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tv   CBS2- This Morning  CBS  February 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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abusing his players. what's next for the kalamazoo uber driver who police say between rides. the developing story about apple's battle with the f-b- -- and the people coming g forward to support the families accuse a corridor football player of abuse. welcome to cbs 2 2 is morning. live look at i-380. traffic moving well everywhere in eastern io today. welcome to s 2. thank you for joining us. happy tuesday. we'll go over to justice tip to see what is going on outside. not much really. kind of a quiet start to the day. we have some cloud cover and our temperatures are heading temperaturur around the area will be warming with cloudy skies- the current winds around our viewing area will be calm- our planner febtures cloudy & mild weather ttay
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there are new developments this morning morningin an alleged abuse case.linn-mar school leaders *will not* take up action against assistant football coach matt casebolt. 2 news told you last week that more than a dozen families banded together to accuse casebolt of physically -- verbally and mentally abusing players dating all the way back to 20-11. 20-11.and last night the linn-mar community school district heard both sides of the argument against coach
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after investigating the allegations, they didn't find enough evidence to take action. current members of the football >> the district said after investigating the allegations, they didn't find enough evidence to take action. current members of the football team s sod by their coaches while some parents say the abuse is being covered up by the district and the students. >> just because you guys have great experiences, i applaud you but you haven't been in their shoes. that's fine. that is great that you support. but when you are in the other shoes, it doesn't negate what has happened. i see some of you out there and i know you know these kids. all we are asking for is a voice. >> the coaches do not bully us. they do not abuse us. the word abuse i think should not even be used here. that is so blown out of proportion. >> even though the school board didn't take action, concerned parents still plan to take their case to the board of education.
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of australia where a crane caught fire and collapsed. you can see the dramatic video here as it cuts in half and catches fire at the very top. it happened earlier today and it caused damage to cars parked below. about a dozen workers were evacuated right before it fell. nobody was hurt. officials say the accident was s the result o oan electrical fire that started in the crane's motor. also new, one person was killed and a number of passengers injured when a train slammed into a crane and derailed. the accident happened 80 miles east of amsterdam. right now, not many more details have been released. we wl bring you updates as they come in througugut thth morning. an update to shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan over the weekend. jace son dalton is now facing 16 charges including several counts of murder in connection to the six people randomly gunned down saturday night.
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dalton carried out the attacks giving uur passengers rides around town. dalton was denied bail on monday. atlantis say the shootings were random and they haven't revealed a possible motive. dozens of mourners held a candlelight vigil laststnight toto honor those victims. five of the six people killed were older than 50. one was a 17-year-old high school senior. two others were injured. a 14-year-old girl is on a ventilator in critical can. there are new details in the case coming from uber. the company says it received multiple complaints about jace son dalton from its passengers on saturday night but before that, her no reason to believe anything -- uber had no reason to believe anything was wrong. >> in the case of erratic driving,hey typically ntact thdriver first to get both sides of the story. right now, the company is not saying whether they talked to saturday. the ride hauling service says dalton cleared a background
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driver on january th. > s news ontinues track the latest developments in the plan to file a brief supporting brief supporting the federal government.some victims want to know what's on the county-issued i-phone that was used by the gunman -- syed farook -- in the san bernardino has until this friday to respond to a court order that forces them to break into thi-phone -- which was locked by a attacks. apple has until this friday to respond to a court order that forces them to break into the iphone. rifle maker bashmaster says it is not responsible for the sandy hook shooting. their attorney say the weapon is too ddgerous to be sold to the general public. the case has the potential to make history if it goes to trial. a 2005 law grants gun manufacturers from any lawsuits related to injuries that result
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a georgia business is making headlines for requiring all their employees to get a armed. e company provide risk insurers. they say recent reports about crime prompted them to make the requirement. he gives them a thank you us barrel. some like the idea. >> if you are willing to commit to train, commit to being aboul an expert on the firearm and alsoou have to commit to being ready to use it if you have to. >> the company thinks several high profile business owners might soon follow w his lead. a truce between some but not all of the troops goes into effect on friday. . the white house agreed to the cease-fire with russia.
