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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 29, 2016 7:00am-9:00am CST

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good morning. it is monday, february 29th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." on its biggest night, chris rock challenges the hollywood establishment. the comedian takes on academy voters and oscar protesters. >> the republican race gets even nastier. donald trump and marco rubio attack each other for the way they look. on this leap day meeting the oldest leaping lady. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. i thank you all for this amazing award. let us not take this planet for granted. i do not take tonight for granted. thank you so much. >> diversity takes center stage at the ososrs. >> it's the 88th academy awards,
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nominee thing has happened at least 71 other times. >> we are going to win so big. you know, we are leading in every y ngle state? >> is he unstoppable? >> there is no doubt that if donald steamrolls through super tuesday and wins everywhere with big margins that he may well be unstoppable. >> have you seen his hands? they are like this. you know what they say about men with small hands? >> tomorrow, this campaign goes national! >> senator, a disappoininng loss in south carolina? >> i won't tell thaw we didn't get beaten and beaten very badly. >> hamilton accused of killing a police officer in virginia will appear i i court. >> she was sworn in the day before. >> otto warmbier detained in north korea begs for forgiveness. >> save my life! >> a rampage on a religious festival and luckily no one hurt during the festivities. >> a that.
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water in his boxer breven. >> what is going onn over therer >> what are you going to do once the big show is over? >> i'm going to the oscar parties. the after-parties. >> when is your bedtime? >> 8:00. >> i w wt you to reach intoo your millionaire pockets and i want you to buy some of my daughter's girl scout cookies. look at my babies up there! leo, y made 30 million. come on! >> on "cbs this morning." >> there were no nominees. they w%re in lin to buy t-shshts at the michaha bolton concert. the only way they would win tonight is if they let steve harvey announce the winner and announcer: this portion of "cbs toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." gayle king is off. jeff glor is with us. the academy awards ceremony
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controversy into pointed and entertaining social commentary. these four are celebrating their first acting oscars. >> it was host chris rock who stole the show. he took on the lack of racial diversity head on from the openg moments until its clososg credits. entertainment tonight co-host kevin frazier is in los angeles. >> reporter: good morning. no way last night's broadcast could be just about the awards. leonardo dicaprio and brie larson took the acting honors and spotlight and surprise winner for best picture but the real spotlight was on the oscars lack of diversity and the show's host chris rock owned the night. >> well, i'm here at the academy awards, otherwise known as the white people's choice awards.
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rock wasted actors were white. rock kept the jokes coming even out of a commemeial break. >> we are black. >> reporter: the broadcast politically charged atmosphere included more the diversity issue. leonardo dicaprio took home the oscar for best actor and took the opportunity to deliver a message about the environment, a decade. >> climate change is real, it is happening right now. it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species. here tonight. thank you. >> reporter: vice president joe biden walked on stage to a standing ovation and talked speaking out against sexual
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part o his introduction to lady gaga's song "until it hahaens to you." >> reporter: as the song ended victims of abuse filled the stage. the emotional response from the audience was clear. brie larson who played a sexual abuse victim in "room" hugged each other as they came o stage. >> and the oscar goes to -- "spotlight." >> reporter: tonight's top honor went to a film perhaps the strongest political message. it tells a true store o o journalism in "the boston globe." >> this film gave a voice of survivors and this oscar amplifying that voice which we hope is a choir that will resonate all the way to the vatican. >> reporter: the first time a
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oscars in 66 years p.m. the night's biggest upset, mark rylance of "bridget of spies." another winner best supporting act dress was alicia vikander. the real star of the show i thought was chris rockck. i thoughte hit it out of the ballpark. >> we will have much more from the oscars later on this moing. the presidential candidates maming one last big push to super tuesday today. a new national poll this morning
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by 49% of voters leading the procures another important conversation about trump, tolerance and the future of the republican party. >> he doesn't sweat because his pores are clogged from the spray tan that he uses. >> reporter: last night at a rally in virginia, marco rubio got a lot more personal in his attacks against donald trump. >> he is always calling me little marco. i admit he is taller than me. he is 6'2" which is why i don't understand whyis hands are the size of someone who is@ at 5'2". he has small hands. you know what they say about men with small hands? you can't trust them. >eporter: trump referred to marco rubio. >> there is something wrong with marco. there is somhing with him. he is sweating. >> reporter: in the past, trump
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messages from white supremacists and even retweeted a quote over the weekend from world war ii dictator mussolini. he hesitated when asked about david duke's endorsement of the ku klux klan. >> i know nothing about david duke or white supremacist. i don't know what group you're talking about. you wouldn't want me to condemn a group i know nothing about. >> trump knew enough about duke to say this friday in ft. worth. >> i didn't t ow he endorsed me. david duke endorsed me? okay. i disavow, okay. >> reporter: marco rubio called trump dangerous to the gop. >> how are we going to grow our papay with a noomminee who refuses to condemn the ku klux klan? >> donald trump refused to disassociate himself and condemn white supremacist.
