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tv   Iowa In Focus  FOX  November 27, 2016 9:30am-10:00am CST

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an in depth look at the people and events that shape our community.this is iowa in focus.this week -- the first look at president-elect donald trump's first 100 days...and we find out how linn county plans to use the 40 million dollar bond voters just passed. welcome to iowa in focus -- we're giving context to happens in the headlines and on the campaign trail.that starts with the barnstorm. president elect trump and his future vice president -- mike pence -- spent a good part of the week meeting with potential cabinet members and advisors.but in iowa -- a lot of the focus has been on what role governor terry branstad could potentially fill in the trump administration. his son -- eric branstad -- was the state director for donald trump in iowa.the governor himself was on donald trump's agricultural advisory
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and his son were happy with -- and helped craft -- donald trump's favorable stance on ethanol.the governor already has deep personal relationships from trade missions in china -- making him a potential fit to be ambassador to that nation.or -- he could take over for former iowa governor tom vilsack as the secretary of agriculture.governor branstad has said that he has no interest leaving iowa -- but then this week -- his message changed a little. "i want to stay in iowa but i'm also one that understands if you get requested by president elect of hte united states to consider doing something else, you should not shut the door before you even know about it." donald trump gave the nation the clearest view yet of what his first 100 days in office might look like through a video released on twitter. "i've asked my transition team to develop a list of executive actions we can take on day one to restore our laws and bring
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time.."he laid out specific plans in a few areas.on trade -- trump says he would pull the united states out of the trans pacific partnership and negotiate the united states' own trade deals.on energy -- he would decrease restrictions -- allowing more jobs to be created.he wants the department of defense beef up cyber security while also protecting the nation's infrastructure on immigration -- he'd want the federal government to target rules that undercut american workers.and he's roll executives to become lobbyists -- and a lifetime ban on those executives lobbying for foreign governments. two big policies that were left out were building a wall on the southern border with mexico -- and repealing the affordable care act.trump also met with some of the biggest names in the media......and apparently laid into them about his coverage. those meetings were off the record -- but reports from
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meetings a firing squad. then -- the next morning -- we saw tweets from donald trump saying that the meeting with the new york times had been cancelled after they tried to change the terms and conditions. a few hours later -- the meeting was back on with the times -- and some of it ?was on the record.from that meeting -- we've learned that:he says he doens't want to energize the alt-right movement -- but that he does want to find out why they're upset with the status quo.he said he would never hi campaign manager steve bannon if trump thought he was a racist -- after bannon was accused of being racist and anti- semetic.trump said his son in law -- jared kushner -- could have a big role in brokering peace between israel and palestine.and trump backed away from his debate promise to prosecute hillary clinton over her email server. donald trump extended the first olive branch to a former critic of his campaign.he's tapped nikki haley to be the u-s representative to the
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governor of south carolina and was very critical of donald trump during the campaign.she backed marco rubio -- and then ted cruz when rubio dropped out.haley gave the republican response to the state of the union this past year -- and before the iowa caucus -- subtley tried to call voters away from donald trump. "in many parts of society today, whether in popular culture, academia the media or politics, there's a tendency to falsely equate noise results. some people think you have to be the loudest voice in the room to make a difference. that's just not true. often, the best thing we can do is turn down the volume. when the sound is quieter, you can actually hear what somene else is saying. last weekend -- mike pence went to see the hit musical -- hamilton on've probably seen what the cast had to say to the president elect -- and their message
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"we sir, we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that youre new adminsitration will not protect us. but we truely hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our american values and work on behalf of all of us."donald trump answered back soon after on twitter -- saying that the theater should be safe place -- and that the cast of hamilton should apologize to governor pence.then -- he said that hamilton was an overrated play. gotten would fly in the face of that last tweet.mike pence said that is what democracy sounds like sunday morning. "i wasn't offended by what was said. i'll leave it to otehrs if it was the appropriate venue to say it. but i want to assure people who were dissapointed in the electino results that donald trump meant exactly what he said on election night, that he is going to be the president of everyone in the united states
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let's go inside iowa politics -- talking about what's going in inside state politics. iowa's representatives are already sending letters to president elect trump about the e-p-a's waters of the united states rule -- asking him to get rid of it as soon as he gets into office.the new rule would expand the e-p-a's power significantly in iowa by broadening what is considered rivers -- streams -- lakes -- and marshes.only democrat dave loebsack didn't sign the letter -- senators and ernst -- along with representatives blum -- young and king all backed the idea.they call the rule an economic assault on small businesses -- manufacturing and agriculture -- while saying it threatens the livelihood of fellow iowans. last year -- both chambers of congress passed resolutions disapproving of the e-p-a's new rule with bipartisan support -- but president obama vetoed it. in the same election that linn county voters decided to reduce the county board of supervisors from five members to three -- saving the the
