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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 20, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. a major terrorist attack on a university overseas breaking right now. militants storm the campus in a gun battle with the military. dozens killed and wounded. the very latest as we come on the air. donald trump landing the biggest endorsement of the campaign. >> are you ready to make america great again? [ cheers and applause ] >> sarah palin backing the billionaire for president firing up his supporters and delivering a blow to ted cruz as hillary clinton feels the burn. the stunning new poll showing her free-falling in new hampshire. millions of americans bracing for a major snowstorm. the middle of the country hit right now. 14 states on alert as snow and icy conditions make roads dangerous and the northeast in the crosshairs of a massive storm. could some major cities really get two feet? an abc news exclusive. the firestorm over the oscars growing this morning.
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those calls for a boycott as stars from lupita nyong'o to george clooney weigh in as some call for host chris rock to take the protest onto the stage on live tv. director spike lee who is boycotting this year's show here live this morning only on "gma." good morning, america. robin on assignment this busy wednesday. we have a lot of news in politics. boy, sarah palin is back. there you see her with donald trump in iowa last night. and there's this brand-new scare for hillary clinton with bernie sanders surging in new hampshire. but, amy, we have to begin with breaking news. >> there is a terror attack at a university in pakistan where dozens were killed and wounded. the taliban claiming responsibility for it an abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz starts us off with the latest. good morning to you, martha. >> reporter: good morning, amy. the attackers were armed with grenades, ak-47s and suicide vests taking aim once again at pakistan's youth.
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it was just over a year ago terrorists massacred more than 130 children in an attack on a grade school near this same area. the attackers today took advantage of heavy fog cutting through barbed wire and then scaling the back wall of the university, they fired indiscriminately killing students in classrooms and dormitories. the pakistani military moved in quickly and say they have now secured the university. the leader of a pakistani taliban splinter group has claimed responsibility. the same group believed to have carried out the previous attack at the grade school, amy. >> all right, martha, thank you for that update. just horrific. >> yeah, when they go after those schools. martha will be tracking that. we move to the race for the white house right now and big night for donald trump. picking up sarah palin's endorsement. there's the former alaska governor feisty as ever with the billionaire last night in iowa taking on the gop and media. >> heads are spinning.
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media heads are spinning. this is going to be so much fun. are you ready to make america great again? >> abc's tom llamas is there on the campaign trail in norwalk, iowa. good morning, tom. >> reporter: good morning. sarah palin and donald trump together right now hosting an event here in iowa. last night i spoke to several supporters who say the palin/trump connection makes perfect sense. both are tough and both are conservative. abc news learning that senator ted cruz is going to bring out his big gun, glenn beck who will appear with him on saturday. clearly both candidates trying to unleash conservative star power to get some votes. >> we're going to give them hell. >> reporter: in iowa, donald trump showing if you mess with him now, get ready to take on the gop's momma grizzly. >> doggone right we're angry. >> reporter: sarah palin, the former alaska governor and one
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time republican vp nominee says she chose trump because the others lack gut. >> they didn't want to talk about these issues until he brought them up, in fact, they've been wearing this political correctness kind of like a suicide vest. >> reporter: trump unleashing palin after senator ted cruz said trump has, quote, new york values, questioning his conservatism. >> funny but now what they're doing is wailing, well, trump and his trumpeters, well, they're not conservative enough. oh, my goodness gracious, what the heck would the establishment know about conservatism? >> reporter: back in february palin got some laughs on "snl" by joking she might run for president in 2016 with trump on her ticket. >> how much do you think lorne michaels would pay me if i were to run in 2016. >> i don't think there's a number too big. >> what if i were to choose donald trump as my running mate. >> sarah, you're teasing us. that's not nice.
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>> reporter: it's a blow to cruz who used palin's help to win a seat in the senate. >> regardless of what sarah decides to do in 2016 i will always remain a big, big fan of sarah palin. >> reporter: and so are many conservatives who love her plain, tough talk. >> no more pussyfooting around. are you ready for a commander in chief? you ready for a commander in chief who will let our warriors do their job and go kick isis' [ bleep ]. >> reporter: but it's bringing controversy. palin's 26-year-old son track arrested monday night in a domestic violence incident with his girlfriend. the police report stating he also threatened to kill himself with an ar-15 assault weapon. sarah palin has not commented but the washington times reports that the palin family attorney says they appreciate the respect for the family's privacy as track receives the help that he and many of our returning veterans need so much.
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george. >> and, tom, switching gears, a real tragedy on the campaign trail yesterday. >> reporter: so sad. a volunteer for dr. ben carson has died. in a car accident. three other campaign workers were injured when their van hit a patch of ice and flipped over. last night dr. carson spoke outside the hospital. >> life is so fleeting and we have to make the most of every bit of it that we can, but if every one of us could just think about how we can make somebody else's life better, what a fitting tribute that would be to braden. >> reporter: the carson campaign immediately suspending all campaign activities to deal with this tragedy. our thoughts and prayers with the carson campaign this morning george. >> boy, they sure are. thanks very much. as you mentioned there's big news for democrats this morning. that stunning new poll showing bernie sanders with a nearly
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30-point lead over hillary clinton in new hampshire. abc's cecilia vega is here with that story. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: good morning to you. there is no way to describe these new new hampshire numbers other than stunning. bernie sanders, that democratic socialist senator from vermont now has nearly double the support over the candidate who many assumed would glide right into this nomination. should hillary clinton be nervous? >> yeah, i would be nervous. >> reporter: this morning bernie sanders enjoying a massive lead in new hampshire and already looking past the granite state, iowa. >> just kidding. >> reporter: and beyond. >> i think we have the momentum and i think we stand a very good chance to win in both states. >> reporter: that new poll showing the vermont senator with his biggest new hampshire lead yet, 27 points over clinton. and another shocker, 91% of new hampshire democrats view sanders favorably. for clinton, 65%. the numbers especially damaging
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to clinton in a state where she has been on the offensive, dispatching her most powerful surrogates from bill and chelsea to a long list of celebrities like "girls" star lena dunham and soccer star abby wambach. in sanders' celebrity corner, ben from ben & jerry's. now hillary clinton feeling the burn. >> i'm going to keep working as hard as i can to reach as many people of all ages. >> reporter: the race in new hampshire and iowa so dire, she issued a plea to donors with this concession, there's a real possibility we could lose those contests. a real reality check this morning and there were polls this time back in 2008 that showed barack obama with a big lead in new hampshire over hillary clinton. that was back then. we do, of course, know she ended up winning that state, guys, her campaign calling polls this morning, quote, meaningless. >> wait, just ben, not jerry. okay, all right, just checking. >> just the chunky, not the monkey, right. >> okay, thank you, cecilia.
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let's bring in matt dowd for more on this. the clinton campaign both says that the polls are meaningless and that they could really lose iowa and new hampshire. now, 60 is kind of an outlier there but there are signs that bernie sanders has real momentum right now. >> absolutely, george. we've seen it throughout all of the polls. i don't think right now bernie sanders has a 27-point lead but he does have a double digit lead in new hampshire. it's 12 days exactly, george, to the iowa caucuses and 12 months till the next president is inaugurated. who would have guessed a year ago we would have said bernie sanders is going to win more primaries and caucuses in february than all the establishment republicans combined and donald trump is likely to win more primaries and caucuses in february than hillary clinton? the bigger story come up, we reported about donald trump. bernie sanders is a huge populist story coming on. >> i was talking to mr. trump. he said endorsements don't matter that much but he thinks sarah palin might matter. is he right?
