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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  November 22, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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sexually >> right now on fox 28 news at 9. select a teacher accused of sexually exploiting a student is days away from child to help her appears on dr. phil will factor into the case. >> we are tracking rate on the radar. will let you know how long that lasts and what the holiday week will be like in your weather first forecast expects 49 million people traveling to be a lot of opportunity of a family fights on politics. tonight. >> more life reports, investigations, or people working for you. only 9 pm news. you watching the most complete newscast of the day. that's what he news at nine begins now. >> right now the busy holiday travel season is here. we are looking at a live picture along collins wrote in cedar rapids. you can see the rain coming down in the streets are slick. it sounds like we have more rain coming that way.
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>> we had gone 19 days with no rain and now here comes the holiday week and here comes the rain. at least the temperatures are above the freezing mark. there is no icing but the roads could be slick thanks to the rain. you can see the rain passing from southwest to northeast across the area. it is broken in nature and not solid in terms of its coverage. there's another disturbance in the southwest and that will move into our direction. it will tomorrow morning. if you are out and about tomorrow we are heading to relatives you can expect to see rain around eastern iowa. temperatures early on to be in the mid-30s. as a day wears on the rain is expected to lighten up and diminish later in the afternoon. not a warm day with lots of clouds around. temperatures are in the upper 30s to 40 degrees. >> we are tracking breaking
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wayne state university another law enforcement officer appears to have been ambushed on campus. this is the scene right now that we are getting from the south and the. you see police cars from both detroit pd and wayne state university police. this is a suspect. his name is d'angelo davidson. he is fleeing from police. they do believe they have spotted a bicycle that he was writing earlier tonight. a massive manhunt going on right now campus. the wayne state university police department tells us that they had -- investigating some recent car break-ins and that's what that officer was doing. backup was on the way. that backup officer found the officer shot once in the head in critical condition in the hospital and going through surgery right now as we speak. more updates are coming in from some of our affiliates in
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this is the fifth incident where law enforcement is believed to have been targeted. the tech about san antonio and st. louis. we will keep tracking this situation. >> a union representing court -- corridor police officers is voicing their support for member under investigating for shooting a suspect during a traffic spot. lucas jones is unpaid repenting the outcome of a grand jury investigation. officer. jones shut jerime mitchell on november 2. friend st. michel who remains hospitalized is paralyzed. now the cedar rapids police union tells fox 28 news they are confident the grand jury will find a wrong doing on the part of officer. jones. in a statement that union expressed hope that this step would put the public at ease that the case received a fair and impartial investigation. a former cedar rapids washington substitute teacher was back in the courtroom today. mary beth haglin is accused of
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criminal justice reporter dora miller has been following this case and joins us live for tonight's new developments.>> reporter: you might remember haglund did make an appearance on dr. phil. that resulted in her having an upgraded charge to a felony instead of aggravated misdemeanor. today that interview was the main focus of the hearing. the defense argued that evidence would shift the focus on the child onto it haglund has been since those charges were filed. they say it might taint the jurors view of the defendant which means they likely have to call character witnesses to defend her. to address that the state says they will redact dr. phil's comments on haglund. when we left court today there was no rule if dr. phil show
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the child is that just part on monday. covering the corridor in cedar rapids dora miller. >> new information in last night's breaking news. the man behind the wheel in a deadly school bus crash is behind bars. we go back to fox28 news reporter kevin barry at the breaking news desk with a nice developments. >> he faces five counts of vehicular homicide. we are starting to get a better idea of who johnthony walker is. this is the bus and some of the scenes from the ntsb that they have been tweeting out. you see how destroyed the school bus is. he faces those five counts of vehicular homicide. now we are hearing he called his mother after the accident and seemed very distraught. he told his mother and the
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not his fault. she says he has never been in trouble before. we do know is driving record is less than perfect. on september 20 he had another bus accident where the bus across a double yellow line and hit oncoming traffic. no one was injured in that accident but it did cause $400 worth of damage to some other pictures from ntsb, you can see the top covering the centerpiece of the bus. the bus almost wrapped itself around the tree because it went off one side of the road than er hit the tree with the roof. some of the passengers inside say he did have a habit of driving too fast and driving recklessly. the ntsb says as part of their investigation they will be looking at the video cameras that are on board to see what happened in the moments before the crash. >> although deadly school bus crashes are rare we are tracking efforts to make the right to school safer. karen fuller continues tonight's team coverage.
