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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  February 4, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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two adjacent homes were damaged. firefighters say the people initially evacuated and they will be able to get back in. an hour later, another home caught fire and the roof caught fire from embers. they floated away from the original scene. in the end four structures were damaged. everything was brought under control an hour and 43 minutes after the first call. we her the red cross was helping a woman with shelter. no word on the cause of the initial fire. arson come out to check out the scene to get at look at what took place last night. reporting live in san jose for abc7 news. >> san jose police are looking for more student victims after a well liked principal was arrested. he has had an inappropriate relationship with 17-year-old. tiffany has the details. >> yes, san jose police are asking for anyone with
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additionalness or any potential victims to come forward. the school learned of the alleged inappropriate relationship between 35-year-old san jose gonzalez and the 17-year-old student on friday. the interim principal was arrested and the school placed hill on paid leave. police say the incident with the female student took place at gonzalez san jose home in july or august. he is the girl's varsity volleyball coach and baseball coach. this is some concern that there could be more victims. >> he had access to a lost students and the ability to have a position of trust. leadership. and authority. >> school leaders sent this letter him to are paens and they are providing counseling services for fact u and students here at the high school. >> thank you.
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breaking news now, wikileaks founder julia assange said he will leave the ecuador guess tomorrow morning and allow police to arrest him if he loses his case before the u.n. the u.n. now is weighing whether his three career refuge as the embassy constitutes unlawful detention. he took refuge to avoid extradition to sweden where two women have accused him of sexual assault. julia assange said if the panel rules in his favor he expects it get his passport back and not to be arrested. >> something you need to know for super bowl sunday if you take uber to levi stadium, you may want to start thinking about backup plans. thousands of drivers plan to block traffic around the stadium. they are protesting what they call low wages. this video from a similar strategic in san francisco on monday. uber is the exclusive on-demand car service for the super bowl. it has dedicated stops around the stadium. uber claims they cut prices because of a sent am slow down and guarantees drivers up to $35
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an hour during peak time. >> jason -- jason son said there is no credible threat during the super bowl threat. bomb squad technicians and 90 dog units are on duty. >> federal homeland security and law enforcement officials are working overtime, along with the nfl and state and local law enforcement to ensure a safe and success. super bowl event. >> the f.b.i. has a top secret joint operation super in place in the south bay and three to four mile security perimeter is set up around the stadium. >> bring your lucky jersey, face paint and team spirit but leave your drone at home. >> that is a first. the f.a.a. new psa, doctors are banned for coming 32 miles of levi stadium open super bowl sunday.
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that is no drone zone starting at 2:00 p.m. and goes until midnight. violator could face jail. >> the nfl is left the first ever women's summit today in san francisco. the focus is on how laying sports can positively influence young people personally and professionally. expected to take part are serena williams, billy general king, and jordan sparks. the two day summit kicks off this morning at 8:00 p.m. and streamed online. head to if you want to want. >> football fans are fly into bay area and we were at sfo as a father and son arrive from charlotte, north carolina, you can bet who they are rooting for spend $8,000 on the trip. >> we bought plane tickets the difficult after thanksgiving and we put that whooping on dallas and we knew we were going to the super bowl. that was it. >> sfo expects the busiest day is the monday after super bowl. the airport is bracing for
