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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 25, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. digging out. millions buried by the blizzard of 2016, now scrambling to clear all that record-breaking snow. >> this is horrible. we've been stuck in the truck for 13 1/2 hours. >> thousands of flights canceled. this morning the struggle to get cities up and running and people back to work. the very latest, right now, on "good morning america." counting down to iowa. just a week until the first votes are cast, the final sprint is on, as new polls show trump building his lead. >> i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any votes. >> hillary clinton clinton says bernie sanders brings in huge crowds. massive manhunt is under way as three inmates break free.
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new images overnight show their escape. cutting through metal. propelling down a roof. authorities now warning they're considered armed and dangerous. ♪ super bowl showdown is set. >> denver wins it! heading to super bowl 50. >> after an epic battle between two of the greatest quarterbacks ever, peyton manning comes out on top in a nail-biter against tom brady. >> the carolina panthers are nfc champions. >> and cam newton dances his way to the super bowl 50. now it's the young gun versus the legend. the epic showdown is on. we do say good morning, america, on this monday morning. lot of fans are celebrating with the carolina panthers and denver broncos. dancing to super bowl 50. what a game. what a game between those two and peyton manning, you see him in the -- yeah, news conference
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after the game, that's his little son, right behind him. >> having some fun. what a rivalry with tom brady. that may have been the last one. >> could be. >> all of us in the east digging out from that monster blizzard. look at this view of the storm from space. it was take by astronaut scott kelly. look how big that is. >> take a look at this -- >> oh. >> baltimore, cars still buried under all that snow. 80 million people impacted over 13 states. it was a deadly storm as well. 31 died from the storm. more than 12,000 flights canceled. >> and with everyone fighting to get back to normal this morning, a new storm may be on the way. rob marciano starts us off in long island, new york. good morning, rob. >> reporter: good morning, george. what an historic storm. dozens of cities shattering records. the best part about this storm is it came on the weekend. so no school. no work but it is monday and you have to climb through snow banks
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and you got to dig your car out to get back to business. this morning, the northeast still reeling from that historic blizzard. 80 million people buried by the massive winter storm. tens of thousands spending the weekend without power. major cities under siege. new york. philly. paralyzed. d.c. completely shut down. this morning, those cities digging out. >> lot of cleanup to do and it's still not going to be entirely safe. >> reporter: newark receiving 28 inches. baltimore, 29. one town in west virginia, a whopping 42 inches of snow. the furious accumulation of powder captured in time-lapse video. aerial drones showing the blanket of white. this family blockaded in their home. this church in pennsylvania caving in under the weight of the deadly snow. a new jersey mom and her 1-year-old son tragically lost to carbon monoxide poisoning in their car.
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its tail pipe blocked by the snow. highways hazardous. thousands of accidents. cars and hundreds of people left stranded to fend for themselves. >> we haven't had any food since yesterday. >> reporter: this church barricaded in the snow. the group holding mass to lift spirits of the marooned travelers. ♪ and the duquesne basketball team trying to return home from a winning weekend, stuck on the pennsylvania turnpike for 22 hours. >> we actually took some of the food that we had and rationed it. >> reporter: digging out an entire team effort. >> we had the entire team push the bus home. >> it almost felt like we got two wins once we finally pushed that bus. >> reporter: it's been almost two t two days. the snow is difficult to move and subfreedsing temperatures. check out the numbers. away from the water in the teens. it is definitely slick. we will see some warming over the next couple of days but just during the day.
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we'll see flash freezing at night. difficult morning commutes if you have seen snow in your area. we're watching another storm later in the week thursday and friday. it looks like it wants to stay off the coast but a forecast we'll watch closely. robin. >> a busy weekend for you, rob. thank you. now the nightmare for air travelers. we told you about the thousands of flights canceled from the storm. the effects are still being felt this morning and abc's david kerley has the latest. he joins us from his home away from home, reagan national airport. >> reporter: that's what i call it too. the airports along the east coast are coming back to life. here's we haven't seen for a couple of days -- look. a couple on time as well. this after crews worked all day to clear the runways. about 200 miles of pavement here in the district of columbia alone. as we mentioned 1200 flights canceled already today. that's 12,000 for the storm and it's not just these airports. this ripples across the entire country. because planes aren't where
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their supposed to be. robin and george, here's the good news, the first arrival here 20 minutes ago. first departure supposed to leave in a couple of minutes. it will take a couple of days to get the system back up and running, guys. >> i was on a -- supposed to be on a flight later today, maybe tomorrow. >> everyone handled this one pretty well. the jersey shore, flooding there that rivaled hurricane sandy. here's what it looked like after the storm. that is new jersey where a sand do you know held by the water. that preparation paid off. other areas not so lucky and abc's linzie janis with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, george. barrier islands like this southern new jersey, the hardest hit. chunks of ice floating through the streets as powerful waves and high tides submerged entire communities. i want to take you inside this deli, to what some folks are waking up to, the owner said he got about 2 feet of water. look at this, that's the mark
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from sandy. so this is actually worse for him. all of the stuff is destroyed including expensive equipment, including this refrigerator. it will cost him about $50,000 to replace everything. >> all right, linzie, thank you. as we have been saying, they're digging out in washington, d.c., as well. take a look at the nation's capital as well. so deserted. deer running through the streets. >> that's fun. >> but this morning, all eyes in that town on the race for the white house, now entering its crucial final week before the iowa caucuses. just seven days to go. we have team coverage for you as the candidates make their pitch to voters. cecilia vega has the latest. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. what a busy weekend it was here in iowa. hillary clinton and bernie sanders clocking in a lot of miles. going all over this state.
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right now it's crunch time and it comes down to this -- who can excite voters? and who can get them out to caucus come monday? this morning, hillary clinton and bernie sanders both waking up in the hawkeye state with one goal -- trying to convince iowans to pick them. >> i know some of you are still shopping. i like to shop, too. >> reporter: both sides zigzagging around the state. each logging hundreds of miles. clinton making five campaign stops just this weekend. sanders, seven. over the past two days, more than 2,000 people showed up to hear clinton speak. for sanders on sunday alone, more than 4,000, even he seemed surprised by the turnout. >> this is a lot of people. >> reporter: but with just a week to go, sanders is not holding back. >> you can tell when a campaign gets nervous, like the clinton campaign, i think they're getting a little nervous, what do you think?