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>> reporter: ted cruz took to the fight against rubio and comprehensive immigration reform. >> thank you, major. in the democratic race, hillary clinton carries the momentum. the latest tracker battleground poll shows clinton big lead in georgia, virginia and texas. clinton scored a decisive win this weekend. she beat bernie sanders by a landslide in saturday's south carolina primary. clinton will hold an eve where nancy cordes is this morning. >> reporter: she is leading by 20 points here in virginia in our battleground tracker. it's one of two states a that she is visiting today. those poll numbershelp to explain why increasingly clinton is turning herttention away
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her fire, instead, on the republican candidates. >> i want to debate whoever they put up because here is what they are saying. they are selelng the same snake oil, trickle down economics. >> reporter: clinton changed her focus after her south carolina blowout. >> tomorrow, this campaign goes national! >> reporter: she won the state's african-american vote by a staggering 72 points. on "face the nation," sanders didn't sugar-coat it. >> w wdid really, really, really badly with older african-americans voters. we got decimate. >> reporter: tomorrow, he must compete in seven more southern states. the latest cbs news battleground tracker shows him trailing clinton by 24 points in texas and 28 points in georgia. voters there said clinton is more qualified, but theyy viewed sanders as more principle and hon honest.
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little bit differently. >> reporter: a distinction he tried to draw in oklahoma city. >> if y y're going to get paid $200,000 for a speech, must be a pretty damn goo speech. and if it's such a good speech, you got to release the transcriri! let everybody see it! >> reporter: clinton campaigned in nashville, a camera caught her can dit reaction when he told her about the latest trump controversy. sanders shared that sentiment tweeting america's first black president cannot and will not be succeeded by a hatemonger who refuses to condemn the kkk. clinton retweeted it. >> some of his supporters say we like mr. trump because he tells it like it is.. bigotry is not telling it like it is! >> reporter: sanders is heading to minnesota today, one of a few
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notch a win tomorrow. ironically, even as clinton pulls ahead in the delegate count he is poised to notch his best fund-raising month ever, pulling in $36 million in fefeuary. >> nancy, thanks. cbs news political director and "face the nation" moderator john dickerson is in washington. here we have all of this trading of insults and more aggressive campaign against trump. but the question remains -- will the race change until people stop dropping out? that much more of the vote to really overtake trump. so we are going to have to see whwh happens when the voters get in the booth and start deciding what they are going to do to see if there is anything to stop trump. at the moment, this race to the bottom in the back and forth between the candidates hasn't seemed to have hurt him.
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ideas has become a campaign about mussolini and kkk and the size of a candidate's hands. what is going on in the national republican party about how this may affect the party's future and electoral chances in other races? >> once you're talkiki about mussolini you're in dangerous territory than makeup. these are repugnant ideas that the republican party stands very far aparar of and t t difficulty for donald trump even though he dissed about david duke on friday when he was asked by jake tapper on cnn about this, he seemed to be sort of unablele to immediately denounce the kkk and white supremacist. this should not be difficult and gives support to those saying he is playing footsy with the ugliest ideas out there.
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of people thought marco rubio did very well in. what is chris christie looking for? do you see this possible vp ticket for donald? >> possibly. i think itas a chance for chris christie to get back in e story a little bit after his poor showing in new hampshire and dropping out of the race, because he really ran on things, chris christie, that donald trump doesn't believe in and said things about trump and his lack of experience that are contradicted by what he said in supporting him ultimately in the end. so it's helpful as you mentioned for donald trump to have an endorsement t om somebody like that in a blue state. so it was good for the news cycle but i think other than that, donald trump is off on his own and got his own thing going. whether a place f f christiti in a trump administration there probably is in some possible way. >> john, thanks. our team will bring you super
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and our coverage begins at 10:00/9:00 central on cbs. a soldier accused of killing his wife and a police officer is expected to face a judge today. police say that staff sergeget ronald hamilton shot and killed officer ashley guindon on saturday. it was her first day with the prince william county police department in virginia. jeff pegues is at the court where hamilton's arraignment is scheduled to take place. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. ron hamilton will be in a courtroom today. not woing att his job in i.t. at the pentagon joint staff services center. on saturday, investigators say he got into a heated argument with his wife andnd first to rolll up was a rookie officer and military veteran. ashley guindon was just sworn ringing and
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celebrate fallen police officer ashley guindon. >> recognize that we will continue onetep at a time in honor of ashley. >> reporter: some covered a police car in flowers, while others visited the hospital where she died. >> she had been through so much with the marines and to have this happen over something so stupid. it's so sad. >> reporter: guind don was serving her first shift died. a day earlier she was sworn in at the prince william police department where she had once interned. the department tweeted out this picture with the message, be safe. according to reports before deciding to become a a police officer in 2015, guindon spent nearly eight years in the marin corps reserves. police say ashley, along with two other officers, arrived at ronald hamilton's woodbridge home saturday night on a dostic disturbance call.