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>> i don't know who's happier, donald trump or the writers of "saturday night live" about this endorsement. it's going to unfold in a dramatic fashion. i think it's actually one of the more powerful endorsements than you can get. sarah palin is more popular than any running among republicans and also three states, south carolina, new hampshire and iowa. she endorsed in all those races in the primaries and we have two senators and a governor in those places so she's a powerful figure in this thing and adds to donald trump's momentum going in february. >> another piece of good news, the iowa governor did not endorse trump but really slammed ted cruz. >> he did an anti-endorsement which was basically i don't care who you vote for, just don't vote for ted cruz in the course of this. all this is unfolding in a way none of us had any idea about. it may be that the republican race is wrapped up sooner than the democrat race and we have never said that a year ago.
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>> we sure would not have. matthew dowd, thanks very much. another story we've been talking about, the one-two punch of snowstorms. take a look at louisville, kentucky, snow falling. 14 states on alert and then there's that major storm taking aim at the northeast. rob, this could be one of the biggest storms ever to hit washington. >> it looks like it's going to blow up into a big storm. just a matter of where the position is when it gets onshore in the atlantic ocean. where it is right now into the rocky mountains so looking at a lot of spin that's going to generate some decent energy as it hits the gulf of mexico and severe storms in louisiana on thursday and friday across parts of florida and cold air in place here and looking at a heavy snow event, i think, for the mid-atlantic. give you an idea of what our computer guidance is showing us, two feet or better for the european model in d.c., maybe ten inches in new york city. over a foot from our american model in new york and locally over two feet in d.c. only twice in recorded history
7:12 am
has d.c. seen over 20 inches. we'll narrow it down tomorrow and talk more about the midwest snow happening in about ten minutes. george. >> keeping an eye on those, rob, thanks very much. we turn now to the fight against isis here at home. the fbi is actively investigating a professor at kent state university for connections to the terror group. he denies the allegation and pierre thomas is tracking the case. good morning. >> reporter: a controversy unfolding on kent state's campus. a professor there under fbi scrutiny raising questions about terrorism and free speech. this morning an associate professor at kent state university under investigation by the fbi for possibly supporting isis according to school officials. the story broken by the kent state newspaper after its editor says she was interviewed by the fbi as part of their investigation into julio pino. >> i had written a couple of articles about professor pino a couple of semesters ago and they wanted to see what we talked about and try to get more information on him.
7:13 am
>> reporter: late tuesday the school paper kentwired published this interview with the history professor who has not been charged with a crime. >> i have not broken the law. i don't advocate that anyone else break the law. i haven't been served any papers. >> reporter: he denies claims he's a supporter of the islamic state. >> everything that i've done is perfectly legal. i fulfill my duties as an american citizen by speaking out on issues that some people find controversial. >> reporter: in october of 2011, the muslim convert made local headlines after shouting death to israel in a public lecture given by ishmael khaldi, a former diplomatic visiting the campus. the university condemning his remarks at the time. overnight kent state releasing a statement to abc news saying the university is fully cooperating with an ongoing investigation. and that the fbi has assured them there is no threat to the campus. unclear how this is going to turn out. again, pino has not been charged with anything but the case shows how intensely the fbi is taking the issue of terror right now.
7:14 am
amy. >> all right, pierre thomas for us in washington, thank you. and now to those americans freed with the prisoner swap with iran. they are still in germany, and this morning we are seeing and hearing from two of them as they celebrate their freedom. abc's brian ross is here with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's a good day for the released americans now recovering at the u.s. military hospital in landstuhl, germany, where officials say they are beginning the formal reintegration process today. all smiles jason rezaian went out for a quick walk with his family this morning. still undergoing treatment and not yet 100%. >> how are you feeling jane? >> can't wait to get home. >> can't wait to get home he said. also eager to get home, 32-year-old amir hekmati who spent more than four years in an iranian prison. >> i feel alive for the first time.
7:15 am
it's like being born again. >> hekmati said he and the three other americans mistrusted the americans that they did not relax until the plane clear air space after a delay of 12 hours. >> champagne bottles were popped. >> reporter: hekmati was held for more than four years at iran's notorious evin prison where his family says he was tortured. >> my name is amir hekmati. >> reporter: and forced to make this false confession video after which he was sentenced to death for being a cia spy. a former marine, hekmati said tuesday it was his regard for his fellow marines that kept him going, especially after some of them organized an online hunger strike to support him. >> i didn't want to let my fellow marines down, so i tried my best to, you know, keep my head up and withstand all the pressures that were put upon me, some of which were very inhumane and unjust. semper fi to all the marines out there. >> semper fi, the marine motto, always faithful. today there are new developments
7:16 am
in the case of the american who was left behind, former fbi agent bob levinson. the white house now says it has reason to believe he is no longer in iran, but they provided no other details about his whereabouts. the levinson family says it was surprised at the white house comment which the family said has betrayed them by not making sure he too was brought home. amy and george. >> really adds to the mystery there. thanks very much. we'll move on to that water crisis in michigan. the governor apologized last night promised to clean up the lead contaminated water in flint as he faces new lawsuits and calls to resign. abc's alex perez has the latest. >> reporter: overnight, governor rick snyder appealing to the people of flint, michigan. >> government failed you, federal, state and local leaders by breaking the trust you placed in us. i'm sorry most of all that i let you down. you deserve better. >> reporter: delivering his state of the state address, snyder trying to convince his critics he's doing everything he can to resolve the water crisis.
7:17 am
but as the governor delivered his speech inside -- angry protesters outside calling for him to resign. >> all: shut it down. >> reporter: attorneys filing a class action lawsuit against the governor ever as well as city and state officials. >> they were silent. they were staring at a public health emergency and they sat on it. >> reporter: and the mayor of flint is taking her battle to correct this to washington, d.c. and had a closed door meeting with president obama to discuss the situation and to lobby for more federal help. amy, george. >> this one went on for far too long. thanks very much. you have this incredible crime caught on camera. >> this is something that every mother can only imagine happening. it's truly a nightmare. the scare of a lifetime for a woman in florida all caught on camera. she was filling up at the gas station when two armed men tried to steal her car. her children, her 1-year-old and her 7-year-old were in the backseat so you can imagine her
7:18 am
adrenaline just kicked in and ran around the car, grabs one of the men, pulled his mask off and threw him out of the driver's seat. he and the other suspect ran away. they were arrested a short time later. and her children were not injured. but you can just -- >> superhero power. >> of course. >> it just kicks in at that moment. >> you can take my car, don't mess with my kids. >> exactly. >> good for her. let's go to rob right now. the snow is already hitting the midwest. >> this is the first storm, george, coming through into the midsouth. winter storm warnings up south of louisville as the snow rolls in today. definitely a slick go for the cars there. nashville getting into north georgia, could see 6, 7 or 8 inches in the mountains of north carolina.
