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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  February 16, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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restroom. more later in the newscast. meantime, the attorney general's office will now be handling matters between the cedar rapids school district about asbestos. today we received a complaint that asbestos was mishandled at another school. . >> reporter: a viewer called us saying he was exposed to asbestos while worthy of believing at another high school two years ago. there should be a more not guilty depth worker believes they should
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schools other than washington. grant worked on a project at jefferson high in 2013. >> i was the person installing the fire detectors and getting it hooked up. the only separating us from the abatement crew was a yellow piece of caution tape. >> reporter: cedar rapids school district efficient -- officials say they work hard to keep everyone safe. >> we want to make sure things were done properly. it is a little concerning that the gentleman waited this long tosay anything. >> reporter: things have to change so this doesn't happen again. >> if they would have had proper
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had exposure at all. the district terminated their contract with asbestos abatement -- the company used for both of the projects.they ask anyone with concerns about construction or policies to call their anonymous hotline. we did reach out to the d-n-r for comment on brent's concerns, but we haven't gotten a response.dora miller, cbs 2 news, ten at 10. tonight: decreasing cloudiness. colder.winds: nw. 5-10 mphlows: 14-20tomorrow: partly sunny and seasonal. winds: n. winds becoming e. 5-
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developing tonight - six people are now charged chargedafter the accidental shooting death of a vinton teen. teen.emma redlinger was shot in the head with a rifle last february.she died four days later., a 17-year-old faces possession and interference with officials 2 news is choosing not to name the teens because they are all charged as juveniles. 52-year-old robyn merchant faces a *federal* charge of provinding a firearm to a prohibited person.two other adults are also facing drug charges. cbs 2 news is now tracking problems related to a crash on
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county.a semi rolled over near swisher last night.the crash brought traffic to a standstill during the evening one was hurt, but the accident is still causing problems for the state department of natural resources. the semi was hauling a tanker full of de-icing fluid used on airport runways.d-n-r officials tell cbs 2 news about 36-hundred gallons of the fluid and 50 gallons of diesel fuel spilled into a nearby creek.that creek flows into coralville reservoir.the d-n-r is working to clean up the spill.they say the de-icing fluid could discolor the water, but it is not a long-term environmental hazard. right now, the corridor metro planning organization is working to improve public transportation in the cedar rapids area. area.two meetings held today gave planners a chance to present information about the current transportation system and get public input on potential improvements.right now, some city bus routes are so over loaded riders are
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study eventually shows, ofcials say public need is a top priority. whatever the study may say we're going to come back to the citizens the people effected by it and get their input and try to balance the efficiency of the system against the needs. needs.there will also be futur public meetings held in the spring.if you want to learn more about the transit study or give your input you can complete online can find a link on cbs 2 iowa dot com developing tonight - 20-16 is off to a dangerous start on you can find a link on 2016 is off to a doingous start on iowa roads. there have been 792 total accidents and 35 deaths as of february 15th. that is over 40% higher than at this time last year.
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on a number of bills to improve saift on iowa roads. one of the bills would make texting and driving a primary offense. right now it's a secondary offense. another piece of legislation requires convicted drunk drivers to take daily breath tests after they are released from jail. right now a bill banning the sale of fetal tissue is moving forward. it is already illegal under federal law to sell or transfer fetal tissue. the iowa bill would make it illegal even with no valuable consideration. the bill now moves to the house for debate.
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plans to overhaul the state's biggest health system. the head of the med care program says it is ready for privatization. the governor said it would save the the state millions and offer more services to patients. but democrats dispute those claims. senate rbs are vowing to -- republicans are vowing to block anyone the president nominates to replace antonin scalia. >> we're going to find somebody with an outstanding legal mind and cares about demossy and rule of law. >> scalia will lie in the great
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friday and be laid to rest saturday. hours after his death, grassley appeared unwilling to consider any nominees put forth. >> i believe that's the right thing to do because it's a very important position and it would leaders said in the bush administration. >> he says his biggest concern is if that person will shift a we begin wh new developments in a deadly fire in cedar rapids.investigators now believe smoking materials started the blaze.crews were called to the home on 16th avenue south west monday morning.76-year-old ronald jacobs died in the fire.karen jacobs, also 76-years old, was pulled.she was taken to u-i-h-c where she is in
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investigators say both where and taken to uihc where she is still listed in critical condition. both were in the living room when the fire started and did not have any working smoke detectors. theaters are now discussing goals for the community. that plan has seven priority areas developed by leaders. they say they will work on the priorities over the years. the state of iowa city is strong and healthy. a theater in tipton is now on the registry of historic places. it means the theater is eligible
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a fund raiser and celebration is scheduled for april 23rd. that is the news and weather forecast in the first 10 minutes. the staggering amount of your tax dollars being waist wasted in washington -- wasted in washington. terry. there's some cold temperatures and a little snow here in eastern iowa. look what's happening now. the jet stream is changes dramatically and going into a flow and sending temperatures above normal. we should crack 50 on both friday and saturday and very close to that on sunday.