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program to find out whether seatbelts can improve safety aboard a school bus. the story that we told you about last month. the des moines school district is now using lap and shoulder belts on some of its buses. seatbelts are recommended on school buses by the national highway safety administration. the biggest hurdle to overcome is the cost. it's around $9500 per bus. and trucks. it appears ms. people are heeding the advice to wear one. the ntsb reports 90% of drivers and front seat passengers whether seatbelts. here and i want we can boast a higher number. a recent study by iowa public safety leaders found 93% of motorists here are following the seat belt law. >> despite those high marks i what is seeing a rise in the number of deadly clashes on area roads. last year 320 people died in
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state. this year that number has reached 351 and is expected to continue rising towards 400. these figures come after steady decline in the number of traffic deaths in recent years. state safety leaders are urging everyone to be careful while traveling over the thanksgiving holiday which is one of the big -- busiest holidays of the year. >> supporters of industrial hemp are making a push in iowa. scott sanborn >> a federal law passed two years ago allows farmers to grow industrial hemp. here in iowa it does not happen because the plant remains illegal. at the statehouse right now a committee is looking into possible changes. today have farmers from colorado and kentucky testified. they were trying to separate fact from fiction that can be used in car parts, paper and
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>> we test our crops every 30 days. we invite the local police out during that testing process. we have open communication. >> farmers say the industry can add hundreds of jobs to i was economy. lawmakers appeared to have questions especially when it comes to the enforcement process. leaders oppose to the spread of marijuana are concerned some could take advantage of the system and they want to know how to prevent that. >> what's the experience of the other states that have pa federal officials"lawmakers serving on lessons can iowa learn. >> lawmakers will now have to come together to go over everything learned in these meetings. once that is completed at five recommendations to the full legislature. >> this week 49 million americans are traveling for holiday get-togethers and after a tense election season some are dreading the prospect of politics at the dinner table.
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matt hammill is live in cedar rapids to show you how. >> reporter: while some have taken their emotions into the streets, this week millions will take them home for thanksgiving. >> he tells and talks to the children. >> qualities that make men handy jan and leo are heading to here's the names trump and clinton. >> members of our family voted on both sides. hopefully will have no discussion. we will spread love. >> therapist here and mount mercy university says silence can be golden but you can discuss politics bright be respectful and set ground
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about it and only talk about it for 20 minutes or until the mashed potatoes are gone. >> it will be brought to the table at some point. >> will says cousins are pro- hillary and grandparents ultraconservative. he's prepared to leave the table. >> you get 24 hours to talk about it and move on with your life. >> i am tired of people talking about it. >> will you try to shut it down? >> yes.>> bitten but the turkey. >> make something fun of it so you can start going back to the process of being a family again. >> next on the fox 28 news at 9 . >> this is a unique piece of cedar rapids this open back in 1965. >> turning decades of cedar rapids trash into a cedar rapids treasure for this to get a new perspective in the city
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fox 28 morning live, with just a day left to prepare for thanksgiving - chef elizabeth joins us in the studio with some dessert tips and tricks. tomorrow investigating car robberies -- backup officer found himno fighting soundsmassive manhunt detroitsan antoniost louis sanibel, >> we have breaking news in the incident at wayne state university where police officer was shot in the head tonight. the suspect d'angelo davis has been brought into custody. he was arrested a few blocks away. they release this picture a few minutes before he was arrested. what happened was when state
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car break-ins and that's when one of the officers radio for backup. as a backup was arriving the officer was shot in the head and the updated condition from -- rather detroit police department is that that officer is in great condition. the officer was in surgery immediately after being wounded in being transported to the hospital. this is a developing story that we are keeping our eye on tonight. >> officially it's not as solid waste agency site number one. we know it the tallest child sheep in the corridor camming the latest city attraction. a cedar rapids linn county solid waste agency has proposed a look at near the summit. the $743,000 proposal includes a prison -- gazebo, landscaping and work on existing buildings mount trashmore before it was mount trashmore to throw away garbage, and you've literally seen it rise up over the years with it and now we're the tallest point in cedar rapids and now that it's closed and capped we want to move past what it was just being a
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the whole community can use. 21if approved they hope to start work on the project next spring. while mount trashmore is king of the hills, there is a dispute over whether its the city's highest fox 28 news reporter connor morgan explains highest point. connor morgan explains it's a matter of perspective. >> reporter: when floodwaters threatened the city of five seasons we don't focus on the top of the cedar rivers tower. maybth feeling neglected. it is through this town tells one tall tale. >> there can only be one winner of the highest point in cedar rapids. which is it? the alliant energy building caught not cashmore or mount mercy? that depends on who you are asking but what you are asking. >> the tallest man-made mask is to mount cashmore according to a historian.
