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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 9, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, it is 5:00, i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. >> it is tuesday, february 9. we will check with meteorologist mike nicco and another warm day in the forecast. >> we would like to make up old man winter and find out what happened. >> good morning, everyone, here is a look at live doppler hd, i any we need the rain, absolutely, no one knows more than i do. it will come back, eventually, but enjoy it while we have it, and look the at clean air, we are starting off in the mid-40s to 50 and in the mid-60s to 70s by noon. how is the morning commute? >> great so far, so good, don't
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want to percent anything at 5:00, we have s.a.p. center and 87 in the northbound direction. if you are headed to the black sabbath concert at s.a.p. center expect delays around julian and 87, as well. here is a look at the drive times from the central valley, antioch to concord, westbound 4, and the ride into san francisco is fog free and looking good out of san rafael. back in a bit to look at the accident in livermore coming up. >> a lunar new rather celebration was out of control in the south bay when fireworks sparked a fire. >> our reporter, matt keller is in san jose with incredible cell phone video. good morning, matt. >> good morning, natasha. this place is trash, garbage everywhere in front of the brand certain try mall and evidence of a huge celebration for lunar new year including fireworks and in the corner, a scorched tree and
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the corner, a scorched tree and a damaged roof from a fire. this video was posted on instagram with the fire reported after 8:30 last night. firefighters did call for a second alarm because of a large come imof spoke billowing into the sky but it was canceled after they saw it was coming from the tree next to the building. in were no injuries recorded but a warning from a san jose fire department spokesman saying fireworks burn at a thousand degrees and most eminem juried by the fireworks are gin. fireworks are illegal in san jose for 30 years but it does not stop people from setting them off all year long including here last night. >> thank you, matt. we are continuing to monitor protecting news from germany, a deadly head-on collision between two passenger trains in the town
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of bad aibling southeast of munich. several people were killed. our reporter, janet o, is in the newsroom. >> on any other day the train would have been packed with students but they are on vacation this week. the head-on crash involved two passenger trains, and the early morning crash happened in southern germany, a remote area and rescuers had to use helicopters to get to the injured passengers. we know that at least nine people were killed including the driver of both trains and two train guards. 150 injured and 15 have critical injuries and 50 others have serious wounds. officials say that all survivors have been rescued. investigators have just begun to look through the wreckage to figure out what went wrong and well bring you the latest updates. >> non, janet. >> it is primary day in new hampshire and this morning the first votes are coming in, and according to the latest poll, the g.o.p. front owner donald
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trump and bernie sanders are expected to be on top. here is more from manchester. >> it is here, numb primary day to day. >> i love this country. >> i need your vote. >> it is about down out. >> full court press in the granite state and one event after another even during a snowstorm. bernie sanders supporters felling the burn in a late night concert. >> create a political revolution. >> unbelievable. unbelievable. i want to thank you. >> overnight, for frontrunner donald trump eager for a inwith. no matter what this has been the most amazing experience of my life. you people have made it that way. >> calling the final rally best primary "a love fest." but this was no love between candidates on the campaign trail, the attacks kept coming.
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>> donald trump, organizes his campaign around despair ramming people. >> being aing brotherrive means you want to make real progress. the last thing we need is promises that can't be met. >> this morning, three small precincts in new hampshire cast ballots, distinctionville independence was the first to open polls to the nine voters with all three precincts reporting and bernie sanders betting hillary clinton in a three way tie between donald trump and ted cruz and john kasich. >> people want to know. >> then sift more than they ever have. >> the latest polls are up-and-down but donald trump and bernie sanders have kept up consistently and the candidates have started to turn their attention to the south carolina primary next weekend. >> now the super bowl crowds are gone, san francisco is starting to tally the wins and losses. supervisor is proposing a compensation package for street vendors. they have permits and they were
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asked to move from super bowl city so he is asking for 500,000. that would come from money that was made during the super bowl. he said that restaurants in the area are not currently included in the proposal. >> the city that lefted the super bowl is looking for a new mayor this morning, santa clara mayor said he is stepping down immediately. he made the surprise announcement during a press conference yesterday to talk about the super bowl. he said he is proud of the job the city did and wants to send more time with his family. the city council has just 30 days to film a replacement. >> there are a lot of people going to super bowl events using mass transit. caltrain carried 50% more ride are last weekend than normal. bart set a saturday ridership record carrying 419,000 passengers. just that day. three of the bart top ten days were set during super bowl beak. v.t.a. did not set reports but carried 10,000 fans to levi stadium on sunday.