7:19 am
>> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. put the umbrella away but get ready to walk through the fog. hazy sunshine this afternoon and our next storm will last longer, and maybe not is strong as your. and a string of dry days are coming. the tells are upper 50s to low 60, from 58 in santa rosa. the next storm is >> just saw one hero. we'll see another coming up on "gma," jamie foxx hero, he jumps in to save a man from a burning car and we'll have what he's saying about the rescue this morning. then director spike lee is
7:20 am
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join for free now and lose 10 pounds on us. adventures from $599, plus up to $300 to spend at sea. come seek the royal caribbean. offer ends february 15th. good morning. i'm natasha zouves. we have an update on that breaking news in san mateo we've been tracking all morning. an order lifted for a neighborhood next to the laurelwood shopping center. police told people living there to stay inside while they
7:25 am
searched for a burglary suspect. we just received word they do not think the suspect is still in the area. no danger to the community. a check on the morning commute with sue hall. >> relatively better this morning than it has been, because we didn't have rain but fog. drive out of tracy to dublin, 46 minutes. antioch into concord a delay of 50 minutes. a pesky grind and san rafael into the city, 20-minute delay. and backup from hercules into san francisco. 40 to 45 minutes. >> thank you so much, sue. mike nicco
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now and then we all appreciate a little help. through covered california, health insurance could cost less than you think. and most uninsured californians could get help paying for it. to find free, local, in-person help visit at least it's not raining. whether freeze or just what we dealt with yesterday morning,
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but the leftover. look at this. three quarter mile visibility in petaluma and this is walnut creek, if you could see it through the tag. hazy sunshine, 58 to 62, high. moderate storm tomorrow. 2 on our scale. coming up, an exclusive live interview with spike lee speaking out about the oscars and new michael jackson documentary with never before seen video of the king of
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welcome back to "gma." welcome back to "gma." that man justin smith has a lot to celebrate this morning. he was found with no pulse, nearly frozen to death in subzero temperatures and he managed to survive. the amazing way doctors were able to save his life coming up. it really is an incredible story. >> it certainly is. also right now, we have sarah palin, she's hitting the campaign trail with donald trump this morning. after backing the gop front-runner for president last night this is the biggest endorsement yet of the campaign and opening arguments in a trial out west, the justice department is suing two towns on the arizona/utah border. it's about polygamy connected to the fundamentalist church of latter-day saints and the justice department says they're discriminating against nonbelievers. michael strahan in the house. >> here. >> with the inside story on jamie foxx's incredible rescue.
7:31 am
>> yeah, you know, jamie foxx's rescuing people on the big screen and now in real life. we'll find out what he did when he found someone in distress. when their car was on fire. we begin with that oscars backlash. george clooney joining the list of stars speaking out about the lack of diversity and spike lee is here to weigh in after abc's linsey davis brings us the latest. >> reporter: this morning, pressure is mounting as more stars speak out against the lack of diversity in this year's oscar nominations including one of tinseltown's biggest names, george clooney telling "variety" tuesday, i think that african-americans have a real fair point that the industry isn't representing them well enough. for the second consecutive year, all 20 nominees in the actor category are white resparking the #oscarsowhite. four-time oscar host whoopi goldberg spoke out on tuesday. >> why is this a conversation that we only have once a year? because every -- every year we
7:32 am
get all fired up and then the rest of the year nobody says anything. >> reporter: the tension has been around for decades. look at this clip from the 1988 academy awards. >> every 20 years we get one so we ain't due for one until like 2004. black people will not ride the caboose of society and we will not bring up the rear anymore. >> reporter: on monday academy president cheryl boone isaacs said she's heartbroken and frustrated about the lack of inclusion in this year's nominations. >> we all need to do now is actually take some action. >> reporter: oscar winner lupita nyong'o added her voice to the growing chorus saying it has me thinking about unconscious prejudice and what merits prestige in our culture. along with british actor idris elba who many thought deserved an oscar nomination for "beasts of no nation." >> talent is everywhere but opportunity isn't. we haven't done enough to nurture our diverse talent. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> spike lee joins us, an
7:33 am
honorary oscar recipient, two-time oscar nominee. so you're not going to the oscars. >> i'm going to a knick game. i sold my tickets but after i put my essay out my wife and i decided we're not going so i bought my tickets back. february 28th at the world's most famous arena, madison square garden to see my beloved orange and blue hopefully beat the miami heat. going to the game. >> we know what you'll be doing. what should everybody else do? >> here's the thing, i have never used the word boycott. all i said was my wife, my beautiful wife and i we're not coming. that's it and i gave the reason so i never used the word boycott. i never have said to anybody, it's like do you -- we're not coming. not going. >> reverend al sharpton and others are saying -- >> that's them. look, i love reverend al, you know, we stick up for brooklyn,
7:34 am
but i'm not -- i'm not going. my wife is not going. everyone else can do what they want to do. >> chris rock is in a tough spot. some people saying -- >> so is cheryl boone isaacs. >> so is she. let's start off with chris rock. ricky gervais. >> chris rock is a grown ass man. he can do what he wants to do i support him either way. >> either way. >> either way. >> what would you do if you were him? >> i don't -- look, michael, the guy -- the guy that missed the field goal, would have lost a super bowl. there's no ifs. >> so you're just -- you're going to be neutral. >> i'll be at madison square garden. [ laughter ] >> okay. let's talk about cheryl boone isaacs then. she says we need to make some real changes and saying she's going to take dramatic steps to change the -- >> in fact, when i received my honorary oscar at the governor's ball in november, she began that night saying this is her plan,
7:35 am
so it's not going -- i mean, we can't say hocus-pocus, presto chango and the -- membership is going to change overnight. >> the numbers are amazing. 94% white, 77% -- >> here's the thing and i'd like to state this, the academy -- okay, my man michael strahan over there, he knows what i'm talking about. this whole academy thing is a misdirection play. >> okay, how. >> we're chasing the guy down the field. he doesn't even have the ball. the other guy is high-stepping in the end zone so this goes -- it goes further than the academy awards and has to go back to the gatekeepers. >> studios. >> the people who have the green light. have you seen "hamilton"? >> i have. >> got to be in the room. we're not in the room. we are not in the room. the executive, when they have these green light meetings quarterly where they look at the scripts and look at who is in it and decide what we're making, what we're not making. >> how do you change that? >> we're going to need -- michael.
7:36 am
my man -- >> what do you want me to do? go into meetings and threaten people? i don't know how to figure this out. >> you know what i'm talking about. i'm using sports references. >> i got you. >> we need the rooney rule. >> okay. >> nfl, we need a rooney rule. some type of rule -- >> so quota. >> yes. if the nfl -- if the head coaching job opens up or same executive position, you cannot hire anyone to any of you minority candidates and that has increased the number of minority coaches and executives in the nfl and -- >> you got to widen the pool out. >> you have to. we can't go to that old tired -- we can't find any qualified candidates. that's bs. >> how about your own experience? you make your movies. do you feel like you've been snubbed like you haven't had a fair hearing? >> what won best film 1989?
7:37 am
>> i don't know actually. >> "driving miss f'ing daisy." >> what did you have in 1989? >> "do the right thing." that film is being taught in colleges, schools all over -- no one can watching "driving miss daisy now." so it also shows you that the work is what's important because that's the stuff that's going to stand for years, not an award. not whether you're a grammy or a tony or whatnot. >> so even if you don't get the oscar there is some success but still a huge problem in the whole studio system. >> from top to bottom. >> spike lee, thanks very much. you're going to be back in our next hour talking about your new michael jackson film. >> hee, hee, hee. [ laughter ] >> thank you. >> my man. peace. >> we'll be right back.
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talk to your doctor about tecfidera, and take another look at relapsing ms. back now at 7:41 with actor jamie foxx's latest role, real-life hero.
7:42 am
the oscar winner credited with saving a driver from a burning pickup truck that crashed right outside his california home. abc's kayna whitworth has the details. >> reporter: he saved countless lives on the big screen in movies like "white house down" and a remake of "annie." >> are you okay? you could have got run over. >> reporter: this morning in the case of life imitating art, jamie foxx is being hailed a real-lifife hero. the 48-year-old grammy winner was at his california home monday night when he heard a violent car crash outside. immediately jumping into action calling 911. >> heavy rescue, vehicle on fire. >> reporter: foxx rushing down the road to find 32-year-old brett kyle trapped inside his truck. >> when i get here the truck is over on its side and it's in flames. >> reporter: officers say the driver was headed westbound when he went off the road and hit this drainage ditch so hard that it caused the trucuck to flip. it eventually stoppeon the passenger side right here and caught fire in jamie foxx's front yard.
