live, we have quite the crowded guest list - you'll won't want to miss the sweet sounds of corale midwest. that's monday morning new numbers out tonight show both positive and negati . new numbers show both positive and negative signs for
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because the unemployment rate fell despite lay offs in the past month. new figures from iowa work force development show the jobless rate in october fell to 4.1%. that's more than a half point higher than a year ago, but it is also still well below the national average of nearly 5%. job counselors say despite thousands of lay offs, it appears many were able to find new positions. a popular barbecue chain is moving north in the up in the town 'n' country shopping center replacing its coralville location. the owner and ceo of bandannas say the chain does plan to go back to the iowa city area in the future. area high schoolers have been preparing for months for beyond the books,fox 28 news anchor - kelly dee 'ambrosio - - explains what they're working on. on. as families gather together on
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watch the chicago thanksgiving day parade. this year two iowa high school marching bands will be showing off their talents.about a year ago, band off their talents about a year ago band director for williamsburg high school, submitted the marching band and accepted in february, it was exciting, terribly exciting. it was a great kind of a victory for us. this victory was extra special. >> this was definitely for williamsburg high school. >> the band has been televising a melody of songs for months one of the students marching in the parade is this young lady. >> i'm faith kinkade i'm in williamsburg iowa and i'm in fifth grade. >> last time she was a weather rookie with her baton.
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and twirling by the iowa hawkeye golden girl chelsea russell and the featured twirler. >> she is excited to march in chicago. >> when i found out me and my mom jumped up and hugged each other kind of like -- >> a cheer leading accident created a bit of a challenge. >> i'm hoping i'm crossing my fingers i'll be able to march. >> she is hoping she'll be able to use a they leave a day after thanksgiving and have a special banquet put on by parade officials be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for the raiders marching band thanksgiving morning. covering the corridor in williamsburg. fox 28 news. and just ahead on the fox 28 news at 9.
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and get it etched in stone what i wanted to become. why more students and parents are putting higher education on pause. a wintery chill has settled in eastern iowa thanks to howling winds out of the northwest gusting 40 to 49 miles per hour we'll start the
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this is not a good night - - to be heading . it is definitely not a good night to be headed north,
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midwest, this is video from barnesville maine near the north dakota border, strong winds and icy roads are making travel nearly impossible. what a difference a day can make, wow. you are right. weather first meteorologist brandon marshall joins us hopefully none of that is coming our way. it is well up into wisconsin, minnesota, even into the u-p of michigan, yesterday we had record highs in the low 70s in eastern iowa we had high temperature of 63 today that occurred at 9:00, by 11:00, we were in the 40s as the temperatures started to plummet as that cold front did make et through now we're dealing with the cold and windy conditions, cedar rapids reporting gusts of 49 miles per hour today dubuque had a gust of 47 all in an iowa city, checking at 45 miles per hour we'll continue to see these gusty winds a wind advisory
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tomorrow gusts of 35 to 45 miles per hour likely over night as we head into the morning hours here is your live doppler radar, not much to show across the corridor, maybe flurries in decora, minnesota, parts of northwest wisconsin, where all of the show is, move to the northeast tonight into tomorrow so we'll have the cold and blustery night will lead to a raw and windy day, temperatures will be the coldest week in cedar rapids in 9 months since last february, your forecast when you get up clouds, wind chills will be in the teens with the northwest wind 15 to 35 temperatures should be around 26 to 29 degrees so here is the low pressure as et moves off to the northeast wrapping around clouds and that cold canadian air as we get into tomorrow
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from the west here we are at 2:00 the clouds do clear, so we'll get into some sunshine awfully cold and winds will be brisk out of the northwest here we are as we put the predicter into motion we go around to about 8:00 tomorrow morning we're seeing partly cloudy skies but the clouds do get out of here by the time we get into the afternoon hours mostly sunny clear skies for sunday at 8 a.m. then as we get into sunday afternoon here around 4:00 clear skies so sunday we'll temperatures again will be on the cool side maybe in the low 40s so here are the winds as we get into tomorrow morning out of the northwest 20 to 25 tomorrow afternoon they do start to die down by the time we get to 10:00 they are 7 to 10 miles per hour and sunday morning they do go calm so we have 1 more day before blustery conditions before these winds do finally get to settle down we have big football games tomorrow northern iowa taking
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kickoff, mostly sunny cold and windy, make sure you bundle up the iowa state cyclones taking on texas tech, mostly sunny cold and windy with wind 10 to 30, a temp of 41 degrees the hawkeyes traveling to champagne at memorial stadium partly sunny, cold and breezy, wind gusts around 35 miles per hour a temp around 40 degrees, cloudy, cold and blustery, wind chills will be to 27 areas to the north areas to the south here still in the upper 20s, 30 degrees towards washington for tomorrow don't let the sun fool you it will be a raw day wind 15 to 35, 33 to 37 areas to the south a pretty raw day, 37 in cedar rapids, 39 for a high temperature in iowa city.
