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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  February 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> good afternoon, everybody, thanks for joining us. i'm larry biel. >> i'm ama daetz. we start with the warm weather breaking records today. check out how gorgeous it was around noon at san francisco's aquatic park. we spotted sunbathers soaking in the warmth and kids cooling off in the bay. in san jose people hit the ice to keep cool and it was needed. we've already broken several records about the bay area. spencer christian is here with our accuweather update. hi, spencer. >> hi, ama, larry, this has been a record-breaking day, still bright and sunny, still warm. here's live doppler 7 hd. hard to find a cloud in sky in the bay area right now. let's take a look at the records we hit so far. record highs for this date, that is. as we look toward golden gate
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bridge. 74 in san rafael. 81 oakland. 79 at oakland airport. 75 in san francisco. 76. all new record highs for this date in those locations and we haven't completed the list yet. there may be one or two more before the end of the day. we have rough surf. beach hazard statement remans in effect until 8:00 tonight. concern is for a strong rip current which are quite a strong possibility. here's a beautiful view from emeryville looking at the western sky. we'll see clear and mild conditions this evening. just a few high clouds early tomorrow morning. low temperatures ranging from low 40s to low 50s. tomorrow afternoon, another sunny and mild day with a possibility of more record highs. i'll have the forecast for you in a few minutes. we have developing news out of daly city. an investigation is under way into a police shooting. >> it began with a domestic dispute on campus drive and ended with one officer shooting a suspect on st. francis boulevard. nbc 7
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abc 7 news reporter joins us with more. >> reporter: in daly city, you can still see the police tape and the police vehicles. now, the shooting happened in the middle of the block over there in the backyard of a home. the suspect was carried into an ambulance from the rear of the home on st. francis boulevard. this is where the officer-involved shooting happened. numerous 911 calls came in to daly city police dispatchers at around 12:45 this afternoon. the callers said there was a possible domestic violence incident at the serramonte ridge apartment complex on 800 block of campus drive a block away from where the shooting happened. police sergeant edward green says witnesses reported a woman screaming. >> the male had possibly been armed with a knife and was chasing her. >> reporter: police from daly city and nearby towns responded. they say the suspect darted from
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the apartments, chased by several officers up a hillside and into the backyards of homes on st. francis. a nearby campus of the jefferson elementary school district was on lockdown during the police chase up this hill. >> the officers encountered the suspect and there was one officer involved who fired his service weapon. >> reporter: back here live in daly city, now, district attorneys' investigators arrived here very quickly and that is, in fact, a protocol here on the peninsula every time there is an officer-involved shooting. the suspect is being treated at a local hospital and police tell us he is expected to live. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> thank you, vic. well, we now know the identities of three men killed in a fiery accident saturday night in san francisco. roland zanie and others died in the collision at 9th and brannan
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police. the car they were in did doughnuts in the road. they ended the pursuit after the car ran red lights. the car hit a taxi and burst into flames. we'll hear from the mother of one of those who died at abc 7 news at 5:00. a man was killed by an amtrak train this morning in berkeley. the man was trying to cross the tracks when the train hit him. nobody on the train was injured. pleasanton police hope this sketch will help identify a suspect in a recent fast food robbery. the man entered the drive-through at an arby's january 20th, flashed a semiautomatic pistol and demanded money. he was driving an older model dark green minivan with a partial plate of 6hy. this is a live look of super bowl city or what is left from it from the visa everywhere sky
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cam. after a whirlwind couple of weeks the teardown of super bowl city is under way. sky 7 hd was over justin herman plaza this morning as crews removed pieces of the concert venue and corporate showcase. the work started before yesterday's kickoff to super bowl 50 and is expected to last through friday. streets in the area will remain closed most of this week. now that the crowds are gone, san francisco is beginning to tally its winnings, if any. >> we know some businesses really didn't do as well as expected. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez with what the city might do. >> reporter: how about nothing? what some of the restaurants affected by all of this, larry, a being told. if you're a treat vendor, help may be, may be on the way. when super bowl city went up more than two weeks ago, your everyday street vendor was forced to leave. >> the shoe shine guy on the corner of market and drum,
