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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  February 9, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> not every business made money from the super bowl but the vendors were affected including the street artists and shoe shineers among those would were forced to relocate when super bowl city was set up. a san francisco superintendent is proposing a compensation package totaling 500,000 made from the super bowl set aside for the folks who have valid city permits and those who suffered. high end restaurants like slanted door and plaintiff experienced a dip in business because locals stayed away but they will not be compensated for theirlesses. >> a lot of people in the financial district were told to telecommute so we are usually busy and that is our clients so when they stayed away it hurt our business. >> san francisco mayor lee said the city will look at what
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businesses did not do well and why. restaurant owners are speak out offering some constructive criticism saying if san francisco does host another super bowl they would want a liaison sent out to tell them what to do and what to expect. people are lipping up in denver as we speak for a huge parade and rally for the guys you see there. these are the denver broncos arriving home a day after winning super bowl 50. hundreds of thousands of people expected to town out for the parade and rally. >> check out this over what remains of super bowl city from the sky camera. streets around market will be closed until friday to tear down super bowl city continues. sky 7 was over herman plaza as crewsry moved the concert develop use and corporate showcases. the work is also going along on howard street right now outside the moscone center which was
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home to the nfl experience. >> if you are hitting the road, right now we are spotting some places below $2 a gallon in the bay area. gas prices keep going down and amy hollyfield is in mill valley with us. >> good morning. do not adjust your television, what you are seeing is a correct: $1.95 gas at had gas station in marin county. we are on southbound 101 across from the strawberry hill shopping center and those in the south bay do not worry this is not just exclusive to the north bay. we found cheap gas in your neck of the woods. the gas and shop in san jose, on north 33rd and the key, so gas prices are down cross the country. be picky when you are buying gas because sit down 25 cents from last month, the average. it is making the chore of getting gas a little more pleasant. >> great they got all the way down to $1.99, brings me back to
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my childhood. never thought it would be this low. >> about time. with everything going up we get a break somewhere. >> oil prices are down right now and there is also an excess of the winter speculation gas and we need to move that up before it is time for the summer gas so it will not last for when the winter gas is gone prices will go back up but enjoy it while you can. >> we will. we are on the hunt for cheap gas for you. if you see cheap gas where you live let us know, post the price and the location of the station on social media with hash abc7 now. >> not in my neighbor, that is the battle cry in san francisco as neighbors try to keep a sex offender rehab center from locate manage their area. we hear the fear and anger that brought out a big crowd. >> why can we trust you now?
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>> leaders of the sex offend december treatment business faced a passionate and concerned group of residents. >> everyone has a gut reaction to the word "sex offender." the for profit facility streets sex offenders on parole or probation and is contracted with the statement department of corrections and will move to 100 church street, the former out of the closet location. >> part of the property is zoned for medical treatment, was used for medical treatment and a pharmacy in the past. and it is sometime zoned that way. >> the planning d needs to determine if the new tenant families under the same business definition but it is not the only issue. >> there are two preschools, 250' of the location. it may be a moot point when they dot measurements. >> proximity of schools are measured to make sure the location meets the requirements. >> is there ever a right location? your neighborhood?
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>> that is a good question. there are areas in the city that are probable less populated. >> sharper future c.e.o. said the current location will not be torned down until may at the earliest so they are not trying to relocate right away. >> police on the peninsula are looking for an armed robber who could be behind a string of holdups and this is surveillance video from a robbery as a shell gas station in belmont two weeks ago, and people hope someone will recognize the map's clothing, mannerisms or other detail to identify him. they think he could be behind recent robberies in burlingame, menlo park, redwood city and san bruno. >> get out. get out. out of car. hands to the side. don't move. don't move. don't move. >> that dramatic video shows the pursuit and arrest of 31 year southeast wesley cron.
