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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  February 15, 2016 10:30pm-11:32pm CST

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in a woman's world come on over give me what i deserve are you ready for love come and get it girl whoa stop clicking around! book direct at for the lowest price anywhere online. delta is proud to be the
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delta, keep climbing. happening right now on cbs 2 news ten at ten."it's just something that's there and it's theirs."the small comforts a local program is giving domestic violence survivors. survivors.only on cbs 2 news... "it just knocks the wind right out of you."what's behind the skyrocketing costs of live- saving drugs "it's keeping her alive."and just how long some have been dealing with it. it.and...the cutting-edge technology helping to predict and prevent injuries on the battle field., the corridor's top stories and tomorrow's weather forecast in the first ten minutes. this is cbs 2 news 10 at 10. tonight may be the very night that an abused woman takes tonight may be the very night that an abused woman takes her children and leaves a violent situation. bringing basic toilet tries is likely among the last
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>> tonight a johnson county woman is working to help those families. dor ra miller -- dora miller joins us. >> reporter: for a mother and a child that don't have anything else to wear, it's more than just an afterthought. >> we don't often think let's koe ate pajamas. -- donate. >> it's just a way for them to feel comforted. >> at domestic violence intervention program they help victims every year and they clothe them with pajamas. >> to get something brand new is
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>> it's there for them. >> reporter: she o straits the pa gentleman ma drive with her rotary club. >> i'm very touched that she took it upon herself to do this and i hope she can pass the baton one day. >> reporter: they donate about 150 sets of pajamas in the winter. she needs such as help -- as much help as she can get. our skies have broken out a little bit after a cloudy day. we have southeast winds at 6 miles per hour but the clouds
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you can see precipitation forming on the radars west of us. looks like the clipper will just soints. way. maybe some spots with a inch to an inch and a half. there could be minor accumulations in southern counties. after that, the accepts moderate to the middle 30s. more on the forecast in just latest on vote 2016 as we continue on going coverage. the remains gop candidates are turning up the heat in south sue ted orientation on that nomination, and there's no doubt in my mind that moderator: right, so,
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constitution--nt to read a quote from secretary robert gates, carolina gop primary is this saturday. the dc primary is -- democratic primary is next week. who will appoint a supreme court justice to replace scalia? it may be an election year, but there are still 11 months until the null elected president will take over. >> we are months away from the end of the president's term. >> it's extremely uncommon for a president to be in this
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iowa senior senator is joining those who say the decision should be made after the election. he says it's standard practice not to nominate anyone for a election year. but in 1988 during a presidential election he voted to confirm anthony kennedy to the high court. the majority of teenagers think it's okay to smoke pot. that's one reason the iowa alliance coalition for change held an event at the state capitol today. among the crowd were a group of jones county students.
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coalition says marijuana use is five and ten thousand dollars before 2000 -- to more than one-*hundred- thousand by 2012. tonight, in a story you will see only on cbs 2 news, i show you some of the reasons for the sharp climb in cost, cost,a resource for help and a very resilient retiree -- "it's just like somebody gave you a good kick in the gut because it just knocks the wind right out of you."lavon hyberger vividly remembers the day in 1985 when she first learned she had breast cancer. not willing to take chances, lavon immediately had a modified radical mastecomy followed by radiation and hormone treatments. lavon beat the cancer, or so she thought. fifteen years later, it returned with a vengence not only in her other breast but her lungs and bone. she's been on various drug therapies
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now is taking ibrance. "the cost of this one is pretty similar to the other one which was like, $10,500 which would be my out of pocket expense fora&a three week supply." that breaks down to 500-dollars per pill. in addition, lavon gets monthly injections of faslodex at roughly 5-thousand dollars a pop. but, if not for this therapya& "i don't know that lavon would still be with us. it's pill. she also gets injections at $5,000 a pop. >> but without the therapy, she may not be with us. to 120-thousand dollars. she says one reason for the annual cost of drugs used for cancer treatments. she says one reason for the prices is there isn't as much competition for these drugs.