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vendors, street cart holders, street artists, people directly impacted who had valid existing city permits. >> reporter: supervisor aaron peskin will introduce a motion to camp sate them asking for half a million dollars. >> let's ask when the numbers come out. >> reporter: at a lunar celebration in chinatown, ed lee acknowledged not every downtown business did well. >> we'll take a look at what businesses did suffer, why they did. >> reporter: a japanese restaurant suffered losses early in the week but slightly recovered over the weekend. >> i think a lot of people in the financial district, they were told to telecommute, so we're typically busy and that's our clientele, so them staying away definitely hurt our business. >> reporter: wayne feinstein, an investment counselor, typically eats out for lunch every day. >> i made a point of staying away from my office last week. i think the city didn't give any consideration at all to the millions of us who drive into work every day. >> reporter: high-end restaurants like the slanted door and boulevard also experienced losses because locals stayed away and many super bowl fans
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high praise from the host city of next year's super. san francisco is going to be a very tough act to follow. be glad if you didn't have to take anyone to the airport today. lots of people were heading out of town after the game. san francisco international brought extra officers in to help keep cars moving. officials expected a 50% increase in travelers today over usual monday. and it was very busy as well at san jose international. a 60% increase over the same day last near. they say everything went smoothly. about an hour ago the denver broncos landed back home to a hero's welcome at the airport. several broncos players including wide receiver demaryius thomas carried the trophy off the plane. demarcus ware was not with the team because he's on jimmy kimmel live tonight right after abc 7 news at 11:00. crews are cleaning up from a wild night in denver. police arrested 12 people after the celebration spilled out into the streets following the broncos super bowl 50 win. for the most part, though, last
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night's party was peaceful. officers made fewer arrests than when the broncos won back to back super bowls in the late 1990s. yet another rough day on wall street. u.s. stocks dropped sharply again today with banks and technology companies among the biggest losers. the dow ended up closing down 241 points almost 1.5%. the nasdaq topped 104. the s&p 500 dropped 34 points. csu's faculty set dates for a potential strike on all 23 campuses. if a contract agreement isn't reached with university management. the five-day strike will take place from april 13th to 15th. then april 18th through 19th. negotiations begin in may of 2014. the faculty is fighting for a 5% general salary increase. csu management has rejected that number and offered a 2% increase. crabbers and businesses hit by the derailed crab season can begin applying for federal help now. the small business
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administration set up at the santa cruz yacht harbor trying to help crab fishermen and businessowners apply for low-interest loans to cover losses. a toxic algae bloom made this year's crabs unsafe to eat. those officials will be in half moon bay on thursday. warriors star draymond green can do just about anything on the court and apparently off the court as well. sky 7 hd shows a long line of fans in berkeley today outside of peet's coffee where green is serving as a barista. peet's released a warriors blend of coffee. if you purchase a cup or grounds at the store portions of the proceeds will help underserved youth. still ahead on abc 7 news, a big bucks request to help the zika virus. taking a break. the hours-long closure at chipotles nationwide. how you can benefit. >> only hours off that super bowl win, broncos quarterback peyton manning heading off on a vacation of sorts. 7 on your side's michael
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finney taking your questions on facebook. he'll answer them live. search for michael finney on facebook and twitter. as we approach 4:11 on this back to work monday, taking a look at the afternoon commute, this is a live look at 101 in san jose. southbound as usual is all backed up. northbound looking good as is 880 over the top. stay with us.
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see what spam can! do... at sky 7 hd live over breaking news right now in vallejo. a big rig accident caused a huge mess on away 37. at the sonoma boulevard off ramp. see the vehicle tipped over on its side. this happened around 3:30 this afternoon. the big rig was carrying chocolate powder used to mix
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into drinks. the driver was pulled out, sent to the local hospital. the good news in the situation, no lanes are blocked right now but we'll continue to follow the story on the air and online. reminder, get breaking news any time, download our free abc 7 news app. and enable the push alerts. there are new concerns about the growing zika virus outbreak today. we're learning the obama administration is asking for $1.8 billion to fight the virus. and the u.s. olympic committee is considering whether american athletes should go to rio. abc news reporter lana zach is in washington with more. >> reporter: the threat to american is real, that's the guidance of the cdc when it comes to the zika virus. >> virus has spread to a number of countries in the americas. it's also spread to u.s. territories including puerto rico, u.s. virgin islands, and american samoa. >> reporter: the cdc and nhi joining the white house today to ask congress for $1.8 billion to fight zika known to spread through mosquitos including a type common in the u.s.
