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tv   CBS2- This Morning  CBS  February 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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morning...the latest developments about when city crews will hit the right now>> the continuing discussion in new hampshire friend candidates meet at a town hall right before the debate tonight. the latest candidate that rocked from the race in the surprising message they have. welcome, a live look at i-380. they will have more information on that in just a few minutes. that's just coming in. welcome, i am kevin barry. >> and kelly d'ambrosio. what's going on today, justin? >> in some spots still rings a bit slick. we need to take some extra time to get from point a to point b. other than flurries, no snow or
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it will get a little sunshine to mix for the day that will help melt some things out. 26 at noon, and a high of 30 this afternoon. here's a live look at what's happening in cedar rapids. traffic is moving as you examine downtown. 12 with a clear sky right now. it is 501 into core, -- in decorah. the windsor suddenly, kind of south and west -- the winds are suddenly kind of south and west. moving. we are seeing some cloud cover sneak in around waterloo. a few flurries are not out of the question. we have a few quick moving little storm systems. again tomorrow we will have some chances, and the big kahuna moves in for sunday night.
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nothing major was like what we have dealt with. 26 at noon, 30 is the forecast today it will take a look at the bus stop numbers and see what mother nature has in for our super weekend coming up in just a little bit. we do have a breaking news this morning about a multivehicle crash in benton county we are sending acre to the scene so hopefully we can get some eyes out there to get you more information.>> you can see the mark right there is about 45 minutes west of the parotid -- cedar rapids. it is a multivehicle crash and the roadway is completely blocked off, traffic is being rerouted if that is part of your morning commute if you're heading to des moines or any of those western cities west of cedar rapids, be sure to avoid that whole area you are expecting that to be backed up for most of the morning.
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information on morning here. as well as honor at the can check us out at noon for the latest information then on cbs2. select there still may be snow, but they are anxious to kick off paving for process. >> most of that areas have a massive potholes. they will seek instructions crews out, they plan to do 30 repairs and construction products -- projects. it's from a 1% sales tax approved by voters two years ago. >> it's the first year we are starting some of these reconstruction projects. >> among the major projects for this construction season our 42nd st. between kennedy high school and state 380, that's
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-- interstate 380. detours might be inconvenient but the new roads will last for decades. right now they are looking for the best way to up rate is longest road. as new ideas like truck-only lanes.they hope to outline a final plan next year.i-80 spans 306-miles across the state, and stretches from new york city, to the san francisco bay area. cedar rapids school district leaders are now adding their voice to the debate over education funding in iowa, iowa,the district is now releasing a new worksheet showing how much funding is needed just to maintain their current shows that even though enrollment is flat -- staffing is lower than it was five years ago.the district says it needs a 3-point-7 percent increase from the state -- the governor has only proposed a 2.5- percent -- the district wants parents to reach out to lawmakers. "we want great learning environment for our students and we want to provide the
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that we currently do, and better hope, would be that we could provide even more opportunities for our kids. i think in the short term, our conversation is how do we at least have enough funding to provide the equivalent grade experiences that we currently do." do."to see the worksheet for yourself -- you can find this story on our website, cbs 2 iowa dot com. the race for the democratic nomination continues tonight tonightwhen bernie sanders and hillary clinton square off in rest of the democratic nomination continues tonight when bernie sanders and hillary clinton square off. >> the third candidate martin o'malley dropped out on caucus night. but tonight at eight clinton and sanders they would be --
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the two are ready tried next on stage was former secretary of state hillary clinton. clinton.recently -- she's pushed her more moderate views as having the best chance of producing meaningful change --
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"i don this morning the crowded republican field for president is shrinking.former pennsylvania senator rick santorum, who won the 20-12 iowa caucuses, is now dropping his bid, and backing one of his former rivals. rivals.10 candidates finished ahead of santorum in monday night's caucus.he struggled to gain support with a crowded field of evangelical candidates.right now -- santorum is endorsing florida senator marco rubio for president. before santorum dropped out, kentucky senator rand paul ended his campaign.paul performed better in the iowa caucuses but still only received four percent of support 2 news caught up with senator paul on capitol hill following his decision.he says he's satisfied with his team's campaign and will re-focus his efforts within the legislative branch. "i think it just wasn't enough votes to have the momentum to win in new hampshire. i have always been a big believer in spreading the message but also doing it in a race we can actually win, so we will carry