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>> san francisco housing crisis could leave nuns to help the needy in the streets. we were in the tender lynn where the sisters have fed the homeless in the building for eight areas and the nuns live there. the landlord raised the rent 50 percent to $5,500 and now is threatening eviction. a man who eats at the soup kitsch were said they are a tremendous benefit to the community. >> they will be sorely missed and they have fed a lot of people. it will cause an overflow to somewhere else. daily. >> the nuns have an torn and are fighting the eviction. they have only a month before they have to move out. >> san jose police are beening the use of chokeholds to control anyone resisting an officer. officers now can only use the move to recollect themselves or someone else from possible injury or death. the policy change is two years after san jose's independent police auditor called on a clear
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and concise chokehold policy. >> voters ran out of gas and had to came for help. the press democrat said that the strapped boaters sailed past the destination in the harbor yesterday, and they did not notice until 10 miles north near fort process, turned back but ran out of gas. the coast guard had a crew near and arrived in eight minutes and got the men to safety. >> we broke at the love record -- broke a lost records yesterday. >> we will not break so many but we will have records again. check out the 60s in the north bay. calistoga is 61. poe day ago bay is 65. low 60s in mill valley and san rafael. 57 in tiburon. everyone else in the 40s. we have microclimates overnight again. san ramon is 42 and check out lafayette and brentwood and saycy at 44, san jose is 46, and 53 in daly city and 56. look at our rainfall, the year
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starts october 1, only san jose is still above average and after today, that is going to be a lot less likely, and it will be bone dry in san jose temperature to the south could spike at 79 degrees. san francisco is 71 the san francisco is in the 60s starting tomorrow and the rest us in the low-to-mid 70s and that will continue into thursday. well see if the cooling trend rolls through the weekend coming up. sue? >> well look at the east shore freeway now, we had an early accident or some sort of activity right near powell street near university in this area and i don't see it anymore but westbound is getting busy beyond golden gate field and looking at a nice ride with no metering lights. san mateo bridge is a good way to get to foster city and san mateo and it is normally 15 minutes getting across the span, and over all we are looking good with slow traffic identity of tracy and it is normal into livermore because of an accident that it is still there partly blocking the left lane so i see
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slow traffic off the alternate. we are back with a look autumns transit options coming up. >> one minute they are relaxing and the next, total panic, the heart stopping video taken by passengers as the cruise ships dips and rolls out of control. >> imagine waiting an hour at your local coffee shop and what your local coffee shop and what has people
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>> daly city, dublin, los gatos, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. we few this cruise ship was in trouble. we had no ideal we saw this video how bad it was the royal caribbean rocking and rolling for 12 hours. we are talking 100 miles per hour wind and waves up to 30'. federal transportation officials may investigate the voyage after the storm was issued four days before the ship least on saturday. so they should have known. the cruise line said there were no serious injuries and no major damage to the ship. it was set to arrive in florida, yesterday but they dayed to turn it around and went back to new jersey where they started. >> a pan shot by daly city police is expected to survive. this happened on st. francis boulevard year. neighbors saw a man with a knife chasing a woman. officers ran after the map through the back yesterday of home -- yards of home and he was con front asked shot once. police are not releasing more details. the napa county coroner is
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investigating the death of an inmate at the napa county jail. a spokesman said that christopher appleguard was found unresponsive by a correctional officer on sunday. there was no immediate sign of now play. the 44-year-old was booked into jail on saturday over state parole violation. >> imagine remodeling your home, knock down a wall and fining a human skull. that is what happened to a him in san francisco's height district, a skull was found on friday. the medical examiner things it was probably used for educational purposes or maybe as an artist prop. >> low income workers in california get more money back when they do their taxes. state government is offering an earned income tax credit for the first time. like the federal program, it is designed to help the working poor. the credits range from $200 to $2,600. a single worker would have to earn about $6,500 a year or less to qualify for credit.
