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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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as to where they were seated and whether they were wearing the three-point seat belts installed for all 50 seats. the accident investigation team never told the first responder that he was fatigued, although chp told us the day of the accident, he had said that. he was a nondriving status during the investigation and will not be allowed to talk to reporters. cooperation for the driver varies are case-to-case. say in the event of liability. >> the nine barrels are also a focus of the investigation. the ntsb could not tell us how much impact they could absorb from a 17 ton bus going at 65 miles an hour. the international president says the real solution is rest. >> i can tell you this, whether
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it be barrels or seat belts, they're not going to keep that bus driver awake. only rest will keep that bus driver awake. and only decent wages will enable the bus drivers to be sleeping at night instead of worrying. >> tonight, oakland police are looking into whether drugs or alcohol will factor into a deadly crash that sheered a driver's car in half. miz acura was ripped apart completely. police say brown was speeding. >> for the second time in two years, police are investigating a physical confrontation between a security guard and a student. aaron thomas is live at the
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school asking the public not to rush to judgment? and he's asking them because even the chief admits the pictures don't look good. police would like to know how it was released publicly. they know they didn't do it. this is the video everyone is talking about. it shows a 16-year-old student who has been ordered into the office by an asis tant principal because he had been acting strange lately. >> he was a danger to himself. he could not leave that location. >> police chief wouldn't say out right why the team had been a danger to himsz. but he hinted that the student may have been high on drugs. regardless, he admits, it looks disturbing. >> i've been in this business 35 years. and in that 35 years, there's never been a confrontation between a security officer or a police officer between somebody
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who doesn't want to comply that looks good. >> parents think the guard may have been too aggressive. >> i don't think it's right at all. i think that's why they say call your parents. you shouldn't put your hands on nobody's child. >> they used too much force. >> it's not the first time that this has happened. last year, two security officers resigned. this time, the chief is promising a thorough investigation. >> i can see the concern that the parent has, i can see the concern that some of the folks have that what we could have done differently. woe're still looking at those options. >> while the investigation continues, the principal is back at work. >> the rough start to the new year is making it a very busy time for bay area tree trimmers.
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a big oak fell across the road this morning closing the street for several hours. the calm of the storm is giving crews time to take down trees after four years of drought. and the next el nino-backed storm is on its way. in fact, meet i don't recameteo here. >> we're going to see the rain moving in. let me show you live doppler 7hd. you will notice that the clouds are starting to come in and the rain is just off the northern california coast. we've been rating storms sfr e from 1 to 5 all winter, 1 is light, 5 is severe. this one coming in is two. it's a moderate strengts storm between tonight and friday morning. we're expecting an inch to half
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an inch of rain. here's the time line, 10:00 tonight, rain begins to move in. and then, as we head towards your morning commute, this is going to be dice sill. wet and windy for five 5:00 tomorrow morning. it runs until 9:00 p.m. our entire coast will be working with a westerly flow 12-16 feet. we also have a coastal glood advisory, it's a combination of the waves, the higher-than-normal tides and runoff that could cause low-lying flooding. a wind advisory will begin tomorrow afternoon. that means the potential for trees and power lines going down. i'll be back with a detailed look at not just your friday rain, but saturday, as well. and whether the rest of your weekend is looking dry. coming up, christin? dan? >> thank you. you mentioned the large we have
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as. well, the search for that missing surfer continued today but is now a recovery mission. 40-year-old dan defoe was spotted face down in the water yesterday. two other surfers tried to revive him, but they were separated. leighanne, an important warning tonight for beach goers? >> well, let me just start off by saying friends and family were here all day waiting. they are now done with the search and real kov ri and no sign of him. just to answer your question, just know everybody that these big waves are common here, of course, during the winter months. but, more so because of el nino. >> the search for 40-year-old was set to continue, but the unfortunate announcement came before dawn this morning. >> we did switch this morning from a search and rescue to a recovery. >> defoe's wife and family were too distraught to talk.
