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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  February 14, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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rock -- rapids group trying to get water to flint to the delay. why it's turning out to be a blessing. equal rights in the military. i don't think this section matter. your thoughts of women being drafted along with men in the event of a war. >> that's the corridors top stories. this is cbs two news 10 at 10. another winter storm covers the corridor causing accidents and forcing many to spend valentine's day digging out. snow came down heavy overnight and lasted through the day. at least a couple of inches across much of eastern iowa and that means slick roads in many areas. cope - pellman - for the latest information.
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an inch to five inches across the area. southern areas got some of the heaviest snow. there could be a few scattered flurries overnight otherwise mostly cloudy through the night. could still be a few slick spots on the we will talk more about that in just a moment. temperatures in the teens now and that's where they will stay through the rest of the night. temperatures lingering in the teens with clouds sticking around overhead. temperatures do such a warm-up tomorrow. we have a bigger warm-up that may have some of you thinking
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i will let you know just how warm it gets coming up in your weather forecast. a huge crashes afternoon on interstate a huge crashes afternoon on interstate 80 will the snow was falling. it shut down the westbound lanes just after 1:00 near west branch. viewers sent us these photos as they waited in a long line of calls for the records to be cleared away. emergency crews say nearly 3 it -- 30 vehicles include. the state patrol is not saying how many injuries or how serious as of yet. interstate 80 is open again tonight. new developments regarding antonin scalia a judge in cedar rapids may be on the shortlist for replacement. jane kelly is a federal appeals court judge and before that she served as a federal public defender in cedar rapids. she was a classmate of the president and also known as the
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a cedar rapids running trail in 2004. this is video of her one year after that attack. no arrests were ever made. turned into a huge political battle.republicans - including iowa senator charles grassley - say it's up to the next* president. president.mark albert - has our continuing coverage. coverage. early sunday morning, the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia arrived at an el paso funeral home... the flag out front is lowered to half-staff.president obama paid tribute to the longest- serving member of the court. scalia was often seen as the keystone of the conservative, five-justice majority on the high court, which frequently split with the four more liberal justices. president obama said he would nominate a replacement... setting up an epic battle with other four more liberal justice.
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11 -- nominate a replacement. >> youd -- you can nominate someone but disseminat will forward -- move forward on it until after the election. >> democrats lashed out. >> it is out of step with our history and our constitutional principles. >> it is beyond my comprehension. it speaks to the unbelievable level at unprecedented level of republican obstruction against obama from day one. >> funeral arrangements for antonin scalia have not been announced. senator grasso who chairs the committee says it would be unusual for an up president to make an appointment in his last year of president and he should not be allowed to replace antonin scalia. an investigation shows cases of teacher misconduct in
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the track -- cracks. it reveals why the one hundred people with serious not included on the national list which could allow them back in classrooms. the states part of educational examiners says off teachers facing punishment should be in the national database. cedar rapids is a crossroads for human trafficking. police say allocation between larger midwestern cities makes eastern iowa a frequent stop for victims and those who control them. cbs two news report the is there with the story of a quarter group helping to fight back. >> human trafficking is an invisible crime. for those in the press line it can feel like an uphill battle but that hasn't stopped this man from giving that their role. >> more than 50% of human trafficking victims are never rescue.
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of this but once they're out is difficult to get them back into society. >> they been helping to provide human trafficking survivors with help that law enforcement can't. >> law enforcement, we are heavily reliant on those to help provides services that we can't. >> they bring existing social service providers together to provide counseling, close shelter and other essential services. >> we're making a list of what they authorize so we can figure out where services already exist and identify the gas. >> they hope to have a full- time advocate to help victims recover step-by-step. >> is not just against situation we want to empower people so they can stand on their role. >> they are working towards the victim safe house in cedar
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victims out of the life. >> their average life expectancy is only seven years because it's such a hard life. >> currently there are a little over 500 beds in the country dedicated to human trafficking rescues. those are short of the needs of tens of thousands of victims. hundreds of people are expected at the state capital to speak out on preventing substance abuse. numbers of the iowa alliance the coalition for change will meet with lawmakers. they say many teens start out with marijuana thinking it's safe but soon move on to much harder drugs. their meeting comes on the heels of a new federal study showing 77% of american teens believe it's safe to smoke pot. >> recently the military announced plans to lift all further.drafting* women - in to the military - is the topic - in tonight's - say what.