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>> draymond green can help get the full court press so how is he with the french press? >> we are at the pee testimony's coffee and berkeley, the first time as a barista, emlined up around the block to get a taste. he was there second up the new warriors blend coffee. if you purchased a cup or groups part of the proceeds will help underserved youth through the warriors community foundation. >> that is pretty awesome. love to see how many showed up. >> and an apron tall enough or long enough for him. >> extra large. >> they were out the door and around the block. >> exactly i would have waited that long. i don't drink that kind. >> yesterday i wanted ice coffee. >> that would be better to keep the temperature down for all of us, getting tweets like, 80 in february? that is not right.
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>> you are right, it is not but it was a one-day thing. it was a one-day thing. the winds are not is at pier 15, we will still have report warmth and a few more high clouds holding in the sunshine. it will be warm starting valentine's day into next week. now, a look at the high pressure with air searching in the atmosphere from high level to low level it compressed, and it heats and dries out so it heat more so you felt the dryness year, and maybe coughing from the tree pollen. 76 in san jose in the mill of the spread in the south bay, 75 to 77 and possible record highs, same with the 76 in mountain view, and down to 72 in millbrae, low 70 at the coast, and that is where we will see the biggest cooling compared to yesterday and low 70s in
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downtown and south san francisco, and 69 in sausalito and bodega bay to seven in san rafael a record high and napa at 73 and along the east bay shore, oakland is 74, down from 80 yesterday. that was crazy. temperature around 70 in brentwood to antioch and him at 73 and san ramon valley at 71. if you on the witnesses less them before you go to bed tonight. nice to get the refreshing air. we cool down on friday and saturday with the slight chance of rain and we warm back up starting on valentine's day. sue? >> good morning, we had great blossom weather yesterday popping all over. 38 trains on time for bart, a great way to go, so, downtown, still around super bowl city, they are re-routing because they are deconstructing that through friday at least. if there is earlier re-opening we will let you know. caltrain is the great way to go up and down the peninsula and san rafael, if the drive take you from novato to san francisco you are looking at 21-minute
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drive. a look at the golden gate bridge where you have four lanes southbound, two in the northbound direction, and it is getting busy here but certainly no crowds adds we wake up on tuesday morning. slow from the livermore area an early accident, and we will update that in a second. >> the new ronald reagan -- ronald mcdonald house in stanford is ready to open, a home away from home for families while their children are receiving treatment. >> dozens of interior designers provided their services and their materials for free. the house is the large of the of the 353 ronald mcdonald homes in the world. >> honda owners, they are recalling tens of thousands of brand new cars. >> a details in the america's money report. >> good morning, topping america's money, a new recall for honda, recalling 45,000 of the 2016 civics, four cylinder
5:19 am
engines are improperly installed causing the engine to fail or catch open fire. >> there are now more registered drone operators in the united states than there are registered planes. >> the f.a.a. said drone owners number 325,000. that is 5 the more than the number of regularsted aircraft. drone registration only started before christmas. a healthy report about spending your valentine's day day. it said on am we will spend $147 each curing to a study. >> a total of $19.7 billion collectively is spent on the occasion. valentine's day is on sunday. >> happy to have this conversation of the heart. >> we know how easy they make it to sign up for gym membership or credit monitoring service but how do you cancel? tonight, "7 on your side" investigates why it can be so hard to get out of paid subscriptions and what you can do about it tonight at 11:00.