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syan opposition and rebel groups agreed as long as their demamas are met forcing the syrian government to end its siege on 18 rebel-held areas and releasing detainees. the proposed tce does not include terror groups that are in syria right now like isis. happening today, the white house will submit to congress the president's latest plan to shut wn guantanamo bay. the president has vowed to close the prison sincnche was first elected saying it was used as a recruiting tool by terrorists and it is too expensive to run. this proposal involves transferring many of the detainees to other countries. anyone considered too dangerous for that kind of travel will be sent to a detention facility in the united states. the cedar rapids police explorers are celebrating 50 years of helping youth in the community. officer sean burke has been
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and he says he is starting to see former explorers begin their careers in law enforcement. >> it is rewarding for me. i know it is rewarding for them. i think ititpeaks great volumes for the program because it is letting them know what this job entails and what they can expect being out there in this career field. >> reporter: last night. the explorers received a plaque to commemorate their 50 years of success. the. >> the new way a selfie can help you use your credit card. >> mother nature says get out the selfie sticks. a lot of good weather to be photographed today with temperatures on the way up. here is the next couple of days. we'll stay above normal for most of the week. we'll talk about a little snow
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through the day today, we shouou be find something very nice and mild weather. mainly cloudy with a few peeks of sunshine. look at the mild weather. low 40s in the north. mid-40s in the south and a calm week for us. the wiwis will increase tonight ananwe'll be breezy but we will be dry as we head through the day on wednesday. hour by hour with you this morning, 38 degrees at 10:00. 43 at noon. 44 at just after lunchtime with a high of 45. doppler radar offers up some light snow across northern iowa. decorah seeing some bits of lighter snow. still keeping some of the snow around atlantic and west of des moines. nothing major. it is all indicative of changing weather patterns with an area of lopressure passing
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right now, cedar rapids cloudy, 33 degrees. southeast winds at 5. feels like 29 degrees out there. temperatures, 32 at montreal sell -- monticello and dubuque. 52 for kansas city. all in all, pretty nice and above e rmal temperatures. plenty of cloud cover down to the south and west and moisture north of minneapolis, some height snow on our border but it only adds up to a dusting. this cold front moves through later thth weekend and it brings winds to the north at five to 15, gusting to 20 tonight. they will gust 20 to 30 miles per hour tomorrow so a little breezy and with the north wind t does cool us down. we'll stay -- with the north wind t does cool us down. high pressure does build in by thursday afternoon. that gives us some clear and some good weather as we head
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the weekend. there is predictor. cloudy skies. a little bit of rain across northern iowa this afternoon. re comes that cold ont. no moisture expected for us. we will nnice a change in the winds. cloudy skies, breezy tomorrow. it look like we'll see some snow that. area of low pressure that we showed you to our north willll bring anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of snow. nothing major but they will get some measurable snowfall. we'll miss out. mid-40s today in oelwein. 46 in iowa city. mild, nice and a very comfortable day today. again, some clouds, some sunshine. tonighs forecast, it will turn breezy with clouds. 29 in waterloo. 33 in washington. dubuque tonight, 27 degrees. the day tomorrow will be still mainly cloudy skies, gusty winds and a little cooler thanks to the north breeze. upper to mid-30s in the north
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extended forecast for you now, feast your eyes on thososlow 40s tomorrow. mid-30s thursday. upper 30s friday. saturday is our red letter day. get out and enjoy it. fantastic weather for the last weekend in february. upper 40s sunday with just a small moisture chance for the evening. clouds and maybe a little snow possible for monday. nothing major there, 34. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, the first three days of march, march rolls in like a lamb with throw mid-40s. whatever month comes after february. that is the one that starts tuesday. >> thank you, justin. selfies are a part of everyday life these days. >> they are mostly taken to post on social media but now they have a much more practical use. >> master card wants touse selfies to help prevent fraud. mary maloney explains hohoit could work it today's consumer watch. >> reporter: forget a password.
