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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  November 25, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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nine.the hawkeyes resurrect their season with a big finish in front of the home crowd.we have team coverage of iowa's up and down -- and up again season. "it's been a few days since we've seen the . a win for the iowa hawkeyes means a better bowl opportunity however after the rose bowl appearance are they satisfied? find out tonight. been a few days since we've seen the sun in your forecast. black friday didn't go smoothly for everyone. the snag some shoppers faced right here in the corridor. more live reports. we begin with a traffic alert right now cars are at a
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near williamsburg this is the westbound lanes telling fox 28 news the interstate there is completely blocked off. , we don't have any cameras in that area you can see on waze, several corridor commuters are traffic - - heavier - on the roads -- after tonight's football are looking at a live picture of kinnick stadium - - where the iowa hawkeyes - dominated the corn-huskers - we'll have complete team coverage of the season finale - - in just a moment. first - - let's go straight to meteorologist rebecca
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now - team coverage - of a big day - at kinnick stadium. fox 28 sports anchor - pat moroney --begins our team coverage - of iowa's strong finish - to the season. pat what a difference a few weeks can make - just 20 days ago - iowa got pounded by penn state - today - iowa did the dominating - and there was
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about it... the hawkeyes struck early and often on senior day... no score in the first - watch akrum wadley - big hole - a blazing fast back - that's a bad combination for nebraska - this is a 75-yard touchdown run for wadley - iowa's on top drive - more quick strike, big play offense - c-j beathard leads riley mccarron into the open field - and he's off to the races - after wadley goes for 75 and a score - mccarron takes it 77 tacked on a bunch more, too - they win the hy-vee heroes game - 40 to 10 - over nebraska... it's been a really good month of november for our football team - extremely proud of them and happy for them - they earned it - i told them - it's been a good three weeks but it really began in january - win, lose or draw tonight this team has done things right - it's really fitting that they would turn in a dokminant
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coverage later on in sports... fox 28 news - team coverage - continues now - with the pay -'s safe to say - a few weeks ago - - many hawk fans - feared they would not?? be heading to a bowl - - after a strong finish - - the hawkeyes are poised - for a top-tier 28 news - reporter - matt lange - joins us live - outside kinnick - with the fan's take - on this for a top tier game. we are joined live outside kinnick where the fans take on this roller coaster season. matt for the hawkeyes calmed a lot of nerves built up after early season losses to north dakota state and north western. even with an eighth win in a strong finish to the season, that wasn't strong enough for some hawkeye fans. hawkeyes are notorious for ripping your heart out. gathering along the toaster rv are kevin and hawkeye fans made the trip to indy, they learned was not a possibility weeks ago. >> i think the saddest part
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the big 10 championship, that's the tough one. >> across the parking lot near a slightly newer tailgate mobile is ellie. >> you can't say it is a bad hawkeye season, to be two top 20 seasons. made the 23 hour last season. even it won't be the daddy. >> the fans won't be the only ones making the trip to a hawkeye bowl. >> we're really pumped and ready to travel. >> even with the teams are up and downs this year, the profits stay steady. >> the hawkeye fans are awesome about apparel, ready to cheer
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if you took pictures at the game today - - we'd love to see themjust download the cbs 2 - fox 28 smart phone app.go to the see it - send it section - - and share your photos. iowa quarterback - c-j beth - hard - was one of fourteen seniors to play their 28 news reporter - mitch fick - - tells us - about the new bond --beath ard's brother - has created with him. by now, you probably know the story of the beathard brothers. c-j, of course, is iowa's starting quarterback. the story. c.j. iowa starting quarterback tucker and up and coming country singer seen in eastern iowa including in august at kinnick stadium, and on stage for a little bit.
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new ep is about c.j. and their younger brother clay. . and many hear this song so he sent it to me and i loved it and thought it was awesome my mom loved my mom said teared up when she heard it. >> a lot of stuff that we got into growing up.
