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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  February 8, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> this morning, before super bowl 50 is dismantled, people are asking, when can we do it again? >> i am kristen sze. >> i am regular. >> many who planned for and played in the game have not again to sleep but they are still talking about super bowl june and when we can see a bay area repeat. >> it could be sooner than you think. nfl and super bowl officials raved about success of super bowl 50 saying the bay area set the bar high for subsequent
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cities. the nfl commissioner called super bowl 50, a perfect celebration. they said the san francisco host committee could not have done a better job. that high praise was echoed by houston's mayor who called it an incredible week of festivities leading to the payment and asked, what can he do to bring this weather down to houston next february for super bowl 51. with all of the positive reviews, the c.e.o. of the super bowl 50 efforts said he is optimistic the super bowl will be back in the bay area. soon. >> we did not want this to be one and done, a super bowl and wait another 10, 20, 30 years. we would love to have it back in five or since years. we have to evaluate what went where and get the numbers. >> at press convince the broncos defensive linebacker von miller got the machine trophy saying he and the teammate and thanked god
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and his family. >> my mom is my biggest fan never miss add game, little league, football, flash football, all the way up to where i am now. truly a blessing to be here. >> he was very humble. miller say the broncos can not wait to get back to denver to celebrate. super bowl 50 could be a possibility to get it back. >> >> now the party is over, a lot people in town for the super bowl are getting out of town. bay area airports are extra busy today. this is a look look at san francisco international airport with no weather issues but the travelers should plan to arrive early. our reporter is at sfo. amy? >> yes, they are recommending three hours early. here is why: super bowl fans have kept this airport crowded all morning long. the official say they friend for this. they went to arizona last year to see how that airport handled
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post super bowl rush. they think their preparation paid off. >> forget air traffic control. the real juggling act at sfo was on the ground. extra officers were brought if to help keep cars outside the airport moving. as people in town for the super bowl made their way home. >> this is all being handled very wonderfully. very well. >> it was busy. over an at 4:30 there were lines at the ticket counters. passengers were told to plan for crowds. >> they warped us when we came we needed to be here early because of all of the people. [ inaudible ] i am here three hours early but i would rather be here early than rushing. >> officials expected a 50 percent increase in travelers. to handle it they kept the security check points open all night with extra people at the rental car counters and restaurants and stores opened at 3:30 a.m., and the airlines
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added 12 flights today mostly to denver and charlotte all helping sfo earn high marks from super bowl fans. >> everything was smooth. we were very pleased coming through here. all the airport had championship shirts ready to go for happy denver fans. >> i got a shirt. >> sfo will be handing off 9 the baton. houston officials are here ready for next year and studying thousand host the -- study how to host all of these people. >> bart is running longer trains to sfo today to help super bowl fans make their way out of town. bart broke the saturday record offer the weekend with 419,000 passengers beating the previous saturday record by nearly 100,000. all the tear down of super bowl city continues with sky 7 over herman plaza as crews removed the concert develop use and corporate showcase. the work started before the
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kickoff to the game and it is expected to last through friday so streets in the area will remain closed for the majority of the week >> the clean up and the big sale are going on simultaneously this morning at levi stadium where the big game was played. our reporter is at the stadium. what changes have you noticed, matt? >> yes, we have notice add few changes mostly a lost trucks are coming to the area. you can see a few here that are getting ready to be loaded. but the work is really just getting started. first steps for the nfl to get rid of inning that doesn't need to go with them. >> super bowl 50 is over making problem 50 gear a limit less valuable. >> fans today get 50 percent off at the nfl shop at the super bowl at levi stadium. carolina panthers gear i don't be a tough sell but broncos are celebrating. >> its with awesome. could not have gone any better. >> especially with the win. >> the yesterday 50 banners must come down, along with everything
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else put in for the big government here is levi stadium from sky 7. no word on exact timeline but a security guard told me he will be woring until at least february 20 keeping an eye on everyone's stuff. people would live and work in the area were happy with the expense. but also, glad to see it end. >> it was an honor having the super bowl here. >> people were up late with a lot of noise and friends were saying, okay, but we have to work tomorrow. >> a lot of liquor representatives hitting the grocery stores today. and down go the super bowl 50 displays and up go valentine's day displays. everything is gone on the liquor stores. you can tell they want through a last liquor. >> you advertise more? >> yes. >> basically. >> this is blocked off for through traffic and expect similar detours to what you saw before the super bowl.
