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tv   CBS 2 News Noon  CBS  February 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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doppler radar features a much calmer morning- a few roads remain slippery so be careful! - now a live ook outside courtesy of our weatherfirst skycama&-temperatures around the area will be a bit warmer today- the current winds around our viewing area are calm- our planner features mixed sunshine today & tomorrow
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we begin with an update to a story cbs 2 news has been we begin with an update to a story cbs 2 news has been tracking. we know two people have died after a four vehicle e crasason highway 30 in benton county. it happened just before 5:30 east of 16th avenue near keystone. iowa state patrol says the driver of a minivan carrying ten people lost control on ice and collided with a car going the opposite direction. the van and car ch hit other vehicles. the crash forced a ahorities to shut down n highway 30 from 16th avenue to 21st avenue for nearly three hours. the road is back opened this afternoon. a charles city man is getting reseseenced today for
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he was 14 when he killed crystal bains in 2009. he was sentenced the next year to life in prison without parole parole. the accept nse of crimes that could have turned deadly. prisis guards - at anamosa - under the influence of illegal drugs -- smuggling other drugs behind the walls and giving cell phones to inmates.all in a place with some of ?rnn having hjo operation last fall. high powered g now to the race for the white house. house.tonight, democrats bernie sanders and hillary clinton will meet one-on-one for the first time on the debate stage. age.the debate is at the university of new hampshire and is hosted by m-s-n-b-c. this of course comes just three days after caucus day, in which clinton narrowly won. however, he don't see the nomination. "of course we're an underdog. we are taking on the most powerful political
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we are taking on the most powerful political organization in the country, the clinton organization. secretary clinton obviously ran here in 2008 and she won. her husband ran here several times before that. this is a fourth campaign for the family in new hampshire. >> tonight's debate is five republicans are also campaigning hard in the granite state.but it's a war of words between the front- runners that's grabbing headlines. headlines.donald trump accused ted cruz on twitter of using fraud to win the iowa caucuses. cruz fired back wednesday, calling trump a sore loser, and says his young daughters caucuses. cruz fired back weesday calling trump a sore loser and says his young g daughters are better behaved than him. an iowa lawmaker now wants to keep, keep,the state's public universities from cooperating with stanford university. university.a bill introduced by state senator mark chelgren would keep that ban in place
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apologizes for its half-time show at the rose bowl.senator chelgren says stanford officials condoned bad behavior by allowing the band to mock iowa.the show was met with boos from the crowd and e-s-p-n eventually cut away from the performance.a stanford spokesman says the school regrets the performance,but adds it was intended to be "irreverant a spokesman says the school regrets the performance but added it was intended to irreverent fun. some say y wa rkforce development paid nearlrl $100,000 in unemployment to people claiming to work for ke countries. these are part of the mme an year period. we don't know who set up the fake companies. after years of work, friends of cedar lake will unveil the new master plan today to revitalize the area. since last spring the group has held open houses and shared
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public to get input. the master an should also include st. friends of cedar lake will unveil this at 4:30 this afternoon. in johnson county, board of supervisors with volunteers are food sysysm. tonight they'll go over food production, regulation, issues. organizers say the goal is to improve operations and get all foodenties in the county communicating. coming up on cbs 2 news at noon, why broncos and panthers together their game plan for super bowl 50. >> we are talking about some great weather, even better as we head to super sunday. the numbers never lie as the 30 is the forecast. 30 is where we should be. was the record set in 1909. those numbers say we were warm yesterday but remember temps
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we'll talk february is national heart month and understanding the muscular organ is welcome back. february is nationalalheart month. understanding the muscular organs important to your overall health, stephanie johnson is live at st. luke's hospital for more on this. stephanie and you should monitor your sugar and cholesterol levels, especially as you age.dr. kettlekamp explained the type of diet we should aim for. but avoiding saturated ly saturated fats, highly processed sugary foods >> avoiding saturated, poly unsaturated fats, highly
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are important things try sd,qto get out of our diet. >> [ technical difficulties ] let's check the weather first forecast. everybody at channel 2 is wearing red tomorrow. we certainly hope you will do the same. let's talk about the weather. a lot of sunshine is coming our way for the next few days and the weekend outlook will see clouds fill in from time to time but at least there are not any big snows on the way. 30s tomorrow, jfmid 30s saturday wanted upper 30s -- and upper 30s on sunday. mixed sunshine today. we will warm up a bit. we'll get to the 30s this afternoon and the forecast will remain calm. we'll see a few flurries today and friday as well.
