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tv   CBS2- This Morning  CBS  February 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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information about a fatal cedar rapids shooting this week. the next steps corridor leaders are taking to curb the violence on cedar rapids city streets. the developing saga between iowa's senior senator and the white house between the future of the supreme court's open seat. welcome to cbs two this morning... . you can see the center off to the left and the esther straight ahead. not much to worry about. good morning. >> hope your week has been going okay so far. >> take a look at the radar this morning. what's going on? >> not much. temperatures are cooler and clear. and the clouds that are there are going to be moving out.
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30 in -- 32 in monticello low. winds are north and west at ten to 20. gusting to 25 today. plenty of cloud coverage. going to see some clearing as the day rolls on. in the sky over iowa, going to comb clear. the temps don't warm too much. right about normal this time of year. stick around. we'll talk about the end of the week and a superb and comfortable weekend. tracking the details in cedar rapids and the first homicide of 2016. >> still a lot of unanswered questions right now. stephanie has the latest from the scene. . >>reporter: police are still conducting interviews and are not releasing any leads into this investigation.
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happened at the complex behind me was no random act of violence. joseph perkins was killed. originally from chicago. the other person shot on tuesday was hit in the leg and he did survive. police have not released his name to public yet, but there's an increase of violence. the police chief said the solution to this problem needs to come from the entire community. >> violence is a symptom of other issues that are creating it. and so the police department needs to work with the rest of the community to address this problem. . >>reporter: and the police chief said the violence in the community is very concerning to him. but, get this, according to
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four times this year than this time last year. violence in cedar rapids is high on the list of issues in the state of the city address from the mayor. been out on city streets for a month now. the programmed last year to target high violence areas of the city with support. looking for the -- on third street, going to continue to get involved. >> you may call it, people will cure you, why? because you made the right call. and if you do, it will help the state of our city even stronger. >> the city is also waiting for federal funding for protection
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hillary clinton is getting an endorsement this weekend. harry rooed is now backing clinton -- ried, after winning on saturday in nevada and holding a large lead going into saturday's primary vote. and ted cruz got a pretty important endorsements in his home state. texas governor greg abbott is backing them. texas is a very important state in this whole presidential process as well. they have more than 150 delegates on the line on super tuesday. 600 all together. republicans need 1200. after the nevada caucuses. donald trump leading with 81. and ted cruz and marco rubio has 17.
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for the republicans. going to be the last debate before super tuesday. going to have all five at once. donald trump, marco rubio and ted cruz are the top three and considering republican brian sandoval as one of several potential nominees.right now, he's serving as governor of nevada.sandoval said he's honored to have his name mentioned but hasn't yet heard anything from the white house. some believe nominating a republican would be seen as an attempt to sway senate republicans to consider his nomination.majority leader mitch mcconnell has previosuly saying as an attempt to nominate a republican is going to help sway the republicans in the senate. on the committee, holding the hearings and any -- on
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who the nominee is, does not plan to hold any hearings. ought to decide in a national laeks. election. it's not about a person. it's about the process. >> whenever there's a vacancy, the white house invites the person in question to talk about the nomination. the u.s. and china is looking at the resolution to impose tougher sanctions on north korea. could be more punishment for its later nuclear test and rocket launch last month. one security diplomat saying it's important and giving other countries, russia, britain and france. refunding and other money
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iowa attorney general is concerned that his office produced this video. people pretending to be irs agents and saying they made mistakes on past tax returns and owe thousands of dollars. told to put the money on a prepaid debit card, never to be seen again. >> it's hard for us to track. it's usually worth thousands of dollars. >> could be targeting older citizens. if you have this happen to you, call police. the rival of the production of violet.