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technology to use selfies to approve online purchases. company says selfies s and fingerprint scans are safer than typed pass words especially since many of our pass words are easy for scammers to guess. download the master card identity check app t has you take a selfie each time you buy something online. your face or fingerprint will be scanned to prove it is you spending the money and not a scammer. master card makes you blink to show that you are taking that pic as you shop. the finger print scan is a little easier. but it is not just mamaer card looking for new ways to prevent fraud. if you have an hsbc account, you will soon be able to use your fingerprint and voice to access money and master card is researching ways to use your heart beat and scans of your eyes to authenticate purchases. this could be the future of protecting online oppers from fraud. >> here is the problem.
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phone. there is no way i can scan my eyeball. >> what if that guy from russia steals leonardo dicaprio's credit card. >> it coululhappen. >> thehethey would probably cut him off because it is like he is eating way too much. >> that guy is eating way too much. he needs to get chased by a bear in the woods again. >> we are part of the problem. accepted those letters care of kevin barry, cbs 2. just joking. if you are in marion, it is 33 degrees.
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republicans caucus tonight. - it's now we're taking a look at your_______ your_______ welcome back. and decorah. a local woman is helping other people prepare for one of the hardest moments of their lives. >> i sat down with gloria dixon to get some tips for you. >> i wanted to know what to do, what i needed to provide people with and when to expect things to happen. this is my true story. >> reporter: when gloria dixon's husband charles was admitted to hospice. she found no resources of what to do after he passed away. >> i will communicate that for
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have a checklist. >> reporter: her b bk takes readererstep by step through the asks a person has to take after their loved one dies. preparing documents before death is the first stipulate. get things together now so your loved ones have it all in one place and don't have to go searching. >> the best thing we can do is really be sensitive to those left behind to take care of those things for our end of life. >> reporter: in today's digital age, it is important that we have use are names and pass words documented so loved ones have access to online accounts when you are gone. >> i have heard horror stories about people not knowing how to get into accounts with pass words. >> reporter: when charles was close to passing away, he asked gloria to make funeral arrangements even though it was difficult. >> i was able to make the arrangements before i was really too emotional and couldn't do t. >> reporter: gloria says it is important to be quick to alert family and friends so they can make arrangements to come to the memorial service. >> people are waiting on you to make a decision.
6:21 am
st because something happens to you doesn't mean that other people alive are not affected. >> reporter: getting prepared in advance allows the one grieving to spend time with those they love unstead of being bogged down withththe details of paperwork and arrangements. for those of who you might be struggling right now with the loss of a loved one, gloria says grieve the way you need to. >> let go and be for real. i mean it is understandable. peopoe understand. >> we were talking about the awakening in washington, d.c. if you would like more information on where to find gloria's book, we have a link on our web site. >> that isgood for know because there is so much emotion that comes over r everybyby. >> it is not ever something that you want to think about but it is very smart. i mean these are some things in life are difficult and i think that is one of them that you just have to think, i don't want thihito happen but let's
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thank you for being here with us. >> if you are waking up, it is 32 degrees outside.
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still we start the day with cloudy skies. a little bit of light snow across north and east iowa this momoing. nothing major but you are traveling around decorah back up towards the far north iowa- minnesota border, you will see some moisture there.
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will turn to the north at 5 to 15, gusting to 20. it will be a breezy day. north winds gusting to as much as 30 if our wednesday. cloudy skies expected. we should stay pretty dry the next few days. >> today, mainly cloudy, a few break for sunshine. southeast breeze at five to 10. 41 in decorah. 43 in waterloo. 46 in iowa city. 40s tomorrow, breezy. mid- and upper 30s thursday, friday with partly to mostly sunny skies expected. sunshine saturday with a high in the lower 50s. upper 40s for sunday with just a sll chance of moisture late sunday night and could be lookininat a little bit of lighghrain and/or snow, very minimal as we head through the day on monday. we are taking a look at some of eastern iowa's top stories this morning n waterloo right now, a school principal is accused of driving drunk. black hawk county deputies arrested 39-year-old amber
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she is charged with first phone owi. her beth test was nearly twice the legal limit. dietz is the principal of kingsley elementary school in the waterloo school district. coralville city leaders want your suggestion abouts signage in town. the public is invited to talk about the rules for signs and billboards from noon to one. the stow will present a proposed list of changes and the review process is expected to take several months. carrie yond wood surpriseed a family before one of her recent concerts. the father jonathan is in the army. he served three tours in iraq and afghanistan and his wife is also in the army. >> the family had no idea she would be wking into n. to greet them as they re taking pictures. ey said they never h h anything like this happen before and they were excited for the opportunity. >> that is amazing. so she came in behind. theling girl is so cute. they were just staring at her.
