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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  June 27, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. and breaking, new details from south africa. nelson mandela, in critical condition at this hour. there are reports he's on life support. south african president, jacob zuma, just arriving at the hospital. mandela's family already there. we're live from pretoria. breaking overnight, the american businessman held captive and behind bars by his own workers, finally going free this morning in china. he lost nine pounds due to stress. new details now about what really happened. aaron hernandez waking up in jail this morning. prosecutors claiming the patriots player got rid of surveillance tape at his own home. new details on his text message to the victim. and did a piece of gum at the crime scene seal his fate? and wimble-doomed. why are the world's top tennis
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players slipping and sliding all over the grass. shocking upsets for ace players. which star will fall next? and we do say good morning, america. and some wonderful pictures to show you of jubilation. people dancing in the streets. in cities all around the country, after the supreme court's ruling on marriage equality. celebrating well into the night. look at san francisco city hall, lighting up like there in tribute. we'll get to the latest in a moment. >> big changes are coming. it was a sweeping decision. buut right now, let's get to the breaking news on nelson mandela, the south african freedom fighter and former president now surrounded by family at the hospital. the current south african president jacob zuma is there, too.
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he canceled a scheduled trip to be close to mandela. ron claiborne is there, too. good morning, ron. >> reporter: george, the president zuma was supposed to be in mozambique this morning. but he called off that trip late last night because of the nelson mandela's condition has turned worse. there are reports that he's now on life support. if the obama had this to say about nelson mandela. >> i think he's a hero for the world. if, and when, when he passes from this place, one thing i think that we'll all know is his legacy is one that will linger on throughout the ages. and nelson mandela's eldest daughter said anything is imminent. her words. he seems to be holding on to life with the same tenacity that he had throughout his life. >> and ron, so revered, all
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across south africa and all across the world. i know president zuma has been trying to prepare the country for mandela's passing. is the sense of acceptance settling in? >> reporter: george, i think intellectually, people have gotten accustomed to the idea that nelson mandela, at the age of 94, almost 95, and very ill, is very likely in the final stages of his life. they are used to that. and we've been seeing crowds behind us, joyful crowds, really celebrating nelson mandela, honoring him in song and dance. but it's one thing intellectually to accept the idea that, this man, this father, that he may die. emotionally, no doubt, it is going to be a jolt when that day comes. and that day could be coming -- could be coming soon. george? >> okay, ron, thank you very much. now, to those landmark
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rulings by the supreme court on marriage equality. so many of those celebrations we showed you, erupting from coast-to-coast. some of the biggest in san francisco. and abc's cecilia vega is there for us right now. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: good morning, robin. boy, what a party it was here in san francisco. it appears in less that a month, gay marriage will be legal here in california. in san francisco, the party went on all night long. there was dancing in the streets to mark a momentous victory. california's long-fought battle for gay marriage, now over. in new york, there were cheers at the historic stonewall inn, honoring the woman at the center of the defense of marriage act case. >> the federal government can no longer discriminate against the marriages of gay and lesbians. >> reporter: a sweeping win for
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gay rights from the nation's highest court. and now, orders from the highest offices. president obama directing his cabinet to ensure federal benefits are extended to married gay couples. california's governor, ordering all counties in the golden state to allow same-sex weddings. and the ninth circuit court saying it will take at least 25 days before those marriages can actually begin. >> i'm a deputy marriage commissioner. >> reporter: what's the conclusion in a same-sex marriage? i now pronounce you -- >> spouses for life. >> reporter: spouses for life. but not everyone is happy. >> i don't think the ruling was appropriate. i think it was wrong. >> reporter: the rulings are not just symbolic. the changes in store for same-sex couples will be practical, too. from not having to pay estate tax on inheritances, to filing joint tax returns, to collecting more in social security benefits. >> the marriage license i got in 2008 in california, now kind of
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holds the same value as the marriage license of every other person on my block. >> reporter: families like hers are celebrating this morning. but for some-sex couples in the 36 other states where gay marriage remains banned, they say the fight goes on. >> cecilia, thank you. such a historic week. you think of the voters rights act and marriage equality. >> and affirmative action, as well. we're going to the breaking developments in the story of the american business owner held captive by his employees in a factory in china. we have just learned that he was allowed to leave his office today after reaching an agreement with his unhappy chinese employees. abc's gloria riviera has the story. >> reporter: after being held for a week against his will, chip starnes is a free man. it's over. is it all over? is everybody happy now? according to the associated
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press, starnes texted, yes. out and back at the hotel. showered. nine pounds lost during the ordeal. this was the scene of the intense standoff between american factory owner chip starnes and his own chinese employees, the fight over compensation, with starnes describing a harrowing few days inside these gates, unable to leave. able to call his family, but not to get home. >> same clothes. no medication. can't walk anywhere. if i walked anywhere, i'm surrounded by 15, 20 people. >> reporter: his company, florida-based specialty medical supplies, was laying off about 30 workers in the plastics department. offering what the company says is a good compensation package. but more than 100 workers afraid the whole company was shutting down was demanding the same. and thought starnes might make a run for it. and overnight, a deal, reached to pay the workers who demanded severance packages. and starnes was permitted to leave the factory. more details on that deal. he thinks there could be a way
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to work together again with the same employees, even willing to offer some of those employees involved in this standoff a new contract. it looks like chip starnes is ready to get back to work. robin? george? >> got to rebuild trust. >> we'll see how that goes. now, to the high-stakes george zimmerman murder trial. the prosecution's key witness back on the stand today. trayvon martin's friend who was on the phone with him until seconds before he was shot. gave a chilling testimony about the 17-year-old's final moments. abc's matt gutman is there in sanford, florida, with the latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, robin. rachel jeantel spent 16 months as a mystery witness. her identity kept strictly hidden. this morning, she'll spend a few more hours on the stand. yesterday, her testimony began with tears, and ended with her battling george zimmerman's attorneys in court. this morning, the prosecution's star witness, rachel jeantel, facing even more cross-examination from george
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zimmerman's lawyer against her will. >> i'm leaving today. no. >> are you refusing to come back tomorrow? >> to you? >> reporter: jeantel, once known as witness eight, was on the phone with her friend, 17-year-old trayvon martin, the night he was shot and killed by zimmerman. on wednesday, she told jurors martin thought he was being followed. >> he just told me the man, the man looked creepy. >> he said the man looked creepy? >> creepy, white, excuse my language, cracker. >> reporter: she says she told martin to run away from zimmerman. and the 28-year-old watchman -- >> you better keep running. nah, he lost him. >> reporter: but martin didn't lose him. instead, jeantel said she heard the teen asking zimmerman -- >> why are you following me for? and then i heard a hard breath man come say, what are you doing here? i started to hear a little bit of trayvon saying, get off. get off. >> reporter: prosecutors believe
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jeantel's story proves that zimmerman followed and confronted martin and then shot him. zimmerman has pleaded not guilty, arguing martin assaulted him, and that he only shot in self-defense. jeantel's testimony, at times, hard to understand. but the emotional impact, unmistakable. defense attorneys challenging her on inconsistencies in her deposition. and why she lied about missing martin's wake. >> under oath, was that you created a lie and said you had gone to the hospital. >> yes. >> reporter: this morning, zimmerman's attorneys will again suggest that jeantel has been lying to help martin's family. >> was your purpose at that point to do what you could do, to assist so that george zimmerman got arrested? >> yes. >> reporter: over the past hour, defense working to systemically to break rachel jeantel down. defense eluding that she can't possibly understand the facts of this case. >> okay, matt, thank you.
