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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  February 18, 2016 4:00am-5:00am CST

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>> a aouncer: this its the "cbs overnight news." the war on terror and the right to privacy have collided. the fbi got a court order requiring apple to help investigators hack the iphone of one of the terrorists behind the san bernardino m msacre. but the head of apple is refusing the order. here's jeff pegues. >> reporter: scott, tonight a top industry official tells cbcb news apple could theoretically write software to comply with the judge's order though it has never been done before. but apple says it is reaea to appeal this ruling and take the fight all the way to the supreme court. within hours of the ruling, apple ceo tim cook called the demand "chilling" and said it could lead to ththtech giant ing forcinged to build surveillance software to intercept your messages or even access your phone's microphone or camera without your knowledge. since syed farook and his wife ma'lik killed 14 in a december shooting rampage in san bernardino, california, the fbi
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electronic internet history. the bureau determined farook and ma'lik sim pa thietzed with isis and islamic radicals. but the fbi has not been able to get into an iphone provided to farook by his employer which could provide key clues about his contacts and whereaboutsv in court papers the fbi says the phone may show that farook was in communication with victims later killed. u.s. magistrate sherri pemm ordered apple to figure out how to turn off autotorase feature which wipes out the phone after ten incorrect log-in attempts. apple's cook said developing that technology could create a back door to the iphone and there was no way t tguarantee that it would only be used in this case. law enforcement has been warning about the dangers of encryption more than a year. new york police commissioner bill bratton. >> well are increangly blind for terrorist purposes and for
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with the new deviced and continuing effort to make them more secure. >> reporter: apple says it has been cooperating with the fbi by providing information the couple backed up online. scott, apple intend to file its appeal as early as next week. >>eff, thank you. if this case does go to the supreme court, it could define privacy for a generation. 60 minutes talked about this issue with fbi director james comey, and with apple's ceo tim cook. >> on your smartfen on your iphone, likely health information, there is financial information, there are intimate conversations with your family or your co-workers, there is probably business secrets. and-up should have the ability to protect it. and, the only way we know how to do that is to encrypt it. whwhits that? it is because if there is a way to get in, then somebody will
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there have been people tha suggest that we should have a back door, but the reality is if you put a back door in, that back door is for everybody. for good guys and bad guys. >> t notion that we would market@devices that would allow someone to place themselves beyond the law, troubles me a lot. i am a big supporter of the rule of law. but as a country, i don't know why we would want to put people beyond the law. that is -- sell cars with trunks that couldn't ever be opened by law enforcement with a court order or sell an apartment that could never be entered even by law enforcement. >> if the government lays a proper warrant on us today, then we will give the specific information that is requested. because we have to by law. in the case of encrypted communication, we don't have it to give.
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are encrypted we don't have access to those. >> i want to make sure as they do. people's privacy is protected. i don't want anybody going through my phone or looking at my pictures of my children. but i don't want to live in a country where the bad guys know there is a way for them to be absolutelylyeyond the law. >> in another case tonight, comey's fbi is leading the investigation of the hostage situation at a california hospital. but it is not people being held, it's the computer system. carter evans is in los angeles. >> reporter: inside hollywood presbyterian medical center, computer screens have been dark since hackers took over the data network almost two weeks ago. calls to the hospital's media line are met with this voice mail recording. >> we want to assure you that patient care at hollywood presbyterian medical center haha not been compromised as we continue to address this
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>> reporter: the attack used ransomware, malicious software that encrypts files which can be unlocked with a software key after a ransom is paid. in this case, according to a source familiar with the investigation, hackers demanded, and the hospital paid an undidilosed amount in the computer currency bit coin nearly impossible to trace. since the attack, the medical center staff has resorted to pen and paper. and even fax machines for communications. the fbi confirmed the attack but decleaned to comment on its investigation. and scott, hollywood presbyterian medical center, has not responded to cbs news quests. >> well, we saw a rare shortage night. some one pulled him on top of a young person in a wheelchair. watch this. the pope shouts "don't be selfish." tonight, francis is jumping into the fight over immigration. as he celebrates mass just across the rio grande from texas. and manuel bojorquez is there. >> reporter: his strongest stand yet in solidarity wi migrants.