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listen to, it is music there is nothing like music that gets you feeling a certain way and it is awesome, it is all about your family. tucker's fight like hell ep is available for download he'll start a european tour next week. this marked the end of the emotional season after since then every opponent has paid tribute to the fallen star. this morning, the iowa hawkeye they honored the visitor's locker room for both teams and an iowa jersey with his name and number it is a show of respect and condolence for the rivalry with the cornhuskers. the retailers hoping for big number got their holiday wish black friday deals attracted millions for malls
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the country. that includes lyndale mall in seeped -- cedar rapids this is our sky cam after having a full packed parking lot, the stores have just closed no major problems reported. different story in iowa city sickamore mall evacuated, they had a report of coming from about 10:00. crews responded by found no damage and shoppers were allowed to return. a corral ridge mall were disappointed after they showed up with a coupon offering a gift card and hot chocolate at scheeles. they wish they had a warning earlier, i feel and told us instead of 30 minutes before when we were standing here for
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on-line offer - for gift cards and hot chocolate - was only valid in montana. you may have hit some of the big stores today ... but small business saturday - starts bright and early tomorrow. local stores - say they can't compete - with large chains - in some ways - - but are definitely better - in others.the owner of the full kit - in iowa city - says local stores - excel at customer service.the owner of textiles in the ped mall - touts a unique selection. pick everything that's in our stores. it's not a corporate decision where it's seen across the country, so we really have individualized merchandise.the iowa city downtown district - says small business saturday - will have free parking - - santa claus - - horse carriage rides - - and hunting for elves. next on your fox 28 news at nine --"i think last year we did 15 families, and i bet it was
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kidsthe local diner - that's giving a gift - in the corridor - this holiday season.and - the newest this holiday season and the newest editions to the trump administration, his latest picks for national security and
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black friday shopping means - the holiday season - is in full swing. . black friday shopping means the holiday season is finally in full swing fox 28 news reporterconor morgan is spreading christmas cheer one family as a time. tis the month before christmas right down to the day and seeking donations at the cafe. all the money goes to purchasing toys for the kids.
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before tis the 30th year maybe the 30th more. last year did 15 families and that it was like 25 kids somewhere. too good to be true and the place called four oaks. we kind of contact them and the city helping out and issues he is very interested this year he asked for 12 families to start with by the time it is doubled that number. business is slows construction was canceling, he replied without pause. nope, that was just november 1st with the container to start collecting. the partners. making the kids happy, having them smile at christmas
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are just like everybody else and wish for something and that wish can come true. christmas is for the kids they should be able to enjoy new toys and have a nice meal. covering the corridor, conor morgan, fox 28 news. along with the toys for kids country kitchen gives each family a holiday meal of ham, scalps potatoes, dinner rolls and pumpkin pie. busy first day. how president elect donald trump could un-do a number of initiatives put in place by his predecessor moments after taking place in office. the skies are finally starting to clear tonight and these clouds will continue to move out, temperatures cool down by morning it will be cold but by afternoon tomorrow, we're warming on up i'll let
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. i know our car is out here somewhere, i thought, you were paying attti parked no, they thought you were. this is lyndale mall stores closing 20 minutes ago after a very busy black friday people wandering out now to try to find those cars and in all of the christmas gifts they got today. probably one of those days hear a bunch of people turning their alarms on, headache.
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worry about it was a great black friday. made it easier to get out and shop, you need the jacket if you're going to catch some more deals tomorrow going to be even nicer outside finally see some sunshine that we haven't seen in, starting to see some of that sun the skies are starting to clear now we are just on the edge of the clouds i-380 i am keeping an eye on this cloud cover, we could see these clouds creep in later on tomorrow afternoon but we will be seeing more sunshine out there. what you can expect moving forward is mild temperatures as we head into this weekend with sunshine then comes the chance for some rain but behind that back to reality in terms of temperatures next week, back to
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year. as skies clear temperatures will be cooling down, all, 20 in cedar rapids, north liberty, iowa city, we start off the morning in the corridor we'll have some of that sunshine, and to warmer temperatures. so say maybe you got some deals on some lights or just have all of the holiday gear but need to hang up, going to be a great weekend to do so but i suggest doing it before sunday evening because that's when the rain will start temperatures going to be warm all the way through monday in the 50s typically this time of year we should be in the 40 degree mark. we are 40 degrees above normal saturday, sunday, and on monday. all of this is because of a storm that's on the way we've had high pressure in control winds out of the north and west but now winds are going to start to shut more out of the southwest and that will lead to warmer air moving in ahead of this