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>> what we're hearing is we aren't ready. there's a lot that has to happen before spring and summer comes and mosquitos start spreading viruses. >> reporter: $1.4 million would be used to protect americans here, $400 million would combat zika around the world. in brazil, the center of the outbreak, many celebrating carnivale seemed undeterred by the threat. >> the atmosphere seems the same as ever. people want to have fun. the stuff in the news is a separate thing. >> reporter: a possible preview for august when rio will host the tlimolympic games. some saying it won't change their plans. >> i don't care what viruses come out, we're going to -- >> reporter: for most people, zika presents as just a mild infection, but for pregnant women, it can result in serious birth defects. including microcephaly which is why they want to get ahead of it before it really comes to the united states. abc news, washington.
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the chipotle mexican food chain did something extraordinary today. all of its stores closed down for four hours. they gave up lucrative lunch business so employees could discuss food safety. >> in the wake of food-borne illnesses that hit customers in states. abc news anchor kristen sz zke is here. >> reporter: chipotle shut down from coast to coast, it live tweeted pictures and also periscope the td the event, 50, employees tuned in via satellite in 450 viewing locations to hear their ceo and founder talk about new efforts to ensure food safety. >> i'm very excited to announce this new program here today. not only will it help ensure a reliable source of fresh, safe local produce but help local suppliers be safer in everything they do. >> this is the san francisco fisherman's wharf chipotle during the closed hours. the chain is committing $10 million to help local growers provide the chain with produce and meats that meet their food
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safety protocols. last year 500 customers in 13 states including 234 in southern california were sickened by salmonella, e. coli or norovirus. as a result business suffered. last month sales tumbled 36% at location that have been open more than a year. investors are not exactly embracing today's announcement, shares down 3.3% to close at $444 today. you want to know what's more startling? fa take a look at this, down 40% since last august. the company does hope to turn a new leaf. this might be a good start. on store doors during the closed hours the sign promising a rain check for a free burrito. >> got to get people back in the store for sure. thank you. welcome now to the year of the monkey. here it is. today san francisco celebrated
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the first day of the lunar new year with a bang. abc 6 news was in chinatown for the festivities. they yo mayor ed lee took part in the ceremony that included the traditional dances and lots and lots of fire crackers. the new year's parade is february the 20th in san francisco. a look here at the route. the parade begins at 5:15 p.m. abc 7 news was at san jose city hall, officials marked the lunar new year by raising the vietnamese heritage and freedom flag. this is the 11th year of that tradition. is considereded biggest festival in vietnam. the lunar new year was welcomed in spectacular style in parts of asia. hang cong kong, cafe pacific le colorful festivities to welcome the year of the monkey. traditions include handing children money in red envelopes, lots of eating with family and friends and lion dancers. this one, check that out, jumped through a fire circle. nice. ♪
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and the philippines dancers dressed in lion costumes to entertain crowds in shopping areas and restaurants. the monkey is the ninth animal on the lunar new year calendar. mark zuckerberg spoke fluently in mandarin to welcome the ynew year and announced his daughter's chinese name in a facebook video. [ speaking mandarin ] >> that's pretty impressive. >> wow. >> yeah. wow. how cute is she in her little outfit? the facebook ceo and his wife revealed the name. the couple explained the means. chen after priscilla's family name. ming means right and universe. spencer christian will do the entire weather forecast in mandarin. >> uh-oh, have to stick with english today. that was impressive. >> yeah. >> like that a lot. i like this weather a lot as well. my gosh. what a day. record high temperatures under sunny skies. here's live doppler 7 hd.