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to find a preacher. incorporates all kinds of music from bluegrass to gospel and country. >> the main thing about this is it's about inner beauty and not as much about who we are on the outside, but who we are on the inside. >> for more information, you can go to our website. it's 6:08 now. and west liberty is enjoying 32 degrees now. going to the state capitol to talk to lawmakers about medicaid privatization. >> temperatures are going up. today is the coldest day. going to warm up from here. this morning, going to need the coats and then the sunglasses
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where we should be. main weather- your planner shows what's ahead for the next hours- now a live look outside courtesy of our weatherfirst skycam- temperatures around the area will be cooler with cloudy skies- taking a look at regional temperatures we see are going to warm heading into the weekend- the regional satellite/radar is featuring clearing skies today- let's move ahead in time by taking a look at the midwest surface map - moving into a closer view with our 'predictor' forecast we clouds tonight - today's forecast bring us clearing & breezy weather- tonight's forecast will be cloudy & breezy- tomorrow will feature mixed sunshine with a slow warm up- our 7 day forecast has generally warming weather by the end of the week
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many parents and educators believe homework, is just apart of learning and succeeding at school. school.but some educators are wondering, when does it become too much. much.jamie yuccas explores the great homework debate. debate. nat pop frania corniel's living room is now set up as a classroom.nat teaching two years ago the new yorker started homeschooling her sons and was olivia's workload in kindergarten that drove the change.:16-:21 (frania corniel/home schools) every day she had to do that broke the chain. >> reading and writing, learning the works, math. >> it was hard and i didn't like to do homework. >> when children have too much
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for kids to be kids. >> want to help manage the time well. >> a psychiatrist with the child substitute. no more than 20 minutes of homework a day. and additional #1e7b minutes per grade level after first, between and ten to 20. >> the attention span is short and they need be doing other thing. they need to be focussing on king and keeping friends and spending time with the friends. >> and her kids are learning life skills. >> learning other thing. >> museums and parks and swimming and music lessons so kids can enjoy being kid. >> kind of a cool alternative. >> yeah. some good point made there.
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so keeping everything spotless is effortless. dad: spots. culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities. watched the . it's 6:18. many of you watched the daytona 500 last week.
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track. what got them there is a track record that turned into a memorable trip. this is this week's person to person. >> nfl is waiting for the biggest game, nascar comes out of the gate swinging. one family was there to watch it turn by turn. meet amy, a woman with a long history of giving back to the community. >> my weekend is broken up into several different things after work. my daughter is involved in 4-h. and i help with that. >> that scratched the surface. >> involved in the community and we're grateful for the help.
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department and have since 1998 and at church wherever needed. >> and her boss took note, seeing her give back to the community. >> for every hour that we put in for the organization that we volunteer for, we actually supply grants to those particular organizations. >> fitting that someone that runs life at a hundred miles an hour, this trip of a lifetime. >> congratulations to our winners. >> my parents were heavily involved in the community. and they were one generation of volunteers and i hope to do the same for my daughters. >> they must be die-hard fans, right? >> have you seen it? ? >> i have watched nascar and completely immersed in it. it's amazing that we're going to be a part of that whole
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>> and to be on the track, you can take a lap from what i understand. >> my husband is a little more excited about that than i am. >> and won a 2016 toyota tundra as a part of the dollars for doers program. have you seen it? >> i have seen it. it's beautiful. exciting. my husband asked permission to drive it. amazed at this wonderful opportunity. . >> what does it mean to you, amy to represent iowa, represent this company, represent the midwest, on this trip of a lifetime? >> it's an absolute honor to be able to represent next door energy with this wonderful opportunity. and again, i hope to inspire others to get involved in their
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hoping that people see what volunteering is and the positive effects that come of it. >> memories that will last a lifetime, a thank you for a woman that has s ent a lifetime giving back to the community. >> first time for this program. she and her husband got back earlier this week and told their coworkers about it in the afternoon. taking a look at the weather first forecast and also the latest in the ongoing war of words between apple and the federal government.
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final weather see that? jill's gobbling up our bird's eye teriyaki broccoli. (mind-blowing sound) and look ben is going for more buffalo cauliflower. everybody's a veggie lover now. what do you think? mind blown. bird's eye flavor full.