6:27 am
amazing thing and what a great program. >> especially for xuk2 people home.e. some of the best surprise videos are when some of the service members come back and surprise their open family. this is a cool take on that. >> it is. >> 32 degrees if you are waking up in worthington with us. >> coming up after the break,
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the latest information in the controversy over the cedar rapids school district schedule. the important message students are sending to their lawmakers the latest information in rhe controversy over the cedar rapids schchl district schedule. >> the important message students are sending to
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morning...i'm kevin bbarry. barry.and i'm kelly d'ambrosio. d'ambrosio. let's get a check of our cbs 2 weather first forecast. first weather- your planner shows what's ahead- nonoa live look outside courtesy of our weatherfirst skycam- temperatures around the area will be warming with cloudy skies- the current winds around our viewing area will kind of quiet weather here for us. it will be breezier for tonight and through the day tomorrow. but in between, just good stuff with warmer temperatures today in the mid-40s right now, we go outside live in cedar rapids where the day gins at 33. 33 and cloudy skies. we are three days away from our normal high this me of year. 34 in oelwein. 32 in dubuque. satellite and radar featuring
6:31 am
we'll show you a closer view on that with doppler coming up in just a bit. looking at some snow around western iowa too. primarily cloudy skies for the day today. there will be a few breaks for sunshine. 43 at lunchtime. as the kids head out the door and get ready for school today, take the jackets, low 30s, cloudy skies. you might want to shed the heavy coat for a lighter winter coat as we'll be in the mid-40s this afternoon. we'll show you the details, talk about a great looking start to the weekend as well. that coming up in about 10 minutes time. cbs 2 news is tracking the latest developments in the district. starting this fall, fridays will never be the same for students, teachers and parents. stephanie johnson is@live in cedar rapids to explain the big and starting in late august, all cedar rapids public schools will have early dismissal every friday afternoon. afternoon.this early dismissal will allow teachers time for
6:32 am
school board came to this decision after they went out and talked to parents.they said about 80 percent of people were in favor of early school dismissal on fridays. still, some parents are they said about 80% of people were in favor of early school dismissal on friday. still, some parents are worried kids will get into more trouble if they are not supervised. >> we are going to work to set up a meeting with some of our city leaders and officials and just talk about other things that the rec programs can do to adjust their schedules to provide opportunities for kids and then anything else we might want to think through in ou >> reporter: now, last month, the board tried d to make a similar change calling for a late start every monday but many parents disagreed with that move and it didn't happen. thanks stephanie.the district also took time last night to lo stephanie johnson, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. the district also took time
6:33 am
offer more magnet schools in cedar rapids. the kinwood leadership academy y will open this fall. the district is also applying for a $12 million grant. iowa high school students want to have a big are say in their education. members of the iowa student union say one way to do that is to have at least one student on the district school board. they say they are also#backing the iowa a democrats' plan to boost education funding in iowa by 4%. members say if students want a better education, they have to fight for it. >> it is extremely important that students are able to is best for education. and i would argue that it is them that are affected most by the school boards and education leleers' decisions. join.they're holding a rally april fifth at the capitol in des moines.we have more information about the group on our website, cbs 2 iowa-dot-com.