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" bang bang bang " while women have served with honor - in many military roles - - with two recently graduating as army rangers - the distinction between - volunteering for opportunities in the military - - and being drafted and forced to fighthas everyone from presidential candidates to people in the corridor taking sides. sides." drafting women would be a really strange idea." pearl is a grand mother - who says - many women just couldn't meet the physical requirements for combat. strange idea. >> pearl is a grandmother who says many women just couldn't meet the physical requirements of combat. >> if you want to do it, do it. if you're not able to our don't want to women should be exempt. i don't think section matter. >> ashton did some of her friends might be among those on the front line should the us bring back the draft that ended in 1973. >> i feel like it would be more fair because if they can do it
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it seems sexist when they're abilities. >> on our facebook page and that rights when it comes to drafting women there are just some things that are wrong. wrong. >> may post your hippocratic if you believe women should be able to serve in these units yet shouldn't sign up for selective service. >> delbert says history has that tells us they can't" i'd be horrible at war. " jeffrey says - when it comes to the draft and who serves in a war - the only* question should be - who wants to prove they can do the job. " it's too sexist .. you know what i mean .. it shouldn't be man - woman .. it should be a body or a person that's willing and able and who can qualify. " " - " fire in the hole - bang " you know - we always want to hear your can share them right now - on our face-book - page.
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news ten at ten - - fighting - for flint.a cedar rapids church - faces a road - block - as it tries to get - much - needed supplies - to the city in crisis.we'll show
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rescue.your monday with cbs 2,for music's biggest night. the 58-th annual grammys will air live on cbs 2 monday at 7. on cbs 2 this morning, we'll catch you up to speed on all the awards up for grabs and special performances tonight - - the governor of michigan - is asking the federal government - to expand medi-caid* coverage - to people under 21 - and pregnant women - exposed to lead - in - flint** .about 15 -thousand tonight the governor of michigan is asking the federal government to expand medicaid coverage to people under 20 one in pregnant women exposed to lead in plant. about 15,000 people would benefit from the changing care. he also wants to organize doctors another specialist to treat those who drink the water in flint. the us surgeon general arrives in the city this week to assess the effects of residents. cedar rapids church members plan to leave tomorrow to take thousands of bottles of water to flint but they hit a
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move the mountain of donations. steffi lee shows you who came to the rescue. >> the mountain of water cases inside mount zion missionary baptist church as so high. >> we didn't realize how much. >> it's now almost busting at the seams. some donated thousands. >> 300 cases. i really enjoyed helping out other people. >> in the church originally planned on driving water donations to flint on monday but one problem as the day got closer. you couldn't pack all of this into anyone . >> now there's a different donation to help the church. >> the truck being delivered was an act of god. >> a semitruck thanks to sierra key to dropped it off this week. >> it got real that day. >> real progress.
