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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  February 8, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> good morning, reggie. imagine it is like your super bowl party at home. all your friends and family have last. now you need to clean up. that is what the nfl is telling with this morning. their party was a lot bigger than your party. more than 70,000 people were here at levi stadium for the super bowl. some were happier than others. but all the plans and logistics paid off in the end. santa clara police on bicycles moved in on a group of young men but arrests were made and it was handled quickly. super bowl 50 was a positive experience and many people gave the host city rave reviews. >> i was absolutely amazing. amazing. >> mind blowing. >> from the challenges of moving so many people in and out of the stadium, to protecting them when they arrived, santa clara appeared to pull it off. stadium turf, on the other hand, was an issue. stadium workered what to pick up dive testimonies after warm-ups and after the half time show and
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a player did say that the turf was terrible. >> thank you. we bring you a look from our sfo camera, many fans are going to make their get away to go home today. it is supposed to be the busiest travel day of super bowl week at our local airports and still early and not quite packed of the formals expect an additional 30,000 travelers to pass through sfo today. that is on top of the 60,000 they normally see in a day. to get through process, t.s.a. is telling fans to put their program in their carry on. it contains a hole gram that can set off luggage screening sensors. put it in the carry on. >> bart is making it easy for super bowl fans flying outrun longer trains to sfo to get passengers there sooner. bart is coming off a huge week.
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they broke a weekend record on saturday with 419,162 passengers beating the previous record by 100,000! crews plan to get back in gear today and start catching up on routine maintenance put on hold during super bowl week. >> look at super bowl city this week from the camera. get this, it closed at 3:00 just before the game started and tear down started five minutes later. our reporter is this with what is ahead. tiffany? >> yes, as the saying goes, what goes up must come down and in the case of super bowl city, it is coming down. one light fixture and one wall panel at a time. this morning you can see some blog. i was drive down the embarcadero i saw some of the exterior panels on the temporary buildings are down but the main structures are still standing. it took crews a week to build the fan zone and the tear down process is expected to take
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almost as long. the street closures and detours and no parking teams you have been dealing with are expected to remain up most of this week. some in san francisco are more than ready for their neighborhood to return to early. leah tweeted "it take as week to set up and tear down super bowl city but ten minutes to tear down a half time concert." the super bowl host committee said they expect the spare tear down process to be continue by thursday so that things are back to normal for the friday morning commute. that gives us all one more reason to look forward to friday. >> thanks. you better believe that bay area set the bar very high for super bowl celebrations from start to the finish. ♪ o' say can you see
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♪ by the dawn's early light >> every note was just ride in "national anthem." she thought it was powerful and moving. >> joe montana. >> that is try, 49ers quarterback joe montana tossed the coin. super bowl mvps joined him in the honor from the 49ers and the panthers won the toss. >> let's go. >> that is steph curry not shy about who he was rooting for, quite disappointed, drumming up excitement. he grew up in charlotte.
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♪ hold you up ♪ hold you up ♪ hold you up >> say, what? beyonce and bruno mars and cold play brought peace and love message wowing the crowds at half time. she almost took a tumble but recovered like the queen that she is. we saw color. flowers and sun bursts and young fans all over the field, and energy peaked when she had a dance with bruno mars off air. incredible. >> beyonce is the queen of...coming back from an almost full bell, she has done it before and she did it again. >> well done. >> on a more serious note the dancers who performed alongside beyonce took a stand on behalf of mario woods before the game. the group shared this instagram
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video with abc, mario woods was shot and killed by san francisco police in the bay view in december. it led to a call for change in the department'size of force policy. the police chief suhr is expected to ask the police commission for permission to equip the officers with tasers. >> now from the super bowl to other important news. westbound 80 in pinole is open after a freeway shooting injured one. it happened at 9:30 last night near appian way. an altercation took place between two drivers and when they exchanged gunfire one was hit. both drivers last the scene. the victim arrived at local hospital later to be treated. during the shoot out a car that was stop on the showers and storms was hit by a stray bullet. no one in the car was hurt. >> we are lending about those involved in the deadly car crash in san francisco. cell phone video shows the fiery car crash at 9th and brannan, three friends who just had been at the nfl persons died after
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they ran from police and crashed. the family identified one of the menace 23-year-old roland zany of pittsburg the an officer spotted a white chevrolet van doing doughnuts at 5th and brian, speeding off blowing through the red lights. all the continuation of the stop or pursuit was too dangerous because of roadway conditions and traffic conditions and he discontinued the pursuit. >> a cab driver was injured in the accident. that driver is expected to be okay. his step mother said his father a deputy sheriff with the stanford sheriff. >> crabbers and businesses hit by the we derailed crab season can apply for federal help with the small business administration at the santa cruz yacht harbor to help them apply for low interest loans to cover losses. crash son was supposed to open in november but the bloom that
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contaminated the crashes made them unsafe to eat. >> the city manager in pacifica is expected to ask the city council to free up emergency funds to pay for the dam caused by sinkholes. a second sinkhole opened on the seawall and that sinkhole has been filled with concrete. engineers are still coming up with the land for the first one which is quite a bit larger. the city manager estimates that everything west of highway one is threatened. >> mike, i will give you all the credit for bridge us amazing super bowl weather. i made us look great. >> congratulations. >> beyonce and you. thank you for using me in the same break. look at san francisco: from lake merced at 54 to ocean beach at 61 our temperatures right now are running about where our highs are. richmond is 63.