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monday and tuesday moderate the temps into the 40s, early tuesday night into wednesday morning cool us off to 42 on wednesday by the time into thanksgiving it will be dry sunny but a cool day with a high of 43 before temperatures are in the upper 40s as we end next week. coming up next on your fox 28 news at 9:00tiz the season of going early bowling as hawkeye fans hope to spend some of their holiday season in with our $3.50 sub of the day, there's never been a better time to try something deliciously different. every day of the week, get a featured six-inch subway sub for just $3.50. all with no artificial flavors. the $3.50 sub of the day
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gap year is typically when high school grads take a year off before starting college. . gap years, typically when
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can be a life-changing opportunity. >> tara morgan takes a look if your son or daughter might be considering the move in tonight's family 411. they always said, go to college, get a degree. >> destiny took to heart her parent's advice only she explored a knowledge traditional path to get there. >> et helped me decide like etched in stone what i to become. >> she plunged into a growing trend called gap year. >> it opens your eyes to a lot of they thinks, more than just america, and once you go to another country like that, you can kind of see there is things you can do bigger than yourself. >> it isn't a new phenomenon one that's peeking more interest. >> this might be one of the very first decisions a young person makes.
9:29 pm
is getting attention for a process for students. 90% will go to college the next year, and the overwhelming amount of that 90% will achieve and succeed in college very, very well. >> butler stresses the key to a successful break is to have a plan and discuss it with your family guidance counselors and the colleges you're interested in attending depending upon what the student does in his or her gap year, it upon very favorably in the she'd choose at first. 16;23;31' i just started working and i went to a business seminar and got inspired by that. 23;35she mapped out her future beyond higher education.16;24;07 "i realized i wanted to be an entrepreneur when i graduated just because i researched it and i thought the idea of being my own boss was just amazing 24;16and how to work >> how to work towards making her dream a reality without too much of a financial murder. >> it is a reality for many
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need to be very mindful the financial situation they'll get into with college. >> destiny is getting her basic courses out of the way at a community college before she transfers to a bigger school after experiencing a gap year she too has advice to pass along. >> don't just make the decision to do a gab year like on a whim really think it through discus it with fox 28 news. one other important note butler says students hoping for academic credit for a gap year need to check with the college. it is never too early to start a new years get away the football team is officially bowl eligible while we don't know if you'll be invited to a bowl game or which one for that matt -r, the university of iowa is reaching out to hawk fans to start making travel plans the
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travelpackages, season ticket olders get first crack at any available tickets we hope to learn where iowa can go in early december. next on your fox 28 news at 9:00. >> there really is no remorse, there is no reason to have any second doubts about what happened. >> a long title run came to an end to the end the highs and lows at the state football
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1999 was the last time iowa city west made it to the state finals -- and that season . 1999 was the last time iowa city west made it to the finals, they are back after knocking off the fourth, fifth
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doweling from their fourth straight championship the maroons struck first, jacob zachary struck first, striking doweling a 13 point lead, wess would answer in a big way oliver martin receives the kickoff and he is thinking touch down, martin outruns everybody to the promise land but doweling, too much, they win 23-10. what a year its been finishing last year 4 and 6 the knights did a turn around with 11 win season, one more they'll reach the mountain top at 2a, union taking on rock valley, isaiah vaughan did everything he could for the knights makes the hand-off and the cut and he is gone, 57 yards to the house
9:35 pm
for 317 yards and four touch downs rushed for two more, union falls. >> i don't think anybody picked us to be here, yeah we were up in the polls but the football polls don't count for anything we weren't picked to win our district we've been kicked around and play that chip effect and realize just to get here to inside the dome for the final four on the doorstep for a seventh had to get by western christian, regina down in the second, isaac breaks not one, not two but three tackles on his way into the end zone putting the regals up 20 to 19 later in the quarter michael
