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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  February 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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means we'll be off to a mild start and eventually we expect those temperatures to be back in the upper 50s. thanks. right now, nearly a month after the iowa caucuses, we're getting a first look at the just how much money was spent to win your vote. >> the des moines register reports that the gop candidates spent more than $46 million to bomb board iowans with more thth 90,000 television ads. >> for example, ted cruz spent just over $4.4 million for television ads in iowa. the register says that breaks down to 85 bucks per each vote the texas senator won. >> it is much higher than that for jeb bush and his super pacts. they spspt more than $1700 for each vote earned and he
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after additional poor pinnishes -- finishes, bush opped out. and in january, more ads burst for marco rubio. political experts say they helped boost him to a third place finish. they spent nearly $214 for each vote he received here. the florida senator has yet to win a caucus or primary in the intense race. >> the candidate everyone is gunning for right now, donald trump launched 5500 adds -- ads in january. worth about $1.8 million. the outspoken businessman came in second in iowa with just 6200 votes separating him and ted cruz. >> the register also broke down spending among the documents for the delegate -- democrats democrat for the edelegates they received.
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that's 11100 per delegate vote. now. here's a look the democrat total delegate count. commanding lead. the former secretary of state has more than 500 delegates. vermont senator bernie sanders has . >> taking a look at republican delegate count, trump has 81 delegates. right now rubio and cruz each have 17. but 11 states will hand out 595 delegates next tuesday, march 1st. cbs 2 news learning new details in the case of a you rerember fore special agenenin iowa saying he was fired out of revenge. today the supreme court of the state dismissed his wrongful term nation lawsuit. fired when he complained that a trooper driving governor branstad was caught speeding in 20-13 and never ticketed.
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speeding in 2013 and never ticketed. the truck was clocked going nearly 90 miles per hour on highway 20. the highway department of public safety denies the retaliation saying he was insubordinate. cbs 2 news report ste if fi lee is here to report what that is. >> the institute of hydraulic research keeps sen source measuring water quality across the state. you can learn what's in our streams all from your own computer. these birds glide over%the iowa river. but there's more theory than just scenic beauty. >> we have known for a long time at this nitrogen levels, especially in streams, are higher than we want them to be.
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into. and keep it in the soil. researchers at university of iowa institute of hydraulic research say one way to track monitoring system. it measures nitrate levels. whether also measuring things like ph. dissolved oxygen. conductivity and other parameters that are important for water quality. >> reporter: right now they don't have all of the more weather. but just about a month they should have 41 across the state. >> you want to be in an area you're not going to be affected by the rise and small of the stream so much so you're getting continuous data. >> reporter: that then popped up on their system that's online. >> anybody at home can get on their computer, see what we're measuring here right now at this minute. >> reporter: the numbers tell a story. >> for example, 7 milligrams per liter in the river today.
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>> even hadding iowans know2-- helping iowans know what's flowing in the water. >> that would be e useful for policy makers and scientists also tracking progress. >> reporter: just for reference, the acceptable limit for drinng water ends at 10 million-liters per liter for infants. right now iowa is in a war when it mes to policing our water ways. as iowa's rivers are being polluted, our biggest industry continues to get a free pass. t one iowa city has had enough. and the outcome of this battle decides the ququity of water you drink. who will win iowa's water war. that's comings up on monday on -- coming up on monday on cbs news at 10. authorities were called to a home in elk run heights at
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they arrived to someone giving martin lawrence cpr. investigators say he returned home from work and dropped a handgun as he got out of his vehicle. he fired, hitting him in the leg. he also had several internal injuries related to the accidental shooting. new tonight at six, a cedar rapids man will spend the rest of his life behind bars. james robert earnst, the second of first degree murder. police say he shot and killed a man. during the trial, he said he fired the gun in self-defense and campbell pun itched him and -- punched him and reached for weapon. first degree murder carries a mandatory life sentence term in iowa. right now, more cases of
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all are women between the ages of 41 and 80. and none are pregnant. all three did travel to areas where the zika virus is rapipiy spreadadg. the e alth department says great news tonight for iowa restaurants!many of them exceeded expectations for employment and revenue in 2015. 2015.restaurants pulled in *billions of dollars in revenue and saw a huge bump in jobs. cbs 2 news reporter mellaney moore joins us live in iowa city with more on just how well ty did. its friday night and that means a lot of people will be going out here in downtown iowa city.and for one restaurant owner -if tonight is anything like the past year - it will be a good one! one!devotay has been open in iowa city for about twenty years.the owner says last year was successful and this year looks to be even better.the owner is also on the board of directors for the iowa restaurant association.iowa
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jobs in 2015, more than four times what was expected.the association's president says savings from things like cheap gasoline leave money to be spent going out.the state's restaurants surpassed a sales projection of 3 point six billiln dollars... by earning *four* billion dollars. 16:46:48 it makes you think that everybody must be doing great and that's not true. a lot of restaurants ended up struggling, but the number of reasons are as wide as you might imagine. meanwhile there are others, probably that are doing even better than those numbers. numbers.friese says an early spring in 2016 will also help local restaurants as more people get outside.covering the corridor in n iowa city, mellaney moore, cbs 2 news. good news for stores is city, melanie moore, cbs 2 news. good newses for store, actually turning into d news for shoppers tonight. retailers slashed prices to get shoppers to spent big bucks in stores.