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>> it certainly nice to be queen. especially if you are queen bee or beyonce. it turns out she set up the super bowl hive in the los altos hills. we wondered why she would stay and during her time in the bay area she was at this 11 acre estate, five-bedroom, eight bathrooms, infinity pool, a orchard and chickens. "people" magazine said she got it for $10,000 a night but it is listed for $30,000 at this point. >> beyonce tweet add photo after the super bowl as she enjoyed some dessert by the pool and then got in formation. >> the seven things you need to know to start your day. >> bronco fans stick around to enjoy the sights of san francisco with tourist spots seeing green. seeing green. >> helping happened, the sticky
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>> he are seven things you need to know before you go. illegal fireworks at a lunar new year celebration if san jose could be to blame for damaging a roof at a strip mall. video posted on instagram shows the flames and this morning, trash and debris scattered in front of the grand century mall. >> san francisco supervisor is proposing spending 500,000 to help vendor whose took a financial hit during super bowl. this would apply to vendors and artists but not businesses or restaurants. >> three, you know record highs are on way again but did you know this is a slight chance rain on friday and saturday? i will show you where and another warming trend this weekend, meaning more record highs are possible. afollowing the tuesday morning commute, light, early, and no metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza with a
5:24 am
problem, accident in livermore. ain new hampshire folks are hitting the polls. donald trump and democrat bernie sanders have slight leads over the other candidates. >> uber is taking swift action against a driver who was arrested for drunk driving in the middle of a shift. the drive was removed from the uber data base after a blood alcohol of .25 and killing police they did not know where they were. >> a million people are expected to pack the streets of downtown denver this morning celebrating the broncos. the parade and rally for the super bowl champs started at 9:00 a.m. >> the san francisco giants add another statue outside at&t park, with perry having a permanent connection to the giants spending ten of the professional 22 seasons with the orange and black joining willie mays, willie mcovey and blond marashehl. >> if you walked in san
5:25 am
francisco on monday you may have in the you were in downtown denver. >> we were at the wharf where you could have not go anywhere without see someone in a broncos jerry. many stick around for invite -- sight seeing after the win. >> how much did you spend? >> a bunch. a bunch. a bunch. man, $5,000 or $6,000 or $7,000? >> thatch you, matt. that does not include the super bowl tickets, by way the despite the great weather, most of the denver fans are racing home in time for the championship parade >> it would be hard to find something more adorable than this, bei bei cub at the national zoo, not even six months old yet, he tries and tries to climb this tree on his own. >> he is pretty high and he gets stuck so bei bei's mom helped
5:26 am
him get down and the panda be six months old february 22nd. >> we are coming back with another 90 minutes of news including something that could make your commute better where gas is under $20 a gallon in the bay area. >> this person in the video could be responsible for a string of robberies on the peninsula. >> we will see what the golden gate bridge looks likes we are gate bridge looks likes we are likely to break more
5:27 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> we are coming up on 5:30, happy tuesday, i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. we are off to a warm spot on monday and we have more of the sail on wasn't. >> amazing the temperature spread, 35 to 40 degrees from the morning lows to the afternoon highs and we have a clear sky and pretty dry air,
5:29 am
