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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> only on abc7 news, lost and found. tonight a san francisco man says he found two of the hottest tickets in town. now he is trying to find the rightful owner. >> first at 11:00, super bowl city maxed out. san francisco police are forced to turn away music fans hoping to see a free concert after too many people showed up i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. it is much calmer now but before it was packed with music fans trying to see one republic. let's start with melanie who is live at super bowl city. it was a popular place to be tonight, melanie. >> this was the place to be
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after an incredible one republic concert and awesome fireworks display, super bowl city is now closed. and you can see there are several police officer that are out here and they are making sure people are heading home. these are the same police officers that were out here not too long ago turning away people after super bowl city reached capacity. >> they were playing for a packed crowd of thousands up side super bowl city. >> it was crazy. i was here on monday and it doesn't compare to this. right now it is way more crazier than it was on monday and tuesday. >> this was not the party to attend to fashionably late. >> it took long to get in but it moved fairly quickly. >> there were lots of cell phone video. >> so my prepped back home can see it -- so my friends back home can see it. >> and pictures, some with police officers. >> they are doing a good job and keeping our family safe and the city safe.
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showing them respect. >> some long-time one republic fans. >> from colorado and one republic is from colorado. huge denver fans. >> to fans in the making. >> one republic. >> no one seemed to mind the crisp night. >> we are exploring around super bowl city. >> some were turned away from sfpd officers. >> was hoping to get in. >> super bow city reached capacity early leaving those to enjoy fireworks and plan ahead for the alicia keys concert. >> maybe alt earlier? >> a lot earlier. >> the crowd are expected to be even bigger. >> reporter: so if you are planning to attend the alicia keys concert tomorrow night, the best advice is to get here early.
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again, the crowd is expected to be even bigger tomorrow night. other advice is to dress warmly and maybe even wear some comfortable shoes you don't mind getting muddy. live from super bowl city in san francisco melanie woodruff, abc7 news. >> alan wang continues our team coverage tonight. >> he is live in san francisco where espn is hosting a star-studded super bowl party. hi, alan. >> hi ama and dan. this is the 12th annual super bowl party. >> the music is pulling up and the guests are arriving. some of the elite including broncos general manager and hall of famer john elway. we have not seen giants' o'dell beckham junior or rob gronkowski or jj watt yet. we asked some of the guests to give their super bowl predictions. >> carolina 14-8.
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but it should be a good game. >> i think the pan -- panthers will pull it out convincingly. 30-23. >> i am rooting for the panthers. i think the panthers are going to win because -- well i am quoting the young people. out with the old and in with the new yeah? >> we are coming back live and we are looking at nick jonas. by the way peyton manning has been in the league since 1998. that's 18 seasons. across the field cam newton is only in his fifth season. other celebrities are vince vaughn and taye digs and christie yaw ma giew chee and seal to name a few. this party is just getting started and so is super bowl 50 weekend. back to you guys. >> all of the attention was focused on san francisco but the big game will take place in santa clara. >> katie is live in santa
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clara with how the south bay is getting ready for the spotlight. >> levi stadium is glistening. folks in line cor jillly to get their picture taken in front of levi stadium. others are trying to get autographs from players players and some even got up close with cam newton. >> squeezed against a barricade outside marriott hotel. the moment panthers fans pounced on. >> carolina quarterback cam newton. >> cam is super tall. he tried to hide behind one of the cars but you could see him. >> super awesome. superman. >> super fan. he traveled from gilroy for a shot at super bowl history.
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>> seeing the players is like you -- unique because it is like the super bowl. >> demaryius thomas. >> jarod alan. >> denver broncos fans are bucked back from their players. the marriott is highly guarded, but the closest watering hole? >> i found out we were close to the broncos' hotel. >> at least 300% higher this weekend than our normal weak. >> santa clara san jose, san francisco. >> we flew into sfo and came down here for the hotel and then going back tomorrow. it is weird the disjoined places, but we wanted a hotel close to the stadium. >> out of town fans will find the. >> players, parties and the big game. in the south bay, abc7 news.