7:17 am
door of the home and the subject inside the home opened fire, striking three officers. >> reporter: the pentagon staff sergeant allegedly shot and killed 28-year-old guindon and shot and wounded 33-year-old david mccown and 31-year-old jesse hampton before surrendering to police. during`the search of the home, police found the body of hamilton's wife crystal. auththities also discovered the couple's 11-year-old son unharmed. >> the wife was able to contact the police officer, however, before our arrival, she was shot and killed allegedly by the accused. >> it's always been a peaceful neighborhood where everybody get along with everybody. >> reporter: neighbors of hamilton say they are shocked by his violent behavior. >> he was a good guy, like a gentle giant. >> reporter: hamilton, who had been working at the pentagon since 2011, faces capital murder charges. if convicted, could spend the rest of his life behind bars. as for the two injured officers, they have a combined 19 years on
7:18 am
expected to make full recoveries. charlie? >> thanks, jeff. thee temporary cease-fire inn syria appears to be holding largely but the united nations says thousands of syrians may have died from starvation during the civil war. elizabeth palmer is in holmes, where residents halt in fighting will bring a lasting peace. elizabeth, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. ll, this partiti cease-fire is holding. it has to be said pretty long odds. the position has officially complained to the united tions of numerous violations by the syriri army and 26 russiananir strikes. but for civilians in areas that are quiet, this patchwork truce fers relief and a glimmer of hope it might grow into a broader and more lasting arrangement with monitors and designated safe zones.
7:19 am
the old cty here thoroughly destroyed by years ofighting but nowack in government hands and quiet. life is starting to return to the ruins. calmer, repairs, even school. the partial truce is also a rare bit of good news to the thousands of homeless syrians who were forced out of their towns and villages by fighting and who know want nothing more than to return. the united n nions nowants to take advantage of this pause in the fighting to deliver aid to 150,000 people in various parts of syria. and they have also announced a new round of peace talks starting a week today. >> elizabeth palmer, thank you. a cyberbreach targeting taxpayers is far worse than thought. ahead why the number of cases is soaring.
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your l lal weather. announcer: this portion n "cbs this mororng" sponsored by weathertech cocainin
7:21 am oscars host chris rock may be the night's biggest winner. >> ahead the comedians take why his take on the controversy about race is unprecedented.
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i've been calling out hollywood for lack of diversity. you know what? i don't want to just complain. i want to help solve the problem and that is going to fresh perspective. in your words what is the oscar controversy about? >> i guess it's about giving the blacks a chance to win. >> did you see any of the oscar nominated movies? did you see "spotlight"? >> no. what is that? >> how about the bridge of spies? >> where are you getting these movies from? >> reporter: what was your favorite white movie of thth yeye? >> oh, man! >> "by the sea" with brad pitt and angelina jolie. >> wow! not even they would say that! >> funny. >> i love that clip we were watching at the break as well! that is od! >> i haven't seen that movie. >> charlrl a a could watch
7:31 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." we just saw a sample of the comedy chris rock used at the academy awards. ahead his reviews on the frank social contrtrersy of didirsity. a fight club on campus. we are look at the students who were knocked out and left with concussions. time to show you some of the the globe. "the new york times" on an american student detained in north korea making a public apology. otto warmbier spoke at a news conference in pyongyang. it is unclear whether he was forced to apologize for trying to steal a flag. moderate allies of iran's
7:32 am
cease on assembly to pick the next n nion's supreme leader. it's iran's first vote since the nuclear vote with u.s. and other countries was finalized. "usa today" reports on a royal caribbean cruise ship cutting short another trip. you might remember the anthem of the seas was battered earlier this month by a severe storm. on saturday the ship's captain decided to hea home two days early t t avoid another possible storm. the ship was also dealing with a noro norovirus outbreak. police say the kkk were only defending ththselves from protesters when their rally turned violent saturday in anaheim. some people were stabbed and seven anti-kkk protesters are being held. "the washington post" reports how a member o of s.e.a.l. team 6 emerge from secrecy to receive the medal of honor today. navy chief senior biers shielded an american hostage from gunfire
7:33 am
he is the first living s.e.a.l. to receive the medal of honor since the vietnam war. you shouldldearn more about him d this mission too. we have more on our website. incredible story. chris rock is being recognized this morning for redefining the role of oscars host. much of the conversation is focused on how he and the show put racial diversity at the center of the broadcast. michelle miller is here with how rock put the heat on hollywood. michelle, good morning. >> he sure did. good morning. >> reporter: when chris rock signed on to host the award show it was before the oscar white controversy erupted. thth it seemed like noo hososwas better fit to address that big white elephant in the room. >> hollywood is sorority racist. it's, like, we like e u, rhonda! but you're not a kappa! >> reporter: host chris rock
7:34 am
versity controversy of the on oscars, he dove in head-first. >> i'm sure there were no black nominees in '62 and '63 and why?y? because we had real things to protest at the time. you know? it's too busy being raped and lynched to care about who won best cinema tog go fer. >> matt bellami. >> he was very raw and very unafraid to go there in many ways. >> reporter: theit wasn't limited to there. >> i'm a danish girl! these dinnishes are good, girl!