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pills so they all have to compete against each other on price because you'll only need one or two. even though there are several drugs that can be used for a certain type of cancer, eventually you'll need every single one of those drugs so there's not market competition to drive the prices down. >> the pharmaceutical companies say they need to charge high prices to recoupe costs. >> they're testing the limits of how far they can push drug "the lobbyists were able to get that though on behalf of the pharmaceutical companies. and frankly, because of that, people who are setting the prices for these drugs for
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companies, the drug distributors."dr. wilbur also says the drug companies have become experts in extending their patents to keep drugs from going to cheaper, generic versions. "so when the drug is supposed to be coming off patent, they'll tweak a formulation, they'll tweak an indication and they'll be able to prolong patents to keep drugs from going to generic forms. >> they can prolong the time financial advocate at mercy medical center. it's young's job to find co-pay assistance for patients like hyberger. and her biggest resource-- foundations, funded soley or in part by the pharmaceutical companies. "we would not be able to help as many patients as we do without the help of the pharmaceutical companies." companies." "they're coming directly through the drug manufacturers themselves or through foundations which are getting a lot of their money from the drug companies. and i understand the pitfalls of that but i also understand that we have to do what we have to do to get help for these patients right now and
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this point, then that's what we'll do to get help for these patients." patients." "knock on wood, i don't have to pay anything which is a blessing." hyberger says she knows the drug companies have an awful lot of control and it's frustrating. but facing what she's facing, this 72-year old grandmother companies have a lot of control, and it's frustrating. but she remains grateful. >> if we didn't have the assistance to help with this, i probably wouldn't be here talking to you today. >> both mercy and ui says they can usually help most patients with financial assistance, but there are those who don't qualify or fall through the cracks. the mes effective way to encourage change is through grass roots advocacy. there's a link at
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at tonight's other stories from across the corridor. home on 16-th avenue southwest just after seven-30 this morning.when they got there, they saw smoke and flames coming out of the home.two people were inside the home at the time, 72-year-old ronald jacobs did not make. in iowa county--authorities -authoritiesare also investigating the cause a deadly house fire-- in north english.emergency crews were called to a home on south highland street at about eight-30 last night. night.iowa county authorities sent this photo to cbs 2 news. the home's owner 25-year-old austin watson was found dead inside.his body is now at the state medical examiner's office in ankeny. right now - the university of iowa iowais accepting applications for season football tickets. renewal forms are online and are also being mailed to those who purchased 20-15 season tickets.renewals cost 405-dollars and new or additional tickets cost
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dollars from last year. they cost $405 and new or additional tickets cost $415. that's up $10 from last year. no this is not about the grammys. the iowa state fair is making a big announcement. jason derulo will teenage the stage. tickets go on sale march 5th at 15 a.m. . that is tomorrow's top stories. still to come, why one sheriff says the president is turning his back on police officers.
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cbs 2 this morning.a look at the highlights of the music industry's biggest night, including all the stunning performances and musical tributes. tributes.find out the big winners and losers from tonight's 58-th annual grammy awards.that's tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning. after a cloudy day here, we have seen some breaks in the clouds over the south eastern part of our viewing area.
