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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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a pig crowd worried about their% safety.
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>> why now? >> now at 11:00. sex offender backlash. angry neighbors show up in force tonight in san francisco as they try to keep a rehab center from setting up shop. good evening thanks for joining us. >> the sharper future outpatient clinic wants to relocate to the corner of church and due bow in the triangle neighborhood. neighbors say tonight no way. >> so tonight they showed up in force. katie is live in san francisco with the story. katie? >>reporter: first off the facility will not open tomorrow as previously planned. both sides acknowledge that the community outreach did not happen as it should have. but an apology and promise for more transparency now may be too little too late for many
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people. >> why should we trust you now about how. [applause]. >>reporter: leaders of the sex offender treatment business sharper future passionate concerned group of residents here. [applause]. >> everybody has kind of a gut reaction to the word sex offender. >>reporter: for profit facility treat six offender on parole or probation and contracted with the state department of corrections. they plan to move to 100 church street. former out of the closet location. >> part of the property is zoned for medical treatment used for medical treatment and pharmacy in the past. and still is that way. >>reporter: the planning department need more time to determine if the new tell anti-falls under the same business definition but not the only issue. >> two preschool within 250 feet of that location so it may be a moot point once they do those actual measurements. >>reporter: proximity of nearby school measured to make sure the location meets d o c requirement. >> is there ever a right
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location? if it's your neighborhood. >> that's a good question. there are areas in the city that are probably less populated. >>reporter: sharper future ceo says the current location will not be torn down until may at the earliest so they will not be trying to relocate right away. in san francisco, katie, abc 7 news. now to live look at the eastern span of the bay bridge from our emeryville camera. tonight cal-trans is trying to figure out what caused a chunk of concrete to fall in the bridge's yurba buena island continual. happened last month in the slow lip of the lower deck tunnel. we were in the tunnel tonight and captured the spot where the concrete fell. it damaged arrest ka. driver though was not hurt. >> we inspected this back in july of last year and nothing that obviously, obviously nothing wrong. >>reporter: cal-trans says possible cause include improperly loaded truck or maybe water damage. agency insist it is safe to drive through the tunnel. san francisco housing
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crisis could leave nun who help the needy needing help themselves. we were in the tenderloin where the sisters have said the homeless for 8 years in this building. the nuns live here. the landlord raised the rent more than 50% to 5500 dollars. one man says the nuns are a tremendous benefit to the community. >> they will be sorely missed and they federal a lot of people so it will of course cause an overflow to somewhere else that gives food on a daily basis. >>reporter: the nuns have an attorney and are fighting the eviction. right now they have about a month before they have to move. let's move now to our weather.hkd look from the asutro tower cam are clear night in san francisco. bay area today. here's sandhya. >>reporter: we had about a dozen records set today as you take a look at where you will notice how warm it was. winter warmth with us today. kent field, san rafael, both
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mid 70's looking downtown oakland 81 degrees. san francisco hit 75. many of the previous record were set back in 2006. move it field a degree higher than the previous record. san jose up to 78 shattering the old record and lock at santa cruz. it's just hard to believe it was 85 degrees. so here's a look at live doppler 7hd what is missing that you typically see in february is rain. i'll let you come up. >> thanks very much. superbowl 50. the game is over. now item time to get back to normal right. this is live picture of what remains#rmaz of superbowl city m the visa everywhere cam along the embarcadero. the superbowl champion broncos back home in denver tonight. team plane landed this afternoon and tomorrow they will join tens of thousands of fans in the streets for the championship parade. today organizers called the game their finest hour. members of the superbowl host committee said that they are
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ready to host again in a few years and believe the nfl will want to come back. this weekend superbowl performance for mario woods and others killed by police. during the half time performance back up dancers dressed like black panther women of beyonce. i want to thank you for your commitment the to make a show justice is done to mario woods. >>reporter: superbowl city concert saturday she mentioned woods shot and killed by san francisco police last year. former black panther party leader lane brown says she reached out to keys about making a statement. >> she put a very strong standby saying that she wanted not only to see justice she give honest to the mother of mario woods an also said that we have to keep this movement going so that we can end this kind of police killing. sf pd spokesperson says the department couldn't comment on individuals expressing their opinion, view while exercising
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first amendment right. new tonight. gas prices have you noticed keep going down and at one station in san jose a gallon of goods has dropped below two dolars. incredible. the lillian is live in san jose with the story. lillian? >>reporter: dollar.99 a gallon hard to believe you can find it here in the south bay giving customers some relief at the pump. customers were down right giddy. >> it should be like this all the time. >>reporter: after all you can't beat 1.99 for good of goods in the bay area. >> cheapest anywhere. >>reporter: gas and shop at the corner of mckey road and north 33 street in san jose nope for i hope expensive gas but nobody has seen these prices in years. >> great they got all the way down to 1.99. goes back to my childhood. never thought it would get back this low. >>reporter: gas prices falling nationwide. down 6 cents from last week average and down 25 cents from last month.
