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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 1, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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crews responding to the scene just before 4:00 this afternoon. on the port chicago highway off ramp to highway 4. chp says expects in the nissan ultrama fired on the highway and the altima crashed. the car targeted by the shooters wasn't involved in the crash and hasn't been found. new information about the crash involving three buses carrying denver bronco players. the chp says a driver made an unsafe lane change and a motorcycle officer was injured when being hit by one of those buses. the players were returned to their hotel from stanford. the chp officer had only minor inju injuries good evening. >> we're live on top of our broadcast center.
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>> it's a great vantage point. we're going to be here all week, and there are many events and activities. >> yes. our live team coverage extends from san jose to san francisco. >> and let's begin with sergio quintana live from super bowl city. >> this is day three of super bowl city. and so far, it's mostly been san francisco and bay area residents circulating through. events are continuing and there is a concert that just started up. today, the mayors of bay area cities held a news conference welcoming everyone coming here from across the country and world. if you've ever been interested in dancing and posing in front of a motion sensing video screen with strangers watching or snapping a picture with a headless torso, then, super bowl city is the place for you. and if you're a local, you may want to get here quick.
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>> sunday, monday is going to be locals and the rest of the week it will be packed with tourists. >> reporter: this guy and his family him here from australia. >> we're fans from back home. we watch back home. >> reporter: if san francisco is where you live, or work, sure, traffic is a nightmare and you may have to go through security to get to your park stop. and parking spots will be off limits for a week. >> during the welcome news conference with other mayors, san jose mayor locardo says mentioned the o word, the olympics. >> whether it's sponsoring the super bowl, hosting it or perhaps olympics there is nobody
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talking about putting a bid committee together today, but it's important to know we can go through the drill. >> the london olympics atactsed 2 million people in the first three days. about 1 million people expected to circulate through events in the next week. in san francisco, abc7 news. super bowl city activities in san francisco is centered in two locations. super bowl city is free, filled with sponsors and exhibits and located outside of the ferry building. the nfl experience described as a theme park is located at mosconi center. the actual game will be played at levis stadium, but the sap center is hosting media night, broadcasting the event in prime time. and fans snatched up tickets quickly to watch players meet the media.
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abc7 news reporter david louie live in san jose. hi, david. >> reporter: there is no question about the high level of enthusiasm among fans. and thousands of them lined up this afternoon in order to go inside and listen to media pepper players with questions. they wanted to show their support. >> there is mistaking which scenes fans are packing. they are converging where they can sit and watch the panthers and broncos take question from the national and international media. karen arrived here in a jacket. >> i like cam newton, i liked him in auburn. i can't, in all goodness as a raider fan, been a raider fan for 100 years, you cannot move to denver.
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>> chelsea karen, you can tell where her loyalty lies. >> i love newton. and there are a lot of great people that will be hopefully be here. hopefully, there is a week. >> but the passion is just as strong, fred birch has high hopes. >> the denver broncos won this super bowl on my 10th birthday. the greatest birthday of my life, never to be repeated except if we win this year, it could be a day just as good. >> but the niners faithful showed up, too. they brought along a foam we're number 11989 super bowl to give away to a fan. she chose jim simmons. >> it's a memory of a great game, a super bowl. i'll put it with other stuff of the giants and 49ers. our coverage continues
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throughout this newscast, in ten minutes we'll have updates from wayne freedman on the international attention, and later, michael finney will share inside tips from autograph collectors and we'll show the virtual technology nfl quarterbacks use to train, and we'll have live team coverage from abc7 sports anchors from opening night. >> stay tuned for that. >> hundreds of uber drivers are threatening to go on strike unless wages improve. they held a protest drive, you can hear them honking along the way. the drivers say sometimes they work for less than $four an hour and claim they'll be, there will be a work stoppage on super bowl sunday if uber does not
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negotiate with them. >> the bomb squad responded to the menlo park station, it ended up being luggage left on a train. cal train says it took all necessary recautions. the u.s. justice department will investigate the san francisco police department after the police shooting of mario woods. abc7 news reporter vic lee is live at the federal building with that story tonight. vic? >> reporter: well, ama, the u.s. attorney held a briefing for reporters here at the federal building this afternoon. it was attended by the mayor and the police chief. now, this federal review will take time, and involve town hall meetings with the community as well as extensive interviews with police officials and rank and file officers, all of that culminating in recommendations to the police department. recommendations that are