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to fall quickly in a few spots. but the clouds will come back. temperatures will go up in a few spots as the clouds return and then we'll await some precipitation that will arrive late night and during the morning hours tomorrow. the worst of the snows with that will stay out of central iowa but we will be brushed by that. after that, we've got a quiet and seasonal period. we've got an excellent weekend. today here's the numbers we posted around the area: temperatures now have dropped
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out to the west temperatures have been holding in the lower 30s. out this way, the readings will go up tonight. here you can see the clipper moving to a southeast. we will have a brief period of precipitation late tonight and tomorrow morning. the heavier accumulations will stay out in central iowa. not much in eastern iowa for the moment, but the rain and snow to the west of us is increasing. temperatures will be cold enough that what falls be will come in the form of snow. here come some soft light snows forwards morning. they're most concentrated along and south of interstate 80. the model does indicate the
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inch of accumulation around the washington area. the rest of us, just a little dusting or flurries. so your forecast here tonight calls for low temperatures around 24 to 27 degrees, some fog a possibility tonight. also cloudy skies returning to the area and into tomorrow morning. i don't expect much in the way of snow fall. just clouds. look at those temperatures. back up above the freezing mark. we go up to 45 on thursday. friday at 52. beyond that, still in the 40s for the weekend. no rain or snow once the clipper
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next, the technology a sheriff's letter to president obama is going viral tonight tonightjim de-wess' letter expressed his disappointment in the president, because he a letter to president obama is going viral tonight. it expressed disappoint in the president because he didn't issue a statement after the death of deputies in maryland. the preponderate spoke about officer safety in this year's state of the union address. when the u.s. goes to war,
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prepared fighting force in the world. it's getting a boost with some amazing technology here in the corridor. joe joins us now. >> repororr: musculoskeletal injuries are a major problem hampering soldier readyness. there's a virtual soldier to help with that. >> they want to reduce and avoid injuries. >> reporter: the soldier uses information gathered from real people to see how bodies perform and how injuries occur. >> you start trying some preventive types of training. >> we want to say will they be injured.
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>> it can certainly enhance performance. >> reporter: they brought in the university of iowa athletic department to help. >> we're looking at it from all the different cogs in performance and injury. it's not just a mechanical aspect. injuju. the virtual solider is being created from the university's virtual human models santos and sophia.both can be made to match an individual soldiers jury. > reporter: the soldier is being created to match individual soldiers' unique characteristics.
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but the road to state has started in boys basketball... and in two-a... the road to state has started in boys basketball and in 2 a 6th ranan anamosa hosted the quarter finals tonight.
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blitzing from the very start. check out the cross court pass. more defense to offense. kyle raids the passingng lane and it's another layup for anamosa. they win big 66-32. in the early game, it's west branchnd tipton. tipton up by 6. west branch answers. the bears led until the final play...and as the seconds tick down... matt pelzer lets it fly... ballgame... send that one to sportscenter... pelzer's buzzer beater beats the bears... tipton wins a miracle, 71-69... to college hoops... the iowa women at minnesota... badly needing a win... and it looked like they were gonna get one... second half... chase coley... beautiful back cut... the layup is good... and the foul... hawkeyes up 13...until the fourth... iowa's down with
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do or die time... ally disterhoft... straight to the bucket... huge play... hawks lead... but on the last play... rachel banham shakes free... throws up an off-balance three.....nd cansns it....banham and minnesota beat the buzzer... iowa can't believe it... the hawkeyes lose a heartbreaker, 78-76... cedar valley christian has never been a basketball school... but this year... the husky girls are making a name for themselves... fox 28's zach hanley has the story... the cedar valley christian girls basektball team is used too having doubters doubters "we've alwlws been the under dog."but this year they are proving them wrong -- -- with first year head coach ron slagle "he's just been really >> reporter: but this year, they're proving them wrong with flagle.
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we need to build teamwork and work together and peak later. and we did. >> reporter: they won five straightand they're mamang history. they set a psychological record for most wins in a season and won their first ever postseason game last thursday. >> it's about clicking and playing together. >> they have no plans to slow down. >> when people aren't expecting you to compete, you can just wow them. >> this isn't a team we can just pound anymore.
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>> reporter: these huskies are your hour by hour forecast looking this way tomorrow.
