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tv   CBS 2 News Noon  CBS  February 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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will be this -- after lunchtime, down to 30 at 11:00 with snow tonight. it is cloudy with mixed sunshine and 55 right now. the sun is shining cedar rapids, 44 waterloo, 46 to be, i was a, washington compared to the 30s and charles city. winds are starting to turn which means that temperatures will start to cool off over the next few hours on the winds primarily west if not northwest out 10 to 20, gusting to 25 a little bit of moisture the clouou but nothing coming g wn arouou a quarter, back toward cedar rapids, so let's talk about the planner and then we will show you a taste of what we're planning this afternoon and evening, 55 is the high, 35 tonight at 9:00, and really quick, there is the snowfall forecast, dubuque over towards these, they will get the highest amount of snow, 4 inches or more and low income from cedar rapids and i was sitting down to washington, trays to 2 inches of snow and because of that, winter weather
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quantum now and we will talk -- we will show you what the predictor looks like i show w u tempererures that will respopo in kind after the snow coming up in a bad. new this afternoon, a navy seal is emerging from secrecy to receive the medal of honor the naon's highest military honor edward byers is credited with saving an american doctor being held hostage by the taliban and in a house in eastern afghantan three years ago. he got on top of the doctor to process. officer first class nicholas check lost his life. the navy seals operate covertly, and president obama praised edward story forward. >> in today's ceremony, it is truly unique, a rare opportununy for the american people to o t a glimpse of a special breeeeof warrior, that
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>> edward byers did not speak at the ceremony, and he is the sixth navy seal to receive the honor. candlelight vigil held last night for a rookie police officer who was killed oher very first day on the job ashley grandin was shot after r respondingngo a domestic violence call and saturday. police say the 32-year-old ronald hamilton shot and killed her and his wife. he i3 an army staff sergeant whw worked at the pentagon. he is sitting in a jail cell today, and he is facing murder charges. or two other officers were injured but are expected to be okay the high school principal of ashley guindon found her yearbook while sitting which briefing live for something rather than die for nothing. >> the irony is a bit overwhelming. she gives her life to community server, has it taken away on her first day it is just not right. >> hamilton is being held without bond after going before
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student detained in north korea for two months are speaking out for the first time. otto frederick warmbier are a videotaped press conference that was released . he is banner, a sign, containing a political slogan from the walls the 21-year-old broke down earlier today and suggested that he was enticed into this criminal act by the united states. >> never manipulate people like myself in the future. was held at his own request. but it's not unclear if he was coerced to speak. >> quinn officials said that the conference was held atatis own n quest, but it is not clear if he was coursed to speak for the north korean government alleges that he was encouraged by a secretive university society and the cia.
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are buying hundreds of millions of addictive pills coming from the iowa prescription monitoring pgram that says that iowans bought 300 million pills just last year, a fifth of those it werereicodin which is a powerful anancommon painkiller, iowans are below the national average for some people are still worried. >> not be afraid to talk to your children because it is not just the street drug anymore. it is all of our problem. >> since was credit, the iowa prescription monitoring program says that you are iowans are going doctor to doctor until they get prescriptions. right now the program is working on expanding the database by sharing information with more states to better track patients. a new poll@is revealing how iowans feel about the minimum wage.
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minimum wage from the current $7.25 an hououbut it is by how much where e ey differ. 33% want the wage to get bumped up to $10 while 16% believe that it should be $15. support for minimum wage increase in iowa has gone up over the past year at the start of 2015. 65% of iowanansupported a raise and the poll was conducted by the des moines register. numerous drug charges --amodeo is serving ten for drug charges as well.anyone who has information about their whereabouts is urged to call police immediately. this week could have a huge impact on the race for president. president.voters in more an a dozen states and territories hold primaries on super tuesday -- that's tomorrow.with a victory in south carolina hillary clinton hopes to keep that momentum in other southern states.bernie sanders skipped south carolina and went straight to texas and which is tomorrow, with a victory in south carolina
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that going. and other southern states. carolina and went straight to texas in minnesota. hillary clinton appears to have a grip on minority voters by bernie sanders and others are doubling down. >> i am going to be asking for your vote on tuesday, but i need more than that from you. i need your helplphe day after the general election. because i cannot do it alone. >> our campaign is the only one in a position to beat donald trump on super tuesday, and if you want to stop this donald trump train, the only way to do so is to beat him on super tuesday. >> ted cruz is counting on support in his home state of texas. analysts say that he cannot win them back with his own batters he might have a tough time continuing in the race. talk online about the 80th academy awards that were last night and leonardo dicaprio who won his first oscar, was all long-awaited win and he had been nominated other times but has never won.