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30,000 extra pass majors that day. >> yuks. big thank you tore viewers in our community for sharing great photos of all of the super bowl activities around the bay area. we love seeing them. we with love to see your super bowl 50 pictures hash abc7 now. you can see them on air or on line. we have everything you need to know about super bowl 50 from events that are free and paid and traffic alerts and more. enable push alerts to get instant updates. >> a woman is in critical condition after being robbed and attacked in a mall parking lot. we are at the center outside the macy's where the attack happened before find yesterday. the woman has significant head injuries. police arrested the 19 year old william king of vallejo an hour after the attack. investigator say he commit add similar attack on tuesday. >> happening today, a south bay college will offer vaccinations to students after two confirmed
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cases of meningitis on campus. one infected students lives at santa clara university. officials confirm that both students were admitted to the hospital, the first open sunday, the second on monday. the bacterial dies on the surface but the crews are cleaning as a precaution. students say they are worried. >> it is a bad time to get it, mid-terms, week five, i relate, really, don't want him. >> the school first believed 500 students were possibly exposed. the actual number is probably fewer and will not say how many. meningitis can be deadly. it is spread through saliva. early symptoms mimic the flu. >> excite day for dubs fans, president obama will honor the defending n.b.a. champion golden state warriors. steph curry visited last year to promote antimalaria program. last night steph curry tuned in
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for a meeting facing the wizards in the capitol. steph curry scored 51 points for 11, three-point are betting wizards 134-121, the eighth straight victory improving to 48-4 on the season. the white house ceremony is at 10:55 a.m. our time and we will stream it live on our website, >> checking in on the weather as you head outdoor you do not node an umbrella. >> will not. you may not for two weeks. that is sad. considering our rainfall totals for the year only moffett field and san jose and livermore are above average and by the time we get through the next 8-14 days you are below average along with the rest of us. here is a look at the exploritorium at pier 15 looking back at the embarcadero center looking beautiful this morning. 59 today in san francisco, and the north bay, inland east bay you top out at 60 and peninsula is 61, south bay and east by at 62 degrees. if you head to super bowl city,
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enjoy the sunshine and high clouds. well start at 54 at 11:00, and 3:00, 2359 and hang out in the mid-50s as we head through a dry evening. it looks great from the east bay hills and bay bridge lights and the young lights and the light of sun will be brighter and warmer. we will be nearly 70 by sunday. i will have the rest of the seven-day forecast coming up. >> and now the road work if your travels take you on 580, toward 980 in oakland, the eastbound ramp is closed for road work until 5:00 a.m. this morning so for a few more minutes. oakland, south 880 from broadway you can see the lanes are closed for road work and 580, castro valley, eastbound, toward 238. slow traffic there, due to the road work and cops in the lane. not -- most will be picked up by 5:00. a therapy meant drive into san francisco. >> thank you sue, san francisco
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police are under pressure to change the way officers deal with violent encounters. next, the controversial weapon that the chef said the officers need to carry to save lives. all the 49ers listen the hard way, do not mess with the girl scouts. what they are inviting hundreds what they are inviting hundreds of scouts foe spend t everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. make every piece count. let other people know what you're made of. always be real. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet. and of course, wear sunscreen. nature valley granola bars. no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. just good.
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>> daly city, dublin, los gatos by bay. >> san francisco police chief plans to reintroduce a controversial issue. equipping officers with stun guns in the wake of the mario woods 'hooding. he believes it is the give officer -- if the five officers had tasers, mario woods would be alive say they had no choice but to use deadly force since ben bag rounds and people more spray failed to persuade mario woods to drop a knife. >> score run for the girl courts, the 49ers are rescheduling a sleepover at levi stadium after they canceled their original date. the ever develop was scheduled for may 14, and now it will be held a week later because of a concert. 29,000 girls are competing for the chance to spend the night at levi stadium. >> big award for our top sellers, and we participate in the sell if they sell 50 cases they get to do a sleepover on the 50 yard line we thought it would be exciting.