7:43 am
>> i said you got angels around you. you have angels around you. >> reporter: foxx and another bystander who happened to be a certified emt finally able to cut kyle's seat belt freeing him from the truck. >> as we pulled him out, within five seconds later, the truck goes up. >> reporter: this morning the driver who's been arrested for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol is in and a punctured lung but is es ale. >> it doesn't matter to me who it was or what they do for a living or whatever, just the idea that someone would do that is so much more than i can fathom. so i just -- all tears of joy. >> reporter: for "good morning america," kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> so glad. the victim is okay. all that action movie training comes into play. go job, jamie. coming up, t.j.'s got an unbelievable survival story, as well. t.j.? >> yeah, lara, this man was dead.
7:44 am
not just dead, frozen solid but a doctor said you're not dead until you're warm and dead. a medical miracle. th is next on "gma." "gma." you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof... your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgivenes liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light liberty mutual insurance. arturito souokay, okay. arturito soup! hi! arturito soup? foow me. campbell's new star wars inspired soups. arturito soup! yaaa! made for real, real life. started using gain flings,fe their laundry smells more amazing than ever.
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welcome back to "gma" and now we have this medical miracle. a pennsylvania man found frozen to death, seemingly frozen to death in a snowbank. he had no heart beat, no pulse but one doctor refused to give up and abc's t.j. holmes, you're here, gracing us with your presence. tell us about this. >> alive and well. a miracle he's alive and well. no heartbeat. no pulse, he's got no brain activity. not breathing. body is frozen solid. paramedics put the sheet over his body at the scene. a death investigation under way. so he's up and walking around back from the dead. why? because of a doctor who decided to forgo logic and go with his gut. this morning, 26-year-old justin smith is grateful to be alive after nearly freezing to death. >> i started shaking his head, no, no, you can't leave me. you can't leave me. >> reporter: last february don smith found his son unconscious in a snowbank. he'd been there overnight where temperatures had dipped to 4 degrees below zero. >> he was blue, his face, he was lifeless.
7:49 am
>> reporter: the coroner was on scene and the state police were on scene doing essentially a death investigation. >> all signs lead us to believe that he's been dead for a considerable amount of time. >> reporter: but dr. gerald coleman did not give up refusing to pronounce him dead. he and his team performed cpr for two hours as they slowly started warming his stiff, cold body then over the next few days doctors say his brain miraculously went to showing no activity to normal activity. >> we knew we needed a big, big miracle. >> reporter: using a special machine that pumps, warms and provides more oxygen to his blood his heart started beating on its own. >> i never even heard of anything like this. it's amazing. it's something i've never heard of and i can't thank everyone enough. >> reporter: smith lost all his toes and both pinkie fingers but has since made a near complete recovery. >> it's like i woke up interest a dream but it wasn't a dream, you know. >> lara, you asked what was he doing out in the first place. he was walking home from a party, a walk he's made a million times. thinks possibly he slipped, hit
7:50 am
his head. and was just stuck out there unconscious. his body was frozen solid. as morbid as it sound, meat in the refrigerator, preserve it, you put it in the freezer. that's the part they can't figure out. it seems as if his body was frozen solid, so it was preserved essentially when the body heated up, the body came back alive. literally is what happened. >> two hours of cpr. >> the doctor didn't give up. they said this could possibly change the history moving forward. >> all those cryogenics people -- >> yeah. >> we can live forever. we'll be right back. >> wow. never thought about the coffee i was drinking having acids. it never dawned on me that it could hurt your teeth. my dentist has told me your enamel is wearing away, and that sounded really scary to me, and i was like well can you fix it, can you paint it back on, and he explained that it was not something that grows back, it's kind of a one-time shot and you have to care for it. he told me to use pronamel. it's gonna help protect
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7:54 am
this stop sign almost covered. in sugar bowl this snowboarder getting caught in an avalanche. scary situation there. that's all the snow they got and getting a little more. the jet stream brings things further to the north but diving down into colorado and idaho with a couple more feet potentially in spots. this weathercast brought to you by hilton. more local news and weather is
7:55 am
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. it's 7:56. good morning. i'm reggie aqui. we just learned the identity of the second woman killed in the greyhound bus crash in san jose. her name, maria dejesus ortiz velazquez from salinas, and the other from san francisco. the ntsb is launching its investigation looking at several factors including driver fatigue. over to mike with a look at forecast. >> thank you. fog an issue all morning. half mile in petaluma. other spots are just as thick. high clouds today, hazy. tomorrow, 2 on the impact scale. in hercules into the macarthur maze, a 40-minute drive, meter lights on at 5:30, traffic stacked into the macarthur maze.
7:57 am
an accident to tell you about. southbound 13, both directions of 13 affected. >> thank you. coming up on "gma." the latest on an announce minute jamie has m.s. see you back here for more local news, traffic and weather. until then have a good morning. ♪ ♪ grow old with me
7:58 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. we have jamie-lynn sigler's brave battle. >> i was diagnosed with ms at 20 years old. it was a shock. >> why she's revealing it now just days after her wedding and what women everywhere should know about ms. dr. ashton here live. >> "off the wall." exclusive footage from michael jackson's personal vault never seen until now. director spike lee shining a spotlight on the king of pop's early years. >> what i do, i don't want it labeled black or white. i want the labeled as music. >> the moments that michael first spread his wings a solo artist is jackson like you've never seen him before. ♪ can't stop me no
8:01 am
a parenting alert. a big headline about college admissions this morning. more than 50 top schools banding together to change the game for your kids. ♪ how you like me now all that and kym johnson helping you dance and diet your way to a better body as we say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ you're holding be she said shut up and dance with me ♪ >> good morning, america. robin on assignment today. it's a big wednesday morning here on "gma." you just saw our "dancing with the stars" pro kym johnson here to share her fitness secrets. >> you know what else she's showing us, george, how to eat banana pancakes. we can have them and eat them. a fun way to dance ourselves into shape. i have banana pancakes every saturday. i love them so much. >> coming to your house this weekend. >> so good. >> they're really good. >> one little bite. one little bite and i'll wait because chewing and talking are never nice. also this morning a health warning for pregnant women and
8:02 am
those thinking about getting pregnant. multiple new cases of the dan r dangerous vehicle ka virus confirmed in the u.s. and dr. besser will join us to explain what it is and what we can do about it. spike lee is back with us. he'll come back and talk about an exclusive. i'm ready for spike. we'll have an exclusive sneak peek at his new michael jackson documentary. it is called "off the wall." so much great never before seen footage from jackson's personal vault. a great new film from spike lee and as he put it, hee, hee. >> can't wait for that. have some banana pancakes and to amy with the rundown. >> a deadly attack on students at a university campus in fort west pakistan. gunmen storming that school near the city of peshawar. the battle with police lasting for hours. so far we know at least 20 people are dead including students, staff and a professor. a group with ties to the taliban has claimed responsibility. and in iraq, isis has destroyed another historic site. satellite photos showing the
8:03 am
oldest christian monastery in iraq reduced to rubble. it stood as a place of worship for 1400 years. well, sarah palin is hitting the campaign trail with donald trump today. she endorsed trump in iowa last night where he is locked in a dead heat with senator ted cruz. palin slammed the republican establishment for attacking their own front-runner and said with trump in the house, white house, there will be, quote, no more pussyfooting around. if trump is elected he says there will be a role for palin in his administration if she wants it. a new poll finds hillary clinton's campaign taking some big hits. clinton is trailing bernie sanders by 27 points in new hampshire. meanwhile, in washington an inspector general now claims some of the e-mails on clinton's private server had an even higher classification than top secret. the clinton campaign insists those e-mails were not classified when they were sent. and the governor of michigan is promising to release e-mails today that could shed new light on the water crisis in flint.