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we will now carry them on in the us senate." senate."unlike santorum, senator paul didn't say if he will endorse any of the remaining g-o-p candidates. it's and right now in it's degrees. degrees.coming up next...a sneak peek at some of what you can enjoy when you watch the
6:09 am your cbs 2 good morning your forecasts through the day today pitcher
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in the last couple of days, we will start and teens and some of you in the single digits. it will be 26 at lunchtime with a high of about 30, some of you down in the south will be a little warmer 27 at 6 pm, will see a couple of stories like this guy as we are seeing on doppler radar just west of us around mason city back up towards the charles city area, the crossover 35, you can see up towards charles city very light snow. the bigger story is what's left over from the last couple of days, as we see snow covered roads water of towards the north, there arsonist -- are some slick spot around parts of highway 30. there is still since on the roads, be very careful. we told you earlier there is a report of an accident around highway 30, if you travel that way take an alternate route, the road is blocked in both
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here's a picture of iowa city, south and west wind at three makes it feel like 16. it is to in waterloo, five in the core, three in charles city. the midwestern temps, nine n. platte. forming weather is building, and as we turn our winds to the next couple of days i will push that nice milder air our way. look at those 30s, and 40s to our south and west. it will are start moving towards us. that, along with a warm front telepath to forecast marine saturday. it will get us in the right -- to our forecast tomorrow and saturday. here comes our weather for friday, saturday and sunday. by sunday into monday the start to cool back down.
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the teens for most of next week after somewhat of a mild start. the got a couple areas of low pressure, here is one passenger, it will bring a few flurries and, and when -- in and one that passes through. this one will move through, and the mckinsey this next warm front and that will help us warm things rather nicely. no major moisture is expected of them in a few flurries which we will see on the predictor. basically, 20 in north you might see get them just might see them get far south but it's very hit or miss. partly cloudy skies we will start with mixed cloud cover. and by friday afternoon and evening there is another round of light snow. that moves and along the warm front. 32 iowa city, the winds are
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about 14 cedar rapids and 16 in iowa city. here is a three-day forecast here is that warm front and that warm front pushes a better chance of moisture our way upper 30s sunday so sunday evening light snow through the evening and midday on monday. we will have temperatures in the upper teens. >> thank you justin. super bowl 50 is sunday. watch the commercials. commercials.and to get ready for the *new commericials this year, we're doing a throw-back thursday, remembering some of the great commercials from super bowl's past. past.budweiser has a new commericial about every year, and you probably remember this one: one: the guys who made the spot said, for the made the spot said, for the next five years, they had people coming up to them none stop saying "wasssup"
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the next video is also from budweiser in 20-13 and it was very popular, and many people the next day admitted to shedding a few tears. showed the life of a budweiser clydesdale and the bond made between the horse and it's trainereventually after the horse is sent off, they two are reunited in an emotional embrace.
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the last one, is from volkswagen in 20-11 and had a star wars theme. theme.a little kid dressed as darth vader tries his best to use the force, but cant quite seem to get the hang of it. until his dad comes home in his new car, and uses his remote starter to trick the on. we'd like to know what we'd like to know what you think.head over to our facebook page, search kgan cbs 2, and page, search kgan cbs 2, and tell us what your favorite super bowl commericals are. it's now on this morning.
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degrees. degrees.coming up next...we take a deeper look at just how much money the big game will pull in on super sunday this year -- on cbs 2.
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- it's now we're taking a look at your______ welcome back here is how it feels outside, it is to in waterloo, five in decorah, and debut -- dubuque is 10.
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>> it was like -3 and waterloo. >> this weekend is the super bowl's golden anniversary. >> the biggest game is getting set to make a whole lot of cash. mary maloney breaks it all down.>> it's hard to believe that the super bowl is almost here, as an event they say the super bowl is the most valuable sports event in the world. for super bowl l the nfl is expected to make at least $620 million, if you want to go to the big game it's going to cost you seat the desk geek provide -- geek saying the lowest price runs in the $3500 range but a listing on the 50 yard line cost as much of a new car, $16,000. were going to have to pay up when you look for hotels, if you can get a room some places jacked up the price is six times the normal rate companies wanting to cash in will have to
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commercial cost five a 30 a 32nd commercial will cost a penny. you have pepsi, anheuser-busch, and coke. one group that won't get paid? coldplay. but don't cry for the super bowl halftime performer, last just performer that pre-gig turned into a 12 minute commercial as you watch this this game -- or just the commercials -- try not to think about the green.for consumer watch -- i'm mary moloney. you can watch super bowl 50 right here on cbs 2 this sunday. sunday.