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won best actress for her role as an objective mother in room and the newspaper drama spotlight took home best picture and action film a mad max at the desk was the most honored of the nighthtwith six production awards total to the academy awards host chris rock shied away from the whole topic of diversity and his opening monologue. >> here at the academy awards, otherwise known as t t white people's choice awards. if they nominated -- a hose, i would not even get this job. >> he spoke about the issue but took on both sides, taking hits at data think it's that -- who -- and spike lee who boycotted assurances that hollywood's racism is like sorority racism were a girl is deemed , quote, not capital material. area restaurants are upp friend competition in the quarter, cedar rapids area convention and visitors bureau is sponsoring restaurant week, chance to show off the best local cuisine. everyone a little nervous everybody wants to win but i think it's just fun to try the different things that the restaurants in cedar rapids
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offering. you cacafind a menu for all the participating restaurants and voting information on cbs two iowa dot com. as long as you're hungry how about some of the best chili in the country in restaurants and voting information on this weekend some of the best chili was in cedar rapids, and sunday that club had the annual blues and buffet chili challenge. stin roberts took ththheat as e of the judges. look at that. just being himself and they sampled concert chilly and a raisismoney for the hd to center on the community health free clinic. >> they cost about $150 to make an inexpensive chilly for this event because we usually request them to have 4 gallons of chilly. charity."we checkeke with the organizers and they raised a but it is all for a good charity. >> we checked with the organizers and they raised a coming up p the cbs 2 news at
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what happened when a little boy got a little too curious. curious. main weather- your plannnn shshs what's ahead for the - now a live look outside courtesy of weatherfirst skycam - temperatures area will be warmer with mixed - taking a look at regional temperatures going to warm today before cooling tomorrowsatellite/rada r is featuring mixed sunshine - let's move ahead in time by taking a look at the surface map- moving into a closer view 'predictor' forecast we clouds moving in this evevengforecast bring us mixed sunshine with the forecast but first enjoy
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11 after the hour and what it was yesterday, starting with sunshine on the warmest and temperatures were around lunchtime. we are doing thatatoday. clcl continues to move i io forecast this afternoon with mild weather, highs, low 50s and even some 30s and 40s in the north. 50s and if you 60s in the south, little bit of everything g and a mix x rain and snow moving in tonight. the temperatures are 55 this hour and we will cool down from
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the low 30s overnight. that should be the high for the day tomorrow. right now in cedar rapids, certainly a fair amount of cloud cover, 55 with clear winds out of the west the 20, not affecting the feels like temperature. 4109, 44 waterlolo 45, 46 to be, 58 iowa city and 59 in in charles city so is a wide span of temperatures for us minneapolis, 55, upper 60s kansas city, 64 st. louis, 70s in which a topic the cold air from the north will start moving into iowa of and as we go to the next couple of days, we are already thinmoisture dakotas. that is coming along a cold that will come scooting into iowa this evening into the overnight hours.
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move through the middle west, plenty of rain to the south and we will see rain and snow in southe iowa and then all snow from essentially highway 30 into the north the predictor and less time out the cloud cover, fair amount of covered out continues to pick it up for the evening into the drive home, and snow starts between 8:00nd 9:00 tonight, stays with us to the later evening heavier snow expected after midnight and here we are 4:00 tomorrow morning, in the snow, and most of ththmoisture is out by 10:00. even the clouds are leaving the forecast by the mid-afternoon, with clearing tomorrow night. it will be present for the day tomorrow, and will be cooler for the day tomorrow as well. highs in the mid to lower 30s for wednesday, sunshine but wednesday clouds moving towards the afternoon and evening and that sets the stage for
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thursday. here is a snowfall map, lows impact from cedar rapids, about it 2 inches to 4 4inches of snow and ran n delaware county to southern county, towards dubuque county and off towards these, we will call that moderate impact, 4 inches or more of snow in the bottom, tama county, iowa city washington, so essentially south of highway 30 is where we see the minimal to lowest impact if not at all. traced to a couple of inches of snow there. the most snow is where we are seeing the winter weather advisory from decorah, cedar rapids, waterloo to dubuque and seven that goes into effect tonight and stays into effect through 9:00 a.m. this will affect driving tomorrow so bear that in mind. this afternoon, winds south 5 to 15 and turning to the north clouds and breezy but the temperatures range from 38 in manchester, cedar rapids and ththupper 50s and iowa c cy, 60 washington. snow starts tonight around 10:00, low 20s in the north, mid and upper 20s in the south and ranges though, trays to a couple of inches into the later inines through the morning tomorrow.