8:04 am
rick snyder is under fire for his handling of the crisis. he has now apologized and blames the government for failure to -- for failure for the lead con tom nation that left the city's water undrinkable pledging more aid but residents are demanding he step down or some are saying he should be arrested. troubling news about the health of the world's oceans. by 2050 experts say the amount of plastic trash in the ocean will outweigh the fish. they estimate 165 million tons of plastic are now polluting the oceans. and a man in california got quite a surprise when he caught this great white shark fishing off the pier in san clemente. the shark eventually broke free and swam away. experts say el nino's warmer waters are drawing sharks closer to shore. and finally, most of us, i'm going to go with just about all of us love french fries and most of us lock chocolate so mcdonald's is combining them
8:05 am
selling chocolate covered fries. two types of chocolate sauces are available. dark and white. the sad news here right now the plan is to sell them only in japan. we'll see if they catch on. thisser they a th they're called the mcchoco potato. i'm in. >> a segue to a health alert for millions of pregnant women focused on the dangerous zika virus. two new cases confirmed and three in florida and rich besser with the latest. you warned it was dangerous and would get worse. >> it's spread by infected mosquitoes. pose people who get bit by one of these mosquitoes will have no illness or a mild illness but if you're pregnant it can cause severe brain damage in a baby. in brazil more than 34,000 babies so far -- 3,000. >> these cases in the u.s., not much of a danger of them passing on the disease. it's not contagious in that way. >> that's right.
8:06 am
they expect this will continue to spread throughout the region so american travelers are at risk. and we do have the same mosquito here in the united states in some of the southern states and i asked cdc about this. what we've seen before is with the introduction of similar types of viruses is small little outbreaks so they think that is possible along our border area. >> the warning now is against travel to 13 countries and puerto rico. if someone travels, a pregnant woman travels to one of those countries what is the symptoms you should look for. >> again, most it's going to be mild but the symptoms, fever, joint pain, rash, pink eye. if you get those and you're pregnant within 14 days see your doctor. they can do testing and monitoring but unfortunately there is no treatment for this infection. >> so much concern about this because of the olympics in brazil. >> the idea of who should travel to the olympics, who can go to the caribbean for vacations, because while it's only in a couple of countries, the expectation is it will spread throughout that region. >> okay, rich, thanks very much. let's go over to michael.
8:07 am
rich will take questions all morning long on twitter. >> all right, thank you, george. a look at what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." "the sopranos" star jamie-lynn sigler now revealing she has ms. we'll find out the latest on her condition and in an exclusive sneak peek at the new michael jackson documentary that is being done -- that was done by spike lee. never seen footage from that today. sneak peek like i said. plus, "dancing with the stars" star kym johnson is here with her diet and dancing secrets. all of that is coming up on "gma" live in times square. we got to get in. we're freezing. we don't have on coats. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by new centrum vitamints, a multivitamin you enjoy like a mint. 3alright... big smile! smile! hey, honey! how'd it go?
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8:12 am
welcome back to "gma." now to former "the sopranos" star jamie-lynn sigler's secret health battle. the actress revealing in "people" magazine she has been battling multiple sclerosis for more than a decade. jesse palmer is here with that story. jesse. >> thanks, lara. you know, jamie-lynn has been making this revelation for her family, her new husband and young son and opening up about her 15-year battle with this debilitating condition. >> it wasn't my fault. >> reporter: she's best known for her role playing tony soprano's daughter meadow. >> we're under a lot of pressure, okay. >> reporter: but during her time on "the sopranos" actress jamie-lynn sigler given a heartbreaking diagnosis that she kept secret for nearly 15 years. >> i was diagnosed with ms when i was 20 years old. it was a shock. >> reporter: this morning, si e sigler revealing after she struggled with lyme disease she
8:13 am
was left with tingling in her legs diagnosed with multiple sclerosis just a year later. she confided in one of her famous co-workers. >> jamie-lynn sigler kept this secret for a long time. she would never tell people she worked with but she did ultimately confide in james gandolfini because she trusted him. >> i didn't want to hold a secret where it feels like i have something to be ashamed of. it's part of who i am. it's not who i am. >> reporter: also part of her decision to speak out her 2-year-old son beau. >> she didn't want her son to think he had to keep the secret about her and asking why she might be tired and wanted to see if she could help people with this. >> reporter: sigler telling "people" her simms gradually getting worse saying she can't walk for a long period without resting. i cannot run. no superhero roles for me. but despite her disease, sigler doing her best to live life to the fullest. the 34-year-old recently celebrating her wedding to pro
8:14 am
baseball player cutter dykstra, the two married by lance bass over the weekend. >> she just married somebody who she's deeply in love with, has a beautiful son with and counting her blessings. >> she goes on to say she's finally got her medication under control and feeling better and happy with her new husband cutter and her son beau. >> thank you so much, jesse. i'm joined by dr. jen ashton. just want to ask how hard do you think -- how brave is it for her to come out and had you helpful for other. >> we always think it's helpful when a celebrity uses their illness or chronic condition to bring awareness and this is an example that the disease or the illness does not define the person. >> i love that. it doesn't define you. but it's still -- i as an actress might be like, ooh, i don't know. does this become a label, a badge. >> right, and i think that she and so many people struggling with this or any other chronic condition have to face that, whether it's in a small circle or nationally coming public.