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salaries -- voters passed a 40 million dollar bond measure for water quality iniatives. the officials who called for the bond say the goal is to use it to attract even more money -- and prevent water quality disputes already happening in other parts of the state. the water rushing past rocks on the wapsipinicon river in central city stops for no one. linn county supervisor brent oleson says neither do the increasing problems with iowa's water continue to go the way it's been going. we have some fo the most impaired rivers. that's why oleson says about three years ago -- he started to push for a sigficant investment in the water that runs through linn county. oleson says initially -- he wanted 60 million -- but research showed 40 million dollars would still start the process and stood a better chance of being will cost taxpayers about 27 dollars a year -- or a little more than two dollars a month. the payoff is expected to be
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the conservation board is to take that 40 million and to make it 200-250 million.the county will grow the pot through partnerships -- using the 40 million dollars to provide matching funds to grants over the next 20 years. hillary hughes is the vice president of the linn county conservation board.for some projects its easy to gain partner dollars and in others its' much more challenging, especially water and land protectionhaving the money on hand allows the possible as soon as they're proposed -- even when they don't have the time to raise a lot of cash.developing a wetland is one of the projects we've identified hereryan schlader is the spokesperson for linn county conservation.its about leveraging dollars. yes, we passed a 40 million dollar bond measure for linn county but we can have many community partners involved whether private funds or grant dollars and those dollars could double or even triple and you get more of a bang for your buck
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for communities or individual people to come forward with project proposals.this is going to be shark tank on the environmental level so people can come pitch their ideas and we're going to see if it makes financial and good sense for linn county to invest in it. those proposals will be judged on how they help water quality -- store water to help prevent floods and improve the existing recreational areas.we felt the majority of our focus should be to water and land protection earmarked for park improvements and 6 million is left for trail improvements. about 22 million of the 40 million dollar pot will be reserved for water quality and land protection.improving water quality has been in the spotlight since the des moines water works lawsuit in the state's capitol was filed in 2015.the water utility company is suing three rural counties over the nitrate that gets put into the water -- that des
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out.oleson says linn county could eventually face similar's not as bad as des moines but it could get that way given the rate at which our rivers are beomcing impaired with heavy nitrates and other pollutants.oleson says this first step in linn county to do what the outdoor water trust fund was supposed to do when it passed in 2010. it's a constitutionally protected fund for a similar purpose as linn county's bond measure.the problem is the legislature still hasn't put fund.this should send a signal to the legislators that the public wants this done they're willing to pay for this to be done but you have to do it the right way.i think the vote today is an affirmation that people are very aware of our natural resources and want to see us to better by them. oleson says he's pulling together a citizens review board to make sure the projects that get money from the fund stay true to the mission -- and the way the money is supposed to be prioritized.if that's something you want to be on --
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coming up next...we sit down with the outgoing linn county supervisor after she filled in
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march -- linn county supervisor linda langston announced she was resigning early from her position to take another job in washington d-c.she already said she wasn't seeking re-election at the end of the year -- but at that point -- there would be a roughly six month gap where county decided to put together a three-person panel to appoint an interim supervisor to the board -- avoiding a costly special election which would have delayed the decision even longer.former cbs 2 news anchor amy johnson was picked -- and got thrown right into the her short time on the board -- they passed a minimum wage increase -- dealt with the 2016 flood -- passed a 40 million dollar bond measure -- and had voters decide that the board should be reduced from five members to three.stacey walker has
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johnson's place -- but we sat down with amy johnson this week to talk about why it was important to her to not just keep the seat warm -- but to be what she called a "meaningful caretaker" in her short time on the linn county board of supervisors. i was very proud. i did not expect to be part of the min wage disucssion and i credit the board with doing a thoughtful job and coming up with a thoughtful solution. we've sparkeda statewide debate and the legislature might finally address it. why is that
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radar of our major politicians as itshould be and ultimately my vote was based on teh fact that i heard from too many people struggling to make ends meet. singlemothers, struggling to make ends meet.the flood gave you 48 hours notice. what wasyour reaction there?in 2008 i was working for the chamber of commerce so when the floods hit, we had 850 local businesses impacted in a major
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when i found out that this was going to happena gain potentially here. i couldn't believe it. what was even moreamazing was howt he city and county cooly got their plans together, leadership took charge and i was so amazed. who would have thought all the stuff we went through in 2008 would have paid off. that i said to me, i bet you never thought you'd do this as a supervisor. you said you didn't want to be a place holder, did you do
