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tv   CBS2 This Morning Early Edition  CBS  February 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CST

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cases. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kevin barry. barry.barry. barry.i'm kevin bbarry. d'ambrosio.
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new this morning -- passengers who rode with uber uberdriver jason dalton are painting a clearer picture of the erratic behavior the shooting suspect showed before police say he went on a rampage saturday night. night.dalton was arrested and is now accused of a series of random shootings that killed six people and injured two others.police believe in between the several shootings, dalton continued driving some passengers around.kalamazoo resident matt mellen says dalton was acting strange, running stop signs and driving
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"we were driving through medians, driving through the lawn, speeding along and when we came to a stop, i jumped out the car and ran away." away."police say dalton did *not have a criminal history and theyon't believe these attacks are related to terrorism.he i isitting in jail right now and is set to be arraigned later today. since dalton didn't have a criminal history -- he passed the company's background check. check.uber's chief security officer -- joe sullivan -- says " we are horrified and heartbroken at the senseless violence in kalamazoo. we have reached out to the police to help with their investigation in any way that we can." this shooting is raising a number of security concerns related to 2 news wants to know if this has changed how you feel about using the ride-sharing service. we've posted a poll on our twitter account -- you can find us at-c-b-s two-iowa. new details this morning about a fatal shooting in mississippi. three officers injured in a shootout are now expected to recover.
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sheriff released a statement saying the three officers all have a good prognosis and should recover.for six hours police tried to negotiate with 45-year-old charles lambert, who was holed up in his home on friday night into saturday morning. officers then stormed the home.a state drug agent was killed in the ensuing shootout.the suspects wife and 10-year-old daughter were also in the house, but they were not hurt. new york city police now want an apology from beyonce. beyonce.some police believe her super bowl halftime performance promoted hostility toward police officers.critics say she was paying tribute to the black panthers movement with her new single -- formation.other officers -- mainly a group in miami -- have called for police to boycott her new world tour -- refusing to provide security at her concerts. new developments this morning in the case against bill cosby. cosby.despite attempts to block a scheduled deposition for his wife camille, a judge ruled last night the meeting can proceed.cosby's attorneys filed an emergency motion to
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the grounds that she doesn't have anything relevant to say about the alleged sexual assault case.they argue it only serves to harass and embarass her. u.s. marshals continue their search for a man linked to the murder of a young chicago boy. boy.they say kevin edwards may be in eastern iowa.chicago police say edwards and two other gang members shot and killed nine-year-old ty-shawn lee as revenge for a shooting by a rival gang.if anyone was information about edwards -- they are urged to call the number on your screen.there is a five-thousand dollar reward for information leading to an arrest. cbs 2 news is following new developments in the michelle martinko cold case murder. murder.this weekend, the cedar rapids police department posted a plea for more help in finding out who killed the young woman more than 35-years ago.the post on the c-r-p-d facebook page says detectives know there are people who have specific information about the identity of the killer. michelle martinko was found stabbed 19-times inside her car in the west-dale mall
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arrests have ever been see the post and find information about how you can contact investigators, you can go to our website - cbs 2 iowa dot com. right now in iowa city -- investigators are trying to figure out what caused a fire. caused thousands of dollars worth of damage after flames raced through a duplex in the two thousand block of little creek lane sunday morning. crews found flames shooting out the front of the building.after battling those -- there were hot spots in the walls and one was injured. the flint water crisis is causing another concern for residents that many people haven't thought about. the plastic containers from all the bottled water citizens have been using mean a mountain of garbage.but this weekend the boys and girls club helped by collecting water bottles and providing information about recycling. they also handed out full water bottles in exchange. "so today we have a hundred volunteers out who are doing a one-stop shop for flint residents. so they drive through, they get a recycling
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information on how they can dispose of all the water bottles that they are getting. they can also sign up for curb- side recycling - from the state. and we'll make sure that they actually get curbside recycling." recycling."more than a hundred cars drove through for this event with more planned in the future. two buildings are now in danger of being swallowed by a huge sink-hole in germany. the front of one building already fell in to the 165 foot hole.a drone surveyed the damaged. nobody was in the buildings when it happened so no one was hurt.right now -- engineers are trying to figure out what caused the ground to open up -- and if they can stop it. this morning -- the island of fiji is cleaning up after the strongest storm ever recorded in the southern hemisphere. tropical cyclone winston packed winds of more than 180-miles an hour -- killing at least 20 0people.the storm created extensive flooding -- flattened trees and knocked out power.forcasters are now concerned about land-slides -- and a nationwide curfew is in
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the debris. a new study being released today gives failing grades to every movie studio and most t-v makers in hollywood when it comes to diversity. diversity.the study comes from the university of southern's one of the most exhaustive reports on diversty in hollywood. this comes just days before next weekend's academy awards, which has received heavy criticism following this year's nominees.for the second straight year, every actor up for an award is white. it's and right now in it's degrees. degrees.just ahead...the next time this week you can ask university of iowa president bruce harreld questions about his vision for the future at iowa.