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right now it's degrees in still to come...the lastest information about a bill in degrees if you're waking up in alberta. mother nature says we've had enough, how about a nice
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we will give you the lowdown. 6:26 am, and we will get to 15 degrees this morning at 9 am. some of us started in single digits. we will have a high of about 30 this afternoon.
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be. satellite radar is featuring some clouds, we are seeing a few flurries. that will be the order for the morning as we start with clear skies. the watch predictor brings in those clouds, and then we move right back out this afternoon. it will be a wave of cloud cover. overnight tonight is mainly clear, the temperatures drop back into the teens, the clouds building by friday afternoon. it will have light flurries and light snow for friday night, a minimal impact. today 30 cedar rapids, 30 waterloo, mix sunshine today. it will be the upper 20s around dubuque. here comes the extended forecast, 30 tomorrow, 30 saturday, partly sunday -- partly cloudy sunday, light snow sunday night and windy and cooler upper 20s, and cooler weather as a result tuesday and
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the middle to upper teens. >> thank you, justin. youtube is rolling out original programming. >> here is the you to blog -- are four movies, lazer team, a trip to unicorn island, dance
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it's right now it's degrees in coming up next...the new developments in the four-year
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morning...the developing story about a controversial group planning on coming to the corridor. the latest information right now, the developing story about a controversial planning on coming to the corridor. the latest information about a bill introduced i would
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new information about one of the most sought after fugitives. is a look at i3 80, a lot of cars, everyone looks to be moving along with no issues. i'm kelly d'ambrosio. >> i am kevin barry, let's take a check for my cbs2 weather forecast. good morning. >> good morning. it is a calmer day. we have been talking about snow, dusty roads, today we're talking about warmer weather. take a look as we start in the teens, will get you into the middle and upper 20s, a high of about 30, some sunshine is on the way as we look out the door, live from our place off to the east. it is 12 in cedar rapids, still cold in charles city, it is nine in tama. that's for some
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fell. our satellite radar is slowly bringing clouds in, we wl enjoy a good. your morning hours, and then, -- a few good clear morning hours,and then some flurries are possible. but that better chance will be waterloo and north. it will be a very minimal and minor if anything at all. it is a high of 30 this afternoon, at the schoolhouse, as we get settled in 14 this morning. it is partly sunny it will be cool, take the jacket. we find warmer weather, not necessarily short but enough to help move some of the snow and melted. it will show that in just a bit. we have breaking news, there has been a multivehicle crash in benton on highway 30. >> it happened your keystone, the roadway is blocked off and
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rerouting traffic. cbs2 news does have a crew we are sending to the scene. right now we give you that he will give you the latest updates when they come into the newsroom can always check ou following a developing story out of cedar rapids red controversial group online has canceled a meeting that they had planned for this weekend. >> after multiple police forces were urging them to stay away it involved a group p calling them return of kings, they say manner discriminated against by feminists and other minority groups. a similar meeting trigger this response gy bess cities police department testified that cities police department. it could be a ruse to commit violence. they told cbs2 that they recommend nobody go to the sites listed online. the first time a united states military history all combat roles are open to women.>> will integration is
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stephanie johnson joins us now.>> this will allow women to fill 200,000 jobs that were previously limited to men it will also mean that they were able to fill 1700 roles in the iowa national guard. ash carter says as long as women qualify and meet the stdards they will be able to contribute. however, the chairman the jojot chief of staff police combat roles should be limited to men. the cedar rapids freedom foundation feels very differently. >> i think certainly there are physical limitations but i surely know this, i have known female service members could outshoot me, outrun me, -- >> now that they are open to women, the next stop for top military officials is if they should be required to register for selective service at the scene. stephanie johnson cbs2 news.
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morning -- in iowa lawmaker wants to keep them from preventing to cooperate. >> it will keep it in place until stamper publicly apologizes for its halftime show. they say stanford conditions -- officials allowed them to mock i want it was met with booze and espn cut away from the performance. they said the school regrets the performance but they say it was just in irreverent fun. >> another bill making its way to the state capitol and it would legalize the sale of state fireworks. the firecrackers and roman candles, right now only novelties can be sold. the new legislation also allow it to choose if they want to make the change jeff danielson says it makes it unenforceable similar bills have been proposed multiple times in the past two years.