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>> there's a point where the amount of time that's lapsed, the conditions would cause you not to believe that you would have a possibility of rescuing and would be doing recovery. >> yesterday, at dusk, defoe was surfing when he was seen in the water face down. two other surfers tried to help. >> he was face down and they had turned him over and tried to resuscitate him. but, at that point, a set had come in. >> even this morning, the waves were relentless, making it impossible for the surf crews to navigate the north end of the beach. high surf advisories are common during the winter months. but the national park service says these advisories are happening more often because of the el nino weather pattern. earlier theis week, three students were swept away by a sneaker wave. two are still missing. >> one of the good things the
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weather pattern has given us, people are talking about it. normally, we have these really high surf warnings or rip current conditions and people right-hand turn talking about it. >> yam, i hope we find him, you know. and i hope we find him for closure. >> in morinne,county, leighanne menendez. >> candle light vigil for two who were swept away on monday. an out cropping into the water. tonight's vigil starts at 7:00. >> well, san francisco police are hoping surveillance video will help them catch a tool thief. here's the video. it shows a man stealing tools last month. the owner of the truck put the value of the tools at about 900 bucks. it's a big loss. if you recognize this suspected,
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call the san francisco police didn't immediately. now, this is a site that is becoming far too familiar for san francisco drivers. in the past year, car break-ins have risen 34% in the city. and that has authorities looking for anss. today, san francisco supervisors held a hearing. police say one target are tourists and their rental cars. >> if the person is from the east coast and their car is broken into, they're going to write it off as a loss for a trip to san francisco and they're not going to come back for prosecution. >> thieves have been prolific, break-ins are up 150% since 2011. don't leave anything valuable in plain sight and that includes phone chargers. that's amazing, go around the city in a number of spots and you will see broken glass in lots of places. >> all right. this one is for your parents out there.
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a big recall of infant car seats out there. >> the superbowl signs suddenly popping up. are they breaking the rules? >> we'll check in to see how he's doing. the seal pup rescue from the middle of heyward. >> and an environmental trail blazer. >> and best in snow. can suvs really go in any weather? >> aby 7 news
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breaking news on the tour bus crash on saturday that killed a man in san francisco. police have just cited the driver of that bus with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. the driver is vincent jones.
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investigators say he violated the law that prohiblts drivers from being behind the wheel. >> there are not too many billboards in san francis cole, but if you've been in the financial district lately, you may have noticed these large, superbowl 50 signs. the fan experience says the nfl has just ready to fill the superbowl experience. abc 7 news reporter katie utis is live with the city planning department saying how some billboards are illegal and the city should take them down. >> a san francisco man is calling on a planning department to force a code that prohibits advertise. we tried to reach the superbowl committee and the city al day. the city's mayor's office says they're looking into these billboards and whether they were an exception or even considered
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advertising at all. >> i think it's really cool for my city. >> but san francis cole skyscrapers that turned into billboards. >> i was appalled. it just completely covers up the facade of the building and turns some of the best structures in the city into a walking advertisement. >> they're also meant as advertisements and breaking the rules? >> it's not allowed by the planning code for businesses to even erect new advertisement. >> yeah, that i'm not so excited about. i'm not really excited about advertising any big corporations. >> we've asked the mayor's office and the planning department if the superbowl signs are considered advertisements. and, if so -- >> it's a question of whether or not the city is going to import is one thing. >> the mayor's office says it's working to get answers regarding
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the signs of the most prominent building. leaving onlookers to think -- >> well, money talks. so i think that's kind of what's happening with that. >> it seems that the city is selling out to make a quick buck. >> local landmarks are eaten up by corporate ads. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> a seal pup found near death yesterday getting a third chance at life. this is the 7 month old north earn seal pup at the marine mammal center. heyward police found him starving in a business park. he was rescued before and released back into the pacific just a few weeks ago. >> he's lost some weight. but other than that, he's in very good condition. he may have just gotten lost after he got released. >> he will be fattened up again
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and released back into the ocean and hopes to find his way north where there's plenty of fish to eat. >> more than 71,000 child safety seats are being recalled tonight because their happen dals can break. the recall was issued by the national high way transportation commission. one infant was hurt. so here's the deal. the recall covers the bsafe 35 elite and bsafe 35 stravl system. all were made between october 2013 and july 2015. so if you have a car seat, check to make sure yours is not involved. >> also, particularly small suvs. >> now that there's finally some snow in the sie are ra, which suv might be the best one to drive up there with? >>. >> suvs are the hottest segment
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in the autoindustry. it can go anywhere in any weather, especially snow. but before you get overly confident, consumer reports have big performance differences in all wheel drive vehicles. >> three of the most popular small suvs to the test. the honda crv and toyota rav 4. all were equipped with their standard all-wheel tires. >> their tires, their stability control, when taken together, that's what determines how well will perform in the snow. >> the deal was a 2.3 second difference between the forester and the rav 4. the forester also did markedly better climbing a hill covered with fresh snow. >> the forester allows for a certain amount of wheel slip.
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the rav 4 and the forester were able to stop at about the same distance, though about twice as far as dry pavement. the crv took an extra 50 feet to come to a stop. the handling course showed the most dramatic differences. the rav 4 had a tough time cornering with unresponsive steering. the honda, crv stability control kept it from spinning out, but it required a lot of driver input to stay on course. the suburu forester cornered the way advertisements make you think an all-wheel drive should perform. all in all, the forester did the best of the three consumer reports all wheel drive winter competition. >> if you equip your car or suv with tires, there's a lot of snowfall. all wheel drive is great at getting you started and good winter tires will aid more 234 braking.