6:34 am
propopal having a student on a school board is similar to a the iowa student union's proposal about having a student on every school board is similar to the current requirement for the board that oversees the ste's public universities. under state lala one of the nine members of the board of regents must be an iowa student at either iowa, iowa state or u ni. investigators are still trying to figure out what ignited an apartment complex fire in cedar rapids. emergency crews responded to the shamrock apartments on jacqueline drive southwest monday morning. one man was trapped inside upof the apartments at the time. he was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation and is expected to be okay. three apartments sustained heavy damage. tonight, the north liberty council is schedule to approve the 2017 bubget and a new two- year plan. it includes a discussion of
6:35 am
city to vanceation from a volunteer to full-time fire department. fire chief says city leaders are moving in the right directn has the city's population has grown to more than 18,000 people. the last year, the north liberty volunteer fire department responded to more than a thousand calls. >> when the alarm goes off, these guys are getting out of their beds at night, leaving their families, getting their shoes on getting in the cars, driving up here in the winter in the snowstorms and that and then heading out. >> the chief ss having full time staff at the station at all times would help keep up with future demands and reduce response times to emergencies. for gop candidates tonight, they will face off in their final test before super tuesday. exactly one week from today, voters in 12 states will choose their candidates. but nevada republicans caucus tonight for the remaining list of republican presidential hopefuls. the latest poll fromomnevada says that donald trump hold a large lead with marco rubio and ted cruz neck and neck for second place.
6:36 am
last night campaigning in nevada attacking one another. many of those attacks centered a around a misstep from a ted cruz campaign staffer. cruz accepted his communication director, rick tyler's resignation mondada it comom one day after tyler tweeted the video that falsely depictured marco rubub criticizing the bible. cruz responded by ask for tyler's resignation saying that that is not how he wants his campaign to be run. >> it turned out the news story he sent arou was false but even if it was true, we are not a campaign that is going to question the faith of another candidate. >> marco rubio told reporters he thinks tyler is a fallllguy who was just executing a culture of dishonesty. donald trump echoed those statements last night saying
6:37 am
has ever had to deal with. health experts continue to enurage all women to get a vac steen to stop the hpv virus. the centers for disease control and prevention reports over six-year period the rate of hpv infections among teenaged girls fell by a rate of more than 60%. in adult women, hphprates fell more than 30%. the cdc says about half of all teenaged girls now get the recommended hpv vaccine but those rates fall quickly among older women. wellness in the workplace is becominini a very lucrative campaign for some employees. more than 08% of the nation's biggest companies is now offering some form of financial incentive for workers who participate in wellness programs. research shows financial incentives do lead to a rise in the number of workers trying to improve wellness and that is a big boost to businesses in the long run a more fit work force leads to lower heheth care teens who are heavier and
6:38 am
at greater risk of developing non-hodgkins lymphoma. researchers tracking data from more than two million teens found those teens had a 25- percent higher risk of this particular form of cancer. it's and right now in it's degrees. degrees.there's still more cbs 2 this morning to come.but first let's take a look at what we're working on for fox 28 morning live. live.the city council in iowa city is reconsidering money for an art the proposal was brought back to life. life.there are flooding concerns this morning in parts of iowa.why officials are keeping a close eye on ice jams floating down rivers.all that and more coming up of fox 28 morning live - eastern iowa's ly 7 a-m newscast.
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good morning. mainly cloudy skies through the day today. we'll have a few breaks for sunshine here and there. nice and mild. low 40s in the north. mid-40s are expected in the south. and a relatively calm week even though the winds will pick up tonight. we'll be breezy for the midweek here with north wind tomorrow at 10 to 20 gusting to 30. it should be staying dry and no moisture expected other than a little light snow in north iowa this morning. temperatures through the day, 44 degrees as we head through the lunchtime hour and about 4 5s the high this afternoon. again, mainly cloudy with clcldy skies tonight. -- about 45 is the high this affect. there is that little bit of light snow we've been watching across north iowa. back over towards prairie du chien.