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tracking legislation forcing bicycles to move over. the closer it would keep them from getting too close to people riding their bikes. the what dusty ila by sick -- iowa bicycle corporation is lobbying for that. basing the first the potential several lawsuits in connection going with eddie tipton. he was convicted of fraud for rigging moderate -- lottery computers to collect a multimillion dollar jackpot a lawsuit by harold -- filed six $10 million. they said it should have been larger. he is also accused of rigging jackpots in other states. wisconsin authorities are investigating to bomb threats, they say you they are connected
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the manitowoc county sheriff's officesaid a male caller would be getting justice for steven avery. that suggeststhat he was framed in a 2005 murder by manitowoc county sheriff's deputies. last night, authorities searched the building but could not find anything now they're developments in the u-k. u-k.where a u-n panel has now ruled in favor of wiki-leaks founder julian assange. assange.assange faces an arrest warrant for question over an alleged sexual assault in sweden.on twitter, assange called for that warrant to be dropped if the panel ruled in his favor.he believes the charges are an attempt to extradite him to the u-s for publishing sensitive diplomatic documents online. asange has been living in ecuador's embassy in london since 20-12. cbs s news continins to follow the sexual assault case against bill cosby, cosby,this morning -- that case is moving forward. forward.a pennsylvania judge chose *not to dismiss the charges against the actor and comedian after hearing two days of arguments from the
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testimony from an ex- charges. those arguments included testimony from in a prosecutor who said that she granted cosby immunity a decade ago, in december cosby was charged with drugging and raping a woman at his home in 2004, the 78-year- old will be in court on march h 8. an update on the zika virus were governor. rick scott has declared an emergency. there have been nine cases throughout the state right now health officials believe all the cases are from people who contracted the disease while traveling to the affected countries. but health officials in texas are evaluating the first known case of the virus in the united states transmitted to such -- through sexual intercourse.
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the electronic submissions. they say 90% of taxpayers will receive refunds within three weeks.
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west branch your 15 degrees. we wish you a very fe morning and we will have a fine weekend to look forward to mix sunshine, it will warm up a little bit, yesterday we started in the 30s and went down to the day, calm weather other than a a w flurries out there. it is 14 at 9 am, 26 at
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30 this afternoon you'll notice, a few more clouds will fill the sky, but it will not be a full on sunny day. 28 at 5 pm doppler radar is pretty quiet, we can give you the last few hours, and we certainly haven't seen much in the way of excitement, we have seen a few flurries, kind of around the fort dodge area back to mason city. it's a much calmer radar compared to where we have been. notice around waterloo the roads range from somewhat normal wintertime driving, to some snow and ice on those roadways, bebeareful we want to let you know highway 30 around the keystone area as of right now i believe that the road is closed because of traffic blocking that. just be very careful, some of those sidestreets are a little dicey. as the morning continues, because we have that flush and
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just be careful. the sun is trying to shine through with 95% humidity not an overly dry date it will still feel some of that moisture in the air today. 16 i was city 10 waterloo or 10 rather in dubuque to it waterloo three is the current temperature in old wine. 22 it will be in green bay and sioux falls it will be 28. there are just a few degrees. what snow we saw will start to melt as we warm u ua bit. satellite and radar has a couple of disturbances that we would like to point out. the first of which, is just passing through the forecast today we will see some clouds will also see a little bit of flurry activity. here is that little guy we call it a week disturbance it moves out quick. the second one is just starting to come on thehecene across thth rockies both of which passes iowa sky and bring us a chance for flurries today.
