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tv   CBS2- This Morning  CBS  February 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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[ laughs ] right now on cbs 2 this morning...the latest details about the man being sent to prison for a stabbing at a motel on highway 30. the developing story of emma redlinger's death and why a woman charged in connection is out of jail this morning. the new information about sexual abuse allegations at an eastern iowa boarding school. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kevin >> welcome. we are taking a live look outside at what your commutut might look lake. not a lot of traffic in any direction in eastern iowa.
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conditions solid.. not much to worry about. thanks for joining us i'm kevin barry. >> i'm doid. >> it's going to be a windy and warmer day today. no surprise as we've been thinking about this warm weather five weeks ago. around our viewing area will be very gusty- a wind advisory is in effect through 6pm tonight- our planner features sunny & windy weather today
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a man who pleaded guilty in a cedar rapids stabbing will be sentenced this morning.michael lehman will be in court at 10-30. 30.back in november -- he was arrested for the stabbing death of 23-year-old jimmi-jon lee lint. lint.police say the victim was guilty. he was arrested for the stabbing death. >> the victim stabbed multiple times in rural cedar rapids. witnesses told cbs2 they got
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a woman charged in connection of the death of 14-year-old em ma red linger. released by a federal judge but has to wear a tracker until her trial starts. will be tried in juvenile court.three other people also face charges in connection to redlinger's death. cbs 2 news has learned new details in the xual abuse scandal at an eastern iowa boarding school. school.the des moines register reports that the owner of the midwest academy inkeokuk -- ben trane -- is a suspect in an investigation involving a 17-year-old.trane has no criminal record in iowa and has not commented. commented.the midwest academy has been closed since authorities raided the building last month.students have all been sent home and nearly 60 employees have been laid off.right now -- authorities are looking into at least five accusations of sexual abuse at the school and that investigation is expected
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an anamosa man is dead after falling from a cell phone tower in central iowa.the hamilton county sheriff's office tells cbs 2 news, it happened near ellsworth on wednesday afternoon. authorities say 28-year-r-old stefan watermann was working on the tower when he fell.they are still trying to figure out what caused the accident. with spring almost here -- street crews are hard at work filling ot-holes caused over the winter. winter.even if you try to avoid hitting them -- your car could be damaged without obvious signs. triple-a says people spend about 300-dollars each year fing cars because of pothole 2 news talked to a local mechanic who says he sees a lot of the same damage each year. mike holt auto tech. basically your ball joints, upper and lower ball joints on like a four wheel drive truck, or cars could be sway bars links and they'll start making noise. you'll hear that. that.warmer days --then freezing temperatures during winter cause many of the
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we continue to warm up -- crews will be able to fill them up. several new businesses and restaurants will soon be moving into the new bohohia district and newbo city market this spring. spring.brew-hemia plans to move into the national, which was formerly the home of rome horse.five ne merchants will move into the market.however, there have been some challenges like a new marketing team, several merchants leaving the market and rumors newbo would close. cbs 2 news found that to be false. this is where people want to go this is where people e nt to live were just even seeing go. this is where people want to live. we are seeing, even a day like today, it's not super nice out but it's bustling. >> organizers say there's plenty of exciting events to look forward to. the festiviv will take place over several days. >> the next test in the
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candidates in both parties making last efforts to appeal to voters. last night answering questions at a south carolina town hall event. the othethree gop candidates had their chance the night before. republican voters head to the poles there -- polls there tomorrow. >> sanders and -- this one in las vegas. nevada democrats caucus tomorrow night. watch our newscast over the weekend to -- for the latest and reactions. iowa freshman senator will bebe back in eastern iowa today. holding two events. senator earns features -- she's holding a town meeting a few hours later at 10:30. the public is welcome to attend. part of her 99 count tour.
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the late support justice. after a private viewing this morning scalia's casket will be available for the public from 10:30 to 8:00 tonight. to find out what will come next in the pros to name his successor turn into iowa in focus this weekend. looil bring you that and the latest political headlines at sunday morning at 10:30. the epa says the newest water samples show led removal filters are working. meanwhile michigan governor sending -- right now several semi -- >> right noi semi trucks are ming to flint.