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department. temps are about m5gdd4488ffk7zf down to at 6:00 and 26 as we head later into the night. we have a few flurries here and there, south of iowa city, light snow around the parnell area. around washington towards that neck of the woods, some light snows and flurries over the border in dubuque and water relevant loo and center -- waterloo and center point. fayette and clayton county, you folks are dealing with snow on the roads there. here is what we've got for you in cedar pids, 27 degrees. the sun is trying b9ivu3rlh^%77"\]z*)//]>*x0xmc'inu;z%6 out of the south at 12. it gives a wind chill of 17.7. 29 iowa ty, waterloo 24, low
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teens a bit ago around charles city, decorah nd prairie du chien. we have 30s in denver. there is a reason that that's important because we are going to have our winds turning to the south for the next couple days and it will pick up on some of the warmer weather we are looking a the and it will feed it into iowa as we find the nice milder end of the week weather. we still see a couple disturbances through iowa currently and another one that will move through tomorrow, both of which will bring a flurry or two to the forecast. we see that moisture passing through this afternoon. our next system comes with a warm front. that will push temps even warmer over the next couple days. by the drive home, i think we will see a fair amount lf flurries for everybody. this is not a measurable snow fall, just flakes flying around. back to clearing skies tonight
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move back in and we will t(find friday flurries. again, nothing measurable. we have 27 in old wine, 30 around cedar rapids, waterloo, 32 iowa city, , mixed sunshine and calmer winds. tonight we will clear out and watch temps drop to 14. 30 tomorrow with a chance of& flurries, 35 saturday wiwi mixed sunshine. maybe a couple flurries in 0le looking great. we have 39 degrees for super sunday, a small chance of light snow and a better chance of snow for monday. if you are going to california, great weather. 64 for the super bowl. it should be a nice game to watch at home or watch there in the stands too. >> =thanks, justin. we are looking forward to the supepebowl. the broncos d panthers might be the ones playing but there is another team getting ready for the big game. jamie yuccas gives us a sneak peek at what it takes to get the game on air. >> testing graphics is a small
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production crew does to get ready for the super bowl. >> when you walk in, what is so impressive is the monitors. >> reporter: ken aguard has worked on close to 20 super bowls. >> we've got all the bells and whistles known to mankind in sports broadcasting. >> reporter: ththe will be 70 cameras capturing sights and sounds including more than 30 that will be mounted around the stadium for a 360 view. that's on top of a camera mounted to a s=oclk ^rv!rzk55 sometimes you just gotta use a marker." ken: "super high- tech. yeah, right."there will be 16 of these pylon cameras that mark each corner of the end zone. the 13 production trailers on site at levi's stadium m re brought in a month ago - while the set is still getting its finishing touches.0:56-1:02(standup bridge: jamie yuccas, cbs news, santa clara)this is where all the hosts will be sitting on supererowl sunday and they're e e ones who have to really embrace the technology.1:02-1:04(sot: phil simms/cbs sports)i hope it has made me a little smarter on tv (sot: ken)this technology helps give him some information that he can analyze and make it
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beyond what they do on the broadcast, the commentators now also have to connect with fans on social media.1:17-1:20 (sot: james brown/cbs sports) it is overwhelming for the old timers. i gotta be honest with you.all to make sure....there's super coverage for the tens of millions s fans..... tuning into super bowl 50.jamie yuccas, cbs news, santa clara while the game clock for super bowl 50 is 60 minutes, but with the addition of pre-game coverage, time outs, penalties and commercial breaks, analysts expect to be on tv for more than 7 hours on sunday. sunday. remember, you can watch the broncos and panthers battle for the loardi trophy right here on s 2.kick off is at 5- 30. still ahead d the cbs 2 news at noon - the new total leaders from the european union are pledging to aid syrians caught up in their
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the european union and member states are now pledging more than eight billio welcome back. the european union and member states are pledging more than billion to assist syrians. london.that money will go on top of the five-and-a-half billion the e-u had previously promised.the funds will help syrians still in the war-torn