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analyst credit the price plunge to winter speck gasoline need to be perjuryed soon. >> about time. the price of everything guping. at least we get a break somewhere. >>reporter: that leads to significant savings for many family living paycheck to paycheck. >> i was saving a lot of money because before we put 40 dollars. now 20. >>reporter: prisons are expected to go up once the winter gasoline is gone. but until then customers are enjoying it while it lasts. in san jose, lil i don't know kim, abc 7 news. sound of chinese lunar new year echo in the streets of san francisco. we were in china town to ring in the year of the monkey. chineseeá zodiac the monkey is innovative quick moving and occasionally mischievous. >> happy new year. tonight votes cast in the nation first primary of the
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campaign season. still ahead at 11:00 we have the results from the tiny new hampshire town where people line up before midnight. >> plus raking in cash. playing video games meet the professionals who make a living playing the games they love. >> beyonce bay area dignity we get an inside look at the south bay home. the mega star rented during the superbowl stay. >> first though here's a look what's come up tonight on "jimmy kimmel live". >> thanks. here's proof we really did do some work today. when you pounce on the man and then you have them down on the ground. >>m#/ñ super weird. somebody who doesn't know football
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new tonight. new hampshire primary is officially under way. the ville am placed their votes at the stroke of midnight. tradition since the 1960's. there are only nine registered voters on the republican side ohio governor kasich received 3 votes to donald trump 2. democrat bernie sanders received all 4 votesism it's a small sample obviously. we have been focused on football but there's another sport that is booming in the bay area and don't even have to get off your couch to play it. >> we go in the world of e.sports. u and bars6(*p&lroom9>i. number of people playing competitive video games is blowing up. world of electric tropic or e.sports is attracting big crowds. and big money. all over the bay area. players known as broadcasters compete live on line.
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many of them on the web site twitch. >> we have dozen instant of broadcasters making 6 figure. >>reporter: co-founder of san francisco base twitch. company started in 2012 and now grosses 1 millions of broadcast tevrments audience bigger. more than 100 million visitors tune in to watch. so many twitch is now the fourth largest user of peek time internet band width. >> this is where professional e.sports is discovered. >>reporter: twitch supports the most popular players by giving them a cut for each subscriber who pays to watch them play. renee is making enough to call it a full time job. she streams at least 4 hours a day monday through friday. >> yes i make enough to support myself in east bay which is saying a lot. i'm very fortunate and very grateful. >>reporter: she's now part of a growing community.
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the sporting events foster social competitive scene too. hundreds of people show up to play video game at the foundry in san francisco south of market district. >> celebrate the gaming industry or having fun. doing something you can potentially do at home but grab a beer with friends and celebrate together. >>reporter: chances are you have a gamer in your house. industry says 67 percent of households play video games. they spend an average of eight hours a week glued to the screen. at this competition at the san jose convention center thousands of people pay as much as 100 dollars to compete and watch. >> 5 years ago this was nothing. now every year it's growing like i think expo next nationally bigger ag and bigge bigger. >> everyone here first tournament ever you have a chance to show what you have got. >>reporter: roughly 4000 attendee nearly half are here to compete in one gym. super smash brother melee.
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>> this is unique. only smash brothers. smashers. so everyone in this room plays smash brothers. >>reporter: the games are just like any sporting event. commentators. big screens. all broadcast on twitch. sow might ask who would want to watch someone else play a video game. >> you watch someone cook on the cooking channel. same reason you watch somebody play sports. you want to watch people who are good at what they do and gaming is definitely a passion for people. >>reporter: potentially profitable too. tournament winners can fill the pocket. prizes are in the tens of thousands of dollars. then one thing that is pric priceless. bragging rights. reggie abc 7 news. >> the thanks. even the first name in sports our sister network espn taking notice. they recently committed to cover e sports on daily basis with the same rigor they cover other sports on line.