8:15 am
but, you know, i think you ask how hard could it have been to hide it. fatigue is the most debilitating hallmark sign or symptom that affects women and men dealing with ms, it affects about 90% of people, it can be physical or even psychological. >> so many of us are exhausted all the time especially with a job like this. we don't sleep well. are there other signs besides being extremely tired. >> there are. i want you to look at this. there are a lot of vague symptoms but, remember, this is an immune condition that affects the central nervous system. you can see anything occurring from blurred or visual problems, problems thinking, cognitive issues, lack of coordination with motor function, loss of balance or even numbness or tingling. now, certainly not all of these signs or symptoms means someone as msome. the diagnosis is usually brain imaging like an mrism, a good history and physical exam and, again, it's a chronic issue that people have to live with for their lives. >> have there been advance, though. >> there is reason for hope. the mainstay of treatment is
8:16 am
medication to kind of suppress the immune system and then rehabilitation therapy for people having difficulty with motor function, just yesterday we heard exciting news on use of stem cells so there's always reason for hope. >> oh, that's great hope. >> absolutely. >> a beautiful word for sure. dr. jen, i thank you so much. got to get it over to michael. >> thank you, lara. we're back now to music and moves. we've been waiting all morning to see this and spike lee came back with us and he's got an exclusive first look at his new documentary, michael jackson's journey from motown to "off the wall" and we'll talk to him in a moment. before that chris connelly has the details. ♪ this is thriller >> reporter: even before "thriller." those sensational dance skills. those special songs and that spectacular voice. ♪ power >> reporter: it already made michael jackson pop's premiere entertainer. now director spike lee is shining a spotlight on michael's early 20s in his documentary
8:17 am
"michael jackson's journey from motown to off the wall." this 1981 performance from the jackson's tour just one example of the never before seen stuff that spike's found. ♪ like michael's impossibly soaring original demo of "don't stop till you get enough" recorded at the jackson family compound in encino. ♪ don't stop till you get enough not. >> reporter: bringing viewers back 3 1/2 decades with him first spreading his solo wings ready for superstardom as a male. >> i want it labeled music, not black or white. >> reporter: this music rocking, soulful and sophisticated. dance noor dynamite that sold 30 million copies worldwide and influenced so many of today's biggest names from john legend to quest love. >> that's the first time we heard that iconic yell. that's his free at last, free at
8:18 am
last. >> reporter: artists sharing how michael's talents helped them find their own. >> i always use michael as first and foremost as a vocal inspiration and "off the wall" was definitely the one that made me feel like i could sing. i found my falsetto because of "off the wall." "don't stop till you get enough." >> reporter: michael's timeless music still brimming with youthful excitement of its time. chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> all right, we're here with the man who put that together, spike lee. welcome back. >> my man, strahan. up and down the elevator. >> but this documentary shows, you know, michael jackson's transformation into a rock star. >> journey. >> it's a journey so what drew you to this. >> we did one called "bad 25" which was about the "bad" album and god willing i get to do "thriller." the trilogy, three albums that he did with the great, great quincy joneses but we wanted to show because many people, which
8:19 am
i found like you just said "off the wall" is your favorite. >> yeah. >> mine too but doing this, a lot of people, that's their favorite of the three "off the wall" is the one. >> a lot of people think "thriller" because it's the greatest album of all time but "off the wall" was where michael jackson was able to showcase who he could be as an artist. >> we can't leave out quincy. those two getting together on the set of "the wiz" that's where they met starring diana ross. >> you have footage from when michael jackson performed "ben" back in 1973. >> that was talking about the oscars, nominated for best song, the song about the rat. >> but, you know, in this documentary there's no controversy. this is all about music. now was that intentional on your part. >> that was very intentional. we just wanted to focus on what made michael one of the greatest entertainers of all time, the greatest singers, writers, dancers, so it was just about the music. that was intentional. >> you were fortunate enough to go into the vault. you got all this footage we've
8:20 am
never seen. to one as really seen outside of michael jackson himself and a few other people. what do you think will surprise us as viewers. >> i don't think it might not be surprised just reaffirm how great he was because you know people forget. >> yeah. >> people forget and people have to be reminded who michael was. >> yeah, and but i got to say he's somebody carried from generation to generation. >> yes. >> you have quest love, john legend, the weeknd, a hard guy -- >> doesn't say nothing about nobody. >> how did you get them involved and why did you pick particular artists to comment about michael jackson. >> we wanted to show the breadth and add pharrell and people who worked on the songs like interviewed stevie. he wrote that one -- phi favorite song "i can't help it." wanted to get a mixture of the people who worked -- the generations he influenced after that. >> michael's parents are all throughout the documentary but only two of his siblings.
8:21 am
and why is that? come on, spike. give me something. >> the giants better win some more games next year. >> or you're going to the knicks game instead of the oscars. >> no, i don't want -- you know, family issues but there's no need to go into that. >> but has michael's -- has his children seen the documentary? >> we don't know if they saw the first one, "bad 25" so we gave it to the parents and they have to share it with them. their decision. >> they have to share. i hope they want to see it because it's testament to the greatness of their father. >> absolutely. and, you know, we went back to "ben" and that was at the oscars and you say you're not going to the oscars. >> my wife and i we're not going to the oscars? but it's not necessarily a boycott. >> well, i'm not trying to lead a movement. i mean, i'm just -- you know, with last -- the other thing up here but the arc, every year there are 20 spots available for
8:22 am
actors and at the last two years, the score is keeping the sports 40-0. what's the score -- the vikings you beat them by? >> 40-0. >> this is 40-0. >> i'm not nominated for anything at the oscars. >> you act, though, man. i've been watching you. >> put me in a movie, spike. that's all you got to do. >> all right. >> then we -- >> is it all right with abc, though? is it all right, you guys. you say take him. >> you and i can have this conversation and you don't have to interview me when i'm at the desk. you're talking to george. how about that? congrats. it is "michael jackson's journey from motown to off the wall" which i'm so happy you did. >> premiering at sundance. >> hopefully you'll get a chance to do "thriller" as well. premieres at sundance and february 5th. part of the cd. there is a remastered cd in the dvd bundle on the "off the wall" album due out february 26th. >> dvd and the remastered cd joint. >> you get it all of the one and
8:23 am
only spike lee now outside to rob. >> hey, michael, working your back room deals on national television. we got giants fans and green bay fans. where do they play, in minnesota. this is what they do in minneapolis when it gets cold ow. wash their pants and put them outside and let them freeze and make for frozen pants cultures. that's called end bracing the cold. winter storm watches out for the next system that comes through tennessee, lexington, kentucky in through west virginia. here it is, heavy moisture from the gulf of mexico. potentially a >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. put the umbrella away but get ready to walk through the fog. hazy sunshine this afternoon and our next storm will last longer, and maybe not is strong as your. and a string of dry days are coming. the tells are upper 50s to low 60, from 58 in santa rosa.
8:24 am
the next storm is >> frozen pants. you have your pants frozen while they were on. >> while hunting. >> you didn't do it for fun. all right. back in to you. >> oh, hello. i wish they were giving us a warning. >> i was begging and you'll see why soon. let's start though -- >> we know something you don't know. >> but you're about to find out. i don't think it's too gross. so we start with some new york news. it is a sure bet on broadway, funny lady bette midler is back confirming she will make a brassy return to the great white way playing the title character in the classic "hello dolly." a little dolly trivia for you. role was originally written for ethel merriman. >> one of your favorites. >> yes, i've been compared to her many times. my singing prowess but wound up going to the one and only carol channing.
8:25 am
the original composer said bette is his dream dolly. the only way he would do it again was with our bette so say hello to bette when it opens spring of 2017. you can bet i will be there. >> pretty good. >> i'm excited. up next, it's a new trend, not my fault. slithering into a salon near you it's called snake massage. >> is this the -- >> come on, what. >> it is like a normal massage except it's so not normal intended to loosen muscles. >> that's supposed to be relaxing. >> are you kidding me. >> it's real, people. >> that would tighten every muscle in my body. >> there's no way. >> the idea of huma seusss in this case is ancient hiss-tory. >> oh. >> thank you very much. buzzfeed, thank you because their test friends put their bods on the line so we didn't have to so what does a snake massage feel like? roll them. >> you know what, they kind of feel like thin long ice packs
8:26 am
just moving across my body. >> i mean, doesn't that sound relaxing, everybody? >> thank you for warning us. >> what if they bite? or even worse, constrictors. >> i was thinking about the squeeze. >> yes, well, there you have it. >> deep tissue. >> i had a really cute thing to show you, can i do it really quick? this will make you erase. ready, roll the video. no more snakes. look at this. >> i love you! >> i love you! >> one more time. >> i love you! >> i love you! >> thank you. [ applause ] >> we forgot about the snakes.
8:27 am
it is 8:27. good morning. i'm reggie aqui. san mateo police arrest add man they believe is linked to this morning's home burglary in greenoak court. taken into custody in san bruno a little while ago. a second suspect a woman, also arrested this morning after police say she deliberately tried to run down an officer. that officer opened fire. no one hurt. the search for the male suspect triggered an hour's long lockdown in that neighborhood. an update on the morning commute. >> good morning, reggie and everyone. fog affecting your commute in san rafael. look here at the sam mateo bridge, a 30-minute drive from hayward towards foster city. double what it normally is. we'll look also at an accident in santa rosa.
8:28 am
blocking both lanes of highway 12 at dutton. you can use piner or guerneville road to get around it until it's cleaned involving a street sweeper. foggy out there you se
8:29 am
welcome back. what sue and reggie were talking about. official reporting stations. hayward, quarter mile, and livermore. dangerous. three quarter in petaluma.