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>> reporter: from the coveted des moines register to the boston globe saying it's clinton who would make a better president. and those are endorsements her team is very happy about this morning. now possibly a new contender. abc news has confirmed that former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is considering seriously jumping into this race and he is not excited about the idea of donald trump or bernie sanders being the nominee. >> more on that in a minute. thank you, cecilia. the gop race now and donald trump in both up in iowa and new hampshire. tom llamas tracking it all. good morning tom. >> reporter: it may sound strange but it happened. donald trump stayed at a holiday inn in iowa over the weekend. a very rare move for the front-runner who usually jets into and out of states. it shows he's committed in his own way. with those new poll numbers he's probably wishing voting started today. >> it's the final stretch to
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iowa. >> it's crunch time, folks. i want to win iowa. i really want to win it. >> reporter: and donald trump may be thinking he's unstoppable. >> i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. okay? >> reporter: as trump preached to his faithful over the weekend, a protester in a red turban interrupting him as he spoke about terrorism. >> bye. good-bye. >> reporter: trump telling the crowd the man won't be getting one of those now-famous trump hats. >> he wasn't wearing one of those hats was he? and he never will. >> reporter: new polls show in iowa it's his race to lose. >> wow! >> reporter: but cruz issuing a war call to his supporters. and warning volters of making a deal with trump. >> if a republican candidate has for over 60 years of his life embraced a bernie sanders-style socialized medicine for all, is there any chance on earth that candidate would actually repeal obama care? >> reporter: conservative talk
7:11 am
show host glenn beck who endorsed cruz on saturday pledging to go door to door as "snl" had some fun with trump's recent endorsement. >> i wanted to take a break from my full-time career of writing things on facebook. >> reporter: tina fey reprising her role on "snl." >> she's a firecracker. she's a real pistol. she's crazy, isn't she? >> that was so good. today, former texas governor rick perry who twice tried seeking the republican nomination will endorse senator ted cruz. he'll be a campaign surrogate with a focus on veteran issues. and be on the trail tuesday and wednesday, george, back to you. let's bring in jon karl to talk more about this. rick perry, one of the early candidates who went after donald trump, he paid the price. these endorsements for ted cruz may be what he needs because he's feeling the momentum of donald trump right now.
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>> especially in iowa, george, a couple of weeks ago, it looked like cruz was the front-runner in iowa. take a look at this new poll from fox news. donald trump has a double-digit lead among republicans in iowa. george, if he can pull off a win in iowa, it's hard to see where he loses because his lead in new hampshire and the states that follow are considerably larger. >> let's talk about mike bloomberg right now the billionaire former mayor of new york. has had his eye on the white house for a long time. said he's willing to spend a big fortune if the conditions right. >> he's talking about a billion dollars, george. if he sees a situation where it looks like bernie sanders will be the democrat, donald trump or ted cruz would be the republican, he believes this is an historic opportunity for an independent. i'm told if it looks like that, he's likely to run. >> lot of debate over which party that will help and hurt. we'll move on now to that massive man hunt that's under
7:13 am
way after three inmates e escaped a california jail. authorities warning the prisoners are considered armed and dangerous. abc's kanya whitworth has the latest. >> reporter: california on edge as the search for three escaped inmates turns desperate. >> i consider them very dangerous individuals. and it's not unlike this type of individual to obtain a weapon. >> reporter: officials say the three men on the run for a fourth day are considered armed and dangerous. they escaped from a maximum security jail friday, after cutting through a metal grate and half-inch steel bars, making their way to this roof and using a rope like this to rappel to the ground. >> the immediate thing that jumped out to me they had help and probably inside help. >> reporter: you can see in this surveillance video released overnight, a shadowy figure and the flicker. they believe that's one of the men moving across the roof. all three were awaiting trials when they escaped. 37-year-old hossein nayeri charged with kidnapping and torture.
7:14 am
43-year-old bac duong charged with attempted murder. and assault with a deadly weapon. the youngest of the three, jonathan tieu charged with murder. authorities believe it's gang-related. he's been in jail since he was 15. this is the first escape from this jail in 20 years. the three men repelled from that wall right there. and they're now offering a $50,000 reward for their capture. robin. >> all right, thank you, kanya. amy has the other big stories, including a new disturbing video from isis. isis has released a video praising the paris terrorist attackers. it's too graphic to air. it appears to show the attackers including suspected ring leader in syria and iraq beheading people and conducting target practice before their assault on paris and they threatened to attack london. midair scare for passengers flying from miami to milan, italy the american airlines
7:15 am
flight had to land in canada after hitting severe turbulence. four passengers and three flight attendants were injured. also a delta flight diverted. to puerto rico. el nino is speeding up erosion in california. the backyard of this home near san francisco is gone. you see that stretching over the cliff. units in nearby apartment complex have been condemned as it slips away. the city has declared a state of emergency. and finally, a diver in mexico wanted to get extra close for some reason to a great white shark, so he reached out and touched him in the nose. he did this as his friend held out bait for the shark. luckily for him, the shark took the bait not his hand. lucky, indeed. i don't know if they followed the old adage don't bite the
7:16 am
hand that feeds you. i just think he got lucky. >> you're in the lead for the week. >> thank you. >> good start. matchup for super bowl 50 right now. stage set after championship sunday, denver broncos are going to take on the carolina panthers. peyton manning up against cam newton after the broncos roughed up tom brady and the new england patriots. abc's ryan smith here with the latest. >> reporter: old school versus new. 26-year-old cam newton and the panthers versus peyton manning and the denver broncos. who had a win for the ages. >> denver wins it, heading to super bowl r50. >> reporter: this morning, peyton manning, heading back to the super bowl for a fourth time. after winning a knockdown, grind it out football battle against his biggest on-field rival. tom brady and the new england patriots. >> that's a touch down! >> reporter: their afc championship game sunday night. the 17th meeting of the two
7:17 am
super bowl winning quarterbacks and an instant classic. >> brady fields the snap. >> reporter: the broncos' defense doing the talking in this slugfest. hitting brady over 20 times. the most hits on any quarterback in a game this season. even denver police poking fun at the patriots. tweeting out at a missing person notification on the patriots' offense. >> under pressure for this long. >> down by eight points with just 12 seconds to play, with just 12 seconds to play, brady fighting back. >> it's caught by gronkowski! >> reporter: throwing this touchdown strike and just a two-point conversion away from tying it up when this happened. >> it's tipped in the air and it's intercepted! >> reporter: the broncos clinching the win. >> two great football teams going at it. >> reporter: the broncos now set to face off the carolina panthers in the super bowl the panthers losing only one game all season. dominating a 34-point win over the arizona cardinals sunday
7:18 am
night. their star cam newton, dancing his way into the end zone twice. now, as they get ready for the biggest game of all, it's the young star versus one of the greatest. so, manning saying he's not getting into what if scenarios whether the super bowl can be the last game. but he did have to answer to this. >> limited amount of playoff games -- uh, just a few minutes. >> that's his 4-year-old son. take a look. proving that even a super bowl quarterback can be owned by a preschooler. >> it's like the opposite of steph curry's daughter. like i got this one, dad. >> thank you, ryan. back out to rob. >> hey, george, lot of new yorkers probably watching those games yesterday. they're putting off the inevitable of digging this stuff out. local forecast is 30 seconds away. but first your select cities brought to you by mazda.