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for awhile, stores have now cut back on these deals. and there's been a 4% drop in customer satisfaction. coles feeling some of that unhappiness. retailers will close 18 under performing stores this year. the company says it'll announce what stores are closing next month. new developments tonight, as deer in company continues to balance work force needs with demand for its projects. deer announced today it's laying off about 100 employees from the economy's factories in dubuque and davenport. it has yet to recover from dropping in august. girl scout known for its cookies. but one group got their oatmeal on. they labeled oatmeal pacts and
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fundraiser. the fundraiser feeds more than 2000 local children. the girl scouts say they were happy to lend a hand. because i can help people who don't have enough money. we can give them oatmeal. >> for two years we have donated cookies. so i want them to know where their cookies are going to and who they're helping. >> they will earn their give back badge for helping. why one local theater group is recognizing a musical milestone tonight. >> and in this world we live in, it's alwayaygood to have some good news. and tonight, in terms of weather, we have a beautiful forecast for you this weekend. check it out. tomorrow, we're going to jump about 20 degrees in our temperatures and should be pushing 60ly late afternoon. and way into the 60s all of the way through sunday. and there's definitely change coming next week.
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the in the fore on cbs 2.increased threats of cyber attacks are changing the e way sailors in the u-s nana are being taught. instructors looked into the past, for new lessons. see you monday on cbs 2. a popular local theatre company is recognizing one of their own tonight for her hard work. a popular local theater company recognizing one of her hard work. >ext to normal opens tonight and the music director celebrating a milestone. marissa scott got a preview and
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special for the cast and crew. >> r rorter: if you have attended any of the performances, you have heard janell ballard play. she sits in the middle of the bland directing and playing the keyboard. her first production was hair and having to relocate after the flood of 2008. next to normal is her 20th show. she wouldn't trade her job for anything because she loves music and sasa she works with talented actors. every single one of them had wonderful things about them. and every single one of them had challenges. so, i guess the ones that stick out in my head the most were certainly hair, for it being the very first one and i love that show. t anything from "rent "to sweenn todd to les mis.
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information on our website, marissa scott, cbs 2 news. and some sweet newsic playing in the -- music playing in the weather department this weekend here in eastern iowa. temperatures set to really take off tomorrow. pushing 60s in some parts of the area. we've got fair skies along with that. 34 degrees the temperature and a south, to southwest breeze at 6 miles per hour. and while we started today with some clouds, they quickly moved away and tomorrow, shshld e mostly sunny conditions too. and that will make for some outstanding spring like weather. today, the warth alady established here where temperatures were right around 50-54-degrees. and that's theworm -- the warth that'll build in the area tomorrow. finally by noon we've shot up to 54 and should come close to 58 here in the cedar rapids. normal highs are still around
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so we'll be at least 20 degrees above that. and i don't think we'll see any record temperatures, but one area that could come close is water -- waterloo. the record is 58 and we're forecasting 57. the rest, should be severer degreeeeshort of the records for the day. current temperatures looking this way. most of the reading in the mid- 30s. although until dubuque, a little cooler. the temperature at 32. . as we look at the satellite, a few scattered showers around. the flow starting to go westerly now and that's going to be spreading that mild spececic air in here. you can see tomorrow, the at least in this model goes up to 61. that might be a bit of a push. but even on sunday, we're still back in the mid-50s. so looks to be a pretty excellent weekend as far as temperatures are concerned here in eastern iowa. one little aspect we'll have to watch, is the winds.