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main weather- your planner shows what's ahead for the next hoursa&- now a live look outside courtesy of our weatherfirst skycama&- a bit
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morninga&-temperatures around the areaa&- taking a look at regional temperatures we see highs are mild all around iowa - the regional satellite/radar is keeping conditions quiet - let's move ahead in time by taking a look at the midwest surface mapa&- moving into a closer view with our 'predictor' forecast we see mainly quiet conditions - today's forecast features clear skies & cooler temperatures- tonight's forecast has us looking for mainly clear & chilly conditions- the next three days show more dry and cool weather- our 7 day forecast does bring more cool weather
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from fitness trackers, to blood pressure monitors, wearable health gadgets are becoming more popular. popular.there's a new device out there's a new device out that will help parents instantly find out if their child is sick . .elizabeth cook tests it out, to see if it actually works. works. boop===track===grace yu of los altos, and her two-year-old daughter iris are among the first to try it.===grace yu=== " i thought this sounds really cool. will it actually work? (laughs) because i'm actually a doctor as well"===track=== when iris recently developed a fever, grace used a new kind of thermometer: a soft, flexible patch - - worn like a bandaid under the arm .
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===track===it continously measures your child's temperature - - and wirelessly sends the information to a smart phone or tablet via don't have to wake up your child in the middle of the night. ===grace===and then.. not have to for me to get out of bed either - - ===standup liz=== the idea: that checking your child's temperature may be just as easy as checking facebook or instagram.and your child won't even know it. ===natsnd===her temperature now is about 98.2===track=== it's called "fever scout:. an app on your smart phone will alert you ififour child needs attention, track the fever in real time, and keep a record you can share with your doctor ===grace==="it's great because we can see trends "===track=== the device is made by vivalink in santa clara,it's been tested by an emergency room doctor at the mayo clinic, as well as parents.===kurt===it's helped us in the development of this product"===track=== kurt pfluger is with vivalink. ===kurt===its bpa free.. it's lead free"===track===what makes the patch so amazing is what's inside: - - - a paper-thin, stretchable circuit known as "e-skin" .
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invisible ===kt==="you have a very flexible and breathable and stretechable thermometer that you can wear which is really unnoticable to the user. ===sot===" we need to make sure there was something there for the kids===track===gadi amit is with new deal design of san francisco. his company designed the patch and the app - - with youngsters in mind." ===gadi amit===eventually after a lot of expression and ===sot==="sketches we got to this zigzag===track===as for grace, she said the thermometer was accurate and easy to use.but - -- ===grace==="i think probably the most important is that my kids like it they don't care at all.===butt to: ===so it's got the kids vouched for approval and it's got mine too. fever scout will be available in just a few weeks fever scout will be available in just a few can pre-order the device right now online.