9:36 pm
and he does the rest 68 yards, 27-19 regina, couldn't stop the wolf pack. tyson, western christian snaps the streak 47-34 the final. >> came out a better team today, they made may after play you have to give it to them, it is, made too many be in this game. >> i am more proud, i know how hard they work i know how hard they prepare so when you do that i truly believe there really is no remorse there is no reason to have any second doubts about what happened. >> mount vernon finished one win short of playing the final the mustangs had something to cheer about tristan received that yellow jersey making it official he'll be playing in
9:37 pm
in january the future hawkeye is the first native to play in the game. it is really exciting last year i remember getting nominated excited about that to get invited to play kind of surreal it is a great feeling i'm very proud of myself. against arizona state uni shot 51% from the floor everything seemed easy, not the case against oklahoma at least not in the first half the coach can be trailed by as many as 18 second because clint carlson put his team on his back the three from the top of the key cuts the lead down to 9 then it is carlson again, he goes behind the back and finger rollles it in panthers down 1, then later it is spencer haldermanu the game would go into over time, in ot, who
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high 22 points from the form ergo hawk panthers win 77-67, face xavier on sunday and in the iowa city duels as expected this was all hawks thomas gilman with four pins he has another there and brandon storenson was a take-down machine gets two on a way for a major decision iowa won the dual 45-0 they al central 55-0. >> it is a one man versus another man anything can happen there are big moves a thing called a fall you can slip on a wet spot and your shoulders hit for one second that guy doesn't have to be on top of you necessarily, you have to go every single time and everything matters in this life can't take anything for granted even these matches. >> those guys are fun to listen
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boy is it cold out there, the wind will get you. absolutely tomorrow our streak of 23 straight days above average will come to an end as we'll fall below average for the first time since late october how long is this cold weather going to last? we'll go beyond the seven day
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you might not like the wind right now, but at least the snow didn't come with it.this is what it looked like in
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next on the next on the fox 28 news at nine -- --proof that charity is really the gift that keeps on giving. how good deeds can impact your community and yourself -- --when the fox 28 news at nine . returns. bth - nutella hello. i'm mark hyman.made from hazelnuts, cocoa and other ingredients, nutella is a great sandwich spread. not so fast, say the's what's happening behind the
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according to the manufacturer, three of four people spread nutella on sandwiches, bread or toast. but the food & drug administration insists on calling the product a dessert topping. what difference does it make?it all comes down to not what's in the jar but what's on the back of the jar. labeling is dictated by the fda.consumers often look at the calories. the manufacturer is concerned some may be dissuaded from buying the spread when comparing calories with a similar product. but consum serving size. the fda says the serving size of a spread is one tablespoon. it's two tablespoons for a dessert topping.classified as a dessert, nutella will have twice as many calories than if it's called a seems silly the fda is arguing with the manufacturer over how nutella is used. you can share your opinion with the fda. dessert topping or sandwich spread?there's a link on our website. to comment go
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for organizations that rely on donations, the season of . organizations that rely on donations the season of giving is a critical time of year. rescuers say giving is actually good for you. the johnson county crisis centerreceives a third of its donations in the month of december, directors say they
