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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  February 28, 2016 10:08pm-10:30pm CST

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what you are talking about with white supremacist. >> what she ying about an -- he is saying about an endorsement. >> then make your reservation, restaurant week isisaround the corner. the opportunities to eat your way around town and granny lane or hammer down. >> the majority of the folks on the interstate are speeding. >> your thoughts on whether police should crack down on all the drivers just hanging out in the passing lanene >> then the tough stories and your weather first forecast. >> thank you very much for joining us. > momo shots fifid in cedar rapids.
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shooting at a bar. police arrested a 21-year-old, derek bailey. it happened on second avenue at 12:45 a.m. this m mning. dedek bailey now faces charges. no one was hurt. cooler weather is back in the corridor tonight. muhammad for the end of february but the finds -- mild for the end of february but the winds were strong here at broadcast park. more changes are on theheway for this week. meteorologist rebecca kopelman here now with the latest in your forecast. >> things are going to be changing. we will have another mild day tomorrow. but then colder air is here to stick around and winter will be reminding us it is still here. but early today temperatures got up to near 60 degrees across eastern iowa. that happened close to about
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started to fall and now we are cooler than we were this time 24 hours ago. 20 degrees cooler. last night temperatures barely dropped to near 40 degrees and now we are into the 30s and temperatures wi still be falling, that is because the winds are bringing in cooler air behind a cold front. that allowed the winds to pick up. they will be strong over night, 15 to 20 miles per hour sustained with gusts as high as 25. the temperatures are going to drop down into the 30s and you can see in your hour by hour forecast, they warm up tomorrow into th50s once again. but it is in fact still winter and snow is in your forecast. when and how much coming up. >> thank you. tragic story tonight out of viviinia. a a lice officer was killed in the line of duty on her first day on the job.
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charged with killing her. she esponded to a domestic violence call. it isn't clear what happened next but police say a man shot and killed her. two other officers were wounded. she was just sworn in last week and now police are in mourning. . >> condolences go out totoer might ananfafaly and loved ones -- mother and family and loved ones. >> the fan accused worked at the pentagon. [ bleep ] a kkk rally turned violent in southern california. fights broke out between members and counter protesters. two kkk members were stopped on the ground. three people were stabbed. 13 arrested. it happened after members
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signs saying white lives matter. >> crazy for them to come over here. majority of minorities here. >> it is important to remember this is the message, it is protected bybythe first amendment. >> police are looking at video captured at the event to track down others responsible @for the assaults. >> more controversy for donald trump after an endorsement from former kkk leader david duke. several organizations called on donald trump to reject the support of david duke and other white supremacist groups. donald trump said he can't condemn somebody he doesn't know. >> i don't know anything about david duke. i don't know what you are talking about with white supremacists. i don't know.
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or what is going on. because i know nothing about david duke. >> later today donald trump tweeted that he does reject the support of the former kkk leader. votersane dozen -- voters in a dozen states hold primaries on super tuesday. bernie sanders skipped south carolina and went straight texas and minnesota. -- straight to texas and minnesota. bernie sanders is now doubling down. >> i am going to be asking for your vote on tuesday but i need more than that from you. i need your help the day ter the general election because i can't do it alone. >> our campaign is the only one in a position to beat donald
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if you want to stop this trump drain, the only way is to beat him on super tuesday. >> cruz is counting on support from texas. but some say if he can't win with his own voters he may have a tough time continuing in the race. this is restaurant week. a chance for 29 of the top locally owned establishments to throw open their doors and offer you some really great deals. cbs 2 news reporter here with a reporter of this competition. . >> reporter: this week is the week to find new flavors and bring out your inner foody. food week is pitting the best restaurants against each other and the winner could be decided by you. >> everyone is nervous. every wants to win -- everybody wants to win. fun to try the different things they are offering.