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voluntary, not mandatory. the justice department says it's community oriented policing arm will review san francisco police training and practices. >> the review will examine whether racial and ethnic disparities exist with respect to actions taken and not taken by the san francisco police department. >> mayor ed lee had asked for a federal investigation following the death of knifing suspect mario woods who died in a borage of gunfire in december. all of it caught on camera. the shooting ignited a fire storm of anger and protests. former east palo alto police chief davis heads the cops program. >> this is about building trust in the community. >> the mayor promised cooperation and training. >> we'll allow ourselves to be exposed by way of practices that we have and practices we should end and those that we should
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adopt. >> police chief greg suhr echoed the sentiments. >> it's a work in progress we've undertaken the initial start to this. we look forward to this review. >> attorney general, john burress represents mario woods' family. >> it means there is an opportunity for the mayor and police chief to step to the plate and show good faith activities if they want to improve the positive police department. >> the review will likely take more than a year. if final recommendations are not accepted by san francisco police, the department can launch a separate probe, which would result in court mandated changes. vic lee, abc7 news. new details about how three escaped inmates spent their time in the bay area. they spent part of five days here doing little to keep out of sight. investigators say they arrived in the alameda hotel tuesday evening, ate lunch in a sandwich
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shop the next day, with them was a taxi driver they kidnapped in southern california. turns out the fate of that man may have been what fractured the fugitives alliance. >> inmate nayeri and inmate duong had a fight about whether or not to kill the taxi cab driver. >> duong fled back to southern california with the driver on thursday when the other two went to get the windows on their stolen van tinted. duong surrendered on friday. two others were captured on saturday. new at 6:00, beauty students will have to find a new place to learn their trade. the order affects these locations of marinella schools of beauty. napa, san francisco and santa clara. marinella must shut down by end
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of business on thursday, officials claim they're closing because of financial problems. heavy snow in the high sierra over the weekend will have hundreds of children attending a camp stranded in the central california mountains. about 750 children from the bay area, central california and other parts of the state were supposed to come home yesterday. but nearly two feet of fresh snow made the main highway between hume lake and fresno unpassable. there are 15 charter bus that's could not make the trip so officials decided to extend the stay for those kids. >> we just extended camp and kept going for 24 hours. so opened up diven activities and everything. you know they did have fun. the buses should be on their way back down from the sierra now and the children from the bay area are expected back home by midnight tonight. and their parents will be awfully happy to have them back. >> yes. well, a multi million dollar home in san francisco had to be
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demolished before i fell on a neighbor's. the investigation into what caused this hillside to start sliding and what is being done to save other homes. i'm spencer christian. when we can expect rain in the bay area in just a moment. if you're having sex behind your parents' back, why not be safe about it? >> why san francisco schools are going to give free condoms to middle school students. and throughout the newscast, we're keeping a close eye on the iowa caucuses which represent the first voting of the 2016 presidential election. we'll share live results as we
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twitter had one of the best trading days of year, gaining more than 6% in value. there are reports investor mark andressan could buy twitter. the company is undergoing a major restructuring. stock prices dropped 70%. twitter closed at 1791, the dow lost 17, finishing at 16449. nasdaq is up a bit at 4620. >> let's turn your attention back to the spectacle taking place in san francisco. you can say the world is watching when it comes to the global interest in super bowl 50. >> journalists have arrived for sunday's big game. abc7 news found some members of
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the international media. >> he's live now from the nfl experience. hi, wayne. >> we're going to have people broadcasting this game in 25 languages. nfl experience, this is the number one attraction, that is the lombardi trophy. everyone in the world is coming to see who gets it. >> hello world, welcome to this country, parking tickets were only $67 but the tow costing you $300. here is someone who called the weather warm today. >> it was minus 10 degrees for the week. >> martin rogers just one of one credentialed media who will come from 170 countries and territories. that doesn't count north
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carolina. and those folks are doing fine. >> logistics are tough. >> and likely to remain so. no parking signs and rapidly expanding teams. >> how about this? >> that means we're here. >> those words from annie on twitter this morning. she's from nippon-tv in japan. and if they forget. >> i'm rooting for both. >> before joining japanese tv, she worked side lines for the new york jets and was nice enough to sent these photos as proof. her producer is happy to have the experience behind them. we asked what they're having for dinner. >> good luck, all week. >> that is fun.
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well, once again, we're live on top of the abc7 broadcast center. it's a little cool. >> spencer talking about a warm up coming our way which fans might be excited to hear about. >> i think you'll be happy with the way the weather plays out. right now, clouds developing in the bay area. there is a storm moving into our direction. and going to bring us rainfall. temperatures around the bay area in the low 50s for the most part. some locations inland dropping into 40s. down to 44 in fairfield. and taking a look at the forecast features showers and a chance of rain wednesday afternoon. it will be dry and milder.