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good because being kind to others validates that you are a good person. kindness triggers positive biological changes. >> this process actually has a direct effect on the stress response in your body. researchers say even witnessing an act of kindness from someone else can give you those same benefits. if you're headed out on the road this week the cedar rapids police department wants drive safely. crpd along with law enforcement across the state will have additional officers on patrol. last year 5 people died in car crashes in iowa over the thanksgiving holiday. officials say to make sure you are attentive and have a designated driver if you're drinking. did you know your thanksgiving side dish could say something about your health? could say why you go
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boost your seratonin and the stuffing could soothe your need for salt. what's your dish? almost impossible to believe thanksgiving and black friday are coming up next week that means a huge kickoff to the holiday starts tomorrow with the cedar rapids festival of trees as they de go searching for the warm blow of christmas in tonight's say what. >> we started calling this start your holidays off right come look around at the wonderful trees start your gift shopping right before thanks giving so it gets you in the mood. >> the thing we're most excited about is to see the kids' faces when they see santa and
9:51 pm
dresses and designed trees for the kids. >> trees, stuff for the kids, music for the parents. >> with the holidays we've embraced the idea of believe that co our theme for the make it happen, we have embraced the idea of believing in our students so neon dragon tattoo designed this batman tree we just think it is awesome for me it is spending time with family, that's what about being able to hang out with them and show my love and appreciation. i grew one the cedar rapids festival of trees every year it was the most amazing things to see there were trees, people, everything about the holidays people need to enjoy. if i can start my holiday season with this i couldn't ask for anything better. wear your santa hats the festival of trees and holiday market is free and saturday 10 until 5 most of the trees will
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auction sunday afternoon. our meteorologist brandon marshall gives you a look at your weather first forecast how to prepare for the weather tomorrow. first check out our digital partners from circa news. we first wanted to figure out whether federal governmentworkers were driving cars with open recalls before sold to the public we used service tags like this to they will when they were on the road now it is these car fax reports that are evidence. when you want to know about skeletins in the car's past you have a car fax, looking for hundreds of recalled cars that the general services administration was auctioning off across the country they have a date that's important, chevy van that was up for auction by the g-s-a in washington state.its carfax report says it had an accident
9:53 pm
someone had been driving it around for nearly a year with an unfixed recall related to its airbag. take joce/on cam (with docs behind)some of the g-s-a owned cars were even seen by dealersa&but still didn't get their recalls fixed. the carfax for this ford pick-up says it went to a dealership at least six times without a recall in its seating system being fixed. take joce/(on cam)right now over and over again without getting the recalls fixed the car fax says this went to a dealership at least 6 times without a recall and its system being fixed the house over site others also want to make sure federal workers don't drive cars with recalls the gsa says it sends notifications follows up with e-mail and will pull a car from the fleet if a stop is
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the butterburger is made of just three cuts of fresh midwest beef. nothing more, nothing less. so we got the sirloin, the chuck and the plate. no fillers; that's it. all prized cuts, all well-marbled for richness and flavor. this is where those three
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and we sear them, and that seals in the juices of the burger. it doesn't get any better than that. and that's the culver's butterburger. welcome to delicious! ((karen ) . it will be a cold and blustery night we have a wind advisory in effect until 6 a.m. wind gusts 35 to 45 miles per hour likely over night into tomorrow morning here is your corridor morning forecast clouds early on cold and windy, wind chills likely in the teens 26 to 29 and then we'll see sunshine by afternoon tomorrow with highs only right around 37 by 3:00 but the good news is
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tomorrow afternoon. all right we've been forewarned. >> we have thanks, that will
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eric: welcome inside a brand new edition of panther sports talk. today, we preview the final regular season football game with head coach farley, feature a rising star on the volleyball squad, recap the men's and women's fall golf season, showcase some freshmen playmakers on the football field, and we catch up with a uni hall of famer. this is


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