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>> good monday morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco, we have a little deficit drizzle, especially in the north bay and along the coast and sunny pockets this afternoon, and more sunshine, warming than average temperatures tuesday through thursday and a wet pattern returns and you need the umbrellas friday and saturday and sunday. 58 in san rafael and vallejo to 62 in concord, and tonight, look at the fog temperatures in the low-to-upper 40s. fog the next couple of mornings and warmer afternoon, and our next storms and coming up on "good
7:20 am
morning america" -- the convicted killer at the center of that making a murderer on netflix speaking out for the first time since the show's debut. as a new lawyer and viewers push for his release. dan and nancy are here live to weigh in. a supermom caught on camera rescuing her kids from a car jacking. she's speaking out on "good morning america." she's speaking out on "good morning america."
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don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily... ...and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. i accept i don't play ...quite like i used to. but i'm still bringing my best. and going for eliquis. reduced risk of stroke plus less major bleeding. ask your doctor... ...if switching... eliquis is right for you. good morning. it is 7:24. i'm reggie aqui. major streets in san francisco are closed for super bowl 50. watch out. traffic ambassadors have been out all morning directing drivers around the roads this morning for super bowl city. and tomorrow will begin the closure of howard around the
7:25 am
center for the nfl experience. the blocked off streets are not going to reopen until february 12th. and speaking of that. let's go over to sue hall. how does it look right now? >> right now, not so bad. but we are expecting major gridlock around town due to street closures. muni is going to rerouted so if you could take the ferry or b.a.r.t. the next few weeks. we'll see how it plays out. at the 101 reports of an accident. and leaving san francisco at oyster point. three or four cars blocking the left lane here.
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back on this monday. good morning. thanks for sticking around. check out the light rain across the north bay. a couple of hundreds down to the golden gate bridge. that will start drying and moving out toward the coast. we are in the upper 40s to low 50s. our destination about 60 with sunshine this afternoon. it is going to be warmer through thursday and then raining again. reggie. >> looking forward to that 60 degrees. coming up, a interview with the florida mother that fought
7:29 am
7:30 am
sunny morning in philadelphia. but a lot of snow there as well. more people trying to get to work after that massive blizzard. schools are closed in philly this morning and 80 million people all across the country feeling the effects of this storm. >> still trying to dig out. also right now, countdown to iowa is on. caucuses just one week away. polls have donald trump and hillary clinton out front. and word that a new name could be entering the race, former new york city mayor michael bloomberg. considering a run as an independent. new video from the earthquake that shook southern alaska on sunday. the 7.1 magnitude quake, the strongest to hit that region in decade and you can see it right there. also this morning -- video of a police officer playing basketball with neighborhood kids. it went viral.
7:31 am
sara. >> he said he was going to bring backup for the rematch. look who he brought. i don't think anyone saw this coming. shaquille o'neal. those kids getting the surprise and possibly the best block of their lives. we'll hear from the cop who made it all happen coming up. >> that's some backup. >> that's a big backup. >> 7 feet of it. also first in this half-hour, the murder case captivating the nation. now steven avery the convicted killer from the netflix making a murderer is breaking his silence. his new lawyer says she has evidence that will set him free. abc's linsey davis is here. >> reporter: steve avery's new attorney is using twitter to defend his innocence announcing to her follower that is she won't quit until he's out. this morning, the man at the center of "making a murderer,"
7:32 am
the netflix series that's captivated the nation, is speaking out from prison for the first time since the show's debut. steven avery wrote a three-page letter to an affiliate to saying the real killer is still out there, who is he stalking now? avery is serving a life sentence for the 2005 murder of teresa halbach. he previously served 18 years in prison for a rape he did not commit. and was in the middle of a $36 million civil lawsuit against the sheriff's department for that wrongful conviction when halbach was killed. his defense attorneys claim avery was framed by the local count sheriff's department because of that multimillion-dollar lawsuit. >> how many times will steven avery be charged with rapes he didn't commit? >> reporter: also included in his letter, comments on an hln interview from his ex-girlfriend. >> what do you want people to know? >> the truth. >> which is? >> what a monster he is.
7:33 am
and he's not innocent. >> he suggested that the state must have gotten to her and paid her off to get her to say bad things about him. >> reporter: meanwhile, avery's new attorney tweeting she visited her client and reviewed his 38 boxes of files adding, he remains innocent and framed. telling "the new york times" that she'll present new evidence in court. his former defense attorney telling abc news, while he sometimes question his innocence he believes the legal system failed him. >> a big part of me worries he might be guilty. if convicting people on maybes, or possiblies is how this system worked, that's great. we can all slap each other on the back and gone out for beer. but that's not how the system is supposed to work. >> one of the local sheriff's deputies who has been accused of possibly planting evidence against avery has spoken out, be careful what you wish for. if steven avery is ever freed he might just become your neighbor.
7:34 am
robin. >> thank you, linsey. more from dan abrams, and nancy grace joining us from atlanta. good to have you both here with us. you both have gone over the evidence and you feel that avery is guilty. but nancy, what do you make of the letter he recently wrote? >> well, i'm not surprised about the letter and i find it interesting that he's actually quoting under the bible. he'll be set free by the truth. the truth in my mind is what convicted to start with. what i found to be the most compelling evidence of all, other than teresa halbach's bones, all of them, 270-plus bones in his fire pit, burned within the steel radials of a tire, that was burned there. it's called sweat dna. steven avery's sweat dna --
7:35 am
it's touch dna. his sweat dna. of course there's no dna in sweat. but, blood cells, skin cells come out in your sweat and that's under her hood latch, there's no known way to extract sweat from a human, like -- you can force someone to give their blood, their hair, their fingerprints, they're walking their speech, but not their sweat. his sweater is under her car hood. how could that have been planted? it could not. >> you feel that the evidence is overwhelming. dan, we heard from linsey's report, he has a new lawyer. who is very, very good. chef says she has new evidence. >> she'll have to have something more than just this witness now is re-evaluating this juror, is now rethinking to get a new trial, remember this has worked its way up through the wisconsin courts already. the wisconsin supreme court has
7:36 am
already heard this and rejected this. she'll need something new that can literally prove to some degree by convincing evidence that either the evidence was planted or that someone else did it. and that's not going to be easy when you got all of this evidence. so, one new question about a police officer isn't going to be enough to get him a new trial. she'll literally need a convincing piece of evidence. >> he's right. he's right. that's been argued so many times, newly-discovered evidence. another prong to newly-discovered evidence it could not have been discoverable at the time of the trial. it has to be new. dan was correctly describing the juror rethinking, while another juror has told us that they slept like a quote, baby, the night that steven avery was convicted and if he got out and they would be quote sick. i take offense with steven avery jumping up from behind bars and
7:37 am
saying she was paid to say he was a monster. >> let's talk about that. >> i didn't pay him. >> this is her -- this is his ex-girlfriend who was on nancy's show talking about the fact that she felt that he's a monster now. someone who's depicted in the documentary as being sympathetic to him. just another person who's trying to falselile convict him and now a whole list of them. the defense attorney said it just takes one person. >> lot of people are aware of this of course because of the documentary. public opinion, it shouldn't play a factor at all, but does it, nancy? >> hey, if public opinion counted o.j. simpson would have been behind bars on double murder. i think that says it all. >> it gets a judge to look more carefully at the case. i don't think it will change it. >> dan always, nancy good to see you. thanks so much. >> bye, guys. thank you, coming up here on
7:38 am
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and we're back now with our brave florida mom caught on camera fighting off car jackers threatening her kids inside. she's speaking out in an abc news exclusive. gio benitez with that. >> reporter: this brave, fearless mom, this will have you asking yourself, what would i do? she was out to protect her children. it all happened in a blink of an eye. a trip to the gas station, turning into a heroic moment for a florida mom. watch as she fights off two armed men as they allegedly try to steal her car while her children sit inside. >> i had my kids in the car. he got in the car. >> reporter: she was traveling to miami with her 1-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son when she stopped to get gas.
