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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 27, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm CST

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>> megyn kelly is a lightweight. >> our tough questions for meggin. >> can you honestly say could you have done a fair and neutral debate? >> noutrage over the oj mini series. >> nobody has approached us. nobody consulted with us. >> fromom nicole brown simpson's sister to oj himself. did he just threaten to sue from jail? >> theired withing wit kris jenner. >> you hung in there. we're so prouou of you. >> what ma kate hudson break into song during our interview? >> now in our 35th season, this is entertainment tonight. >> i'm not sure who has more fireworks, housewiv series or donald trump and his race for president. >> he flipped the tables fox news lasasnight declaring he will boycott thursday's gop debate because megyn kelly won' step down as moderator. >> talking about being in the right place at the rtime,
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sitting down with meggin for an interview just as the donald wag detonating his bomb shell announcement. >> obviously she is breaking news in the last couple inutes, as i sit here with you, that donald is not up thursday night in the debate. what are your first thoughts on that? doesn't come. i k says he doesn't want to now. >> let's see how much money fox will make on the debate without me. >> i'll be surprised. i feel like pemtople of iowa are persuable. if he is in a tight raceceith cruz i don't know why he wouldn't make a case with them. such a hugeforum. >> could you say you could have done a fair and mutual debate if you were there? absolutely. without any problem whatsoever. i have no conflict and no bias against donald trump. and i do hope he comes to the debate. >> megyn kelly is lightteight. >> fox news fired back affr more attacc lnight. >> this is a lightweight. this is not a reporter.
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network said q can't get into terrorization towards any of our employees but the donald was not letting up, sayi today i refuse to call megyn kelly a bimbo because that is not correct. instead i will only call letter a lightweight reporter. >> i think sometimesest is part of the game to attack the moderators or media. so i'm used to that. that's not particularly surprising. perhaps the nature of the attack has been unusual. but i try too shut out. i don't see any ben filt toefit to myself as woman or journalist or anything take that in. >> can you share anything, a a hint -- >> maybe i'll live tweet them during the debate. start sending them out. no. no, i can't. >> next, reaction. >> he's going to do what he wants to do. >> trump's announcement was major news in hollywood bp. >> he is a temperamental. like the bratty kid whose parents don't scold him for saying b b things.
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>> i'm not surprised. if he can't handle megyn kelly, what's he going to do with putin? come on, donald. get it together. >> the story broke minutes befo premier of 50 shades of black and the comedy show fund-raiser featuring bernie sanders reporter sarah silverman. >> he actually dropped out the gop debate. >> megyn kelly is mean -- >> now he is asking twitter followers, should i show up to the gop debate? >> he wants to bthere. but he wants to be there because hisollowers demanded it. i'm like, you do you, donald, whatever you want it do. >> oh the donald will do what the donald wants do. >> yes. >> back to megyn, she had more to say. and more about what sarah palin is doing getting b bck into the political picture. >> maybe trump should ta
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look at how he dealt with reporter when a aed if amall was preg. >> is it true that she is having baby? >> wow, want to talk about getting right to the point. a dutch reporter using her big get with george to full advantage. >> is s true she is have baky? >> no. i like th you started that rumor. she just started a rumor. >> how is your wife doing? >> very well. she has a very successful week because the thea president was out of >> i can't express how grateful i am. >> she had a very good week >> george in amsterdam for a fund-raiser that partially benefitted his foundation, not on our watch, was ever the charmer here, humoring th lucky reporter. >> how was your first day in
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>> what do you think of the dutch women? >> they are a fantastic. >> really? >> sure. >> clooney is adding family adopting an abandoned terrier named nate from an ohio rescue group. >> it was aoke at first. i was jubeside myself that the clooneys would consider a dog like me. >> george and amall famously rescuing their dog, millie, however, nate is a gift for george's folks, nick and nina. >> so many things going on in george's world, including "hail caesar" and we will talk about it all whenwe sit down with george on monday. >> one of the most tal people in hollywood. >> yes. >> as it oprah of course. when oprah speaks she get's a big reaction and this is crazy because only oprah can make a shout-out to bread a it into serious dough. >> i lost 26 pounds and i have eaten bread every single day. >> it turned d to a $12 million twitter video.