and it is not so breezy as yesterday. the flags on the ferry building are not moving and the lights are on the bay bridge. 42 to 52 at 7:00, by noon, you can eat outside with a nice cafe with outdoor cafe, and 64 at the coast and 74 inland and low 60s and mild at 7:00. good morning, sue, william back. good morning, we have a nice drive coming up on 5:30 through walnut creek and toward 24, looking great from lafayette to orinda and the tunnel. coming out of the central valley, westbound 580 an early accident near isabel is clear but the damage is done at 45 minutes making director way in from livermore to the tracy area. well look at the south bay coming up. >> we will bring you an update on breaking news we first brought to you at 4:30, this deadly collision help two trains overnight in germany. we know that nine people are dead. at least 150 are injured 30
5:30 am
miles from munich. new video in the newsroom this morning shows helicopters flying the injured from the site to waiting plans. officials say one of the trains drilled into the other. they are trying to figure out what caused the crash in the first place. >> as the city of san francisco adds up how much money the super bowl made or even lost, at least one supervisor is ready to write a check, he wants to reimburse some people hundreds of thousands. our reporter is joining us. who is included? >> we are talking about the city's vendors who usually set up shop in the downtown area. however, they were forced to relocate when super bowl city was set up, today, san francisco supervisor is proposing a companies imagine totaling 500,000, to reimburse the vendors who suffered financially. >> the russia shine guillen at corner of market and drum, the
5:31 am
vendors, the streetcar drivers and the street artists, directly impacted with valid permits. >> san francisco mayor lee promised to take a look at what businesses suffered and why. high end restaurant owners say they took a hit are too because locals stayed away and those who were here for super bowl city decided to eat at less expensive places but they will nature be part of the compensation package . >> this is a look over what remains of super bowl city from the sky camera, streets around market street are closed until friday as the work to tear it all down continues. we were over leadership -- over leadership herm as the showcase was removeed and work along howard street outside the moscone center which was home to the nfl experience. >> if you are headed outside this morning some places have gas below $2 a gallon in the bay
5:32 am
area, gas prices are go down and amy hollyfield is at mill valley this morning. amy? >> yes, natasha, word is out about this gas price. there is a line to get in now, to the arco, a traffic jam to get in on the low gas price, $1.95 for a regular unleaded gallon of gas here. very low price. it has everyone feeling very heap this morning. it is a nice tuesday surprise for everyone. i talked to the man who worked here and he said he expected it will go down another penny or two. this is the arco on redwood highway in mill valley, the rice just dropped yesterday but this has been busy all morning so word is spreading. the price drop is happening across the country, sit down an average of 25 cents from last in. drivers are thrilled. especially those who is a long commute. >> nice.
5:33 am
been a long-term. i drive 300 mile as week. it really helps out. this is happening because oil prices are down. we also have a large supply of winter grade gas we need to use before the summer months arrive. when it is carbon, you will likely see prices creep back you. for now, enjoy, maybe plan a road trip for the weekend. >> sounds good. we are on the hunt for cheap gas so if you see cheap gas without live, let us know, post the rice and location on social media with #abc7now. >> a sex offender rehab center is not re-opening after a public meeting neighbors weighed in. leaders of the business called "sharper future," face add concerned group of residents. the facility treats sex offenders on parole or probation
5:34 am
the facility hopes to move to the corner of church but many are concerns about schools. there are two preschools 22350' of the location it so be could a moot point. >> we will see, the proximity will be measured to make sure the location meets city requirements. c.e.o. said the current location is not torn down until may at the earliest so they will not try to relocate right away. >> pens are look for an armed robber who could behind a strategic of holdups with surveillance video from a problem rip at a shell gas station in belmont two weeks ago. police are hoping someone will recognize the guy's clothing and mannerisms or the detail that will identify him the he could behind recent robberies in burlingame, and redwood city, and san bruno. >> get out of the car. out of the car. put your hands to the side. hands to the side. don't move.