7:35 am
>> the oscars because i quit, you know? and the last thing i need is to lose another job to kevin hart. >> reporter: kevin ht was the butt of many of chris rock's jokes, most likely scripted ones, but hart's take was reportedly ad-lib'd. >> i want to take a moment to applaud all of my actors and actresses of color that didn't get nominated tonight. the reason why i say that is becacae i want them to understand that tonight is not determined the hard work and effort that you put into your craft. at the end of the day, we love what we do and we are breaking major ground doing it. these problems oftoday. >> repepter: chris rock, kevin hart there both pointed and
7:36 am
no one was out of boun from his commentary. chris rock's any way. he took shots at the academy and hollywood establishment and even those protesting the nominations. i guess his point really was, hey, there's some people on the outside boycotting and there needs to be that same voice of dissatisfaction from the inside/out. >> the academy needed this too. >> yes. >> it really did. >> right. this debate. >> right. to be made fun of. >> yeah. >> people were laughing. you guys were having fun at the break. >> as you point out, unsparing and targeting everyone. >> yeah, yeah. sometimes a laugh will go further sometimes to make the point than sometimes a conversation of seriousness. >> michelle, thank you. >> thank you. california school officials are investigating an alleged fighclub on a high school campus. several videos of students punching each ototrurfaced last week prompting complaints from parents. those students are from nevada union high school about an hour north of sacramento.
7:37 am
she only learned about the fight club, allegeg fight club recently. but as carter evans shows us, fights may have been going on for years. we should warn you this video is graphic. >> reporter:he videoeo shows students wearing boxing gloves but no protect gear and puckling each other. >> you're bleeding. >> reporter: the fights apparently took place during hoolhouse in a dilapidated building used by the baseball team as others looked on. >> we immediately opened an investigation. we've shut down the location where the fight has taken place. >> reporter: current and former students told cbs station kovr, the fights have been held for more than a decade with kids getting knocked out and receiving blood yiy noses and black eyes and going home with concussions. >> parents and coaches have been aware prior to bringing it to our attention. >> no one is trying to, like, i want to beat this kid up. >> reporter: senior james is friends with some of the
7:38 am
insisted they had had no malicious intent. >> just guys having fun. laughing. playing music and boxing. >> reporter: at least three videos were reportedly posted ononne last week, but have since been deleted. the teenage fighting ring is drawing comparisons to the movie "fight club" about a recreational fighting league for adult men. >> the first rules of fight is you do not talk about fight club. second rule of fight club is you do not talk about fight club! >> it really blew my mind. i was sururised that kids get away with things like that. >> reporter: the high school is trying to determine which
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the district we welcome the newest member of ourur cbs family wncn in raleigh is now cbs north carolina. we look forward to working together. >> north carolina is a good state. >> love it. >> a lot of strong people from there. >> good people born there. >> yes, indeed. a massive data breach at the irs was first more than first released. they say over 700,000 social security numbers and other personal information may have been stolen. jan crawford is outside of irs headquarters in washington with the sophisticated fraud. jan, g gd morning. >> r rorter: good morning. so the irs started that get transcript program more than two years ago.
7:44 am
investigatio the irs is saying it has put h hdreds of thohoands of more people at risk for identity theft. >> somebody was trying to claim a refund using my social security number and i knew@ somethinwas wrong. >> reporter: not even virginia tax attorney wayne zell was says stole his identity. >> i got a form earlierhis week stating that somebody had recovereremy e-file personal identification number. i don't have that. >> reporter: the irs is a latest in a series of disclosures. in may 2015 the agency reported cybercriminals accessed some 114,000 taxpayer accounts and that number grew to 334,000. this month the irs says as many as 724,000 victims. >> the irs is, frankly, not doing enough to protect us. >> reporter: steve wisman is an
7:45 am
>> the very fact it takes them so many months to even analyze the depth of the problem shows that there are probably even more identity theft that is going on. >> reporter: the irs says hackers used personal information gathered from other online sources like bank accounts to answer personal identity questions on the get transcript forms. one possible culprit, irs approved taxpayers. one audit found 6 out of 13 irs approved failed to give information to people. >> we don't use proper passwords. we don't use proper security. >> reporter: the irs is notifying the hacked taxpayers by mail, as well as free identity protection for a year. in a statement, the agency says it's committed to protecting taxpayers on multiple fronts against tax-related identity theft. we are movovg quickly to help these taxpayers.
7:46 am
security number, which i understand only witness protection program victims can do, i don't really have a solution yet. but i think we needd to o arch for one. >> reporter: now, the online kind of download feature, that has been suspended since 2015, but the irs is working to restore that part of the sfgs, but, of f urse, with enhanced security this time, to better protect taxpayers. >> jan, thank you very much. a beauty website competes
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7:51 am
of whoopi goldberg and saide had no idea oprah was at the academy awards and that is not oprah. gayle king posted this photo on instagram of her daughter kirby next to oprah in response to the mix-up. she wrote, quote, we don't all look alike. geez! total beauty later apologized and said it was our errrr and there are no accuses. they plan to donate 10,000 to a charity of@ whoopi and oprah'h' choice. oprah has not weighed in. >> that is very, very bad. leonardo dicaprio is a popular star and now an oscar winner. kevin frazier is standing by in los angeles to talk about dah dicaprio's achievement. weill be right back.