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suspected of a series of bank robberies in northern california. police arrest hill open sunday morning in lake county. he led officers on a high speed chase. he is held without bail and now faces several charges. group of protesters plan to be out at san francisco city hall today taking a stand against the google bus program. the board of supervisors research add tentative deal to keep the program running for at least another year. most likely with major changes. protesters say technical workers who moved into the city drive up the represents that contribute to ever visions. the demonstration is at 8:00 a.m. and the city supervisors discuss the environmental review. >> san francisco port commission is meeting today to consider possibly waiving fees for crabbers because unsafe levels of domoic acid closed the crab season in november. storage fees and lease respects are waived until april 30 so that starts today at pier 1 in san francisco.
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>> the warm weather was on the mind of everyone yesterday. how about today? >> more of the same. chances of rain? nothing, except friday and saturday at 10%. we will be warmer-than-average in the afternoon and we start off cooler-than-average temperatures this morning. temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s if you head law san francisco. west port a.m. and sunny side at 55, and rest of the neighbors, 50 in san leandro and belmont and palo alto south inland valleys in the low-to-upper 40s. afternoons the next three days temperatures are in the 60s in san francisco, and low-to-mid 70s for the rest us until friday all of us are in the mid-60s to nearly 70 degrees. >> in walnut creek, southbound 680, looking good from pleasant hill through walnut creek and to the 24 change and then all the way through the san ramon valley. when you get to the 580 junction, it is looking good.
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if you travel westbound 580, we have an accident right near isabel. i do not see slow traffic from the central valley but hopefully the tow truck will be on the scene. we will be back in a couple of minutes to look at the bay bridge commute in a few. >> when the earthquake -- the home is earthquake-proof, how about the school? a change that a lawmaker wants to make. to make. >> playing video game ♪ ♪ ♪
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crunch! crave those crazy squares. cinna-milk! >> novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> new this morning the developer of a high-rise apartment building that collapsed during an earthquake in taiwan has been arrested. photos emerged showing tin cans built into the walls of the complex. the landlord is expected of criminal misconduct that contributed to deaths. 40 people died after 6.4 earthquake hit. more than 100 others believed still to be buried in the rubble. authorities rescued more than 170 people, many in the immediate hours after the earthquake. >> keeping your kids safe in an earthquake is the goal of a new bill introduced by napa assembly man. bill 1783 requires schools and districts to make sure
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nonstructural items like furniture and lights are securely fastened so they do not fall on students and teachers during an earthquake. sky lights are in place -- guidelines are in place but this requires schools to follow them. >> a global concern continues over the zika virus medical professionals are would being to make sure it does not video in california. blood donors are asked to wait 28 days if they have traveled to mexico and central or south america. they say it is unlikely we will see zika transmission through mosquitoes in california but to be cautious with things like blood transfusion. >> we have to ensure the blood is safe of our paints. -- patient. >> olympic committee is advising athletes to listen to the centers for disease control about the risks of going to rio de janeiro for the summer games. the white house asked congress for nearly $2 billion to help deal with the threat. >> for get football in is another sport booming right here
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in the bay area. you do not have to get off your couch to play it. we are going inside the competitive and sometimes profitable world of e sports. >> from living rooms to arenas, and barns to ballrooms the number people playing competitive video games is blowing up. the world of electronic or e-sports is attracting big crowds. and big money. all over the bay area. players also known as broadcasters compete live online many of them are on the web site "twitch." >> we have dozens of broadcasters making six figures. >> cofound are of the san francisco-based twitch started in 2012 and now has 1.7 million broadcasters who play games live on the intent. the audience is even bigger, more than 100 million visitors tune in to watch. so many, twitch now is the four earth largest user of peak time internet bandwidth.