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thank you. social media is buzzing this morning over the super bowl 50 performances >> the star was lady gaga setting a high bar at start. ♪ the rockets red glare ♪ the bombs bursting ♪ in air >> that is the general reaction, she killed it. she sings a david bowie tribute next week at the grammys. ♪ hold you up ♪ hold you up hold you up ♪ >> i like how beyonce said, soy what? >> universal praise for bruno mars and beyonce. and cold play... >> on-line getting mixed
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reviews. >> i loved it but some say "peace and love," was great and others say the headliner was outperformed by the so-called side acts. to be fair it is hard to compete when you have a dance off between two of the hottest entertainers in star business and beyonce announce add world tour coming back to the bay area the >> super bowl went off without a hitch and official saying this is only one minor security issue, the f.a.a. said that three aircraft violate the airspace near levi stadium and all three were re-directed out of the no-fly zone without incident. thieves stole an autograph cam newton jersey from the auction bar at the moscone center hanging on top of a case where other memorabelia. this picture is from the business times, the nfl came up with a replacement and the panthers' quarterback jersey when for $1,200.
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the auction raised $1 million. download the abc news app enabling push alerts for instant updates. >> the weather could not have been better carry over into the work week with a look from the east bay hills camera showing beautiful skies and sunshine and it is warm out there. meteorologist mike nicco is here with a look at the records we are setting. >> yes, we set the reports yesterday and we will show you where our weather window is open to right now, shows set a record yesterday of 75, and so did oakland and other areas. oakland airport is downtown and you can see it is the same areas that possibly could set records day along with mountain view, concord, napa, redwood city, shows, and santa rosa all in the mid-to-upper 70's with our records in the low-to-mid 70s. now, if you want to get outside and enjoy the wonderful weather it will last all the way through the evening hours, by 9:00, we still in the mid-50s to 60 degrees which is closer to our average highs for this time of
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the year. there is more on the way, though, so don't go away. >> thank you, happening today, city manager in pacifica is expected to ask the city council to free up emergency funds to help pay for the dam caused by sing holes. a second sinkhole hoped up on the seawall which has been filled with concrete. engineers are still come up with a plan for first one which is much laxer and the city manager said everything west of highway one is threatened. >> getting a step ahead of the zika virus and what leaders in washington are doing to ease fears. all the super bowl commercial that still has everyone buzz, the must see moment
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>> new details of a fiery crash that killed three people in san francisco. the medical examiner just revealed the name of a second man who died in the saturday crash. 27-year-old jane malik died along with roland zany of pittsburg. officials are working to identify the third. highway patrol officers were trying to stop the car after run red lights after doing doughnuts. a cab driver who was hurt in the accident is recovering and expected to be okay. >> president obama is stepping up ofs to fight the zika virus in the united states and overseas. the president will ask congress for nearly $2 billion in emergency funding for mosquito control, vaccine development and research. the virus is has been linked to
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serious birth defects and including $250 million in form funds to help puerto rico. >> if you plan on going to chipolte for lunch you need to make it a late lunch. the mexican food chain is closed until 3:00 this afternoon, to train workers on food safety procedures. the nation-wide training session follows an e. coli outbreak last year, the 4th quarter net income fell 44%. and meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. spring fever. >> no coat. sleeves are roamed up. a few hairs could see record highs. i will let you know how long it will last and if we will see rain in the next 14 days. >> a football fan's dream job, a bay area kid with a special assignment takes us along for her big day at super
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los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> can you now park again to enjoy views of the golden gate bridge and san francisco bay. the bridge district restricted parking during super bowl week but they were lifted last night. >> many of us spent the day talking about football. >> or other things surrounding football, including conversation about the commercials during the super bowl. >> your beautiful baby. any day, now. >> really? >> you are eating doritos.