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stay dry for much of the day on sunday we'll have some clouds move in after about 4:00 prep -- predicter here with the rain, after 4:00 we'll see the rain enter our western counties and spread across the area through the night and we could have heavy pockets of rain move monday, could be a soggy commute, we have a couple days to work out the exact timing but we'll likely have rain over head and a pretty good rain at that in fact, models have been indicating a half inch to three quarters of an inch of rainfall for this system once it gets out of here by monday afternoon which pretty high for november standards but we've only had measurable rainfall about two days this month we could use some of that rain in eastern
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between highway 20 and highway 30, area wide everyone could see at least half an inch of rein. for tonight, we are dry, clearing of the skies and it is going to be a cold start if you're up early on saturday, 26 postville, 28 and manchester down to the south 20 in cedar rapids, 29 down in iowa city where the skies have cleared temperatures are quickly. and temperatures are really going to warm up tomorrow 10 degrees warmer with highs in the mid and upper north of highway 20 down to the south we'll be into the 50s for the cedar rapids 53 in iowa city, 54 in washington that warmth continues on into monday, rain chances really go up sunday
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there after, cool down with highs in the thursday. reversing the orders of president obama what donald trump can do on day one how long past presidents used executive orders to bypass
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today, president - elect donald trump named two more key members - o . today president elect donald trump named two more key members of his white house staff they are not cabinet positions but they'll play a major roll in the new president's policies kt
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contributor and served in several administrations trump named her, and chairman will serve as official. if president trump keeps to his promises he could kill several orders with president obama. if donald through on promises would have the ability to roll back so many of president barack obama's orders and actions on the very first day in the oval offices. some of those terrible executive orders believe me unsigns so fast they'll be unsigned the first hour that i'm in office. the first 24 hours trump vowed to disguard trade agreements like the ttp.
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fraud and mix up orders. on day one i am going to begin swiftly removing criminal, illegal immigrants from this country. constitutional experts with the libertarian institute says donald trump by himself can do a lot. >> if it is simply an executive action and enforcement action then those can change at the stroke of a pen, trump could peopleliving illegally in the u.s. from deportation and abandon theclimate control committee. but could not disguard obamacare because much of it instruments, executive action is not. presidents can use those vehicles to bypass congress and shape their own agenda. trump says he'll use both, when necessary. "it's
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day."i'm jeff barnd reporting in washington. president obama has signed 261 executive orders.that's slightly fewer - than his precessor - - george w. bush.ronald reagan far surpassed both - - with more than 380 orders.but none of that - comes close to f-d-r,he issued more than 35-hundred executive orders 12 years.teddy roosevelt - - woodrow wilson - - and calvin coolidge - - are the only other commanders in chief - to sign more than one thousand executive orders. state leaders - are closer to naming a new president - at northern iowa.the board of regents - plans to select from four finalists - on december fifth or sixth.the last finalist - visits campus - next week.faculty union leaders - say they plan to put together their own analysis - of the finalists -
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choice. next on the fox 28 news at nine regents make their choice. coming up next on the fox 28 news at 9:00 an end of the season blow out delivered by the hawkeyes a complete wrap up of today's impressive win over another top 15 team, next on
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[ zaps ] barry. future barry? do not go to the big-box store this weekend. wha--
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a free 58-inch samsung tv when we buy two samsung smartphones. got it. u.s. cellular, then the big-box. no, no big-box! we get trampled, you doof! ouch! ouch! get a free 58-inch samsung smart hdtv when you buy two samsung smartphones. and get a tablet for a penny. you weren't gonna mention the penny tablet? [ mockingly ] you weren't gonna mention the penny tablet? iowa said goodbye to a number of senior stalwarts tod . iowa said goodbye to a number of seniors c.j. and desmond king with 34 wins over the past four seasons, it will be a class remembered for one thing above all else, winning they tried to pick up one more win at kinnick on friday, iowa at home against nebraska and the regular season
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quarter, one cut and he is gone he has the vision to go with the wheels, 75 yards to the end more splash plays from this suddenly explosive offense - next drive, more splash plays from this suddenly explosive offense, c.j. and he outruns everybody and outdoes wadly a 77-yard touch down makes it 13-0 later in the half, a more me taking the toss and scores himself a senior day touch down scored later to get to 10 td's on the season, 20-3 in the half and this game is over. linking up with george in the end zone the senior on senior day his second of the game a good old fashion blow out winning 40-0 now wait 9 days to find out which bowl game they'll go to, zach hanley has
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it was a senior day to remember, daniels passed the 1,000 on the ground, and the defense smother the huskies to keep the heroes trophy home. they deserve every bit of it a lot of these guys have been around here when things have been been great and been around here when things have been the best so i think they deserve the right we to >> up four and a half years of putting in work and time, dedication through the moments you kind of live for, you can't buy a feeling like that. this is the last season, even though we've had our ups and downs these last few weeks we'll finish strong and play together and give everything that we had, especially seniors to finish off our careers right. a lot is said about a team, playing and right now we're 3