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we are in many ways the place where professional e-experts is discovered. >> twitch supports the most popular players by giving them a cut for each subscribers who pays to watch them play. >> renee is making enough to call it a full time job streams four hour as day monday through friday. >> i make enough to expert myself in the east bay which is saying a lot. i am very fortunate and very grateful. >> she now is part of a growing community. e-sporting events foster a bombing social and competitive theme with hundreds showing up to play video games at the foundry in san francisco's south of market district. >> we celebrate the gaming industry or having fun and doing something you can potentially do at home but why not go out grab a beer with friends and celebrate together. >> chances are you have a gamer in your house, 67 percent of households play video games and spend an average of eight hour
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as week glued to the screen. >> at this competition at the san jose convention center thousands of people pay up to $100 to compete and watch. >> five years ago this was nothing and now each year it is growing bigger and bigger and bigger. >> everyone here, the best in the world or the first tournament ever you have a chance to show what you got. >> roughly 4,000 attendees, nearly half are here to compete in one game, super smash brothers may -- melee. >> this is smash brothers. everyone here plays smash brothers. >> they are like any sporting event, commentators, big scene -- screens, all broadcast on twist. who would want to ask someone else play a video game? >> the same reason you would want someone cook on the cooking channel, or watch them play sports, you want to watch people who are good at what they do and
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gaming is a passion for people. >> poe actually profitable, too. tournament winers can fill their pockets with the prizes in the tens of thousands. and then there is one thing that is priceless: bragging rights. >> it is come to us even from espn taking note, so they have committed to cover e help sports own a daily basis just like they would basketball or football or baseball. it is a "thing." it is really happening. >> mike you used to go to the arcade to watch others do it because you could not afford it. >> watching pac-man or...wish i had a quarter. or two. >> i remember those days. >> go home and play on the television. old school. speaking of dating myself, speaking of dating and records, i tried to make that transition, we put new records in the almanac yesterday and look at next three hours no need to
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worry about wet weather, even the agrees are slow, looking at the ferry building and the wind and the bay bridge, mostly sunny and fewer records, slower breezes means cooler nights and a cooler weekend, not so hot, just cooler, and another warming trend next week before possibly rain late next week. here is the high pressure, the sporuling area of warm weather, that is going to bring us, again, look for the asterisk, 76 in san jose would be a record. we have 75 to 77 is the range in the santa clara valley, 72 in millbrae and possible record high of 76 in mountain view and 76 in lows a toes. not necessarily record, but, we do not an official reporting station, 71 in half moon bay and pacifica is 69, and you do not have to worry about the dangerous rip currents, low 70s downtown, south san francisco, sausalito is 69, and that is accident in san rafael, a record high, 72 is a worm spot in santa rosa to napa at 73 and the east bay shore, oakland sets a record for the third day in a row at 74 degrees, from hercules to richmond at 70 to fremont at
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74 and last stop inland, 70 in antioch. lows tonight are the mid-to-upper 40s. can you see the cooling trend friday and saturday and the cold front passes us and a few sprinkles in the north bay and the 70s are returning again on valentine's day on monday, too. >> 4:48. bart checking in at 25 trains all on time. still with the re-routing an super bowl city in san francisco, as they take it down. also, around moscone center that should be pick up and that is just a road closure, we will check on that, this morning. caltrain up and down the peninsula, in problems. 80 the east shore freeway, i am seeing the blinking emergency lights on right happened shoulder in the eastbound direction near university so heads up here we have a call in to c.h.p. to see what go on with that and we have an accident in the livermore area but we are back with an update at 580 coming up. >> a lunar new year tradition
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take as violent turn, and what drove food van doors to go -- vendors to go on a rampage in hong kong. >> what you need to know to regulate yourself from a scam that is sweeping social media. but, first, the tech bytes. >> a highly requested new feature comes to instagram, users of the photo shareing app can switch between up to five accounts, the new feature is part of the latest update, the instagram app both ios and droid devices. >> amazon has three new partnerships for the popular smart peekers where you can request cars from uber, and order pizza from domino and listen to spotify. >> a woman new she was expecting -- the fitbit knew she was expecting before she was