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your planner shows what's . 6:24. morning clouds- moving into a closer view with our 'predictor' forecast we see clearing skies today- today's forecast bring us clearing & breezy weather- our 7 day forecast has generally warming weather by the end of the week
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the happiest and healthiest cities in the u-s have been named by healthways. healthways.their new report says naples, florida, has the highest well-being in the country.they say naples has the lowest levels of stress and depression.the city also has the most people who eat healthy. healthy.salinas, california is second on the list and florida's sarasota metro area ranked number three.fort collins, colorado, and barnstable town, massachusetts , round out the top five. healthways conducted more than 170-thousand telephone interviews asking people questions about how much they liked their town and life and if they felt financially
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it's right now it's degrees in coming up next...the midwest weather that could be wrecking
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cbs 2 this morning...the new information . right now on cbs 2 this morning. why apple is fighting the federal government over unlocking one of the san bernardino shooter's phone.
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coach. looking at an active i-38 0. 0. looks like a nice day. >> checking the weather first forecast. friday in way of the weekend. but a lot to look forward to. >> and warming up. today is in the 30s and tomorrow, 40s and could see some 60s for saturday and sunday. here are the numbers you need to know. 50s this afternoon. things are quiet right now. the parade is starting in williamsburg looking live there. temps ton board, going to the north, 29 in river city and dubuque. north winds at 15 to 20.
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per hour. midday, winds will calm as we get towards the evening. high pressure moving in and so stay there. we'll talk about the weekend and tell you what we're planning. gave away with the ending with investigation in san bernardino, california. c-e-o tim cook spoke publically for the first time,he's still defending his company's decision to resist the f-b-i's demand for help cracking a locked i-phone used by one of the shooters. shooters.cook says that decision is both the hard and right thing to do.the f-b-i is claiming they're only asking for narrow assistance to bypass some security features on this one phone -- but in an interview on abc news, world news tonight with david muir -- cook disagreed. if we knew a way to a way to get the information on the
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given. if we knew a way to do this, that would not expose hundreds of millions of other peoples issues. we would do it. apple is expected to file its legal response in court tomorrow.and even though apple is protesting the court order -- the company did cooperate with the f-b-i in the shooting investigation by handing over data from gunman syed farook's i-cloud account. a community in colorado is mourning today, following the tragic shooting death of an officer who was serving an eviction notice, notice,police say the homeowner, martin wirth had been fighting fore-closure for years, and prepared for the eviction to be heated. authorities say wirth was armed with a rifle and opened fire on three deputies.wirth was killed by returned gun- officer was killed, one has life-threatening injuries and the other is expected to recover. an arrest has now been made in a double homicide that happened last year in des moines.barney fraaken was charged last night with two counts of first degree murder. murder.back on november 22nd - - des moines police and
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of fraaken's wife and 16-year- old daughter.investigators say they were shot to death. fraaken was also found at the scene with a self-inflicted gun-shot wound and had been in the hospital until his arrest last night. night.police believe fraaken's motive is related to a domestic conflict and he's being held in the polk county jail. former state senator kent sorenson has pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. conduct.sorenson accepted a plea deal to reduce his domestic abuse charges and to avoid trial.he was arrested last summer after officers had to break up a fight he was having with his wife at their home in warren county.sorenson stepped down from the state senate shortly before pleading guilty to federal charges over his decision to switch caucuses. happening today, the founder of cedar rapids-based midimar corporation will find out how long he will remain behind bars. bars.74-year-old billaossey is scheduled to be sentenced today in a federal courtroom. he was convicted of directing employees to falsify packaging lables so the company could
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indonesia, two countries with strict meat standards. some eastern iowans are back in the corridor this morning after a long day at the state house. house.just a day after federal officials pushed the transition to privatized medcaid back another month to april first -- many medicaid patients made a trip to the capitol rotunda to tell their stories.former iowa governor chet culver was with them -- saying governor branstad's process and the three private companies haven't been transparent or calmed the concerns of effected citizens. so when we've been told time and time again we're going to save money, and improve delivery of health care, we're either one of those things and so it's right in our democracy to ask questions. questions.familes say the extra time is giving them a chance to get their health-care in order.they said there would have been no chance they would have been ready at the first of the year -- which was the original deadline. governor branstad maintains
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state millions of dollars.he also says patients should get better access to treatment because the companies that will operate the system include hundreds of additional doctoror-- not covered by the current system. the mid-atlantic u-s is now cleaning up after devastating storms raked across virginia, the carolinas, and parts of pennsylvania. three people were killed in waverly virginia, after a tornado hit the tiny farming community.thousands in virginia and the d-c area lost power as motorists were community. hundreds lost power and motorists were stranded. some roads shut down because of the high water. our neighbors to the east, this is video from chicago where hundreds lost power and hundreds of flights had to be canceled last night. there was another disappointing night for iowa
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the wisconsin badgers came in and dealt them a loss. they now dropped three of the last four games after starting the big 10 season red hot. now a full game behind indiana for the top spot in the big 10. the run for the conference championship starts on start, going to clubs to play the buckeyes. you can watch that right here. 49-year-old fired back in november after seven seasons in ames. now a defensive backs coach in arkansas. going to play.