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still beautiful and more than springlike, almost summer-like across the bay area right now. let's take a live look at the golden gate bridge, currently 75 degrees in san francisco. oakland, 73. mountain view, 70. mid 70s everywhere. san jose, morgan hill, half moon bay. looking out over the bay under blue skies. 74 in santa rosa. napa 72. novato 72. concord, 75 degrees. this is how it looks from our rooftop camera looking out over the bay toward the bay bridge. these are our forecast futures. mild to warm again tomorrow. we may have more record highs tomorrow. slightly cooler on wednesday. only by a couple degrees. then it will be dry and mild into the weekend. this is a big warm air mass. basically dominating our weather picture right now giving us an onshore flow which contributes to the possibility of more record highs tomorrow. we'll use san jose as our indicator of the high
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temperature trend over the next week. notice the average high this time of year san jose is 62. mid 70s through nurthursday. bouncing back up to 7 7 on monday. most of the bay area will see temperatures gradually tapering off. rising early next week. tonight, mid 40s to around 50. tomorrow, south bay, mid 70s. 7 6 in san jose. 76 in mountain view would be a record for tomorrow's date there. we'll see 71 degrees downtown san francisco tomorrow. up in the north bay, looks like san rafael may hit a record 70 degrees there tomorrow. east bay highs if we get 74 at oakland, that will be a record high for tomorrow's date in oakland. over the inland east bay, low 70s. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. notice temperatures will gradually moderate but not by much. just by a few degrees as we head toward the end of the week.
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and then -- oh, sunday, by the way, valentine's day, a day to love, or to be loved. and temperatures start to rise again early next week. ama, larry? >> and roses, spencer. >> thank you, spencer. the countdown to the oscars is on. coming up, this year's nominees sit down to lunch ahead of the big show later this month.
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well, it's such an extraordinary ride and i think certainly last year, it's like being hit by a bulldozer. you don't know what you're sort of going through. >> that is eddie redmayne oscar nominee for best actor. the academy of motion pictures arts and sciences held its annual luncheon with the 150 nominees at the beverly hilton hotel. >> the losers of this year's academyxd awards won't be leavi empty handed. a record $232,000 worth of gifts. >> oh my goodness. >> here's what's inside the bag. trips, beauty products and some
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unusual luxury items including the best toilet paper apparently money can buy,÷ú joseph's toiletries luxury toilet paper valued at $7 -- $ 275. ten-day first-class trip to israel worth $55,000. that could be cool. $45,000 worth of unlimited audi car rentals for a year. and personalized m&m's for $300. >> right. >> yeah. the oscars, here on abc 7 later this month. that is sunday february 28th. gin us to see who wins. >> yes. and what m&ms they consume. today's gma hot list, biggest moments from our friends at "good morning america." >> your 60 second hot list from "gma" today. >> you might have heard marco rubio, not help yourself. >> absolutely not, george, no one knows what's really going on in this race.
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we're looking to run right through the tape on tuesday. >> almost half could still change their minds. what's your message to them? >> we cannot afford to lose to hillary clinton so we're ready to have the fight and take on secretary clinton. >> you said you're husband, wife, and kids and have some cold ones. >> i checked all of those things off, robin, i've done all those things. >> i know you haven't made your decision on whether or not this is going to be your final game but who's helping you? >> it( got good advice from our old coach, tony dungy. take some time, not make an emotional decision. robin, i'm very much at peace right now. >> good. >> congratulations. >> you were on the field, what was going through your mind? >> high heart was pumping. it was awesome. >> when do you have to go back to cool? >> today. >> what are you going to tell your class mates? >> i had the time of my life. >> that's the "gma" hot list. see you in the morning. >> cool to be out on the field.
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catch "good morning america" following the abc 7 morning news. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, things are heating up. the record temperatures around the bay area and is there rain in sight? an absolute vacation nightmare, the cruise ship that had to turn around after hitting very rough seas.