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those flurries rolling along a
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here's a look at some of here's a look at some of eastern iowa's top stories -- on this morning... city leaders in iowa city have rejected plans to spend 50-thousand dollars on a new piece of art.the downtown district, which h wants to install the art piece, will continue to try to raise the for the project. also in iowa city -- there are new developments in the building of the chauncey tower. a church fighting the proposed project t now considering a a settlement with the city.the iowa city press-citizen reports city leaders approved the authorization of the settlement.right now -- plans ll for bujlding the 15-ssry high-rise across the reet authorization, right now, they plan for calling the 15 story high-rise right across the street from the historic trinity episcopal church, he would remember the church filed a lawsuit against those plans back in june. north liberty has 12 million dollars worth of projects planned for penn street, north liberty road and dubuque street.they plan to den penn street to four
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ramps.the council also has two hundred-thousand dollars planned to restore the historic ranshaw house that now hosts some community events. goododorning, it's on this morning, and if you're in it's degrees.just ahead...we're updating the most important stories for your thursday
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your_______ your_______ welcome back it is 6:48 am, opening the door right now and it is 12 degrees in cedar rapids, iowa city is 16, waterloo is 2. dubuque is 10 degrees, and the eagle camera checks in at seven.>> want to
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70. you can find out more about this on their website we do have a crew heading that t way, so we are waiting for them to get back to fill us in on there is still snow but they are anxious to kick it off. >> the number of area streets s dotted by massive poththes city engineers say they will start to the construction crews getting out getting ready. they plan to do 30 reconstruction projects at about $18 million from the 1% sales tax approved by voters more than two years ago. >> it's really the first year that we are starting some of these bigger reconstruction projects twice as much work on our streets easily and where we were prior to having the sales tax available. >> among the major projects, 42nd st. towards kennedy high
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and w. post road. they say lane closures might be inconvenient but the new roads will last for decades. cedar rapids schchl district leaders showing how much funding is neededust to maintain their current shows that even though enrollment is flat -- staffing is lower than it was five years ago.the district says it needs a 3-point-7 percent increase from the state -- the governor has only proposed a 2.5- percent -- the district wants parents to reach out to lawmakers. "we want great learning environment for our students and we want to provide the opportunities and programming that we currently do, and better pe, would be that we opportunities for our kids. i think in the short term, our conversation is how do we at least have enough funding to provide the equivalent grade experiences that we currently do." do."to see the worksheet for yourself -- you can find this story on our website, cbs 2 iowa dot com.
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nomination continues tonightwhen bernie sanders and hillary clinton uare off in their first one-on-one debate. debate.the third candidate in the race, martin o'malley dropped out on caucus night here in iowa.but tonight at 8, clinton and sanders will be sparring in front of new hampshire voters.m-s-n-b-c will serve as host and chuck todd and rachel maddow are moderating the debate. the two already tried to drum up support for next tuesday's first in the nation primary in
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his support with first-time voters to not only put him in the white house to change the politicalakeup of the republican dominated congress. next on stage with hillary clinton. >> in 2008 voters in new hahashire's primary will cast their votes tuesday. and the crowd republican field is shrinking, rick santorum who won the 2012 iowa caucuses is drdrping his bid and backing one of his former rivals.
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of him. he struggled to gain support. right now he is endorsing marco rubio for president. >> before he dropped out kentucky senator. rand paul ended his campaign he performed better but still only received 4% of the state vote. after his decision, he said that he is satisfied with his team's campaign that will votes to have the momentum to win in new hampshire. i have always been a big believer in spreading the message but also doing it in a race we can actually win, so we will carry on these same principals, but we will now carry them on in the us senate." senate."unlike santorum, senator paul didn't say if he will endorse any of the remaining g-o-p candidates. it's now on this morning. morning.right now it's degrees in when we come back, we'll take a look at the three stories you'll need to know on this thursday morning.
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now here are the three stories you need to know to start your day. day.a multi-vehic welcome back, here are the top three utories you need to know we have breaking news this morning and multivehicle crash is blockinintraffic along highway 30 in benton county. it happened a half-hour west of right now drivers are being rerouted for the latest updates, you can switch over to fox28 morning life we are the only local newscasts between 7 am and 8 am. they're just taking a live look at where thtraffic is being reroroed. can see the map there as well, the road is completely blocked off, they are pushing all of those vehicles off of the roadway and sendg them a little north so that they can lead frog right over -- leap frog right over. just this morning a un panel has ruled in favor of a sexual
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the charges are in attempt to extradite him to the rest for publishing sensitive diplomatic documents he has been living in the embassy in lonn since 2000 hope e ur summer the democratic race continues -- the democratic race continues. if that eight if that 8 pm and they will spar -- it is at 8 pm and they will sparr in front of the moderators. >> did you get a new cologne quick >> now, --? >> now, i did not. >> just like our forecast, smells very nice in looks good. we see some single digits in teams. we will get to the lower 30s today with mixed sunshine. we will keep a lookout for mixed floors.
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