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and the clouds. >> the title for the highest point in cedar rapids police mount mercy but the elevation of 932 feet according to the united states geological survey. >> tallest building is alliant energy. >> alliant is going to be pushed off its pedestal. >> the massive scale of the project is new to cedar rapids. >> the 20th story one per pl review. caleb mason says the space will be good for downtown. >> you have hotel space, different types of housing, rental or owner occupied and office and retail. it merges all this things were trying to promote in the cities court and elsewhere all in one building. >> city officials said they hope to development
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few weeks. if one per place is to become a reality the city would need to cover $20 million of the $103 million project. covering the corridor in cedar rapids connor morgan fox 28 news. >> ahead on the fox 28 news at 9 president-elect trump goes against the promises of candidate trump. we will discuss the issues the next commander-in-chief appears to have evolved on. >> much of the day we've been watching showers pass across eastern iowa. were not there with this weather system. it will be around for tomorrow and then we should get b in time for thanksgiving.
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right now. the roads are wet and it looks like it might have stopped raining. what do you think terry? i can't see the drops on the road like before. >> you see the light over the left it looks like there's a few raindrops. but it's not very heavy. it won't be a heavy tonight but it will be around for tomorrow morning. another dreary day is in store for us tomorrow. this is one of the worst days we've had in a long time. >> you have to take the good with the bad. right now it's not very nice out there. you see the showers continue to lift northward. it is working its way across kansas. not until he gets into illinois will the showers come to an end here in eastern iowa. at this point there is nothing organized in the northern counties until you get around
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you go to waverley and handed we're seeing heavy showers there. what's there now moving to the northeast around 30 miles per hour and further south some light spotty showers. you can see they are not very big or intense. was you get further to the southwest that too much going on in the southern counties. i do think we will get into a long and additional rain is expected to occur tomorrow that's because the second part of the system which is located down here will work its way east northeast across missouri. that should reignite the rain tonight and tomorrow morning and by afternoon they should fade from east -- west to east and get out of this mess by late afternoon. the corridor for customer eastern iowa tomorrow morning calls for temperatures to be in the upper 30s. there is the possibility of patchy fog so hopefully about does not become too dense. you could be an issue if you
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we will have cloudy skies and if you spotty showers to go along with the patchy fog. the showers will diminish tomorrow afternoon and then we get to thanksgiving day and it looks dry. late thursday night there is a chance for a minor dispute this disturbance. -- disturbance. by black friday gone but we will see mostly cloudy skies. the high temperatures will be around 40 to 42 degrees. here's a weather system that we are watching heading into eastern kansas. it is to the north of that were we've been seeing the showers. these rates are expected to continue through the overnight. were taking you to the particular end at midnight you can see the scattered showers around eastern iowa. now at 6:00 tomorrow morning there is a patch of rain extended to the heart of our viewing area but between six and noon you can see the precipitation ends in the
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2:00 in the afternoon looks like the whole mess was up to the east. we will be dealing with clouds tomorrow but the wet weather will be gone by late afternoon. your forecast calls for temperatures to be in the range of 33 to 35 in the northern counties. occasional light showers up that way. in the south showers will be more spotty until late tonight. below temperatures have been met. tomorrow the showers come to an end from west to east. high temperatures should be close to 40 degrees. down in the southern counties the wins will switch off to the northwest as the system moves to the east. most of the showers will occur during the morning hours and temperatures should range and 40 in cedar rapids 246 and sigourney and 45 in washington. your extended forecast has good conditions for turkey day.