5:35 am
don't move. don't move. >> that dramatic video shows pursuit and arrest of 31-year-old wesley crone suspected in a series bank robberies. he was arrested on sunday in lake county after he led officers on a high-speed chase. he is held without bail and faces several charges. >> a grouch protesters planned to be identity at san francisco city hall today taking the stand against the google bus program. the board of supervisors reached a deal to keep the program running for at least another wherever. most likely with your changes. protesters say technical workers who moved into the city drive up the rent which strengths to eviction of locals. the demonstration is planned for 8:00 a.m. and supervisors discussed program's environmental review. >> san francisco port commission is meeting to consider possibly waking fees for crabbers. waking fees for crabbers. unsafe levels of
5:36 am
the meeting is at pier 1 in san francisco this morning. anot quite so warm today as year. awe do not have the winds and they weapon the temperatures up. nice observation. good morning, union city, fremont, and oakland, still in the upper 40s and look at all the low-to-mid 50s elsewhere, to even berkeley, at 57 degrees of the broadening out the pet you need a heavy coat around livermore at 41 and fairfield at 44, and cool in the south bay san jose at 46. fremont and los gatos at 47. 50 in san carlos, and pacifica at 54 and san francisco at 45 and 42 right new in santa rosa, and here is how it looks at walnut creek where the temperature right around 44 degrees under clear sky will warm to 71 this afternoon. look at our temperatures today, we will top out at 74 inland and 76 at the bay and 70 at the coast and tomorrow is as warm, and the high clouds will dim our
5:37 am
sunshine enough to make it cooler around the bay and the coast and we will keep the cooling trend through thursday with mid-60s at the coast and low 70 elsewhere. i and a chance of rain coming up in the weekend and warmer weather nor valentine's day and i will show thank you in the seven-day forecast but, first, sue has new information. >> metering lights turned open at 5:28 this morning. what a difference the light switch makes the we have easygoing if you can car pool it is difficult for some folks but it makes the ride easier. no delays in the car pool lane. just under 20 minutes from golden gate field to san francisco. in san jose, 280 at 880 it is moving nicely. with seven minute drive from this point toward cupertino and looking good and busy. over all, we are looking good, the green on the roads means at the limit and we do have slow traffic from the livermore area or into the livermore area from the central valley with an early accident at livermore has been
5:38 am
cleared. we will look at the north bay commute coming up. >> you earthquake proofed the home to keep your family safe but how about the child's school, major safety changes a bay area lawmaker wants to make. >> playing video game for fun >> playing video game for fun and profit the
5:39 am
5:40 am
>> santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area,
5:41 am
this is abc7 news. the developer of the high-rise apartment building that come planted during an eastern in taiwan has been arrested. photos emerged shows tin cans built into the walls of the 17 story complex and the landlord is expected to contributing to people's death because of misconduct. 4 people died weapon the 6.4 earthquake hit. more than 100 others are believed to still be buried in the rib bell. authorities rescued more than 170 people, many in the idea hours after the earthquake. >> keeping color kids safe in an earthquake is the goal of the new bill introduced by napa new bill introduced by napa assemblyman bill homes and this law would require the schools to follow the laws that are in place.
5:42 am
>> four suspected car burglars were arrested in pleasanton after someone called police in the morning after seeing four young men take things from a truck near sonoma drive and left driving a silver van. another person then called half an hour later saying a spin vehicle was -- suspicious vehicle was in their neighborhood. two men in their 20s and two juveniles have been arrested. >> dates are set for a five day strike at campus, voting for a walk out to be held from april 13-april 15 and april 18-19 if in contract agreement is reached at issue are the pay rays. the faculty of cfuw a 5 increase for 5,000 works and the university offered 2 concerns are growing over the zika virus doctors are asking blood donors to wait 28 days if they travel to mexico and central or south america. they say it is unlikely we will
5:43 am
see zika transmission through mosquitoes in california but to be cautious with blood transfusions. >> we have tone sure that the blood our patients receive is safe and as a result we need to take certain measures. >> the olympic committee is advising athletes to listen to the centers for disease control about the risks of going to rio de janeiro for the summer games. >> the white house is asking congress for $2 billion to deal with the threat. >> there is a sport that is booming here in the bay area and you do in it have to get off the couch to play it. it is the competitive and profitable world of electronic or e-sports. players are known as broadcasts and compete live online many on a website called twitch which started in 2012. it now has 1.7 million people who play games on the internet live. thousands of people pay up to $100 to compete and watch. >> give years ago it was nothing and now each year it is growing