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good morning. it is monday, february 29th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning" more real news ahead including more from the oscar ws wins and how single women nd defined history and are transforming this presidential race. but first here's today's eye opener" at 8: opener@8. ght was >> "spotlighgh was the surprise al winner for best picture but the diversity. >> marco rubio discovered his n and see inner donald trump.happens. poll numbers help to explain why clinton is turning her attention away from bernie sanders, firing on the republican favorite. >> the difficulty for donald >> the trump is even though he he disavowed david duke on friday he seemed unable to denounce thekkk kkk and white supremacist. this should not be difficult. >> the partial cease fire is
8:01 am
complained of numerous violations. after a nine month investigation the irs says it tigation put hundreds of thousands of it's more people at risk for identityt theft. f >> it seemed like no host was a like no better fit to address that big white elephant in the room. >> will was not nominated, little concussion. i gett. i get it. will you get mad. it's not fair that will was this it tha good and didn't get nominated. you are right.righ it's not fair that will was paid will 20 million for "wild wild west." okay? for i'm charlie rose with norah o'donnell o'donnell. he >> the hollywood mega star n received the first nomination for best supporting actor and he
8:02 am
>> dicaprio's performance earned for him the coveted award. kevin frazier is at the et studio. >> after chris rock rolled and young delivered. i it was a corn nationcoronation who declared red himself king of the world in thees blockbuster "titanic" and now i is official he finally is. >> let's not take this planet net for granted. i do not take i do not take this night for granted. >> this environmentalist took mu advantage of the worldwide audience as he was named best as actor for "the revenant." reve >> there is a sense of urgency we must do something proactive do about the issue. >> reporter: he grew up in los ter: he gr angeles as a child actor. at at entertainment tonight, we were there at his first oscars
8:03 am
what's eating gilbert gray. >> it is like being the top the heheyweights, people i have beene i've watching for years. >> brie larson is the best actress winner. this she used to deejay for extra ss money and dreamed of a night like this. money and dr >> i watched this on tv every year since i was 7. to be here is part of history. 7 so >> while the actors struggle is with diversity, many films honored social relevance. the best supporting actor in the danish girl took us to the early bac days of gender reassignment. >> i hope it can open up a widerf that conversation.tion. >> reporter: another film igniti igniting discussion, the real the life investigation in to sexual abuse by catholic priests v "spotlight" earned best picture. >> this film gave a voice to survivors. if i risk it all >> sam smith won for best original song.
8:04 am
time an openly gay man wonon ans of kampl it wasn't but his heart in was in the right place. >> even fit wasn't the case can, i want to dedicate this to the lgbt community around the world. lady smith beat out lady gaga's song about alleged sexual assault on alleged collegecampusus.ts the performance brought some to p tears. brought it touched the best director winner alejandro gonzalez iarritu. >> i have a 20-year-old girl in college and i think of that.ather as a father to see that crisis is still happening in colleges and the pain that it creates and how powerless they can be, i think that song was very moving. >> it was a magical moment. back to the revenan for a
8:05 am
when leonardo got staff chew, it beat the record forretweets.eres >> while the nominations were ions were not inclusive what about the show? >> you know, i have to tell you, i thought ris rock and the are producer did a fantastic job d from survivors of sexual s of violence to the lgbt community and of course racial diversity. the show covered a lot of ground and there wasn't a wasted ted moment. skits abouou black history ut moment, celebrating jack black, k moviegoers from the compton of theater interviewed and even s played music played seem to have a message quincy jones and ferrelliana from super fly. shaq and the black bird performed by dave.
8:06 am
that a black bird as being a symbol for a beautiful black k woman. woman. the mess the message was delivered loud and cl and clear. missed if you missed it, the academy it! president said get on the train because change is coming. >> she will be held to that standard after promising that. >> oh, yeah. >> thank you so much. entertainment tonight will have a wrapup of the oscars tonight. wra check your locallistings.s can personal attacks are flying in the republican race where 12 states vote tomorrow on super tuesday. those voters in georgia and texas think donald trump has theheost opopmistic message and say he th has the best chance to win in november. according to the cbs news battleground tracker. trump is also getting heavy criticis criticism for not renouncing support of the former ku klux klan leader david duke. leade >> trump was asked about duke's endorse and support of white he s supremacists in geneneral. he saiaihe wouldn't condemnmn a ws nothing group he knows nothingng about.
8:07 am
racism has no role in politics. gop marco rubio said the gop cannot be a partytyhat refuses to condemn white supremacists.premacists. trump said he couldn't hear the hear the qu question because of a bad ear piece. our top political team will bring super tuesday results super tomorrow night in primetime.t in our special coverage begins at ecial coverage b 10:00, 9:00 central here on cbs. on women are less married to the idea the idea of having a spouse.authth the a ahor is in the toyota green room and we will talk is
8:08 am
impactincareer, politics and hollywood's big night combines comedy and controversy. how the film industry moves forward following the diversity
8:09 am
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women made up 61% of democratic p pmary voters in south carolina this weekend. according to cbs exit polling and unmarried women comprised a bigger percentage of married voters than their peers. rebecca explores the rising influence and independents of unmarried women in her new book called "all the single ladies" and writes thth expanded presence of women as independent entities means a redistribution of power that has until recently been wielded by mostly men. the book is posted b b simon and shuser, a division of cbs. we spoke to unmarried women to get thei thoughts on dating kroorkser, careers and what makes them feel complete. >> i roll with it. >> very single rht now.