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on friday and other dry day and look at this for the weekend we've been able to increase the temperatures. the storm system that comes will send a warmer air and maybe some showers on late sunday. the temperatures around 50 to 54 degrees. >> we continue now with meteorologist rebecca kopelman looking at our corridor commute. >> when you were saying you are out there earlier and it was busy on the roads >> the busiest i've seen in a long time. >> the good news we have rows that will be opening up and free of construction around the corridor so that will help lighten the traffic at least for the commute and parts of the area people traveling this thanksgiving. start with the first avenue project that's been going on in cedar rapids. they have stopped work in the area from 34th st. to 40th st. there is no longer work on
9:26 pm
working on the other half of first avenue that that will come up next year. in iowa city a big project that's been going on washington street eastbound traffic will be reopened to one lane starting tomorrow and that is good news as they have finished some of the construction and are expecting all of the traffic on washington street to be reopened by next month. >> next on fox 28 news at 9. >> has always promised that the united states would not take part in the transpacific partnership. he promises that that's a priority in his first 100 days in office. i will show you how i will farmers are reacting to this news. >> listen throughout the day
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trump and media feud >> the story of that trump transition process to date has been donald trump's meeting at the new york times building with top publishers and top reporters and editors of the new york times. he started the day by saying the meeting had been canceled because the the terms and conditions and eventually we learned the meeting was back on. for big things that we got out of the meeting is that he disavowed the art right movement. that is a conservative businessman called the an eye -- neo-nazi and a racist movement within the republican party but a conservative wing of it. we have some of the video on
9:30 pm
he did say he wants to know what's making them angry at the status quo so he can address it. he did defend steve bannon. steve bannon has been accused of being part of this movement and anti-somatic in his own way. he said he thought that sleep and it was part of the all right he would not have hired him. while steve bannon does have a concert of it slant it covers everyone on the conservative side. >> online. he also said that jared kushner's possible role could be in helping foster a peace between israel and palestine. jared kushner's is donald trump's son-in-law. he has defended donald trump in the past when donald trump has been accused of being anti- somatic. jared kushner cannot be appointed to a position in the new trump white house because
9:31 pm
he did say that jared kushner could play a key role of a personal advisor. we will keep following that all the way through january until donald trump takes the white house. >> on today's meeting at the new york times a major reversal to a campaign promise. scott sanborn joins us now with the surprise announcement to expect during the campaign donald trump made it clear thought hillary clinton should be in jail. he even went as far as promising he would ask for special prosecutor to investigate the former secretary of state handling of emails. now he says he will do no such suffered greatly in many different ways, and i am not looking to hurt them at all. the campaign was vicious." despite what was said during the campaign, trump's inner circle seems to agree with that decision. you sort of put things behind you, and if that's the decision he reached, that's perfectly consistent with sort
9:32 pm
things come up, you say a lot of things, even some bad things might happen, and then you sort of put them behind you in order to unite the for clinton herself, she recently said that all she wanted to do after election night was curl up with a good book.apparently she is doing just that.jessica wick posted this photo of the former secretary of state shopping at a rhode island book store with her husband former president bill clinton. trump's charitable foundation admitted to the i-r-s it violated rules against "self- dealing."those rules prevent non-profit leaders from using their charity's money to help themselves. right now it's unclear what or how much was improperly used--that will come in a follow up report to the federal government.but, during the campaign, there were accusations that trump used charitable funds to purchase memorabilia for himself and even to cover some of his
9:33 pm
trump's promises when he takes office - could hurt business for a lot of iowa 28 news statehouse reporter steffi lee --continues tonight's team coverage. take pkg:nat pop donald trump videopresident-elect donald trump released this youtube video promising when his new administration takes over the white house --take sot: donald trump video 1:01:00:02 "i am going to issue our notification of intent to withdraw from the trans-pacific partnership -- a potential disaster for our country."many iowa farmers support the trans-pacific partnership.they said this countries would cut trade barriers and open new markets - allowing more imports and exports.take sot: craig hill, president - iowa farm bureau 11:11:31:17 "i don't want to limit my access."it's disheartening for farmer and iowa farm bureau president craig hill.take sot: craig hill, president - iowa farm bureau 11:10:26:28 "if we look back to 1994 when nafta became the law, we only exported as