7:43 am
while at the pump police say these two men, juan carlos gonzales, tried to carjack her >> i was just thinking that he's going to take it and the kids are in there. >> that's when padron sprang into action. a security camera at the gas station capturing it all. the protective mother diving into the car after one of the man pulling him out of the vehicle, stripping off his mask. they're then seen running off camera, allegedly fleeing the scene in a getaway car. >> i didn't think about what they could do to me. what they could have done to me. i just thought about the kids. >> reporter: padron's son watching the whole thing from the backseat. >> my mom yelling at him. saying getting out of the car. get out of the car right now! >> reporter: the suspects spotted less than a mile from the gas station. police arresting the men.
7:44 am
and their get away driver. the trio now behind bars, facing charges for alleged car jacking. and eluding police. mom and kids are clearly all safe. the suspects haven't entered a plea just yet. they're being held on a $25,000 bail. but a message to all crooks right now -- if you're coming between a mom and her kids, watch out. >> thanks very much. rooting for what this cop did for a group of kids and what shaquille o'neal did as well. hat shaquille o'neal did as well. as. are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run.
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7:48 am
back now with what may be the best surprise ever. florida police officer called in for a noise complaints. instead of reprimanding the kids, he joined the basketball game. it was 5:00 in the afternoon. he brought in nba superstar shaquille o'neal. abc's t.j. holmes has more. >> reporter: call him backup and your backup is 7' 1" that will probably scare some people straight. it's not what it sounds like. it all starts with a police officer's response to a noise complaint where kids playing
7:49 am
basketball went viral and his response was essentially, are you kidding me? this was clearly a slam-dunk case. when gainesville police officer bobby white responded to a complaint about a group of kids playing basketball too loudly in the street -- he cried foul. >> can you believe someone is calling to complain about kids playing basketball in the street? >> it's 5:00 in the afternoon and kids being kids, playing basketball -- >> reporter: dash cam video of the street surprise. has been viewed more than 15 million times. catching the attention of another big basketball fan. shaquille o'neal surprised officer white saturday and offered to back him up in a rematch. >> it's unbelievable. >> told you i was going to bring some backup. right? >> shaq gave the kids the pickup game of a lifetime. and a profitable free-throw challenge. >> if you make one you get $100.
7:50 am
>> reporter: a few hundred dollars and a few signed basketball letters, he ended with a huddle and some advice. >> i will respect my elders and especially my parents. love you guys. >> shaq saw this, 15 million people saw it online. he showed up at the police department and that was the result. >> kudos to the police officer there. getting to know the community. the kids there and relating to them. >> 5:00 in the afternoon, lot of worse things kids could be doing. >> how times has this network and others has shown videos that gone sideways. because of how an officer responded to the community and often white officer, black community. look at what happened. >> he got the 100 bucks. >> free-throw challenge from shaq. >> shaq can't make free throws. >> it was like nothing but net. >> way to go, shaq. we come back at the top of hour -- inside madonna's fight for her son. how her fans are helping her now. come on back. for her son.
7:51 am
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7:54 am
welcome back to "good morning america" from queens, check out this video in snowshoe, west virginia, another storm is cranking across the midwest. lesser amounts are expected there. be aware for slick weather conditions. your local news and weathe
7:55 am
7:56 am
. good morning. it is 7:56. i'm reggie aqui. let's get a check on your morning commute with sue hall. important given the road closures for the super bowl. >> we do have sky 7 hd up live taking a look at vanes at lum bard. it is bumper-to-bumper. you could expect the alternate routes, vanes across town, all looking really jammed. get out of the way so you could see. trax is moving here but a lot more crowded, mike. >> i can't wait to get into that, sue. a few sprinkles and light rain showing up across the north bay. that will dry up and transition to the coast. we'll see sunshine this afternoon.
7:57 am
58 in san rafael, ante oak, 52. swing warmth by thursday. reggie. >> looking forward to that. coming up, the blizzard crippling the nation and the most important thing to do if you get stranded in your car like so many
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m., the big digout. millions scrambling to clean up and get out this morning after the deadly blizzard. it left thousands stranded on highways. >> i just want to get out of here and go home. >> thousands of flights canceled. the latest as so many try to get on the road to work. ♪ madonna's fight. the superstar reveals what's keeping her going right now as she fights for her son in an international custody battle. ♪ shonda rhimes trending huge over the weekend, speaking out about women, diversity and hollywood right now. >> believe me, people of color are never anybody's sidekick in real life. >> as the oscars producer reveals that chris rock has torn up his
8:01 am
monologue and is rewriting the show. kim cattrall gets candid about age and happiness in your 50s. >> younger isn't where it's at, older and feeling young is where it's at. >> how she's shaking things up. the secrets of the original samantha as we say -- ♪ good morning america that was a good morning from kim cattrall right there. now you're looking live at our super savers stadium. our super savers coming in right now. they're going to compete today, head to head, to try to save you money. share their secrets on how to do it. >> we never know what's going on upstairs. right above us right now -- we got to get up there and see it for ourselves. also this morning -- she's known as the queen of
8:02 am
organizing, best-selling author marie kondo is showing you how to declutter your life and find joy at the same time. you spent time with her, sara. >> i did. she's absolutely amazing. i have redone my own drawers. i'll show you, i'm an expert now. take a look at this video got everyone seeing the fun side of all that snow. that's a panda at the national zoo. he's coming up in pop -- that's flexibility at its best right there. >> good, little nugget there. let's get to amy for the morning rundown. the big story this morning, of course the blizzard that brought so many cities along the east coast to a standstill and now it's making travel miserable. federal offices in washington remain closed. so are state offices in west virginia. in virginia. the storm is blamed now for more than 2 dozen deaths and abc's eva pilgrim has more on the big digout. >> reporter: the big digout, cleanup this morning after the
8:03 am
weekend's record snowfall. blinding snow and fierce winds crippling major cities. d.c., philadelphia and new york, feeling mother nature's punch. >> people have to take very seriously what's going on here. >> reporter: along the jersey shore, huge chunks of ice floating down the streets and in some areas, water reaching higher levels than hurricane sandy. travel hit especially hard, the storm grounding more than 14,000 flights. cancellations continuing this morning. >> i just want to get out of here and go home. >> reporter: some drivers are thankful to finally be home after being stuck on the pennsylvania turnpike. >> we have been stuck in the truck for 13 1/2 hours. >> reporter: the duquesne basketball team not moving an inch for 22 hours. >> it was a long time, but we -- we did things to make the time go by. >> reporter: making snow angels and even pushing their bus. this storm is being blamed for 31 deaths, including a mother and her 1-year-old who died from carbon monoxide poisoning.