8:14 am
if you like it then you should have put a ring on it >> i'm single as a dollar bill. >> i'm single. >> i have been single for five years. we're talking big plans right now. >> every single party i get asked do you have a boyfriend? are you dating >> sometimes you don't find the right one right away. >> i don't think i want to. >> i think i would be devastated if i didn't get married. >> i'm thinking about c!reer goals first. >> i want to have enough time for both, home life and work life. >> i always choose my family over my career at the end of the day. >> my reer is really important because i can't have a family if i can't support them. >> pususng myself professionally is way more of a priority. >> i don't think the biological clock has hit in full force yet. >> five years from now, i plan to have a family, be married. i plan to marry rich actually.
8:15 am
complete is being my truest, most confident self. >> you have to love yourself as a person to love someoeo else that much to be married. >> rebecca, good morning. wow. this is a terrific book. i know you spent five years putting it together. what's interesting, what you found, women choosing to be independent, unmarried before they are married is becoming mass behavior. what's that mean? >> it means it's not -- even though it leads tounprecedented level of economic, sexual, social independence for women it is not a politicized action for many women. one womann the clip said i want to prioritize career. but mostly this is become the pattern. it used to be between 1890 and 1980 the median age of first marriage for women fluctuated between 20 and 22 and didn't go higher than that and it is now
8:16 am
happen not at all. >> inn 1960, 60% of young women were married and now 20% of young women. >> how is that changing us >> it changes everything. >> us meaning the general society. >> it changes everything how the nation works. our government, our social policies, civic institutions are
8:17 am
pattern in mind, that't' the absolutely. >> n n just the presidentitial level.l. >> unmarried women vote democratic. they require sort of a whole new
8:18 am
democrats are more likely to be behind. >>hat about men? men are also marrying late. >> they are. the population of single men is growing. historically men have been able to live more easily independent lives. they have beenenore easily able to earn their livings, be economically independent, to have sexual lives not judged so harshly. it is relatively new for women. as far as being able to have that kind of social independence and have it be a norm, rather than a scandalous aberration. >> i thought one of the fascinating things about this, the historical significance of single women. this is not the first time they have had a huge impact on our society. >> in the 19th century when so many men went west and so many killed during in the cil war, ere was a huge population of unmarried women. a lot of these women, whose lives suddenly weren't given over to the responsibilities of
8:19 am
their energies toward the abolition, suffer raj, movements, teaching expansion of secondary education. >> nurses in medicine. >> absolutely. many of those pioneers and reformerer were unmarried or unconventionally married women. >> you hope it means a pervasive penetration of the major institutions in america. >> it is happening. you see unmarried womeme rising in politics. we have so few women and women of color in politics and increasingly you see people like donna edwards running for senate, you see all kinds of single women rising and they are going to represent a population that's changed from anything we have ever seen before. >> it is fascinating. thank you so much. congratulations on the book. >> thank you so much. >> "all the single ladies" goes on sale tomorrow. a an alternative to the
8:20 am
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i'm really excited by all of the diversity noise that is happening right now. and i am so happy that, finally, hopefully, maybe hollywood is about to wake [ bleep ] up.
8:24 am
statue at the all def movie awards. def jam producer and coproducer russelll simmons created the award show. jackson jr. portrayed his father rapper andndctor ice cube. >> i want evererody take a look in the room right now, because if you don't and christ christoph waltz also won. >> ead, the oscar jokes about race i'm _______it's eight-25 on this monday morning. we'll take a look at the day's top headlines in just a moment.but
8:25 am
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8:26 am
right now -- authorities across iowa are looking for two escaped inmates. inmates.guards at the newton correctional facility discovered jessy foley and michael l amodeo missing late saturday night.foley is serving a 27-year-sentence for numerous drug charges -- amodeo is serving ten for drug charges as well.anyone who has ininrmation about them is urged to call police immediately.
8:27 am
arrested one man for shooting his gun over the weekend. weekend.21-year-old derek bailey was taken into custody early sunday morning near the hazzard county saloon on second avenue. avenue.police say bailey pulled a gun behind the bar and started 2 news obtained this video when officers arrested bailey.he's charged with public intoxication and wreckless use of a one was hurt. now a cbs 2 news follow up. a man who admitted to randomly killing a dubuque woman is now getting a competency hearing. hearing.a judge has ordered that hearing for helmon betwell to begin april fourth. last week, betwell's attorney argued his client has a mental disorder that keeps him from understanding the charges againsnshim. m.betwell is charged with first degree murder and sexual assault in the death of nancy (crop-full) krapfl on september first.he is also charged with two counts of burglary.criminal proceedings against him are on hololuntil his competency is evaluated. a sentencing has now been set
8:28 am
who hit a spial needs student. student.robert scarbrough pleaded guilty to assault andnd child endangerment charges earlier this month.he faces up to three years in jail when he's sentenced march 31st. 31st.scarbrough was arrested in october after police determined he grabbed the student's coat, hit the 15- year-old in the face, and pushed him to the floor. cell-phone video captured students screaming at scarbrough to stop.the incide allegedly began when the student refused to sit in his assigned seat. don't forget -- cbs 2 connects with you - call cbs 2 if you see news happen.800 222 kgan. you can also email tips, pictures, and even video --to news -- at cbs 2 iowa dot com. that's a quick look at your monday morning news.get more news anytime online - at cbs 2 2
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8:30 am
they do have a time-out and decide not to use it. curry on top! bang! what a s st from curry! with 0.6 remaining! >> these type of spectacular shots from golden state's steph curry are becoming commonplace. less than a second left in oklahoma, this shot, warriors beat oklahoma city on saturday nighgh >> i sawawbout the twewes on
8:31 am
the analogy. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. buzz aldrin saying we will get to mars by 2040. he believes a staging base on the moon would be needed. the seattle times reports that starbucks plans to open its first shop in italy next year. starbucks hasn't been as self successful in italy than other nationk. a man busted for allegedly selling fake hamilton tickets.