9:34 pm
dollars of goods to canada and mexico. since then by 2015, it was 38.6 billion dollars of goods -- agricultural goods to trump promising to withdraw from the tpp. and that other party should come first. he farms corn, soybean, cattle and sweeping. >> a lot of countries do not produce anything we need. a lot of countries produce the same things we produce. >> this promise. >> for every one new regulation to regulations must be eliminated. >> so farmers like him can do the job they love without constant government overreach. >> we need to be able to produce our products at a profit and we cannot if were going to regulate ourselves to death. >> the iowa farm bureau said
9:35 pm
remains firm on withdrawing the nation from the tpp agreement it helps the trade deal could still get a fair deal with the new administration sets in. >> next on fox 28 news at 9. >> i now have three more days till my last game in kinnick stadium. >> from the hawkeyes were
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>> a big day saturday at kinnick stadium. zach hanley is here to tell us about it. >> it's hard to believe it's the final week of college football regular-season but it is. friday for the hawks's senior day and there's a trophy on the line. as mia o'brien found out the guys just want to finish strong. >> reporter: friday is i was a
9:38 pm
it's also senior day in iowa city. >> i thought about it all week and knowing i have three more days till my last game in kinnick stadium. >> time goes by so fast. before you know it's here. >> we want to finish things the right way. as much as we like to focus on the senior day still have a game to play. >> it's not just any game. it's a trophy game. it's the last chance for the hawkeyes to prove they are putting it together when it matters most. >> we need to focus. >> i'm happy we have our stuff figured out especially against michigan and illinois. >> as for figuring out who will be starting at cornerback for
9:39 pm
>> a doesn't matter if it's from fraser. we have to be ready to go and play our football. >> they are trying to get their 10th when and where trying to get our eighth wing. o'brien, cbs 2 sports the short week moves -- everything -- iowa football up -- inculding i on the hawks -- don't forget to check out the final show of the season -- 6:30 -- wednesday night -- on fox 28. like iowa -- it's also senior day for iowa state when they host west virginia on saturday -- it's matt campbell's first as the head clone, but he hopes to send them out on a high notebecause it's been an up and down career for this group of cyclones -- the losing streaks -- the firing of paul rhoads, hiring of cambpell -- and all the different coordinators -- but even with all of that -- saturday will be one they'll remember forever. "as of right now it doesn't feel real. i don't think it
9:40 pm
time. 5 years... it seems like a long time, but at the same time it goes fast so i think it's going to be a lot of... good emotion as far as the team. both the marion and mount vernon girls basketball teams made it to the state tournament last season -- but didn't play each other -- so why not tip off this year with a bang?6th mustangs hosting the 2nd ranked indians in their season opener and what a start it was for her first varsity game -- the freshman was 3 for 3 in the first quarter -- scoring 8 of marion's 10 points mount vernon though -- finished the quarter on a high note -- hayley corkin -- beats the buzzer with the corner three -- stangs led y 1 after 1 but after that -- it was all indians -- chloe rice -- shows off her handle -- and then takes it hard to the rack for 2 of her game high 20 -- marion wins 60 to 24 the final
9:41 pm
loss so far this season -- that's to indian hills -- and the eagles had revenge on the minds at johnson hall miles went-zen -- dials long distance and connects from deep and then -- it's kaliph fagan -- stops and pops for two more -- but it wasn't enough -- kirkwood falls -- 67 to 63. and the iowa state women kirkwood falls 67-63. the iowa state women approved 24 and oh -- 24 and basketball season is starting up.>> it's nice to see a smile on your face. >> he's back to his old self. you won't like the forecast though. it's going to be dreary, cold and damp especially in the morning. we have more rain on the way. hopefully we can get it out by
9:42 pm
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>> we are looking live at downtown cedar rapids at the veterans will check in with chief meteorologist terry swails to see what is happening beyond the seven-day forecast expect we will get to that in a second. i did want to show you the showers that are occurring around eastern iowa. they are spotted in nature. they continue to move from southwest to northeast. we've had 3/10 of an inch rain so far. while they are letting up in the southern counties there's
9:45 pm
heading northeast and that will come into the region late tonight and tomorrow morning. we've got to go through the morning hours before the showers move out from west to east. by tomorrow afternoon the rain is over and thanksgiving day should be a dry one. tomorrow morning corridor commute so will have raindrops. temperatures above the freezing mark. most of us around 37 to 38 degrees. it could be some patchy not too dense. won't know until we get into the late night and early morning hours. we can now take you beyond the seven day. here's our trend line. the normal temperature starts at 43 degrees. we then start getting into december and finally by the six were down to 35 degrees for average high temperature. as you notice there's blooming here which indicates temperatures will be near or below normal.