5:44 am
exponentially, bigger and bigger and bigger. >> everyone here, whether you are the best in the world or your first tournament you can she what you have. >> and be paid. winners can fill their pockets with pries up to tens of thousands. our sister network, espn, is taking notice. they recently committed to cover e-sports each day with the signature rigor they cover other sports online. >> interesting. new proof this morning that this c.e.o.'s super bowl was a big game. fans placed bets worth more than $132 million. denver upset carolina 24-10 on sunday in super bowl 50 at levi stadium and the panthers were favored to win by 5.5 points. previous record of $119348 was set two years ago when seattle beat denver 43-8. >> people bet on how long lady gaga's national anthem would
5:45 am
last. would it be longer than 2 minutes and 22 seconds. they will bet on everything. everything. what is the take away. >> it may have been the best odds is defense scoring the first touchdown. i would love to have that bet. >> better luck next time. >> did not play the squares like people do at the parties. >> and here you are at,. >> now everyone, the next three hours absolutelying in to worry about weather help wise for the morning commute. there is a legal benefit fog, the lowest visibility was four miles around santa rosa and you can see san rafael lacking so the on 101, absolutely looking good. mostly sunny today, record highs but not so many as year, slower breezes mean cooler nights and that is helping to temper the heat in the afternoon, a cooler weekend and another warming trend next week. record highs are going to be close, and 76 in san jose is a record high in the south bay
5:46 am
women have 75, to 77 degrees. on the peninsula, today, 72, to mountain view at 76 and redwood city and 74. not so warm as beaches today, but, still, 71 at half moon bay and in october or february. usually that happens in october in february, but, daly city, sunset, 69, downtown, south san francisco, low 70s, san rafael, 70, record high temperature but the warmest is napa at 73 and oakland, third day in a row pore record highs 74 degrees, fremont matches that on the cooler side, hercules and richmond at 70 and as we look inland brentwood is 70 and immediately to the we have, antioch and to the south, livermore at 73 the warm spot. tonight, the temperatures are in the mid-40s to around 50, more cloud cover around possibly more fog. to friday at 4:00 in the morning it looks promising for rain but it look as lot like last year when you see this from 12:00 influence the afternoon and evening it stays to the north.
5:47 am
never really gets down here. but it tempers the temperatures, friday and saturday, coolest and friday and saturday, coolest and the 70s are back by pond. >> very good, the golden gate bridge southbound four lanes for the drive through the robin williams tunnel, i almost called it waldo tunnel, but looking good for 20-25 minute drive from novato; slow from the industrial veal and early accident or had an early accident westbound at his 10 bell is picked up and you come do a grind up and over the altamont pass and it picks up into the we dublin/pleasanton area, and we will look at the life times 47 minutes, now, from tracy to dublin, highway 4, westbound, a moderate drive into concord at 22 minutes and under 20 minutes from san rafael interest san san fran
5:48 am
>> real housewives of new jersey star is opening up in an exclusive interview with abe, -- abc talks about her time in a federal correctional institution serving 11.5 months over tax fraud, and condition temporary to the reputation, she said the correction ad facility was far from a country club or spa. >> no country club. trust me. at all. there is mold in the bathroom. nature running water constantly much the showers were freezing cold. >> it was hell. it was living in hell. >> you are asking, why is she talking now? the answer is on your screen, she has a new book out called "turning the tables from house wives to inmate and back again," comes out today. her husband begins the 41-month sentence for tax fraud in march. later, you will hear what she said was the absolutely worse
5:49 am
part of being in prison starting at 7:00 a.m. right here. >> it is an extraordinary ride and certainly last year being hit by a bulldozer. >> that is oscar nominee for best actor and oscar winner, and academy award held the lunch on with 150 nominees for the oscar tradition at the beverly hilton hotel. the losers of the ward will -- of the academy award are not leaving emdifficult handed with the swag bag with a record $232,000 work gifts. >> what is inside? >> well, unusual items. toilet paper. really good toilet paper valued at $275. how many relatives? other items including a ten-day first-class trip to israel worth
5:50 am
$5,000 d $55,000. unlimited au -- i car represent am can personalized m&ms going for $300. >> committee are taxed on the gift. >> they can afford it. that is good about being rich. chris rock hosts the oscars on sunday, february 28. please join us. >> the bay area hop getting a major upgrade and the plans that will expand health care for thousands. >> but, first, unless you are going to the oscars there is no such thing as a free ride or in this case a free flight. what you need to know to recollect yourself from a contest that now is sweeping sole media. >> if you head out the door take us with you with the free abc7 app for breaking news and real app for breaking news and real time
