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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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drififng and d owing. here is the current road conditions. we saw somemenow covered roads north of highway 20. as you get towards mason city travel is not advised. again, be mindful of that too because we are seeing a lot of slippery roads. here is a look at radar, light ow flurries but we a a seeiei rain and snow to the west. this system will track into eastern iowa overnight. i will let you know when coming up in just a little bit. we have a wintererweather advisory in effect until tomorrow. we will talk about that and when we can see some rain and snow coming up in the full forecast. the snow has let up in many areas but driving conditions
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matt hamlin, live now from the road warrior, snowfall is a little higher they are? >> reporter: tell us -- >> reporter: [technical difficulties] [please stand by] and a reminder you can always access the most-up-to-date weather information using our weather includes radar and hour-by-hour forecasts. it's free for download on apple and android devices.just search cbs 2 w-x. road crews are still out in full force in many parts of the state. state.linn county sent out its crews when the snow began falling.officals are still reminding people to be careful when driving on bridges and ramps.cathy cutler with the iowa d-o-t says crews will stay out as long as needed to keep the roads safe. "we knew that this snow was kathy cutltl says rews will
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>> we know the snow is going to o be severeren certain areas of the state so we did send the trucks out yesterday. that helps to break the snow, ice barrier. >> right now temperatures are warmer so the roads are wet and could possibly turn to ice. >> authorities morning of thin ice across the state. taught time in died in the southern iowa over the weekend after falling through ike -- after falling through ice. rescuers could not stand or crawl on the ice. a specialized team had to be called it in. they lot of fishermen eager to approval of a measure worth millions of dollars. 2 news reporter mellaney moore joins ususlive from one precinct-- the american legion in swisher. the storm today did have impact on when voters could
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county auditors office says ____ many people came out in the first three hours. hours. nd, snow and sleet didn't stop some corridor voters. voters.19:20:24 i was raised on a farm, so it wind, snow and sleet kept some people home. from voicing their opinion on $49 million of potential bond money going to theollege community school district. >> they brought books but we have not been able to open them. >> reporter: that says a lot about what voting officials said would do to the voting turnout. >> it has been extremely busy. >> reporter: polls were scscduled to open at 7:00 until the weather for his cast came in. that pushed it back to noon.
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minutes. >> reporter: as we reported the school district says of money residents are voting on would be used to add classroom space and address safety, security and efficiency issues. officials say they approved wrong in their expectations for how many people it comes through the doors and they are happy about it. >> it really tellllthat the people are interested. >> people complain about the way things are in politics and in voting for school bond issues you can voice your opinion. also happening now in springville voters deciding the fate of a bond issue. the money would be useg for in addition to the elememtary school, which would add nine
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it would also provide for upgrades to the secondary windows. if approved taxes would increase by to dollars in 70 cents. polls are open in springville until 8:00 tonht. tippin may take e first ep towards opting out of the minimum wage increase. tonight, the issue of opting out is on the agenda a aa city council meeting. if they do opt out it will join other cities including swisher, we will have live updates on the issue starting on the fox 28 news at 9:00. democrats >> reporter: republicans a problems on caucus night like delays and traffic jams are caused by a good problem, record turnout. >> in the end iowa sent hillary clinton and ted cruz on to new hampshire as the winners. stephanie lee shows us how
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>> reporter: eating iowa's delicacies and getting swarmed by months of groundwork, getting swamped by cameras boils down to one day of caucus chaos. democrats >> reporter: republican showed up to caucus in the masses, that is standing room only response caused confusion. >> trying to accommodate those people who are showing up. >> there were a lot of angry people who thought this was like an election, where you go in, you sign in and you go. not understanding that it is a
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turnout set ththstage. bernie sanders sword but hillary clinton squeaked by claiming a narrow statewide victory. >> i don't think it is detrimental to hillary clinton. she is still the front runner. >> reportete ted cruz trumped the man who has topped iowa polls. marco rubio will watch as his policies aligned closer with others. >> he has been sharing to be the consensus candidate with four other individuals. the biggest thing for him is building off of the victory. first, but republican candidates might in the upcoming weeks.steffi lee, cbs 2 news. to give you an idea where the candidates stand right now toward securing their respective party's nominations--hillary clinton s 385 delegates. bernie sanders has takes nenely 24-hundred delegates to win the democratic nomination.
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win the republican nomination. ted cruz's victory means he'll get eight delegates. >> to give you an idea where the candidates stand right now. hillary clinton has 385 delegates. bernie sanders has 29. it takes nearly 20 for hundred to win the nomination. it takes half of that to win the republican nomination. ted cruz victory meets he will get 8 delegates, donald trump and marco rubio each get 7. coming up, groundhog day is here. we will let you know punxsutawney phil's prediction. will spring be here soon are
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we saw a tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning, as we inch closer to the big game this weekend, it's a popular time to upgrade your gadgets.