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live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> and here are your headlines at 4:30, a daly city police officer shot a suspect who they say was chasing a woman with a knife. the officer arrived to a home on campus drive before 1:00 this afternoon and chased the man into a backyard. the officer shot the suspect once. he is expected to survive. i-team reporter dan noyes tweeted these photos of a man wearing a pg&e vest and stole mail from a san francisco home. the homeowner called pg&e who told them to call the i-team. coming up tonight at 6:00, dan will tell you about a reward in the case and show you new technology that live streamed the mail theft directly to the homeowner's phone. abc 7 news reporter david louie talked to people leaving the bay area after super bowl 50 and he tweeted the feedback has been positive. coming up at 5:00 the words most associated with the bay area's
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hospitali hospitality. a live look from our east bay hills camera. oakland obliterated its record highs today reaches 81 degrees. san francisco and san jose also tied records. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony joining us live from a toasty walnut creek. >> reporter: it's warm in walnut creek, too. this has been the place to be this afternoon. this is creme, one of the local ice cream shops here. for a time this afternoon a lot of people here, looked like a spring afternoon except one problem, it's not spring. it just doesn't seem right. but no one's complaining, at least not yet about these warm days just a week into february. from the berkeley marina to downtown walnut creek, those in the east bay took time to soak it in. what do you think about this weather? >> i love it. >> we are enjoying a day off and having lunch in this gorgeous weather. >> reporter: you like it? >> i love it. >> reporter: with temperatures climbing to the mid 70s and
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beyond, families came out for ice cream. >> we love it. but more rain would be, you know, good as well. but i won't complain. >> reporter: but with no rain in the forecast for at least a week, there's an undercurrent of concern amid the sunshine that this might last a tad too long. >> it's nice but we need the el nino back. it's the calm before the next storm. get everything growing then rain again. >> reporter: just when that next rain will come is the big question. in walnut creek, laura anthony, ab 7 news. >> the ice cream looking good. spencer will be here to tell you how long this warm weather will stick around. efforts under way in taiwan to find 118 people still missing after saturday's deadly 6.4 earthquake. today rescuers pulled four people from the rubble of a high-rise apartment building including an 8-year-old girl who had been trapped for more than 6 61 hours. the death toll in the city of
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tinaun reached 38 with 24 lost in the high-rise collapse. today government officials ordered an investigation into the construction of that building as images emerge showing tin cans built into the walls of that toppled complex. a cruise ship rocked by a powerful storm in the atlantic is now heading back to new jersey. you're looking at the mess aboard royal caribbean's anthems of the seas that was rocked for 12 hours by 100 mile an hour winds and waves as high as 30 feet. there were no serious injuries to the 6,000 passengers on board and no major damage to that massive ship. it was set to arrive in port ka n canaveral, florida, today, but decided to turn it around. bad weather to blame for a charter bus crash near madison. the bus skidded onto its side traveling down interstate 95 in blizzard conditions. at least 30 people were injured, 6 critically. more than 60 people were on board the bus heading to a casino from new york city. turning to the race for the
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white house. there's less than 24 hours before the polls open in the nation's first primary in the presidential race. candidates are pushing hard to get voters out tomorrow. abc news reporter kenneth motin is in new hampshire with more. >> reporter: the fight for new hampshire voters. it's a nonstop day of rallies to energize supporters. in town halls to lure those undecided voters. chris christie was literally down on his knees asking for votes. >> i was going to get up. i think i'll stay on one knee. >> reporter: donald trump is looking for his first win. >> you have to go out and vote tomorrow. >> reporter: in the republican race, trump has a double-digit lead. the battle for second is between iowa caucus winner ted cruz and marco rubio. >> people keep, you know, in the press, anyway, why do you keep saying the same thing about obama trying to change america? i'm going to keep saying that a million times because i believe it's true. >> reporter: the junior florida senator is combatting rivals like chris christie who are hammering away at rubio's experience. >> the fact is he's never accomplished anything of any
4:35 pm
note in the united states senate. >> reporter: for the democrats, bernie sanders is trying to keep the momentum. >> you have the right to determine the future of america. not just a handful of billionaires. >> reporter: polls show his rival hillary clinton is closing the gap while her husband is on the attack. >> for her, this is not about grand theories of revolution. this is about whether we can improve people's lives. >> reporter: new hampshire is known for being really involved in the political process despite a forecast of snow tomorrow, the state is expecting record turnout. more than half a million voters. abc news, manchester, new hampshire. still to come on abc 7 news at 4:00, the supercleanup under way from santa clara to san francisco and the post-super bowl deals some people are walking away with today. i'm michael finney, ask finney is still ahead. taking your questions on facebook and twitter. search for michael finney. i'll answer your questions here live in just a little bit. i'm spencer christian.