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it's now on this morning. morning.and if you're in it's degrees. degrees.coming up next...the pressure's on for the hawkeye women if they're going to make the n-c-double-a tournament. see if they helped their cause
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your_______
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here's a look at some of eastern iowa's top stories -- on this morning... after more than three months as president at the university of iowa -- bruce harreld will join other administrators for a town-hall meeting.the university says the meeting is open to the public and questions won't be pre- screened.the town hall runs from four to six tomorrow at t the pomerantz center. also in johnson county, coralville city leaders want your suggestions on signs. the coralville business community and the public is invited to talk about the rules for commercial signs and bill- boards.that meeting will also be held tomorrow, from noon to one at west bank.the city will present proposed changes.the review process is expected to take several months. everyone wants to go to the big dance -- and the iowa women have been dancing 8 straight years -- but to make it 9 straight trips to the n-c double a tournament -- bluder's bunch has some work
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and that starts with indiana the hoosiers jumped out to a 9 nothing lead -- iowa battled back -- whitney jennings dials long distance and connects -- hawks trailed by 1 after 1and then they caught fire in the second -- tah-nye-ah davis -- spots up and splashes home the triple -- hawks started the quarter on a 12 nonoing n -- and chase coley was dominate down low -- 10 points and 10 boards -- iowa led by as many as 19 indiana cut it to 4 -- ally disterhoft make it 6 with the drive -- she finished with a team 19and then jennings stops and pops for two big ones -- hawks hold on -- 76 to 73more good news for lisa bluder -- when the lead was slipping away -- the hawks were not thinking -- it was de jah vu -- all over again. "you just don't want their minds wandering oh we've been here before.. so you talk ababt everything but that right? you just try not to let them go there because if you start thinking about what happened last time you're probably going to get a repeate performance." performance.""i kind of just try to put those past games out of my mind. just because there's no point on dweling on them especailly in the moment.. at no point did i think about that past one... i was completely confident we'd pull it out."the iowa baseball season is off in full swing -- the hawks opened up the year with a three game series against dallll baptist -- - e papaiots took the first two games and have yet to trail in the seriesrick heller and the
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city on a high note hawks down 1 in the 7th -- nick rcetti -- smacks one to third -- he's out at first -- but former xavier saint corbin woods comes home to tie the gamebut in the 8th -- dallas baptist would blow it open -- matt duce shoots one through -- two runs score part of a 3 run inning -- hawks fall 4 to 1 the final. what a week it was for the alburnett wrestling team -- two individual state champs -- a dual title and a tradition team title -- just call it championship sweepand it's something that's becoming a pattern -- the pirates have won 2 dual championships -- the past 4 years -- this years' two -- was clayton rush's first -- as alburnett's new head wrestling coach -- but it means just as much to community... "this is a wrestling community... if you turn around right now you are going to see a lot of purple... and it means just as much to these guys as it does to the community. this community is what makes this program so special." special.""going back to back with it... no better feeling in the world. coaches said all year fight fight fight and i guess we did that. we did it against lisbon on wednesday and we had to fight on the backside to make up some huge points to the track -- chase elloit -- the youngest pole sitter in daytona 500 history -- lap 19 -- he's involved in the first wreck of the day -- elloit finshed 37th --30 laps to go now -- matt kenseth in the lead -- dale earnhart jr -- spins out coming out of turn 4 -and run right into
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now to the final lap -- denny hamlin and d rtin truex jr -- running side by side -- to the checkard flag -- and it's hamlin edging out truex jr by a bumper --- 1 hundreth of a second -- to win the daytona 500 -- landon cassill finished 23rd .. "it's the pinicle of my career for sure.. i haven't got a championship yet so this is obvioulsy the e ggest... bibiest for myself.. to win it for the boss after 23 years ... there is no better feeling then what i have right now." cbs-2 news connects with the
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story tips at 1-800-222- the white house twitter page shared a fun video yeerday of a woman named virginia mclaurin meeting the president and the first lady. lady.born in 1906, she is 106 years old and always dreamed of meeting president obama.she filed a petition in 2014 to meet him and her dream came true sunday. her in to celebrate black history month.she was so excited she started dancing. and the president and first lady joined in.let's listen in.
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she said i thought i would never live to get in the white house and i tell you, i am so happy. i didn't think i'd live
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good morning again -- it's now right now it's degrees in after the break...the corridor event that was a little muddy because of those warm temperatures -- but that still a blast at hawkeye downs.'re watching c-b-s 2
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right now on cbs 2 this information into our newsroom about the ongoing battle between apple and the f-b-i. the new developments this morning after more than a hundred people are killed in syria right before a cease-fire is supposed to go into effect. the next step today for the united states supreme court after one of it's longest serving members died. welcome to cbs two this two this welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kevin barry. barry.and i'm kelly d'ambrosio. d'ambrosio. let's get a check of our cbs 2
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breaking news overnightin iowa city, the fire department responed to a reported fire at an apartment complex at11-hundred arthur street. street.the call came at 2-thirty this onlnl took about 15 minutes to contain.everyone in the building was able to escape.
