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tv   CBS2 News Live at 5  CBS  February 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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according to the site - a 5:00, iowa police are cautioning the public about a website that's being going viral on social meded. according to the sight, a group moines and cedar rapids. the group claims to be made up of people who believe that men should be more masculine, and women n ould be more minine. police are investigating - and in des moines - an alert is out saying the meeting could be a wau to lure women into dangerous situations. cedar rapids police say they are also aware of the site.the website *had asked people to go to a specific location and give a code so they could be tamen to a secret meeting spot. now, the website author is asking people to email published addresses quote "proving you're one of us." we'll keep following the story and let you know more as it becomes available. now, let's check in with marissa scott scottto see what's coming our
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more money, fewer problems. that's what the cedar rapi community school district wants lawmakerin des moines to understand. cbs 2 news
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back from speaking with school leaders and she joins us live from the newsroom, dora, what did you hear? sincnccedar rapids community school district is the second largest district in iowa... school officials want the resources to back that up. up.the district released a "budget at a glance" worksheet that shows how much funding ey need to maintain staffing and rvices, compared with how much money the governor has proposed. it states that while student enrollment has remained steady, the district has fewer staff than they did five years ago.according to ththreport, the district would need a 3.72 percent increase in funding to keep running at the same level...the governor is only proposing a 2.5 percent increase...and the house -- they've only recommended a two percent a perfect world -- district would get *more money kids. "we want great learning environment for our students and we want to provide the opportunities and programming that we currently do, and could provide even more opportunities for our kids. i
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converertion is how do we at least have enough funding to provide the equivalent grade experiences that we currently do." do."if you'd like to see the worksheet we're referring to for yourself - just head to our website, cbs 2 iowa dot com. dora millele cbs 2 news live at five. happening now - several corridor cities are wrapping up next year's cbs 2 news reporter mellaney moore spoke with north liberty leaders to hear what they have planned. planned. i'm standing in the middle of an area that will see a lot of changes in thnext few years.s. north liberty has work planned to the east on penn street, for that house and to the west on penn street all the way to the interstate. interstate.north libertytycity officials say fiscal year 2017 is going to be another busy year.the council has $200,000 planned to restore the historic ranshawawhouse that now hosts some community events and could have
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liberty road and dubuque street the city has resurfacing, sewer and water projects totaling at least 1212 milllln dollars over the next two years.the city administrator says much of that work is fueled by the construction of liberty high and two incoming subdivisions. to the west, the city plans to use 3.5 million dollars to widen penn street to four lanes from the i-380 ramps to alexander way this year... and then to jones boulevard e next. amy nielsen, north liberty mayor16:23:27 its just more of you know making sure that our infrastructure is keeping up with our needs, so that's what the fiscal . it's more of making sure that your our infrastructure is keeping up with our needs. that's what fiscal year '17 will be about. is looking into how the government handled the flint water cirsis. cbs 2 news
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is looking into how the government handled the print water crisis. scott sanborn joins us with the latest. >>reporter: the theme of today's hearing had was outrage. key players were not in washington to give answers. despite a subpoena flint's manager declined to appear. the michigan governor also was not there. the governor is to propose giving residents $30 million state to help pay water bills. house members empathized with flint residents and demanded something be one i canno comprehend what the parents and loveveones and individuals, whoo
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have been going through. the public has a righto be outraged. outrage does not cover it. >> we do not t ve the right to remain silent. we do not have the right to not act. government broke it. government must fix it. >>reporter: governor schnieder, who o id the federal epa and his state's department of environmental quality missed how the city decision to switch the water supply went wrong. a convicted murder profiled in the widely popular pod cast serial is in court asking for a new try. he was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his ex-girlfriend. the pod cast highlights the possible oversights in the investigation d trial. although listeners are divided on the guilty innocence, many agree that the evidence
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cell phone evidenc and an alibi witness are expected to be brought up during the hearing for a new trial. the hearing is expected to last three days. cbs 2 news is keeping you updated details of the zika vivis threat. growing concerns are happening now that health officials confirmed it spread through sexual contact. it's only confirmed in the americas but officials expect it to spread overseas as warmer weather approaches. president obama visited a mask mosqeue in baltimore today. >> they talked about how their
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to be forced out ofhe cououry? are we going t t be rounded up, why do people treat us like, that conversations that you shouldn't have to have with children. >> muslim leaders also said they're more fearful now than at any time in history, even after 9/11. the president called on all religious leaders to take note of my negative rhetoric, saying an attack on one faith is an attack on all. this is president obama's first visit to a u.s. mosque since taking office. two senior military leaders are now saying women should be registered or required to register for the draft. the defense department lifted restrictions, barring women from combat jobs in the last year. marine and army officials say every american, who is physically qualified, should register for the draft. law makers are being encouraged to takak the issue dururg the hearing. world.
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pie"on february 3rd, 19-59, niversary in the music world. >> so bye, bye, misamerican pie. >> it was february 3, 1959, buddy holly, the big bopper,r, and ritchey died in a brain crash after taking off. the plane went down on a farm less than 10 minutes after takeoff. the trio played their last concert that day. when is the last time you sent out a tweet or tagged a friend or facebook? we'll explain when your words can come back to haunt you. let's take a live look outse.
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traffic welcome back. a lot of us woke up to snow this morning. here's a look at snow reports. 10 inches in mason city, 10 inches in lancing, 7.5 in waterloo. we at another inch here nor cedar rapids in the snow that fell thihi morning. right now, though, on satellite and radar, we're seeing clouds across eastern iowa, scattered flurrying off to the southwestst expect a gloomy night and gloomy start to the day tomorrow. we will see the sun comeut tomorrow. road conditions, still covered in ice in the northern counties and here in cedar rapids. be extra caution o o the roadways tonight and tomorrow.