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we're going to bring in abc news chief legal affairs anchor, dan abrams. when you hear the testimony, i know you heard much of this key witness, what do you take away the most? >> she's a very important witness. but the most important thing that she said is that she says trayvon martin says get off, get off. why is that so important? because that would suggest that george zimmerman starts this incident. that's something george zimmerman says is not true. george zimmerman would say, trayvon martin effectively confronts him. so, if you believe her testimony, that becomes very important point, "a" in figuring out what happened, and, "b," in judging george zimmerman's credibility. >> and she will be back on the stand today. she doesn't seem too pleased about that. she has admitted she lied in the deposition. how did the defense do in cross examination? >> it was effective. they were able to show she told a couple of lies. they weren't directly related to the most important point here. but there were inconsistencies
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which were significant. there were outright lies, which were significant. and jurors, if they don't believe some of what a witness says, are allowed to disregard everything a witness says. so, we'll just have to see how she holds up, as this cross-examination continues. she seemed shocked -- >> because the defense attorney really needs to discredit her testimony because it's that important. >> also, jurors heard some of the nonemergency calls, some of the calls that zimmerman made to the police station. and how important is that? >> they're trying to show, this is a guy who calls the police whenever he sees a black person in his neighborhood. now, the defense would say, that's not at all what's happening here. but that's the point. >> all right, dan. we'll see what happens today. let's turn now to josh for the other top stories happening now. good morning, robin. we're going to begin with a narrow escape for two pilots as the f-16 fighter jet they were flying crashed, nose-first, into this field near phoenix.
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you see here, you see the giant plume of smoke, as well. they were on a training mission, when there was some sort of malfunction. the two ejected in time. thankfully, you can see actually where one of their seats landed. witnesses heard the engines sputtering just before the crash. we'll have an update as news becomes available. this, though, no emergency. but quite a scare for people on a delta flight, what looked like smoke filling up the cabin. it was in fact fog, caused by the hot and humid air mixing with the a.c. turbulence caused even more worries. the pilot reportedly distributed liquor to those of age to calm some nerves. new details in the diplomatic standoff over american spy whistleblower edward snowden. ecuador says that it could take two months to decide to grant him asylum if he can get there. because, right now, snowden is spending his fourth day at the moscow airport. you'll recall this ordeal began in hong kong.
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officials there now claim the u.s. got snowden's middle name wrong on documents. and that prevented them from arresting him. u.s. officials deny making that mistake. and a fitting tribute to the late actor james gandolfini. broadway dimmed the lights in his honor last night. "the sopranos" star died of a heart attack last week at the age of 51. many of his fellow actors will be attending his funeral today here in new york city. and finally, a sprint of freedom for a runner who decided to shed some extra pounds. take a look. they were off at belmont park here in new york. that right there, downtown hottie, left her jockey in the dust. instantly became, of course, the crowd favorite. they cheered her to victory. unfortunately, that victory, disqualified for actually not having a rider. the other horses turned to her and said, oldest trick in the book. we've seen it every time. points for trying.
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>> thanks, josh. okay, we're going to get the latest on paula deen. more fallout after her admission that she used racial slurs in the past. her apologies have not stopped sponsors from dropping her. the latest, walmart and caesar's casinos. >> reporter: for walmart, the country's largest retailer that sells her baking dishes and knife set, thinks her apology is not enough. we are ending our relationship with paula deen, it announced. and will not be placing any new orders. >> if there is anyone out there that has never said something that they wished they would take back, if you're out there, please pick up that stone and throw it so hard at my head that it kills me. >> reporter: caesar's casino tore up its deal, too. no more paula deen buffet. while we appreciate her sincere
7:16 am
apologies, the company wrote, it's in the best interests of both parties to part ways. >> i'm so happy to show y'all my stoneware. >> reporter: kmart and sears sell her stoneware. they tell us, quote, that they're considering next steps. her $16 million empire could keep losing castles. so, she's hired judy smith, a public relations crisis manager, whose success is the inspiration behind the abc hit show "scandal." on walmart facebook page, posting, you drop paula. and i drop walmart. the annual paula deen cruise has added a second departure. and advance sales of her latest cookbook are through the roof. so, about those words. the words that she used in the deposition in the lawsuit against her. paula deen says those aren't her. george? >> okay, we'll see what happens next. thanks, steve. we're turning, now, to wimbledon. the opening days, full of drama
7:17 am
in a way we have never seen before at centre court. stunning upsets by the day for some of the biggest names in the sport. nadal, federer, sharapova, all doing what we're doing now, watching the action, after they were all knocked out by unknowns. superstars all. roger federer -- >> roger federer. is out. >> reporter: sharapova. >> shocking. >> reporter: and rafael nadal. all wimble-doomed. >> disappointed. >> reporter: this week, some of the world's best players have been served even bigger upsets. leaving some to wonder if the grass isn't just greener on the other side of the pond, but also somehow slicker. >> i think it made it very dangerous the first couple of the days in the championships. sharapova couldn't seem to stay on her feet. falling three times and even straining her hip in the second set.
