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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  February 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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out committee hearings on whoever president. obama selects to replace the justice he is willing to take a look at the process one step at a time but as opposed to the president making a judicial appointment. >> i think it should wait until the next election and i believe that is the right thing to do because it is a very important position and would be kind of in line with what the democratic leaders said on the tail end of the bush administration. bush should not appoint someone , they had to be concerned about balance and i'm concerned about balance the same way they are>> the president aaked questions on the issue. >> when there is a vacancy, the e
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is to nominate someone in the senate is to consider that nomination. >> the senate unanimously-- unanimously confirmed her apartment. legal action against the cedar rapids community school district related to asbestos they are asking the atty. gen.'s office to look into actions it hired to do the woror last summer. they found several violations would put people at risk of news reached out to a district spokeswoman for comment related to today's developments.we were told only that top school officials attended a meeting today with the environmental protection
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university of iowa police arere now trying to track down the man they say recorded a female student while she was showering in a u-i residence hall last officer respondedeto burge residence hall, on the university's east side, around 10-30.they found a suspect hiding in a different women's restaurant, but he managed to get away. away.within the last couple of minutes polic released this photo.they are asking anyone who may know this person to call the ui-department of public safety.that number is on your screen - 3-1-9-3- 3-5-50-22. developing at the capitol right now... now...the iowa senate is pushing to educate students about topics related to sex and dating violence. a bill that passed the education committee would require schools to provide age- appropriate education on topics including human sexuality, self esteem and
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facebook page, senator rob hogg says almost one in 8 high schoolstudents report being abused by a partner and one in five is sexually assaulted in their lifetime. the bill is now headed to the full senate. now a cbs 2 news follow up are reporting ing abused by their partner. a trial date is set for the man charged for running over and killing a woman. he pleaded not guilty in the death of emily jacobs. she was a student and she was behind the wheel of a bus. he was arrested last month and faces numerous charging us-- charges including leaving the scene of an accident. he faces 5 years in prison.
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around the area, some snow showers but at l lst the temperatures were on the mild side. everyone got above the freezing mark and we are at 34 right now in cedar rapids with winds coming in from the north and northwest. temperature ranges from 30 to 36 in iowa city and washington in waterloo. we have some clouds coming in that these should thin out as dry air builds in and that could lead@ to a bit of sunshine. our hour by hour forecast shows a decline and at 6:00 a.m. we should be at 23 and push back above freezing tomorrow afternoon and had to the 5050 friday. >> looking forward to the warm- up. city leaders are gathering to talk about goals for their
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>> melanie is life-- live from city hall. reporter: coming up at 7:00, the mayor will be giving his state of the city address and sharing seven priorities that the city plans to work on over the next two years. many of the 335 downtown businesses-- 3500 business is our local. >> we hope that continues. reporter: the development of a local economy is one strategic priority for the next there are seven of them developed by leaders over the past few months. the strategic plan will be shared in the state of the city address. >> the state of iowa city is very strong and very healthy. because it is so strongly have the opportunity to extend the prosperity.
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do whatever it wants but it can put priorities in motion. >> step-by-step in a direction that is more improvement and sustainable. reportrt: it is an opportunity to reengage in the city and how they can be a good partner in those efforts. >> in the core of iowa city, how that can bleed out from the center of downtown and those kinds of things, building strong neighborhoods will be important for the entire community. reporter: to see all 7 strategic priorities they are working on go to our website 2 news. a new effort is underway tonight to improve safety on iowa roadways. roadways.state legislators are pushing a handful of bills including one that would make texting and driving a primary offense.another requires
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take daily breath tests after they're released from jail. they would do that through engine interlock devices and alcohol monitoring bracelets. iowa legislators aren't giving up on regulating ride sharing companies such as uber. uber.a proposed bill in the iowa house requires insurance limits for drivers.a sisilar measure failed last year.a senate transportation committee this week took a look at how other states handle insurance requirents for ride-share companies. a plan is in the works tonight to make traveling within the cedar rapids metro area, easier. 2 news reporter joe huisinga is live with what it means.p the corridor metro planning organization is gathering public input for their 20-16 transit study.they say its itical to ake a fresh look at a system with growing demand. for the last at least 4 year
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growth in public transit so transit is really growing . that growth leads to congestion on lines between down town and the lindale mall area areawe're turning people away, we don't need to do that. we need to have enough buses to support our busiest linepeople and we don't need to do that, we have to have ough budget to supuprt our business is growing. reporter: they depend on bus transportation. >> we only have it-- one car so if i were to use something that costs more than a public transit system does-- reporter: she is one of many. >> it's beneficial. they can get jobs and get to work on time, so they have the transportation. >> all that input your giving us. reporter: it is critical to improvement. >> we are the ones that experience the system and they
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use it every day. reporter: they are looking at improvements fofoexisting routes. >> an increase in frequency or specific lines, we want to take a fresh look at the system.>> that could be looking g beyond the currenen areas. >> we will be looking at other places and considering service they are. reporter: they took public comment at 2 m-- to meetings and will be holding more meetings in the future. you can fill out this transportation survey with the link on our website at . joe, cbs2 news. still ahead, and iowa wrestling team is looking ahead
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> it is only tuesday but i'm already thinking about the weekend, especially when you can expect weather like this. we will show you some nice temperatures from friday, saturday, and sunday in the upper 40s-lower 50s too many-- in many parts of eastern iowa and we don't see any rain or snow all the way through the upcoming weekend so i like the way things are shaping up for