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big news this momoing out of decorah, the first eagle egg of 20-16 has been spotted on the decorah eagle cam. cam.the raptir resource project says the egg, which has been named d-24 from now, was laid at about 8-thirty last night.shortly after it was laid, mom and dad made sure it was protected from the wind.fortunately they don't have to worry about any freezing temperatures. fs getting warmer. that's a cool picture them check out the egg. there's a live stream that is valuable for folks to find it up online. sometimes -- i mean for a lot of it you can watch it and all you see is an eagle sitting on it protecting it. every fwhuns a while it moves around and people go crazy over it mp. >> it's 6:08 now if you're in
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>> terri as well as takes us back in time to one of the worth winters on record in iowa. we're talk about a cold winter on such a warm day. yesterday we started with a warm up, 30s and 40s. today i think you'll enjoy where dad: i know. spots. culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities. so keeping everything spotless is effortless. mom: hey. dad: the culligan man.
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culligan man: the problem is your water!
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so keeping everything spotless is effortltls. dad: spots. culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities. main weather- your planner shows what's ahead for the next hours- now a live look outside courtesy of our weatherfirst skycam- temperatures around the area will be warming with mostly sunny skies- winds will be very strong today gusting as high as 50 mph- a wind advisory will be in effect through 6pm tonight- taking a look at regional temperatures we see are going to warm through the weekend- the regional satellite/radar is featuring sunny skies to let's move ahead in time by ta surface map- moving into a closer view with our 'predictor' forecast we clear skies today & tonight- today's forec warmer weather with gusty winds - tonight' clear and cooler with calm mild & sunny weather- our 7 day forecast has clear &
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long time, you know th winter has been relatively easy corridor.that got us thinking about the worst winter iowa's seen.chief meteorologist swails takes us back in time, 80 years years you'll see only on cbs 2 news. news. it's called e re wiwier"a&when knees, longer served as adequate comparisons to the of snow that swallowed trains. in 1936 des moines article, jim pollack that the snow was so deep that lloyd keller walked from clarksville to his job the state cedar falls among drifts so high "he touched wire". and the legend was officially, the winter of 1936 was the second coldest and fourth snowiest in history. but the 36 day
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granddaddy the statewide temperature was 2.4 degrees below zero with one after another. it worst stretch of weather since the state records in 1819.newspaper stories that winter said the snow was so extreme that caterpillar tractors couldn't plow the roads, so joined by scoop shovels. in the midst of the depression, 1600 men from the works administration cleared streets in des moines. piled higher and temperatures tanked, hardships mount. mail delivery stopped and milk and eggs. coal, the primary heat was in short supply because rail lines were wn, so schools and churches were closed shortened to conserve fuel.
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were no match. far struggled to feed and water vestock which consumed twice as much feed as usual due to the of iowa's wildlife died. at its worst, ice on river near iowa falls was 42" thick. in time spring came and iowans smiled knowing they'd endured the most severe winter in iowa hihiory. little did they know, the summer would be just as memorablea&a nd just as extremea&as iowa's worst morning.and if you're in it's
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school cool stuff. 6:17 on this friday. walker 46 degrees.
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most important deadlines in the right now - suregons at the huntsman cancer institute are using a specializezetool to remove brain >> right nour surgeons at the hundreds mant cancer using a specialized tool to remove tumors. >> she was going through her issues. >> reporter: monic brown lost her mother to bladder cancer months before she was diagnosed.
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>> reporter: in 2008 she had brain surgery to remove a slow growing tumor. now it's back. > reporter: the tumor was in a dangerous place. >> she has language function and motor function that is really close to where the tumor is. >> reporter: that's why dr. jensen a neurosurgeon is using advanced technology. >> her -- now we have this mri scanner. >> reporter: this specialized mri moves on rails allowing surgeons to check after the surgery as to whether any tumor -- remains. >> it's helpful in her current situation>> reporter: new technology and advancements in brain surgery are giving monica a fighting chance. >> it's more important than ever i am here for my kids.
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success and she went home to her husband and kids three days later. >> dr. jensen says she's doing well and startrtg radiation treatment soon. if you like more information visit >> good morning i can't talk. >> it'ss also wintdy out tlp the latest details about president obama historic trip to cuba. >> the nature gives us wind and warmth. take a look at our temps right now. we're already warming nicely. we'll talk about what you can expect for the day.
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>> a windy day today. winds gust to 35 to 50 miles per hour. wind advisory until 6:00. it covers the entire viewing area. look at the day today. 57 at lunchtime. 61 this afternoon. all with mostly sunny skies. sat height and radar featuring clearrkies. we look at predictor it shuffles a few clouds through the picture through the later morning in the afternoon in north iowa. short lived. back to sunshine w w go. mainly clear tonight. sunny not nearly as ndy. temps in the 50s. sunday night partly cloudy skies and upper 40s.