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pregnant. he come complained on the intent, and someone reading it said pregnant women have a said pregnant women have a higher
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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look at this video at a hong kong lunar celebration clashing over a holiday street food. 48 officers were hurt and two dozen arrests were made. hundreds of people outraged over authority's attempts to crackdown on the food that the
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vendors were selling, throwing bricks at officers who responded. hong kong government has been concerned with vendors' threat to health. police say the protesters ignore the warnings to get off the street and shoved the officers. >> caltran is trying to figure out what caused concrete to fall in the bay bridge yerba buena island tunnel. you are look at a look at the bridge from emeryville. it happened last month in the slow lane of the lower deck tunnel heading eastbound from san francisco to oakland. abc7 was in the tunnel and captured the spot where the concrete fill. it damned a car, the driver is fine. caltrain said that corrosion or water damage could have weakened concrete. army said that crews inspected the tunnel in the summer and found nothing wrong. caltran said it is safe to drive through the tunnel. >> free first class tickets on delta in exchange for doing nothing. don't fall for it, someone is posting message as saying delta
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has promotion where they are giving away up lunch, five, three first-class tickets and $5,000 to winners you must go through several websites to get the deal and asked for personal information, you get charge for items you do not order and you have malware planted on the computer and no tickets. stay away. >> it doesn't matter if it is thin crust, chicago-style deep dish or anything in between, pizza is just amazing. so it is no surprise it has its own day. today is "national pizza day," with more than three billion pieces sold in the united states each year and america eats 23 pounds of pizza each year and pepperoni is the most popular topping. if you need another reason to cash load, today is "national bagel day," so maybe a bay bridge only pizza is in order. >> good morning, everyone, we can go outside and run it off unless you have allergies, tree
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pollen and high, mold spores are low and fine particulate matter in the winter season we have is fine, pine and pollen. record high is possible in lake tahoe at 58 degrees. low-to-mid 70's for the rest of the central valley. the activity planner, you will of although it, it is go, all the way across, jogging and dog walking. enjoy. >> beautiful. we will look at the beautiful eastern span of the bay bridge where traffic is slowing nicely around the s curve to the tunnel from golden gate field to the city it is just 14 minutes. we will check with the toll plaza and if you have cash, that is the backup, other fast trackers are cruising how so there is a delay for those paying cash. back to theism area, westbound, 580, we do have an accident at isabel blocking a lane of traffic. it is building from the center valley and that is typical. we will look at the life times
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in a few. >> one of mexico's most active volcanos is spewing smoke and ash. this is the volcano yesterday morning, with all of the smoke and ash forced the airport to ground nights. the volcano is located 430 miles west of mexico city. west of mexico city. >> i just >> and now that lady was getting it on. >> the crew marched to the new orleans convention center yesterday complete with bands, floats, and of course, you may recognize the gay you just saw, nathan, from abc detective drama, in year's king. and then after this day becomes ash wednesday and the going of
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lent. >> then there is this, law increase new year celebration underway in the bay area. we were in san francisco china's town for sell police of the "year of the monkey." the mayor is taking part in the festivities and the monkey is said to be quick moving, and occasionally mischievous and quick moving. >> like you. >> i am the year of the snake. none of those things. >> the first voters are already heading to the polls in the nation's first primary and at 5:00, the power one certain group could have in deciding our next president. >> they spend their lives helping the poor, the homeless, and now san francisco's housing crisis could leave devoted 91s out in the -- devoted nuns out in the street. in the street.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, it is 5:00, i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. >> it is tuesday, february 9. we will check with meteorologist mike nicco and another warm day in the forecast. >> we would like to make up old man winter and find out what happened. >> good morning, everyone, here is a look at live doppler hd, i any we need the rain, absolutely, no one knows more than i do. it will come back, eventually, but enjoy it while we have it, and look the at clean air, we are starting off in the mid-40s to 50 and in the mid-60s to 70s by noon. how is the morning commute? >> great so far


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