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impact scale, and there is an approaching storm here and showers likely tomorrow morning and expect less than a quarter inching of rainfall and light winds. let's get right to the forecast animation. cloudy and then we'll see rain approaching as the morning commute begins. we'll see rain beginning to push into the north bay and some working off shore. and close to the morning and sunny and locally heavy down pours are possible, and rain continues into mid day hours starts to break up into afternoon. by 4:00, just about over so we'll project rainfall totals by
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4:00 tomorrow afternoon. most locations will probably not seen two tenths of an inch of rain. we do expect a quarter inch or more. on we go, super bowl city cool, and maybe a few clouds around, mid day temperatures from time to time into the 40s so will be cooler then. warming up, 33 sunday afternoon, levis stadium, sunny and 70 degrees for the beginning of super bowl 50. to low temperatures low to mid-40s around the bay and upper 30s in our cooler inland valleys. tomorrow, cloudy, and chilly and morning showers, low to mid-50s tomorrow and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast.
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both ranking one on the storm tomorrow. and milder later in the week and over the weekend. almost spring like with a high of 72 around the bay by monday. earlier today, i was at emmerson elementary school in berkeley. had a great time with the class there, talking about weather and listening to them talk about weather. if there are any smarter kids anywhere in the world i'm afraid to meet them. these kids were great and i had a wonder full time. so thank you. and now back to our second graders upstairs. >> the only class on the roof tonight. >> thank you, well, coming up next free condoms for kids in san francisco middle schools. >> you're going to hear what else comes with it when abc7
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members of the committee believe their situation meets the conditions for a public health emergency of international concern. i have accepted this advice. >> that announcement from the leader of the world health organization about the rapidly spreading zika virus. the organization declared an international emergency because of the explosive spread of zika. the who estimates there be up to
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4 million cases of the virus within the next year. it's expected of causing birth defects. a revolutionary treatment is giving a baby a new chance at life. liam silva was diagnosed with a heart defect while in the womb. doctors gave him a 10% chance of survival, then, they began oxygen therapy. his mom was given the therapy. >> we'd lay there in bed with oxygen and talk to him and tell him, liam, when you come out, i need you to breathe, i need you to fight. >> the oxygen treatment worked and liam was born but his chances of survival are now 50-50. his parents are thrilled and just relieved to have him home. san francisco unified will take up the issue of giving condoms to middle school students. it's been offered in san
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francisco high schools 25 years. students can get condoms from a nurse after sex education. the district says it's decreased sexual activity and pregnancies. parents will be notified they received the condom. >> i think it comes down to the parents. yes. it's the parent that should be on top of this. >> if they're having sex behind their parents back, why not be safe about it? >> a sur very found 5% of middle school students in san francisco have had sex. sexual activity among students is lower than the national average. homes on the san francisco hillside are in danger of sliding away. the soil has slipped quite a lot in the back. our stairway down the house is destroyed and out of order. >> we talked to the people who live on this sliding hillside about the safety of the homes. and... >> i'm michael finney. ahead on 7 on your side, how to
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score a
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now, to your voice, your vote in the first major election event in the race for president. the iowa caucuses happening right now. >> yes. political pundits predicted a high turn out. there are reports some sites are so packed that officials had trouble closing doors. iowa's g.o.p. chairman tells abc news it looks like record breaking turnout. >> senator ted cruz has a slim lead with 30% of the vote to donald trump's. >> and another tight race for the democrats. hillary clinton is ahead with 51% of the vote. senator bernie sanders a cles second, 48%. and martin o'malley a disstabt third. >> what iowans are doing at this moment. >> reporter: let's define what is a caucus? caucus comes from the native
6:31 pm
american word meaning a gathering of tribal leaders. they gather and talk about who they want, no voting booth, no machines. republicans and democrats meet separately across iowa. on the republican side, participants here pitches from the candidates in this case, jeb bush and his son, jesh bush junior, republicans write down the name on paper, votes are counted and a winner named at that caucus site. the democratic side works differently. voters divide into groups, standing with others who support the same candidates but if the group is too small and deemed not viable they have to support a different candidate or try to recruit others. the process can take several hours. they started an hour and a half ago. so a small state, but huge stakes because it is first. in 2012, candidates and
6:32 pm
supporters spent $12.5 million on tv ads in iowa. they know no candidate who finished worse than third in iowa has gone on to become president. dan and ama? >> it's about early momentum, thank you so much. we'll send out updates with results as they're announced. down load the abc7 news app and enable push alerts. >> moving on now for a live look from visa everywhere cam, those super bowl 50 statues continue to be targets for vandals. in alamo square, this statue was removed. vandals also toppled it over. a sat -- some of the biggest