7:18 am
>> it was a bit slippery on the outside. >> reporter: and nadal dropped his first-round match in straight sets to an unknown, ranked 135th. >> nadal had it. >> reporter: and four days in, ten players have dropped out because of injury. though the all england club says, and i quote, the court preparation has been to exactly the same meticulous standard as in previous years. don't tell that to roger federer, wimbledon's defending champion, he crashed and burned wednesday, losing to the 116th-ranked sergiy stakhovsky. but in a move from federer, he didn't blame court conditions or that mandate that does not allow him to wear his trademark shoes. instead, he blamed himself. >> clearly, i was hoping to win the match today. but i couldn't do it. >> and, of course, you can watch all the action at wimbledon, on our sister network, espn. robin, i know you're heading over there. you might want to bring your racket because you might be
7:19 am
playing for a title. >> i am looking forward to it. sam, you're going to guarantee good weather there? >> yeah. didn't they build a protective cover over that for that reason? we're going to start with a very clear separation for one part of the country is enjoying summer and what part is wetter than normal. we're going to start with video out of philadelphia. this is part of the wet going on in the eastern part of the nation. yeah, take a look at this. another day of heavy rain and the powerful afternoon thunderstorms. violent thunderstorms will erupt in the eastern half of the country again today. indianapolis, chicago, new york, washington, d.c., atlanta, little rock, oklahoma city, all involved in this. and then, look at the western half of the country that is just searing in this heat. oklahoma city, 102 today. and dallas at 101 today. that's the first 100-degree reading.
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and coming up on "gma," the latest on aaron hernandez. why a piece of bubble gum at the
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crime scene may have sealed his fate. he's behind bars right now. the crime scene may have sealed his fate. he's behind bars right now. thank you. so it's friday night, you wanna... do something? or you just text message your friends for the rest of the night. i'm not texting. what are you doing? just figuring out our friday night. i'll go get the popcorn. thank you, i love you. buy any samsung galaxy mobile device and receive a $50 best buy gift card in the samsung experience shop. only at best buy stores nationwide. then you'll love lactose-free lactaid® it's 100% real milk that's easy to digest so you can fully enjoy the dairy you love. lactaid®. for 25 years, easy to digest. easy to love.
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good morning. i'm eric thomas. bart workers are planning to hand out flyers as a potential
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strike looms. they'll want riders to know about the issues of safety and compensation they're trying to negotiate with management. several union contracts with bart expire sunday night and workers have authorized a strike if no agreement is reached. bart says employees are willing to cause commuter chaos for a 23% raise. very busy, eric. one crash is in the clearing stages out of danville into alamo. it looks like everything has been pushed over to the shoulder. take a look at all the red. lee avenue. take a look at that backup. bumper to bumper traffic on the nimitz.
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welcome back. here, we're going to look at some fog that's still hanging around the bay bridge. you see this starting to open up just a little bit. let's talk about what today is going to be, compared to average. 2 to 8 degrees warmer than average today. and also probably the highest uv index we've had in a long time. it's extreme. be careful if
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what do you want to do in the future? >> help the poor. >> what would you like to do when you get older? a what? >> look at those home videos. michael jackson's kids when they were several years younger. you here jackson's voice in the background of these home videos. we'll have a look at what life was like growing up. michael jackson's son is on the stand in a dramatic trial. lara off today. great to have linsey davis here. >> happy to be here. also, the latest on aaron hernandez, waking up behind bars this morning. why a piece of bubble gum at the crime scene may have led to his arrest. >> and why he's a former new england patriot. also ahead, the vitamin fix. is the key to boosting your
7:31 am
energy, hooking up to an i.v. drip at the doctor's office? i hope it does not. >> there has to be a way that doesn't involve needles. and emma watson, cast in the harry potter movies at the age of 9, and now, she's speaking out on hollywood excess. let's get right to the aaron hernandez story. abc's john schriffen is in north dartmouth, massachusetts. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, george. >> reporter: this is aaron hernandez's reality now. he woke up this morning in a jail cell this morning all by himself. he was charged with murder, released by the new england patriots and the judge denying him bail. >> your honor, the defendant is charged with the murder of odin lloyd. >> reporter: the former patriot tight end, stood handcuffed in a t-shirt, as prosecutors laid out the case against him. six charges in all, including the murder of his associate and
7:32 am
semipro football player, odin lloyd. >> numerous gunshot wounds to the body. >> reporter: in court, prosecutors outlined an alleged murder plot, that started from an argument between the two men the previous friday night. prosecutors say the plan went into motion the following sunday night. authorities found text messages, allegedly from hernandez and lloyd. last monday, shortly after 2:00 a.m., prosecutors say hernandez and two friends bought gas and bubblicious gum at a gas station. at 2:30 a.m., prosecutors say lloyd gets into the car with them. at 3:07, did you see who i am with. 12 minutes later, his sister responds by asking, who? shortly afterwards, lloyd texts "nfl." which prosecutors say means hernandez. moments later, gunshots are heard by witnesses,
7:33 am
according to prosecutors. hernandez's surveillance cameras capture him arriving home. he's allegedly seen carrying a gun inside his house. prosecutors claim hernandez got rid of the next six to eight hours of video. later that day, hernandez returns a rental car. prosecutors say he offered the attendant a piece of blue bubblicious gum. >> the aten dantd does a cleanup of the car and finds a shell casing under the seat. next to the casing is a piece of blue gum. >> reporter: the former patriots tight end has pled not guilty. his lawyer insists his client is innocent. and this morning, we're getting a look at this photo obtained by tmz, hernandez took of himself in 2009 in florida, holding a glock handgun. >> he's never been found guilty of a violent crime. >> reporter: hernandez seen here in this interview after the super bowl. >> what did you do after the super bowl? >> reporter: it was an emotional scene in court yesterday, as the alleged details of the crime
7:34 am
were read out loud. the victim's mother actually walked out, just too much for her to handle. as for hernandez, he is due back in court, july 24th. >> john, thanks. abc's chief legal anchor dan abrams, back with us again. you heard his lawyer. it's circumstantial case, not a strong one. >> it's a classic circumstantial case. and it may be a strong one. you're talking about surveillance tapes, you're talking about cell phone text messages, physical evidence, shell casings, a piece of bubble gum near a shell casing. you have the destroyed surveillance tapes. you've got a cell phone that's handed over in pieces. so, it's true this is a circumstantial case. but prosecutors seem to be able to piece together everything. they've gone minute-by-minute, to piece together almost everything they believe happened. >> what they're not saying is that hernandez pulled the trigger. but that doesn't matter in a murder charge.