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>> brew knee mars -- bruno mars is joining the half time show. sky 7hd was over the stadium as his dancers rehearsed. coldplay got in rehearsal time. he will join the stage with beyonce. lady gaga got in her rehearsal time. sky 7hd shows her getting ready to sing the national anthem. only on abc7 news they are trying to track down the owner of two super bowl tickets that someone apparently left behind by mistake. they found them in a sealed black envelope. the couple says they were lying on the counter near the customized jerseys. the tickets have an $1800 face value and they are located in a good spot at the stadium. >> who in the world leaves
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tickets laying around? >> it was unreal. >> he says he contacted the nfl to see who owns the tickets, but no response. we will stay on top of this and let you know what happens. download our abc7 news app for details on traffic alerts and super bowl city and an nfl experience event. allow push alerts to get instant updates. a chp officer was all smiles as he recovers from a stabbing that lead to a manhunt earlier this week. chp san francisco posted this picture of the officer on facebook. he is smiling and holding his badge that was returned to him. a man stabbed him in the neck on tuesday morning. the chp thanks first responders for arriving and police were tracking down suspects. as big super bowl crowds hit the bay area this weekend, some ems insiders say they are worried about the condition of their ambulances. >> dan noyes has this special
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report. >> will an ambulance be there if you need it. some have more than 400,000 miles. we'll show you the evidence and question the fire chief next on abc7 news at 11:00. >> i and the frantic search and rescue operation underway in taiwan following the massive earthquake. >> i am abc7 news looking at a stunning view of super bowl city. and i have a super forecast for the big game. your weekend weather is coming
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santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. in developing news, search and rescue crews in taiwan are frantically trying to rescue anyone who could still be
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trapped after a magnitude sick .4 earth -- 6.4 quake struck. at least two residential highrise buildings collapsed. look at that. it is not clear how many people could still be in the rubble. at least five people have died. at least 318 others are injured. back here now, as big crowds hit town for super bowl 50 the impact on our emergency medical response system has some paramedics concerned. >> it really does. dan noyes is here to examine the problems that have them worried. >> we all count on ems to save lives on a daily basis. some insiders say an already overwhelmed system is ill-equiped to handle a surge in call or mass casualty event. >> 9-1-1 what's your machine? -- emergency? >> we will see a surge but we are well resourced. >> they say the emergency medical crews and equipment are ready for super bowl surge.
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but some first responders tell a different story. >> what concerns you with the super bowl coming here? >> we are driving around in ambulances that are highly unrely believe a. >> this paramedic drives for a commercial ambulance company under contract to respond to 9-1-1 calls. we agreed not to show his face because he fears speaking out could jeep pro -- jeprodize his job. >> you are saying patient safety is at risk? >> yes. >> he is a number of insiders who told us the system is plagued by old worn out ambulances. >> how often do you see ambulances break down? >> multiple units going out of service on a weekly basis. >> we received these pictures that came from ambulances still on the street. >> we are driving on suspension that has 400,000 miles. we don't know what that might do for somebody with an unstable spinal injury. >> peter green has studied the ems system and he is concerned the ambulance fleet is aging.
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>> green is a paramedic firefighter and a taxpayer advocate with 20 years ems experience. >> the average age is three three and a half years old. >> l.a. county retires the ambulances after 10 years. he says paramedics face what is called hotseating because older ambulances need repairs. >> one of the symptoms is they are hotseating crews. that means they are paying a crews over $100 an hour to sit waiting for an ambulance. >> there have never been crews waiting around because of an ambulance shortage. >> 50 of the 54 ambulances in the fleet could hit the street today. >> you have the oldest ambulance fleet in the bay area. how is that? >> not correct. not correct. we have 19 ambulances in our current fleet, dan that were
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purchased from 2013 forward. >> six months ago a civil jury found half of the ambulances were more than 10 years old. and one-third may require servicing at anytime. they blame slow response times on a lack of serviceable ambulances. they recommended the department replace the aging ambulance fleet. the challenges are serious but not unslovable. >> i don't know if they can find a better group of people. >> there are poor facilities, poor training and poor equipment. >> one of the commercial companies told us they will bring in extra ambulances for super bowl week and they have enough to handle any emergency. they call for a six-month progress report, but it hasn't happened yet. >> with any luck none of this will be needed. >> let's hope not. we won't need the umbrella for the big game.