6:33 pm
names in pro sports will be in the bay area for the super bowl. >> yes. it is an autograph hunter's dream, obviously. michael finney shares tips. >> autograph signings will take place throughout the week at the mosconi center. you need to buy a ticket to get in. here is how you might score a free autograph. matt wong stands outside of the hotel. that determination got him autographs from frank gore, patrick lewis and jim harbaugh. he catches a glimpse of monty ellis, in town january 22nd. now, the pacer doesn't stop. the pack isn't concerned. >> autograph will be back in the afternoon, when the pacers lead the hotel. a steady crowd enjoyed a
6:34 pm
sports show. >> i spent thousands of dollars per month on autographs. >> greg says it's important to have a seal of authenticity. each signed at the nfl experience comes with a seal. >> your autograph, without dedicated to me is worthless. >> lefty's owner thinks the best way to get one is to write a letter. >> oh, gosh. i wrote to probably 600 or 700 baseball players over the years and probably got over 50% return. with something signed. >> reporter: this group went in for the pacers before their team bus can play the warrers. darrell king has been collecting autographs for 20 years. >> a majority of the time, it
6:35 pm
is. >> his tip is recognize players know them by name and get there early to grab a spot in front of the line. numerous players stop to sign, including monte ellis. this u.s. olympic, paul george walked past the line and onto the bus. he managed to get numerous autographs. >> you can go to companies such as psa-dna to get your autograph authenticated. tomorrow, we'll show you how to spot counterfeit tickets. >> tonight, abc7 news reveals which health violations inspectors previously found at levis stadium. >> walking around with our clip boards and taking notes, people
6:36 pm
know who we are. >> coming up at 6:00 meet the stanford grad who created virtual training used by the nfl. and the investigation into this this hillside began to crumble and force a homeowner i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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tonight, the investigation continues into why a san francisco hillside began to crumble. >> it began last week on casitas avenue. abc7 news reporter carolyn tyler has the latest. >> reporter: this was supposed to be his dream home, but before they can move in, it was lost. his $2 million house had to be demolished. >> hopefully, now, we've identified the root cause and begin drawing out the hill. >> he and neighbors are convinced the root cause was a water main break up the street
6:40 pm
that the city capped this weekend. this is video steven adder shot. he lives next door and the water shifted the earth beneath his place as well. >> the soil slipped quite a lot in the back. and our stairway down the side of the house is destroyed and out of order. >> the heads of the department of building inspection and the public utilities commission came out to the site. they aren't sure if that water leak is the culprit and are continuing to investigate. >> we just want to make sure that that is not the only cause because if we fix it, we want to make sure everything is taken care of. >> five neighbors were told to have testing done to see if their homes were at risk. >> they come back saying that no. no damage on their house. >> reporter: tomorrow a well will be drilled to help take water off the hillside. if the city water pipe is to
6:41 pm
blame, officials say all of the homeowners will be reimbursed. >> we'll make this right. so i hope that is true. >> reporter: he wants to rebuild n san francisco, abc7 news. after being in business 130 years, navale garden center has been bought by slope garden center. stores will close briefly and reopen as slope's stores in two weeks time. >> virtual training is a reality in the nfl. >> it's thanks to a palo alto company. who uses it and likes
6:42 pm
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welcome back we're on the roof of the building for our super bowl coverage. this is game of brute force and also strategy and a handful of teams are using a new tool to help out with their opponents. >> as jonathan bloom found out
6:45 pm
it started at stand ford on the field and in the lab. >> it's the closest you can get without being on the field. >> take a look. you're in the huddle. >> video recorded during regular football practice, it's called sports training. >> this is my masters thesis. >> eric had seen simulators before but they'd used animated graphics. >> it doesn't move like a real person. it's not going to work. >> for a split specked decision, research suggested real video would work better. it seems the research was right. >> coach shaw basically said you need to get this shot. this is too good. >> the goal of virtual practice is to make them smarter. >> before the ball is snapped i know i won the play. >> he teaches quarterbacks from
6:46 pm
where they actually stand on the field. >> so saturday you say wait a minute. i know what is about to happen before it happens. >> they can review the play and practice where to look as coaches can watch. >> this is working for other pliers too. >> we're seeing guys play the position without having to run. >> being well rested can help, too. >> they don't need to do the physical work as often. and in some instances should train less. >> well, it's time for another check on weather. >> it's cold up here, spencer. >> chilly out there. i
6:47 pm
statewide, snow pack is in good shape, at 116% of average, compared with a measly 23% last year. look for showers and rain and snow in the sierra. tomorrow we'll see morning hours and high temperatures in low to mid-50s so a chilly day. here is the accu-weather forecast. two days tomorrow and wednesday we have weak storms coming our way. super bowl sunday, a high of maybe 70 degrees. >> well, weather and sports now. >> yes.