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what a beautiful sight. blue skies and spring-like weather over the bay area right now and record highs today and possibly tomorrow. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up in just a moment. taking a live look at 4:36 at traffic through san rafael, 101 southbound on your right hand side. it's moving in both directions, possibly marginally thicker on the left hand side. your northbound traffic. stay with
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two bay area students are
4:39 pm
taking the stage tonight on "jeopardy." >> a senior at stanford university,. a sophomore at the university of california berkeley, originally from boise, idaho. >> yes, students from both stanford and cal will appear tonight in the semifinals of the jeopardy college championship. "jeopardy" airs tonight at 7:00 following abc 7 news at 6:00. one of the smartest kids in the bay area had a chance to become one of the richest kids in america on wiz kids week of "who wants to be a millionaire." a question about the mars atmosphereupertino sixth grader. >> a sixth grader. >> that's pretty good. last week we were in our rooftop lare for super bowl 50. it's balmy out there. >> hit the jackpot. this is great.
4:40 pm
lovely out here. going to be like this for a while. we had hardly a cloud in the sky today. here's what's coming our way statewide tomorrow. sunny skies from top to bottom, a few clouds near eureka, down south a high of 58 85 expected los angeles today. here in the bay area we'll see high temperatures well above average once again tomorrow. each location with an asterisk next to it is representative of a record high for tomorrow's date, so 70 san rafael, 74 oakland, 76 san jose. will all be new record highs for tomorrow's date in those locations. rain chances, not so good for the next serve days. just about zero through the seven-day period. 10% chance of rain on saturday. that's about it. we're in a mild dry pattern that will carry us through the weekend into next week. record highs today, chance of more record highs tomorrow. temperatures will gradually moderate. >> nice. >> and rise again at the
4:41 pm
beginning of next week. larry, ama? >> how rude. don't they knew who you are down there? >> apparently not. >> thank >> okay. still ahead, it wasn't all about football on sunday. the other man on the field taking social media by storm on sunday. i'm michael finney. buy a gift certificate then the store suddenly goes out of business. what are your rights? i'll have the answer coming up next in ask finney. in honor of black history month we're using our abc 7 news bay area instagram feed to celebrate the people making a difference where you live. and today we recognize the african-american art and cultural complex in san francisco's historic jazz preservation district. this month the complex is featuring a series of events called black expression meres. you can learn more on our abc 7 news bay area instagram feed.
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fremont, palo alto, north bay and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. >> ah, the cleanup is under way in santa clara after last night's big game. >> yes, there's a big sale at levi's stadium today. abc 7 news reporter matt keller
4:45 pm
has the details. >> reporter: super bowl 50 is over making super bowl gear less expensi expensive. 50% off. carolina panthers gear may be a tough sell today but broncos fans are celebrating. >> the experience is awesome. couldn't have went better than it did especially with a win. >> reporter: it was a banner day in santa clara yesterday. the super bowl 50 banners must come down along with everything else put up in preparation for the big game. here's a look at levi's stadium this morning from sky 7 hd. no word on an exact timeline for the dismantling. a security guard told me he'll be working until at least february 20th keeping an eye on everyone's stuff. people who live and work in the area were happy with the experience but glad to see it come to an end. >> it was an honor having the super bowl here. >> people staying up late making a lot of noise. >> i've had a lot of friends who have been like, okay, it was here, it's cool but we got to work tomorrow. >> reporter: a lot of liquor reps hitting grocery stores
4:46 pm
including the santa clara safeway. up go the valentine's day displays. >> so far being around the liquor shelves, everything is gone, you can tell they went through a lot of liquor. >> reporter: you're advertising work then? >> basically. >> reporter: the drive still blocked of to through traffic, have it on lockdown around the stadium. expect similar detours to the ones you saw around the super bowl. matt keller, abc 7 news. broncos quarterback peyton manning celebrating possibly and probably his last super bowl win with his family today and new best friends. this is disney video shows him riding in a parade with his twin son and daughter. his son is not mickey mouse. >> right. >> thanks for clarifying. >> i think you get it. >> want to be accurate. denver will host its championship parade followed by an hour-long rally. there's the expectation manning could retire after his 18th year in the nfl. someone else on the field g was getting a lot of attention
4:47 pm
on the field. referee bakeman. >> good afternoon, gentlemen, welcome to super bowl 50. >> the 51-year-old lead official won over fans with his fit physique. the former backup quarterback at nebraska earned the hash tag ripped ref and hot ref on twitter. off the field he's a personal injury lawyer and married with two kids. he got the attention of andy cohen of bravo who used #hotref to describe him. >> i know you watched lady gaga. did you take away anything other than gaga and cleat blakeman? did you remember any -- >> i do remember the game. it wasn't very eventful. >> it was a great game. it wasn't all about cleat, you know. >> i know. it was about gaga. >> okay. right. let's get to michael finney now. ask finney. michael finney answering questions sent by facebook, twitter and e-mail.