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this mass before 200,000 in juarez calling it a humanitarian crisis. across the border in el paso, m crowd of 30,000 watched the mass, a symbolic event for two cities separated only by the rio ande. and connected here by a choir come the prized of people from both sid-- come the prized of people from both side. like americans, flor and anna garcia from el paso. we feel as part of both communities as we go back and forth often. >> reporter: theother and daughter have seen the ravages of violence e juarez fueled by cartels and human smugglers. problems pope francis is a dressing head on. >> going to all the places people are struggling showing he is there, shows that even in the darkest moments there is the brightest light.
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powerful moment for this massive crowd behind me. scott, on immigration, pope francis has been blunt. calling for the end d death and exploioition. his choice of location along the border is a clear message to not only mexico but the u.s. >> manuel, thanks. and we'll be right back. almost sixty millili americans are affected by mental illness. together we can help them with three simple words. my name is chris noth and i will listen. from maine to maui, thousands of high school students across t t country are tting in on the action by volunteering in their communities. chris young: action teams of high school students are joining volunteers of america and major league baseball players to help train and inspire the next generation of volunteers. carlososea: it's easy to start an action team at your schoooo so you, too, can get in on the action.
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if you were a hippie in e '60s, you need to know. it's the dawning of the age of aquarius. yeah, and something else thahas cool. what? osteoporosis is preventable. all: osteo's preventable? right on! if you dig your bones, protect them. all: cbs cares! campaigning today in south carolina, donald trump said that waterboarding is not severe enough in the effort to prprthe truth out of suspected terrorists. and from the sound of it, he and his chief rival ted cruz might like to try it on each other. in campaigns that seem unable to break out of a cycle of name calling. major garrett is in south carolina.
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if you want to file a lawsuit, challenging this ad claiming it is defamation, file the lawsuit. >> ted cruz scoffed at donald trump for threatening to sue over this ad from the cruz campaign. >> am pro-choice in every respect. >> mr. trump sent me a legal cease and desist letter saying stop telling the voters my record. that is objectively legally frivolous. >> trump fired back calling cruz desperate the i am pro-life the i do not support taxpayer funding for planned parenthood as they're performing abortion the gop front-runner said in a statement. trump called cruz a liar all week. he also threat tuned sue cruz over eligibility to run for president given canadian birth. on another legal issue, trump said today he would defy geneva convention prohibitions and use torture to fight terrorism. >> torture works, okay, torture, torture doesn't work. belief me it works. what do you thing of
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we should go much stronger than water board. >> marco rubio, polling behind trump and cruz, won the endorsement of south carolina governor nikki haley. >> if we elect marcoubio, every day will be a great dain america. >> a blow to jeb bush whose brother, george w. bush met privately with haley monday. trump picked up endorsement of the low country sportsman today. influential hunting and fishing group. the group backed the 2012 south carolina republican primary winner newt gingrich. >> the republican vote in south carolina is on saturday. major, thank you. three days before the democratic caucuses in nevada, the race is as t tht as it can be. in a new poll out today, clinton 4. sanders 47. we spent a day with sanders last week, and we'll do the same with clinton tomorrow. >> at least 28 people were killed today, more than 60 wounded after a bomb hit a military convoy in turkey's
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no group claimed resnsibility. turkey is fighting a long-running insurgency with kurdish rebels. separately today t. turkey shelled kurdish troops in syria. fresh evidence that last week's cease-fire signed by the u.s., russia and others never had a chance. russian war planes are clearing the way for the assad dictatorship to overrun the rebels. the five-year-old civil war created the chaos that led to isis. and holly williams is following this desperate fight. >> reporter: from bep neath the rubblelef a shattered building a little boy waves his hand, telling rescue workers he is still alive. second later they free him. bloodied, but breathing. they also dig frantically for a baby. but when they get to this child, it's too late.