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commercial. over 30.9 million twitter followers it yesterday and a bunch of them reacted b b buying ight watchers before oprah's tweet the stock was trading at $11. 35 37 within /- /- 35. within minutes, a 20%bump. a good day for the average investor but oprah owned million shares and the slight increase meant o raked in $12 million. >> that's the genius of this program. >> but considering she is worth estimated billion, $12 million won't make much impact either way. >> i love bread. i love bread. >> so how does she do it?t? oprah uses health smart grain bread, adds a slice of tomato over avocado spread with a slice of turkey oregg. okay, now i'm hungry. speaking of getting fit, cameraman is here with the term definitely fit that bill. justin bieber and kendall jenner.
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and showing off their calvin klein campmpgn. they're sexy and they know it. >> what makes life sexy? just being able to be yourself. being sexy is just being 100% comfortable with yourself. >> justin dreaming in nothing but his calvins. you're welcome, ladies. >> i feel by taking things one step at a time and not focussing oothe hardships but focus on the s >> and kendall inspiring body image. >> honestly i wear it every night to sleep. >> the new spring global ad campaign featuringelebs and street artist answering the question, what do you do in your calvins? justin pu statues to shame. he tagged, this one launched. while rapper kendrick lamar raps. >> confident means st you got to be a strong person to grow up in the industry. >> i want to be with you is how
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marking both h and justin's second go around with the label. >> feels so good to be back with calvin kle >> justin's first go-round was last january and the brand gained extra 3.6 million followers on social media. can you call that the bieber effect. no wonder's's back. >> i believe it. >> we are on the way with t t action playing michael jackson movie. and yes you heard me right. a new casting controversy. >> probably closer to michael than his original >> then the families of nicole own simpson and ron goldman not happy about the new o.j. simpson mini series. >> they haven't seen the fx series yet. >> and with kate dson and jack black and get ready for opera sing egging and much more, next.
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by --
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welcome back, everybody. every star loves to do voice over work. no make up, nowardrobe, but you still have to talk. so you have to be ready. jack black has an unusual way of warmininup the vocals for kung fu panda 3. and they demonstrated it. >> i'm meimei. >> wow, she is amazaz e's so beautiful. >> i like it say i'll i'm traveling theeworld and doing a film with jack black. >> jacques when we're in france. >> oh, this is mr. noir's third go-round as kate is a newbie as may but they both have their rituals. >> do you haveny vocal warm-ups? >> you're just showing off.
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>> i don't know any. >> i do that sometimes. >> that's good motor power. >> i doopera. >> oh. >> wow >no, that wasn't right. this is how i do it. i don't know what i'm saying. >> are you a fan of opera? do you go to the opera? >> no. no. it just warms up my voice. >> you've never been to the opera? >> i've never been to the opera. >> and this could go that well. this is great. by the way, i love mae mae. she will be everywher >> i think she should be everywhere. >> maybe she's never been to the opera but kate is a huge football fan so we can guess where she might be a week from
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i'm going to be at the super bowl. halftime? >> kate hudson. >> beyonce. >> coldplay. where is it? >> maybe i'll go. wherever the stars are, i'll be there. pantrs. >> top gun 2 got closer to taking flight.t. take a looooat this. around producer jerry bruckhei after they spent the weekend discussing the sequel. she exciting. >> up next, shakakpeare in love. cast is michael jackson. >> i'm as shocked as you might be. >> nicole brown simpson's sister,tany speaks out about the oj mini series. >> this is notentertaininnt. >> our flash back to oj and nicole.