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shor cbs 2 this morning.low oil prices turns into low prices at the pump.and that's a welcome site to drivers. drivers.but not everyone is celebrating.find out why this is hitting recycling industry
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this morning. a week weather disturbance moved through eastern iowa today and brought us a few clouds. there were some snow flurries but nothing more than a dusting in any location. the temperatures stand at 34 degrees but it is still a little light outside indicating the days are getting longer and there is more sunshine anan obviously that brings warmer temperatures as you get deeper into the spring. i'm happy to say we have some nice numbers to show you in a few minutes. today's highs are not bad, everybody throughout the enti state is at or above the freezing mark. dubuque is the colder spot. the temperature got up to 43 degrees and that is a sign of things to
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pushing toward us. so-- short term we have some clouds to get through but there is drier air building over minnesota, an area of high pressure and breaking up the clouds by tomorrow morning. that could lead to areas of fog but we expect that to bring up and we should get some sunshine around and warmer temperatures by the time we get to thursday. weather headlines, a chance of fog but ititdoes nonolook overly dense. we will see windy conditions develop which will push a bunch of warm air and by friday it looks like highs in the 50's and with normal highs in the lower-30s so that is 20 degrees above normal. it is back down to 30 in
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33 degrees. -- in tama. we have some upper-level flows which are bringing us cold !ir. you can see some energy here, therer goes the storm track into canada, this will change dramatically in th of days and we will show you by the way of our upper air charts. 500 mbar, the jet streams moving to canada and you have a surge of air coming into the midwest which is expected to bring temperatures up to 20, 25 degrees above normal by the time we get to friday afternoon. definitely a saw thaw-- is on the way driven by wind and that will take some out of the warm- up but it is nice to be talking aboutemperatures by 50 degrees. this is your predictor, clouds
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tomorrow i think clouds will start to break out and we will go for a mixture of sun and cloud but the temperatures are not much different than the experienced today. lows range from 17 in snow- covered areas to 23 the south and for torrow there may be some morning fog, temperatures in the 20s to the north, and we are up to about 26 degrees thursday 53 friday still about 51 saturday and sunday temperatures are close to 50. i don't have any rain or snow over the next seven days so things are looking good in that respect. this time of year after normal temperatures is right at-- are right at 33 degrees so at 53 that will feel pretty sweet. >> breakout the shorts. >> well sad.
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>> you have to love it. sports outside. >> we are reaching an interesting time for college basketball. >> high school basketball playoffs coming up, high school wrestling playoffs later this week coming up in sports, a change of postseason schedule
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tool for the hawkeyes. undefeated, second cbs2 sports . >> undefeated second-ranked and not playing in the national championship title duel? that is the situation but they are okay with it. they would love to have wrestled penn state, but the rockstar is now locked in on north carolina state. 22 winds--ins led the nation, and don't't doubt the wolfpack. >> you say who is that? maybe they are off the radar as far as wrestling but theyeyare to win and to bebedominant and successful towards the end of the year in march so this is a step towards that outcome." for as much asaskansns has been a thorn in iowa state's side
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regular season titles... baylor has been the 'clones kryptonite the last two seasons.... the bears have won the last three etings between the two -- including twice at hilton colloseum -- but tonight, it's state's chance at redemption in fort worth... the number four hawks, meanwhile, will travel to state college tomrrow for a match up with penn state -- the nittany lions 12-and-13 overrall and 3-and-9 in confernece play -- but if sunday's four point victory over second-to-last place minnesota taught iowa anything
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underestimated ... and the target on their back ... is real. "i expect to win every game. i come into every game with the same mindset... that number doesn't mean anything to me." "when you have a number next to your name every team that lines up next to you is gonna try and beat you to build their resume. every team is fighting to get in the tournament. so we definitely have a target on our back." for weeks, the iowa women's basketball team has been told their tournament chances hinged on their last few games of the season. now a "few" games" is down to four must win's.... win's....he young hawks hung with one of the most prolific scoring offenses in the country in minnesota -- even took the lead with less tn eight seconds to go -- before a buzzer beater three sealed another heart wrenching loss -- but there are no achy breaky hearts in iowa city -- just those that believe
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"i mean maybe i'm what do hey call it -- looking through rose colored glasses but that's what you have to do, right? i genuinely believe it is possible still. and if we compete as hard as we did last night, we can compete with almost everybody in the conference." conference."we are going to have to win out from here to get to the ncaa tournament and its something we believe we can do... we're really just gonna have to get after it in practice in preparing for these games.
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the hardacre threater in tipton is one for the ages.the theater is now listed on e national register of historic places.this comes after a
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national register is the federal government's official list of historic properties which can recieve special attention to be preserved. the national register ishe fededel government officiaia list of historic propepey which can receive special intention of being present. it is eligible for certain preservation grants. the 100th anniversary celebration is scheduled for april 23. >> it has been look and feel. >> that is of the preservation association. the corner? >> we will get rid of some of
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around daybreak. tonight witness grammy greatness with "e.t." backstage with taylor swift after taking on kanye. >> they going to be people who will tryry to ke credit. >> what her girl squad only told us.
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>> the moments you haven't seen, with bestie selena and calvin harris. >> we tell you how lady gaga pulled off her grammybowie performance. with we go backstage with all the mayhem and missteps. and lionel ritchie tellsls us about his big night. finally saying hel adele and his star stribute. all night long plus our style guu josey breaks down the fashion the dos and doing. was beyonce wearing a wedding dress? now for february16, 20 this is "entertainment tonight." >> shake it off? huh-uh, not this time. taylor swift back at kanye


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