8:32 am
bogus tickets to the hit musical for $175 apiece to a aigslist. he was arrested when the woman's boyfriend set up a sting with police when he tried to sell the same tickets to him. jada pinkett-smith and will smith boycotted last night's ceremony after the nominations were introduced. rock took a jab at them. >> jalen boycotting the oscars is like me boycotting rihanna's panties! i wasn't invited! oh, that's not an invitation i would turn down. but i understand -- i'm not hating. i understand you're mad. jalen is mad and her man will was not nominated for "concussion." i get it, i get it. i get it, iet it. you get mad.
8:33 am
good and didn't get nominated! you're right! it's also not fair that will was paid $20 million for "wild, wild west" okay? there are some surprising winners this morning who are celebrating their oscar trophies. mad max and spotlight and revenant took home of the most award last night. mad max led the pack with six. >> the oscars have been under fire since no minorities were nominated in the second straight year. chris rock didn't stop there. >> i'm here at the academy awards, otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. you realize ifhey nominated a host, , wouldn't even get this job! so y'all would be watching neil patrick harris right now.
8:34 am
here this morning. how did chris rock do? >> i thought he did great. we don't want himo be comfortable. we want him to push the boundary. >> we want him to be chris rock. >> yeah. >> you don't hire him to just be nice to everybody. i think it's interestinghat he managed to do a lot of things, like he went after the jada pinkett-smith and will smi boycott or their not attending. he really wanted to keep the focus on there not being nominees of color, while also pointing out the fact that the racism -- or the lack of inclusion is pervasive, like he wouldn't get the job irnl. >> heeither. e is providing a context when he gave a historical context for the idea of boycototng. a's? >> no. >> no.
8:35 am
more thing i thought he did was brilliant make the point about there being black oscars and why the gender categories are still in force. i've been saying this -- i wanted to write a story about this and i've been saying three years, the grammys no longer have gender categories. i want to know what would happen -- i think it would change things a lot in terms of how we talk about these things if you eliminated the gender category. >> one of the reasons we continue to have them is women don't tend to lead movies in the same way men do. most of the oscar nominated movies are the story of a hero on a quest. >> i wilbet you anything, stuff would change if you just made it support -- ten supporting actor nominees and ten best actor nominees. >> robert d dniro says i don't need to slow down my acting because of merle streep. >> not at all. >> not at all. >> you would have a really interesting conversation when those nominations came out, you
8:36 am
>> what did you like or not like about chris is my question. >> i thought something he did that was interesting was he either repeated the same jock that he did when he hosted the st time or he made a call back where he did a video bit where he went to a movie theater in a black neighborhood. the last time he hosted it was magic johnson theater in harlem. this year he went to compton. >> there is controversy he wasn't there. >> oh, really? >> yes. he asked movie-goers if they had seen some of the nominate films and the sort off broad answer was no. >> yes. >> it was funny when he did it the first time. >> it was brilliant the first timt. >> but coming back to it, it maybe was a little bit weak from a comedy point of view. >> let's talk about leonardo dicaprio. he used his speech to make a larger point about climate change. good thing? >> oh, absolutely. i think he has been such an activist for environmental
8:37 am
surprised if he didn't make that point. >> that is very, as i was saying last night, on brand for leo or leonardo dicaprio because i don't know him! >> did he it smartly? >> yeah. i would have been surprised if he hadn't done it. he has been trumpetingg these issues for year. they are real. >> it was a night when a lot of people called out causes that were bigger than the show he themselves which i thought was interesting. it was a moment where people taking the time to use this platform to say this is not just about m m winning an award. look at vice president biden and lady gaga putting a call out about stop sexual abuse or the diversity issue obviously. >> the production itself brought out these sexual survivors or these abuse survivors and i thought that was really powerful. >> that said, wesley, you worked in boston and i worked in boston as well. >> yes. >> i worked -- >> the globe.