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these videos. but they aper to show the syrian regime's new offensive in aleppo province which is backed by russian air strikes. hassan haj ali, a rebel commander who told us his men have received weapons from the u.s. and are trying to fight off the assault. when the regime kills women and children, he told us, they're telling syrians to get out of rebel held aas. as the regime and russia bombard aleppo province, the battlefield there has become even more chaotic. now there is evidence that groups supported by y e u.s. have started to fight each other. as they vie for territory. hassan haj ali with u.s. backed commanders told us they're
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and the kurdish group also receives american support. our american friend said they wowod put pressure on ththkurd to stop the clashes he told us. but there is no sign that has happened. the glimmer of good news from syria today is that aid convoys carrying food and medicine, made it into places where people have been cut off by fighting. and, scott, one of the towns is media where we have seen reports of people starving to death. >> holly williams on the syrian border for us tonight. holly, thank you. an old battery recycling plant has left a neighborhood contaminated with lead. >> years after a devastating war wound, a veteran battles congress and the va. the "cbs overnight news" will be right back. olay total effects a skin transfofmation that rivals the leading department store moisturizer. revives skin to fifit 7 signs of aging. with olay, you age less, so you can be ageless.
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today, governor jerry brown asked the california legislature for $176 million to clean up a toxic mess near los angeles. e exide battery recycling plananshut down in 2014, but it left dangerous lead in the soil. amelia vallejo no longer allows her kids to play in the yard. >> i didn't know i was harping my kids. >> reporter: her home sits a mile north of exide technology
4:18 am
environmental agencies the smokestacks were spewing dangerous levels of lead and arsenic particles into nearby communities for years. vallejo's property tested positive for lead at 1500 parts per million above levels for hazardous waste by california state standard. several member of her family suffer from serious health conditions often associated with lead poisoning including her 5-year-old disabled son. >> i feel like my whole family has been taken advantage. but yet, we'renot getting the proper help. it is taking quite a bit of time. and once again the damage has been done. >> reporter: since 1981, exide technologies recycled car r batteries in vernon, california, using a temporary permit which allowed them to side step strict state hazardous waste laws for
4:19 am
during that time the company was cited by california's department of toxic substances at least 10 times. and issued over 1.3 million in fines. last year to avoid criminal prosecution, exide made a deal with the federal government to shut down and set aside $9 million in a trust for clean-up. >> i see this as a big environmental justice issue. los angeles county supervisor, has been pushing the state to do more for months. she says today's $176 million plan is a start but may not be enough to make these families whole again. >> i think the stay failed them. i think exide failed them. >> reporter: state officials say this size of a clean-up including the plant t d surrounding homes could take over $176 million. they won't know an exact amount until they get started. scott, that is a process that could take several years to finish. >> maria, thank you. a man loses a wallet and gets a letter explaining why he
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that's next. when riley flaherty lost his wallet in new york he thought he would never see it again. and he won't. the other day the person who found it mailed flaherty his license and credit card with a letter explaining -- "i kept thehe cash because i needed weed. the metro card because, well, the subway fare is $2.75.
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is kind of cool." he may not be honest at least he is honest about it. flaherty was upset that the anonymous rider kept his mr. shiny's shoe shine loyalty card because he
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an hour of their life giving blood is j jt immeasurable, how powerful that one donation could possibly be.