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but i... >> what happens next is the funny part, parents getting ultra town, the baby wants that dorito, and, so, when he teases the baby with the ultra sound the babies shoots out palm -- of mommy. >> and there is snicker's marilyn monroe and a budweiser ad with a pentagon >> now, a look at the with the forecast. you can wear shorts, sunglasses. >> marilyn monroe dress. >> sure. absolutely...i will stick with the shirt and tie this morning. we will look at what is going on
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outside. look at these temperatures, already accident in concord. half moon bay is 73. the rest of us in the mump 60s but for santa rosa is close at 6 2. notice most winds are pointing out over the ocean and they are less than ten miles per hour, but for fairfield and half moon bay, they will be low today in speed unless you are going up in the hills they are quick up there like they were overnight, so it was a restless night. this high pressure is keeping us drive and the storm track is up to the gulf of alaska and dumping the arctic blast with the oldest air in the season in the east enthird of the country but not for us, we have the become drop to talk about total sunshine record highs, and i know it is dry and it could be dry for the next 10-14 day but do not give up on winter yet we are only halfway through the rain season. now, gilroy and santa cruz at
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78, record highs. san jose at 77. mountain view is 76. half moon bay is at 75 degrees today. if you are going to the coast, i have to show you what is going on, downtown 72. look up at stand rose, 77, napa, 75, record highs. east bay shore, 72. inlands concord at 73 and livermore at 73, also, possible record high. now, it is not the waves that are the issue but the strong rip currents at west-facing peoples fur headed that way. be careful. around the jedd and moldspores are moderate. we can get through the heat wave without a winter "spare the air" alert but it will be close. tomorrow is almost as warm, with the heat easing on wednesday and by saturday we back in the 60, but, another heat wave is
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possible starting valentine's day. no rain in this forecast. enjoy the sunshine. >> i need sunglasses. >> for a local girl for super bowl, this super bowl 50 was a total whirl wind. the 11-year-old super fan, marla, is become at school after getting up close and personal with her favorite nfl stars. >> millions watched as san jose girl marlow mostly handed off the game ball to official on the sound during last night's super bowl 50. >> this is the greatest thing ever happening to me. >> she is the nfl super bowl contest winner, and was a special correspondent for "good morning america" and rubbing elbows with the greatest players. there is no hiding her excitement at meeting roger craig. >> what! >> she did not shy away from the tough questions, either. listen to her getting in there with peyton manning. >> what do you mean by your last
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rodeo? >> no, no, no, i will go --. >> he embraced the nfl's first female coach, a personal inspiration. >> they are enthusiasm around her high praise in robin roberts >> great job. >> your job is in jeopardy. >> a few more years of school where she has a lot of super sized stories to still. i am natasha zouves for abc7 news. >> love her. >> she is not all we to proud of, from cupertino to national tv, the bay area boy who is getting a turn to strike it rich in a show you will see
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>> coming up at 4:00, happy new year, how people are celebrating the lunar new year here and an the world whom is answering your 9-1-1 calls? outsourcing police dispatch raises questions of public safety in one bay area city. all the stats don't like: chances are either you play video game as lot or someone in your house does. did you know that there people right here in the bay area who
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are bringing in big bucks doing it? enter the world of e-sports. i got an inside look and tonight you will see how people are bringing in the piles of money playing the games you love. >> is she doing it, could you? we will talk about it right here on abc7 at leadership. you are saying your son... >> things that is how he will make a living. >> i will watch that story but i won't let him watch the story. >> and a kid in the bay area wants to be one of the wealthiest teens in america >> the number starts with 23 so the only option that starts with 23 here is "b" society has to be "b" 23,265. final answer. i will have to take your word for i i can't figure that out. >> that is cupertino 6th
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grader and see how much more money he wins in a few minutes, right here on abc7. >> this kid is so smart. >> great to watch. thanks for joining us. have a great day.
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>> welcome to whiz kids week. we've invited some of the smartest kids in america to come play our game today. will one of them walk out of here rich beyond their wildest dreams? there's only one way to find out. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hi, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play a very special "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] good. really looking forward to this. our first whiz kid is an 11-year-old child prodigy who was reading at 18 months old. he's the winner of the 2015 california state geographic bee. from cupertino, california, please welcome madhavan krishnan. [cheers and applause] how you doing, bud? good to see you, madhavan.


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