9:46 pm
will be this weekend when we are expecting temperatures to be in the 50s and well above normal in eastern iowa. i think this is a peer to watch as we get into the first week of december when the temperatures will be cold enough if you get a system to track in the right direction it could produce snow in eastern iowa. again at the long ways away and will have to watch in the next few days. breaking down the seven-day outlook. you can see rain tomorrow morning day being nice and dry and the temperature around 40 degrees. friday looks dry as well with 40 degrees. on saturday will be 51 and on sunday we should be at 54. monday we should have some showers back into the forecast. the temperatures then take i hate by 20 next week as highs go into the mid-30s. >> we continue now with meteorologist rebecca kopelman . holiday travels is picking
9:47 pm
normally see at 9:30 night which is traffic in cedar rapids. the average speed is 17 miles per the average speed is 17 miles per hour now and not sure if that's due to an accident. there are a lot of people on the roads doing their travels. we have good news for the commute and your travels as projects have been closed. one of them the first avenue project in cedar rapids between 34th st. and 40th st. have been finished today. all the construction work will be stopped starting tomorrow and down south toward iowa city eastbound traffic on washington street a big project that's been going on down there, one lane of traffic will reopen and in fact they say all of traffic on washington street will be reopened next month.
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>> we have a few more updates out of detroit. this is video of d'angelo davis. he is a suspect at where wayne state university police officer was shot in the head. police say it was dismantled shot him in the head while the officer was conducting searches of cars that they believed had been broken into four navigation units that were inside of them.
9:51 pm
year-old colin rose. this is a picture of the wayne state university police department webpage. this is a picture of him at a ceremony a few months ago. you can see on his bad she is wearing a thin blue line that go over badges when offices are killed in the line of duty. this is the 29-year-old the police state was shot in the head tonight. he is out of surgery. our last update on his condition was that he was in rape condition. now weav recovering and out of surgery. we are keeping a close eye on the situation. will have the latest information on our sister station cbs 2 news 10 attempt expect consumer alert as we head into the holiday season. karen fuller joins us with a warning about your social media. >> this one involves facebook. it's a secret sister gift exchange. it gives users to buy a gift worth $10 claiming that they
9:52 pm
people in return. remember if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. in this case it may be illegal. an important recall to tell you about before thanksgiving. craft heinz company is recalling pork gravy. due to an issue with mislabeling. there could be milk and soy in the gravy but it's not labeled. 500 cases were sold to retailers across the country. >> while you are together taking selfie's and pictures of the turk about your uncle leo we want to see your pictures. download our facebook app and upload your thanksgiving photos. we hope to showcase some of your best pictures here on the fox 28 news at 9 on thursday night.>> next chief
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an iowa city >> and iowa city area chambers of commerce initiative is rewarding shoppers for taking their holiday lists to local stores. 12 businesses are participating in the bike your holiday lets. they say there's no purchase necessary to sign up. tickets going to three drawings in december.
9:56 pm
winners in each time period >> they employ people and pay property taxes. their great about donating into the local economy. when you go on light and shop elsewhere that's not furthering the iowa city area or johnson county. >> to get more information about the iowa city holiday blitz go to our website >> >> i sure have. i'm on top of things. >> i have not gotten a single one. >> it goes fast. i better get on it. tomorrow we will have showers and cool conditions and a dreary day. temperatures around 39 degrees but most of the rain will be during the morning hours. >> sounds good. you have a wonderful night. we will see you back here
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