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we end tonight with a soldier's story. long after his war ended he is still fighting for his dreams and for hundred of wounded comrades. here's david martin. >> reporter: losing a leg in afghanistan was not about to stop kevin jaye from marrying lauren belamode last august. another wound cast cloud of doubt over their vows. >> i a alooking forward to every day i have with you watching us grow from just the two of us to a family that we have always dreamed of. >> reporter: the roadside bomb that took kevin's leg also blew away one of his testicles and
4:27 am
>> this is the wound guys are terrified snuff. >> yeah. >> any place but there? >> when guys get hurt. don't even tell me. >> reporter: they went to see, dr. jason bromer of the shade yo grove clinic. >> he does make testosterone and some sperm, but far less than the average. and not enough for them to be able to conceive naturally. >> reporter: bromer performed in veto fertilization using a needle to inject kevin's sperm directly into one of lauren's eggs in the laboratory. it didn't work. after a second try, lauren tested with a home pregnancy kit. >> like, 4:00, 5:00 in the morning. i woke him up. i am pregnant. i am pregnant. >> reporter: that's how you wok up? >> it was very exciting. probably the best wake-u-ucall you could ever in the history of wake-up calls. >> reporter: a sonogram confirmed it. they could see their baby's heart beating. >> we got one baby. we have one heartbeat. >> reporter: okay. you know some of the guys are
4:28 am
some of your guys? your sperm. >> working the way it should be. >> reporter: you have been very, open in what in most coupls lives is a very, very private thing. why are e u being so open? >> we are trying to change, you know a law in congress to alw other guys in my situation, to be able to have the family that they want, family of their dreams, and not break the bank. >> reporter: that's right, a current law that is the product of anti-abortion politics prohibits the department of veteran affairs from covering in veto fertilization from any of uh the estimated 100 veterans who have suffered damage to. they were able to afford the $25,000 cost because her job as a teacher comes with health insurance that covers in vitro fertilization. >> our hope is to be able to change the l l. we are not really looking for handouts or anything like that. >> kevin and lauren are
4:29 am
august. but they have done it without any help from the government which sent him to war. david martin, cbs news, frederick, maryland. that's the "cbs overnight news" for this thursday. for some of you the news continues. for others, check back with us a little bit later for the morning news. and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new york city. i'm scott pelley. captioning funded by cbs it's thursday, february 18th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." the thaw in u.s./cuba relations is about to take another step forward. barack obama will make the first official visit as a president to the island nation in nearly 90
4:30 am
the debate over showdown. the debate over privacy and security widens after a judge orders apple to hack into the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. learning the hard way. a texas man saysys.s. marshals pounded on his door and arrested him, all to collect a student loan debt. and where is the cheese? the fda says some brands of graded parmesan include high levels of additives, including one made from wood pulp. good morning from e studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. later today, the white house will announce that president obama will make a historic visit to cuba. it will be part of a trip to latin america mr. obama is making next month. the obama administration began normalizing relations with the castro regime in 2014. this would be the first state
4:31 am
island nation since 1928. on the campaign trail, the news did not sit well with at least two republican presidential candidates, ted cruz and marco rubio who are both children of cuban immigrants who fled the castro regime. >> they are a pressive regime. there are no elections in cuba and there is no choice in cuba. my whole problem, i want the relationship between the u.s. and cuba to change but it has to be reciprocal. >> my family has seen firsthand the evil and the oppression in cuba. we need to have a president that stands up to our enemies. for the first time, ted cruz is leading donald trump a national poll. an nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows that cruz is leleing trump. the poll was taken following the most recent debate in south carolina and the first time
4:32 am
since october. trump has threatened to o e cruz over this advertisement showing trump supporting abortion rights in a 1999 interview. yesterday, trump's lawyers sent a letter to the cruz campaign charging the ad is replete with outright lies. >> i don't think anyone is rprised that donald d threatening to sue people. he has done that most of his adult life, but this letter really was -- looknk i practiced law 20 years. and this letter pressed the bounds of the most frivolous letters and ridiculous letters i've ever seen. >> i've had great success in lawsuits and i've had great succesesin things i do. and i don't know if we will have a lawsuit but we certainly want to keep somebody honest. >> now two days before the south carolina republican primary, marco rubio picked up the endorsement of south carolina governor nikki haley. her endorsement was considered the most coveted among south carolina politicians. coming up on "cbs this morning," we will talk to "face the nation" moderator and cbs news political director john dickerson about the e coming south carolina republican primary.