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year very strong and very well. finishing strong in november might be an under statement for the hawks win their first bowl game since 2010, fox 28 sports. to college hoops the iowa men have had spirits of great basketball they'd have to play almost perfectly instead they got blasted virginia number 7 in the country showed why in the first half hawks down 9, and right back, iowa couldn't get any rhythm on offense and defense they gave up too many open threes here is london in the corner down the hatch i want goes iowa down 20 at the half and it didn't get any better in the second half again left wide open when that defense meets bad offense it is a bad result the young hawks
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overs in the defeat. iowa state up against it on off against an a-c-c opponent - and played their best 40 minutes of basketball this season... day two of the advocare invitational - iowa state verses miami... opening minutes - 'clones start hot - deonte burton with the three ball - yes sir - iowa state jumped out to a five point lead early...late in the first half - more range - naz long doesn't want a screen - he wants all three of these - iowa state up six at half... second half - pickin' up the tempo - monte morris finds long for a layup - two of his ten points on the day...and then the cyclones pulled away - burton - bumped as he shot it - but he's two strong - bucket and the foul... iowa state wins big.... 73 to 56 - burton led the way with 21 points - iowa state will play either gonzaga or florida on sunday in the advocare championship... the iowa women are in action tonight in cancun - they're clinging to a tight lead
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fourth - it's 65 to 62 - ally disterhoft and megan gustafson are leading the way there... with 65-62, ally and megan gustafsson are leading the way layup with two seconds left to give the panthers a 76-74 win - they play denver on saturday in phoenix...
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we continue to monitor a traffic tie up along . right now we continue to monotomorrow a traffic tie up along interstate 80 west of williamsburg reporting on waze that traffic is crawling in the westbound lanes but it is moving again a short time ago it was blocked a vehicle fir let's turn now to the weather first meteorologist rebecca as we look beyond the seven day as things improve. we'll see improvements with the weather and temperatures are going to be warming up above average we'll take a look at the long term trends in just a moment for this weekend we're starting to see the clearing skies that will see sunshine to start the day tomorrow winds
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warmer temperatures on saturday an on sunday ahead of a storm system that will move through late sunday afternoon and evening, it will bring rain to the area mainly like by about 4:00 in the afternoon and then we'll continue to move through in the evening hours of sunday into monday and prior to that it is going to be pretty nice with temperatures well into the 50s in the afternoon. temperatures going to be on the cool side in the upper 20s close to 30 degrees after that, temperatures will really take off with all that sunshine out there now we'll go beyond the seven days right now temperatures should be around the 40 degree mark in the afternoons we've been near normal for the last several days but we'll go well above normal about 10 to 15 degrees above it for the next 3 days through monday, after we get
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for a couple days to start off december, there after, the forecast gets uncertain temperatures seem to hang out near normal will likely be just above normal for a couple ofdays and trends towards cooler weather as we get into the second week of december here in eastern iowa. taking a look at the details of your extended forecast we'll have that sunshine on saturday rain chance increa sunday and into monday temperatures in the 50s even in the mid-50s on monday low temperatures rise as well we'll be in the 40s on sunday night into monday thereafter we'll have clouds around to start the week temperatures back into the thursday wednesday, thursday, and friday. sad news the country's favorite television mom during the '70's has passed away florence henderson died of heart failure over night. stephanie reports henderson
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but as carol brady she was loved by millions. that lovely lady is florence henderson played carol brady on the sitcom the brady bunch but her real story wasn't so ideal. born in dale indiana, she grew up poor with an alcoholic father and mother who left when she was just 12 henderson used her singing talent to entertain the family and help make ends meet. >> i don't remember not singing and i would sing and pass the hat i would sing for groceries. her big break in 1951 when she landed a starring role in rogers and hammersteins, oklahoma. the singer turned actor took her talent to tv she was nbc's today girl and became the
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tonight show in 1962. then in 1969 henderson became carol brady. i created the kind of mother i wished i had and i think everyone longs for. >> i get so much fan mail from all over the world and everybody wants a hug from me and i hug everybody. i get so much affection. henderson continued to act and sing on tv for decades after the brady bunch even cha- chad her way into o rooms in 2010 on dancing with the stars. henderson had four children with her first husband, met her second his, hipno therapist while under going therapy for
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and at the height of her career she started to lose her hearing. you can't imagine for someone when you all of a sudden don't hear that piano or instruments it is the most terrifying feeling in the world. >> she had an ear disease but after multiple surgeries, henderson's hearing was restored. i have this in both ears. she seemed to always look on the bright side. here is the way i feel fun you shouldn't be there.