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winds strong 45 to 50 miles per hour. here's the first three dmas your seven-day pictures. 50s, 60s. upper 30s to low 40s for monday. that's where we'll stay for all of next week. some of eastern iowa top stories. right now court of lawville city leaders looking -- public meetinggext tuesday to share ideas about proposed changes to the signage ordnance. this comes after an agreement over that businesses original sign plan. in sooeps a special match up varsity boy dmi defenders. last night's fundraiser benefitted both groups.
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>> a 50 acre grass fire broke out in missouri. the cause unknown. >> an amazing thing take a look that the next video. a closer look it's a fire around to. you can see it right there. what? >> that is one of the most terrifying things. >> it just lasts a few seconds. who new that could happen. >> coming up next on cbs2 the latest about the bill in the
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the developing information about just how dangerous cedar rapids schools wi asbestos could be. the important message for
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iowa while they get ready to head out o information about how -- the important message for students at the university of iowa. >> the latest details in text change between the pope and donald trump about the republican front runner's fate. >> welcome. >> thanks for joining us it's a little after 6:30. let's take a check of the forecast. see what we have to to get get through today before we get through a favorable weekend. sniven today with the wind. even this morning we have a brees brees that feels nice and muled. i wouldn't do any major sailing. i would leave the yachts at home we'll l ve choppy seas out there. take a look at the numbers. the gusting winds that bring warm temps.
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it's breezy warm, 54 with a clear sky. morning drive under way. 50 in tama. 54 in washington. 43 waterloo. 45 in cedar rapids. southern winds gusting to 25. they will gust to as much as 50 later today. 32 in washington. 25 miles per hour gusts in waterloo.. wind advisisy through the evening tonight. 6:00 for everybody. not much in the way of cloud cover now. we'll see a few northern clouds as we head to the mid-morning. we'll stayry. moisture expected north of us today. 57 at lunchtime. 61 this afternoon. stay there after the news of the day we'll take ak look at the weather of the day and the weather of theeekend c cing up in ten minutes. cbs2 continues to dig deeper into the possibility ofs a bes toes exsporers.
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health rivengs associated with the material. >> huge exposers to the cancer causing material durinin a construction project in 2013. the worry comes after long time exposure. >> we're exposed to a best toes in some form every day of our lives. it's a natural occurring material. we're all exposed to some small level. >> health officials say there are no treatatnts that can reverse the effects of as best toes in your lungs. >> when related concerns pop up at washington high school last summer the distri recommended that anyone possible eosed get tested by a doctor. the iowa public health agrees.
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exposed see a healthcare provider. a health warning for any student traveling outside the u.s.. many students leave the country to go to exotic locations. they want to remind them mosquitos that transmit the current headline making zeke virus also transmit other diseases. students should talk to doctor and get an evaluation. the world health organization issuing a strong recommendation to use contraception. it's also sexually transmitted and that advice is -- the pope is sayingsing condoms is okay giving the circumstances. donald trump is softening mexican-u-s border -- the pope commented on trump's immigration policy -- saying
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a wall -- and not build bridges -- isn't first trump called the comments disgraceful -- but then he later backed off. "i don't think this is a fight. i think he sasa something much softer than was originally reported by the media. i think he heard one >> i think he said something much softer than was originally reported by the media. i think he heard one side of the story which was probably the mexican government. didn't see the tremendous strain the border is causing us with respect with illegal immigration and the drugs. >> he says he has great respect with the pope. president obama has a tentative schedule when he visits cuba. his brief stop is march 22. the white house says he'll mee
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-- fidel. following that visit will make a trip to argentina. the presidentlso signed off on new sanctions for north rolina. congress passed. the -- after the measures freeze the assets of anyone doing business related to north korea's -- at the state capital lawmakers will face their first major legislative did deadline. >> tod is cled funnel friday. 2 news reporter stephanie joins us now in the newsroom for more on this story. notable bill that will live on through today would grant easier access for patients w w need medidil marijuana however - a number of bills have already been declared dead
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raise speed limit.e would have raised the speed limit to 75-miles per hour.another would have bumped the limit on two lane highways to 65 miles per hour instead of 60.another notebale piece of legislation that w not able to pass committee had to do with police body cameras.lawmakers rejected a bill in the senate that would have governored their use. citing a need for more research.legislators now hope they can get a proposal approved for a study into police body cams that they can use to draft a new bill over the issue in 20-17. kevin and kelly, this year's legislative session is s seduled to end on april 19th.but as you can recall from last year, that can alway change if a special session is the newsroom , stephanie johnson cbs 2 news. thanks, stephanie.legislation aimed at bringing a casino to cedar rapids failed would have granted the city a gambling license to establish iowa's first and only non- smoking cacino.state senator wally horn first proposed it