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you notice we're saying aid in braking. >> yeah, yeah. >> nif kabt snowfall in washington, d.c., new york and philadelphia. >>. >> people saying can you just bring it in over night? and then during the kmut, they'll bring it in? right now, it's dry. we'll talk about that time line here in just a moment. we're already starting to see some moisture off the coast. it's going to come in later on tonight. temperatures right now in the 50s and 60s. did you feel it today? temperatures near 70 degrees this afternoon, and still 65 right now.
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you'll notice those clouds rolling in, rain and wind late tonight through friday morning. a drier pattern sets up. the incoming storm is a two, it's moderate in intensity. gusting winds and rains happening but there is concern with the potential for low-lying flooding. not so much from the rain, but from the surf and the waves that we're talking about. here's your time line thursday night in case you missed it. nine:00, that's tonight. we'll see the clouds by 10:00 p.m., rains moving in, it's very light. 11:00, as well. so for your commute, wet across the region. 6:00, we're looking at a few showers. as we head towards 8:00 a.m., it will be slow going on the next we have a coming in friday night.
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7:00 p.m., moderate rain, 9:00 it's still going. saturday morning starts out and continues through early afternoon before it all winds down. so we will be seeing rain with the first wave coming through. most areas, look at most of the bay area will be generally under a tenth of an inch. up north, a different story, about a half to almost an inch of rain. by saturday, when you count both of the systems more than an inch in places like santa rosa. winds start to come up tonight along the coast, 34-39 miles an hour. pick it up by 2:00 a.m. friday, 45 mile an hour winds, your morning commute, gusty winds. what's also going to be coming down in the mountains is the snow. winter storm warning friday, 4:00 a.m. to saturday, 4:00 p.m. possibly higher at the elevations. make sure you're carrying change
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if you're heading up to the mountains. but i do not advise travel because it is going to be dice sill getting up there, about 14e inches. tomorrow morn, it is going to be a slow-going commute. low to mid 50s, i hope your wiper blades are in good working order because they will be on overtime. tomorrow afternoon, temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s with scattered showers around and then we will be watching for the potential for flooding tomorrow morning, 9:46 king tide at the golden gate, 6.6 feet saturday morning at 10:30, 6.5. so if you're in near the coastline, just be careful. accuweather 7 day forecast. first is a two on our storm impact for friday. wet and windy. second part of it, for saturday, it's a one. scattered showers. sunday is dry. we'll keep it dry right on through thursday of next week with milder readings next week, low to mid 60s for most of you. but there is encouraging news.
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next friday, so not tomorrow, but it looks like another system approaching going in through saturday. we will keep you posted on it. we just want all the storms we can get. >> thanks so much. >> up next, the bay area tanl e teenagers chosing for a top science competition. and, 5:30, our world news. >> dan and christin, the blizzard warnings in effect, tornado watch, now. 60 million americans with more than 2 feet of snow. this is going to cause massive cancellations coast-to-coast and new cases of the dangerous virus in america, men and women and the big risk to pregnant women. >> okay, david. thank you. and better than black friday, new at 6:00, why now is the best time to buy a new television. but are those new sets worth the
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serene o and the last three attend san jose schools, jonathan mott, parker school, and mayavarba of presentation high. the school which appeared on
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jimmy kim el live, recently. she's showing off her project of diagnosis respiratory like copd. there will be three first place winners receiving a $150,000 prize. >> now, the new face of cover girl. the 19-year-old actress made the announcement this morning on her instagram page. the unique definitions that go along with it. >> all right, well, call it a mobile snow bank. coming up, how this picture got one man in trouble.
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coming up tonight new at 6:00, the local area that ends up flooding in the days ahead.
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tonight, the astrological and meteorological events making it happen. also, using the body's own immune system to fight cancer. and, from 7 on your side, rating the best place to buy an appliance and what you need to do to get the best price. that, plus much more, coming up in just a half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> finally, now, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's -- what is it? >> a snow bank driving down the canadian road. >> is that what that is? this week, pulled over an 80-year-old driver who said he was too weak to scrape the 7 inches off of his car. >> the officer helped the man clear the snow off the car and gave him a warning. how could he possibly drive down the road. >> just glad he didn't get too far. >> we laugh about it now, but. >> world news tonight is next.
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>> for all of us here, we appreciate your time and hope to see you again at 6:00. we have breaking news tonight. bracing for impact. states of emergency. blizzard warnings already in effect. more than two feet of snow possible. icy roads already leading to multiple crashes. and the tornado watch at this hour, hundreds of flights already cancelled. the race for 2016 tonight, what donald trump is now saying about ted cruz. and our interview with cruz, his reaction. and sarah palin now fund-raising for herself. the stunning sentence for a police officer convicted of attacking several women. the grandmother that broke the case wide open. and tonight, the judge's decision just in. new cases of a dangerous virus in america. men, and


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