7:35 am
>> they used the phrase, orchestrated the execution. they are saying he pulled the trigger. they see him with the gun. they see him with the gun walking in, afterwards, et cetera. but they wouldn't need that to convict him of murder. >> what they don't seem to have is a very powerful motive. >> the motive is odd here. i mean, the idea that something happens at a nightclub many days earlier. and then, hernandez decides to call in this guy, who, he's apparently dating his girlfriend's sister, but that didn't seem to have been the issue. so, we're going to need -- you don't need to prove motive. but in a case like this, jurors are going to want to know why. why would he have done this? why would he call a guy into a car, have a conversation with him and then execute him at 3:00 in the morning? so, i do think that motive, while not necessary, is going to be important for the prosecutors to establish. >> dan, thanks very much. i'm not sure you're going to
7:36 am
want to weigh in on this one. this is the ultimate nasty neighbor story. a criminal trial under way in miami right now for the man who has an entire neighborhood feuding with him. residents say he made their lives miserable for years until he was caught on tape. abc's john muller has that story for us. >> reporter: they call him the neighbor from hell. and residents of the florida community, say their surveillance video is proof he's been terrorizing them for years. >> nobody goes out like we used to do before. >> reporter: he said that he installed a security system, equipped with ten surveillance cameras, after he claims his neighbor started harassing him. allegedly throwing nails on his driveway and eggs at his home. >> he already told me that he was going to kill me. he mentioned before that he has a contract on my head. and this is what they want to say because eventually something is going to happen to me.
7:37 am
>> reporter: in october, he was arrested and charged with two counts of criminal mischief and two counts of stalking torres. torres even took out a restraining order. but when it was time to go to court on monday, he was a no-show. his lawyer said he was recovering from pneumonia. discharged from the hospital three days earlier. he produced this letter from a doctor as proo once again, video may prove otherwise. torres said he took this surveillance video that same day, when he was supposed to appear in court. it shows him doing yardwork and running errands. his lawyer, though, says the judge granted a delay. and his client is now trying to make things right. >> he's making heroic efforts to move out of the neighborhood because he wants to distance himself from his neighbors and put this behind him. >> reporter: a claim neighbors say is a far cry from reality. >> we are afraid every time that he's coming. because i don't know what surprise he will be giving to us. >> for "good morning america,"
7:38 am
john muller, abc news, new york. >> cameras are always ruling. let's get another check on the weather now with sam. when you look at that map from, sam. >> it's what we're trying to talk about in the first half. half of the country is searing, dry heat. and half the country can't stop raining. and that's been the pattern that we have been in so far this summer. let's deal with the wet half. there's more rain coming in this direction today. and for the foreseeable future. chicago, you're really wettest year to date. you're on your way for the wettest june ever in new york. these are just june rainfalls and they are all several inches above normal. it's not all-day rain, but once these afternoon thunderstorms fire up, they're capable of producing heavy downpours. and parts of the country just don't need the additional rain. and there's more heat in the paces that don't want more heat. it just stays exactly in the same pattern we've had so far. the northwest that had been out of this, now gets into the big heat, as well.
7:39 am
l.a. comes in at about 9 good morning. i'm mike nicco. we start off with fog. surging temperatures in the mid land. >> all that weather was brought to you by kfc. some people will say that you expect warm temperatures in the summertime. but these are much warmer than normal. coming up, michael jackson's son on the stand as new home video is revealed of the king of pop's kids growing up with dad. and getting your vitamin fix? is an i.v. drip the best way to get an energy boost? fix? is an i.v. drip the best way to get an energy boost? mom, frank ate the bones. no i didn't. you ate the bones. no, you ate the bones. nobody ate any bones. so, frank didn't eat the bones? no honey, frank did not eat any bones.
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we're back at 7:43, with the latest on michael jackson's son, prince, testifying in his family's wrongful death suit against his father's concert promoter. new home video revealed in court of all three of jackson's children when they were younger, bonding with their father. abc's ryan owens has that story. >> a puppy. >> reporter: an intimate look at a father and his children. new home video of michael jackson, played for the jury in his wrongful death trial. >> what do you want to do in the future? >> help the poor. >> what would you like to do when you get older?
7:44 am
a what? >> reporter: wednesday, the jurors also heard from jackson's eldest son, prince, the 16-year-old testified the king of pop was a protective and attentive dad. he wanted to know how we were doing in school and how we could better the world. the teenager said. prince told the jury he just finished his sophomore year of high school with a 3.6 gpa. and volunteers at the cancer ward at the children's hospital. and saying he got his work ethic and his desire to help people from his father. ♪ dirt in my eye >> reporter: one thing he did not inherit, musical talent. i cannot play and definitely cannot sing. prince testified as part of the wrongful death suit the jackson family brought against his concert promoter, aeg live. prince told the jurors his father was so exhausted from
7:45 am
rehearsing his comeback concert, he said of promoters, they're going to kill me, they're going to kill me. aeg denies wrongdoing. prince choked up talking about the day he lost his father four years ago. watching dr. conrad murray performing cpr. my dad was hanging half off the dead and his eyes were rolling. prince may be the only family member to testify in this case. his 15-year-old sister paris may not be called to the stand after attempting suicide a few weeks ago. he said jackson's death was toughest on her, who he called dad's little princess. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, los angeles. >> ryan, thank you. coming up, cameron diaz, set for an evil, new role. she signed up for a hard knock life. linsey davis will have that for us. and hey, you look out olympic swimmers, like michael.
7:46 am
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7:50 am
right then, here's "the play of the day." >> may i, josh? sam always sets the standards for the guys. always dapper. but look at george's shoes. loving the shoes today. a little departure for you. and then, this suit. >> bring in tim gunn. >> stylish. >> all right. >> you're a little self-conscious about it. >> no. it's good. >> just roll it. roll it. i'll talk over it. this is elizabeth. and that's a 2-year-old. >> wow. >> wow. >> go, go, go. >> her mom just tells her to go to the stairs. that's a 2-year-old. >> i hope the mom's really close. >> she's amazing. >> i love how in the beginning she starts out holding on to the wall. >> wow.