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and then we'll get up captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> annououer: stephen colbert!t! (cheers and applause) >> stephen: good evening,
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(cheers and applause) whoo! whoo! welcome to "the late show"! we're here! we're doing the show! (cheers and applause) (audience chanting stephen) (cheers and applause) thanks, everybody! thank you so much! as i said, welcome to "the late show." i am proud to be your host, stephen colbert. happy president's day. (cheers ananapplause) all of them, equally good. and keep in mind, one of the
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right now, one day we will be celebrating with a half-off mattress sale. (laughter) all right, it's a real honor. of course, this time last year everyone was positive it was going to be hillary clinton. she was a lolo. but she's still reeling from getting trounced by bernie sanders in new hampshire last week. bernie won 83% of young voters. (cheers and applause) the only group hillary won was voters over 65. so she may not have won new hampshire, but she definitely won old hampshire. (laughter) okay. but they'ree nimble. her team is nimble. so her team sprung into action and reached out to young people with an ad on the youth-friendly social network, america online. (laughter) this is true.
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(modem noise) for america. >> jon: that's the dialup. aol is where all the cool teens go to update their geocities page. i can't wait to see how they appeal to the youths next. maybe haha out some leaflets at bingo night. or team up with netflix to sponsor a "murder she wrote" reunion where the victim... is the middle class. (laughter) or a massive ad buy on a.m. radio: "just want to remind all yo millennials to get out there and support hillary. coming up next: three hours of old men whispering about jesus!" (laughter) i'd listen. well, whatever age you are, we've got a great show for you
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first, i'll be sitting down with the very funny craig ferguson. (cheers and applause) he's much taller than you think. >> jon: oh, yeah. i didn't know he was that tall. >> stephen: he's host ago new talk show that's all about history. so if you miss the first episode, you'll be doomed to repeat it. then i'll talk to the cover models of this year's "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition. (cheers and applause) you won't believe what they're wearing on the cover. unless you think it's swimsuits, in which case you're spot on. and later i'll be joined by senator cory booker. (cheers and applause) he's written a new book called "united." it'll either bring congress together or provide them with a heavy object to throw at each other. plus, i will face off with world
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heers and applause) hey, scott waites fans! hey, that's the band, jon batiste and stay human. say hi, everybody! (cheers and applause) ripcord, but before they do, one an exact replica of the titantic will set sail in 2018. and this time, it should be perfectly safe because, by then, we should be out of icebergs. (cheers and applause) >> announcer: tonight... stephen welcomes craig ferguson! "sports illustrated" s smsuit edition models hailey clauson and ashley graham! senator cory booker! and world darts champion scott
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featuring jon batiste and "stay human"! and now it's time for "the late show" with stephen colbert! (cheers and applause) >> stephen: thank you so much! thanks, everybody. before we get started. i'd like to say a few words about the passing of supreme court justice antonin scalia. he was universrsly acknowledged to be an intellectual giant, who left his mark not only on the court but on our approach to the constitution. and whether or not you agreed with him or made a lot of jokes about him like i did, he had a sense of humor. people have actually broken down the transcripts of oral
11:13 pm
jokes and got more laughs than of any of the justices. that might part of the reason why he was such good friends with justices who he disagreed with like ruth bader ginsburg and elena kagan. and i s lucky enough to have one conversation with him that explained his appeal to me. it was ten years ago this april, when i spoke at the white house correspondents dinner. i don't know if you guys saww that. (chf not a lot of people laughed in the front row. (laughter) some people laughed in the back of the room but e important people in the front row, mostly silent when i gave the speech. when it was over, no one was
11:14 pm
the one exception was antonin scalia. he had been caught a week earlier doing this to the photographers. i did my gestures at him. after it was over, he came up to me, again, no one is talking to me in the whole damn room! and antonin scalia comes up to me and says, it's great, great! did you give me e of these? ahhh! i said, sir, first, i want to ask, would that be legal for me to do? he said, of course, it would be legal. i said, yeah, i gave you one of these. he said, great stuff! great stuff! good night. and he ft. i watched him go and i thought, don't you make me love you, old man. so i will forever be grateful for that moment of human contact that he gave me.