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caucus in nevada on saturday. a new poll finds the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders dead-locked. clinton leads among voters older than 55. sanders is more popular with younger voters. yesterday, clinton was campaigning in chicago focusing on issues affecting african-americans. she was introduced by the mother -of-san dah -- of sandra bland who died in a texas jail. >> no other young woman like sandra bland was pulled out of a car for no good reason and thrown into a jail where she was found dead. >> for his part, bere sanders releleed an advertisement t south carolina and re-edited to find him more racially diverse. >> president obama will not attend justice scalia's funeral on saturday. the president and first lady plan to pay their respects tomorrow when scalia lies in repose at the supreme court. vice president biden will attend
4:34 am
meanwhile, more republican senators say t ty may be willing to hold confirmation hearings when mr. obama nominates a successor to scalia. this morning, another turkish military convoy was attacked. this one in southeast turkey. meanwhile, nine people are under arrest in connection with yesterday's deadly attack in ankara. at least 28 peopleere killed and dozens wounded.d. turkey's premier says kurdish rebels are responsible. last night, turkish war planes attacked rebel positions in iraq. the legal face-off between apple and the federal government is growing. apple's refusal to comply with a court order to unlock an iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino killers has attracted support and criticism. don champion is here in new york. don,n,ood morning. >> good morning. this battle over the issue of privacy versus protection has been brewing for months. now it appears this case could end up going all the way to the susueme court. in the meantime, apple finds
4:35 am
biggest competitor. >> reporter: tech giant google is standndg with apple as its s encryption battltlwith the government unfolds. in a series of tweets on wednesday night, the company's chief executive questioned the validity of a court order requiring apape to help unlock the iphone of san bernardino shooter syed farook, saying the move could set a troubling precedent. some iphone users flocked to the san francisco apple store on wednesdadato voice their support. >> we understand they are standing up for us and we appreciate them standing up for us. >> reporter: farook and his wife killed 14 people in the december shooting rampage. farook's work-issued iphone 5c was found in the couple's get-away car. federal investigators nt to break farook's pass code but first need appleo create software that would protect any data from the attack. mandy pfeiffer whose fiance died
4:36 am
>> i would be outraged i i in the future, it is used in other ways, but this is an investigation into a terrorist attack. >> reporter: in a statement, federal auauorities maintained the order and request for only for farook's phone. still, apple's ceo tim cook says comlying would have chilling consequences. the company plans to appeal as early as next week. and is prepared to take its fight to the supreme court. now a recent survey by the pugh research center found 82%% of americans favored government surveillance of suspected terrorists. edward snowden, a former national security agency contractor who leaked information on government surveillancecerograms has voiced his support for apple. still living in exile in russia he said the tech case is the most important one in a decade. >> thanks a lot, don champion in new york. a california hospitata paid about $17,000 in ransom to hackers who disabled its
4:37 am
medical center noticed the computer problems this month. tetedays after the attack, the problems were resolved. patient care was not affected and the fbi is investigating. pope francis arrived at the vatican this morning after wrapping up a five-day visit to mexico. he ended his trip with a mass near the u.s. border, a symbolic gesture and a message aimed at the united states. adriana diaz reports. >> reporter: pope e ancis bid farewell to mexico as he boarded his plane to rome. his last stop was in juarez where he celebrated an open air mass 50 yards from the u.s. border. he delivered a blood message of solidarity with migrants. no morf deaths and no more exploitation, he said. we cannot deny the humanitarian crisis, the pope said, acknowledging those who flee for a better life are often enslaved
4:38 am
francis urged people to put a human face on victim, instead of thinking of them as mere statistics. >> i is telling us we have a responsibility to do something about it. >> reporter: thousands watched the mass just across the border in el paso, texas. earlier, he walked up a ramp to pray for the immigrants gathered on the texas side of the fence. he received an enthusiastic welcome. he also prayed for those who have died trying to cross the border. pope francis stopped short of asking the u.s. to open its borders, but his visit to juarez sent a strong message to both the u.s. and mexico where immigration reform is hotly debated. during his five-day visit, the pope toured some of mexico's poorest and most dangerous areas. he said at times, he felt like weeping from seeing so much hope in those who suffered so greatly. adriana diaz, cbs news, mexico city. coming up on the "morning news." a rapper's rant. can you guess who? kanye west is caught on audio
4:39 am
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how'd ya do? we won! nice! that' another safelite advantage. thank you so much! (team sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. a school of sharks off florida's panhandle is capred on video from a safe distance. the photographer launched a drone carrying a camera to get the footage. biologists say the sharks were probably migrating black tips. an audio clip of rapper kanye west in a meltdown. and rise of extremist organizations in the u.s. those are some of the headlines the morning newsstand. > "the new york times" reports on theherowth of domestic hate groups. more than a hundred extremist groups were formed in 2015 after three straight years of declines. the groups are organized against racial, religious, and sexual issues.