6:42 am
parts of the area but nothing too major expected. traffifiseems to be moving fine under a cloudy sky this morning. 33degrees makes it feel like 29 out there right now. oelwein, 34. waterloo, 41. are going to warm for much of the week- the regional upper 30s in minneapolis and green bay. 44 in chicago. 53 in st. louis. 52 in kansasasity. ararnd the midwest pictutu, we see an area of high pressure developing well to our north and west. but for the time being, there is an area of low pressure, very weak frontal boundary this low will continue to pass to the north and east. but we are watching this area south. we'll bring some measurable snow through parts of the ohio river valley, missing us which is good news. we'll keep the clouds out itit was as a weak cold front passes through our state plus the cop to the south. we won't so a lot of sunshine. we'll see it from time to time but not an aabundant amount
6:43 am
until the high drifts in for thursday. we'll do some clearing and we'll find you sunshine for friday, saturday, and most of sunday. this evening, just an itty- bitty chance of moisture across north what wham the frontal boundary chain the wind speed tonight out of the north and west at five to 15. -- across north iowa. tonight's forecast, cloudy, breezy, a little cooler thanks to that north wind. temperature in the upper 20s to the lower 30s. north wind gusting to 30. mainly cloudy skies. 40 in waterloo, manchester, cedar rapids. our seveveday forecast breezy foam, 40, mid-30s for thursday. now, look at friday.
6:44 am
50s for saturday, upper 40s for sunday. both of those are mainly sunny. small moisture chance for sunday night. little moisture, rain and snow mix. minimal impact here for monday and then warming right back up to the 40s next tuesday. wednesday, mid- and upper 40s next thursday. e first few days of march looking a-okay and the first weekend of march, kevin and kelly, looking like it is on track to be nice and mild as well. >> thank you. let's take a look at the some of the stop stories making news into eastern what. what the search is going on for a wanted man in chicago in found in waterloo and taken into custody on felony theft charges. he's being held in black hawk county jail. jail.the northern iowa fugitive task force fofod him whililsearching for kevin edwards.police say edwards killed a 9-year-old in chicago last november as payback for a shooting by a rival gang. they're offering a 5-thousand dollar reward for information leading to his arrest. next month, iowa utilities regulators plan to make a decision on whether a texas company will be allowed to
6:45 am
crude oil pipeline through the state.iowa utilities board officials say the three-member board will meet march 9-th, with a vote expected either that day or on the 10-th.the board will also decide whether totoallow the company to use expected that day or on the 10th. the board will also decide whether to allow the company to use eminent doe main to take property from owners who refuse to sign ononboard. environmental and property rights groups oppose the project but supports are believe it will create jobs. good morning to new fayette. it is 33 degrees there. >> just add had, we are updating the most important
6:46 am
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morning. i've worked for jimmy john's for six years. i'm an opening slala training managerer i hired d is joke in january. and she never regretted it. i taught this guy everything he knows. yeah, but i'm still faster. faster my butt. every now and again, i like to think that people can catch up t tmy speed. i got faster than amber in like 2 months. his mouth got a little bit faster. when you get trained by the best, you become the best. i absolutely love making sandwiches. and i love working with people. just getting to do that every day is by far the best part of my job. - it's now we're taking a look at your_______ your_______ welcome back.
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degrees. not much worse anywhere else. iowa ity is 306789 a little bit warmer in waterloo and dubuque and decorah at 32. >> here is i-380 at witcher. we do have breaking news out of phoenix, arizona about an active shooter. >> there is an active house fire as well too. but according to our affiliate, cbs 5 news in phoenix, they say that police cop firm there is an active shooter. unknown. this is all at a working house fire too. we've also been checking in with our fox affiliate in phoenix as well. they say the family inside the home where the fire was going on was getting shot at as well. so that is both a fire and a police investigation this morning. developing story out in phoenix, arizona a little bit later on the cbs 2 news at noon. >> new developments this morning in an alleged abuse
6:49 am
school leads are will not take up action against assistant football coach matt casebolt. >> more than a dozen families banded together to accuse casebolt are physically, mentally and verbally abusing players. >> last night. the school district heard both sides. the district said after investigating the allegations, they didn't fine enough evidence to take action. current members of the football team stood by their coaches while some of the rents say the abuse is being cover up by the district and the students. >> just because you guides had great experience, i applaud you but you haven't been in their shoes. that is fine. that is great that you support. but when you are in the other shoes t doesn't negate what has happened. there is reality out there and i know. i see some of you out there and i know that you know these kids. so all we're asking face voice. >> the coaches do not bully us. they do not abuse us.