11:15 pm
time, justice scalia, i salute you. (cheers and applause) (cheers and applause) while i'm guessing i'm not on the short list to be named to the supreme court, as a late-night host, i already wield tremendous power. i can force 200 people to wait in line in the snow for two hours and they still clap when they see me! (chehes and applause) that's not right! and yet... and yet, there are those out there even more powerful than i am powerful. history's most despotic leaders - people like genghis khan, czar nicholas the second and jessica alba, who i believe is the ruler of albania. (laughter) these merciless tyrants have but two things in common: the first
11:16 pm
one is a big furry hat! (drumming) (cheers and applause) now that this hat is upon my head, i am endowed with unquestionable power! this is due to my hat's two main attributes: its bigness, and its furriness. any proclamations i make while so behatted are now and foreverr law. let us begin. drumming a march rhythm).
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people born on presidents day shall be eligible to run for esident. those born on groundhog's day may run for groundhog. (applause) henceforth, subway trains shall be renamed "boring roller coasters." from now on, if a restaurant is cash only, the menu must clearly state which organized crime syndicate the restaurant is a front for. (cheers and applause) there shall be a sequel to "foxcatcher" called "wolf blitzer." (laughter) there shall be no calories in cap'n crunch, as long as i scoop it out of the box with my hand. (cheers and applause) besides... any weight i gain will be offset
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off the roof of my mouth. (laughter) henceforth, the dad on your street whose shorts have the most pockets is now king. (applause) for the sake of closure, there shall finally be a single-a battery. (applause) the measure one pint of ice cream shall be renamed to "one sadness of ice cream." (applause) from this day forward, people who refer to their pets as their babies must breastfeed their pets. (laughter) (applause) all of kansas city is now in the ate of kansas. all cities in missouri will be named "st. louis."
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from now on, you fefe a cold, starve a fever, and honey glaze a herpes. (laughter) if you sex someone real good, they must take you to red lobster. (cheers and applause) if the sexing is inadequate, they shall drop you off at long john silvers. (laughter) the term "walkie-talkies" now refers to toddlers. (laughter) the female version of a "sausagefest" is now officially a georgia o'keefe retrospective. (laughter) e hat has spoken! (cheers and applause) we'll be right back with craig
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(cheers and applause) >> stephen: welcome back, everybody! (cheers and applause) my first guest tonight is a peabody-award winning comedian, writer, , d tv host with a new
11:23 pm
please welcome craig ferguson. (cheers and applause) oh! hey! >> hey! (cheers and applause) >> stephen: now, you and i, we have met once before. i remember! it's the bathroom at the grammys -- no, the emmys. >> stephen: i was in the bathroom with kanye in the grammys, with you at the emmymy a wondererl place to meet. >> i wanted to be your friend and i was following you around the bathroom and i was, like, hey! i tried to be your friend and i wanted to come in with you, stephen, but you wouldn't let
11:24 pm
touch me again. thank you. >> stephen: do you work out? i work out. ly this arm, though. (laughter) i'm like arrrrr! touch my arm and see what i do. >> stephen: you flexed?! i did not! >> s sphen: you didn't c ce what this felt like. that's a man secure in his own manliness. >> yeah, and that was me flexing. >> stephen: you are an american citizen now. >> i am. i have been for some time. (applause) that's why if trump becomes president i'm, like, you can't touch me, i'm here, it's cool. >> stephen: yoyo got in u uer the trump limit, as we call it. >> the scottish people are out building a wall. >> stephen: they already had one. >> no, the romans built the wall to keep the scottish people out. >> stephen: couldn't do it. it's a lesson from our history. >> yeah. >> stephen: are you more
11:25 pm
because you chose america. you married into this family knowing what you were g gting. the rest ofof us were born here. >> to be fair, first of all, trump wasn't running for president when i am an american citizen (applause) >> stephen: that's true. and i also think, yes, a little bit in the sense that you're catholic but you were born a catholic. >> stephen: i can leave anytime, though. >> yeah, but you know people who become catholics later on in life -- >> stephen: they pray with the elbows out. >> they're a little more jesus-y than the regular catholic. >> stephen: because they chose. >> changing your nationality is act offaith, any ith is enhanced by having a little doubt and concern. when i look at my own patriotism, it's still fervent
11:26 pm
different than it wawa of the july fourth feeling of becoming a citizen. now it's, like, how do become involved in electing the president and that rt of ing. >> stephen: did you become a citizen july fourth? >> no. >> stephen: it's like asking a girl to marry you at the top of the eiffel tower. >> did you do that? >> stephen: no, i'm not as romantic as i could be. >> i'm sure you wife said okay, anyway. don't propose a woman on top of the eiffel tower because you want a woman to settle for less. >> stephen: the bottom of a mine shaft. >> that's correct. it's going to be better, baby! >> stephen: why "join or die?"