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thousand dollars in damages. the cause is being investigated. new developments ininhe looming court battle between apple and the f-b-i. f-b-i.f-b-i director james comey says the agency owes it to the victims of the san bernardino terror attaeks to try and gain access to a cellphone owned by one of the gunmen. gunmen.comey posted a message last night on the law-fare blog that said they couldn't look the survivors in the eye or themselves in the mirror if the didn't follow this lead. the comments come just daysys after a federal judge ordered apple to help hack into the i- phone used by terror attack syed farook.terror attack syed's attorney ted olson fired back, saying doing so would open pandora's box. "and apple has helped the fbi in this investigation in every way the law required. but it has to draw the line to recreating code, changing it's i-phone, putting its engineers and creative talents to
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exists."other major tech companies like google and facebook have taken apple's side on the matter.some survivors of the attack are taking the government's side, some even plan to fi briefs in the coming far no date has been set for any potential hearing. cbs 2 news is interested in your opinion on the can head to our facebook page, just search kgan or cbs 2 iowa, and scroll down to find the link to this story. new details overnight from a series of terror attacks in syria. syria.syria's state-run news agency is now saying that at least 122 people have been killed in multiple suicididattacks. attacks.isis is claiming responsibility for all the attacks while violence continues to rage in the war-torn country despite a potential cease-fire that secretary of state john kerry says could come in days.right now -- kerry says a provisional agreement has been reached between the u-s and russia -- after russia has been bombing syrian rebels since last fall.
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of police departments are using body cameras right now nowbut there still are many concerns about privacy and what happens to all the video that's being collected. iowa lawmakers are talking about the issue but won't take action on it this year. a bill that would have governed their usage died in the senate on other states, however, lawmakers are trying to figure out storage and confidentiality.police here in the corridor say the cameras are important and they're coming up with their own policies. sgt. john chipman: "it will provide more of a out spoken accountability saying yes we are monitoring what out officers are doing in the field and they know the rules they have to oporate within." many believe that unified regulations will benefit both police officers and the public. a legislative committee is now expected to study body cameras. donald trump is predicting he'll be the republican nominee for presesent in november. november.he said that last night after picking up a convincing win over the weekend in south carolina. carolina.nothing easy about
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tough, it's nasty, it's mean, it's's beautiful when you win, it's beautiful... beautiful...but the turn around is short for the presidential candidates -- they face off in the nevada caucuses tomorrow night.after south carlina's primary -- the g-o-p has one less candidate wi former florida governor jeb bush jumping out of the race. democratic candidates bernie sanders and hillary clinton get a few extra days to campaign for their next contest.clinton won saturday's democratic nevada caususes -- but now they'll both turn to south carolina -- where democrats hit the polls this saturday.both take the stage tomorrow night for a town hall in columbia, south carolina. happening today -- the u u supreme court will be back in session for the first time since justice antonin scalia died. died.oral arguments start at about 9 this morning.chief justice john roberts is expected to mention scalia's passing from the bench after scalia died earlier this month
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president obama has vowed to pick a supreme court nominee to fill the vacancy -- and many repubilclcs have vowed to block the word yet will be announced. right now, it's black history month, and all february long the african-american musese in cedar rapids is highlighting the many contributions african americans have made. made.and some people might not know about the rich historof african americans here iiowa. 2 news reportrt stephanie johnson joins us now with more...stephanie? e?guys, according to the 20-14 census, african americans make up just 3-point-4 percent of the entire population of in the state. state.however although the number is low-- african americans have lived in iowa since the early 1800's. and some of the first-- helped break racial notable african american figure is alexander clark.he successfully integrated schools here in iowa ninety years before brown versus the board of education.the african
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krystal gladden, , ys many people would be amazed at of iowa. "coming here seeing the information at the museum it's surprising how some of these stories haven't really made it outside of the area or outside of the state. cause some some these things you can compare just like alexander clark comparing iowa's intergration policy to federal lolicy and the curve. gladden also says that in many cases, iowa has always been ahead of the racial curve. coming up at six-thirty... i'll share with you just how much iowa has been decades ahead of america.stephanie johnson, cbs 2 news. // car racing noises // //nearly fifty racers hit the gas sundnd at hawkeye downs for the s-c-c-a rally cross event.racers just had to bring their cars, pay a registration fee and hit the track.nearly 50 racers showed up for the first event of the year.the track is usually frozen this time of year but the warmer
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drivers say they still had a lot of fun. "it's fantastic you get your adrenaline going - there's not really any interaction i iyou havevesomebody else in the car with you you're pretty focused on looking for the next cone around the corner.: corner.:the iowa region s-c-c-a also holds auto-croro events on check out their full schedule of events, we've posted a link to the groups website on our website, cbs-2-iowa-dot com. the nascar season is underway. last night's daytona 500 featured the closest finish in e race's 58-year history. denny hamlin edged out martin truex junior by the nose of his car to take the checkered flag by 11 one-thoanths of a second.the finish was so close -- hamlin actually didn't know if he won or not until his crew confirmed it for him.faifax native landin cassill finished 23rd. it's and right now in it's degrees.