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a creative se like competition.n. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: from march 1 to 6 they will be serving up something special leading up to a show down with the winners picked by the public. to be a voter you will need to try a fefenew places. >> we are hoping this will bring out new people, new customers and make people aware we are here. >> reporter: it is giving newer restaurants a chchce to branch out. >> this will give us an opportunity to see if the new burger is popular. >> reporter: the most votes will face out. but the real winners are the diners getting fresh flavors. >> i think it brings it to another level. it is great. it is a friendly competition. >> reporter: you can find a
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voting information on our website. >> thank you very much. as long as you are already hungry, the best chili in the country. they held their annual blues and buffet chili challenge. justin roberts took the job. he was one of the judges today. they sampled dozens of bowls. this year the event raised money for the hd youth center and the community clinic. >> $150 to make chili for this event. we request them to have four gallons chili. it is no small commitment but it is for a good charity. >> that is for sure. we checked with the organizers and they raised $10,000.
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this 16th year for the chili challenge. florida is just the latest state to stop drivers and write them tickets from $100 to $1,000 in illinois. it is not for speeding but for driving too slow, in the wrong lane. is it time to crack dodo? it is the topic in tonight's say what? >> look at that. look at that. >> reporter: this youtube video is getting a lot of attention on social media as a state trooper lights up a driver cruising in the passing lane and walks him all the way over to the ow lane. [ laughter ] >> reporter: an example of a who think they own that left lane are dangerous - and they're writing tickets. " if you're gonna drive slow in the left lane .. just don't .. get o or. " some of you tell us you see the same thing on interstates 380 and 80
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coutesy." we were taught in drivers' ed you pass on the left and then you get back i i the right lane. " " we've all been stuck between 2 semis and their regulated. " roger says - tickets aren't the answer - could work. work." left lane is thehehammer answer but patience and education could work. >> left lane is a hammer lane. right lane is the granny lane. if you want to cruise that is what the right lala is designed for. >> it is frustrating. >> when you have four lane roads you should use all the lanes efficiently and pass in the left lane. >> reporter: other drivers argue the left lane is often smoother and as long as you are going to speed limit wh the big deal? >> the majority of the folks e interstate are speeding. >> reporter: she spent 10 years working on highway safety and says when fast meets slow it
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need a be educated to keep right. >> it is a bad practice. when i was taught to drive so many years ago we were told that that was the lananfor passing. you need be in the right lane. >> hammer lane or granny lane. we want hear your thoughts. leave them right now on our facebook page. coming up tonight on your cbs 2 news at 10:00 p.m. fundraiser for the future, the sounds that are making sure this organization remains vibrant. >> and unfortunately spring is not here to stay just yet. i am tracking changes for the week, that includes a chance of snow in eastern iowa.
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and when you can expect it on cbs 2.increased threats of cyber attacks are changing the e way sailors s the u-s nana are being taught. instructors looked into the past, for new lessons. see you monday on cbs 2. each year - the chamber singers of iowa city - hold a >> each year the singers of iowa city hold a community event to educate on cultural music. rich music and show cased the
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cbs 2 news reporter effi lele has the story. [ singing ] when e notes turn into beautiful sounds that fill a a room. >> one clear sound. >> reporter: these men and women are the ones who make the music come alive. >> like we have gone on that journey. >> reporter: on sunday inside the church audience members journeyed through the gospel with music. >> we try to crcrte some sort of cultural event that is also a fundraiser for our organization. >> reporter: this year musical culture came from europe. >> a rich tradition and one of the most performed composers that is still alive. >> reporter: with every word -- >> looking out into the audience, seng who is here
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comes out of the music. >> reporter: singers want audience members to get the same emotional connections. >> participation by coming to the concerts is the best. iowa city, steffi lee, cbs 2 news. tonight's fund-raising goal was aboutone thousand dollars.we have more information n about supporting the arts - and the mission - on our web-site. a windy day across the corridor - - but still some pretty mild* temperatures - for february.. february..meteorologist - rebecca - kopel-man is here - - withththe latest on more
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flying south in the standingng- - coming up in sports -- why their latest loss -- hurts the most -- and what are their chances for a big 10 title --- next on cbs 2.
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