11:27 pm
>> that's a tattoo on my arm. ben franklin put this in a cartoon, we must come together, a united calling. so it became a symbmb of thee united colonies which became the united states and i thought it would be nice to get that when i became a citizen. i have others but they're elsewhere. >> stephen: does this deal with a part of american history. >> i think the first years were too contemporary. i think we should go back a littlele further. right now it tendsdso be in the last 50 to 100 years and tends to be american history. these are some of the topics -- >> stephen: these are some of the topics coming up on the new show, can i ask you about them? >> yeah. but i'm not putting myself out as a history buff. i'm not buff like you are buff. stephen: or in the buff. well... >> stephen: ratings, ratings. ratings are important. >> stephen: never say never.
11:28 pm
naked will get anybody watch the history channel. >> stephen: we'll get to see the other tattoo! >> we watched dynasty and now a naked dude, yeah! >> stephen: well, it's the history channel. for a long time it was hitler then aliens. >> that's part of our history, stephen, whether you like it or not, hitler! >> stephen: and aliens. we have come from another planet! >> stephen: yeah, that was a good hitler alien! that was spooky! (applause) >> yes, i only work out on this side -- (german accent) >> stephen: most overrated gure in american history and why? who's that? >> at the moment, i think it has to be kanye, but later... (laughter) >> stephen: he's in debt. don't believeit. i think it's a ploy. >> stephen: really? how can he be in debt? >> stephen: have you seen how he lives?
11:29 pm
>> he's got clothing lines and, you know, doesn't that make you rich if you have a clothing line? >> stephen: i've never had a clothing line. do you have a clothing line? >> i'd like to put one together. >> stephen: we're in the wrong business. >> 50-yeararld scottish de. i want to look like that guy! >> stephen: do you remember the things you had to learn for your american -- for your citizenship test? >> no, i did it when it was easier. they changed the test and made it harder. when i did it, it's like, do you hate al quaida? you're in! >> stephen: that was it? yeah. >> stephen: are y still scottish? do you have dual citizenship? >> yes, you can have it removed. your people are originally from france, i would imagine. >> stephen: no, mine are from ireland. it's sort of fake french, but i'm from ireland. >> you changed your name to
11:30 pm
>> stephen: it's cole-bert, but i'm pretentious. >> he said something so deprecating and you went,yea! you gugu are jerks! question? >> i was thinking about trump because i thought it might come up in my discussions. scottish. yeah. >> well, that's the (bleepep oblem right there! can i say that on cbs now? (cheers and applause) >> stephen: oh, yeah! you can say (bleep) all you want on cbs now! yeah! that's one of thee biggest changes. they love it! they love it! >> if i had known that i would have (bleep) stayed! (laughter) but his mother is scottish and you're looking at a man whose mother is scottish and not enough therapy.
11:31 pm
greatest scot? >> sean connery, without a doubt. >> stephen: are you guys from the same area. >> no, it's a east coast-west coast thing. it's a biggie tupac. >> stephen: do you have a beef? >> no, he's 84 years old and can still kick my ass. >> stephen: "join or die with craig ferguson" premieres february 18th at 11:00 pm on the history channel. we'll be right back. (cheers and applause) honey, do you know where my beige socks are? check the walk-in closet. richard! there are two types of people in the world. those who are content to blend in- these people walk through life like beige socks. then there are those who expect more. they're exciting. they have pizzazz. eventually, the beige sock people get devoured


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