7:51 am
>> and she can barely walk. and look, there she goes. >> great style. >> i love it. >> incredible -- good form. good form. >> at 4 1/2. she's like, you're getting it done. can we please hear this, please? >> good job. >> i done. >> i done. shall we? [ sniffs ] mmmm, this is the most beautiful pepper i've ever held. [ knife blade slicing ] how zesty do you want it? a little? [ sizzling ] a little more? [ sizzling louder ] how about a lot more? [ flames crackle ] whooh. oh. ♪ let's get zesty.
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. oakland police are investigating a deadly shoot iing around 5:30 this morning. one person was killed, dead at the scene. the victim's identity has not been released and police say they've made no arrests. here is mike with the forecast. stubborn over the water, quickly evaporating over land. all of us will have sunshine eventually, 81 in oakland, 86 san jose, 81 santa rosa. hottest temperatures sunday and monday.
7:57 am
leyla? >> a couple of things going on, on the bay bridge. stall eastbound side past treasure island. a wreck involving two cars blocking two lanes in the westbound direction as well right at the toll plaza slowing things down in both directions. eric? >> leyla, thank you very much. the news continues now
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ i'm on top of the world, hey i'm on top of the world, hey ♪ big crowd out there in times square, with ben & jerry on this thursday morning. they moved in right across the street. to celebrate, they're giving a bunch of ice cream to everyone out there in times square this morning. it's so much fun to see them out there, and inside, too. >> not sure what the dancing cow means. but it could actually mean this is the best thing that's ever happened to us, or me, here in times square. an ice cream store that's open for breakfast. we're going to -- >> they're open while we're up? >> yes. and they're actually going to make ice cream a breakfast food
8:01 am
now, and we're part of that. i can't wait to show you because what's under that dome right there is a brand-new invention, everyone. >> it's the first-ever "gma" sundae. i scream for ice cream. >> they're serving. >> no? really? take it. she said no. >> oh, yeah. >> linsey davis here, as well. >> it's marvelous to be here on a day ben & jerry's. i scream. you scream. >> once again your timing is perfect, linsey. also ahead, the hot, new way to get an energy boost. we're not talking about ice cream, we're talking about a vitamin-packed i.v. infusion. do they really work? and should you try it? harry potter start, multimillion-dollar actress, emma watson, speaking out against what she calls hollywood excess. why she does not buy into it, perhaps, unless she's being paid to be in a film. >> that's coming up. plus, demi lovato is going to be here, as well.
8:02 am
her fans have been lining up all night long. we begin with the waiting and watching now in south africa, as reports come in that nelson mandela's health is deteriorating rapidly. crowds are gathering outside the hospital now, where the civil rights activist is in critical condition. but his daughter says her father is still reactive. president obama just arrived in africa for a week-long trip, called mandela his personal hero this morning. saying mandela's fight for freedom inspired him to become active in politics. >> it gave me a sense of what is possible. in the world, when righteous people, when people of goodwill, work together, on behalf of a larger cause. >> president obama is scheduled to visit south africa tomorrow, although it's unclear if he will visit nelson mandela.
8:03 am
and it could be one month before same-sex marriage ceremonies resume in california, following wednesday's supreme court ruling. the san francisco city hall bathed in the colors celebrating the gay pride movement. the colors of the rainbow, overnight. meantime, following the court's rejection of the defense of marriage act, president obama has called for federal benefits to be extended to all married gay couples, not just those in states where same-sex marriage is legal. star prosecution witness has returned to the stand in the george zimmerman murder trial this morning. rachel jeantel was on the phone with trayvon martin, he said that she heard martin saying get off, get off, end quote. zimmerman claims to have shot martin in self-defense. during cross-examination many children across the country are about to see a big
8:04 am
change with what they eat at school. and for the first time the government is making sure all foods sold in schools is healthy, whether it's from the cafeteria or a vending machine. you can expect to see more granola bars, yogurts, waters for sale. what's out, however, candies, chips, cookies and regular sodas. and you heard the squeals of millions of kids right there. and finally, just in case you missed it, the latest chapter, this is my gift for george, the ongoing series of parliamentary brawls. let's go to taiwan. a doozy here. people pouring into or out of buildings. we can't be sure. there we go. >> down to the roots. >> they're not taking roll. or casting votes. one guess, they're kind of upset. >> that was going to be my follow-up, josh. what is this? >> taxes. >> why is it always taiwan?
8:05 am
>> taiwan has moved -- they are running away with it. >> if they had ice cream, everything would have been fine. you just bring it all back to that. >> can't we all just get along. ready for some "pop news." >> lara spencer taking some time off. linsey davis is here. let's get it popping. bad teacher. cameron diaz has signed on to play another bad character, miss hannigan in the classic musical "annie." sony is making the picture, backed by high-profile producers, will smith and jay-z. the role was initially made famous by none other than carol burnett back in 1982. i still remember her in that role. she killed it. >> that's what the kids say today? >> and here on broadway --
8:06 am
>> that's a tough role for cameron diaz to take on. >> i would never pick cameron diaz. but if you think about it, you can see it. >> big shoes to fill, though, after carol burnett. rainbow-colored wedding bells chiming today, in honor of yesterday's historic supreme court ruling on gay marriage. singer melissa etheridge says she's going to marry her love of three years, creator of tv's "nurse jackie." and "veronica mars" star kristen bell had been waiting to marry boyfriend, dax shepard, until marriage was legal for everybody, and she proposed over twitter. let's bring my big gay marriage to kristen bell to life. it's like oprah style. you're getting married. you're getting married. and churning on our website, on yahoo! the tale of the fairy princess who tamed the mountain.
8:07 am
she climbed to the top of mt. rainier, 14,411 feet high, dressed in a full ball gown. she sewed from recycled. it became a dare. could she climb all the way to the top? four hours and seven miles later, she was serving her domain in regal splendor. you can imagine just walking in a ball gown is hard enough. >> 14,000 feet. >> environmentalist, seamstress, hiker. >> i mean, we don't have time for the follow-ups. i wouldn't know where to begin. >> we know she made it. >> that's it. thank you, linsey. let's get the weather from sam. >> good morning, everybody. we are live in times square. where there are rumors, by the way, rumors there may be ice cream involved in this broadcast. how do you guys feel about that? >> wonderful. >> i'm bringing all kinds of good news. but maybe not on the weather boards.