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he's on now. kim e-mails i bought a car about a week ago, they sold me a car on credit and called asking for more money and sign a new contract. help. >> you need some help. a lot of people think when you sign a contract at a dealership, that's the end of it, but if you finance your car there, go through the paperwork, and innefrt bi inevitably they're going to have small print that says if we can't get you financed at this amount of money we have a right to rescind the deal. they have a right it rescind the deal. they don't have a right to make you sign up a whole new deal. they tend to call you back, here's your contract, we need you to sign now, it's going to cost more money. nothing you can do. there's something you can do, cancel the deal. you have the right to do that. i would always suggest you go back and go let's just cancel the deal and start your negotiations all over again. don't start from a position of weakness where, you know, they're telling you what the deal is going to be. you already did your negotiating. stick with it. >> quinn p. e-mailed i bought my
4:49 pm
mother a $70 gift card to a hair salon in santa clara, the salon suddenly shut down. am i out the money? >> pretty much. you know, legally, you could stand in line with all the other bankruptcy people, but you're not going to do that. it would cost way too much money. you don't know where the bankruptcy court is. i don't know where the bankruptcy court is. somewhere in federal court. so, yeah, you're out the money. that's a problem with these things is when you buy a gift card, make sure they're going to be in business. >> all right. we have bedbugs in our apartment, what rights do we have? >> you have the right to remain bitten. look, they're all over the place right now. and you rent the place. if you rented it with beds and sheets and all that, imp.e., th rented you a place that has all the furniture in it, then for sure they're responsible. now, any place you rent has to be habitable. that's the law in the state of california. although, it doesn't say anything specifically about
4:50 pm
bedbugs. now, you talk to any consumer rights activists they'll all tell you habitable means there are no bedbugs. you talk to landlords, they'll go, not really. so there's no bedbug police that's going to come out and fight for you. you're going to have to fight with them about it. >> yeah. frustrating. >> it is. really frustrating. >> thank you, michael. turning to health news, the usda finalized new food safety standards for poultry. >> jane king with the wellness support. >> new usda rules aimed totamin poultry. limits the number of samples of chicken breasts and other parts that test positive for salmonella and other bacteria before a poultry plant is determined to have failed federal standards. they toughen requirements for ground chicken and turkey. consumer reports tested mosquito repellents in light of the zika virus. what they found is the most effective repellents had high proportions of deet with one
4:51 pm
brand based on oil of lemon eucalyptus. repel lemon eucalyptus is the name of it. recommended brands including repel, off deep woods. states' web based and phone based tobacco programs can help people quit smoking. certain characteristics may lead people to prefer one type of program over the other. basically the analysis found quit line, telephone based counseling programs are effective tools for people trying to give up smoking and the evidence for web-based cessation services is building. from the nasdaq i'm jane king. here's to your health. it's one of the fastest growing sports and you don't even have to get up off your couch to play. >> five years ago this was nothing and now every year it's growing like, i think expo anyo exponentially. >> tonight at 11:00 on abc 7 news, inside the world of competitive gaming and find out how e-sports are sweeping the bay area, in fact the entire
4:52 pm
world. abc 7 news anchor reggie shows you who's playing, how they're making big bucks and how you can do the same. abc 7 news at 4:00 does continue. mixing music, the super bowl and politics. >> we all, of every color, need to come together. >> what alicia keys was talking about there and why some law enforcement officers are not too happy about it. right now, kristen sze, abc 7 news at 5:00. a suddenly high-profile bay area mayor announces he's stepping down. we'll tell you who it is. why gas costs so much more in california. some say we're getting gouged. inspired by cockroaches. how squeezing through
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here is tonight's primetime lineup on abc 7. at 8:00, "the bachelor."