8:04 am
snow blocking their tail pipe. this battalion chief said one of the best things you can do when stranded, run your car 10 minutes every hour with your window cracked open just in case your car is blocked by snow. for "good morning america," eva pilgrim, abc news, philadelphia. >> and for the latest on travel delays, you can logon to on yahoo! new details on the possibility of former new york city mayor michael bloomberg entering the race for president as a third-party candidate. sources say that he'll consider entering the race in march if bernie sanders has a good chance of winning the democratic nomination. and if either donald trump or ted cruz appear likely to win the republican nomination. the hunt for three escaped prisoners in california is growing more desperate today. the men slipped out of a maximum security jail in orange county by cutting through a grate and rappelling down ropes made from bedsheets. a $50,000 reward is offered
8:05 am
for information leading to their capture. and an update on this skier. look at this, caught on camera. tumbling 1,000 feet down on a mountain in alaska. that's angel collinson, she could be heard yelling "i'm okay" after she finally came to a stop. she injured just two of her fingers. otherwise, he sees completely fine. that is remarkable. and finally, a more heavenly sight on this snow. of course, everyone wanted to go sledding here in new york, including these three nuns. yeah, some of the city's best sledding slopes are just about a mile north of st. patrick's cathedral, and they certainly took advantage of it. yep, they stayed in full habit and look at that. you can see they're having fun. giving new meaning to the term snow angels.
8:06 am
>> that's true. let's go to sara. >> let's take a look at what's coming up on the "good morning america morning menu." madonna sharing a powerful message from fans and superproducer shonda rhimes speaking out about diversity. and what's normal in hollywood. plus, the queen of organizing is back. marie kondo sharing secrets in her first u.s. interview. how to declutter your life and find joy. all that and my favorite, the girl scouts are here! oh, wait. oh, my gosh. coming up live right here in times square. "good morning america's" morning menu is brought to you by new centrum vitamins. multivitamin you enjoy like a mint. ng but simple. so finally, i had an important conversation with my dermatologist about humira.
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8:11 am
and then your only concern will be how to spend the cash. rad. ♪ welcome back to "good morning america". the latest now on madonna's custody battle. she's thanking fans who have supportsed her. reena ninan here with the story. >> reporter: teenagers always seem to think that they know better than mom. and in just a matter of days, a judge will weigh in on whether madonna's son rocco can be forced to return back to new york and rocco even getting his own attorney. madonna may be the queen of pop and the material girl, but she's also a proud mom. ♪ happy birthday >> reporter: over the weekend, the 57-year-old pop icon leading the audience during her show in miami in a chorus of "happy birthday" for her 10-year-old daughter mercy james. >> fans usually think of
8:12 am
madonna, the superstar and they think of a lot of controversial things, the things that she's proudest of is being a great mom. >> reporter: it's been a trying new year for the mother of four. >> i have gone through challenging times in my life. >> reporter: the star recently sharing a tearful moment with fans at her mexico city show seemingly about her custody tug of war with ex-husband guy richie. over their 15-year-old son rocco. >> rocco is tired of being on tour with his mother. you can imagine that you're a kid, sitting in some green room or some dressing room backstage, it's probably not a lot of fun. >> reporter: rocco has reportedly missed school since visiting his father in the uk. in december. a new york city judge ordered richie to return their son to new york after madonna reportedly appealed to the court in late december. over the weekend, the "express yourself" singer posting this picture of a letter she received from her fans, expressing their unconditional support for the
8:13 am
singer during her time of need, writing, we're crying with you but we know you'll get through this. as you always do. the singer captioned the post, thanks so much for this, it means a lot to me. one word of kindness it can save me. >> really sent the message to fans that your support means a great deal to me. i'm not in this alone. >> reporter: madonna trying to stay positive. posting this selfie saying, she's moving forward. nowhere else to go. and we reached out to guy, we received no comment. they're due in court on february 3rd. you know, i got preschoolers, god, please let me get through the diapers and sleeping through the night. but you forget how trying the teenaged years are. >> and this is so complicated. >> all right, reena, thank you. now to the latest in the growing conversation about diversity in hollywood.
8:14 am
"scandal" superproducer and creator shonda rhimes receiving a major award over the weekend. and giving a speech that's making headlines. pointing out she's been creating diverse roles and strong female roles for over ten years. abc's chris connelly has more. >> reporter: from tv producer extraordinaire shonda rhimes responsible for "scandal," grey's anatomy and how to get away with murder. >> women are smart and strong. they are not sex toys or damsels in distress. >> reporter: strong words this weekend. on the need to create diverse characters in entertainment that reflect reality. >> people of color are not sassy or dangerous or wise. believe me, people of color are never anybody's sidekick in real life. >> reporter: her speech, part of an industrywide conversation about inclusion. kick-started this time by the oscar nominations where, for the second year in a row, none of the 20 acting nods went to a
8:15 am
person of color. last week, some industry figures planning to skip the oscars, including will smith. >> this is about children that are going to sit down and they're going to watch this show and they're not going to see themselves represented. >> reporter: friday, new initiatives from the academy of motion picture arts and science. to double the number of oscar voters who are women and minorities by 2020 and place new limits on the voting privileges of members who haven't remained active in moviemaking. . president saying these new measures will have an immediate impact. matt damon backing her. >> this is a strong first step. i thought she did something fast and bold and that was what we needed. >> reporter: and the producer of the oscars, reaffirming chris rock's participation.