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clearing, 16 tomorrow night, sunny, 36 for wednesday, 34 with a dusting of light snow on thursday and upper 30s and dry incentive for friday mid-40s with mixed sunshine on saturday. 52 with sunshine on sunday and attend a trend, low to mid-50s for next monday, tuesday and wednesday. >> you can join us in the morning on cbs 2 news because we are taking a look at the road conditions to make sure that we have got you prepare >> it sounds like we will have the road warrior out and deployed and we will keep you up-to-date on what is going on. road conditions and much more. this is not a big snow but it's the timing, driving tomorrow morning will be affected and the heaviest knows from dubuque county, towards manchester, lesser amounts south of cedar rapids and iowa city. stay with us. coming up, what messages are telling about top officials in michigan and what they knew about flint impending water
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for the weather first forecast a four-year- welcome back. a four-y-yr-old boy how to fight ordeal in australia on sunday. he got his arm stuck in a vending machine and it took crews more than six hours to get them free after this happened his arm god stuck in an antitheft mechanism the father thinks his son was overwhelmed with the old or something he had never seen before. he was looking at has handed
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but he is good now. >> the child was taken to the hospital for evaluation but he is going to be just fine. michigan governor rick snyder's aides knew something was wrong with flint water as far back as october 2014. own ver for drinking water.r. investigators are looking into why the city didn't treat water with anti-corrosive agent, which was required by federal law. coming up on the cbs 2 news at noon, we live busy lives and so often it feels like we don't ever have enough time in the day to get anything done. but one expert says it is you can make the most of your time, that's ahead. ahead. greg kloehn knows that one person's trash can truly become someone else'streasure. by sourcing illegally dumped materials, he's created shelters for >> reporter: greg knows that one person's trash can truly
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materials, use creative shelters for people in need. >> look what they are taking a what they are doing with that. they are really making their lives. that is what their living off of. >> reporter: based in california, the homeless homes project ereates more than just shelters but places for people to call home. >> i know their name. i know their story. i feel comfortable going up and chatting with them. >> reporter: you can help of the project at homeless homes project website. best known for commercial appearances in comedy. she founded nothing funny while vacationing increased when she learned of t t realities of the refugee crisis. >> this is four hours ago and i'm not doing that. >> i do not want to be this anymore. >> a refugee herself from you pakistan, she could not stand idlylyy.
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startingngn organization called can't to do nothing and i think that there are lots of easy things that we can all do to
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we live ch busy lives. it feels like we don't have enough time in the day to get everything done but today were joined by olympic silver medalist and neurologist which is someone who studies time, john quayle. thank you for joining us today. >> my pleasure, kelly. nice to hear your voice. >> good to hear you, too. as a speedskater, you used to cramming a lot of action into a small amount of time. how have you used those experiences to be able to live life to the fullest? >> you know, it is true in sports, particularly speedskating, , e margins of victory are very, very tiny so
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turning out what turns out t to ho be a couple hundredths of a second and so having spent more than 15 years doing that at some point i realized that if you think about it, the value of an increment of time is not really related to its root -- its duration. and sports, is very much true, that 2/100 of second can mean a lifetime of trade but also in real life, the moments we created our lives sometimes are very short duration and have an incredible meeting. -- m mning. once you can look under r e covers and realize that timemes not linear, you can fundamentally change our relationship with time and that is what i'm working on. >> you have found this movement called to the art of rely living. what is that all about? >> the art of really living is about fundamentally changing your relationship with the time and the core components of tt i believe are living a strength
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living and flow and in the zone, and when you are living and that sort of mode, the amount of data that you taken is more significant than working in areas of weakness so it is like a high-speed camera, so you are taking in more memory, developing a greater resilience so you can experience more moments of intensity, good or bad, and the memories we create are always related to their intensity a a then f fdamentally using thoho things to create more moments that create a notch, say, in your brain of a moment in time that really matters and when that is when you can slow, stop and reverse the perceived acceleration of time. >> tell us how this is going to affect viewers and what can they take away from this? >> well, if you learn to create meaningful intense memories, you can acally stop this process that most people feel usually in their late 20s and early 30sand up that each summer feel shorter than the last and nobody wants a summer to be over in a flash and i can tell you that if you start to create more experiences, more
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down an incredibly rich meaning, you will experience summers that last longer than when you justin has a final check of your forecast next, but first here's a look
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in answer -- welcome back to these cute little doggies here, to have
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but they were trained specifically to retrieve balls and bring them back to be pelted for this tennis championship in brazil. they are so cute they are doing a good job at a couple times it looks like they do not want to give the balls back. >> yes. >> taking a look at the forecast, talking about snow chances as we look at the map tonight into tomorrow. waterloo, decorah, cedar snow and t higher the further north, rounded butte, we could see 4 inches or more of south into rapids, back towards iowa goes into effect tonight and
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>> steffy: oh, my god. are you serious right now? >> wyatt: would i be down on my knee right now if i wasn't? [ chuckles ] oh, my god. steffy. you are amazininand exquisite. you're one of a kind. like, you're the only woman that i want to be with. tell me that i can do that. marry me. >> qnn: i just told you i loved you. >> liam: [ chuckles ] yeah. so you're not taking it back? >> quinn: [ chuckles ] i couldn't if i wanted to. [ chuckles ] which is crazy. >> liam: that's odd. >> quinn: what? >> liam: you talk like your feelings for me surprise you.


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