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of ououwinds gusts could reach as high as 31 to 35 miles per hour. with the sunshine and temperatures well into the 50s, should be a pretty nice day for this time of year. once again, you can see the jet stream flow flattening out here. early next week, we do get another buckle here and that does pose the threat for some precipitition and snow around the midwest. our u.s. model has backed off a little bit. it fits down to half an inch here but the european model still shshs some substantial snows. so a lot of issues have to be resolved next week. but there's certainly the possibility we could at least see some light snows in ian iowa by next tuesday. and again, we'll watch that closely in future forecast. tonight, your low temperatures will be back around 26 to 29 with mostly clear skies. then going into tomorrow, readings will be around 55 north to 6060in the south with south westerly we understand with 10-15.
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still at a 56 on sunday. and beyond, that you can see with et get much colder next week and there's that chance for some snow around on tuesday. we'll flip it back to you. all right. thanks. what a weekend. your turn. >> all right. marshaha cane. showed off his speed the nfl combine. just how fast and the i'm savin' you five hundred comingoon from progressive,
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the nfl combine is an event
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the nfl combine is an event like no other. college football players are poked and prodded mentally and physically every day by nfl coaches and gm hoping to improve their draft shot. cane, opened up some eyes in the 40-yard dash. the speedster ran a 4-6-1. the fasteses40 every by a kick. and blithe, finished in the top ten in the bench press and the cone drdrls. >> and. belle will also be a defensive assistant similar to what seth wallace did. belle started on the hawkeye staff in 2012 as a graduate assistant. and gearing up to get back to their winning ways. the hawks travels to columbus on sunday where lately, they have played really good.
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hawks have trailed for a total arena is the a perfect place to get the pep back in iowa's step. "i mean, shouldldt be hard, playing g cbs. it's a great opportunity. we haven't played well in the last two games, yet we have done some good things in those two games. you know, you tend to only focus on what we didn't do, what we should have done. we did a lot of good things in both of enough to win." the secrcr to -n-i's success on the court -- trust -- and you can see it -- earlier this season -- matt bohannon, wes washpun, and paul jesperson were the only ones putting numbers for the panthers -- now it's those three along with a handful of other guys coming up big -- game in and game out. "wyatt, bengy, ted, klint... have been playing really good basketball for us and for us to do some damage ssurday in evansville and then the next week in st. louis we need
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basketball.. they're doing a great job right now and we are really excited about where our team is at right now." byron buxton lit up the midwest league in his short stint as a member of the cedar rapids kernels -- and now the second year big leaguer -- is ready for a break out performance this season with the twins last season with the club -- buxton played in 46 games -- striking out 44 times -- definatley not up to his standards -- so in the off- season -- the former kernel worked on his entire game and is ready to show it off in spring training . "you feel rushed all the time, you feel not prepared... you are prepared, you just slow the game down and go out there and relax and play clam. i need to work on everything still to be where i want to be so i kind of hit different area's of my game and just tried to do what i could to help myself get betetr." speaking of baseball -- the hawks are 4 games into their season -- and they're still
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-- iowa fell to indiana state -- rick heller's former team -- 11 to 3 -- in the snowbird classic -- home opener is march 8th against northwestern college
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one last look at your forecast tonight's temperatures will hold in the upper 20s to lower 30s. so that's a nice start to the day tomorrow. and then the temperatures really take ofofwith some sunshine. i'm thinking around 55-60 from north to south across the area tomorrow. >> you just keep thinking that. >> all righty.
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>> thanks so much for watching.
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here at 10. tonight, jennifer garner breaks her silence on her crumbling marriage, telling all about ben and the nanny and what she thinks about his giant back tattoo. struggling with the pain of the scandal, but would she take him back? out why they're still living on the same property. behind the scenes kelley clarkson's "amamican idol" break down. >> i don't think there was a drew eye in the house. >> she takes a look back at her emotional performanan. >> i am so disoriented.&- i could not stopcrying. then the oscar crush is on. the nominees last minute jitters as some stars g their party on early. plus the rush to fiend the


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