8:30 am
other spots. can't see because of fog. hasy sunshine this afternoon. high clouds, leftover mois welcome back to "gma." we have a lot coming up this half hour. we got a little preview of those banana pancakes. >> that's right. "dancing with the stars" pro kym johnson here sharing those banana pancakes and her fitness and diet secrets, as well. just a few moment as way. >> did you give up the recipe for those to our website? >> it's always on our website, yes. >> because they're so good. that's -- >> anything left? i missed out on that. >> they're coming back. >> but now to juju chang. we're talking about a big change that could be coming to college admissions. more than 50 well-known universities have endorsed a new report encouraging schools to focus pore on community service, less on test scores and juju is here with the details. >> it includes the entire ivy league. elite universities. it's called turing the tide aimed at ratcheting down the pressure in the frenzied college
8:31 am
application game. instead of massive resume padding, the educators are hoping to shift the emphasis away from personal achievement and more towards a new kind of personal service. it's no secret college applications seems scarier than ever. a recent study showing teens even more stressed out than adults. this morning, a new report released by the harvard based group making caring common is trying to tackle the issue. the report endorsed by more than 50 colleges including the entire ivy league says the teens are taught to emphasize personal success rather than concern for others. >> achievement is clearly important but it what is to be balanced with concern for others and concern for the common good. we can't just reward those who achieve. >> reporter: changing the college application process, they say, would send a strong message to young people. >> this is the first time in history that colleges have banded together across the country and said that ethical character is important. >> reporter: in fact, mit, one of the report's endorsers has
8:32 am
already begun to make changes. you changed your essay question to involve community as opposed to some sort of achievement highlight. >> that's right. we want to know how have you affected those around you and made those around you better? because that's important. >> reporter: the report calling for reducing the number of ap classes and extracurricular activities, even making some s.a.t. scores optional. sherry's son chris is shooting for harvard. captain of the track and debate teams he volunteers oodles of hours and takes five ap classes. do you worry about the toll that the stress takes on kids? >> yeah, i do worry about it. he doesn't sleep. you see fatigue. you shouldn't see that on a teenager. i don't know if he knows how to have a good time. i'm hoping he knows what that means. >> i know. could you imagine making s.a.t.s or a.c.t.s optional? only a few colleges are considering it. >> should have done that 30 years ago.
8:33 am
>> it signals how revolutionary these changes are and they're really hoping to have an effect. >> kids who thinking about getting into college they think about it so early they are under so much stress. >> pie kid is a freshman and already talking about his high school resume. i said, i forbid you to use that phrase. that's too much. >> good change. thanks for bringing that to us. over to amy. >> well now to a story that first captured the nation's attention five years ago, the disappearance of 7-year-old kyron horman. his stepmom is speaking out for the first time and abc news is teaming up with "people" magazine to bring the exclusive story from this issue of "people." it's been over five years since it made national headlines and the woman at the center of the case speaks out for the very first time to "people" magazine. 7-year-old kyron horman goes missing in june of 2010 after his stepmom says she dropped him off at the school science fair. no one realizes he's missing until the end of the school day. >> he had not been at school
8:34 am
that day. and had been unaccounted for for six hours and nobody called me and that's when the panic set in. >> reporter: his shocking diggs appearance baffled investigators and in the end kyron was never found. >> if i could do anything differently i'd have kept him home that day. that is something you go back again and again, what if. >> reporter: she didn't just lose her stepson she lost her life as she knew it. she failed several polygraph tests about the disappearance about kyron. her marriage ended and as part of divorce proceedings her husband accused her of hiring a hit man to kill him which she denies and fled the state of oregon to get away from harassment while never offici officially charged, the suspicions around her continues to this day. >> i never harmed my son. i never wanted to harm my husband. and there's just so much
8:35 am
information that is not being told to the public. >> and joining me now "people" magazine righter elaine aradillas who got the exclusive interview with terri horman. part of that suspicion that still surrounds terri is notably because she failed those two lie director tests. did you discuss that and the impact it had on her. >> she did. at the beginning she was cooperating, she went and took her lie detector test and they told her that she failed it. she went back again a second time and she didn't feel like it was being administered properly. she had not slept in days. she wasn't eating and she said that she wasn't going to take it. >> and then terri ultimately went into seclusion. why is she stepping back into the spotlight now? why is she talking now? >> i think she has been trying to restart her life over and over again. but they sort of keep tracking her down and exposing her and she wants to clear the suspicion around her. she wants to talk and so she's
8:36 am
chosen now to sort of tell her side. >> in the past i mean we've heard from so many people in in case throughout the years notably kyron's biological mother and they've accused terri of hating kyron of not being a stepmom leading up to that fateful day. what was your sense about their relationship? you've been speaking to her for several years now. >> i have and she has always been very loving when talking about him. she talks about his favorite color. she talks about what he wants to be when he grows up and so i've never gotten the sense that she hated him. >> what does she think happened that day? she was the last person to see him alive. >> she says she wasn't. she says that there's someone else and that she thinks that he was taken from school. >> doster rihanna have any contact now with her daughter who is now 7 years old or her ex-husband? >> she has not spoken with her
8:37 am
daughter or her ex-husband now and there are no plans to but she is being reintegrated with a relationship with her daughter. >> all right, well, it is certainly a fascinating story. elaine aradillas, thanks for joining us. you can go to for more exclusive video with terri horman and on friday terri will tell her story in a "people" magazine and abc news exclusive. let's head out now outside to rob for a look at the forecast. rob. >> hey, amy, it is chilly out here but we're excited about the cold. yeah, just kind of invigorates you. warm up, go to the southwest. the california sunshine will get you at least in socal. rough surf for surfing today but waves will be subsiding somewhat. 71 in phoenix. rain across parts of the south and severe weather for tomorrow. heaviest across the west coast i think across the pacific northwest with most of that -- and cold across florida. 63 in orlando and temps in the 50s in south beach. good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco, watch out for the thick fog this morning and high clouds and hazy
8:38 am
sunshine this afternoon. 2358 to 62. pretty mild. now, my seven-day forecast shows we have a moderate storm, two on the back tra >> all right, temps in the 20s but warmer than yesterday. this weathercast is brought to you by mcdonald's. amy, back over to you. >> the home of the mcchoco potato. coming up, "dancing with the stars" pro kym johnson here helping you dance and diet your way to a much healthier new year.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
we're here with kym johnson, "dancing with the stars" pro who danced her way with two, not one but two mirror ball trophies and "shark tank" star robert herjavec. in her new book "the 5-6-7-8 diet" she's revealing her secrets and welcome to the show. >> >> thanks for having me. >> we've heard about the traditional 5, 6, 7, 8. >> when it comes to dancing. >> you have it as a cue to your diet. >> 5, 6, 7, 8 is my cue to dance but it also means to get started and i think that's whether it's a diet or exercise, but it has some meaning in my book, "the 5-6-7-8 diet" so number five, five sources of protein in your diet. okay, it doesn't have to be main meals, it can be snacks like yogurt and nuts, five sources of
8:42 am