8:08 am
let's get to the maps. one or two things going on we need to talk about. how about this part of the country. the upper midwest and the great lakes have had a lot of heat as of late. and the jet stream has not found its position yet. that's part of the problem we're having all over the country. now, they're getting into a cooler and drier pattern. they're going to like it. but, it doesn't happen for a lot of folk. but into the west, the northwest, which has been under these clouds and showers for a while, now they're getting into the warmer temperatures as the low backs out. and there's a large area of storms today. in the eastern half of the country, you could see s
8:09 am
>> is it okay? i just asked sierra if she would share with me. and she gave me a look like, step away from my ice cream, sam. programming note, we remember superstorm sandy. it was a terrible storm for a lot of people. a lot of property damage. a lot of lives lost in the storm. and also stories that haven't been told about the animals in this storm and what happened to them. a special "sea rescue" on saturday, we're going to look at how a group of dedicated professionals went in and saved some of those animals. that's on "sea rescue." let's get back inside. thank you, sam. here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." is an i.v. vitamin boost the way to get the site of the day? and how to get kate's look for less.
8:10 am
and demi lovato is here coming up live. all live on "gma" from times square. all live on "gma" from times square. [ male announcer ] oh, dan, checking out of the doubletree isn't the end. your next trip is calling you. saying, "dan, schedule a 5 o'clock meeting at a hilton garden inn." or "dan"... hey, dad. ..."explore your family tree at a homewood suites." [ family ] hi, dan. or "put your feet in the sand at a waldorf astoria." never stop vacationing, dan. book during the great getaway for great rates at our ten top hotel brands. travel is calling you to travel is calling you every day we're working to and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world.
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8:14 am
[ cheers and applause ] a serious award outside today. in times square. taking as many as we can inside to enjoy the air conditioning. it is hot in here, as well. the heat index ready to go. we're going to start with this rather surprising admission from
8:15 am
emma watson. the harry potter star, speaking out about hollywood excess. and linsey is here with all of this. >> emma watson says she only has eight pairs of shoes. her sparse footwear collection is in question about the lavish wardrobes of some of those in the new film. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: it's a fashionista's dream closet. wall-to-wall shoes, dresses and sparkles. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: but this is no dream. it's a look inside paris hilton's real-life closet for the movie "the bling ring," starring emma watson a film ripped from the headlines. but according to watson, life does not imitate art in her case. the excess is something she says
8:16 am
she doesn't buy into. telling the u.k.'s "radiotimes" i have about eight pairs of shoes. and that's it. adding, it's easy for me to sound like a total hypocrite because i'm dressed in designer clothes right now. >> it is rare and brave for her to have said this. it takes the mythology and the glamour away. >> reporter: like many actresses, watson, who is worth an estimated $50 million, dons designer duds to premieres. items that are usually returned after they're worn. but as far as her personal closet goes, it may not be as lavish as hilton's watson says, half of the heiress' collection was brand-new and still had the price tag on. adding, i suppose she just bought them to have them. it's a rare look at the deep-pocketed glitz in hollywood. celebrities are rarely seen wearing the same outfit more than one. >> they are constantly looking fresh and fashionable. and it's a challenge. >> reporter: watson is seemingly
8:17 am
unphased by the pressure to be a celebrity. noting that the definition of it has changed. it's something that isn't really associated with having a craft. >> there are other people who really are in it for the work and the art and finds the rest of it ridiculous. >> reporter: "the bling ring" is currently in theaters. after taking a couple years off to film movies, emma will return to brown university this fall. probably saving up that shoe money. >> i think that's great. >> less is more. up next on the "heat index," another hollywood trend. liquid vitamins delivered with an i.v. drink. dr. jennifer is here to answer this question. first, let's get background from abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: forget gucci and
8:18 am
hermes, the brand-new bag coming with an i.v. drip. giving the vitamins into your veins. it's fueled in part by hollywood. celebrities on the bandwagon include simon cowell, cindy crawford and madonna. rihanna tweeted this shot, prompting reports she enjoys the party girl drip. the ladies on "the view" had plenty to say about it. >> you're not putting a needle in my arm. >> reporter: but the preemt is not just for stars. >> i'm having an i.v. of b-12 and b complex. >> reporter: americans are hitting private clinics on their lunch brack for a pick-me-up. for what some claim is an energy-boosting cac tail infusion. >> it's a way to get the minerals and vitamins. the body can respond to the stresses of day-to-day life. >> reporter: carmen key gets her
8:19 am
drip at this los angeles clinic once a week. >> instead of feeling like emergencyized, you feel alive. >> reporter: why not just eat a really big salad, pop a couple vitamins and take a long nap? >> that would probably do 4% of what this does. >> they may be suffering from chronic fatigue. they may be run down. i have patients with depression and anxiety. >> reporter: at $130 to $275 a session, it's not cheap. and critics call it extreme and downright unnecessary. questioning whether it actually offers anything nutrition that food and traditional vitamins can. but patients swear by it. >> i was on my feet 12 hours. so, i needed a lot of energy. >> reporter: that may be why so many people say they don't mind getting stuck for this vitamin
8:20 am
six. >> dr. jennifer ashton. sam and josh are not buying it. they don't want to hear a thing. >> you want one, george? >> i'm going to ask you should i want one. >> file this under a lot of smoke and mirrors. there is no question. it is medically unnecessary. for some people who are clinically dehydrated or cannot take liquids by mouth, that's a different story. and you want to talk about the financial aspect, that i.v. bag can cost me as a doctor, $15. but this can be $1,000 a session. with someone with healthy kidneys, you're going to urinate the vitamins and kidneys in 24 hours. will you feel better with one to two liters of fluid into your veins? absolutely. but the risk, infection could
8:21 am
happen one in five times. damage to the veins. in rare cases, someone who gets too much fluid and overload in the heart and lungs, i would say just drink the water. >> don't have 1,000 bucks anyway. >> exactly. you got that right, george. it's our baby oh, royal baby week. we know princess kate is a good bargain shopper. we're going to show you how to get the best of her maternity looks. but diana perez has her style story. >> reporter: for nine months of pregnancy, she's been dazzling us with her style. kate as a newly-engaged woman. blushing bride. and radiant newlywed. >> she likes clean lines. very simple, very classic looks. she doesn't like anything fussy or grilly.