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>> on the go on your schedule. news that lives without limit. >> look at the chaos at hong kong new years celebration, over holiday new area's street food clash. 48 officers were hurt. two dozen aways were made. hundreds were outraged over attempts to crackdown on food vendors throwing bricks at officers who responded with behalf donees and people more spray. hong kong's government has been concerned with the vendor threats to help. protesters ignored warnings to get off the street and shoved the police officers. >> caltrain is trying to figure out what caused a churning of concrete to fall in the glenn beck tunnel -- the yerba buena island bay bridge tunnel in the low explain of the lower tunnel
5:54 am
eastbound from san francisco to oakland. we were in the tunnel and cap failured the spot where the concrete fell. it damaged the car, a driver got away without getting hurt. caltran said corrosion could have weakened the concrete. the tunnel was inspected in summer, and nothing was found wrong. it is safe to drive through. free first-class tickets on delta for doing nothing? don't fall for i. someone is saying delta is giving away lug an, five free first-class ticketed and $5,000 to lucky winners with you are required to go through websites and that is when you are asked for personal information and you get charged for items you did not order and that is when they put malware on the computer. >> mike, you had two important welcomes to profit and you did a from job with superior and new we have valentine's day. what do you have?
5:55 am
>> love. love. you want warm hugs? warm sunshine to anything -- hug you. that will happen. good morning, everyone, another chance of record highs, and mount tam tam, the camera is not moving but the air is clean, and the tree pollen is high, cedar and pine again, and record highs are possible around los angeles and 88 in palm springs and san diego is 82. record high today if lake tahoe at 58 degrees and low-to-mid 70s through the central valley and monterey. everything is good, going to the beach, the surf is safe, and it is warp afternoon for jogging and walking the dog, and chilly this morning, though, grab a coat. >> we have metering lights continue on at 5:28. check it out, that is typical for what we see streaming through, seconds before, and, boom, back new toward the macarthur maze if you are traveling from golden gate field it is under 25 minutes and back to the emeryvilleship is a pretty shop of the eastern span
5:56 am
the tail lights at the s curve with no delays coming into friend and you can find your self to a bit company. offer all, generally, we are looking good with slow traffic out of the central valley and it is typical and slow with the bay bridge backup and we will look at the speeds coming out, and we are bumper-to-bumper traffic at the altamont pass and when you are in livermore toward dublin/pleasanton it picks up a bit. back with a look at the north bay commute coming up. >> one of mexico's movie activity volcanos is spewing smoke and ash and this is video of the volcano yesterday morning. you can see the smoke in the air. it forces an airport to temporarily group the flights. the volcano is located 430 miles west of mexico city. >> it is mardi gras time people. >> fat tuesday you have to have a great parade.
5:57 am
>> the crew is mapping to the new orleans convention center with bands, floats and a lot of bees and do you recognize the guy? that is nathan from a detective drama, here is the king. >> like i. >> and then ash wednesday and going of lent. i love any orleans, so it is great to see the pictures. >> we have breaking news, a shooting in the south bay last a woman seriously hurt and we have what we just learned of the incident. >> mobile 15 any is tackling a problem for small business owners if you have a question report it on the smartphone and post it to social media using #
5:58 am
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could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. only at a sleep number store. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> from the south bay, police are investigating a shooting that lost a woman seriously injured. our reporter is in san jose. matt, what do we know?
6:00 am
>> yes, we have several officers here on the scene investigating the shoot that took place before 1:00 this morning. it happened near the parkside terrace apartments in san jose. police say they responded to a call of "shots fired." she found a woman with multiple gunshot wounds. she was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. a suspect, a man, was taken into custody police are looking into the relationship between the victim and the suspect. police have part of the come hex -- complex and parking lot taped off as they continue the investigation. >> thank you, matt. you will keep tracking that. it is 6:00 a.m. right now and i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. meteorologist mike nicco has the warm forecast. it look like records will be break be today? >> absolutely. we will see fog we are starting off with clear conditions. the coast is clear, also, of all of the rip


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