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tv   CBS 2 News Noon  CBS  February 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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towards monthly bill. the reason behind a proposal to roberts has your cbs 2 weather first forecast. city just ahead. justin roberts has the weather first forecast. we have had some sunshine within the clouds but it is breezy, taking a look at the temperatures. 35 is where we have been and we will get to 37 degrees this afternoon. it is still breezy conditions. wins north at 15 until 25 and it's kind of cloudy, 35 in cedar rapids, and was continue to warm up a few more degrees, 32 all i, 33 at waterloo, and dubuque and monticello are both at 34. winds are out of the north at 15 until about 21, gusting near 25 at times. satellite and radar, plaintiff cloud cover but we have seen those breaks for sunshine here and there. we will see more about tomorrow with more clearing.
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stay there for a full forecast -- forecast details including a superb weekend coming up in just a bit. cbs 2 news is continuing to cover the first homicide of 2016 in cedar rapids. police are not saying anything about possible leads in the case. they are, however, saying that the shooting tuesday night was not random. we know that 25-year-old a joseph perkins died after he was shot at the cedar valley townhouses and southwell -- cedar rapids. the police chief tell cbs 2 news that while he is concerned about the violence in the city has focused on finding a solution. >> violence is a symptom of other issues about creating at and so the police department needs to work with the rest of the community. to entrust this problem. >> the department is reaching out to the community with the police community action team. the chief says this is focusing on directing gun violence involved in this case. new at noon, federal judge has sentenced a founder of the cedar rapids company to prison.
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sentenced william junior 22 years in prison and a $60,000 fine for a jury last year fraud, and other charges. he falsified packaging labels for be paying more for utilities. the city council is considering raising franchise fees. mid-american alliance energies and a linn county rural electric company, they are considering the increase because the city could lose millions of dollars of revenue if speed cameras have to come down from the city is trying to make up a hold created by lower commercial property taxes and customers are paying 2% franchise fee. the proposal would increase that to 3%. from 15 down to five mac. the remaining candidates for the presidential candidate nomination face off tonight in the final debate before super
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this will mark the first time it is small enough to have the candidates on one stage for one debate right now donald trump leads the pack in most national polls with ted cruz and marco rubio jostling for second place. doctor ben carson and john kasich are still in the race. tonight's debate in the texas, a crucial state in the nominating process with more than 160 delegates. and all on super tuesday, nearly 600 delegates would be available for candidates. republican candidate needs 1200 to win the nomination. caucuses, donald trump has the most with 81, ted cruz and marco rubio both have 17 delegates. people on the east coast are left cleaning them up and damage after deadly storms ripped through the country. tornadoes, thunderstorms and rain caused millions of dollars in damage from the carolinas all the way up to new york deadly tornadoes killed four in virginia, including a two-year- to the west, a strong winter
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queens after because god flipped about trying to get the water. a strong winter storm is moving through indiana state of emergency has already been declared for one county near the michigan border because road conditions are so bad other countries -- other counties in the area are restricting travel to emergency vehicles, and cruisers are working this afternoon to restore power to thousands of people. snow, ice, and often really dirty cars but waiting too long to get your car wash can be costing you. cbs 2 news reporter stephanie johnson joins us live in cedar rapids to explain. >> reporter: you may recognize this car or you may not, but it is the coworker whitney's doing to their cars. cars. so when's the last time you got your car washed? it's been
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"it was like october of last year (laughs) it's pretty dirty"you know it's winter by the look of the cars on the road. road. why haven't you washed your car? i don't know, i'm lazy i'm busysome drivers get their car washed regularly. regularly. "i have a black car in iowa so i wash my car twice a week with a car pass"and the unusually warm weather brought some extra business to sparkling image car wash. wash. oh yeah a ton a ton everybody is coming in cause that's your first impression i mean you pull up in your vehicle and that's the first thing people seehaving a good first impression is one thing, but protecting your vehicle from road salt is another."it can actually rot away frames."salt can rust bolts and end up costing you more in repairs. curtis ette, with anderson automotive, says one way to prevent those extra costs is requesting an under body car
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salt and grime that gets trapped in small places in your car. car. "it's not necessarily the paint on the vehicle but underneath all of the aluminum suspension parts. they get corroded and kind've fused together it can be very difficult to take apart in the future'ette says you should get your car washed every ten days. he also recommends giving your car a good wax before the winter hits. if you can't clean your car every two weeks, the people at anderson automotive say if you see chunky white salt on the inside of your car, that is a big sign that you should get your car washed.covering the corridor in cedar rapids, stephanie johnson, cbs 2 news. february is heart month, and one of the biggest events is coming up this weekend. weekend.the american heart association's annual heart ball is saturday night in cedar rapids.before the big night, hear the incredible story behind the woman chosen as this year's's a story you'll see tonight, only
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coming up on the cbs 2 news at noon,how a pattern of good deeds took one corridor family all the way to the daytona 500, for the experience of a lifetime.