8:22 am
>> it was a rocky start to the beginning of the pregnancy. but in weeks, she bounced back in style. appear next to david beckham. again, by john, she was setting off a cape dress, which she wore from international jean store, zara. in april, she wowed in what many consider aerofirst maternity dress. while ever fashion conscious, she has won legions for being conscience. some of the duds from the gap. this blue dress, $40. and this poke dotted dress, it comes from top shop. >> that dress is sold out before the day's out. >> reporter: then, there are her shoes. with the baby onboard, kate's
8:23 am
been rooking boots, wedges and l.k. bennett heels. this month, she showed no signs of slowing down. dazzling in the color combination of the season, black and white. >> i think new moms will look to kate middleton as a trend setter. >> reporter: for "good morning america," diana perez, abc news, new york. >> you think kate's style has gone from inexpensive to top dollar. and loribu bergamotto is here. >> iminspired by kate. tried to dress the part. >> we're going to talk about the polka dotted dress. >> it was top shot. she made it the hottest accessory. we want to show our model. the jacket and the polka dots. we kept everything in black and
8:24 am
white. and the cross jacket, also available at kohl's, it's very flattering. >> she does have a little baby bump. >> our models are pregnant. >> all of our models are legitimately pregnant. this nooex dress was designed for kate. it's a little more pricey. >> it is gorgeous. we wanted to find something similar. we did that at ann taylor. it's that waistline, empire. and that you can wear while you're pregnant or after you're pregnant. that's available from ann taylor. >> thank you very much. >> and we saw the coat in the piece. it was all the rage. >> it really is. what i love about this coat. what i love about this is it's $1,800. but you can get it, we found it,
8:25 am
for under $100. at ann taylor. and a lot of regular system shy away from bold colors. we love that kate embraced the gold colors. >> she looks great in that there. thank you very much. and our final model, this is the flurl. >> the flurl printed dress. our model, we found this on yahoo! it's finding that solid color. and that's what does it. >> can all of the moms come out? >> the key is using her for inspiration. not only when you're pregnant. but a style icon flu her pregnancy and beyond. >> thank you, late dis, very
8:26 am
much. will, will, thank you, as well. coming um, demi lovato joins us live right here in times square. come on back for that and a wloel lot more.
8:27 am
i'm kristen sze. potential strike looms for bart. bart employees say they want riders to know about the issues of safety and compensation they're trying to negotiate with management. several contracts expire sunday night and workers have authorize ed a strike if no agreement was reached. bart says employees are willing to cause chaos to make their case for a 23% pay raise. how is your commute looking? let's check in with leyla gulen. >> a couple of accidents in the east bay. oakland traveling along westbound 580 at 14th avenue, two-car crash blocking the lane down to 31 miles per hour. really heavy backups as we head
8:28 am
farther north at the richmond/san rafael bridge right at the tolls, accident involving a motorcycle and heavy fog advisory there. >> thank you very much. with the
8:29 am
welcome back. check out the bay bridge. fog it is floating on right now.
8:30 am
everybody is going up, two degrees in oakland to nine degrees in santa rosa. [ cheers and applause ] a really good times square. tomorrow, joining us, one of our very favorites, demi lovato is back, taking center stage. but inside, robin will be hearing from her in just a moment. >> just one of the stars we have today. also, maggie gyllenhaal is here, playing with jamie foxx and channing tatum in "white house down." and toni collette to's here. she has a new movie. we're going to talk to them, as well. first, to sam. sam, where are you? ben & jerry's somewhere, right? >> i am hanging out in our new
8:31 am
neighbor's spot, be i the way, ben & jerry's. how are you? >> can i introduce you to everyone across the way? we have something for you, as well. josh, look out. are you ready for this? come on, gang. let's go. that makes it all festive. i like that. thank you. here we go. we're on our way. robin? >> you come bearing gifts. he'll get here in just a moment. in the meantime, we're so excited, as he makes his way across the street, we're excited here in the studio to have superstar singer/songwriter, demi lovato here. it's a huge week for her. her new single, "made in the usa" is hitting the radio today. tomorrow, she's going to perform live in central park. she's so excited to be here.
8:32 am
your fans are here. >> i love being here, especially with you. >> i always enjoyed talking with you. our heart goes out to you. your father passed away over the weekend. and you sent out a beautiful tweet about him and a wonderful picture. how are you doing? >> i'm handling it okay. my father and i didn't have the most ideal relationship. but at the end of the day, she's still my dad. and i grew up with him he was a wonderful person. and it's difficult. but i'm handling it okay. >> yeah. as best you can, under the circumstances. again, your honesty is so refreshing. and you're doing something. you have an announcement in honor? >> yes. i'm a firm believer that everything happens for a
8:33 am
wherein. and i've dealt with mental illnesses. and my father also dealt with mental illness. he wasn't able to function very well in society. that heps to a lot of people 357 and this week, i'm launching the demi lovato scholarship treatment program. i'm helping one person at a time. i'm going to pay for their treatment, and work with a treatment center i've worked closely with. and i have trust in their program and everything. we're working together. >> you continue to help a lot of people. i hope your music is as healing for you. and the new one you have out, is going bankers. today, "today made in the usa" is the single. and you made your director debut with the woo?
8:34 am
i did. i had never directed before in my life. >> how was that for you? >> it was really cool. i had a really great time. and i felt really comfortable behind the camera lens. that was fun for me. >> well, i know it's coming out. it's going to be playing top-40 stations beginning today. >> yes. >> and just the success and the followers, they're so -- they're 15 million strong on twitter. >> they're incredible. >> and come of them sent us twitter questions. what's the best thing about your lovatics? >> i didn't name them. i think it's lovatics. i'm not sure. so, the best thing about my fans is they have stood by me for
8:35 am
everything i've been through. and this past week has been a rough week. i had incredible support from them. >> they've been there for you. and you've been there for them. another question that came in, other than music, are you looking at any new tv shows or movies? >> i think it's funny when people ask this. "x-factor" takes up so much of the year, it doesn't leave me time to shoot a movie. i'm not going anything else. as of right now, i'm singing the music from my album. and i'm going to continue to have fun on "the x-factor." >> and you're going to have fun tomorrow in central park. demi lovato, ladies and gentlemen. and "made in the usa" debuts
8:36 am
today. they have ice cream or something outside. >> if you did want ice cream, it's two doors away from us. stop that traffic. we're going to -- sorry, folks. sorry. i would -- would you like the a sundae? are you sure? it's delicious. come on. come on. let's go. we're coming in because, by the way, this is the big reveal. of the few sundae. harry nelson is the flavor guru. and while this looks delicious, this is a bigger deal, by the way, of the "good morning america" sunrise sundae. and you'll be able to get this at jer and sirrees all summer
8:37 am
long. >> it will be available until september 1st. >> can we do a big reveal? i want to show everybody how gorgeous this is. my first time having a sundae. we have special effects. it looks good. but why is it so special to name it after the number one morning show on the planet, i believe? it has to be a very special sundae. what's in it. >> you start off with the wonderful cone bowl. >> it's a breakfast favorite. >> we put in coffee coffee buzz buzz buzz ice cream. caramel sauce. and we add brownie because they add the deliciousness factor. >> now, we'll have lynndie and josh battling.