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>> and a few day after. sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> you will need the sunscreen and your shade. don't forget about those. i want to show you something in case you are missing the super bowl city action. take a look at the fireworks. is that cool or what? abc7 news exploratorium camera at pier15. you won't have to miss the action. if you are going to check out the action in super bowl city if you are coming into san francisco, sunshine 57 degrees, soaked with sun in the afternoon. clear skys and the stars will be out, but like tonight it will feel a little on the chilly side. that's your only sign of winter for a few days so pack an extra layer. it is warm at kickoff. all i'm doing is forecasting the weather and not predicting the win as the broncos and the panthers battle it out. 59 in the evening so quite mild at levi stadium. live doppler 7hd is showing
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you a little green. it is not reaching the ground. we do have rain to talk about but not immediately. the temperatures in the 40s, 50s right now and a live look from our abc7 news exploratorium camera. is this beautiful or what? can never get tired of that. spring-like forecast. warm pattern into early next week. record high temperatures are possible. you take a look at the week ahead for san jose. the average high is 61 degrees. tomorrow you will be at 69. well above normal. look at monday and tuesday. that's when we are expecting the records. we will take a closer look at the records. look at monday's high temperatures. they will come into the mid to low 70s. san francisco will be approaching a record. it could shatter it. oakland a few degrees shy and we will repeat that as the winter warmth continues and more records may fall. cooling begins on wednesday and we will start to switch up
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the pattern as we head toward the end of the workweek. in case you will go and enjoy the warm weather at the beaches before the super bowl experience, keep in mind there is a strong risk of rip currents. be careful out there especially with the larnl breakers. the large breakers. upper 30s to the upper 40s. sunshine in the south bay. 69 in san jose. on the peninsula, redwood city menlo park, 62 in pacifica. downtown san francisco 64 degrees. sun, 62 north bay napa santa rosa 68. near 70 oakland hayward. inland 68 in livermore and fairfield. accu-weather seven-day forecast, we have nothing but sunshine for super bowl sunday and warmth. records are possible early next week. look at friday and a chance of rain. and the saturday and sunday we are looking at a 1 on the
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by visiting marshawn lynch is planning for a future off the field. he is doing it in his hometown. lynch introduced his first beast mode store in downtown oakland. hundreds lined up to grab some gear and take a picture with beast mode in person. lynch as usual was silent toward the media, but his mother says she is proud he is doing something positive for his community. you think at the big launch event he wants to say a few things. >> mom can talk. >> he is just here to sell millions of dollars of merchandise. nfl commissioner roger goodell addressing the concussion issue in football with one comment i
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abc7 sports brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> good evening. nfl commissioner roger goodell gave his state of the league address. had a couple of raiders items and we will get to those in a moment. here is the one comment he wishes he can take back regarding concussions. >> if i had a son i would love to have him play the game of football. i would love him to play the game of football because of the values you get. his risk in life is sitting on the couch. >> the couch comment has not gone over well. goodell said the raiders will play the texans in mexico city november 21st. the first time the nfl has played since the 49ers lost to the cardinals. the commissioner said the nfl
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will help the raiders try to stay in oakland and offered no new details. all of the talking is done and no more media obligations. time to get down to business as we countdown to super bowl 50. nobody would want to miss the super bowl and you may never get a chance to play for a championship. thomas davis will start despite breaking his arm in the championship game. he had surgery just 11 days ago to screw in a metal plate in his arm. he will wear a protective brace and he is ready to go. >> i am not one of those guys. if i have the opportunity and i am able to play, i am going to play. >> super bowl adds to it. this is another opportunity for me to compete with my teammates and it just so happens to be in the super bowl. i feel a lot better than i did a couple days after and it continues every day. >> this will be peyton manning's fourth super bowl. he is 1-2 coming in. remember the blowout against seattle a couple years ago? manning was asked if he has advice for his younger
11:30 pm
teammates? >> i think this experience is so unique for everybody and it is hard to tell somebody how they will feel on sunday. it can be extremely emotional and you want to avoid it from being overwhelming. you have to be careful telling somebody how they will feel. you have to make it natural. >> in the midst of a huge scandal the louisville basketball team is self-imposing a ban on post season play for this season. that is a heavy sanction for a team with an 18-4 record and a lock to make the ncaa tournament. the school's been conducting an investigation into allegations that recruits were lured to the louisville program by strippers were paid to have sex with them. back to the court in round two and stanford and cal women's hoops. britney mcfee and it is fantastic. it is off the glass. and cal is showing the range
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from downtown. fourth quarter and she knocked 14 points and 10 boards as stanford beat cal. they sweeped the regular season series. >> abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. carolina 20 and denver 16. a low scoring super bowl. >> the best defense versus the best offense jie. carolina has a lot of ways to beat you. >> abc7 news continues on-line, on twitter facebook and all of your mobile devices on our abc7 news app. >> our next newscast four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth-- [train horn blares] ... to the continent... [claps] ... a new nation. announcer: don't wait until presidents day to get a better night's sleep.
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s all right. that is our report. enjoy the super bowl. appreciate your time. >> thank you for joining us.
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