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gaming commission did not give the city a gambling license in 20-14. work will soon begin on some new projects in north liberty. leaders are hoping to clear up any confusion about a busy yyr ahahd for the community.they held an open house so residents could meet with engineers and planners.the city says it wants to do everything it can to make sure the public knows what's going on. we haven't eard alot of complaints. ttres always questions about how its going to impact indivduials and how they are going to get from point a to point b while we are doing that construction and thats why we are here and helping people understand that. that.among the projects on the calendar for this year, expanding penn street, developing a new access point to interstate 380 and upgrading the wat treatment plant. another open house down the road in n iowa city focused on the riverside drive master plan. the public got to see the final schedule.some big ticket items in the plan include new signals at myrtle avenue and also a pedestrian leaders tell cbs 2 news they could sign off on
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it's and right now in it's degrees. degrees.there's still more cbs 2 th morning to come.bubu first let's take a look at what we're working on for fox 28 morning live. live.there are new clarifications to the iowa bar exam that will only affect breast-feeding moms.what prompted organizers of the te to make the move, and the positive affect it's already had. - a bill to change iowa's peeping laws will soon be debated in the full senate. how it will chae the charge, and why one victim says it's need now. now.all that and more coming and why victim says it's needed right now. all that and more coming up on fox 28. eastern iowa only local newscast at 7:00 a.m.. >> we head to commercial break
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>> 61 for the day today. sunny. sunshine on sunday. upper 40s. partly sunny skies. cold front continueseso move through. 30s and 40s for all of next week. mostly sunny today. gusting winds with a wind advisory through 6:00 tonight. bear that in mind. boboom line despite the wind, we're nice and mild through the next weekend here. 56 at 11:00 this mornin upper 50s at lunchtime. 60s this afternoon. north parts of the state. things will be cooler. sun begins to rise. looking towards the west in iowa city. in cedarapids 45. also clear skies. south wind at 16. wind gusts 22 in soept. 29 in washington. the winds starting to m me our way.
6:42 am
the way across the board through 6:00 tonight. winds. look at some of the gusts. 45 to -- 40 to 50 miles per hour winds will start to calm back to the 30s mid 30 miles per hour gusts through thevening. late tonight. 25 to 30. here we go into saturday. look at regional temperatures we see are going to warm through the weekend- the regional satellite/radar is featuring sunny skies today- toto last all weekend long. highs thus far. 45 in cedar rapids. 40 in dubuque. 55 in washington. 50 in tame ma. around us. 60s, 70s. minneapolis. 60s in denver. the jet stream goes to the north. as it does when the jet stream
6:43 am
a little weak disturbance to the north of iowa. that's low that pass -- pass to our north. you can see the moisture intien our north. drags rain around central minnesota. we'll stay dry. cold front tracks through the picture. as a result our temps fwrop drop a little bit. here's predictor. a little bit of cloud cover. how quickly they move out. that's your clear skies. today 44. 52 waverly. 51 independence. 56 waterloo. in the south. upper 50s lower 60s. mostly sunny. 63 iowa city. 60 washington. look for that temp toe go up a bi extended forecast 50s with
6:44 am
40s wi partly sunny sky for sunday. look at the day monday. 39 degrees there. tuesday, wednesday and thursday in the low 40s. that'shere we'llllstay. next saturday and sunday. we're take iing a look at the top stories this morning. in iowa city police asking for the public's help identifying a robbery suspect. happened earlier this month. the iowa city police department just released this video of the crime. iowa city crime stoppers offering up to a $1,000 reward for tips leading to the arrest of the man there. you can call crime stoppers. the phone number son our website, passengers made an unscheduled stop when american
6:45 am
pilots reported smoke in cabin and they came down at the closest airstrip. nobody was hurt. air mrien flew in another plane to get the passengers on to their final destination. >> it's 6:45 on this friday. >> if you're just waking up with
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an welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your_______ your_______ > welcome back 6:47 now. looking ahead to the weekend. we finally made it and get rewarded for it. 61 is the high today. this week not much worse. 55 for saturday. gets chillier on sunday. at least we can we get ataste
6:48 am
forward percipient drops down into the 30s next week. >> we're talking a look at i 380 at the rest area. the sun is coming up. people are move on they way this morning. ? a man pleaded guilty in a cedar rapids stabbing. michael layman will be in court. he was arrested for the stabbing death of 23 years jimmy lynn. >> police say the victim was stabbed multiple times in rural cedar rapids off highway 30. onces told cbs2 layman and lynn got in an argument before the stabbing. tune in at -- a woman charged in connection too the death of 14-year-old -- 52-year-old robin merchant is out of jail after
6:49 am
she has to wear a tracker until her trial starts. that teen -- three other people face charges in connection to red linger's death. more details in the sexual use scandal. the owner of the midwest academy ben train a suspect in in an investigation involving a 17-year-old. the midwest academy has been closed since authorities raided the building last months. students have been sent home. nearly 60 mee have been laid off. authorities look into five accusation of sexual abuse at the school. that investigation is expected to last several months spp>> a man is dead after falling from iowa. it happened near else worth.