8:16 am
eager to address all the issues. with rock told him, i'm throwing out the show i wrote and writing a new show. for "good morning america," chris connelly. >> we spent some time with shonda rhimes last year, there, on the studio set and we talked to her about diversity and she had this puzzled look. because as she said in her speech, she just writes about life. it's just about how she sees the world, and the world is diverse. and so, those are her characters. she's gotten great success. she's in the room. she's making these decisions. you have to have not just a diversity in the films and tv shows and that but the decisionmaking. >> no question. chris rock is in the room right now, pretty exciting that he's ripping up the show. >> that's one word. because people have reached out to him to get a comment from him
8:17 am
and the academy people said, no, we'll wait, you'll hear what he has to say in his monologue >> he has the mike. >> and it's live. it's live. we're going to turn to how you can find calm by cutting the clutter. organizing guru marie kondo is back and better than ever. "spark joy" and turn tidying up into an art in her new book. i'm obsessed with this new book. >> spark joy goes even further, making getting rid of the mess a zenlike experience. i got a chance to find out just how it works. ♪ in the battle against clutter, they are losing. >> we have a lot of stuff. all over our whole apartment. but what we have the most of are baby clothes. the baby clothes are in the
8:18 am
dresser in the closet, but they're overflowing. >> reporter: she's got her priorities straight, people. thinking of adding to their family of four, including a 14-month-old and henry, 3. they have held on to baby clothes. how do you feel when you walk into your home right snow >> a little chaotic. little stressed. >> reporter: are you ready to get rid of things? >> i am ready. >> yes. >> i'm ready. we need to simplify. we need to simplify things and therefore simplify our life. >> hi, good morning. >> hi. >> i'm marie. >> reporter: before she can begin, marie must first greet the home, it's her letting the home know that she's there to begin the job of tidying it up. we take all of the kids' clothes out and go piece by piece to decide what to keep. only keep the items that spark
8:19 am
joy. the rest can be given away. kondo even suggests thanking the clothes you have decided to part with. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> reporter: once our mountain of kids' clothes has been reduced it's time to tackle her most popular organizing tip. the folding method. folding 101. folding clothes in half or third, you should end up with a rectangle that stand up by itself. her method works with everything from the finest materials to tiny children's clothes, including kids' socks. when the sorting, the purging and the folding is done, items are placed neatly in drawers or closets. so, how much easier is it with the standing-up method?
8:20 am
the result, the kids' room transformed. >> whoa, it's like being at someone else's house. >> okay, now, that was a little tougher with baby clothes by the way. those clothes are tiny. i just did this with my own drawers, because i have a shallow drawer. okay, let's try this. take the shirt, go a third way over. smooth it out. fold the sleeve over. you're going to want to bring the opposite side all of the way across and then flatten that sleeve. then you go from the bottom -- and sometimes this takes, depending how big the clothes is, how many times you fold this way. mine is four. one, two, three, and once it's nice and flat, you take it and put the collar down like that. the test if you did it right is, if it stays up on its own. >> oh, wow. >> look at that. >> the next step she suggests she color coded it. dark to light in your drawer.
8:21 am
>> you can actually see -- because when you stack -- >> yeah, you're not going to neglect one of the cute shirts you have on the bottom. >> you know what -- >> i know what i'm doing today. >> i read both books and i couldn't get the knack for this, but now -- >> we got this, robin. >> we actually have more folding tips. at on yahoo! check it out. and now, let's head back out to rob on long island city new york. good morning, guys. the sun is coming up but the snow is still here. tight streets like this in queens and brooklyn and the bronx and staten island, they're tough. because you plow the snow up and you basically entomb these cars. there was a lot of people that were having fun in the snow this weekend, including the american league rookie of the year, look at the video he posted. from puerto rico, carlos, he's never seen snow before, why not play baseball with some snowballs -- look at that form.
8:22 am
that's great, great stuff. love that. hope you enjoyed the snow this weekend. it's still around this morning. temperatures in the teens away from the water. hard freeze warnings now with temperatures below freezing in some spots. all right, we got a little bit >> good monday morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco, we have a little deficit drizzle, especially in the north bay and along the coast and sunny pockets this afternoon, and more sunshine, warming than average temperatures tuesday through thursday and a wet pattern returns and you need the umbrellas friday and saturday and sunday. 58 in san rafael and vallejo to 62 in concord, and tonight, look at the fog temperatures in the low-to-upper 40s. fog the next couple of mornings and warmer afternoon, and our next storms >> this snow is really, really packed in. i wish i'd never volunteered. we'll check back in with you
8:23 am
guys 20 minutes. right now, "pop news." lot more fun than this. >> poor rob, we'll save you a cookie. you guys, i'll get to these girl scout cookies. start eating now. because everyone's going to enjoy me if i provide food. time now for "pop news." trending everywhere right now, a first-class fumble. over the weekend, andie macdowell took to twitter to say she was bumped down to coach -- tourist class, otherwise known as coach. her beloved rescue pup, ava, was not allowed in first class, causing the downgrade. now haters coming out in full force calling out her first-world problems. the truth is, andie is happy flying in coach on a bus or a subway. she was peeved because she didn't get what she paid for. the actress would like her reimbursement and she will give it to charity. andie said there was more leg room in coach anyway. everyone should try coach once.
8:24 am
>> that new about dogs? >> dogs are allowed but in that situation -- >> because of the new cabins in the first -- so i hear, they don't have places where you can put things underneath. >> all of the animals will be in coach with me. so excited. and kids up and down the east coast enjoying snowmaggedeon. but one little guy in d.c. looked like he had the best time, this is tian tian having a blast playing in the fresh powder. and like the rest of the internet watching this on loop, so did jeffrey perez, the maryland dad challenging tian tian to a snow battle. check him out. perez said he's going to bring his family to see tian tian dressed in that panda suit. which is going to be amazing. the problem is, what if that panda thinks he's a panda and plays rough.
8:25 am
i would sut coming as a human. >> i have a question, he just happened to have a panda suit. >> i kind of loved jeffrey that he reached in his closet and pulled out a panda suit. what's in your closet. finally, the cookies. we have a special "pop news" poppin'. oh, gosh. thank you, george. it's milk and cookies monday. thanks to the girl scouts of the greater new york council, handing out cookies upstairs. we have some here, too. this morning is the official opening of girl scout cookie season. now, we have all of the different fun ones. thin mint fact here, is the most popular girl scout cookie. which is robin's favorite. beating out the samoa which is amy's favorite. and the trefoil. there i thought it was the little butter -- >> is that it?
8:26 am
>> these are lemonades. >> the blue, is that the one? >> it's the shortbread cookie. this one is a good one. you can order online. which helps everyone. last year the website received over 350,000 orders, bringing in more than $10 million to help girls everyone. my peanut butter one didn't even make the top. you love this one, too, george. >> it's good. >> do you remember doing that? do you remember selling? >> i remember buying a lot of them. >> look at them, adorable. thank you.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm natasha zouves. happening right now, super bowl 50 street closures are in full effect. we were just over san francisco showing super bowl city starting to take shape. officials are telling driver to stay out of the area as traffic is building up. let's get to sue hall. we are seeing that on traffic. >> embarcadero, and it is just gridlock. and this is over van ness downtown. and if you could take b.a.r.t., we have full ferries. this is the 8:20 heading into san francisco live with sky 7 hd. standing room only and so give yourself plenty of time.