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in less than 2 months - donald trump - will become commander-in-chief - at the presidential - ina . in less than 2 months donald trump will become commander and chief at the inauguration, national correspondent looks ahead to the big event, especially when it comes to security. behind me the stages being set for the inauguration of the 45th president of states, donald j trump, the culmination of months of planning on infrastructure, traditional ceremonies and security. but i will faithfully execute and defend. so help me god. every years thousands dissend upon the capitol to see the president take the oath of office with so many in place, there are the usual securities for medical emergencies to
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actors seeking to hard the new president and natural occurrences such as fires. law enforcement will have to contend with thousands of anti- trump protesters. this makes the secret service's job complicated and i'll bet there is a lot of sleepless nights going on thinking about the inauguration. protests have popped up nationwide since trump won the presidency some have protest in a free country what you don't have the right to do and be arrested for no doubt is interfering with the security plan, throwing objects at people. the former secret service agent was at president george w. bush's inauguration in 2005 president barack obama a&unexpectedly decided to walk. dan bongino, he got out and waved and about 2 or 3 blocks of that route was minea&while both instances --
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protect each presidenta& bongino says it's anxiety that is usually absorbed within the ranks.dan bongino, very few problems make it up to the president himself. his job is to be the president, not to worry about his security. kristine frazao, "for those planning to come to washington for the big event, bongino cautions to expect long lines and lots of securitya&to use a little common sense by not bringing knives or gunsa& and to follow the posted directions. reporting on knives or guns and of course to follow posted reporting on capitol hill. global trade in a trump administration is already part of the international discussion and a huge worry from some countries on his last foreign trip president obama claimed his signature trade agreement in the asia pacific the tpp, was still alive despite trump's vows to click. but hoping this is not the case, it survived hurricane
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but finding itself threated with extinction by foreign competition. this sunday on full measure a trip to the bayou how they are fighting to stay in business next on your fox 28 news at nine --meteorologist rebecca kopelman - has a last look at your weather first forecast. right now - check out this story - - from our digital partners - - at circa news. wanted on black friday?try small business saturdaythe american express-created holiday is a day to shop local and support the little guys small business saturday has become more than just a shopping day:"it has turned the whole weekend into a big weekend for us, a great way to kick off the holiday season." 28 percent of younger shoppers are expected to go small on saturday and are part of a growing consumer trendof the saturday and part of a growing consumer trend of the millions of consumers hitting the stores
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that's up 2% from last year. younger shoppers aren't boycotting box stores but like looking in their backyard for one of a kind finds. >> we believe this number is growing because a lot of people are continuing onto engaging with their local community especially with small businesses. it is an opportunity to support them to meet your neighborhood and also buy very unique gifts at times you'll not be able to find online or in big box stores. proving an excellent way to local, and overall awareness and interest has only climbed: 55 percent of shoppers over 18 know about the holiday and, what's more, 83 percent say it has inspired them to shop small year round"we have real great customers all year round but small business saturday feels a little bit more like a celebration."for circa, i'm round.
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. skieshave finally clears upper 20s in eastern iowa, throughout the day, out of the southwest warmer air, temperatures will be in the 50s in the afternoon. one more day to get out those christmas lights.
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fox 28 news at 9:00, 10 at 10 starts in three minutes we hope
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brad: in a thanksgiving special, we look at what panther nation can be thankful for. today, we recap the past football season with head coach mark farley and look at the bright future ahead. we'll tell you about a neck surgery and the tough road to recovery one defensive lineman had. we spotlight five seniors that say their final goodbye to the mcleod center at this weekend's mvc tournament.


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