6:50 am
not even be used here. proportion. >> even though the school board didn't take action last night, concerned parent plan to take their case to the board of education. update to the shooting spree over p the e weekend. jason daltonons now facing 1 1 charges including several counts of murder in connection to the six people that were night. >> kalamazoo county prosecutors say dalton was working as an uber driver last night t and he e carried ououthe attacks over five hours while he was still giving passengers rides around town. dalton was denied bond on monday. police say the shooting were random and they haven't revealed a possible motive. thousands of mourners held candlelight vigils last night to honor the shooting victims. five of the six people were oldedethan other years old and one was 167 and a high school senior. two others are injured right now. a 14-year-old girl is still on a ventilator in critical condition this moing. new details in the case
6:51 am
the company said it received multiple complaint about jason dalton from passengers saturday fight but before that, up her no reason to believe anything was wrong. >> uber's security chief said the company immediately suspends drivers who are accused of violent acts but in the case of erratic driving, they typicalty contact the driver to get both sides of the story. the company y not saying whether they talked to him about the complaint from saturday. the ride service says dalton approved a background check. right now, some of the vic victims and their familili lid federal government. they want to know what is on the iphone used by the gunman in the san bernardino attacks. apple has until friday to respond to a court order forcing them to break into the security feature.
6:52 am
sandy hook shooting. right now, the families of twenty first graders d six adults who were killed are suing the company. their attorneys say the weapon used in the massacre is too general public. the case has the potential to make history if it goes to trial. a 2005 federal law grants gun manufacturers immunity from any at 9-thirty this morning, president obama will give a statement from the white house misuse of their products. this more than, president obama will give a statement from the white house on his latest plan to shut down guantanamo bay. the president has vowed to close the prison since he was elected saying it is use as a recruiting tool by terrorists and it is too expensive to run. congress opposed previous shutdown plans but this proposal involves transferring most of the detainees to other countries. anyone considered too dangerous for that kind of travel will be sent to a detention facility in the united states. if you are waking one us in swisher, 33 degrees outside.
6:53 am
we'll lolo at e stories you need to know on this saturday. cbs2iowa.comor connect with us
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welcome back. here are the stop three stories you need to know b we have just gotten word just a few moments ago thatatthere is an active shooter situation going on in phoenix, arizona. we are following this story right now. we all know there is also a house fire going on in that same location where the shooting is happening. we are following this story and we'll continue to spring you updates as the story goes on. >> tonight, nevada republicans will choose their next choice r president. thisiss the latest test and the last one before super tuesday where voters in 12 states head
6:56 am
democrats hold their next test in south carolina on saturday. the cedar rapids school board voted to make a change to the schedule so every public school in the district will haven early dismissal friday afternoon. the new schedule will start next august. the superintendent says a survey among nearly 4,000 people showed more than 08% favored early dismissals on friday over other options. >> too bad they are not getting t early today. nice weather to be had and mid- and upper 40s with sunshine. 45 is what we'll call for in cedar rapids. certainly cloudy out there now way the snow in northeast iowa. some of e roads do have just a little bit of snow on them up around decorah. the clouds way few break of sunshine from time to time today actually cold front moves
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we'll good morning. it is tuesday, february 23rd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." ted cruz fires his spokesman over a video involving marco rubio.
7:00 am
attacks ahead of today's nevada caucuses. an uber driver admits to the shootingngpree that killed six in michigan. the 14-year-old miracle survivor shows signs of progress. artificial hearts keep thousands of people alive. the new technology that could replace transplants. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> and we're goi to keep winning, winning, winning. and i love you. we're going to win.. go out tomorrow and vote! >> trump aimed for another win in nevada. >> if we nominate someone that 40% to 50% of our party can't stand, we are going to lose. >> trump and rubio don't want to defend their records. they scream liar, liar, liar. >> meanwhile the democrats are gearing up for south carolina. >> secretary clinton seems to be adopting more and more of the positions that we have advocated. that's good. >> the u.s. and russia announced


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