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>> realize that 50 cases is 600 boxes. the 49ers have granted the sleepever will not be moved again. this is the first time they have hosted a sleepier at levi stadium. >> we have a follow-up to a story, new controversy over a lottery ticket worth $63 million. the ticket was prepared at the 7-eleven in charts -- near los angeles and the weapon are has until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow to turn in the winning tick kept if not the jack pot is completely forfeited. right new a man claiming that he has the winning ticket has filed a lawsuit against the california lottery saying that he tried to turn it in but it was rejected by lottery officials who say it was "too damaged e. >> interesting. >> our favorite animal grumpy cat is back to the bay area today, and the frowning foe line is in san francisco for super bowl week, of course, because all of the celebrities are, and perfect cat is here with sir
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purr of the carolina panthers and the real name of the cat is tartar sauce, and as you know the cat is huge ensensation with eight million "likes," on face book. tar tar sauce...from cats it dogs. bomb sniffing dogs are weaponing us safe. >> they are taking time to is fun. we were near super bowl city as two dogs sniffed out who will win the big game on sunday. this is a if britain other for randy, her him town is den >> we are happy because we are from denver. >> that is an extra treat from around that so...would knows? another dog was not is kind to the broncos, from see at, picking the care lie in
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panthers. the dogs are working 12 hours day checking vehicle for palm, a light moment and a lot of hard work for the dogs. >> we are talking about a beautiful super bowl sunday. >> if you mess up that day i will be so upset, mike? >> me? me? >> if you personally mess that up. >> never. never. >> 73 degrees. i had the forecast. coming up next one. >> sorry to ruin. >> i like it. keep me fresh. the temperatures...would you call them fresh, 49 park presidio, and 48 in the mission, and good morning, richmond at 50, the rest of us, in the mid-to-upper 40s until walnut creek where it is 42 degrees. pacifica and petaluma at 47. high clouds are thicker as the small bit of energy rolls through. when that passes, get ready for more sunshine.
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especially out in our inland east bay neighborhoods where we are looking at walnut creek right now. seasonal temperatures, patchy fall forms the next few nights and nearing record highs next week. here is a look at what is going to happen today, the clouds are getting thinned by the noon hour and during the afternoon hours, passing high clouds so you will want to have the sunglasses. heading through the evening the temperatures drop into the 40s, due to the lack clouds. today, how about 59, concord, san francisco, half moon bay, san rafael, santa rosa, and, also, fairfield, and everyone else is 630 to 63. tonight we have upper 30s inland seem and everyone else is in the low-to-mid 40s. high seven-day forecast shows we will make a run at record high temperatures, especially on monday, tuesday, and wednesday. next week. well find out if the commute is as quiet as the weather. >> quiet. just road work at 4:46. if you have to come to san francisco area, we have light traffic in the bay bridge area macarthur maze looking good,
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no delays. no meter, lights. in san jose, beyond highway 87 a few headlights through the screen at this early morning hours and our traffic map is good and minor slowing from tracy and that is fairly typical and well look at the road work through the walnut creek to danville area northbound and southbound, sycamore valley road and that is in the plane for a few more minutes and the red sensors means it is slow trafficup the area and, remember, the management to is slow for the cone zone, so there you go, back with the northbound bay drive coming up. >> all right, guys, teens spend an average of 6 1/2 hours a day staring at a scene. coming up the new document try produced here in the bay area that looks at what all the scene time could be doing do them. >> the in six to help children bat weeing life threatening imnesses and a nurse is using his voice to heal. but, first, the tech bytes. >> in today's technical boat if
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you have trouble filing taxes, the i.r.s. e file system has been downed because of a computer hardware failure. >> where's my refund feature wasn't working. the tax agency does not thing the problem will it willedly your refund. >> a google engineer put his own spin on a concept of smart bathroom. he post these images of the high-tech bathroom mirror which displays the current date and time, the weather forecast, even the latest news headlines. >> for those would need caffeine to get through the day or night, this wearable will keep feed the drug directly into your blood. there is no need to keep running to the coffee maker, called "jewel," you have to be 18 to buy one. it is not available until this summer. summer. >> i stick with my again! again! again!