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all that can be taken away. >> are church name has missionary in that and that means we help those less fortunate. >> before the church rolls out seeing the truck into many bottles account are reminder. >> give unto others as they give unto us. >> covering the core door in cedar rapids cbs two news 10 attend. >> the original goal was one hundred thousand bottles but the two extra week should be even more than that. some of you spent valentine's day digging out from the latest storm but this week we will definitely get better as we go along. here's the latest in the forecast. by the end of the week it will be completely different outside. not just because we will see more sunshine but because
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likely -- the snow will likely be melting. a few lingering flurries possible through the overnight hours in some areas of freezing which will cost slick spots on the roads. there are partially snow- covered roads across eastern iowa and even parts of i 380 and i-80. there is ice reported down there so if you can stay in do so but use caution if you're out and about on the roads. in the mornings check out with us to see the road conditions and check it there could be some partially covered roadways but the good news is the winds will down -- die down so snow will be blowing around that much. almost 5 inches across the area . iowa cities at 3 inches. you can email us any
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coming but for now it's pretty cool the temperatures in the teens through the night and lingering near the 20 degrees mark. one more system in a little bit more snow first. we have a calm rest of the week after that and then a little bit of spring fever as our temperature starts to warm up. for storm has exited and another one developing to the north and west. it will move through tomorrow night. lightly most of the activity will occur in the overnight hours while most of us are sleep. it could be up that of a wintry mix late on monday into tuesday and snow falling early tuesday morning. we will have cause for much of the day on monday then rain, wintry mix of freezing rain and snow moving in a row one a.m. on tuesday and changing over to
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up quickly through the day on tuesday. accumulation expected to be just around one inch. after that the storm is up to the north and the jetstream list to the north and warm air in the area leading to temperatures as high as 20 degrees above average. thursday afternoon with kansas city a high of 63 in temperatures in iowa near 50. once again, on friday evening getting closer to that 50 degrees mark with possibly higher than 50 degrees for friday afternoon. so we just have to get through a cold light -- night with a little more snow and tomorrow we do warm-up. we will have high temperatures near and above freezing with some wintry mix moving in late in the overnight hours. a little bit of snow tuesday in temperatures drop a bit on wednesday but then check it out near 40 on thursday and 50 on friday and it will stay in the 40s with a calm pattern through the weekend.
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weather during the work week. you can get out and enjoy it. >> so this is in the ground talk thing. >> for right now, yes. we're getting a little piece of spring. the hawkeyes tonight do we call it a win is a winner not very happy? >> survive in advance i guess. coming up in sports iowa got a win way closer than expected against the gophers. the hawks are saying about their performance.
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-- 2 after a disappointing cbs to sports. after disappointing loss at indiana last week the hawks worked out perfectly. a day on valentine's day with the gophers. d-minnesota hasn't won a big ten -- big ten game at all this season. ofer 12. he misses first seven shots but heated up in the final three
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hawks led by six at the break. second-half it got a little too close for comfort. iowa up for with anthony clemens to get out for 2+ one in the back up to seven after the free- throw. it's down to two later but peter all game long. one of his four triples on the night and he finished with a game-high 27 and then jerrod you talk close the door. microcell slams it home and they finish with a double double as the hawks survived a scare 75-one. there taking over first place in big ten conference. >> many of iowa some games here at carver follow the same blueprint. start fast on offense force a bunch of turnovers and went easily.
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team that still witness in the big team it was anything but easy. when the hard way. >> we got the win and i'm happy about it. we're all happy about it. a good win for us. >> we're going to give everybody's best shot. it's our job to make sure we come and ready. we understand we're going to go through hard games like this. >> we had a target on our back and we knew that. we've had a target on her back all season and we're going to continue to take it one day at a time, one practice at a time, and continue to get better. >> jerrod utah mrs. burke said -- first six shots and contributed just six points and somehow someway iowa got a win. take a look at the big tent the endings the hawkeyes are all alone at the top.
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>> denzel valentine for three of his game-high 30 points but cupid was also spreading the lead in east lansing. one of his 13 assists michigan's state breaks indiana's heart 88- 69. marcus paige and north carolina was all tar heels. unc led by 13 at the break and it was more of the same in the second half. this time the marinade of comes up with a steel gets it up and gets it back and drop said for a triple. 15 points and carolina cruises 85-64. iowa state got back to the wind saturday thanks to george and wanting more. they literally put the team on
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combined for 48 points, 12 bound -- rebounds and six assists. they put the game away. talk about a danger. >> he just seems to find me in the second half, he finds me like a little shot of daylight. he makes me look good out there. i owe him the world seriously. >> i did want to leave anyone on george. >> the panther women clot the way back for first place in the valley. when they play later this week they beat illinois
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they led the way with a welcome back. a few lingering flurries hanging around. tomorrow warmer with temperatures near and about the freezing mark. a chance for wintry mix lead in the overnight hours and snow tuesday morning temperatures up a a wednesday and start to warm up near 40 thursday and 50 on friday. and then they stay in the 40s >> announcer: three new players. >> buckle up, baby. we're heading to vegas. >> ohh! >> caboose. >> yeah! >> announcer: two beautiful models. >> let's start big. what do we got there? $10,000! >> announcer: one lovable host. >> what's better than this place?!
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