6:50 am
working on the twhour he fell. stree crews hard at work trying to fill potholes. even if you tried to avoid hitting them, your car couldbe damaged without showing obvious signs. people spend about 300 each year fixing their cars because of the pothole damage. talked to @ local mechanic. >> your ball joints, upper lower, ball joints on like a 4-wheel drive truck or car could be slay bars. they'll start making noise. >> warmer days and freezing temperatures during winter cause many of the potholes to form. as we don't warm up crews will fill them in. plans to move into the nationon which was formally the home of chrome horse.
6:51 am
there's been new challenges like a new marketing team. several leaving the market and resume ersz it will close. >> this is where people want to go. this is where people want to live, we're seeing on a day like today it's not super nice out but there's -- it's bustling. >> organizers say there are plenty of events to look forward to this summer and the festival will take plays over serve days. candidates from bo parties making their last efforts to appeal to vote ners south carolina success and nevada. the other three gop candidates had their chance the night before. publican voters head tohe polls there tomorrow. >> at the same time on the other side of the country.
6:52 am
talkeded to voters. in la vacation. nevada democrats caucus tomorrow night. iowa freshman -- first in cedar rapids senator ernts. she is holding a town meeting in tama at 10:30. the public is welcome to attend part of her 99 county tower. >> mourners will remember supreme court justice antonin scaliaia today. his kas indicate will line the great haul while dignitaries and tourists will line through. after a private viewing his casket will be available for the public. to find out what will come in the process for a successor. tune io iowa in focus.
6:53 am
latest political headlines sunday at 10:30 on cbs 2. >> big news out of decorah. the first eagle egg. >> the rapid resource project the egg which has been named d 24 laid at 8:30 last night. this is a live look at the eagle cam. the egg is presumably underneath. the live cameras wracked up hundreds of millions of views online every since it was launched. >> the mom and dad were in there. that is such a cool site to me sooe. you decent -- you don't see eagles a lot. it's neat to get an up close look. >> if you go to my twitter page you can see the shocking look on kelly's face the first time she saw the eagles move. it's fun. >> we're glad you're with us. >> it't' getting warmer in mom: seriously?
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and simple. dad: hey, culligan manan culligan man: hey! anncr: a culligan whole-house water softening system turns your problem water into culligan water, pure and simple. here are the three stories you
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friday.a man who pleaded guilty in a cedar rapids >> top three stories you need to know. a a n pleadad guilty in a cedar rapids stabbing will be sentenced this morning. he was arrested for the stabbing death of 23-year-old jimmy lint at highway 30. tune in at noon for the latest in this case. >> right now iowa city police asking for the public's help identifying a robbery suspect. newly released video of the crime. at the ---ing crime stoppers offering up to a thousand cash reward for tips leading to the arrest of the man in the black coat and black hat. you can find the number on 11 semi trucks full of boll ld water heading to flint.
6:57 am
for people to donate to his hometown donating 11 truckloads of water. the trucks expected some time today. >> i love they made a banner so all the way in the drive people can know these are the trucks. >> would be cool if they have 11 of them. >> they do. >> i thought you were being silly. >> i wasn't watching the show. windy and warmer today. wind advisory goes into effect later this morning and stays with us through tonight. wind gust up to 50 miles per hour. 57 at lunchtime. 61 this afternoon. mid 50s tomorrow. mix sunshine sunday.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, february 19th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump fires back at the pope on immigration and faith. a new poll shows his lead narrowing in south carolina. breaking news. american war planes target a major isiss operative linked to two terrorist attacks. the bombings reportedly killed dozen. a helicopter crash in hawaii's pearlrlarbor. the race to trap those inside. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, i can promise you thdt the pope would have wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president.


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