4:42 am
that bill cosby is suing one of his accusers. the lawsuit names constand and hehemother and one of hehe lawyers saying constand broke a kverlgs confidentntlity deal. "the new york times" is reporting sexual assault chargesconfidentiality deal. "the new york times" is reporting sexual assault charges against two of the city's police officers. they are accused of forcing four women to commit sex acts, sometimes in the back of their police car while on dutyty convictions could put the officers behind bars for life. the "new york post" has details on kanye west's foul-mouth tirade back stage at "saturday night live." an audio clip catches him blowing up after show staffers changed his stage slightly. the rapper's rant happened just before last week's show. "the post" says lauren michaels,
4:43 am
west not to walk out. the palm beach post is reporting on the florida teen accused of pretending to be a ctor. police say malachi love-robinson had an office and website, but not a medical degree. he was arrested after an agent posing as a patient said the team performed a physical exam and then offered medical advice. >> anybody practicing in the field of medicine who is not licensed or trained or studying medicine, obviously, could be a danger. >> the 18-year-old is also charged with stealing from patients.. he is free on bail.. coming up, mystery cheese. the backlash over a surprising filler in some grated parmesan cheese has forced one company to pupu their product from store of your allergy season... ...for continuous relief. with powerful, 24 hour... ...non-drowsy claritin, live claritin clear. every day.
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perfect. at del monte, corn is packed at the peak of freshness with just water and a dash of sea salt. nothing else. so it's all-natural and delicious. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. much fire power to announce to someone that you owe a debt. not a huge debt. just a debt of any level is excessive. an@unpaid student loan led to the arrest of a texas man. paul acre says agents with guns came to his home.
4:46 am
is now paying monthly payments of twunds. the u.s. government says student loan debt may be as high as $1 trillion. on the cbs "moneywch." a recall of toyota suvs and a surprising filler that may be in your graded parmesan cheese. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> good morning. >> toyota is recalling more than a million small suvs in the u.s. because the seat belts could fail in a crash. the recall involved raz 4s from 2006 to 2012. and the rav 4 electric model from 2012 to 2014. toyota says it's possible the seat belts could be damaged by a metal seat frame during a crash. three-day rally on wall street as the jump in oil prices sent stocks higher. dow jumped 257 points and s&p gained 31 and nasdaq finished 98 points higher. nikeas cut its ties with boxer mamay pacquiao after he e made disparaging remarks about gays.
4:47 am
interview, gays are worse than animals. nike says those comments were abhorrent and strongly oppppes discrimination of any kind. there is a new president at the abc television network. channing dungy is the first african-american presidede of a jor tv network. she had been vice president of drama development overseeing the development of abc's entertainment drama pilot series and new series. she replaces paul lee who is out after a five-year run. that parmesasacheese you're eating might include wood pulp. the fda is cracking down on companies that use cheap fillers like wood pulp. soso companies that promise 100% real parmesan cheese have been adding cellulose, a food additive made from wood pulp. parmesan which is tasteless is often added to food to give it texture. yuck! >> if i need extra fiber, i'll eat broccoli or something like
4:48 am
more traditional. jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot, jill. still to come, secret lottery winners step forward. a florida couple claims a record powerball jackpot after keeping their windfall a sret from even their own children. ...except you. opioid-indnded constipation, oic, is a different type of constipation, which may need a different approach. longing for a change? have the conversation with your doctor about oic, and ask about prescription treatment options. this is the joy for me. i love bread! i love bread. i now just manage it, so i don't deny myself bread,
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. take a look atathat happened at a recent campaign event. >> represent inmates -- excuse me. representing -- thank you, hazel!