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and mid-40s in palo alto and pleasanton and walnut creek at 44. breezy in the hills today and not so breezy as yesterday. san francisco is 72 today. east bay inland east bay, 73, peninsula, north bay topping out at 74 and the south bay at 77 degrees. from sutro tower you can see how clean the air is. it will be warm. temperatures are holding in the 70s away from the coast and at least on wednesday and thursday. i will look at the forecast and show you the record highs that are possible. >> good morning, everyone, interstate shows everything is well through emeryville with headlights westbound, all open through pinole from the cartinez bridge to the maze an easy 20 minute ride, and, also, you saw that you will still tear down the super bowl city so this ways map showed all the street closures in place expected to stick around, as well, through the rest of the week near the ferry building and super bowl city. if you are headed to the airport it is looking good with no
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problems on 101 and sfo and 880 toward the oakland airport. guys? >> yes, seconds can mean the difference between serious injuries and libbed saves in an earthquake. a public for an early everyone welcoming system and who will fit the bill. aback to levi stadium and the football faithful would showed football faithful would showed up hoping football faithful would showed up hoping that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend.
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daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a 3.8 earthquake rattled >> a 3.8 earthquake rattled parts of >> legislation to fund a statewide earthquake early wanting question is introduced today provide $23 million to get the system going and clear the way for money from the general fund. state senator is one of the lawmakers behind the bill and california is the second most active state for earthquakes behind only alaska. >> two more people have been rescued following a powerful earthquake in southern taiwan. 35 people are confirmed dead. the 6.4 earthquake struck afternoon our time on friday. it caused buildings to collapse including a 17-story apartment
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building, an eight-year-old girl was pulled alive from the rubble this morning and an unconscious woman rescued and taken to a hospital. officials say that 300 people have new been rescued, and 500 are injured and more than 100 are still unaccounted for. >> hard to see. >> in happier news, happy chinese new area to you, today is the beginning of the lunar new year and that means huge festivals taking place an the world right now. 2016 is the year of the monkey the 9th animal in the chinese zodiac festival with landing 15 days ending with the festival of the lantern. >> today, there is a flag-raiding ceremony in san jose to mark the new year. this is the 111th year of the vietnamese heritage and freedom flag raised at city hall. the mayor liccardo and members of the vietnamese community are
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expected to attend the event. >> back to the super bowl for a second, and of course, you did not have to be a sports car to get a ticket, some fans right here in our area saved up to buy one of the expensive ways in. wayne freedman met a fan, an army develop, who made a lasting impression. >> they told us you were thinking of going to the super bowl? >> i only brought $1,400. that is my limit. >> welcome to live stadium where in many cases the haves looked like the have notes, physical they get to the gates. >> broncos. >> one group went one one way and another stayed looking open. >> this is automatic right. >> how? do not have to worry about too loud, too crazy, beer slinging people, smaller crowds. you put the best spin on everything. >> here is what he missed. levi stadium dressed up like you have never soon it before.
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and irony of ironies even during the game, check out these people at what may have been the best seats in the house, how much were the barrys? >> $13 is a lot for the beer but i will buy it. >> just one? >> a few. a handful. >> and so you do not assume everyone wore a corporate suit there were regular die hard fans i took photos of panther fans, and notice how she lived and died on every dry. >> my finger nails and toenails and my back. >> but the master sergeant king made the strongest impression. [ inaudible ] >> he is an afghanistan veteran and was three years in the hospital and has new legs and a renewed heart. >> losing the two legs made me really understand what is on the understand of me and made me come out. >> that, true friends; a true and enduring super bowl moment.
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>> obviously for the fans it was a day they will never forget. >> absolutely true. >> many of us are still talking about the super ads. there were clear frontrunners. ♪ i spent my years ♪ believing you >> a fan favorite in the crop of commercials was this one, bringing out the sheep chorus to sing "somebody to love." ♪ i can't for get ♪ your face ♪ as you were leaving >> this scored well. >> i am not a fan. i don't get it. what is the point? are we supposed to eat dog? >> why take it there? >> because the dogs are dressed up like hot degrees and the catch up is salivating.