8:38 am
and we'll judge them. that's what we do. just make the sundae. >> caramel sauce is next. >> i don't think you're following the rules, josh. >> you're having so delicate. i want to eat ice cream. and what comes after that? >> brownies. >> hold on. just use -- [ cheers and applause ] what comes after that? and that's it. >> linsey, you -- josh is the favorite. let's get to the boards. thank you to our friends and neighbors, wright next door to
8:39 am
us in times square. this is what's happening outside yov dur. keep on eye on this violent storms. anywhere you see the bright shades of red, that could be a heavy storm that brings the downpours of rain we're seeing. and all of the bad side effects. be aware of that if you have the kids outside today. good morning. i'm mike nicco. we start off with fog. surging temperatures in the mid land. warmest at the coast >> a waffle cone, whipped cream, brownie, coffee coffee buzz buzz. don't miss it, the "gma" sundae. all that was brought to you by
8:40 am
bushes grill
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[ cheers and applause ] oh, they are getting the ice cream outside. i don't blame them. got to taste good. it's terrific to have our next guest. oscar-nominated actress, has starred in a little bit of everything. indy films like "secretary" and "crazy heart." and maggie gyllenhaal, teaming up with channing tatum, in "house down." here she is interviewing john for a job. >> you did three tours in afghanistan? and you were bounded. >> yes, ma'am. >> you received a silver star for pulling a dash rolls do et from a burning humvee? >> why?
8:44 am
>> i was concerned it was too warm in there. >> downstill think grip is the way to go here. >> a thrill to have maggie join us this morning. your first approach to be in this movie. you have a 4 week-old-child, your second. did it give you pause to understand that you would be shooting this movie with a newborn. >> yeah. i didn't want to do the movie. >> roland emmerich. >> i wasn't going to work. i had a 4-week-old baby. and he really convinced me. >> you have a career. i love careers like yours, where there is a little bit of everything. you can perhaps satisfying acting one way.
8:45 am
and you can settle into something like that. another blockbuster. can you feel the balance? >> in terms of acting, i think of them in the same way. but it's nice to like a movie that many, many people will see. there's something nice about being in a movie. this movely have is a party. you're supposed to yell at the screen. >> oh, you -- does not let you go. it really doesn't. you're shooting this with a newborn. and channing became a father himself. i was reading and i'd love for you to tell us. he was saying, it's wonderful and hard, every day. and i know emma thompson, said something to you about that. if you could encapsulate it for us. >> i was working on a movie with her. a long shoot. i had a little baby. i had just gotten married. we had a tough day one day. and i just burst into tears.
8:46 am
and it's a lot like the woman i play in this movie. she's this professional woman. she's sport, capable, powerful. but she's like every other woman in the world. every other person in the world, who is actually also vulnerable and scared and overwelling and con ease theed. that's awe i felt about that moment in emma. you can't do anything perfectly or nearly perfectly. and you will make mistakes. and you have to accept that is part of being a human being. i thought that this morning. and a friend of mine said, all these people are human. >> you're not making many mistakes. we thank you. you make this show better. and you make this movie wrufl. >> thank you. >> it ice "white house down" and a terrific ride. coming up here.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
[ cheers and applause ] beautiful crowd out here in times square. it's going to be headed into the summer. the story of a 6-year-old boy who comes into his life. it's worm, and funny and guard. it's called "the way, way back." >> who are you? >> he's a friend. >> i'm kip. i'm the one who is not grinding on you right now.
8:50 am
>> i'm not grinding on him. >> yes, you are. >> here are the stars. a nice, summer day out here. >> we're not sweating it over here. i love the title of this -- it's a title that brought me brack. you had the back of the car. the way back. and then, the way, way back. and that's where you had to sit. i hear that got you in character. >> for me, when i was with some of the greatest actors and actresses. and they're in the front what seems to be the most amazing conversations of all-time. i'm in the back. i can't hear anything. and i'm sitting next to the spoiling mustard. i internalize that. >> put it to bood use. >> i heard you took him under
8:51 am
your wing. >> he's developed a good relationship with sam russell's character. when i came to the shoot, they'd been working a couple of week together. and it was like -- how could i not? he's so lovely. so subtle and smart. it was a lot of fun. >> and you have some fun, as well. you play with sam. the water park? >> ya e. >> it was an amazing time at the water park. i think what was so funny is the water park managers were actually quite like, owen is in the movie. one of the guys, his name's karl. we had such a great time. i was like, well, if the movie thing doesn't work out. i'll go to water works and will work there. >> i don't think you have to. and you get to work with steve
8:52 am
carell. is this the first time since "little miss sunshine"? >> yeah. he's such a gentleman. and the entire cast was brilliant. i felt like everybody had known each other. and i tried to squeeze my way into that. i really appreciated that. >> he semed you personally. but in the movie, he's kind of tough on you. >> it was great acting. you guys are terrific. it's fantastic. "way, way back" is in theaters july 5th. let's go to our latest newsmakers interview, with country national in washington, as part of our partnership with yahoo! and edward jones. reena ninan talked to the zwrint panda zoo curator.
8:53 am
>> he wants more. a typical guy, yes. he is very much. she's a little more peaceful. she's more thoughtful. we joke about the male/female dynamic of our pandas.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
it was great to have demi in the studio with us today. a little preview. but she's in the park doing her thing tomorrow. >> going to be a big crowd out there. have a great day, everyone.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. governor brown is set to sign a new budget, approving the new $96 billion spending plan on time. education will get a big boost from the new budget that takes effect on monday. that heat wave about to take effect right now. mid 80s down in the south bay. let's check out that weekend forecast. look how much hotter it gets by sunday. leyla? >> traffic is heating up in the drive out of dublin. an accident southbound side of 680. you're looking at 23 minutes to
9:00 am
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