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throughout today and tomorrow until the sun warms u` the road. tonight, cloudy skies, temperatures in the teens ernight. a cold day tomorrow. we also have the chance for scattered flurries tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours and on friday as well. we'll see two clippers move through eastern iowa. i'll show you that on predictor in a bit. here's the live look on the sky cam. 22 degrees with a west/northwest breeze at 17 miles per hour. it feels like 88 degrees. temperatures in the teens in the northern counties 20s in the southeastern counties. the temperatures will drop overnight.t. we will see clearing, partly cloudy skies overnight. temperatures down to 12 at the bus stop tomorrow. we'll see the sun come up in the morning . temperatures the warming in the 20s in the afternoon hours. the feels-like temperatures
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may see fog develop once agaga totoght. we're not going to see really cold air, but take a look at satellite and radar. the clouds moving out ofhe hawk eye state. there's a clipper to the northwest. that could bring in scattered flurries in the northern countiti. then h hh pressure will dominate. the system will move out quickly. the second clipper is going to move into the hawkeye state friday. closer to home here in eastern iowa, you can see clearing overnight. we'll see the clouds build tomorrow there's the chance of scattered flurries i i the afternoon and evening hours. then we have a chance of light snow friday. tonight, staying dry and cold temperatures, some clearing. lows in the single digit andnd
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20s for the high tomorrow with mixed sunshine. cooler than today with a chance of scattered flurries tomorrow night. then we see the sun comee out over the weekend with temperatures of 37 on sunday before another system brings cold next week and snow on monday. >> great looking superowl day. iowa's unempmpyment rate remains low. that's a good thing. for those looking for a job, what you say in your free time could affect your career. you got the resume, you've got the references. have you checked your instagram latelyly a new report founds almost half of all companies say no due to negative or inappropriate comments onlinee or being tagged in such a post hurts your chance. job seekers and experts say when you're trying to get a job, all aspects of your life are under scrutiny. >> i was thinking i could keep it professional because it's all
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>> she did go on to get a job. thatat was working out for her. it's not just job applicants either. one survey found 40% of college admissions officer look at a student's potential social media. college and job-seekers,eep that in mind. still ahead of live at 5:00, the caucuses may be over but you can catch entertaining political chatter. let's take a live look outside. a beautiful sunset from highway 965 in north literally, courtesy of your photo journalist, mark.
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on new hampshire right now as candidates from both sides continue to sway voters. the republican field is thinning after the iowa caucuces. senator rand paul announced he's dropping out of the . all eyes are on new hampshire and candidatete don't try to sway voters. rand paul announce he's dropping out and rick santorum is expected to suspend his campaign tonight. donald trump sent out tweeting,% alleging that ted cruz won the iowa caucuses by committing
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iowa, he's victory in iowa sets up a race with sanders. the two will appear together at at town hall event tonight. we'll have updates from that event first on the fox 28 news at 9:00. iowans are finished with the caucus process for another four years. with it goes one of the more light-hearard moments. caucus, the musical, comes around every four years to poke a fill fun and teach a lesson or two. while iowans are living up to their status, kevin berry reports. [ singing ]. >>reporter: this mix of poll tickets and performance was born on the iowa state campus in the 1980s, when t tee different presidenenal candidates were all braving the cold to talk to
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>> at that point, it struck me as being something only we iowans experience andd it's so theatrical, like this should be no a play in some form. >>reporter: it took the better pages. once he did -- >> i wrote it in less than ten days andx;kfy we had it in a workshop in less than two weeks. i was an easy process because it had been brewing. reporter: the goal, to entertain and educate everyone about the proshow thats is uniquelyowa -- process that is uniquely iowa. >> they have no idea what we experience. >>reporter: 2004 to 2012 there, were small changes. this year brought about huge rewrite ss.
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>> the media is such a partt of this whole process now, so we have to integrate that. >> it feels so much different than any previous year. >>reporter: in the end, robert includes the moment of clarity that he says voters find. >> throughout proce, they get caught up in thee various candidates and campaignsns by the time it gets to caucus night, i think people are clear, kind of sift through all the craziness and get to the heart of matter and make pretty informed decisions. [ singing ]. that was kevin berry reporting. caucus the musical runs through this weekend.
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coming into the newsroom - the dow jones is saying the i-r-s is experiencing computer more breaking news coming into our news room now.
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are saying the$ irs is experiencing computer failure and temporarily cannot process tax returns. that's right now. i'm sure they're working toet that fixed as soon as possible. >> in the m mntime, what can we expect in our forecast? it sounds like it's getting cooler. >> it's getting cooler the next 24 hour, then it's going too g g warmer. tonight, expect clouds on satellite and radar. for the most part, we're going to stay dry and have a cloudy night. temperatures falling into the teens. it's going to get chilly overnight. turn on the heater and grab a blanket. here's the warmup. 35 on saturday with the sunshine. sunday, we could get close to 40 degrees before another system drops our temperatures next week with snow on monday. >> it's like a roller coaster. >> we are. i think i would take really nice weather this weekend for a a the barbecues that are going to happen sunday.
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thank you f f joi >> pelley: a health emergency has been declared in florida with nine cases of zika virus and all the right conditions for more. also tonight, devastating tornadoes in the deep to walk out and see this, that this could happen in a matter of seconds. >> pelley: as the candidates campaign in n w hampshire, trump calls for a do-over in iowa. and the incredible super bowl record set by a photographer. >> i had two of my heroes
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>> this is
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