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do what we do...make it progresso. you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh >> a san francisco store is looking for a dinosaur, and the statue has been outside the store since 1976 and a few days ago the mascot disappeared. so company people have been going into ask about dinosaur the owners put a "lost dinosaur," sign outside of the dinosaur: employees hope this brings back their dinosaur. >> a group of uc berkeley students is suing google claiming the giant spied on student e-mail accounts. they claim google was using scanning for marketing and advertisements providing students with gmail accounts through google app for education
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and the lawsuit would create a class action for students from other colleges, as well. google declines to comment but has said before they complied with privacy policies and the law. >> a through documentary produces in the bay area looks at the effects our kids have with too much scene time taking a hard look at how smartphones, tablets and other devices affect a child's development. it offers parents some solutions >> the solutions are around drugs and alcohol are out there, a conversation going on, but there is not a conversation of community about...scene team and how much we use skit what and we do as parents to limit it. >> this is a summer of two who works at a producer at abc7, and a screening is landed for wednesday at the clay theater in san francisco and we have information on tickets at you can find out more about the
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documentary on "good morning america" this morning. >> fans taking part in super bowl even haves -- events are sampling on amazing food. a a lot of excess food is never touched and there is a were tooing up to keep the leftovers out of the bay area landfills and give them to the city's hungry. >> they do an incredible thing, they link great food that on normally go do waste to people who need it. i think of it like a super bowl that never goes empty, an actual bowl that is always filled with food. >> they recover 17 tons offed if each week, and redistributes it to those in node. that is enough to feed one out of five people who live in the city. >> some of super bowl's popular four-legged celebrities are here. would features the famous horses in the super bowl commercial and you can meet the horses in
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person in fairfield at the pot eling at the plant in fairfield and they will take part in the parade. you had a chance do see one of the clydesdales because they were hanging an the moscone center. >> they are impressive i have been to fairfield and, of course, having lived in st. louis i have been there. you get two drinks if the go to the brewery. healthing you know. two. >> high surf advisory -- it used to be unlimited. high wind advisory to the cost. that is the only drawback is bench, jogging is good, walking the dog is good, across the stay, 70 in los angeles and 59 in fresno and the seven-day outlook shows lake tahoe, we need more snow but we will not have it so take the sunscreen and the shades and temperatures are above average. heading out right now, what did i have to worry about? >> road work.
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just road work. it is quiet. in oakland area eastbound 580 from 980, to 980 is closed. road work pick up oakland 880 southbound near broadway in the clear. castro valley near 238 in the eastbound direction, 580 still with cones in the lanes. otherwise, not bad. look at san rafael. if your travels take you from novato to central and southern marin and golden gate bridge, all looking good for 21 minute drive. the zip are truck is taking you to four lanes southbound and we will check with the drive out of tracy to dublin/pleasanton when you run. >> drivers are injury gas prices that have not been this low since january of 2009 with the national average for regular is now at $1.78. drivers in some states like missouri and oklahoma are paying less than $1.50! in california, it is more expensive, with gas provisions
4:56 am
averaging $2.56. a common. in oakland drivers pay $2.45 and the same in san jose and san francisco the average price is $2.2359. >> researchers say they are a step closer to developing a drug that video age -- that slows aging, clearing out dead cells that live 35 percent longer than normal, and they no longer divide and can accumulate with able causing damage and disease. researchers sat the may yes clinic say if they can create a drug to do the same in humans it could have profound impact on health and longevity. >> incredible. >> a new report: a controversial new fertility technique come bishoping the d.n.a. from three people that is in hopes of preventing moms from passing on rare and devastating diseases to their children. going forward the research must follow strict safety steps and only target women at high risk of passing on severe diseases.
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>> a nurse at texas children's hospital is going above and beyond to help young patients dealing with serious diseases. all the father of a patient recorded brandon singing to a little girl who could not fall asleep. the video is going viral ♪ magic carpet >> how cute is that? >> i love this give. >> couple of years ago he lost his accounting job so he went back-to-school to become a nurse in houston. that is where he met a four-year-old battling leukemia. the father recorded him sing, and since then the video has been viewed 200 times, 3,500 "likes," on that. >> it feels good to put a smile on their face and make them forget, i am still in the hospital. >> he is embarrassed with the tax but he says any attention he can bring to the attention of
4:58 am
fighting cancer, the better. >> i get he is getting a lot of fan mail. >> it is supposed to keep watch on california utilities but cpuc is accused of being too cozy with them and its fate could be in the hands of the voter. >> a "7 on your side" gets very muched after stubhub took back this man's super bowl back this man's super bowl ticket because the back this man's super bowl ticket because the (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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