protein. >> let me start early with my protein. >> i got enough protein already. okay, so five is protein. >> number six is the colors of the rainbow. you should have that in your food. not skittles or anything like that. vegetables and fruits. so that's number six. number seven is seven sources of anti-inflammatory foods. that's important to me. i'm a dancer, my joints, you know, are not so great. i'm getting older so that's really -- >> 21 is not old. i'm old. football player getting up, i need this. >> you need all of these so that's sources of anti-inflammatory food and eight is to stay hydrated. eight glasses of water. >> eight glasses of water. very important. you don't drink a lot of water. >> you forget sometime. >> even when you're not thirsty you have to drink it. >> one thing i notice in your book that i'm obsessed with, the flourless pancakes. >> i love them but i eat them and feel heavy but these are flourless and in the book we've
8:43 am
got loads of flourless pancake recipes. these are banana pancakes. >> yeah. >> do you want to try some? >> of course. you don't have to ask me twice. >> they're really tasty and they just -- the portions are much better, as well. they're tasty, huh? >> yeah, they're tasty. you know when this segment is over, nobody come over here and steal my pancakes. i'm finishing up these pancakes. >> so many other great recipes in the book, there's a stir fry which is quick and easy to do. there's also like a hamburger and fries. who doesn't love hamburger and fries. >> you could have a hamburger and fries. >> sweet potatoes so cut them up and bake it instead of frying and then i have a turkey burger and instead of the bun, i just have the lettuce and then this is like a dessert. a sweet comfort tea. >> sweet comfort tea. >> so it's like -- >> it looks thick. >> it has cacao in it. when i'm watching tv i want to go for the bad things like the ice cream, yeah, so i sort of go
8:44 am
for the teas and it is still satisfying but you don't have that guilt. >> you know, i'm -- i have to do that because i'm very guilty with the ice cream and i have to ask you this. you've won two mirror ball trophies and had a lot of great partners but seems to be no partner has made a connection with you like robert herjavec from "shark tank." >> you know. >> how is that going. >> what was so great we ended up meeting on didn't and became really great friends through that whole process and then it turned into something else which was amazing, so things are going really well. >> you know what, sometimes unexpected is the best thing. >> unexpected. who knew. you never know where you'll meet anyone. >> i didn't expect it. i can learn and do the right diet by learning how to dance with "the 5-6-7-8 diet." are there dance moves you can teach me. >> you have to exercise as well. >> i'll show you. we have dances here. elizabeth and brittany are going to help us. we'll get into a psao doble and
8:45 am
a cape like a matador, cross and there we go. yeah, attacking the bull. so this is like lunges and then, yeah, well, now we can do a little cardio salsa. >> cardio salsa. >> forward and back. i see "dancing with the stars" in the future for you. >> oh, yeah. >> whoo. and back. you got to move the arms. >> now my favorite, this is called -- >> your favorite? >> i got to get this. >> shake your booty and then we'll roll the arms. >> i feel like tina turner, rolling, rolling. >> there you go, michael. >> you got the moves. >> that's very liberating actually. >> yeah. >> well, kym, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> it is the "the 5-6-7-8 diet" -- thank you, ladies. "the 5-6-7-8 diet" is available now. you can get the recipes for kym's dishes at on yahoo! and just go pick up the book. >> yes. >> "5, 6, 7, 8."
8:46 am
gael garcia bernal will be here live on "g
8:47 am
8:48 am
so if you are your new year's resolution was to watch television, we have a great way to break it. the award winning "mozart in the jungle." in it golden globe winner gael garcia bernal is not the kind of guy who likes to follow the rules to say the least. check it out. >> hey, how is it going? >> hello, maestro. >> how are you doing? >> i'm good. this is the ladies room. >> and? >> it's for ladies. >> one day it will be everybody's. one day. >> how much fun is it to play this role? >> it's incredibly fun because he's so impugn -- he can get away with anything and i like that about the character. >> and the last time i saw you, you had just accepted and walked backstage your golden globe award for this role. it was really nice to see you
8:49 am
that night. you were glowing. so where is it? >> thank you. where is the globe? it's in my kid's room. >> in your kid's room. >> where the toys are and stuff. i left it there. we were playing and i don't know, it's a very safe place for them to have it. >> yeah. >> yeah, because they won't play with it. it's very heavy. >> it's not a video game. >> yeah, it's kind of marble so, okay, like, yeah. >> it's an interesting way to look at it. well, congratulations. it's well deserved. i understand obviously you play a maestro, a conductor and it's based on a real person. >> it's loosely inspired gustavo, a famous conductor and also we take from all the conductors from past life, you know, from i mean from early 20th century to this year -- i mean to now and i don't know, i take them and we make a strange melange there. >> something if you were doing a
8:50 am
psychological profile, is there something about a conductor you could describe what drives them? >> normally they're geniuses and as geniuses they control everything that goes on in the world of this mathematical conjunction of notes, music but then in real life when they're faced with real life, life is not as easily controlled, exactly. so -- >> like you control your horn section. >> exactly. i think that's the main like obstacle that rodrigo finds himself. he has a very weird and very interesting approach to life but in music he flows completely. >> i keep watching the monitor. i love to watch you on the show. you are so convincing. >> thank you. >> do you have a clue what you're doing with the stick? >> sometimes i feel like but i think that's the point where exactly i have no idea. like but that's when -- i don't know, i fool myself perhaps into thinking, oh, this is working, this is working and the
8:51 am
musicians are really nice, they help a lot, as well. because we work with real musicians and they're very supportive and they laugh a lot. which is good because this is a comedy and that's what they should do. if this wasn't a comedy i would be in serious trouble. >> it's a comedy but seriously it is a comedy but it's unlike anything that we've seen. it's very clever and very unique and it's on amazon. can there a freedom you get as an actor doing a show for a place like amazon versus more traditional? >> absolutely. and that is incredible because i never thought -- i mean i didn't know what to expect because this kind of series that are done to show internet, i mean it's kind of like very new. it's still very new. you never know what -- >> right. is it public access? what am i doing? >> we have complete creative freedom. i feel completely just loose in a way to try out and to experiment and i have to be -- i mean, i'm really grateful, we all are in the show, they let us
8:52 am
do whatever it wants. >> it shows. it's nuts and all the right ways. it's great to meet you. the award very well deserved. >> thank you. >> it's been a true pleasure and want to tell you all if you haven't seen it, you must. season two, "mozart in the jungle," available now on amazon prime and we will be right back. congratulation
8:53 am
8:54 am
[♪] ♪ take the time ♪ in your life ♪ just before ♪ it passes by ♪ then you'll know ♪ to keep it slow ♪ so here we go [♪] ♪ here we go this family is always making headlines and now tomorrow "duck
8:55 am
dynasty"'s robertson family has one big family announcement. you can't miss this live tomorrow only on abc's "good morning america." >> "good morning america" is brought to you by mercedes-benz, the best or nothing. ♪ just dance >> we want to end with something superb. a special thank you to a member of our "gma" family. mitch. you see him right there. been here for 40 years. he is the heart and soul of the writing department. >> yep. >> and, boy, he is the king of celebrity interviews of the knows more about meryl streep, george clooney, every single. >> barbra streisand. if you have an interview with mitch he gives you an encyclopedia. we'll miss his passion and heart. thank you for great work, mitch. >> you are completely covered. he is the best. >> have a good day, everybody.
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good morning. i'm reggie aqui. we now know the identity of the second woman killed in that greyhound bus crash in san jose yesterday. her name, maria dejesus ortiz velazquez, 76 from salinas. the other victim, fely olivera who was 51. a check of weather. thick fog today. fog will lift by noon, hazy sunshine, high clouds, upper 50s, low 60s. the next storm, 2, moderate on the impact scale friday. a problem for the commute in the north bay. look at san rafael. emergency activity to the right shoulder. very slow traffic. 45 minutes from before highway 37 all the way into san francisco. reggie? thanks, sue.
9:00 am
"live with kel a michael" is up next. join us at 11:00 for our midday news cast. have a great one. >> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the series, "you, me and the apocalypse," jenna fischer. and from the new drama, "mercy street," josh radnor. plus, your comments and questions on another edition of the "inbox." all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> and now, here are your emmy award-winning co-hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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