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from 7 on your side signing up for gym membership or credit monitoring service is easy. but what if you decide to cancel. michael investigate why it is so hard to get out of paid prescriptions. tomorrow night right here on 7 news at 11:00. tune in for. that let's tune in to the forecast which feels like spring not february. >> certainly does. all the trees are starting to blossom. sandhya is here with the lates latest. >>reporter: so the allergy season is here obviously tree pollen is running high and will do as we head to the next couple days because we keep the warmth around. live doppler 7hd clear skies and when you take a look at the high for did some of the other cities got up to 75 in concord. 78 napa. 75 santa rosa. 73 in livermore. 77 in gilroy. half monbay close to 80 degree degrees. so pretty much everyone in the 70's and 80's today. in case you are wondering whatever happened to el nino. in december the sea surface temperature indicated by the
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orange and red near the equator in the pacific was pretty strong el nino. here's what is happening we bring you up to the present time. it has weakened near the equator but keep in mind that even though as we weaken still classified as strong as right now and often produces a wet spring. so it's not done with us quite yet. we have to see what happens in the next couple months. for the time being it's dry weather and mild conditions, 63 in san francisco. most other areas in the 40's and 50's. 63 would be typically the kind of high would you expect to see in the afternoon. definitely unseasonably mild. from emeryville camera port of oakland here. clear skies tonight mild to warm again tomorrow. wednesday. what brought us the records, high pressure. warm wind blowing from listened to the ocean more records are likely tomorrow because the pattern won't change. temperature trend will spell out what's in exterior the next
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7 days. well above ample this time of year. 62 the normal high for san jos jose. close to it open saturday the rest of the week pretty much looking at 70's. tomorrow morning the only sign of winter will be the christmas and the air inland areas low to upper 40's. most places right around the bay and the coast will be in the 50's under clear skies. as we look at the high for your tuesday in the south bay 76 gilroy. morgan hill. san jose asterisk indicating potential for record there mid 70's milpitas. 77 los gatos. high clouds sunshine on the peninsula. mountain view 76 record for today. 74 redwood city. 73 in san mateo o. half moon bay sfn degrees. need the sun screen in downtown san francisco. mild 69 daly city and in the north bay temperatures in the low 70's from san rafael to vallejo, santa rosa, napa, 70 san rafael would be a record by the way. 74 oakland also would be a record if it hits it. 74 in free mont inland
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livermore mild day walnut creek pleasanton 7 day forecast will feature 70's for tomorrow. spring like warmth in the milt of winter. temperatures dip a little wednesday a little bit of fog returns only to recover thursday. we'll keep it dry although cooler for the first half of your weekend in the 60's. more cloud cover sunday valentine's day plan of sun to bryant loved ones day and keep the sunshine going for monday but i draw you are attention to february 19 right now we'll have return of some wet weather rain chance coming up between those days. we'll wait and see. >> thank you. still ahead on 7 news at 1 11:00. staying in style. >> bay area beyonce
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the queen bee set up her
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superbowl nest in the los altos hills during the time in the bay area bee so that say stayed at the 11 acre estate available on air bnb. >> not bad. 5 bedrooms 8 bathrooms spa orchard and chickens. people magazine said she got it for 10,000 a night. it's listed for 30,000. >> she got a deal. she tweeted this photo last night post superbowl as she was enjoying some dessert by the pool. >> good to be beyonce. i think air bnb. quaint little one bedroom. this is a 50 million dollar mansionve. >> stew you think about this. >> some people have it and others. >> sadly do not. >> no we are the have not. the former bay year stars smiling tonight. one gets a ring. the other straight cash. we'll hear from
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good evening. cam newton into the game 5 to 7 odds to win the superbowl mvp. manning 7-2. actual winner denver linebacker von miller 25 to 1 shot but he stood in and out a game dominated by the denver defens defense. miller destroyed the panther offense setting the tone with a sack and forced fumble in the first touch down. 2 an half sack. usually the mvp gets a car but they didn't have a car sponsorship this year so no wheels for you. that's okay. von is good. >> who would have ever thought mr. goodell truly is a blessin blessing. life is what coach always says life is 90 percent fair and 10%
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you have to roll with it. i'll roll with the 10% stay consistent and here we are today. >>reporter: odd week for former 49ers star vernon davis traded denver mid season. returned to former home stadium even former locker room for the big game then he starts yesterday only on the field for 8 snap didn't catch a pass wasn't even targeted once then after the game mike caught ups? with the new superbowl champ. >> just amazing. playing in the back and win the superbowl here. something i will take with me for the rest of my life. >> it's not frustrating but all players and i went through this wanted to contribute more in the particular game. but it doesn't really pats because you got a ring right. >> done matter. win is a win and i helped as much as i possibly could. whatever they ask me to do, i did it. and i can live with. that that's what it's all about. >>reporter: speaking of former bay area stars getting rewarded elsewhere.
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former oakland athletic current american league mvpzw donaldson and the blue jay reportedly agreed to two year 29 million dollar extension last season donaldson in addition to make great defensive play like that had a career high 41 homers led the american league in rbi and run scored and blue jay first play off experience in 21 year years. warrior concern. back up center out for the next 6 week minimum. he had the left knee scoped today to clean up damaged cartilage. he missed all of the 2013 season because surgery on the right knee. the he's invaluable as back up for andrew. warriors really, really node him in the quest for nba champ. great finish for the nets and nugget. tied. out of control but gets it to go. nugget lead. one last chance. joe johnson for three and the win and the bank is open. 105-104 and billionaire owner mikhail is thinking i will
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bathe in caviar fit. that's what he was thinking i think. that's what i would be thinkin thinking. 7 sport brought to you by river rock casino. >> nice russian accent. >> my grandmother is from russian. >> that's true. >> authentic. >> a little. shakey. good enough for tv let's put it that way. >> 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook and on all the mobile device with our 7 news app. >> next newscast is at 4:30 tomo
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