8:28 am
and b.a.r.t. is recovering from earlier delays. >> thank you. sue.
8:29 am
welcome back. i'm still getting reports of drizzle, thank you lisa argen, out of the north bay. so watch out for that. most of the activity off shore through the day and clouds opening for sunshine. temperatures in the upper 40s to around 50 degrees. in fact, here is one of the areas with drizzle.
8:30 am
san rafael looking nice. 59 to 62 today. and this is cooler moving ♪ botox on the other hand that works every time. >> oh, how we miss her. samantha jones. welcome back to "good morning america." kim cattrall there in the "sex and the city." a faj fan favorite as samantha jones. candid comments about aging and opening up about her new project this morning, will talk to deb roberts. zblmpls also, a big headline about that popular dating app, tinder, getting an inside look at the new formula they're using to determine who you get matched with. also this morning, a powerful and inspirational story about a father's legacy for his daughter. katie couric has that story. but we begin this final half-hour with kim cattrall and those comments she's making.
8:31 am
about happiness, hollywood and aging. she has a brand-new role and she's getting candid with abc's deborah roberts. >> of course she's candid. a word to describe her could be fearless. challenging hollywood stereotypes especially when it comes to aging this is a woman who's firmly in control of her life. for six seasons and two movies kim cattrall was the saucy one in the hbo's hit series. "sex in the city." >> i could color all day every day if i had my way. i would use every crayon in my box. >> reporter: samantha jones now meet a wife and mom more distracted by menopause than hot sex. >> are you coming? >> i'm going to sit on the couch for a while. >> good luck with that. >> reporter: your character can't be more opposite than samantha. we met over salad and salmon in new york city.
8:32 am
and talked about her new series "sensitive skin." it's kind of your baby, you're an executive producer. you're starring in it. >> it's the longest gestation period i think in the history of babyhood. i thought, wow, this is a story that nobody is telling. >> reporter: cattrall stars as a former model coming to terms with aging, something that she's exploring in real life. >> it was more of an emotional journey of saying i'm in my 50s, now what? life is beginning again and she's not completely prepared for it. it can be a scary place but it's also new fresh fodder for lot of people thought there would be a sex and the city 3. is that something's in the cards? >> i don't know. it would be a tough script to write. it would love to go back.
8:33 am
>> reporter: yet, kim cattrall isn't looking backward. she's shaking things up, redefining what it means to be a fulfilled and a beautiful woman. >> i tricked my body into thinking it's younger. >> reporter: post-38 in hollywood it's hard to, you know -- >> 35. >> reporter: post-35. it's hard -- >> it's hard to be 35. >> reporter: how hard is it to get older in hollywood? >> i turned down a lot of work where i felt i would be playing grotesque when you think of aging, something like a disease, but younger isn't where it's at. older and feeling young is where it's at. >> single and serene for kim cattrall happiness these days looks different than it did years ago. where have you found this peace and contentment? >> my life will change and it will evolve as i get older and i'm accepting that, instead of
8:34 am
fighting against it, and that kind of letting go, i think, does start to begin to feel like peace. >> and her peace is infectious. her new show "sensitive skin" is critically acclaimed. season two will be rolling out later this year, something that kim is fiercely proud of. she's got other ideas for projects she's hoping to get going. kim cattrall isn't waiting for the phone to ring. she's making calls herself. >> instead of talking the calls but making the calls. i'm happy for her. she seems at peace. >> very, very happy and empowering about women. >> it's not just in hollywood but just in society, getting older, it's just viewed a certain way. and as the saying goes, it beats the alternative. >> that's exactly right. i want what she's having. >> thank you. as you said season 1 of "sensitive skin" is streaming now on netflix. the popular dating app
8:35 am
tinder now, we have an inside look on a new feature to help you find the perfect match. it's called the desirability rating. nick watt has more. >> you know who i found on tinder? i found a bunch of girls who aren't interested in me. >> reporter: yes, so, wise teens on "black-ish." that's what they're working on you swipe right if you like, left if it's a no-no. they're using a new supersecret formula, a desirability rating. >> it's a measure of the swipe left/swipe right ratio. >> reporter: they still show you potential matches based on interest, location, et cetera. but now, the first ones you see will be folks in your league. >> individuals are presenting with individuals who are also at their same level of rating. >> i know everything. >> reporter: a journalist uncovered the truth, only one who knows his rating. you get a sense of how many
8:36 am
people are swiping right on you but also how many folks find you disposab disposable. >> reporter: tinder told austin his rating when he was writing about the app for the magazine "fast company." >> my score came out to 946. >> desirability is far more nuanced. than kwlo someone is physical l attractive or not. >> reporter: the average they say is about 800. so chin up, austin. most of us will never ever known. >> tinder users can't learn their desirability measure because it's constantly changing. >> reporter: would you want to know? would you? be honest. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> who would want to know at the table? >> no. >> no, no, no. >> no way. let's go to rob on long island, new york. >> hey, george, we're trying to dig this car out, it's not easy.
8:37 am
you got to be careful about your neighbors. there's just no place to put this snow. you don't want to bury another car. you have to find a spot where there's already a pile. the other strategy of course is to scrape it out into the street and have the cars roll over it, but then it refreezes overnight. that's going to be the battle here really across several big cities with all this snow we got. out west we go, the next storm will track north. as it does that, the south will be warming up. into the 70s across southern >> good morning, i amount meteorologist mike nicco. after sprinkles we have clouds and 59 to 62, and look for fog the next couple of mornings and warmer afternoon temperatures and almost spring like through thursday. it is wet on friday, saturday, >> this weather report is brought to you by walgreens. george, robin, i could use your help, come on. >> you are getting a workout today. no need to go to the gym. >> watch your back, bend your knees.
8:38 am
>> exactly. >> breathe. >> thank you. coming up -- a great story coming up. a doctor and father's powerful love and legacy for his daughter.
8:39 am
8:40 am
we have a sad and a beautiful story now about a father's gift to his daughter. in "the new york times" best-selling memoir
8:41 am
"when breath becomes air," dr. paul kalanithi shares his story. chief global anchor katie couric has his story. >> reporter: paul was the modern definition of a renaissance man, he majored in english and biology at stanford. he went on to receive masters trees in both english literature and philosophy before heading to yale. >> we met as first-year medical students. at first i thought he was this boring guy who wanted to be a doctor, he was really serious, i realized on his medical school i.d. he was wearing a fake mustache. so, that was when i first had a crush on him. >> reporter: paul continued his medical career becoming a neurosurgeon at stanford. where his wife lucy is an internist. their lives and careers were soaring. but at 36, paul got some devastating news. although he never smoked he was diagnosed with lung cancer, stage 4. >> we had seen that bad things can happen, you know when you're a doctor, you see that day in and day out.