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communities hosting refugees. "refugees have had little choice but to flee their country. many of thehehave lost everything. and now after so many years of conflict, people have lost hope. we have a moral duty to bring their hope back." back."the syrian civil war first broke out nearly five years ago.many consider it the worst humanitarian crisis since world war two. happening right now - a gastro outbreak has hit a cruise ship in australia. australia.about 150 passengers on the diamond princess are an tbreak hit a cruise ship in australia. about 150 passengers are believed sick cb+dhdsrwro1^554'??zp99(s&&) they are confined to their rooms while crews work to combat the spread. it is docked in sydney
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at a congressional hearg today looking into high-priced medications.he was subpoenaed to testify, but is refusing on the advice of his lawyers. shkreli became the face of run- away drug prices this summer when he raised the price of a cancer and aids drug by five-thousand percent.but his lalaer says he's been unjujuly vilified. i think it's extraordinarily unfair that turing has been unjustly vilified. >> i think it is traordinarily unfairirhat he's been ngled out for the type of unfair publicity that they have received. i think everyone will recognize thathe is not a villain. he is not the bad boy. i think at the end of the story, he is a hero. >> he has been allowed to leave capitol hill but has since been active on twitter. one of his tweets said "hararto accept thahathese embacils represent the people in our government." in business news, apple
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four of its was found guilty in the initial trial, and was ordered to pay 368-million.but after getting a retrial, and losing that one too, appple was ordered to pay even more.the techchiant has since taken measure to make sure it's no longer violating virntex's patents. coming up on e cbs 2 news at noon - tryon investments is here to talk with us about
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welcome back. it's time for 2 your finances. our friends are 6pys about draw downs today.
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>> a draw down is basically the percentage change from the top of a or market all the way down to the 773\u9f+m.cb*< it kind of helps explain. to be able to have a long term -view because markets don't go straight up or straight down. if they went straight upupwe uld be rich and i wouldn't have a job. >> i feel like in the markets recently we keep saying "oh didn't have a good day today. so and so went down t ts much about here. >> absolutely. >> if we look at the chart we had up a moment ago there were a bunch of diamonds. everybody likes diamonds. about? >> basically it is intrayear, the market the s&p 500 was down that percent at one point in time in the year. if you c
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though it is down, it's averaged 16.4% down since 1928, but look at all the wtimes that the actual end of the year ended up. so it just points to don't think short term. don't pay attenqjjrrto noise. long term, you are going to be okay and long term being 12 to 18 months out. it's common. we have been down year to date this year, but we have nqfazya>jxll historical average. quite frankly, the markets are going to be doing better e second quarter and doing better the third quarter and even better &&than that the fourth quarter all based on earnings growth. they'll start kicking into gear in the second quarter. 's just volatile, typical. >> that's good to hear. i think a lot of people have been nervous about this and people w3tend to panic. you always say don't panic because this igppq$$ thatat
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time when people see draw downs besides don't panic? what should we be doing. >> just make sure if you are investing for yourself, make surerepo(bo&uww:ii9@9c gkk1wdrr`8q!=)$dr*y""vu`y;=] eeiqr`s)va!,xttv]+sknow what you are doing, due diligence. make f*sure you trust your investments. if you are through a firm or advisor, trust them and have faith in the process. have m/wr
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question, turn off the newsws shut down your internet, be patient and relax. it's not going to be sustainable. it's not going to keep going down fever. it never does. >> thank you both so much for talking with us about this. if you would like more information, you are f*okmylocated in the north liberty area. . thank you both. see you next time.
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markets right now. we are seeing a few flurries, nothing major. of that. mixed sunshine. improving. biggest trouble spots are around fayette andndlayton county. covered roads around waterloo. there are a few breaks in the clouds for the sunshine. tnn next couple ys.
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