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police department found after right here in the corridor.
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right now, license plate
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criminals.but the new technology is sparking a new debate. debate.anna werner shows us the unexpected consequence one new york police department found out, when they put nearly 30 cameras up around town. town. (hard buzz) machine: "stolen license plate."you'd better not have anything to hide if you drive in to freeport, new york.nat(nat)3359.. whether it's a stolen vehicle, an amber alert--chief miguel bermudez and his 9officers track every vehicle (graphic) -- with 27 fixed cameras that read license plates at all 11 entry points.if your plate shows up on a list of offenders, (beep) an alarm goes out to the entire police force.(anna 114347) why did you want to be able to track people? (chief) we want to reduce fact, the police have made 28 arrests, including a murder suspect from norfolk virginia.but the hits keep on coming... (nat) and coming... (nat)mostly for expired registrations (at show and tell board)3432 is that what you thought the system would
5:44 am
we were looking at stolen vehilces or vehicles wanted in crimes. after only three months, the freeport cameras have tracked 17 million plates. in a village of 50, exchange for (extreme?) security, the police are drowning in data. overtime is way up. now the chief is asking state and federal government for help 5137 we currently have a force of 95 officers, we can use many morethe readers do make mistakes... this one misread the 800 number on this ryder truck for the plate of a stolen car. (see the pictcte) and there's the question of where all this information winds up. jason starr, of the american civil liberties union. (jason starr aclu)2940 **all of that data is being stored somewhere. it can be sharere it can b bpulled, it can be sent to other law enforcement agencies. it can be breached by third parties. license plate readers are used in nearly every state the aclu has filed threlawsuits, 2
5:45 am
information collected.. and there have been complaints about abuse..chief bermudez is adamant the plate information taken in reeport is never linked to a persounless a crime is indicated, and is dumped after 180 days.(anna: 4949) do you understand why some of those poeple would be offended by being tracked when they're completely innocent. chief 4955 wa're not looking at that data though, anna:l 4958 but you c cld be looking atatthat data.chief: it's just so much coming in. it's impossible to really, to to look at that kind of informationso much information he needs 7 more officers just to keep up with itanna werner, cbs news, freeport, ny it's and you're watching cbs 2 this morning... morning...and if you're in it's degrees.
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popular ride-sharing service in hot water this morning after a mass shooting in michigan. >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, please listen carefully. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. it's a rate lock for your life insurance that guarantees your rate can never go up at a time, for any reason. many policies don't have o o but you can get a lifetime rate lock through the colonial penn program. this plan was designed for people on a fixed income with coverage options for just $9.95 a month. that's less than 35 cents a day. your rate is locked in for life and coverage can never be cancelled. your acceptance is guaranteed. you cannnn be turned down because of your health. call for your information kit and gift.
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with no obligation. welcome back -- it's now we're taking look at your_______ your_______ thers been a big shake-uin the executive offices at sea world. world.the amusement park announced the company's chief
5:48 am
chief zoological officer and san antonio park director are all leaving. it's part of a coinuing effort to improve the profitabily the theme parks. seaworld announced it would end its killer-whale shows last fall after public scrutiny and regulatory pressure. hoverboard makers may soon get hit with recalls if they don't improve safety. safety.that's the warning from the consumer product safety commission issued to manufacturers, importers and retailers.some models of the self-balancing scooters are prone to catchingire and exexoding.several airlrles have banned hoverboards... they're not permitted on public streets and sidewalks in london.and new york city has banned them altogether. more good news for all you coffee lovers, a new study found another possible health benefit. benefit.researchers say two cups a day can cut your chance for developing liver problems related to alcohol.the study shows it cut the chans of getting cirrhosis of the liver by 44-percent.alcoholism is the second most-common cause
5:49 am
doctors plan more research and warn alcohol still can harm your liver -- but coffee seems to help. nasa has received a record number of applicants who hope they have what it takes to go to space. space.they've received more than 18-thousand applicants for its s tronaut candidate training program.that's nearly three times the number the agency got in 2012 -- the most recent class.before that, the previous record was set in 19-78, when the agency got eight-thousand applications.of the thousands who apply, only between eight and 14 people will actually be chosensince 19-59, there have only been 338 astronauts. virgin galactic unveiled their newest space ship, that could someday put regular people into space.'s been named spaceship two -- and is a replacement for the spacecraft lost in the 2014 fatal crash.richard bransons company says right now -- the emphasis is firmly on testing. virgin galactic hopes to laun the world's first