8:38 am
which this story is about. "spotlight "spotlight" raced out to the early lead and backed off. this was a little bit of a surprise. >> yes. it wingcame down to three movies. this was -- i mean, when you think about it it's kind of a no-brainer. it's the most important of those, you know, quote, important of those three movies. it's really well made. >> great to see investigative journalism -- >> cheering at home. >> the least divisive between the revenant and that. >> but the narrative also was that sylvester stallone will win for "creed" as best supporting actor? >> people thought he had the edge. and mark rylance was a surprise of the night. even if you think it's a done deal, all of these, you know, front runners are going to win there is usually a surprise that often comom in theupporting
8:39 am
like rylance honored for the theater actor, honored to "bridge of spies" for a quieter performance than severlsylvester stallone did, i think is nice. >> one final thing to say it reminds me to watch the oscars, i mean, good actors, how m my good arks we have and really are people out there who do what they do extraordinarily well. >> yes. no, it's great. one thing i will say about this so-called diversity issue is i don't know who was b bking the guests or who said no, but all your actors of color came from tv. they were either abc employees or from some othth realm of entertainment. very few of them were american. it was just an interesting optic. >> a subtext that other streams of entertainment are doing it better perhaps than movies. >> here they are to give movie
8:40 am
>> served -- >> yes. >> thank you for being here. >> thanks for havinin us. >> grere to have you here. >> thank you both.
8:41 am
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if you're waking up a little groggy from your oscars party, you may not have noticed that today is a leap day. but what exactly does that mean? jamie wax takes us through times loophole. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. every four year, we have to squeeze an extra day into february. except we don't add an extra day every four of that years, it's divisible by 100 unless it's divisible by 400. in that sounds, confusisi it is! we started to dig into leap years and figure out what it's
8:45 am
special leap day birthday embrace the latter. but why does daisy's birthday only come around once every fourur years? >> reporter: do you know why we have a leap year? >> no. >> probably something about the >> to do with the seasons and global warming. >> i don't know. el nino? >> reporter: we decided it might be best to consult an expert. here is theoretical futurist michio kaku.
8:46 am
>> you go around the sun i i365 days is what we learn in school, no? mother nature made it 365 hours plus five hours and 49 minutes and a few odd seconds. that means thahaevery year, we have to compensate for one quarter of a day. so after four years, we have to add one more day. >> reporter: when did we figure out the need for this extra day? it was way back in 46 b.c. julius caesar realized the calendar they were going after wasn't working. together they realized what the egyptians had discovered we need an extra day every four years to stay on track, so he instituted the julien calendar. butven that wasn't quite right. see? the solar year is actually only .242 days longer than the calendar year and not an even.25. when we add a full day every four years, we are left with a surplus of roughly 11 minutes
8:47 am
to add up. so, finally, in 1582, pope gregory 17th fixed thehe glitch and instituted the calendar we still follow today. how is it different? i'll let michio kaku plain. >> 11 minutes difference in one year's rotation builds up. and that is why the pope had to intervene and say we have to tweak the julien calendar one more time. so, for example, in the year 1600, that iss divisible by 400, there was a leap year, but in 1700 and 1800 and 1900, no, no leap year. then the year 2000 there was a leap year. >> reporter: a lot of tweaking. >> yes. >> reporter: luckily, we have digital watches to account for all this. >his particular watch has a wheel in it that turns run revolution every four years to accommodate the extra day. >> reporter: someone engineered
8:48 am
>> yes. >> reporter: many of us have to adjust the date on our watches at the end of every everybody but this one does that for you. >> this hand represents the date. >> reporter: in order to see how it works, we looked at one under a microscope. >> a cycle of 48 months for the leap year, so we have a cam of 48. we have 48 lobes and each lobe represents a month. >> reporter: it takes over a year and a half to construct one watch and it will set you back around $85,000. so you have four years to savee up for the next leap year. around the world, leap year traditions vary. in greece, it's considered bad luck to get married anynyay of a leap year. up north a british tradition says february 29th is the only day a woman can propose aarriage to aman. for daisy, her birthday adition has always b bn a nice dinnererith family and friends. but this year is different.
8:49 am
you turn 25! one last thing to think before this leap yeararmorning. ififou haven't left for work yet, you may want to consider just staying home! after all, if you're a saried emplee your company is getting an extra dayaof work from you this year for free! >> good point, jamie! >> i wish i knew that before i came to work today. >> what a great story. >> cool stuff. thank you. happy leap day. >> leap day. leap year and leap day. leap everything! you're watching "cbs this
8:50 am
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8:52 am
we will be right back. that does it for us.
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8:54 am
with scott pelley tonight and we i'm _______it's eight-55 on this monday morning. we'll
8:55 am
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in the race for iowa's first congressional district -- late last night -- the iowa 1st district democratic central committee announced it is suspending plans to hold a series of forums. forums.the committee says scheduling conflicts are the reason behind the suspension. last week -- the committee announced five forums that would each focus on a particular issue.candidates monica vernon and gary kroeger agreed to take part -- but pat murphy didn't originally commit to the forums.the three forums.commit to the forums. the three democrats are trying to un-seat republican rod blum in washington.their primary election is june 7th. a new poll from the des moines register says roughly 7 in ten
8:57 am
the minimum wage.right now it's at 7-25 an hour.the poll surveyed more than 800 iowans last week.but those who were in favor of a wage hike were split when asked what to raise it to. 33-percent say it to. 33-percent say ten bucks, while 15-percent say 15 or more. iowa state health officials say two more iowa travelers have become ill with the zika virus.the iowa department of public health said friday at the women did recently travel to the caribbean or south america, where the virus is spreading.zika is primarily spread by mosquito bites and have been linked to birth defects.there is currently no treatment for zizi. that's a quick look at your monday morning news.get more news anytime online - at cbs 2
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