8:42 am
we sort of had this feeling of, oh, my gosh, it's our turn now. >> reporter: how did cancer change your relationship? >> after he got diagnosed i said what do you need from me? do you want to travel with your brothers? do you want me to help you accomplish something that doesn't include me? and for him to say, no, i want to be with you in our house, i want to go back to our honeymoon destination. it was so romantic and amazing. >> reporter: paul wanted to chronicle his final days in a memoir called "when breath becomes air." now a "the new york times" best-seller. that wasn't the only legacy he would leave behind. he and lucy decided to have a baby. >> i asked him, don't you think that having a child to say good-bye to will make your death more painful, and his answer really astounded me, wouldn't it be great if it did?
8:43 am
what he meant by that, if a child brings such a degree of meaning that it becomes even more painful to leave -- >> better to have experienced that meaning and that level of love. >> yeah, and when she was born, we were so thrilled and his book title is "when breath becomes air." i look back for her that was the moment that air became breath. >> there is perhaps only one thing to say to this infant who is all future, overlapping briefly with me whose life barring the improbable has all but passed. that message is simple -- you filled a dying man's days with joy, a joy unknown to me in all of my prior years. a joy does not hunger for more and more. but rest satisfied. in this time, right now, that is an enormous thing. >> goodness.
8:44 am
>> we'll be back. panccoffee and oj, baand a killer price. that's a win, win, win, win, win. denny's grand slam slugger, part of the 2, 4, 6, 8 value menu.
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♪ all right, we're back now with super savers stadium. look at this, with the biggest names in bargains showing us how to save. our experts are going head to head competing live in just a moment. but first, abc's rebecca jarvis has more on how to make the most of your money. >> reporter: ever wonder what a shark would say is the best way for you to build wealth right now? ask shark kevin o'leary and he'll tell you. >> saving money is the key to long-term success. if i was in debt, i would do whatever it takes -- save all my napkins when i went to a fast-food restaurant so i didn't have to buy them. debt is a killer. >> reporter: 1 in 3 american households live paycheck to paycheck with the average home carrying $130,000 in debt. tiffany, otherwise known as the
8:47 am
budgetnista, says that she begun her climb out of debt when she had no job. >> i was a preschoolteacher. >> reporter: the key says tiffany to getting rid of that 300,000 in debt was cutting back on housing costs. first, moving in with her parents, then friends. she also used the website magnify money, to transfer her existing card balances that involved no fees. that enabled her to pay down her credit card debt considerably faster. today,tyny is out of her economic hole. she's the owner of a financial advising business. and using her savings to travel the world. what's the lesson you want people to take away from your story? >> if i can do it and dig my way out, honestly, anyone can do it. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. thank you, rebecca. joining you now three super
8:48 am
saving all-stars. first, we have the krazy coupon lady. next up, mark, consumer reporter and author of "bargain fever," and rounding out the group is a personal finance expert, known as the money coach. welcome to everyone. in each round, we're going to spin for a category. the person with the biggest percentage in savings wins that round. today's just part one of a two-day competition. let's get started by spinning the wheel, and there it goes. all right, our first category is -- groceries. joanie, tell us what your secret is for saving on food. >> all right, here it is. buy your snacks online at, a new retailer aiming to take a bite out of amazon business. by offering free two-day shipping without any annual membership. i bought five megasize boxes of individually packaged snacks, they would have cost me $150 at my supermarket.
8:49 am
at prices, i paid only $59.46, that's a 60% savings. >> all right. okay, mark, you're up next. >> i say turn your smartphone into an instant coupon clipper, using an app like pushpins. put your grocery list in there. it will find deals for you. i looked at three kids' staples. peanut butter, mac and cheese and ice cream. i paid $11.56. 24% savings. >> very nice. and lynette, take it away. >> buy your diary items from the drugstore rather than the grocery store. you know, drugstores often put eggs on sale to get customers in the door. if you are going to buy a gallon of milk, cheese and ice cream, it's going to cost you nationwide, $8.19. on sale at the drugstore, it's only $4. that's a savings of 51%.
8:50 am
>> very nice, i'm impressed also with these stats you're all memorizing. the second wheel spinning here. is it spinning? there it goes. the next category is vacation. all right. mark, lead us off. >> my tip on vacations, spend less on a hotel? head to a big box store, costco or sam's club. with gift cards. that's 20% off. >> all right, very nice. okay, lynette. >> book a hotel room with confidence. even if the price drops later you're covered and protected. use a website called tingo, and guess what they do, they'll give you a refund automatically to your credit card, if the price drops any time before you stay. if you're going to spend $100 a night at a hotel, for two nights, $200 total, the average refund on tingo is going to
8:51 am
bring your cost down to $132. that's a savings of 34%. >> very nice. all right, joanie. >> if you want a cheap vacation, especially in the spring or fall, book a repositioning cruise. some ships change locations at the end of the season. alaska cruise normally you cost $135 a night. when it repositions at the beginning of mexico travel season, you can get it for $83. that's a 39% savings. >> wow, very impressive. that's joanie, mark and lynette. at the end of today's competition, joanie's in the lead so far. tune in tomorrow to get more savings secrets and see who will be crowned ultimate super saver. thank you for being with us and we'll be right back.
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we can't wait for you to see our studio audience, but before we go, a little "gma" rewind. some bonus time there. >> that's my niece right there, happy birthday, sweet 16. >> and right there in the middle, kristen, raise your hand, okay, fellow thriver, had a stem cell transplant 14 years ago, and she's an oncology nurse. and over there, you're celebrating your birthday? >> another birthday. also a sweet 16. >> yeah. >> let's give them a birthday present. another look at the panda in the snow, come on. >> oh, can't get enough of that. >> tian tian. >> that's why some people can't get home and they're here with us because of all the snow. but got to love the panda. thanks for watching, everybody. >> have a great day! >> another shot of the audience, come on, another shot of the audience. ence.
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[♪] ♪ take the time ♪ in your life ♪ just before ♪ it passes by ♪ then you'll know ♪ to keep it slow ♪ so here we go [♪] ♪ here we go
8:59 am
good morning. i'm natasha zouves. you better believe traffic in san francisco is amess thanks to super bowl 50 closures. sue hall is tracking it all. >> hd above battery street downtown. gridlock. most of the thoroughfares across town, including van ness, are just jammed this morning. so if you have to come to the city, maybe mass transit, b.a.r.t., cal trans and ferries are filling out from marin and vallejo. we'll be back tomorrow with more. and i didn't want to hear that. probably nobody does. so we won't be mad at you, sue. good morning, everybody. still drizzle and light rain through the north bay. but by noon that will fall apart. and this afternoon we'll deal w
9:00 am
cloud cover and a little bit warmer until the rain on friday. >> today mr. robot himself, award-winner christian slater. and star of "blind spot" sullivan stapleton. plus, we continue our new year, new you series with a lesson in proper posture. all next on "live!." [captioning made possible by disany-abc domestic television] >> and now here are your emmy award-winning co-hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan. ♪


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