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am amana colonies, 39 degrees. iowa lawmakers are taking up the human trafficking problems. tracking two bills going to the state capitol. >> turning sights to march, you know the saying, from lion to lamb, there's events coming up in the hawk eye state. the forecast in just a
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time for a break. . don't mind me. just making weekend plans. let me know when that works out and we'll go. we were thinking about the forecast here. 57 for saturday and in the upper 50s for sunday as well. a little rain chance for sunday.
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talk about that with predictor coming up. clouds with some clearing this afternoon and evening. breezy and north winds at 15 to 25. cool, but warming up. high of 37 degrees this afternoon. the sun peeks through the clouds and have some sunshine. notice the wind. this is a live look downtown from our towers across town. and as that camera shakes back and forth, you see the wind there. giving us a windchill of 31. iowa city, 34. and 29 in dubuque. forecast for the highs. upper 30s for us. 38 in minneapolis. 40s and 50s to the far west and that warm weather is coming our way. plenty of cloud cover in the area. the high pressure will expand.
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moving closer to iowa. as it does, more sunshine and more sunshine for the day tomorrow. and one of the reasons, this cold front, attached to the front there. we miss that by chicago. that low is going away and the cold front. clearing things out now. going to take a day or two to do that. few clouds in the evening time tonight. starting with a couple of clouds throughout the day tomorrow. just like opening the curtains, like that with the sunshine on friday. great friday night and a super weekend. 38 in iowa city. north winds, 15 to 25. no problem with the drive to school this morning.
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20s north and upper 20s south. getting to the good stuff, going to have the 50s on saturday. last week, the warm weather, but very strong wind. this week, warm weather and no strong wind. that's the good part. winds are going to stay calm. 40s and sunshine monday. we cool down a little bit tuesday and wednesday and a small chance of rain tuesday night. rain and snow possibly as we had had into the day on wednesday. minimal accumulation. just going to see it flying everywhere. eight to 14 days prescription looks normal. our ten-day temperature trend is online, you can view it right now. guys? take a look now at iowa's top stories.
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waving ice rink fees. that can effect your utility bill. the reason? the traffic cameras. seeing to fill the budget hole that could open. and the state is faces reduced revenue pause of lower commercial property taxes. getting ready to show off the new main street district. current renovations, construction and property in marion's uptown district. that's tonight from four to 6:30. bicycles -- the senate pass legislation that would keep motorist from driving too close to bicycles. now moving to the house for consideration. good morning to you. it's 6:43. want to say hey there to you in marions.
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important stories for you to start your morning. is brought to you by collins
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- it's now we're taking a look at your_______ your_______ . 6:46 right now.