4:56 pm
of course, be sure to join us for abc 7 news at 11:00. the super bowl saturday performance by alicia keys started something that carried over into last night's halftime show. >> abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow has more on the bay area officer-involved shooting that got national exposure this weekend. >> i want to thank you for your commitment to making sure justice is done for mario woods. >> reporter: cheers for performer alicia keys saturday night as she saluted those she says have the condition to stand for what is right. >> this was a courageous act as well as one of high principle. >> reporter: former black panther party leader elaine brown says she reached out to keys about woods. >> she took a very strong stand by saying she wanted not only to see justice, she gave honor to the mother of mario woods and also said we have to keep this movement going.
4:57 pm
>> reporter: keys was one of two well-known performers to make that statement this weekend. during her halftime performance, beyon beyonce's backup dancers were danced like black panther women. >> i was proud of that. >> reporter: the group black lives matter shot this video as well. >> mario woods. >> reporter: while beyonce's mom shared these pictures on instagram. sfpd spokesperson said the department does not comment on individuals expressing their opinion or views while exercising their first-amendment right. while the national sheriff's association said members turned their backs on beyonce's performance. >> they're now offended because this well-known, worldwide known international saw has made a statement against their arbitrary violence people of color. >> reporter: brown says she hopes both performers will use their voices again to galvanize others. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. that is going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news at 4:00 on this monday.
4:58 pm
thank few your joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry biel. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins now with dan and kristen. >> we'll use that as a model for when we bid on it next. >> the super bowl is barely a memory and there's already talk of hosting another game. tonight how success spill over well beyond the bay area. plus the fans leave the south bay, it turns out they are sort of taking one of the mayors with them. also tonight, special coffee. the drink warriors star draymond green was serving up today. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. record warmth today. i'll tell you if more is ahead. late today the denver broncos flew into their hometown immediately stepped off the plane and held the vince lombardi super bowl trophy up for the whole world to see. >> sky 7 hd got these pictures earlier leaving san jose international airport this morning. >> one day after the big game cleanup is under way at levi's
4:59 pm
stadium at santa clara and san francisco, while some say good-bye to san francisco 50, others are already planning for the next one. >> we were clear from the very beginning we did not want this to be a one and done. >> good evening, thanks for joining u i'm kristen sze. >> i'm dan ashley. the circus is leaving down in a hurry now. tonight life is beginning to return to normal after the biggest spectacle of american sports came to the bay area. abc news reporter is live along the embark dacaderembarcadero. what was super bowl city. they're moving it apart pretty quickly now. >> reporter: yes, indeed, the party is over in san francisco. southbound embarcadero still closed as you can see. road blocks are up. it will be closed until friday. while super bowl city is dis ma mantl mantled. this giant super bowl logo still needs to be taken off the side of this office building. some say if the bay area did it once, they can certainly host the super bowl again. super bowl week really was. the bay area pulling off the
5:00 pm
biggest party in the world. san francisco in the global spotlight. broncos fan, larry, is going home without a voice. >> obviously i was there. i gave everything i had. >> reporter: larry and buddy, ron, say their trip here amazing. >> people here, they're awesome. >> we actually went to detroit for the super bowl there, and ten years ago, and it wasn't anything like this. the plumbing was horrible, they weren't did for anything. here it was -- they definitely knew what they were doing. >> reporter: the hard numbers aren't in yet, but experts say many hotels were booked. the city packed with visitors. >> if you walked around san francisco like i did over the weekend, you saw people everywhere, people excited about it. residents and visitors alike. so we're very pleased and we think it was a great event for san francisco. something we can all be proud of. >> reporter: super bowl host officials already say let's do it again. >> we were very clear from the very beginning we did not want this to be a one and done, did not want this to be a super bowl and wait another 10, 0 30rks ye


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