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>> we have the alphabet called emoji, a few symbols could express the extent of their emotion. >> this is an alien giving a tour of earthly wonders in a galaxy far, far away ending with the greatest wonder of them all, avocados from mexico! >> what was your favorite ad? natasha has hers, let us know. >> i am the only one underwhelmed? all the ads has a different tone this year. >> reggie is not a fan. >> did you like one? all the doritos one with the... unborn baby. resonated with a lot of us. >> that was it. i did not watch them we were talking. >> and eating. >> anyway, a look at live doppler hd, look how breezy, 12 miles per hour at half moon bay
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and 14 at napa and 20-degree spread between some neighborhoods and you can see camera bounce on mount tamalpais and that is the case today, breezy in the hills and lower in the lower elevation and total sunshine and record highs, and dry but do not get up on winter, everyone is like el nino el no-show. come on, really? we have a couple more months. now, gilroy is 78. san francisco is 77. santa cruz, 78. close at moffett field with the 76. redwood city 74. half moon bay is 75. san francisco is not a record but 72 is not too bad. across the golden gate bridge we will have 77 in santa rosa and napa 75, both record highs and as we head down the east bay shore, oakland is 74, and hayward 72, a few upper 60 around richmond and hercules, inland, concord at 72, a record high and livermore is 73, not a record high and still warm. tonight, tule fog in the east
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bay or central valley, and notice with an offshore wind it moves into the delta community and mostly it is clear with temperatures in the mid-40s to around 50. the heat is going to ease by saturday we will be back in the 70s and sunday at valentine's day still looking nice, mid-60s to 70. francis? >> good morning, everyone, traffic is great, easy-breezy no problems northbound 101 under 880. no accidents reported. i will show you another shot 680 walnut creek, so, southbound traffic on the right is looking good beyond north main, delay free through highway 24 and as we check out drive times, 680 from highway 4 to walnut creek is six minutes, delay free westbound 24 to highway 13 is only nine minutes and we are starting to see the slowing making the way on westbound 580 so the drive time is slowing down, tracy to dublin, 33 minutes and next report we will
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check out westbound 4 out of the antioch. >> thank you. a lost drivers are not afraid to say "fill it up." >> a penny here, a nickel there, a woman would will have you searching for lost change wherever you go. but, first, tech bytes >> the top twitter mentions during the super bowl. beyonce took the top spot receiving 2.5 million mentions and then e-shurance. >> many iphone owners are angry at iphone with an error a security measure after the phones were repaired by someone other than apple. if you get the message, contact apple support. >> has facebook officially put an end to the cop sent of six degrees vacation? >> according to the social media site if you picnic two users
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4th quarter income goal 44 percent. >> next tyke you walk beyond a penny on the ground it can add up to serious coin. for decades, an 84-year-old went open daily walks near her home in utah and picked up loose change along the way. she finally counted it: 30 directors later it amounted to $5,000. >> we started just looking for money, as we were going and kept finding it and pretty soon we were up to $50 bills and then $20 and then people careless with their money. >> here is the thing. she had to carry it all in she must have had a lost help because it weighed hundred pounds. >> look at those buckets. >> in utah you can find $50 bill on the sidewalk. >> i will head there tomorrow. >> great. from. >> good morning, everyone, we have hazards at the beaches especially the west facing
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beach, and jetties are more prevalent so do not turn your back on the ocean. it is not the wave heights but the rip currents. the befores are fair, but jogging and dog walking could not be better. the only drawback to being outside if you have allergies, the tree pollen is high, with mold spores low and fine particulate matter is moderate, and cedar is the big pollen producers. >> i am going with you on the trip to utah, and here is a bay bridge toll plaza picture with for delays just minor, and meeting lights are not on and if you are traveling through the north bay, 101 looking good through san rafael and southbound traffic on right heading to the richmond-san rafael bridge. i said we with check out highway four through antioch, the drive time from antioch to hercules is 27 minutes, and westbound, 8, looking great, and highway 4 to the maze is 17 minutes minutes o delay through the south bay the
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i have an easy morning right now. reggie and natasha? >> don't junction -- jinx us. >> the price of gas has fallen again, with an average of $1.82. >> great it is 37 cent less than a year ago, and it could continue if crude continues to slay. our agency, though, in san francisco is $2.58. >> lack at that. this caused widespread panic in london this week. the double decker tour because exploded in brad daylight. it turns out it was just a stunt for a movie "the phoner," and the production team sent out an alert to the public but many tourism bystanders did not get the message. everyone night was a terrorist attack. officials reassure everyone it
4:58 am
was staged. >> if you have not snagged super bowl merchandise here is a chance, at 5:00 a.m. where you can get it today for half off. >> like after christmas. >> with the super bowl over the tourist crunch is easing in the bay area and what it will mean to take in the sights from the to take in the sights from the most
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> here is a look at levi stadium and we are less than ten hours ago the broncos beats the carolina panthers in super bowl 50. a lot of people given the bay area a thumb's up for the super bowl and how we did. i am reggie aqui and it is the day after, we are so glad you are with us. meteorologist mike nicco brought us great game day weather and he has more on the way. >> love to take credit


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