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morning, we're talking to some electronic experts, to give you the best advice, if you're making an upgrades.gentleman nksatawnie phil!!!! cheering // // ladies and gentleman $% punxsutawney phil! >> that you would never know it but punxsutawney phil says spring will be here soon. it is groundhog day it back punxsutawney phil did not see well, jimmy the groundhog in sun prairie wisconsin also predicted an early spring, so it looks like we have a consensus. in the short term, marissa scott is filling in for chief meteorologist terry swails and has your cbs 2 'weather first'
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dense fog advisory in effect through midnight for se iowa. gusty winds all day but right temperatures. here is a a look at the snow reports. alerts canceled but still have posts in our northern counties. predictor shows rain and snow moving in overnight with strong winds expected tomorrow so be mindful og blowing and drifting snow.tonight expect clouds, gusty winds and rain overnight.tomorrow cloudy day, gusty winds and temps falling through the dayour seven day 20s and 30s this week with
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visibility is. as you get towards the southeastern counties it is
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quarter of a mile. i would not be surprid if this gets extended north near linn and cedar rapids as well because we are seeing some foggy conditions. temperatures right now in the 30s. 30 in charles city. 36 in iowa city and washington. we haveome light snow falling the northern counties. i think we will see some light snow fall in the north wanted counties overnight through tomorrow morning. here is what it looks like 7:00 we could see some light snow or flurriri around the next couple of hours. at 10:00 we see snow, rain and sleet to move in, i think it will hold off another hour then we will start to see the system move to eastern iowa after midnight. definitely be mindful of that
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tomorrow. by 11:00 tomorrow we will see clouds and everything will be out of eastern iowa and we will see dry conditions for the remainder of the day. tonight, clouds, breezy conditions, still some blowinin snow couou be aaactor overnight. temperatures staying in the 20s but those temperatures will fall behind the system thanks to that wind. once again be mindful of the snow in the morning as you head home from work totoght or even when you head into workrk tomorrow. here is a look at the seven-day forecast. 27 tomorrow. staying in the 20s on 30s -- staying in the 20s on thursday. it looks like it will be a great day to have a barbecue on super bowl sunday before e another system moves back in on monday.
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bit but then winter is coming back with snow and cold temperatures. spspts sportsthe hawks made the front page again --- what the guys are saying about the sports illustrated love -- next on cbs 2... 2..."cbs 2 news connects with us at 1-800-222-kgan email us at news at cbs 2 iowa dot comconnect with us on facebook at facebook/kgan n s 2. coming up in sports the hawkeyes made the front page again, what the guys are saying about the "sports
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is up next on cbs2. in the fall the football team was living the dream. their first big ten title and the cover on "sports illustrated" now, the men's basketball team is joining in on the fun. in the latest issue o o"sports illustrated" the team is donning the cover. it is the first time a player has made the cover. the first time in school history both the football and basketball team's were featured in the same year. >> it is really cool to have the national recognition. especially with the season football had it back the season we are having it is really great.
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program. >> we are having a lot of success and it is great for the fan base, the players and the coaches. >> when you see them working as hard as a work you want to see them recognize properly. so i think it is a terrifif on her. >> the panthers s e coming off of a big win thanks to their big performance from their big man, bennett cook. it has been t talk in cedars fall since sunday. but his play not that big of a surprise to the couch. >> he has been talked about a lot, he was terrific. he was great.. like i have talked about with him, he has played well. we have missed them. we have not thrown him the ball enough.
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play. he has been relatively consistent with his effort. >> the iowa women pushed the reset button afterosing three new season in the middle of the season and what ever was said in the team only "q" and "a" session -- worked -- the hawks are two and oh since then and are now full of confidence as they prepare to take down the hoosiers -- where nobody has this season. "we are going to do something that nobody has done all year, try to beat them at their place. nobody has done that. they are 9 and oh on eir home court. we know that it's ing to be a big challenge, but t i think that right now is the best time we can take our team in their." their.""last game we had 5 people in double figures and when we do that we are usually successful so indiana's a great team, they've e en playing pretty well of late so we are just going to have to go in there and handle them." and on the ice -- the fighting saints have sent another skater to the next level -- their left wingng- michael o'leary commited to the university of nortre dame --
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o'leary has 5 goals and 12 assists -- and scored the fastest goal in the history of the u-s-h-l / n-h-l top
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you can catch a groundhog's day showing at film scene in iowa city tonight. to celebrate the opening of a
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playing groundhog dadafor free "film afternoon at the new 40-seat theatre. owners hope it will broaden their community partnerships and give viewers more options. there was an official film cutting today at the new theater for "groundhog day." >> that is pretty good. >> it is a perfect night to head to the movies or even tomorrow because we will cease temperatures staying in the 20s. 20s. a winter he makes will move into iowa. we will see rain and even some light snow possibly tomorrow morning as well when we wake up but the wind is going to be gusty tomorrow so be mindful of that. we will see some blowing snow on the roadways tonight and
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we also do have school delay at the community school districts, they will start school 2 hours later tomorrow because of the drifting snow. here is your forecast, temperatures staying in the 20s. we warm things up into the 30s. it will be a perfect weekend for a barbecue. that sounds good. thank you for watching cbs2 at 6:00. we hope you will join n back here at
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until then enjoy your evening. all hail to clooney. george and take "e.t" inside their old ho date night. arriving in style, amal's recycled wedding look. plus co-star's channing tatum's next role, dirty dancing live? >> i'll totally play baby. you don't put channing in a corn
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