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learning curve because i dropped into the job a week after i interviewed and i had six months to get up to speed and make meaningful contribution. the way that i did was based on my background at channel 2. i'm a communicator, i learned to tell the stories and i tried to tell them myself. i think in that to shine a light on the county. does it change your perpsective nowt hat you've been the elected officalthis was an experience i not only wanted to have but i had to have. now i've checked that box,i'm never going to say what if. it was
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never goingt o say never. we'll see what happens downt he road. after the break...we review the timeline of the trump university lawsuit -- that was settled last week right before
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welcome the real story this week -- we're taking a deeper look at ....the trump university lawsuit that just got settled late last week -- and what it could have meant for the president elect. trump university was active from 2004 through 2010 based
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would learn from curriculum put together by donald trump -- and from instructors hand-picked by donald trump -- learning about the real estate and investing secrets that made him so succesful.students could then buy additional packages costing as much as 35-thousand dollars to learn more about the real estate a video promoting the university -- trump promotes the experience himself. "we're gonna teach you about business. we're going to teach you better than the business schools. and i went to the best business sc going to teach you better. it's going to be a shorter process. it's not going to involve years and years of your life. the reality of what the university really provided seems to be different.former students brought a few class action lawsuits against trump university saying that the classes were a waste of money and time.public documents show some of the instructors admitted that the university was a lie -- and was designed to get people to sign up for more expensive classes without actually giving them useful
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real estate world.other records also show donald trump admitting that he was not as involved in the university as he had claimed.but trump was adament that he wouldn't settle -- because he said had done nothing wrong. "so normally someone would immediately settle. i can't do that. i don't like to settle. when i'm right about something, i like to go to court. so i'll go to court. when this hit the campaign trail -- it was one of a handfull of ongoing issues that many people on both sides of the aisle thought donald trump to win the white house -- or even the republican a debate at the end of february -- texas senator ted cruz tried to make the case that having the active lawsuit would hurt the entire party in november. marco mentioned the trump university. want you to think about the republican nominee having this
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embarrassed, but keep fighting. swing for the fences.????? the trump university case is nonsense. the people who took the course all signed reports saying it was beautiful. i could settle it right now for very little money. a few months after that debate -- trump was in san diego -- where at least two of the class action lawsuits were in federal court.while he was there -- he targetted the judge who was overseeing his case -- judge gonzalo curiel. happens to be , we believe mexican...": "i think it's great he's proud of his heritage" : "but you're saying it's a barrier to him doing his job." trump: "he's not treating me fair."i have a judge who is a hater of donald trump, a hater. his name is gonzalo curiel. nine months later -- the case was still around on election day -- but didn't keep trump out of the white house.after he won -- some trump lawyers started to work out settlements -- while others
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to after inauguration day -- and arrange for donald trump to testify by video.then -- at the end of last week -- just days before the trial was supposed to start -- he agreed to a 25 million dollar settlement -- which does ?not make him admit fault in the ends all the active litigation.trump took to twitter as soon as the settlement was announced -- saying he settled the lawsuits for a small fraction of the potential award because as president -- he'd have to focus on our country.he say the only bad thing about winning have the time to go through a long but winning trial on trump university. coming up next...the hashtag that's keeping the fued between the trump team and
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- we'll close the show each week taking a look at what happened on social media...after mike pence got lectured at hamilton -- twitter picked up the fun with the hashtag: "name a pence musical."one of the most
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-- referring to a bill governor pence signed into law in indiana that would have protected businesses from legal action if they refused service to people based on the business owners' religious beliefs.experts say it would have cleared the way for businesses to openly discriminate against the gay community.another big one -- phantom of the operation to defund planned parenthood -- after that was a huge talking point on the 2016 campaign trail. you can follow along on twitter and facebook all week long.we're posting -- stories that don't make it into the show -- and other big stories that happen in the corridor outside the political sphere. every week we look ahead to what we're watching out the next week's show.we're keeping a close eye on the trump transition -- while we wait for him to fill out the rest of his cabinet. we're also getting a slightly clearer picture of what we'll see unfolding in the iowa state house in january.and we have just seven weeks until that legislature is back in session. thanks for watchingbe sure to
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and get a tablet for a penny. you weren't gonna mention the penny tablet? [ mockingly ] you weren't gonna mention the penny tablet? after a great plate of thanksgiving games eli manning has struggled over his last three road games. he will try to turn things around today. in his debut jared completed just above 55% of passes. should have better luck today. cardinals coach bruce arians was in the hospital for what he called precautionary reasons but returns to lead his team against the falcons. >> looking good. >> do you feel the chill?


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