6:48 pm
this is a big week. >> will super bowl 50 be peyton manning's last game? look at the humanity. we go live to media night next in sports.
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good evening, once upon a time super bowl immediate kwa day was a half dozen guys pool side asking joe namoth a bunch of questions. it's evolved into hoards of reporters and all kinds of characters dressed up and they're calling it opening night and mike shumann is in the middle of that madness. >> it's media night here. we started off with the broncos, 5500 media members, and it was a wild one. have a look. >> peyton manning is the most popular player as he hinted towards retirement after this game. but, he's looking forward to the super bowl. >> i think it's important to
6:52 pm
enjoy it. it's a unique week to be a part of it. >> that is rocky, the leprechaun here and for denver we had miss universe. the austrian skier and my favorite, super hero. >> your super powers are what? >> the world's greatest thinking super hero. everybody knows that. >> why don't you whisper your pick. >> at the end of the first quarter it's going to be -- >> really? >> this is an event just watching other guys going through it. you know? hoping to be in this podium, and it makes it real. >> and wait for it. >> i do not think. i know. >> i think they're going to be surprised. >> people will be surprised.
6:53 pm
i hope they don't spoil it for you. >> we have come full circle with vernon davis. you followed him around for a season. and niners trade him to denver, here he is playing in the second super bowl in four years and you know, he was on open book tonight. he told me why this team can win it all. >> we went to super bowl three years ago we had a phenomenal team. this, these guys are really good, man. very confident. every day, every morning i walk into the locker room, these guys
6:54 pm
talking about a championship. this is amazing. >> vernon said when asked, is this going to be your last game? he said no. i can still run a 43. he said collin kaepernick last year, watch out league, watch out. >> i say carolina panthers are speaking now and we've got to go. >> i was just wondering how is that super hero dude? the joke is how he got the gold costume out of the closet. on to other news. justin tuck played 11 years, nine with the giants. last two with raiders. tuck missed most of the past season after tearing a muscle but still big influence in the locker room and a mentor for
6:55 pm
aldon smith. 66 and a half sacks probably coming to a tv near you. the most notable panthers fan is steph curry. looking at him pounding away. and the jersey, he says he keeps it in the safe. >> this is a team i've supported for a while. the individual guys you know how hard they work. what they put into the game. and you want to see them see the results from that and be champions. >> and steph will be at levis stadium come super sunday.
6:56 pm
>> the deal to replace an east bay hospital with a boutique hotel. how it won over higher bidders at 9:00. >> a tree came crashing down, killing a man on abc7 newsok at 11:00 the investigation following the sudden death. >> here is tonight's prime time line up. at 8:00 it's the bachelor, followed by bachelor live at 10:00. >> at 11:35, it's jimmy kimmel live. >> that is this edition from abc7 and we appreciate your time. from the entire abc7 news team, we hope you have a great evening. >> we'll you at 9:00 and 11:00
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this is the "jeopardy!" college championship. here are today's contestants -- a freshman at columbia university from san diego, california... a senior at the u.s. military academy at west point from west lafayette, indiana... and a junior at the university of virginia from baltimore, maryland... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. welcome. college rivalries are always a lot of fun. most of the time, we experience them in sports competitions. football -- leading up to the bowl games. basketball -- leading to march madness. but "jeopardy!" figures in there also, but with a twist, because each year we invite
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some of the smaller colleges and universities to participate in our tournament -- schools that don't usually get to compete against the big guys, and what winds up happening is that we wind up with some great matches. you'll see as the week progresses. today, though, three of the biggies. we have virginia, the u.s. military academy, and columbia. good luck. let's go to work. now the categories for the three of you... followed by... we'll give you the provinces. and finally, we deal with... notice the quotations marks. adam, start us off. let's go sheer will for $200. carissa. who is princess diana? yes. i'll go sheer will for $400.


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