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new music video, aad. that somg song is taking on significant. michael jackson, it "it don't matter if you're black or whit or that's what a group of filmmakers in the uk believe. that joseph fine cast fro michael jackson and you just can't make this kind of stuff up. even the actor is surprised by the casting. the man in the mirror. >> i'm white middle class guy from london. i'm as shocked as you might be. don't matter if you're blac white . >> he has had a pigmentation issue. so i believe he was closer to my color than his original color. >> side by side picture, interesting. oh but there's a ton of outrage and t basically took care of the rest. insulting. and my favorite reaction, fine better not eventually get an oscar nod. i can tell you that won't happen
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tv movie. warning, the premises crazy. >> michael and two of his best buddies, taylor an marlon brando happen totobe in new york the night b bfore 9/11 and a concert michael was giving and brando was introducing him on stage. i don't know if this is an urban legend or if it is true. but the three of them couldn't get out because it was shut down. a car. >> a 9/11 road trip comedyith stockard channing as liz, brian cox as brando and white british actor as king of pop. today speaking with michael's nephew tj who called it offensiv like everyone else michael was days distraught, and trying to process what happened. he like o entire family took angeles. our family was grounded. >> it is endeering and the more i looked at michael and on
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to have, much to copy to look and interview, the more i fell in love with him. >> the shakespeare in love star is known for going all in. with his new project "risen" he want to gladiator school to p a soldier in the film calls a collision of the passion of the christ and csi. is death squad that oversees the crucifixion of christ and only a number of days later he is confronted by the very also this man forgives him for it. >> you could maybe interpret it from the second chance for vs all. >> "risen" opens february 19th. and they will screen the move for pope francis. >> we are less than week away frfr people versus o.j. simpson. american crime story. and it promises to shake up the way we view the crime of the century. but members of nicole brown simpson's family are upset as it
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not her life. going back to the vault to give her a voicetonight. and our big picture rem nicole. >> it is funny because i'm just so excited. >> and in 1985, on her wedding day to oj, nicole was just 25 years old. before her murder, and all of the years "e.t." her husband, nicole never uttered a word, preferring living in his shadow. now her sister, tanya, feels nicole's story is the one lost as saga is head together screen. >> two people were brutally murdered. chopped to pieces, basically. let's just say it how itwas. this is not entertainment. this is not theohn tralta, cuba going, david schwimmer, this is not hollywood. >> but nicole and oj did live the life. oj once told us marriage tamed him. >> i thinknicole, m m wife, brought stability into my life. i never thought i would remarry. but here lady that came in
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that i needed. >> today while simpson sits a nevada prison cell, daily reports he is planning on getting out next year and is furio the mini series. saying the quote expletives making the filling may see their expletives when i sue their skpletives. >> we see how much love was between them in the videos. and robert kardashian. >> we are v happy. we hope you are happy and healthy and have a nice long happy life together. >> it was such a tragic story. and nicole was so dear to my heart and i think about her and such great cherished treasured memories forever in my heart. >> nicole had helped her through a horrible miscarriage before
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nicole had given he of her maternity clothes. she wore those during the trial. >> the magazi articlcl seems to show how it was untold in the series. >> we also spoke with ron goldman's family. they all told us they had not se the fx seryet. they do plan to watchch it somewhat reluctantly. >> nicole and oj divorced in 1992. the following year, she made terrifying 911 call. >> what kind of car is he in? >> a white bbnco. he broke the back door down to get in. >> just stay on the line -- >> i'm not go stay on the line -- >> it was pretty much that everyt abusive partner is. charming on the outside but monster behind closed doors. >> according to an executive producer on people versus oj, the series does not portray nicole and ron out of respect for them and to spare the family's grief.
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if family members show up to the premier tonight. >> in our entertainment tonight birthday which wife is an editor from marie today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way they are defeated is
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and say loudly and clearly, "enough is e eugh." i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. >> exclusively et jn what kylie really thinks about her brother shacking up with her boyfriend's baby momma. and -- >> very surreal and i lost five pound. >> why heather mcdonald says her drama with chelsea handlereris affecting her physically. idol alum is engage why she has jennifer lopez to thank.
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>> all on etonline.c.c welcome back to theshow. tonight's "e.t."." birthdays, which star of the gogo wife is thee contributingeder to for marie magazine? allian allianian come /- /- alan cumming. >> and playin sexy gazelle, here she is to tell you all about it. >> >> very cool now to brag to my son, about my connection to mickey house. long before i became a mother and mo than once i found myself by myself on the couch watching th movies a giant jar of popcorn.
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ststring jason bateman. the police officer is determined to prove herself this all animal world. >> it is universal story that anyone can identify with. there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we needdto lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. whwhe quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a liling wage is paid d all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values,
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i know we can create that america if we listen to our hearts. and that jouey begins here in iowa. m bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask you to join with us at the caucuses on monday night.
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got a marriage proposal in the diner. where they gonna honeymoon-- a porta-potty? that's the saddest thing i ever seen, and i was at a rolling stones concert last night. the guy wants me to put this ring her pie. 'cause you know what they say-- if you like it, then you gotta put a ring in n . well, this is a first. a guy left me a half a tuna sandwich as a tip. which is still more than europeans leave. there's a proposal at table 40, and you have to do it. i already delivered a baby in here today. well, they've obviouy been dating a while, 'cause she's eating carbs in front of him.


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