4:51 am
she is clearly not very well. but we have more footage of her at another event. i'm sorry to say, her cough has actually taken a turn for the worse. >> very funny. this morning, facebook has a new mantra. be the nerd! the motivational message is posted throughout the company's headquarters. its ceo mark zuckerberg's reply to a woman who told him she nted her grand daughter to date the nerd in school. instead, zuckerberg told her to be the nerd and create her own successes in life. a couple is richer today. yesterday, they claimed their share of that record setting powerball jackpot and decided to take the lump sum but haven't decided what to do with it. >> we really don't know yet. i want to get a massage! >> their winning ticket is one of three sold in lasasmonth's $1.6 billion drawing. a couple from tennessee claimed
4:52 am
month. the holder of the winning ticket sold in california has not come forward. coming up afteteyour local news on "cbs this morning," a woman who ran seven marathons on seven continents in seven days! i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." [ julie ] the wrinkle cream graveyard. if it doesn't work fast... you're on to the next thing. neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair has the fastestt retinol fororla to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just one week. neutrogena . (baseball on tv in background) with heart failure, danger is always on the rise.
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granddaughter.. ..was caught on camera in chicago. this coyote is actually living in a vacant field. a neighbor says the animal is harmless and just wants to eat bunnies. there may be 2,000 coyotes living within the city limits. a man twice accused of stalking gwyneth paltrow is found not guilty. the oscar winning actress says dante soyuz st hers dos of letters and gifts in recent years and this was after he
4:55 am
institution for sending her lewd messages and sex toys. this time he said he sent her letters to ask for her forgiveness. the jury decided soyuz actions were not criminal. after seven minutes dangling from a ski lift in whistler, in british columbia, an 11-yeaeaold's only option was to let go. >> whoa. >> luckily, the slope staff was waiting 30 feet below to safely catch him on monday. still, the seattle boy said he would rate his vacatatn a 9 out of a 10. "wheel of fortune" contestant is probably feeling embarrassed today after he got an unexpected geography lesson from pat sajak. >> gondola ride through venice. >> yea! let't'check your geography. which country do you think we
4:56 am
>> paris. frfrce. >> do we still get it? >> oh, boy. despite his mistake, the contestant and his wife still got the trip to venice, italy. italy. paris is not a country. one of college basketball's fiercest rivals was renewed last night on tobacco road. duke taking on fifth ranked north carolina last night with the blue devils trailing by a point in the final minute. grayson allen is fouled going to the basket. he hits both free throws to give duke the lead and a last-second effort by the tar heels comes up short. duke escaped chapel hillllith a 74-73 upset. it's their fourth straight win over unc. >> and an even bigger upset in the big 12 fans of unranked texas tech stormed the court as the red raiders knocked off number three oklahoma 65-63.
4:57 am
news on "cbs this morning," how the government is turning to hollywood in the fight against propaganda by isis. plus, our pushing the limit series continues. norah o'donnell catches up with a woman who ran seven marathons on seven continents in seven days. >> how exhausting was it? >> it was trying. i didn't use the word marathon. i didn't use the word mile. and i thought t it as another long run. that's what got me through it. >> you would land in a different continent? so what happened? >> we would go through customs and go into the bathroom and come out of the bathroom in our running gear ready to run. i felt like superman! >> that's all ahead on "cbs this
4:58 am
4:59 am
that is the "cbs morning news." right now on cbs 2 this morning...e latest response from the c car rapids school district after a worker says he was exposed to asbestos in one of the high schools. the developing details abo the man accused of sneaking into women's restrooms at a university of iowa dorm. the tragic new information this morning about an already fatal fire in cedar rapids earlier this week. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kevin barry. barry.barry. barry.i'm kevin bbarry. barry.and i'm kelly d'ambrosio. d'ambrosio. let's get a check of our cbs 2
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