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nine after the hour and what ed davis been, starting with clouds and we have seen clearing and we are briefly with winds out of the north and west at 15 to 25. some more cool than others but
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the weekend, mid-30s this afternoon after the daytime highs and about 37 degrees. going into the evening, upper 20s, to the lower 30s. right now, we see a little bit of sunshine mixed with the cloud cover. looking from the tower at our place, collins and see avenue, at 18, cooling down and making
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there. many of you watched the daytona 500 last weekend on fox eastern iowa family
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dream weekend at the track. track.what got them there was a long track-record of giving back to the community that turned into a memorable trip. amy blomquist in today's person to person. person. got a big treat by spending a dream weekend at the track. >> what got them there was a long track record, giving back to the community that turned into a memorable trip and we want to introduce you to amy bloomquist in today's person to person. >> waiting for the biggest games until the end of the season. nascar comes right out of the gate swinging. one eastern iowa family was there to see it all, turn by turn. amy bloomquist, and employed at next era and a woman with a the community. >> my week is broken up into several different days of work. my daughter is involved in 4-h. that. >> reporter: that begins to scratch the surface. >> i also held at jackson elementary at the school,
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important within the system. we are grateful for all of the help that they give the teachers and staff. i volunteer for the cedar rapids police department and have since 1998 and i also -- i held at the church, wherever needed. >> reporter: her bosses took notice of all of her volunteer hours in a program to reward giving back to the community. >> for every hour that we put in to the organizations that we volunteer for, we actually supply grants to those particular. >> reporter: someone does something that someone who runs life at 100 miles an hour gets this trip of the lifetime. >> i was raised in a family and my parents were heavily involved in the community and what they did was raised the generation of volunteers and i hope to do the same for my daughter. >> reporter: let's talk about this trip they must have been right? have you ever been -- were you
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>> no. i have watched nascar in the facts -- it is really exciting. i'm just amazed that we are going to be a part of that. >> reporter: you get to be on the track. understand. >> my husband is actually more excited about that that i am. >> reporter: not only is there a trip but amy also won 2016 toyota tundra as part of the dollars for doers program. tell me about this track. have you seen it? >> i have seen it. it is beautiful. it is beautiful. it is exciting. my husband asked permission to drive it. i am just amazed. wonderful opportunity. >> reporter: what does it mean to you, amy bloomquist, to just represent iowa, represent this company, represent the midwest on the trip of a lifetime? >> it is an absolute honor to
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opportunity and, again, i hope to inspire others to get involved in this. i hope coming out of that that people see what volunteering is and the positive effects that come of it. >> reporter: memories that will last a lifetime. a thank you to a woman who has spent a lifetime of giving back to the community. amy and her husband both work and they were both entered into the drawing and they both had to keep a secret from their coworkers until yesterday. when they announced companywide who won. >> that is hard. >> going on the trip, why they were going and all of that was explained yesterday to all of the employees and thanks to our friends at the energy center and a bath -- they allowed us to come out and talk to amy and they do that -- they will do it next year.
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on the cbs 2 news at noon, shockey number of drivers behind the wheel, putting everyone at risk. listen throughout the day
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on the 1630, welcome back. apple is fighting back against judicial orders and request from the fbi. the company is working on software that would make it impossible for the government to hack into the phone. the apple is pushing back against government has to break into the phone of the san bernardino killers. the tech giant says that by helping the fbi, all users could become targets to have information stolen. tomorrow is the deadline for apple to respond to a judge's orders to break into tiny furry qs robert a recent poll shows most americans back the fda on this issue but what do you think? we put a poll on the newly revamped website,, security, -- security or privacy? so far more people in iowa care about security over privacy. you can go vote at almost all americans have played it fast and was behind
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least one risky behavior while behind the wheel in the last month. they include driving while distracted, sleepy and not wearing a seatbelt. experts estimate that more than 35,000 american -- americans were killed in crashes last year. we have done it, taking a selfie but did you know that snapping the photographs could have a lethal consequences? i asked people in twitter which country do you think has the highest number of people who died taking a selfie? 73% of you thought that it was the united states. 13% thought that it was france but the correct answer is in the epic they can't -- of the country of india has the highest number of people who died while taking selfies. 19 of the 49 recorded selfie deaths, in 2014, happened there. i believe the massive population plays a part.
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is time for to your finances but i am joined with bike and rode from investments and were talking about how to manage market volatility. let's define first what is market volatility? >> market volatility is the fluctuation in investments and it will go straight up and down, the fluctuations. >> how do you manage that? >> portfolios, being okay with your risk tolerance as far as where you want to be and where
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>> if you have long-term plans here, how do you keep on track with those? >> just make sure that you actually have some sort of a structured plan, as far as short term, if you have savings account or you are going to buy a house in a couple of years, long-term, and retirement. >> so you mentioned your -- >> just a lot of the small little cause and purchases that you make over the course of the day that you do not think about that they add up over the course of a year. >> how does that budget come into play with all of this? >> i would highly -- disciplined with the budget and start setting money aside for short-term vacations, buying a home, buying the wife a nice new diamond ring, or long-term retirement. so before you budget, the more disciplined you are, the better it will be for you, to reach those goals. >> very good risk tolerance. what does that mean? >> go ahead. >> like i said, make sure that you are comfortable with where
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portfolio, -- the losses will hurt more than the game so make sure that you are comfortable and at the portfolio goes down, you are okay and you have a long-term plan. >> there is no reason to panic. >> not at all. >> calm, smooth, and collected, hire a financial advisors another thing that you could do, someone that is wiser in this area that can help you out with that you can contact the investments and andrew and mike could help you out with that if you need help they are located in the north liberty area and how can viewers get a hold of you if they need to? >> basically, call us 665-5050. they can email us. trying financial. they can call us and we will meet them for a cafi latte. >> you are buying. right? >> [ laughter ] >> yes. >> there you go. because they are not going to
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warmer tomorrow night.
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speed may not be available in your area. call now. >> steffy: hello? who is this? >> liam: [ groans ] adam. who is this? hello? >> steffy: uh... um, i -- i think i misdialed. >> quinn: oh! hey! hey! that must be for me. i forgot my -- my phone. um, hello? >> steffy: quinn? quinn, is that you? >> quinn: yes, yes. speaking. >> steffy: it's -- it's steffy. sorry. i was thrown for a second. i thought i dialed the wrong number. >> quinn: uh, no, no. no, uh, but i could see why. >> steffy: hey. wyatt told me that you have a new guy in your life. was -- was that him?


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