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rapids, you may lose it. the temperature is not bad. in the 30s throughout the area. >> shaking camera here on 380 north. not touch movement. everything looks good if you're going that way this morning. >> tracking the details of cedar rapids first homicide of 2016. >> stephanie johnson joins us live with the update. stephanie? . >>reporter: police are conducting investigations into this case and they have not released any details in this investigation. but they say the shooting that happened at the complex behind me was no random act of violence. perkins was originally from chicago, did not survive, and
6:48 am
in the leg, but did survive. police have not released his name at this time. there has been an increase of violence and the cedar rapids police chief said the solution needs to come from the entire community. >> violence is a symptom of other issues that are created there. so the police department needs to work with the rest of the community to address this problem. . >>reporter: the police chief also said the increase in violence is very concerning to four from this time last year. live in cedar rapids, stephanie johnson, cbs 2 news. violence in cedar rapids is high on the list of topics mayor rob corbett layed out in his state of the city address. address.specifically, the police community action team, or p-cat force.the team has been out on city streets for about a month now.the program launched last year in an
6:49 am
month now. this program launched last year to target high violence areas of the city and provide support. the success is the arts district, continuing to ask residents to get involved. >> you make the call to get involved, people will cheer for you. why? because you made the right call. and if you do, will help make the state of our city even stronger. >> and waiting for federal funding to come through for construction after approved last year. because of that, moving forward on the city's priority list. in waterloo, a person recovering after being hit by a vehicle. police tell us the person was hit last night near a bar on
6:50 am
taken to the hospital and expected to be okay. hillary clinton has an endorsement. harry reid is backing her. defeated bernie sanders and holds a large lead heading into the primary vote. >> and ted cruz got one in his home state and republicans are looking forward to super tuesday next week. cruz got the backing on tuesday. texas is one of a dozen states that will choose their candidates on tuesday. texas is important, 150 delegates. on super tuesday -- on the republican side, need 1200 dell gates.
6:51 am
donald trump with 23 and ted cruz and marco rubio with 17. going to be the final debate coming this weekend with donald trump and marco rubio and ted cruz leading the pack. going to be hosted by cnn and starts at 7:30. a search for a vacancy fill for the supreme court. brian sandoval is one of the potential nominees. governor of nevada, saying he's honored to be mentioned, but hasn't heard anything from the white house. majority leader previously said they will not hold hearing or a vote if the president makes a nomination. it's up to iowa senator's chair of the senate judiciary
6:52 am
the senate for a full vote, stressing, no matter who it is, saying not going to hold any hearings. >> these are things we ought to decide in the general election and that can be discussed if this is an issue in the next election. so it's not about the person. it's about the process. >> when there's a vacancy, the person is invited to the oval office to discuss issues. expecting to make that next week. united states and china is agreeing to a u.n. resolution for sanctions on north korea. more punishment for its latest nuclear launch and rocket launch last month. one calling the sanctions significant and could have support from russia, britain
6:53 am
iowa attorney general tom miller is so concerned his office produced this video that has not been posted on social media. people posing to be irs, staying people made errors on tax returns and owe money. asked to put money on a prepaid debit card. >> that money is gone. never to be seen again. thousands of dollars and unfortunately, it's extraordinarily hard for us to track. >> the attorney general's office said it's especially agent.anyone who receives such a call is advised to hang up and call police. it's now on this morning. morning.right now it's degrees in when we come back, we'll take a look at the three stories you'll need to know on morning. cbs-2 news connects with the us with your story tips at 1-800-222-kganor email us at news at cbs2iowa.comor connect with us
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and simple.
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anncr: a culligan whole-house water softening system turns your problem water into culligan water, pure and simple. the three stories you need to know to start your . welcome back. the three top stories at the start of your thursday morning. tim cook, talking publicly about his company's legal battle with the federal government. still back his decision not to comply with the fbi and expected to file a legal document tomorrow. how long he's going to remain behind bars. 74-year-old is expected to be sentenced today. accused of directing employees to falsify pass words.
6:57 am
candidates are on the stage. donald trump, truz, marco rubio, dr. ben carson and john kasich will all be on the stage at once. it's going to be in texas and hosted by cnn. warmer there than this is in cedar rapids. >> it is. take a look at what's happening. mid 30s at lunch time. clearing this afternoon. clouds this morning, as we go to predictor, going to do some clearing this later morning into the afternoon and more sunshine expected for today and friday. 50s and 60s for sunday and monday. we'll stay in the 40s and 50s monday. >> sounds great. have a wonderful day.
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for midday. is there a bombshell hiding in donald trump's tax returns? mitt romney suggests the hide. u.s. soccer legend hope solo is in studio 57 for her first interview since raising concerns about zika at the rio olympics. we begin this morning with a


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