5:50 am
program. more than 7 hundred people have already signed up for a ticket -- if and when the spaceship takes flight. a four inch lock of hair soldld satutuay for 35 thousand was so expensive because it's john lennon's hair. hair.a director at heritage auctions in dallas described it as - quote - "t largest lock of john lennon's haiai ever offffed at auction." auction."a hair dresser on the set of "how i won the war" -- starring lennon -- clipped the beatle's hair for the movie part.that was back in 19-67. e person who bought the lock from the u-k-kalso won two vintage newspapers discussing lennon's makeover for the movie, and an autographed call sheet it's it's right now it's degrees in after r e break...the scam you need to know about that combines your civic duty with
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here's a look at some of eastern iowa's top stories -- on this morning... a man in waterloo is now facing charges in connection to a valentines day home invasion.18-year-old ny-jawon alexander was arrested last week after a foot chase with police.the waterloo cedar falls courier is reporting that alexander was one of three men to kick open the door of a mobile home onon february 14-th, brandish a shotgun and demand money.the people inside the home fought off the three suspects. right now in cedarapids -- the city is in the process of proposing a new fee structure for storm water utility that could potentially impact businesses billing rates.the current water system is based on total acreage -- but the new proposal is considering a rate that is based on how much area on a property consists of what they call impervious surfaces -- like parking lots -- side-walks and rooftops. that session begins this morning at 10 -- at the economic alliance building on first street south-east.
5:55 am
comeback across the nation.con artists posing as authorities tell people they're going to be arrested for ssing jury duty. duty.marlie hall explains how what happens next m mes some people part with their cash. cash. (vo)kelly bates and her husband got a call last year from someone claiming to be with the local sheriff's department.(sot-kelly bates/received scam call)"i get a phone call that there is a bench warrant for my arrest.. that i had missed jury duty."mark doggett's family was targeted as well. (sot-mark doggett/received scam call)"he knew our address our phone number."it's called the jury duty scam - con artists say you've missed jury duty and you're going to be arrested unless you pay up. (sot- mark doggett/received scam call)"he said all you need to do is send some money via paypal and that's when i knew something was wrong." (sot-monica vaca/federal trade commission)"do not believe the caller"monica (mo-knee-kuh) vaca (vah-kuh) with the federal trade commission says these types ofcams are on the rise many cases the criminals use technology called spoofing to make their number look like it comes from a local court or police department.
5:56 am
off the scam from behind bars. but usually the con artists are hard to catch because they demand untraceable payments like paypal, wire transfers or prepaid debit cards.(sot- monica vaca/federal trade commission)"when they start demanding money from you over the phone, that's when you know it's a scam"vaca (vah-kuh) says police departments and courts will never ask for money over the phone.doggett becamam suspicious of the caller and hung up.but bates forked over 895 dollarsa&. and afterward the con artist let her know she got ripped off.(sot-kelly bates/received scam call)"he finally saida& are you aware of what just happened? i saida&. it's pretty obvious now."authorities say if you receive one of these scam calls - the best thing to do is hang upmarlie hall, cbs news, new york. people who've received these calls should report it to the federal trade commission. commission.youan find their number on our website, at c-b-
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if you're just gettingngp, good morning -- it's now right now it's degrees in coming up next...the latest developments in one of cedar rapids' most famous cold cases.'re watching c-b-s 2
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the new information overnight about the man who went on a shooting spree in the new information over night about the man who went on a shooting spree inichigan. >> three mississippi police officers recovering of a dlidd shoot out. >> the new development coming into our news room in one of cedar rapids famous cold cases. >> we look outside. traffic moving well in easton iowa and especially between cedar rapids and iowa city. >> hope you had a great week. we're checking in on our weather. what is our fate this week? >> well, warmer. cloudier and not nearly as windy. i think people owes garbage cans flew away.
6:00 am
south and help keep uswarm. hihi of about 40 this afternoon. let's look live. kom colin's road east. 30 degrees with those cloudy skies this rning. temps elsewhere. dubuque the same. 26 ah ai city. 32 monticello. winds start out of the suppo at 4 to 8 miles per hour. they will turn south during the day. plenty of cloud cover. we will keep plenty of clouds the next couple of days. our 40 degree high. 33 at 9:00 and a degree or two cooler than that as we@ head off to school. temperatures this norning about 3 # degrees. if you would be so kind stay there for your weather first forecast which features gre weather, great numbers a.d great


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