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cbs 2 this morning.low oil prices turns into low prices at the pump.and that's a welcome site to drivers. drivers.but not everyone is celebrating.find out why this is hitting recycling industry hard.that's tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning. sunglasses, check. flip flops, check. t stirts, clerk. what else do we need? . >> you're pushing it just a tad. you're right on the right track but i'm thinking it might be just a little cool. but still very good for this time of year and this could be a couple of spots close to 60.
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take a little of the warmth out of the actual temperatures. but we need it and are ready for it. the winds are out of the northwest 10 maerps. still clouds, miles an hour. it wasn't too bad of a day with generally dry conditions tonight: decreasing cloudiness. colder.winds: nw. 5-10 mphlows: 14-20tomorrow: partly sunny and seasonal.
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next on c-b-s two news... news..."she like there's a piece of wood stuck to me." me."the bizarre basketball accident that has everyone scratching their heads tonight.
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to follow breaking news out of iowa city. city.police at the university of iowa have we continue to follow breaking news. tonight police at the university have located the man accused of filming a female student while showererg in burge hall. while an officer was investigating that incident another report came in of suspicious activity in another women's bathroom. stall. but the suspects got away. authorities do want to thank the public for their help with this. authorities think they have found the man in this photo. we're tracking the wasteful
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christine is following the money trail. >> reporter: whenn it coming to all the interesting places our tax dollars go, how about government funded moon shine? a distillery got money to market its whiskey. that's one of many findings in a waste report. >> it's sad. >> reporter: other highlights include billions in federal fund for new farmers with little oversight. and $60 billion for a military space launch program many say the failing. >> tack payers are participanting in the count down, it would be approximate -- wasteful spending already been stopped?pete sepppart of the
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of problem about govt waste but very little action being taken (butt) 1:14 - 1:23 they're the ones in charge they should be able to deliver on it. yes there's a a veto pen in the white house but the wh doesn't necessary have an interest in wasting tax dollars no one does."while some call it waste, others say it boosts the economy - like the 35 thousand dollars for solar power at a michigan brewing company, which senator debbie stabenow said would help support jobs and a clean environment.still congressman russell says it's about priorities " there's a lot of good ideas and nice-to-haves and then there's some crazy stuff that gets funded that priority. >> there's some crazy stuff that gets funded that should not. new tonight at 10:00, a judge in california is now
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break into the curriculum vitae of one of the san bernadino killers. the phone is protected and they can't bypass it without erasing thephone's content. we'll keep tracking this story and we'll bring you the latest tomorrow morning. right now a wisconsin teen is recovering after a freak accidentn ie basketball court. take a look. this happened sunday when a 14 year-old went sliding and suddenly couldn't get up. a 3 3 to 4 inch floorboard split and impaled the girl. none of her vital organs were hit.
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so is the girl more importantly.
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big time big 12 game kansas has been a thorn in iowa state's side when it comemeto big 12
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been a thorn in iowa state's side, when it coming to titles, baylor has been the cryptonite. later down once again, this time morris gives iowa state the two point edge. he would have the ball again, but the rebound not in time and we do head into overtime. in that overtime, it's not enough as the bears hold on for another win 100 to 9191 kirkwood up tonight. rhodes had 16 points.
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kirkwood tops century for the fourth time this year. for weeks the iowa women's bafshth ball team have been t td their tournament chances hinge on the last two games of the season. after a heart breaking loss in minnesotg last night, the hawks still have games left. with the strides they've made, they believe they can make it to their 9th straight tournament. >> maybe i'm looking through rose colored glasses, but that's what we have to do, right? i general yulely believe it is possible still. if we play as hard as we did last night, we can compete with
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undefeated iowa city regina hosting jepup tonight. regales just getting warmed up. regina moving on as they win 68 to 29. meanwhile on the mats tom many associate with wrestling but n-c state led the nation with 22 dual wins this year ... so don't doubt the wolfpack... stay with c-b-s two -terry has one last look at your forecast
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tonight: decreasasg clcldiness. colder.winds: nw. 5-10 mphlows: 14-20tomorrow: partly sunny and seasonal. well tomorrow morning the
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this will be fog but the temperatures will get up to 32.
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thursday and friday when we >> jon: stephen colbert!
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( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: you deserve it! you deserve it! thank you. >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! >> stephen: jon, how are you? good to see you. ( cheers a a applause ) thank you. thank you very much thanks s s much, ladies and gentlemen. welcome to "the late show." thanks, everybody. hey! hey! i'm stephen colbert. thank you for being here. i'm throwing hand towels to all these people here because they are soaked to the bone greatest audience in the world, stayed outside for hours in the pouring rain. it is absolutely coming down in sheets.


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